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Wednesday, August 9, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




Since Texas Defunded Planned Parenthood More Women are Getting Health Care


Chris Cuomo: Abortion Is Not About Science


Court Says Woman Can Abort Her 26-Week-Old Disabled Baby, Says Birth Would Hurt Her Mental Health


Texas House passes bill restricting insurance coverage of abortion


Pro-Abortion Hillary Clinton Considering Becoming a Methodist Pastor


'I Had An Abortion At Age 19 And It Changed My Entire Outlook On Life'


Abortion Activist Attacks Pro-Life Congressman for Voting to Defund Planned Parenthood: “May You Die in Pain”


Abortion Biz Marie Stopes International Was Caught Spending Only 22 Seconds Reviewing Options Before Abortions


This Is Where Wendy Davis Draws The Line On Democrats And Abortion Support — Exclusive


This Republican Congressman is Telling the Truth About Planned Parenthood


Illinois Judge Suspends Abortion Notification Law


Court Says Police Can Use Noise Ordinance to Silence Pro-Life People Outside Abortion Clinics


Abortion law requirements


Texas House Approves Bill Protecting You From Funding Abortions Via Your Health Insurance


Parties agree to end lawsuit over Alaska abortion provisions


Stella Creasy criticises NI Health Department on abortion (A Labour MP has strongly criticized Northern Ireland's Department of Health for not updating abortion guidance to health professionals.)


South Africa: No Fetus Scan, No Abortion. Really?


Forced Abortions in China Continue Despite Two-Child Policy




Terry Glavin: Afghanistan is fracturing, creating a vacuum that Russia and Iran are filling


Taliban releases 235 Afghan hostages




Protests in Kenya as opposition alleges vote fraud


Tunisian security forces kill senior militant in ambush


Kenyatta takes lead in Kenya election


Kenyans queue for hours to vote amid fears of post-election violence


Ugandan gold rush stopped by authorities





ACLU Brings Together Milo, Abortion Pills and PETA in First Amendment Lawsuit


Trump denies visas to lottery winners from terrorist-connected countries





Anti-Semitism fears in NJ town’s response to Jewish community



Investors ignore Korea as CBA lifts ASX


Aussie dollar, with strong China link, feels pain from North Korea fallout


Australian Prime Minister: Same-Sex Marriage Could Be Legalized Before Year’s End


A Melbourne cafe is charging an 18 percent ‘man tax’





Ford offers possible explanation for carbon monoxide leaks




Boy Scouts dispute Trump's "greatest ever" claim about his speech




Weakness in the financial sector pulls TSX into the red, while North Korea tensions hurt U.S. markets


Air Transat blames 'factors beyond our control' for stranded Ottawa passenger saga


Ontario college faculty offered 7.5-per-cent raise


U.S. back road to Canada is route to hope for many migrants


Derek Saretzky sentenced to 75 years without parole for murders of toddler, her father and senior


North Korea releases imprisoned Canadian pastor


Canadian officials mum on Toronto pastor freed from North Korea


Three Toronto police officers found not guilty of sexual assault


Canadian army enlisted to shelter asylum seekers


'No grounds' for optimism in NAFTA talks, ex-U.S. envoy warns Canadians  




Bankrupt Puerto Rico Gives Millions to Sketchy Firms With Government Ties




CDC "quarantines" its own equipment




David Letterman announces Netflix talk show




Deaths in China’s Sichuan quake rise to 13, including tourists


After Three Years of House Arrest, Chinese Human Rights Lawyer Gao Zhisheng Still Forbidden to Seek Medical Treatment


Powerful earthquake kills at least 13 in China, 175 injured


 As many as 100 people feared dead in earthquake


China rocked by 2 strong earthquakes; dozens reported killed or injured  


Can Team Trump make China live up to its word on North Korea?




