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Monday, August 20, 2018






In Today’s Issue: 




Oprah Winfrey Promotes “Shout Your Abortion” Movement Where Women Brag About Their Abortions


Rev. Graham: Chelsea Clinton’s Abortion Claim Sounds Like Something Hitler Might’ve Said  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: Hitler would not say this because he was pro-life and encouraged German women to have as many babies as possible for the Father land.)


Daleiden Says Most ‘Damning’ Tapes Still to Come (Planned Parenthood investigator launches bid to lift gag order, dismiss abortion provider suits.)


President Trump Slams Social Media, Says They’re “Totally Discriminating” Against Pro-Life Conservatives


‘Disgusting’: shop unveils ice cream flavor ‘Rocky Roe v. Wade’ to promote abortion


Legal Abortions are Dangerous for Women and Jeopardize Their Physical and Mental Health


Chelsea Clinton Now Claims She Never Said Aborting 60 Million Babies Was Good for the Economy


Report: It's true, future of abortion hinges on 'new justice'


Netflix Cancels Michelle Wolf’s Comedy Show After Disgusting Jokes About Abortion


Indianapolis judge to hear appeal for proposed abortion clinic


Patricia Heaton: Pro-Abortion Democrats “Worship at the Altar of Planned Parenthood”


NARAL affiliate partners with local ice cream company to create “custom flavor” celebrating abortion


Chelsea Handler Says Aborting Babies Protects “Women’s Ability to be Equal Partners in Society”


The View From Here: Brett Kavanaugh's abortion red flag


Actress Alyssa Milano: It’s “F—— Absurd” That Pro-Life People Want to Stop Abortions


Argentines urged to quit Catholic church after it helps defeat abortion law


CBS Poll Reveals Millenial Women Reject Abortion, Feminism, and the Media


Northern Ireland Pro-Life Groups Rally Against Sinn Féin to Say “Civil Rights Begin in the Womb”


766 Babies in Canada Born Alive After Failed Abortions and Left to Die


New Movie Covers Kermit Gosnell’s Disgusting Collection: 47 Aborted Babies Kept as Trophies


Would Chelsea Clinton Defend Slavery as Economically Beneficial Like She Did Abortion?


Reporter Catches CNN Attempting to Lie About Kermit Gosnell and Abortion


Ohio Abortion Clinic That Kills Babies in Abortions Up to Birth May be Forced to Close


New Abortion Eugenics: 39% of Babies With Heart Conditions are Killed in Abortions


Man Raped 13-Year-Old Girl, Released From Custody After Paying For Her Abortion


Toronto pastor told parishioner she would die if she didn’t abort his unborn child, judge cites(Canada)


I Was Raped as a Teenager. The Doctor Pushed Abortion But I Said, “No! This is My Child”




Ghani offers conditional second cease-fire with an increasingly emboldened Taliban   (Afghan President Ashraf Ghani)




As We Predicted, South Africa to Seize Private Farms


Nigeria Arrests Six Homosexuals For Crimes Against Nature, Paraded For The Public To See




Kentucky youth group kept off American Airlines flight over check-in delay




Charlie Daniels: Will Americans Ever Again Be Able to Work Things Out?




Tragedy of Korean divided families captured on camera



Australian Market Modestly Higher


Aussie dollar rises from the ashes, posting second-day gain


Alibaba in Australia: E-commerce company talks ‘new retail’ concept


Fix Real Infrastructure, Dump Green Grandstanding


 Australian university cancels speech by major critic of transgenderism


Australia drought: New South Wales town 'mobbed' by thirsty emus




Tesla Slashes Spending, and May Add to Its Troubles




Trump: ‘Open-Border Extremists’ Oppose ICE, Border Patrol




Toronto and U.S. stocks edge higher, loonie creeps up in trading


How Canadian technology could protect Space Force troops


Chinese ambassador hopes to speed trade talks with Canada amid protectionism


Trudeau shuts down heckler: 'Racism has no place' in Canada   (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Trudeau defends calling female heckler racist


Montreal council unanimously adopts handgun ban motion; seeks national ban


John Ivison: Justin Trudeau blows dog-whistle on Conservative xenophobia


Christian university drops morality pledge after top court said it violated LGBT ‘rights’


Police identify 15-year-old killed in stabbing near Sherway Gardens Mall, teen charged with murder


Toronto votes to challenge Ford government’s council-cutting plans in court


Canada has to stop pretending our hands are completely tied on the border





Flashback: When Democrats Demanded John Brennan Resign  (Former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency nominee John Brennan)


Did Brennan Admit to Using Reverse Targeting to Spy on the Trump Campaign?


