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Friday, August 18, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




35-Week-Old Unborn Child Was Supposed to Be Killed in an Abortion, But the Baby Survived


Are Pro-Lifers Winning the Abortion War? The Answer May Surprise You


Planned Parenthood Abortion Business May Open Clinic at Local High School


Abortion Advocates Come Unhinged When They Learn Abortions Can be Reversed


How to Turn the Tables on Four Pro-Choice Arguments


Abortion group compares pro-lifers to white supremacists… and gets slammed for it


Nearly 100 Percent of Icelandic Mothers Abort Down Syndrome Babies


Shame on CBS for Applauding Iceland for “Eliminating” Down Syndrome By Aborting Babies Who Have It


Vatican may excommunicate mafia members. Why not abortion supporters too?


Woman’s Violent and Abusive Husband Forced Her to Have an Abortion: “I Wanted to Keep My Baby” (Ireland)


Want to Stop White Supremacy? Start With the 266 Black Babies Planned Parenthood Aborts Every Day


Oregon Governor Signs Bill Requiring Free Abortions for All


Mike Huckabee: If They Tear Down Memorials They Find Offensive Can We Tear Down Abortion Clinics?


Texas banned taxpayer funding of abortion and liberals are freaking out


Woman Celebrates Her Abortion in a New Play Called “Mission Abort”


Pro-Life Victory: After two-year legal fight, another state defunds Planned Parenthood


Pro-Life Investment Plan Hits $1 Billion in Assets By Rejecting Pro-Abortion Companies


Conservatives slam story on ‘eliminating’ people with Down syndrome through abortion


California Board of Nursing Sanctions Unproven Abortion ‘Reversal’ (Updated)


Pro-Abortion Groups Say Christian Medical Professionals Should be Forced to Participate in Abortions


Pro-life activist facing 18 months prison for helping women inside abortion facility


Abortion Activists Falsely Claim Pro-Life Groups are Linked to White Supremacists


Eat Tacos, Drink Beer, Fund Abortion


Activists want Charlotte to crack down harder on abortion clinic harassment


Democrat Bob Casey Claims to be Pro-Life. Here’s His Chance to Prove It  (US Senator of Pennsylvania Robert Casey(D)


Trump set to end Obama’s rule requiring employers to pay for abortion: report


Raped 10-Year-Old Gives Birth After Law Protects Baby From Abortion (India)


Thrust Into Chile’s Abortion Fight, Woman Who Urged Change May See It


Chinese Authorities Shut Down Nursery Run by Monk Who Saves Babies From Abortion





Cambodian medic who spread HIV asks for court's mercy





5 Rules for Sending Contractors to War in Afghanistan




Muslim Terrorists Ambush Three Innocent People And Decapitate All Of Them (Kenya)


Sierra Leone mudslides death toll now above 400


Bonded by spilt blood, South Sudanese refugees in Uganda reach million mark


Tanzania Leading elephant conservationist shot dead


The Somali Shuffle


Kenyan opposition leader to challenge election result in court


War crimes court orders Mali radical to pay €2.7m for Timbuktu rampage




Avocado shortage hits California following heat and drought sending Millennials into a panic




Teen groped on United flight while asleep says airline didn’t do enough




Tech Companies Begin Blacklisting Alt-Right Sites, Purging Them from the Internet


Beware: Trump may use the alt-right to turn himself into the center




ACLU Will No Longer Automatically Defend Groups With Firearms


The A.C.L.U. Needs to Rethink Free Speech


ACLU blames McAuliffe, police for Charlottesville




Fox CEO rips Trump, donates $1M to Anti-Defamation League




I talked to the ‘anti-Semitic’ Swiss hotel owner and it’s complicated


Windows smashed at Northern California synagogue




New York Times is a Staunch Defender of Assisted Suicide



Sharemarket claws into the black for the week 


$A gets helping hand from Trump's latest crisis


Citizenship crisis: Bombshell crossbench decision leaves survival of the Turnbull government in doubt




Automakers have asked hackers to help them make cars safer




Toronto Stock Exchange's main index falls, loonie continues to strengthen


Teaching youth to code is more than just a ‘fad’


State of emergency extended until Sept. 1 as B.C. wildfire crisis continues


Truck crashes into Ont. mallCourt gives Liberals until Christmas to fix Indian Act


Man Smothered His Wife to Death With a Pillow Because He Was Tired of Caring for Her


U.S. dairy divided over Canada’s supply management system in NAFTA


Calgary woman caught in Barcelona terror chaos


National Post View: Canada's facing an immigration fiasco. Why was Ottawa not better prepared?