Revealed: North Korea has been planning USA war for YEARS - shock photos released


We’re Not Out Of Time On North Korea. Here Are Our Options


As UN sanctions hit, N. Korea’s ‘No. 2’ pays 10-day visit to Iran


Gorka: Our Capacity to Respond to North Korea Is ‘Practically Instantaneous’


Into the Abyss: A Scenario for the Next Korean War

North Korea: fire, fury and fear


Official Says North Korean Missile Has “.00001 Percent Chance” of Getting Through Defenses


North Korea threatens Guam: Pyongyang declares Kim Jong-un is 'carefully examining' plan to strike US Pacific military bases after Trump's ferocious 'fire and fury' warning falls on deaf ears


North Korea threatens to attack Guam


Gen. McCaffrey: If NK Strikes Seoul 'Only Real Military Option Is to Go Nuclear'


North Korea making missile-ready nuclear weapons, U.S. analysts say


With Nuclear North Korea, Neighbors Rethink Weaponry


North Korea, U.S. timeline: 13 days of tension


This is the moment of truth on North Korea


Evangelical Adviser: God Has Given Trump OK to 'Take Out' Kim  (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


Andrew Hammond: North Korea could be President Trump's first major foreign crisis




Congress faces tight deadline to reduce Obamacare premiums


Democrats' latest anti-Israel turn


Americans are frustrated with Congress


What Real Tax Reform Could Be


Democrats blast Trump's "fire and fury" warning to North Korea





Would it really kill the CBO to show its work?




Richard Cordray: Independent Regulator, Or Political Candidate?




Exclusive: Freedom Foundation sues Seattle over controversial new income tax


Amazon sued by transgender woman, husband for workplace harassment


'El Chapo' Guzman hires John Gotti Jr's lawyer in US case


Qualcomm's Patent Litigation: Doing the Wright Thing Is Actually the Wrong Thing


Mom whose son was found in suitcase pleads guilty to abusing other kids


Married mom goes to prison for sex with teenage boys




Gorka: Mosque bombing may be 'fake hate crime'


1 dead, 6 hurt after gunmen open fire in Chicago


 Middle school teacher, 50, arrested for sex tryst with teen boy student


18 Pittsburgh Cops Taken to Hospital for Suspected Fentanyl Exposure


Iconic NYC hotel accused of fostering "rape culture"


Mom accused of abandoning special-needs 10-year-old in woods


Missing Utah man, 57, is charged with murdering his wife, mistress and her daughter after his spouse caught him cheating


Escaped Ohio rape suspect found dead


Sex offender tried to rape a stranger while vacationing with his girlfriend: cops


A 97-year-old WWII veteran was killed in his pajamas inside the rowhouse he’d owned for six decades


Frat guy faces charges after alleged rape at party




Silicon Valley Has Become a Front in the Culture Wars




Irish power grid compromised by foreign actor: report




Rahmbo Gives Sanctuary to Illegal Alien Killers (Mayor of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel)


New video shows a limp Malia Obama dozing off as she's driven from Lollapalooza in a golf cart


The Latest Marxist Proposal from NYC’s Sandinista Mayor (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)


California Democratic Party calls Kimberly Ellis' request for arbitration in election dispute a 'Hail Mary pass'


They’re trying to foist another Kennedy on us —enough!





U.S. hits China with import tax for dumping aluminum foil




Illegal immigration statistics show Trump’s resolve to keep campaign promise




Justice Officials Sent Talking Points to FBI on Lynch Tarmac Meeting With Bill Clinton


Cillizza: Manafort raid shows Mueller means business (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Mueller’s Raid on Manafort’s Home

DOJ Lawyers Sent FBI Talking Points on Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting


Sanctuary Cities Double Down On Shielding Criminals  (Defiant Chicago mayor sues DOJ to block cut off of federal grant money.)


DOJ: Stolen Identification Docs Sold to Illegal Aliens and Used in Voter Fraud


Bharara calls reports Trump has communicated with Mueller ‘peculiar’


Lawyer clarifies report about Trump's messaging Mueller   (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Justice Department releases Mueller's financial disclosure


Mueller, several lawyers on his team gave up million-dollar jobs to work on special counsel investigation


DOJ Reverses Obama-Era Decision, Supports Ohio Policies to Cleanup Voter Rolls


Conservatives continue push for probes of Clinton and her campaign


Mueller now urged to look into Seth Rich murder  ('May be the 'missing link' that connects Russia collusion in the 2016 Presidential election.')


