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Saturday, August 19, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




Nobody has more in common with white supremacists than the abortion industry


Dem infighting over abortion ‘litmus test’ poses new headache


Under Speaker Pelosi: 709,885 Blacks Killed by Abortion, 35.4% of All Abortions


San Diego Doctor Says Therapy Can Reverse Effects of a Medical Abortion


How controversial science can make it harder to get an abortion


Toledo abortion clinic asks Supreme Court justice to remove herself from case


A Momentous Issue

A Litany of Horror at the UK's Second-Largest Abortion Provider




At stake in US military efforts to stabilize Afghanistan: At least $3 trillion in natural resources


How Afghanistan is ramping up its fight against corruption — especially among the country’s elite


In Afghanistan, a Destructive 'Game of Thrones'





Congo landslide death toll likely to rise over 200 — Ituri vice governor


Tanzania: Police believe wildlife activist may have been tracked by his killer


Congo mudslide death toll rises




Frontier Airlines kicks father and daughter off flight for 'disrespectful remarks'





Personal Health



ADL is 'glad' Bannon won't advise Trump




Antisemitism Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner face pressure to speak out




Vietnam battles dengue outbreaks with 42 percent more cases


US War-Era Bomb Kills 6 Vietnamese Villagers



Another senator named in Australian citizenship crisis


Australia Citizenship fiasco claims yet another victim in high-profile senator




Behind a WWII internment camp's barbed wire, 2 Scouts forged a lasting bond




Canada open to completing NAFTA talks in short order


Quebec thieves leave stolen goods behind during robbery


Bitterness lingers 75 years after Dieppe: ‘My father always felt that they had been sacrificed’


Crumbling gangland partnership probed in two botched GTA murder bids


Canadian victim of Barcelona attack was 'compassionate, generous'


Back to the future: Satan’s Choice biker club reappears on Ontario roads


Montreal at odds with province over face coverings for public services


Canadian officials to mark 75th anniversary of Dieppe raid in France


Fleeing to Canada, asylum seekers’ old lives revealed in the scraps found along New York’s Roxham Rd.


After campus events cancelled, Andrew Scheer says universities have right to decide who gets space




Which statues Pelosi wants out of Capitol (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)





CIA Warned of Barcelona Attack, Locals Demand Answers Over Lack of Barricades





Dark Web drug network operated from gated community in Altadena, feds say




The New Civil War




Tina Fey tears into Trump while eating cake




The Communist Origins of the Antifa Extremist Group




Chinese IP Theft Costs America Up to a Half-Trillion Annually


US determines Chinese trade practices merit ‘thorough investigation’ 


The 'online goddess' who earns $450k a year




Kim Jong-un Leaves an Opening for De-escalation. Should the United States Take It?  (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


'Ideological Warfare' Is The Secret To Bringing Down North Korea


18 Cartoons That Perfectly Sum Up Our Current Rift With North Korea


Taming North Korea -- without firing a shot


George Friedman: North Korea Is Far From Being Irrational … It Has a Plan




Wall Street sees 50/50 chance of government shutdown





Boston 'Free Speech Rally' cut short as conservative activists leave counterprotesters behind


Counterprotesters swarm Boston after police deem free speech rally over


Boston Strong? Antifa Thugs Assault Flag-Waving Woman


After Charlottesville, the First and Second Amendments Are Under Fire




More members of "super gang" in Chicago are given life sentences


Girl, 17, to be tried as adult after crashing car into house while high on opiates, killing two teen girls inside


Roman Polanski loses again on underage sex case  


Man who cut off ex-girlfriend's nipples pleads guilty


Third man convicted in beating death of USC graduate student Xinran Ji


Lawsuit: Cops subjected woman to 11-minute body cavity search


Lawsuit claims Poland Spring water isn't from a spring


Prosecutors won't seek death for Fla. face-biting suspect


"Twin Peaks" actor accused of attacking girlfriend with bat





Arrest made after 3 young girls found dead in Maryland home


Confederate monument vandalized in Kansas City, Missouri


Autopsy reveals new details in grisly Chicago slaying


Second officer dies in Florida police shooting


Two Florida police officers killed, 2 injured in separate overnight shootings


6 police officers shot in 3 US cities, 2 dead


Charlottesville Is Not about the Forces of Good vs. the Forces of Evil


Despite what we witnessed in Charlottesville, norms are still at work in U.S. society: Opinion


On Charlottesville, Trump, and Anti-Americanism


Mother-daughter duo busted in erotic massage parlor sting


Wife’s $30K wedding ring stolen by husband’s late-night visitor


White nationalist Richard Spencer says he 'could smell foul stench of Charlottesville Antifa' protesters who 'don't wash' during tense meeting with activist who can barely conceal her contempt