Fleeing to Canada, asylum seekers’ old lives revealed in the scraps found along New York’s Roxham Rd.


Number of asylum seekers to Canada up four fold in August


Canadian inflation picks up for the first time since January, hits 1.2% in July


Yazidi boy reunited with family after being rescued from IS


Quebecers at white supremacist rally in Charlottesville identified


Here’s why everybody is so interested in Canada’s inflation data today




 Capitol’s Confederate cleansing poses difficult decisions for Democrats




Charities cancel Mar-a-Lago fundraisers




America's 2nd  Civil War




Tech investor: Time to dump Lenin statue in Seattle




How China reclaimed its title as largest holder of Treasurys


 Major Publisher Censors Chinese Academic Journal at Request of Government




U.S. Hiding Key Details of Mystery Attacks on American Diplomats in Cuba





N.Korea's Satellite Pic of Guam Was 6 Years Old


North Korea speeds development of next-generation US artillery shells


N.Korea Still Selling Seafood to China


Mattis, Tillerson say U.S. policy on North Korea is focused on diplomatic, economic pressure (Secretary of Defense James Mattis/ US Secretary of State Rex W Tillerson)


Contradictory U.S. Statements Muddle North Korea Policy


How the U.S. created the North Korea crisis


North Korea crisis: War would be horrific, US general says




How Congress Abets Seaway Robbery


Congress Takes Aim At Cronyism-By-Licensing


22 GOP lawmakers targeted in Trump-impeachment plot





Hate speech is loathsome, but trying to silence it is dangerous




Ex-Vanderbilt football player sentenced to 15 years in rape


Homeschoolers ramp up 4th Amendment battle


Georgia judge resigns under pressure: said “nut cases tearing down monuments equivalent to ISIS destroying history”


Churches Still Free to Hire, Fire Church Leaders




Who is Jason Kessler? Reports say ‘hate rally’ staged and its organizer an Obama supporter


COPS Program Has Spent Billions Since 1994 Portraying Criminals as Victims and Police as Criminals


Arrest after body found in shopping cart on NYC street


Charlottesville, Selective Outrage, and Demonization of White, American Men


Neighbor Claims Robbers May Have Killed Laci Peterson and Her Unborn Son, Not Scott Peterson


2 journalists allegedly assaulted by Charlottesville counter-protesters


Mainstream conservative groups alarmed to be found on ‘hate map’


Earth science teacher, 38, arrested on 'multiple sex charges' with her underage student


White supremacist is caught on camera removing his white polo shirt and cap to escape anti-fascist protester in Charlottesville before claiming it's 'kind of a fun idea'


Confederate monument in Arizona tarred, feathered


MS-13 gang members hacked teen to death to boost ‘stature’: cops




Congressman: WikiLeaks' Assange 'has info of dramatic importance to U.S.'


DNC Increased Fundraising Staff Tenfold, but Results Yet to Be Achieved


Perez to Romney McDaniel: Disavow and Unite Against White Supremacist Enablers, Including Trump  (Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez/Republican National Committee Chairman Ronna Romney McDaniel)


The DNC 'hack' might have been an inside job




Dems Back State Senator Wishing Trump Assassination


Pressure mounts on lawmaker who posted Trump assassination comment


Missouri State Senator Shares Holocaust-Themed Tweet in Reference to Jewish Gov. Greitens


Former San Antonio Mayor Filed for Unemployment Benefits After Losing Runoff


Chelsea Clinton on Confederate Statues: Christians Don’t Memorialize the Devil for His Rebellion


Cuomo and De Blasio Ignore Klan Ally FDR (Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo/ Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)


Missouri Democrat lawmaker apologizes, deletes post saying, ‘I hope Trump is assassinated’


Maryland Gov. Candidate Ben Jealous Arrested Outside White House


Weiner asks judge to delay sentencing for sexting scandal (Former US Representative of New York Anthony Weiner)


Democrats Should Think Carefully Before Casting the First Stone





Pro-Life HUD Secretary Ben Carson’s Home Vandalized With Anti-Trump Graffiti (Secretary of Housing and Urban Development  Dr Ben Carson)