Bolton suggests ex-CIA boss Brennan may have misused classified info (National Security Adviser John Bolton/ Former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency nominee John Brennan)


Brennan says he’s willing to take Trump to court as battle heats up over revoked clearance


Intel officials concerned Brennan's criticism of Trump went too far


Ex-CIA Chief Brennan's Security Clearance Should Have Been Revoked Long Ago


Trump didn't silence Brennan -- he's done the opposite




California Christians, Prepare for Civil Disobedience


The Fantasy of 'Christian Supremacy'




Bill Maher's Strong Endorsement of Free Speech for Alex Jones


Michelle Wolf’s Netflix Show Canceled After Only Three Months




Beijing to launch satellite network to monitor South China Sea traffic


China’s Illicit Opioids a ‘Form of Undeclared War


China’s ‘Private Army’ prowls the ‘New Silk Road’


US firms warn Trump against China tariffs


Global luxury brands again chase China's young, rich and spendthrift




N. Korea urges Trump to be 'bold' on denuclearisation


How North Korea works around sanctions




'A lot of fear in our country': 'Convention of states' project aims to limit federal tyranny




MyPillow CEO: Support for Trump Remains Firm Despite 'All the Attacks'




Manafort trial Day 15: Jury goes home without reaching verdict


Jury deliberations continue in Manafort trial


Manafort Jury Wrestling With Tough Choices Before a Verdict


Ex-Texas doctor who raped heavily sedated patient in hospital gets no jail time


Spirit Airlines passenger convicted of sexually assaulting 22-year-old woman on flight


Appeals court: Just ignore judge's anti-Christian insults


Judge denies Christopher Watts defense request to collect DNA from daughters’ necks




Four people killed, nearly 60 shot this weekend across Chicago


Nashville police probe if 'cold-blooded' killings are linked, warn residents to be on guard


Michigan woman says she escaped kidnapping because abductor fell asleep


Texas priest disappears amid molestation allegations


46 people shot in Chicago since Friday night, report says


FDNY brawl 'one of the most severe beatings seen on tape,' insider says


Kentucky parents charged with locking son, 4, in room with urine and feces


Police car hits teen while fleeing bike violation


Thieves stole woman’s $75K bank withdrawal, ran her over: cops





Woman survives 10 hours in sea after falling from cruise ship





Forget ICE, the real problem is CBP




Chelsea Clinton Says Running for Office Is a 'Definite Maybe'


The Nuclear Option: Democrat Scott Wallace’s Charity Spends Millions on ‘State-Sponsored Population Control’


Dems see chance to cut into GOP governorships


Gainor: From hating America to loving Antifa, Dems make fools of themselves


Barack Obama’s summer reading list is everything we need right now




More Than 700,000 Overstayed Visas in 2017





Giuliani walks back 'truth isn't truth' comment


Robert Mueller Shouldn’t Even Ask Trump for an Interview   (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Did Sally Yates enable DOJ official tied to Trump dossier? GOP investigators want to know


White House counsel cooperated extensively with Mueller's investigators: Sources  (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Leak of White House counsel’s cooperation shows Mueller’s team ‘panicking,’ Giuliani says


Trump's lawyers unsure how much McGahn has told Mueller: report


Judge Jeanine: Mueller is a 'serial cleaner'


Giuliani on Russia probe: "Truth isn’t truth"


Prosecutors in final stages of investigation into Trump's ex-lawyer Michael Cohen


Michael Cohen reportedly under investigation for $20M in bank fraud


Byron York: In Mueller memo, Papadopoulos emerges as bit player in Trump-Russia affair




U.S. stocks close higher for third session as billion-dollar deals shore up confidence