Justice Dept. to meet with reporters' group on subpoena guidelines




At least 7 killed in strong quake near famous national park




Wall Street ends off lows as traders buy North Korea dip


U.S. Stocks Mixed, Bonds Pare Gain as Angst Eases: Markets Wrap


Stock market closes lower on North Korea tensions; Disney, Goldman kneecap Dow


Personal Income in Majority of States Grew In First Quarter of 2017


Dollar weakens as U.S.-North Korea discord prompts run to safety


Gold logs biggest one-day jump in nearly 3 months


Asian shares, U.S. stock futures, dollar slip on rising Korean tensions


Report: Majority of Guatemalan Migrants Come to U.S. for Better Economic Opportunities


The U.S. economy is "broken" -- here's the proof


It’s not just stocks, volatility for Treasurys is also at record lows




Charter Schools Boost Performance of Nearby Schools


Southern Methodist University bans 9/11 memorial because of new “triggering” policy


Boarding school finds evidence of misconduct by ex-headmaster


Saturday Night Live in Athens


Texas college professor wears body armor and a helmet to class to protest law that allows students to carry guns onto campus


A Shuttered For-Profit Re-emerges


School: AP and Honors classes will be decided by skin color, not intelligence


Pulling Back on Title IX Enforcement


Return to Newtown: 4 years later


Syllabus Offering Self-Grading Pulled at Georgia


Dozens tested for TB after school worker dies


Speed and Power (The University of Texas at Austin has unveiled Stampede2, said to be the most powerful supercomputer at any campus in the US.)


What we learned about grief from Sandy Hook parents


Food guru who brought healthier meals to L.A. schools charged with mishandling district funds




Egyptian officials: 4 policemen killed in northern Sinai




Trump campaign hands over documents in Russia investigation




David Usborne: Pence said to be mortified by 2020 chatter - not likely (Vice-President Mike Pence)




Oil prices rise on inventory drop amid geopolitical tensions


Energy Prices


Trump promised to build Keystone XL. Three votes in Nebraska could stop it.





Why unleashing 20 million mosquitoes in Fresno has some residents "thrilled"




Federal scientists leak sweeping climate change draft in clash with Trump administration





European stocks slide after U.S. and North Korea cross swords


Poland tells EU: We’ll take immigrants from Europe – but not North Africa and the Middle East


Airline promo for 'gays' simply doesn't 'click'  (A promotion for homosexual “pride” by the Dutch airline KLM doesn’t quite click.)


Belgium Drama in Brussels as car chase is followed by bomb hoax


6 countries warned of eggs contaminated with pesticide


Dutch test chicken meat following contaminated egg recall




Netherlands and Belgium are Euthanizing Mentally Ill Patients and Harvesting Their Organs




Conservative groups urge Trump to stick with Ex-Im Bank nominee




Obama Activist Group Fighting Budget Cuts




FBI raids home of Trump's former campaign chairman




These Special Appointees Often Undermine US Foreign Policy Goals. Here’s How to Fix the Problem.


Top Trump aides clashing over US foreign policy




Michigan Foster Parents Face Choice: Keep Child or Guns




Vehicular jihad in France: Muslim arrested in Paris car ramming of soldiers


Man shot and arrested over car attack on anti-terror soldiers outside Paris


Suspect arrested after car hits 6 French soldiers


Mosque 'invasion' decimating churches across France


Macron abandons official first lady plans   (French President Emmanuel Macron)


France set to approve law banning MPs from hiring family members




Germany urges 'restraint' from North Korea and Trump


'Europe must not follow Trump's military build-up logic': a chat with Merkel's main election rival (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


Refugee integration makes slow progress, but German political divisions stand firm





Report contradicts Trump on climate change


Gov't scientist claims retaliation for speaking out about climate change


Science or His Base? Climate Report May Make Trump Choose


In leaking a federal climate change report, scientists send a message to Trump: Global warming is real





Google Women Underscore Point About Differences in the Sexes by Calling in 'Uncomfortable'


Okay, Google: How Do You Prepare A Country For Totalitarianism?