EpiPen maker finalizes settlement for government overcharges


DOJ in 'advanced stage' of AT&T-Time Warner merger review: report




Wall Street ends down after White House shakeup


Stocks end lower; Dow, S&P 500 book 2nd  weekly loss in a row and Nasdaq logs 4th


Summer rumblings could herald a stormy fall for U.S. stocks


Unemployment is down, but millions of Americans remain sidelined


Gold fails to hold above key $1,300 level, posts daily, weekly losses


Seven signs that the stock market is ready to run smack into a wall


Breakdown between Dow, S&P 500 and GE sends an ominous stock-market signal


Treasury yields bounce back after reports of Bannon departure from White House


Asia Stocks Drop on Spain Attack, Trump Turmoil: Markets Wrap


Investors sell stocks, dollar on fears Trump agenda is foundering


Dow Jones plummets over fears Trump’s economic adviser will quit




Conservative student transfers out of BU because of death threats


Purdue Tackles Job Training (University touts new deal to train for IT outsourcing firm’s U.S. hiring push, but faculty balk at lack of control over curriculum.)


Inside the Ring: China’s $360 Million Gift to Harvard


Not So Open Doors  (Elite colleges need to change policies to recruit, admit and graduate talented low-income students, report says. It calls out some by name.)


More colleges turn down Richard Spencer, reports say


Wrong Call on Harassment?  (Professor found guilty of sexual harassment will return to San Jose State this month to teach trauma counseling. Students plan to protest.)


Teen Dies Whose School Said it Couldn’t Just Let Him Die if His Heart Stopped Beating


Teachers push to let kids see eclipse


Yale University Director Says Gender a Determining Factor in Value of Student’s Degree


How Women Select Majors


Trump campaign's N.Y. co-chair kicked off school board


Berkeley's timid bid to bring back free speech


#YouAreWelcomeHere (Eastern Michigan University displays banners of 108 of its international students on campus as part of a national campaign to convey “You Are Welcome Here.”) 




U.S. Has 3.5 Million More Registered Voters Than Live Adults — A Red Flag For Electoral Fraud




Russia’s election meddling backfired — big-time




Gun Groups Issue Dueling Endorsements in Virginia Governor’s Race




Obama 2.0 in 2020


David Brock-Linked Democratic Group Preparing to Run Against Mike Pence in 2020 (Vice-President Mike Pence)




Oil ends sharply higher, with U.S. prices down a third week in a row


Energy Prices




What Europe Should Be Doing to Prevent Another Terrorist Attack Like Barcelona


Switzerland bans new Porsche SUVs over emissions cheating





European stocks sell off after deadly terrorist attack in Barcelona


Finland attack: 2 killed in Turku stabbing spree




Corporations, Democrats Join Forces to Block Trump Nominee to Run Export-Import Bank





Stability concerns focus at Fed ahead of Yellen speech  (Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen)




FDA OKs Pfizer drug for rare, fast-killing type of leukemia





French government publishes first list of products linked to contaminated eggs


Update: 28 French injured in Barcelona attack




1 killed in stabbing in Germany


Erdogan Urges German Turks To Vote Against 'Enemies,' Including Angela Merkel  (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan/ German Chancellor Angela Merkel)




Morgan Stanley: Tesla Not as Green as You Think




It’s jelly-knees Mitt Romney, not President Trump who should apologize to the American people


The Republicans who want to legalize running over protesters


New Hampshire GOP Headquarters Vandalized With Word ‘Nazis’


GOP fears damage to brand from Charlottesville





Obamacare Enrollment Program Signed Up a Fraction of Those Who Canceled Coverage in 2017


ObamaCare, Not Trump, Is Causing ObamaCare's Massive Rate Hikes




Hong Kong Democracy campaigners jailed over anti-China protests





3 representatives want to censure Trump


Media Ignores Indictment Of Debbie Wassermann Schultz's IT Aide  (US Representative of Florida Debbie Wasserman Schultz(D)


Pelosi calls on Paul Ryan to remove all Confederate statues from Capitol - but they weren’t a proble (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)/ Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


Democrat introduces articles of impeachment against Trump for Charlottesville comments


Wasserman Schultz Aide Indicted on Bank Fraud, Other Charges (US Representative of Florida Debbie Wasserman Schultz(D)


Putrid Waters (US Representative of California Maxine Waters (D)


Rep. Peter King: Trump Should Fire Bannon  (US Representative of New York Peter T King (R)


Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-California) will consult Trump before giving public Julian Assange information