Wall St. rises on trade optimism, pares gains after Trump Fed comments


U.S. Stocks Gain With Treasuries; Dollar Declines: Markets Wrap


Gold marks biggest one-day gain month to date


Asia trades mixed as investors look to US-China tariff talks


Asia shares inch up, cautious on Sino-U.S. trade talks


The Dow is on the verge of busting out of correction phase for the 1st  time in 6 months


Trumponomics Makes 401(k) Millionaires Like The Swiss Make Chocolates


Why Polling Data on America's Economy Can Be Wrong


Why this stock-market bull may still have miles to go before it sleeps




Texas high school where 10 killed in mass shooting starts new year with metal detectors


Harassment and Power


Video: Anti-Police Propaganda In Our Schools


No 'Snowflakes' at Florida State


Park Slope is now ground zero in de Blasio’s drive to impose quotas on city schools(Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio(D)


Yield Gain for Low- and Moderate-Income White Women


Killing Virtue: School Pressured Into Removing Quote Encouraging Girls to Be Ladies


The End of a Blogging Era at Harvard


No, Purdue’s Dorm Rooms Are Not Like Prisons


Federal Appeals Court Rejects Challenge to Campus Carry Law





Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate Kemp Promises Compassion and Toughness





Avenatti, mulling WH run, tells anti-Trump Dems in New Hampshire to 'fight fire with fire'


Donald Trump redefined what's possible in presidential politics. Enter Michael Avenatti


2020 hopefuls skeptical of criminal justice deal with Trump


Kasich 2020? He won't win, but he could help a Democrat win




Oil notches third straight rise as traders eye Iran, futures contract expiration


Energy Prices


'He has our back': Coal miner praises Trump for ending Obama's war on coal


US says conserving oil is no longer an economic imperative 




Enormous, dead whale washes ashore on Massachusetts beach





A Top E.P.A. Official Is Set to Deliver a Big Win to His Ex-Clients




Measles cases skyrocket in Europe, killing dozens




Bayer and oil shares lead gains for European stock benchmarks


Debunking Socialist Myths: 90 Percent Of Scandinavia’s Wealth Is Privately Owned




In Papers Saying Papadopoulos Lied, FBI Reveals It’s Either Lying Or Incompetent


FBI Finds Fake Refugee -- And ISIS Killer





Meet the Man Who Saved Early America From Debt




Trump Complains to Donors in the Hamptons About Powell’s Rate Hikes (Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome H Powell)





Stemming The Tide: France Boosts Aid To Jordan For Syrian Refugees


Paris moves up to 19th  most 'liveable' city in the world


French audit warns 840 bridges may face risk of collapse


French energy giant Total 'officially quits Iran' over US sanctions risk


Worst anthrax outbreak in 20 years sweeps French farms




Former ISIS slave flees Germany after encountering her captor


'Hell on Earth was a German creation,' says Foreign Minister on visit to Auschwitz


German trade surplus still largest in the world


Asylum granted legally in over 99 percent of cases, review finds


Construction of mega-bridge in Moselle valley nears completion


Germany: Muslim migrant stabs German woman to death on a Düsseldorf street





Progressive veterans frame climate change as a national security issue





'We'll see whether you can really buy a governor's race'


Steve Stockman: Victim of Deep State retaliation?


As Republicans try to win over Latino voters, their bilingual message of inclusion slams into Trump’s polarizing politics




Greece’s Bailout Is Ending, but the Pain Is Far From Over




Scuttling History(Vandals destroy a memorial to an unheralded monument of US submarine prowess.)





#MeToo champion played her sex assault accuser’s mom, called him ‘my son, my love’




Lawmakers Raise Concerns Over DOD Grants to Colleges Hosting Confucius Institutes


Iowa Dem Took Max Donations From Pelosi While Dodging Commitment  (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


New York’s 19th  Congressional District Resists ‘Blue Wave’


Sex, lies and DUIs: GOP dumps oppo on Dem House hopefuls


Poll: Democrats in stronger position to take the House


Has Devin Nunes forgotten who sent him to Congress?  (US Representative of California Devin Nunes (R)


CBS Poll: Women give Dems a boost in race for House control


McCarthy quietly wages the other midterm campaign — for House speaker  (House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-California)