One, Two, Three Galileos  (The Google Inquisition purges a free-thinking employee.)


 More than 60 women consider suing, claiming sexism and a pay gap  


Firing of Google engineer over controversial memo is a reminder of free-speech limits in the workplace


Google Engineer Fired Over Memo Stands His Ground


Did Google Just Choke On Its Woke?


The 'left bias' of Google, where 70% of employees are male, comes under attack


Google just proved that 'diversity dissenter' right


Decoding the ancient logic of the Google Bro 




Torture doesn't work, says former Gitmo detainee




6.5 Million Americans Paid Fines in 2016 Rather Than Sign Up for ‘Obamacare’


US won't declare opioid emergency, Health Secretary Price says




A Single-Payer Litmus Test For Dems? Go For It


Parasitic cyclospora infections spike this year




 Sherlock Holmes Investigates Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Her Rogue Computer Technicians (US Representative of Florida Debbie Wasserman Schultz(D)


Bill banning VA's dog testing program draws an opponent: Disabled veterans     (US Representative of Virginia David Brat (R)


Rep. Darrell Issa: Sanctions Will Force NKorea to Choose  (US Representative of California Darrell E Issa (R)


Statue of Liberty now goes Muslim in Congress




Tropical storm on verge of becoming hurricane




Poll: Only 1 In 6 Strongly Oppose Trump’s Merit Immigration Reform


Danger From Low-Skilled Immigrants: Not Having Them


California county sheriffs, Gov. Jerry Brown in talks over possible changes to so-called 'sanctuary state' legislation



 ICE Arrests 32 Sex Offenders on Long Island





Ceasefire violation: Check terror activities along LoC, India tells Pak


Countdown to clash with India is on: Chinese daily


53 Indian soldiers and a bulldozer present at Doklam, says China amid standoff


India summons Pakistan official, issues demarche over death of soldier





Indonesia palm oil plantations boost security to stop thieves


“Nowadays, to be a non-Muslim in Indonesia implies the inevitability of a troublesome and unjust daily life”




Parents Need To Get Serious About Saving The Next Generation From Internet Addiction




How Trump can confront Iran without blowing up the nuclear deal


Statement on a Comprehensive Policy to Constrain Iran


Iran’s Rouhani names two female vice presidents




US denies bombing Iraqi Shi’ite militia near Syrian border




Snopes says claim NJ town forbade criticism of Islam “false,” then quotes: “No commentary regarding Islam permitted”


Muslim leaders tied to CAIR and Iran advised Muslims who called for “No Go Zones” book to be banned


A Hollow Apology For An Anti-Semitic Rant  (California imam is very sorry for his "hurtful" call to "annihilate the Jews.")




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Wednesday, August 9, 2017)


Palestinian “honor killing” of women condemned by Fatah leader


Preparing for the post-Abbas era  (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Saudi Writer: Arab States Should Stop Hiding Their Relations With Israel


Palestinian Authority slashes permits for sick Gazans, UN health body says


15 Palestinians injured, 5 detained during Israeli raid on Kobar


Condition improves of pilot injured in fatal chopper crash


UN chief to make first visit to Israel and Palestinians


Hebron soldier goes to prison after months of legal wrangling


Elor Azarya enters prison despite last-ditch attempt at postponing incarceration


Israeli jets hit Hamas targets in Gaza following rocket strike


We will not allow UN agencies to become branches of Hamas'


Brazil to extradite settler who fled Israel after killing Palestinian


Israeli settlers launch march to Abu Rajab family home in Hebron's Old City


Thousands Gather in Tel Aviv to Show Support for ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


How Netanyahu trumped Trump


At solidarity rally, Netanyahu accuses left and media of trying to overthrow him


Danes to Israel: Don’t shut down Al Jazeera’s bureau


Left-wing NGOs working for all Israeli citizensOp-ed: Unlike right


33 Palestinians detained, several injured in overnight West Bank (Judea and Samaria)  raids


PA arrests five journalists for "leaking" sensitive information


After rally, opposition slams Netanyahu as corrupt dictator clinging to power


Facing Palestinian criticism, White House says closeness to Israel is an asset


Incoming Tourism Continues to Rise Over 2016, 2015


Cape Verde denies it’ll start backing Israel at the UN


Preparing For The Post-Abbas Era (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Israel Imagines Life After Netanyahu as Inquiries Intensify (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)





The atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were horrible. They weren't war crimes.