Indiana girl, 17, high on opiates crashed her car with five children inside into a home at 107mph and killed two sisters, 17, and eight, while they watched TV 


New charges for Charlottesville car attack suspect


Police: 3 young girls found slain in Maryland home


Police: Mom burned son, locked him in dog cage




In January, President Trump vowed to hire 5,000 new Border Patrol agents. It never happened





Perez Compares DNC’s Infrastructure Plight to Flint Water Crisis (Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez)





Clinton Paid Aide Huma Abedin Nearly $65K from Campaign Funds Since Defeat


Missouri governor calls for state senator's resignation over Trump assassination post


NY Democrats’ race to wipe out history is a monumental mistake





Commerce Department Investigation Is A Big Deal For Global Steel




Hey, Betsy DeVos, keep your hands off campus sexual assault standards (Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos)





Trump ends immigration scheme aimed to help vulnerable children




Here is the official résumé of the person Trump put in charge of federal housing in New York




The Justice Department Goes Fishing in DreamHost Case


Robert Mueller's Russia probe will be over by Christmas predicts White House lawyer dealing with it - otherwise 'I'll be embarrassed'  (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


DOJ Ends Operation Choke Point  (Operation was accused of unfairly targeting financial access for firearms and short-term lending industries.)


Sessions, Emanuel Clash Over Chicago’s Sanctuary City Lawsuit (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions/Mayor of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel(D)





Boy with Down syndrome bonds with personal trainer




Small earthquake strikes off Hawaii island's east coast




 Youth Summer Unemployment Rate Declines to 17-Year Low


This video of Wall Street cheering Steve Bannon's departure shows he had all the right enemies for Trump voters


Repealing ObamaCare Is The Key To Restoring Economic Growth




Anti-Israel Academics Launch Campus Antifa Group for Faculty


Duke University Removes Statue of Confederate General


Duke University President's Perfect Words to Community About Statues and Painful History


USC downplays fundraising efforts of ex-dean at center of drug scandal


Don't Blame Cutbacks In State Spending For Eye-Popping College Tuition Hikes




Energy Prices




Why terrorists are so focused on attacking Europe


Prominent Islam critic files complaint over poisoning (Robert Spencer delivered 'controversial' speech in Iceland.)




Finland: Muslim identified as perp in stabbing attack, now officially a terror investigation




Deadly FBI standoff 25 years ago still infuriates white nationalists




One person held at railway station in Southern France as police deny gun shots fired


Train station in Nimes, France evacuated as police search for armed man


Macron has big plans for France and Europe (French president wants to turn the euro zone into a more integrated body.)




Police separate some 500 neo-Nazis at Berlin demo


Germany: Man gets 6 months jail for posting on Facebook about Nazi/Muslim collaboration


Sharia Germany investigates Iranian-born politician for “Islamophobia”


German-Turkish war of words escalates




More GOP lawmakers bucking their party on climate change




ProPublica, working with Google to “document hate,” threatens counter-jihad bloggers




GOP campaign guru Arthur Finkelstein dies at 72


Mona Charen: Is The Party Of Lincoln Now The Party Of Lee?




California approves health surcharge to stabilize Obamacare insurers




Emergency-room doctor: Whites have refused my care




When Haters Hijack History




Holocaust survivor: Yes, it can happen again




Head of Black Democrats laments Bannon’s ‘racist’ legacy


2 Wasserman Schultz IT aides indicted for conspiracy against U.S. (US Representative of Florida Debbie Wasserman Schultz(D)


Congressman: WikiLeaks' Assange 'has info of dramatic importance to U.S.'




Culinary boot camp prepares refugees for work in NY kitchens




23 dead, many injured as 14 coaches of Utkal Express derail in UP


'Negligence of railways staff caused accident'


Train tragedy: Mangled coaches, damaged house


35% faculty posts vacant in IITs, 53% in varsities


Train derails in northern India, killing 23, injuring 81


Delhi: 24-year-old woman set on fire by husband, in-laws, suspected dowry death


Amid India oxygen scandal, docs want focus on encephalitis


Did Indian, Chinese soldiers pelt stones at each other in Ladakh on Aug 15? Video surfaces


4.5 magnitude quake jolts Chandoli-Koyana area of Maharashtra


Railway track was under repair but Utkal Express train driver was not informed, preliminary probe finds