The Democrats’ Dangerous Dolchstosslegende




Six bogus arguments against Trump's immigration reform bill




Indian video mocks Xi Jinping after Chinese state media posts 'racist' clip (Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping)


Govt confirms Ladakh incident, says will continue to engage with China for Doklam solution


On A Move That Will Anger China, Vietnam Says Yes, India Denies


Bihar flood toll hits 153; Army help sought in UP


Indians decry 'racist' Chinese video on Bhutan border standoff


MoD junks machine guns order for foot soldiers


India: Muslim clerics sleep with divorced women so they can return to their husbands under Islamic law


Gandhi Won’t Leave India


Nine more children die in Gorakhpur’s BRD Medical College, toll at 105


200 cows die of starvation at a shelter run by BJP leader in Chhattisgarh




‘Lay it on the line’: Judge in tea party case orders IRS to disclose employee names, reasons




YouTube’s Soft Censorship




IMF’s China debt warnings are eerily familiar




Discussion Of Iranian Violations Of JCPOA Is Futile; The Inspection Procedure Designed By The Obama Administration Precludes Actual Inspection And Proof Of Violations


Iran opposition leader begins hunger strike to demand public trial





Muslim cleric: “The Prophet Muhammad foretold that we would kill the Jews”





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Friday, August 18, 2017)


Hamas camp trains children for 'liberation of Palestine'


Palestinian Authority demands two-state commitment from US


Israeli court suspends eviction of Shamasna family in East Jerusalem


Palestinian terrorist loses US citizenship, will be deported


Their cup of tea vs. ours   (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Is the US administration pro-Israel?


High Court freezes controversial outpost legalization law


Egypt closes Rafah crossing after 4 day opening


Israeli company offers ‘anti-terrorism’ adventure to tourists


Home Demolitions: Terror Deterrent or Rights Violation?


Israeli forces ban Palestinian journalist from Jerusalem after hours of detention


The Next War With Hamas: If Not Now, When?


Israeli forces suppress weekly march in Kafr Qaddum


Greenblatt Welcomes Gazan Youths Partaking in US Civilizing Program for Muslims


Israeli Officials Hesitant To Criticize President Trump


The Palestinians’ “Creativity for Hate”


Tel Aviv City Hall lights up in solidarity with Spain 


Middle Israel: Who moved my statue?


Arab League lies: Israel does medical experiments on prisoners and murders them


Iran player breaks silence over ban for playing Israelis


Israel Stands With People of Barcelona, ‘Terror Will Never Prevail’


More Gazans now allowed to travel abroad via Israel, but there’s a catch


Accused of 'hostility' toward Israel, McMaster dines with leadership  (White House National Security Adviser HR McMaster)


Buyer Beware: “Kids 4 Peace” May Want Israel In Pieces





Top American general says attack on Japan same as on US


Mattis, Tillerson pledge closer military bond with Japan in face of North Korean threat (Secretary of Defense James Mattis/ US Secretary of State Rex W Tillerson)





The Left’s Exploitation of Charlottesville Tragedy Continues  (CNN and Black Lives Matter go off the rails.)


 When Liberals  Club People, It’s  With Love In Their Hearts





Malaysia: Police top dog warns atheists not to upset “Muslims who oppose those who have no religion”




Conrad Black: The media misconstrues the situation in North Korea, Charlottesville


Provocateur Journalism (CNN uncritically publishes a list of “hate groups” compiled by the discredited Southern Poverty Law Center.)


MSNBC Finishes Atop Cable Ratings for Entire Day on Wednesday, a First for the Network


Media working overtime to prove Trump is a racist


CNN under fire for linking Barcelona terrorist attack to Charlottesville


Mags take on Trump and hate


CNN: Wolf Blitzer speculates Barcelona is “copycat” of Charlottesville


Lemon calls out Trump's past flag criticism


Liberals Attack Fox News for Excluding Charlottesville From List of European Terror Attacks


NY Times Floats Appeasement Advice From Center for American Progress on North Korea


Fox CEO James Murdoch Criticizes Trump: 'There Are No Good Nazis'




Saudi forces deployed in Yemen’s port of Aden amid friction


Saudi Arabia to open border with Qatar to let pilgrims attend hajj




Trump Boosts U.S. Cyber Command's Status in Military Chain


Former Navy SEALS commander: Transgenders have ‘no right to serve’