Democrats Want Pennsylvania (and Trump Voters) Back


Ellison’s political future ‘on the ropes’ after ex-girlfriend’s claims of abuse  (US Representative of Minnesota Keith Ellison (D)





Hurricane Lane could bring downpours, flooding to Hawaii


Hurricane Lane weakens slightly to Category 3 storm




Immigration Restriction in the Era of Trump




Wife speaks out after ICE detains husband just before baby's birth


ICE lawyers looking to reopen thousands of closed deportation cases


ICE Reveals Man Detained While Driving Pregnant Wife to Hospital Was Wanted for Murder


ICE detains man driving wife to hospital to deliver baby, says he is wanted for murder in Mexico




Hindu Extremists in India Create Nightmare for Pastor’s Family


The Government Of India Angers The US By Moving To Purchase Russian Anti-Aircraft Missile Launchers


Hundreds killed, 30,000 stuck on rooftops in Kerala


"I will die here": Toll rises in India's devastating flood




Indonesia: Kindergarten dresses children as armed jihadis for parade


Earthquake jolts Indonesian island of Lombok




Treasonous Intelligence Community Eats Itself




Europe must 'pay price' to save nuclear deal: Iran FM


Iran says no OPEC member can take over its share of oil exports


How Trump can avoid falling into Iran’s ‘yap trap’




Florida: Muslims, Leftists demand official’s resignation for asking if developed societies benefit from more Muslims




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Monday, August 20, 2018)


Bolton’s Israel visit rounds off US, Israeli readiness matched by Iran for a showdown in Syria (US National Security Adviser John Bolton)


Trump on Israel’s release of Turkish terror suspect: ‘I got that person out’


Uri Avnery, who shocked Israel by meeting Yasser Arafat, dies aged 94  (The late former “Palestinian” Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat)


MK said to claim Netanyahu would make him police minister to curb graft probes  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Liberman thanks US for giving Israel ‘room to maneuver’ against enemies  (Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman)


Fizzy Bubbly: PepsiCo Purchases SodaStream For $3.2 Billion


Corbyn met terror leaders, but not Jews, on trip to Israel in 2010


Muslims blame Arab disunity for Jerusalem embassy move


Palestinian leader mourns passing of peace activist Uri Avnery


Jordan-Israel negotiations set to bypass PA


In video - Israeli forces assault Palestinian farmers in East Jerusalem


Israel's Prime Minister Has His Own Brand of Instrumental Realism


With Abbas Sidelined, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Enters Uncharted Territory (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Abbas’s son said to tell US envoy he supports one-state formula


Israeli forces remove tent, assault Palestinian in Hebron


Mixed Reactions Among Palestinians To Abbas’ Call For ‘Popular Resistance’


Israel's intention to annex the West Bank (Judea and Samaria)  revealed


Minister Erdan’s Weapon Carry Reform to Include Half a Million Israelis


Israel approves new settlement units near Bethlehem


High Court Orders State to Explain What Law Limits Jewish Prayer on Temple Mount


Only the Likud Party can do it


Israel's Prime Minister Has His Own Brand of Instrumental Realism


A Gaza fuel crisis could shut down essential services, U.N. envoy warns


Hamas: We won't disarm as part of any truce with Israel


Netanyahu and Bolton Discussions Focus on Iran Nuclear Program  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu/US National Security Adviser John Bolton)





Jordanian Journalist: Tyranny, Corruption, And Religious Extremism Pervade Arab Countries; Wiping Out Terror Will Not Be Enough




Malaysian police hunt for missing radioactive material: Reports




CNN’s Ana Navarro Mocks Melania: ‘Suffered Oxygen Deprivation to the Brain’


The Washington Post's Fake News On Trump's Alleged Racism


Washington Post freaks out: That poll showing Trump with 36 percent black approval can’t be true!


Paid-With-American-Dollars MSM Still Providing Cover for Cuomo’s America Was Never That Great Smear  (Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo (D)


Media Ignore Record Low ObamaCare Rate Hikes — Anyone Want To Guess Why?


The media's hatred of Trump is only hurting itself


Editorials defending the press against Trump’s attacks are a nice start. Here’s where to go next.