Trump Cuts Red Tape to Expedite Approval of Infrastructure Projects


Trump's Smart Infrastructure Reforms Got Lost In Politics




Saudi Arabia: Kingdom in talks over alliance to rebuild Iraq and 'return it to the Arab fold'





Islamist propaganda coming soon to local newspaper near you





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Saturday, August 19, 2017)


Palestinian killed trying to stab Israeli officer in West Bank (Judea and Samaria)


Netanyahu Travels to Russia to Meet Putin This Week in Sochi  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu/Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Netanyahu to meet with Putin, Kushner


Arab foreign ministers welcome US Mideast mediation


Arthur Finklestein, strategist who helped Netanyahu to power, dies at 72


Palestinian teen shot dead at Israeli military checkpoint in stabbing attempt


Now they remember  (Op-ed: The recently released data on the drop in Israel Defense Forces (IDF) recruits' motivation to serve as combat soldiers cannot be a surprise to the IDF. This time around, instead of blaming it on changing attitudes in Israeli society, it would behoove the army to follow through on the benefits its fighters deserve.)


17-Yr-Old Stabber Posts ‘Martyr Vow’ on Facebook Before Attack on Israeli Police Officer


17-year-old terrorist shot dead during stabbing


Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon rocked by deadly clashes for 3rd  day 


Police block, detain anti-Netanyahu protest leaders


Israeli forces extend the remand of mother and brother of Halamish assailant


Israeli forces injure 3 Palestinians with live ammunition, detain 3 more in Jenin raids




Nervous Japanese Hold Drill in Case North Korea Fires Missiles Over Them




Lebanese army attack Daesh militants in border with Syria


Lebanese Army, Hezbollah Announce Offensives Against ISIS on Syrian Border




Why the left loves white supremacists


Left vilifies Trump as world burns




This Is CNN: Outlet Normalizes Antifa; Leftists ‘Seek Peace Through Violence’


Robert E. Lee wrote to The New York Times to say he planned to free inherited slaves


Bill O’Reilly: Trump considers ‘alt-left’ attacks ‘fair payback’ for dishonest media


Murdoch Son’s Rebuke of Trump May Signal a Shift




Kuwait's inferno: How will the world's hottest city survive climate change?




Wreckage of USS Indianapolis unearthed by civilian researchers


Neo-Nazis excluded from military service by policy, but concerns persist


The legend of the blond, blue-eyed slave: Retracing a crashed WWII pilot’s journey through China


Report details terror, heroism in aftermath of USS Fitzgerald collision


73 years later, a dig for answers to airman’s death makes a surprising find


Pentagon eyes bitcoin blockchain technology as cybersecurity shield


Another Navy officer pleads guilty to taking bribes from ‘Fat Leonard’




NAACP: Removing Bannon doesn’t change racism in WH




H.R. McMaster-endorsed book calls jihad peaceful, al-Qaeda terrorism “resistance”  (White House National Security Adviser HR McMaster)




Israel says will never support Pak on Kashmir


Trump to ‘cut all military aid to Pakistan’, thinks US is being ‘ripped off’


Pakistan’s population growth is a ticking time bomb: Joanna Reid


German nun called 'Pakistan's Mother Teresa' to receive state funeral




Michael Barone: What Identity Politics Hath Wrought




Rush Limbaugh: US on 'Cusp of a Second Civil War'


Limbaugh : The Tragedy and Exploitation of Charlottesville




Why Is Church Still So Popular?


Christian Pastor Makes Headlines After Sermon Calling Out ‘Stupid White People’ For Charlottesville Protests




Large-scale Russian military exercises in Belarus feared to be set-up for Putin's next conquest (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


 Knife attack in Russian city of Surgut, 7 injured, assailant killed by police (Photos, Video)


Daesh claims Russia knife attack wounding 7


Stop Poking the Russian Bear


Russia: “A man was running along the main streets stabbing people,” eight injured




Why leaving a water bottle in your car could be dangerous




GOP senator: Bannon's removal a 'great personnel decision'


Jeff Flake: We Need Immigrants With Skills. But Working Hard Is a Skill.  (US Senator of Arizona Jeff Flake (R)


Ben Sasse: 'It feels like violence is coming' and it's doubtful Trump will be able to comfort the nation  (US Senator of Nebraska Ben Sasse(R)



Menendez trial outcome could shift balance of power in Senate (US Senator of New Jersey Robert Menendez (D)


McCain finishes first round of radiation, chemo   (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)




Woman stuck in pool turns to Facebook for help


Say goodbye to video clickbait on Facebook




States in path of eclipse brace for what could be the largest traffic snarl in U.S. history


Visual aids show you exactly how Monday’s eclipse will look, wherever you are




Statues in the United States and in South Korea


More Young People Take Relationship Classes


US military looking for soldier’s daughter who is missing in S. Korea


US pop star Ariana Grande denies 'unprofessional' Seoul concert accusation




Southern Poverty Law Center demonizes respectable opponents as “hate groups”—and keeps its coffers bulging




Spanish Authorities Had No Clue There Was a Large Terror Cell in Their Midst


The Real Lesson of the Barcelona Attacks


Police say a missing Moroccan imam may have been a key figure in the Barcelona attacks


After attacks, Spain probes missing imam, mysterious blast


How Will Spain React to the Barcelona Attacks?