General Pershing, pigs, Philippines, and Islamic terrorism


Navy to relieve senior USS Fitzgerald leaders of duty, punish others in fatal crash


Confederate Memorial in Arlington: Honoring rebel soldiers and slavery on the nation’s sacred ground


5 treated after Marine plane loses pressurize in flight


Top two officers and other sailors to be disciplined following deadly collision at sea


Family identifies US soldier killed in booby-trapped building in eastern Afghanistan


Pentagon eyes bitcoin blockchain technology as cybersecurity shield


Sailors who died in Fitzgerald collision receive posthumous promotions


Mattis: Camp David meeting will move Trump toward Afghanistan war decision (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


Top general: 'No place for racism and bigotry' in military




A billionaire-owned restaurant charged a ‘minimum wage’ fee. Outrage ensued.





Feds Spend $438,699 Studying If ‘Gender Norms’ Make LGBTQ People Get Drunk




NASA jets will chase solar eclipse at 50,000 feet





July ranks as second hottest month on record





National Park Service: Confederate Statues at Gettysburg Not Going Anywhere





Judge in Pakistan Urges Parliament to Prosecute Blasphemy Cases under Terrorism Laws


China’s plans to rule the seas hit trouble in Pakistan


Pak Army committed to a safe,secure and stable Pakistan: Qamar Bajwa


Mainstream political party brazenly lays out goal for ‘real Islamic state’ in Pakistan


Pakistan considered USA as an important partner: Shahid Khaqan Abbasi




How the Redefinition of Motherhood Is Making Our Lives Worse




Dual face tactics jettison China-Philippine detente


Human rights group slams Philippines president Duterte's threat to kill them




Charlottesville says it provided protection to synagogue, refuting initial account




Almost 50 Percent of Russians Consider Geopolitical Dominance Top Priority


Nord Stream 2 project will be implemented despite sanctions — energy minister  (New US sanctions allow fining European companies for participation in joint energy projects with Russia, particularly in Nord Stream - 2 and Turkish Stream.)


Billionaire Ally of Putin Socialized With Kushner, Ivanka Trump  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Turkey and Thailand buy Russia's bestselling helicopters


Putin, Medvedev honor memory of Sevastopol defenders (Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev)


Russian Emigres in New York Unfazed by Sanctions Fallout


Russian airstrikes hit ISIS vehicles on retreat in Aqerbat, Syria – MoD (Video)





Secret Service probes posts by lawmaker


Secret Service says it is 'looking into' Facebook post where Missouri legislator said she hoped Trump would be assassinated




Manchin Says He Won’t Join Trump’s Cabinet as Energy Secretary  (US Senator of West Virginia Joe Manchin III (D)


Flake Admits His Family Hired An Illegal Alien  (US Senator of Arizona Jeff Flake (R)


Moderate Democrats Push Back Against Warren’s Claim That Progressives are ‘Heart and Soul’ of Party  (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


Sen. Corker: Trump has not demonstrated the ‘stability’ or ‘competence’ to lead effectively (US Senator of Tennessee Bob Corker (R)


Trump cheers on Kelli Ward, primary challenger to ‘toxic’ Sen. Jeff Flake (US Senator of Arizona Jeff Flake (R)


Cruz Opposes Efforts to ‘Sanitize History’ by Removing Confederate Monuments (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)


Southwest Rises as the Battleground in 2018 Senate Races


Most Republicans Now View Mitch McConnell Unfavorably  (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)




Video: Robert Spencer on Facebook’s censorship of criticism of Islam


Virginia’s Shak Hill ‘Likes’ Hardcore Porn on Twitter




Still need a pair of solar eclipse glasses? Here’s where you might find them.




US-South Korea Move Ahead With Missile Shield, China Seethes


Moon Warns N.Korea Is Nearing 'Red Line' (President Moon Jae-in)


Egg inspections complete, but safety concerns remain


Egg scandal draws attention to the way poultry is raised


1 soldier killed, 6 injured in explosion during army drill


Trump aide's remarks confuse Seoul over N. Korea


Korea, US to begin FTA talks Tuesday


Securing powerful weapons is Moon's primary goal




CNN parrots SPLC 'hate-group' list used by terrorist




The ISIS special Al-Kharsha Brigade hits Spain


Hero Spanish cop killed 4 Cambrils terror attack suspects, official says


7-year-old boy missing after Barcelona terror attack


Vehicular Jihad Comes to Barcelona


Five jihadis 'in suicide belts' killed and seven people injured as gunfire erupts in beach resort south of Barcelona in SECOND terror outrage hours after 13 died in van attack on Las Ramblas 