'Death threats' result from leftist 'hate' labels




Progressives, media getting ready to frame president as ‘Warmonger of all Time’


Fascist Media Matters Moves to Silence Hannity


Dan Rather: Recent leaks 'a public service'




Why ‘Medicare for all’ means deadly trouble for seniors




When Mexico Attacks: Pollution Threatens Border Patrol Agents' Safety


More than 100 Americans now sickened by salmonella from Mexican-imported papayas as officials struggle to contain the outbreak


Mexican president denies calling Trump to praise border work


Millions of gallons of Mexican waste threaten US Border Patrol agents




Up to 50 migrants "deliberately drowned" off Yemen's coast: UN




Gen. Mattis warns North Korea not to invite 'destruction of its people' (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


Transgender service members sue over Trump ban


The U.S. Military's Strength Is Being Wasted on Pointless Wars


Del. Madeleine Bordallo says Jim Mattis assured her military would keep Guam safe  (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


US flies bombers over Guam


Marine Corps considers grounding aircraft


2 Marine commanders fired, 33 others punished in nude photo scandal


Commander sends case of plummeting Humvees to court-martial


Army begins unearthing remains of children who died at Carlisle Indian school


Navy: Iranian drone flew within 100 feet of F/A-18E fighter over Persian Gulf


US soldier who murdered Afghan civilians blames malaria drug used by Army





Glen Campbell, Whose Music Bridged Country and Pop, Dies


Country singer known for hits such as ‘Gentle on My Mind’ and ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’ dies at 81





McMaster of Disguise: Former Firm Funded by Sharia-Ruled Bahrain — Up to 25% of Total Income (White House National Security Adviser HR McMaster)




Salt A danger to public health? Uproar as scientist urges us to eat more salt


How much of popular food and drinks you can have before they KILL you (and it only takes two teaspoons of nutmeg or 13 shots of alcohol)




Ousted Pakistani PM embarks on populist march in show of strength


Taliban Leader Feared Pakistan Before He Was Killed


Abuse in Pakistan: 'I’m more scared of harassment online than offline'




Parents, Plural (A reporter’s story on child neglect misses the most important single factor affecting kids’ well-being: having a mother and a father.)




New Hampshire is latest state to sue OxyContin manufacturer





Duterte claims US 'toned down' criticism of his human rights record  (President Rodrigo Duterte)




Fundraising slows at pro-Trump super PACs




Fifty Years of Resistance


The parties are broken. Will someone finally work outside the system?




Escape to victory! Federal inmate named Aaron Victory flees Oklahoma jail by crawling through the gym's ventilation system





Copper cocktail mugs may cause food poisoning, health officials say




Los Angeles has a 100-square mile religious wall hidden in plain sight  (The structure is deeply symbolic to the city's Jewish community.)


Mormon church excommunicates leader for first time in decades





RNC chair warns: Republicans who refused to back Trump offer 'cautionary tale'




This is the most overpriced restaurant in New York City



Western media obsession with 'Shirtless Putin' serves Vlad's propaganda well  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Russia hopes US will not provoke North Korea to take dangerous steps


Poland claims to have found signs of explosion on crashed Tu-154M jet’s wing (The fragments of the crashed plane have been kept in Russia, and there have recently been no reports about new examinations.)