Spanish Police Searching for Van Driver in Barcelona Attack


Spain Says Cell Behind Catalan Attacks Dismantled, Police Seek Van Driver


Barcelona terrorist attack: Who are the victims?


BDS: Europe is responsible for Barcelona attack


Spain terrorists showed ‘no sign of radicalization’: father


New manhunt for Barcelona attack driver


Spain probes wider network in attacks that killed at least 14


Police See Wider Plot in Spain and Say Carnage Could Have Been Worse


How the terror unfolded in and around Barcelona


American on honeymoon among dead in Barcelona




Bozell & Graham: Colin Kaepernick: History's Hero?


Coach makes walk-on kicker an offer he can’t


Scrutiny After a Teenager’s Death at Football Practice


Patriots' 2017 top pick suffers torn ACL, reports say


Eagles' Long: Easy gesture doesn't deserve praise


Traveler, USC's mascot, comes under scrutiny for having a name similar to Robert E. Lee's horse


MLB Scoreboard


NFL Scoreboard





Public hearing on Foxconn bill scheduled for Tuesday in Sturtevant (Wisconsin)


Oregon wildfire forces evacuations in prime eclipse zone


Virginia governor halts demonstrations at Richmond's Lee monument


'Unknown Confederate soldiers' monument to open in Alabama at the end of this month alongside an RV park but the owners claim the timing is 'just a coincidence'


Montana city removes Confederate memorial





State Dept suffers worldwide email outage


Tillerson denounces hate in State Department speech  (US Secretary of State Rex W Tillerson)


Rex Tillerson confirms one American dead in Barcelona terrorist attacks





Suicide rates boosted by easy access to guns, researchers say




What the Syrian regime's assault on ISIS means for the region


UN completes first round of Syria polio vaccination campaign




Taiwan Blackout Seen Pressuring Tsai to Reconsider Energy Policy   (President Tsai Ing-wen)


National defense spending to increase


China snubs ‘Little Olympics’ opening ceremony in Taiwan


Taiwan power outage affected 151 companies, caused $3 million in damages


Overtime going unpaid, ministry data show


China military criticises ‘wrong’ US moves on Taiwan, South China Sea




How to stop anyone from forcing you to unlock your iPhone




Chinese tourism sustains Thailand’s junta




Nearly 300 of Mnuchin's college classmates urge him to resign  (Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin)





Turkey slams 'arrogant' German reaction to Erdogan poll call (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Police detain four ISIL suspects in Turkey’s south


420 migrants caught off Aegean in one week: Turkish Interior Ministry


FM Çavuşoğlu calls Turkish citizen injured in Barcelona attack


At least 5 PKK militants killed in Turkey’s east


Germany urges Spain not to extradite Erdoğan critic to Turkey


German writer critical of Turkey's Erdogan arrested in Spain


Turkey in favor of keeping EU-Turkey Customs Union, Erdoğan says


Man detained after attacking Atatürk statue with hammer in Turkey’s southeast




Uber avoids price-fixing court fight in triumph for tech companies




UK: Muslim screaming about Allah threatens people with machete, cops say not terror-related


 Theresa May rejects appeal from 9/11 survivors to release Saudi terror report  (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Nicola Sturgeon admits ‘national’ in SNP could be ‘problematic’  (Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon)


Revealed: How British American Tobacco exploited war zones to sell cigarettes


Barcelona attack victims: dead named, as seven-year-old British-born boy reported missing


Universities scramble to fill places, with Russell group still making offers


Sir Bruce Forsyth dies aged 89: Remembering a TV icon


Call for ban on short prison sentences


UK retailers say government must be tougher on obesity


Soldiers' housing complaints increase


UK retailers say government must be tougher on obesity


One in ten British adults now a second-home owner


Grenfell tower fire: Just 30% of funds have reached victims


I'm worried about the NHS - Hawking


Shakespeare's Globe: New chief promises far more diverse casting


Sturgeon to address Pride Glasgow 2017


London: Global super-rich rent luxury homes without visiting


Tudor mansion arsonist is jailed


Travel: Weaker sterling attracts record number of foreign tourists to UK


UK 'stands with Spain to confront evil'