Tourists from around the globe killed in Barcelona terror attack


Police kill 5 suspects, thwart second attack connected to Barcelona violence


Terrorist in van turns sunny Spanish afternoon into horrific bloodbath


Barcelona: Many injured after truck plows into pedestrians at tourist hotspot


How the horror unfolded: Graphic shows how terrorists in a white van ploughed into tourists on one of Barcelona's most popular streets 


Spain: Police say Barcelona truck crash is “terrorist attack”


Police link explosion south of Barcelona yesterday that completely destroyed a house 'full of butane gas canisters' and killed one person to terror attack 


Barcelona: 13 dead in vehicular jihad, “Spanish identity card with Arabic name” found inside attack van


Teenage Barcelona van terror suspect 'is 18-year-old who stole his brother's identity and talked about killing infidels on social media'


Islamic State jihadis celebrate Barcelona vehicular jihad attack


Mown down as they shopped: Elderly couple run over in 'ISIS' van attack on Barcelona that killed THIRTEEN and injured more than 80 before at least one fleeing suspect is shot dead as he drove into police at roadblock 


Barcelona: Muslim who rented van used in jihad massacre identified, arrested


Videos reveal the terrifying aftermath of the Barcelona terror attack with bodies strewn on the ground and armed police hunting the driver 


Barcelona: Two cops run over at jihad attack roadblock, driver shot dead


Fight breaks out in a Barcelona bar as customers 'refuse to open the shutters to allow people in to hide' from terror attack


Barcelona jihad murderer posted Jew-hating video on Facebook


CIA warned Spanish police that Las Ramblas was a likely terror attack target TWO MONTHS ago


Spain: Massive explosion at house linked to Barcelona jihad massacre


Spaniards flood Twitter with cute cat images to dilute gruesome videos and pictures of the Barcelona terror attack 'so the killers can't enjoy the blood spilled and pain caused'


Barcelona: Hostages held at restaurant near site of vehicular jihad attack


Terror strikes in Barcelona


Timeline of terror: How the Barcelona and Cambrils attacks unfolded





MLB Scoreboard


NFL Scoreboard


Raiders CB arrested, charged with felony assault


Red Sox want to ditch iconic Fenway feature over racist past




Maryland removes Dred Scott ruling author's statue


Durham Filled With Protestors After Rumors of KKK Rally Spread


New Texas Law Stops Doctors From Issuing DNR Without a Patient’s Consent


John S. Mosby, anti-slavery Confederate, throws wrench into monument narrative


Texas about to legalize open-carry of big knives and swords


Virginia State Police Say They Didn’t Find Weapons Caches in Charlottesville Despite McAuliffe Claim





Woman Will Use Stem Cells From Her Baby’s Umbilical Cord To Save Her Brother, Who Has a Brain Tumor




Syrian Chemical Attacks Continue




Presidential guard cut in sword attack


Taiwan President offers condolences to victims of Barcelona attack


Minimum wage increased 4.72%


Reporters’ Notebook: Taiwan must confront its own right-wing extremists


Tensions over N Korea could affect Taiwan: forum





Satellites are indispensable to US security, but disabling them can be disturbingly easy




Virginia: Muslim screamed “Allahu akbar” at news he’d helped buy rocket-propelled grenade for ISIS




NAFTA negotiators hone in on origin rules, dispute settlement


NAFTA Renegotiation Begins




The Trans Juggernaut Wants Your Kids, And Public Schools Are Just The Beginning





The Military Alliance Between Turkey And Iran Has Just Been Established And Ezekiel 38 Is Getting Closer To Be Fulfilled


Kindergarten closed after death of three-year-old boy in shuttle bus in Turkey’s west


Gezi Park Revisited


Two earthquakes with magnitudes over 4 shake Turkey’s Gökova Bay


Internet usage rises to 66.8 percent in Turkey


Russian minister calls Turkey ‘crucial’ trade partner


Three hectares of forest reduced to ash in fire near touristic Ayvalık in western Turkey


Turkish contractors rank second in world for foreign projects for 10th straight year


Security forces killed 58 PKK militants last week: Turkish military


US drone crashes in southern Turkey





FTSE 100 drops as travel shares rattled after terrorists attack in Spain


Victory: Gay ‘marriage’ is not a right, can be banned, N. Ireland court rules


Brits who joined YPG pose threat to country: British think tank


Nigel Farage: West European Leaders 'In Denial' on 'Islamic Extremism'