Should Americans Give Mainstream Media the Silent Treatment?




‘El Mencho’ officially dethrones El Chapo as most-wanted drug kingpin




More than 2 million pilgrims complete journey to Mount Arafat for second day of Hajj  (Saudi Arabia)


Muslims gather in Mecca as hajj pilgrimage begins


Yemeni army takes control of strategic mountains in Al-Malagim front


Houthis provide Yemen update to Hizbullah officials in Lebanon




Exposed: Pentagon Report Spotlights China’s Maritime Militia


Trump adviser on possibly privatizing US war in Afghanistan: I'm 'open to new ideas'


Marine who went overboard the USS Essex is declared dead




Clapper: Brennan's rhetoric is becoming an issue  (Former Director of National Intelligence James R Clapper/Former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency nominee John Brennan)




Amazing Pics: NASA releases image showing Sun ‘exploding’




Pakistan’s Economic Turmoil Threatens China’s Ambitions


Pakistan: Rival India Hints at Revival of Talks


Pakistan taking loans to pay off loans, says Pak PM Imran Khan


No dialogue offer from Narendra Modi to Imran Khan: Pakistan   (Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi)


In Potential Challenge To Army, Pakistan Seeks India Talks


Imran Khan sheds hundreds of servants and says Pakistan's elite must pay tax as his first cabinet is sworn in




‘Who are you to warn us?’: Duterte hits back after US warning to stay away from Russian arms  (President Rodrigo Duterte)




Why Homosexuals Should Not Be Priests … From A Same-Sex Attracted Man


Catholic Church pays staggering amount of money to settle abuse cases


99 of 300 accused priests were from Pittsburgh




RNC breaks another record, builds on fundraising advantage




Accused spy in U.S. facing borderline "torture," Russian embassy says


What Russia's Youth Are Thinking


‘Secret directive’ bans UN agencies from helping rebuild Syria until ‘political transition’ – Lavrov  (Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov)


US 'concerned' with 'abnormal' Russian satellite


Russia Won’t Deploy Arms in Space First, Ryabkov Says


Wishful thinking: Atlantic Council imagines how Russia 'probably' will influence US politics


Two-Thirds of Russians Believe in Broad Anti-Russia Conspiracy, Poll Says


Russian experts dismiss US fears of Russian satellite


Chechnya Rocked by Wave of Attacks on Police Officers


Russia informs foreign military attaches of troops’ combat readiness check

Russian space executive, 2 others charged with fraud





Jon Tester Is Number One Recipient of Lobbyists’ Cash in 2018 Election Cycle  (US Senator of Montana Jon Tester (D)


Elizabeth Warren’s ‘Accountable Capitalism’ Is More Proof Of ‘Progressive’ Feudalism  (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


Elizabeth Warren’s Corporate Catastrophe 


Trump and McConnell Mend Fences to Pursue Common Goals  (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


Tammy Baldwin to Attend Hamptons Fundraiser Hosted by Corporate Executive  (US Senator of Wisconsin Tammy Baldwin (D)


Heidi Heitkamp won't win without Trump voters. Can she attract enough of them?(US Senator of North Dakota Heidi Heitkamp (D)


Gillibrand: Trump drawing more women to run for office out of "protest"  (US Senator of New York  Kirsten Gillibrand (D)


Arizona GOP Senate candidate defends bus tour with far-right activist


  Sen. Warren's Plan To 'Fix' Capitalism Would Destroy Trillions In Market Value  (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


Kamala Harris prepares for moment in the spotlight (US Senator of California Kamala Harris (D)


Republicans, don’t sidestep the National Archives on Kavanaugh’s papers  (Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh)




Twitter Admits Leaning Left; Denies Censoring Conservatives


First They Came for Alex Jones


Facebook to PragerU: Sorry About That Censorship


Lockheed Martin receives bloody images instead of cool weapons photos in failed Twitter campaign




Yes, Social Security is facing a shortfall -- but here's the fix




Poor economic results bother Moon  (President Moon Jae-in)