McDonald's: Employees at two restaurants vote to strike over pay and zero-hours concerns


Medical student dies in Nepal landslide




Synthetic opioids Crisis in US serves as warning for the world, says UN




What would L.A. do if white supremacists wanted to rally here? During emotional talk, city attorney weighs in


Speech in America is fast, cheap and out of control


Woman struck by DC Metro train


A neo-Nazi’s rage-fueled journey to Charlottesville


Why some Confederate soldier statues look almost identical to their Union counterparts


Toddler chokes to death on grapes while grocery shopping


Oldest known American celebrates her 114th  birthday


Charlottesville mayor calls for swift removal of Lee statue




Venezuela's pro-government constitutional assembly seizes powers of opposition-led congress





Trump sends 'thoughts and prayers' to Florida police officers after shooting


Trump OKs 'Global War on Terror' memorial in DC


With Bannon Gone, Will the Establishment Triumph?


Trump: 'Decisions Made' on Afghanistan And Beyond


Krauthammer: The White House Civil War Is Not Over


Why Bannon lost and the globalists won


Trump gushes over Bannon's return to Breitbart


Trump just had his 'worst week' — again


Bannon's Pugnacious Restraint May Be Missed


The Trumps will skip Kennedy Center Honors


Bannon Attacks Trump: 'The Trump Presidency That We Fought For ... Is Over'


West Wing lurches into unknown after Bannon’s exit


Trump praises officials, knocks 'anti-police agitators' in Boston


Stephan Bannon Is Absolutely Evil And He Is Using His Position To Promote Homosexuality And Nazism


Opinion: Why it’s Right to Condemn Violence From the Far-Right and Far-Left


Republican strategists are worried, but not too worried, about Trump on race


Krauthammer says Bannon pulled a ‘classic Scaramucci’ to get fired


Trump offers support to Spanish president after Barcelona attack


Trump again puts off Afghanistan war decision


Conservatives react with fury to Bannon's departure


Trump doesn’t seem to like being president. So why not quit?


Federal judge rules Trump’s personal tax returns cannot be compelled through FOIA


Dem says Trump may have ‘early stage dementia,’ could be removed from office


Trump’s populism was a ruse. Bannon’s ouster proves it.


Bannon’s departure doesn’t fix everything — but it could help


Is Obama to blame for Trump — and the revival of white supremacist hate?


The Top Trump Officials Who Have Left


Megachurch pastor resigns from Trump’s evangelical council


Trump Dines With Top Donors Amid G.O.P Discontent


Trump Makes Caligula Look Pretty Good


Booting Bannon gives Trump a chance to refocus


Trump’s ‘cure’ for the opioid crisis is bound to just make it worse


Trump ignores Bannon turmoil in Friday evening tweets as two pictures taken just six months apart show the remarkable White House staff turnover


Obama vet cheers Trump's assault on the red-tape Blob


Trump doesn’t seem to like being president. So why not quit?


President Trump is a 'liar' and his wine is 'not good' says Patricia Kluge, six years after Donald bought bankrupt socialite's vineyard, renamed it Trump Winery and then fired her


Bannon's exit means 'Obama wins 3rd  term'


Breitbart editor: Conservatives will stick with Trump because of Pence (Vice-President Mike Pence)


'I knew REAL Nazis...they're burning in hell': Austrian-born Arnie condemns Trump in scathing video as he says there are not two sides to bigotry or hatred'

God has made Trump the globalists' enemy


Ivanka Trump is accused of 'disgusting' hypocrisy after asking Instagram to 'pray for Barcelona' - while remaining totally silent about Charlottesville riot victim Heather Heyer


Ann Coulter: 'The media is running the staffing at the White House now'


Steve Bannon to Weekly Standard: 'The Trump presidency that we fought for, and won, is over'


Steve Bannon: 'I'm leaving the White House and going to war'


Bannon returning to Breitbart News after resigning as White House chief strategist


Bannon or no Bannon, Trump will be Trump


Arts Committee Members Resign, Call for Trump to do Likewise in Letter


Sebastian Gorka's PhD adviser: "I would not call him an expert in terrorism"


Artist Attempts to Turn the Number 45 Into a Symbol of White Supremacy


Carl Icahn steps down as Trump adviser


Explosive Reaction to Bannon Ouster




How Workplace Zero Tolerance Fails


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