May condemns 'terrible' Barcelona attack  (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Barcelona attack: Nicola Sturgeon expresses support for victims (Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon)


A-levels: Results show first rise in top grades in six years


Calories in popular foods 'must be cut'


GP created fake patient called M Mouse to fill up schedule


Brexit: Time for trade talks may be cut to just 10 months


Nicola Sturgeon to make history with Glasgow Pride speech


Salmon sales help food exports hit record


Newcastle: Hospitals chief sacked for gross misconduct


Where pensioners should go to be happy


Brexit Leaving EU without deal would not be a disaster, says thinktank


Northern Ireland: Judge rejects two challenges to same-sex marriage ban




Following outcry, NY Museum reinstates Israeli UN event


Nikki Haley Increasing Scrutiny of Iran Amid Nuclear Deal Review   (US United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley)




Why We Should Keep The Confederate Monuments Right Where They Are  (Tearing down Confederate statues, or any monuments from our history, will not change the past. But it will make for a poorer, less enlightened future.)


Civil Rights Icon Argues for Confederate Monuments to Remain in Place


NYC Subway to Change Tiles That Resemble Confederate Flag


It’s time for a full and fair reckoning with Confederate statues


Chicago bishop wants George Washington's name taken off park in black neighborhood


Ky. city approves plan to move Confederate monuments




Vatican liturgy chief calls for ‘revolt’ to defend traditional family values


Spanish cardinal: ‘Never in history’ has Church faced such ‘severe test’ as today





Exporting Chaos to Venezuela


Trump's 'Military Option' for Venezuela Enrages Latin Leftists




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Bannon Out: Prepare For War


White House Prepares Arpaio Pardon for Trump’s Signature


Steve Bannon out at the White House, source says


Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon fired


Report: Steve Bannon out of White House, Submitted Resignation August 7


Trump's Evangelical Panel Sticks by Him After Others Flee


Poll Shows Nearly Half Of Americans Agree With Trump About Charlottesville


Heyer's Angry Mom: 'I Will Not' Speak to President Trump


Newt Sounds The Alarm: Trump Won’t Have ‘Stable’ Presidency Without ‘Serious Changes’ [Video]


Voices From the Midwest on Trump’s Presidency


Trump’s Strong Words to North Korea Reflect the Stance of Strong Presidents


Division in America: Don't Blame Donald Trump


Never Trump Drives a Former Communist Back To His Roots


Charlottesville, Race, and Republican Virtue-Signaling  (Why Trump’s condemnation of “all sides” was scorned.)


And Yet President Trump, in His Classically Inartful Way, Was Absolutely Right


After Trump's Charlottesville failure, the only choices aren't racism or liberalism


Gary Cohn stays put — for now — following Trump’s comments on Charlottesville


Most GOP Voters Say Trump Will Never Make the Media Happy


Trump fans the flames with Confederate defense


Trump embraces culture war with call to preserve Confederate statues


Pence: Barcelona terror attack images 'sicken us all'  (Vice-President Mike Pence)


Trump is Sarah Palin but better at it


Schwarzenegger goes after Trump in video on Charlottesville violence


Trump laments removal of ‘beautiful’ Confederate monuments, ‘sad’ to see U.S. culture ‘ripped apart’


How Mike Pence loyally 'translates' Trump for the world


There is a shriveled emptiness where Trump’s soul once resided


I Voted for Trump. And I Sorely Regret It.


J.K. Rowling jokes Trump united Middle East with Charlottesville remarks


Remarks on North Korea Highlight Bannon’s Dovish Side


Bannon’s white nationalist comments puzzle detractors


Ex-Clinton spokesman calls out Ivanka Trump: 'This is what it looks like to break from your father'


Now you can see what Trump sees every time he opens Twitter


On Politics Magazine covers link Trump to KKK over Charlottesville


Defiant Trump Returns to Nativist Themes of Campaign


Kevin Durant says he’ll skip White House visit and Warriors teammates ‘all agree’


Trump tweet apparently cites debunked pig's blood military tactic


Purge of Trump loyalists in administration coming


Welcome to the ‘Breitbart White House’


As he coddles neo-Nazis, Trump’s political isolation increases Trump says 'that f--king Steve Bannon taking credit for my election': Report



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