Pentagon Assesses Chances of China's Military Intervention in Korea


South Koreans enter North to reunite with kin split by war


Worsening employment, corporate profitability cast shade over economy


Strong typhoon to slam Korea midweek




Spanish police shoot man dead in suspected terror attack




Aaron Hernandez's suicide notes to lawyer, fiancée and daughter revealed


Parent defends University of Maryland football program, coach


MLB Scoreboard




Jerry Brown Sets Record of 1,018 Pardons in 8 Years (Governor of California Jerry Brown (D)


67% Disagree With Cuomo About America’s ‘Greatness’ (Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo (D)


Woman dies from apparent alligator attack on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina: Officials


Drought takes toll on Missouri farmers' crops, cattle


'Liberty or Death' rally in Seattle draws protests


Flooding threatens Midwest, South to start week


14 injured outside Backstreet Boys concert at casino


1 dead, 6 rescued from dangerous rip current at New Hampshire beach


‘Fire bombers’ are in short supply as Western states struggle to beat back wildfires


West Virginia is great again, and Trump is to thank




Kavanaugh's view on religious school funding not a tipping point (Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh)


Kavanaugh proposed graphic questions for Bill Clinton during Starr probe 


Kavanaugh racks up record of dissenting opinions in major federal cases 




US ending funding for Syria recovery projects


Russians are now patrolling the Golan heights — and you can thank Barack Obama





Taiwan 'won't bow to pressure', president says amid China tensions


Taiwanese President Stops at LA 85ºC Bakery, Causing Fight With China


United States 'plays Taiwan card' with Tsai Ing-wen's trip to NASA's mission control center


Taiwan's president visits Nasa space centre, in a move likely to anger Beijing


Taiwan President Stops in U.S. as Relations Warm, Angering China





New Mexico Muslim Terrorist Compound Similar To Colorado Muslim Terrorist Compound Busted In 1992

In fight against ISIS's propaganda machine, raids and online trench warfare


Targeted in police action, ISIS’s propaganda machine ‘went down fast.’ But it kept coming back.




US Steel to Invest $750 Million in Response to Trump’s Tariffs


Why Trade Deficits Don’t Always Mean What Trump Says They Do


Tariffs Will Hurt U.S. More Than Rest of World, Maersk Says


Trade war puts new strains on America Inc's factories in China




Shots fired at gate of U.S. Embassy in Turkey


Hedging Bets: Turkey Courts Europe Amid Row With U.S.


Erdogan is leading Turkey to disaster   (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Hasina and Erdogan: Two Anti-Israel Birds of a Feather


Erdogan capitalizes on Trump’s strong-arm attempts to break and isolate Turkey





London stocks rise, buoyed by materials shares and trade optimism


Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn Attended Conference With Top Hamas Leaders


UK: Westminster vehicular jihadi drove his car toward police after mowing down pedestrians


Brexit Betrayal: Fashion Tycoon Seeks Second EU Referendum


Corbyn, who sought Israel’s demise, is an anti-Semite. Labour must kick him out


The Capital of British Pakistan Goes to War with the British Parliament


Leftists Own the UK's Grooming Gang Crisis and Tommy Robinson's Prison Torture




Pope on sex abuse: "We showed no care for the little ones"


The pope is set to visit an Ireland where true believers are in steep decline





Venezuela's 95% Devaluation Adds to Chaos After Drone Attack


Maduro has a plan to fix Venezuela’s inflation. It may make things worse.  (Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro)





Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump says "disgraced" Mueller is "looking for trouble" in Russia probe


Melania Trump warns of "destructive and harmful" impacts of social media


Obama-era intel vets slam Brennan as Trump dares ex-CIA chief to sue him (Former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency nominee John Brennan)


"I hope" John Brennan sues, Trump tweets 


Trump blasts Team Mueller as ‘thugs’ out to tip midterms, as feud gets nasty


Trump goes after special counsel, calling him 'disgraced and discredited'


Trump: There will be no concessions to Turkey


What Trump really meant by his 'RAT' tweet


Trump insists he has "nothing to hide" in Russia probe


How Donald Trump made me love privileged men


Michael Hayden dares Trump to revoke his security clearance, too


White House rejects Turkey's offer on detained pastor: WSJ


Trump compares Mueller probe to McCarthyism


Trump preparing to nominate key military personnel: report  



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