Ukraine cancels military exports deal with Russia




Why you shouldn't put your feet on the dashboard





New York Confiscates Innocent Veteran’s Firearms





What to know about the Alabama special election


 GOP senator: McCain's tumor might have played role in his vote (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


GOP Senator Backtracks on Linking McCain's Tumor to Health Vote


GOP senator on two scenarios that would trigger war with N. Korea  (US Senator of South Carolina Lindsey Graham (R)


Democrat Claire McCaskill Gets a Single-Payer Supporting Primary Opponent  (US Senator of Missouri Claire McCaskill (D)


How the Latest GOP Health Care Bill Stacks Up


Mo Brooks ‘Baffled’ By Trump Endorsement of Luther Strange — ‘Error in Judgment’


Judge: Democrat Bob Menendez Must Face Corruption Charge in Court  (US Senator of New Jersey Robert Menendez (D)


Foreign Relations Dem: North Korea is the modern day Cuban missile crisis


Chuck Norris endorses candidate with 'spine of steel' for Senate


Shelley Moore Capito (R-West Virginia): Kill Obamacare mandates, but keep the subsidies


GOP senator: Trump needs Congress to approve strike on North Korea


Republicans on way to supermajority? (Senate candidates only need to prevail in Trump states to reach 60-vote threshold.)


Democrats don't owe Bernie Sanders political forgiveness  (US Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders (I-Socialist)


Trump endorses Luther Strange in Alabama Senate election


McCain takes exception to Trump remarks  (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


Hannity breaks promise to stop 'petty political disagreements' for 12 hours by calling on McConnell to resign  (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


Dean Heller (R-Nevada) faces the perils of opposing Trump with Danny Tarkanian primary challenge




Analysis: For South Korea, North Korea threat is nothing new


Airports Get Smarter Thanks to Robot Helpers


South Korean general, wife accused of treating conscripts like ‘slaves’


U.S. 'Favorably Inclined' to Boosting S.Korean Missile Power


Deadly heat wave kills millions of chickens, ducks


U.S. Against Reopening Kaesong Industrial Park


N.Korea Threatens to Turn S.Korea into 'Sea of Fire'




Brexit:Spain won’t ‘jeopardise’ deal to regain Gibraltar sovereignty




'No f--- cops'! Gym bans police officers, military because they might offend minority members


U.S. sanctions soccer star, 21 others for drug ties


Little Leaguer, 12, nicknamed 'Boog' who stands 5'2' and weighs in at a whopping 220lbs is the sport's newest baseball sensation


UCLA's Rosen: Football, school 'don't go together'


'He wants to put his past behind him': Steubenville rapist is recruited by Ohio college football coach five years after notorious attack on drunk teenage girl


MLB Scoreboard




Yes, Cuomo's bridge still means big toll hikes ahead  (Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo (D)


State and local elections officials spar with a conservative legal group over California's 'inactive' voters


Dozens of states in the path of severe storms


They sued for Clinton's emails. Now they want information on California voters


Why Cuomo must bear the burden for the MTA's failures


Michigan Veteran's 'No Foreigners' Sale Sign a Violation: Officials




Tillerson wraps up Southeast Asia tour  (US Secretary of State Rex W Tillerson)


Tillerson insists no "imminent threat" from North Korea


State Department deputy denies reports of department chaos


State Department's No. 2 seeks to boost agency morale and dispel criticisms




The Kirkpatrick Doctrine in Syria


Coalition raids on Raqqa city ‘kill 29 civilians in 24 hours’




No nuclear restart in sight, premier says


Japan warns over defense





Study: Philadelphia Tax Makes Soda More Expensive Than Beer




Anita Hill: Class Actions Could Fight Discrimination in Tech




Free Trade Must Remain a Bipartisan Issue




Transgender day camp caters to kids as young as 4





Turkish woman files criminal complaint against husband after 17 years of brutal torture


Father who acted as a shield to protect his son killed in Turkey’s southeast


Police chase two gunmen who stole $113,000 in Ankara


Turkey says it may need to take action against Russia’s tomato restrictions


Arson suspected in new forest fires on Mount Ida


Turkey agrees to purchase 529 tactical wheeled vehicles from BMC




Union Files Federal Complaints After Nissan Workers Overwhelmingly Reject Representation





FTSE 100 ends lower as U.S.-North Korea tensions prompt flight to safety


UK police warn man to stop criticizing Islam on Facebook


Population Control Group Tells William and Kate to Stop Having Kids


Lives Touched by Immigration, Jihad and Family Love (Three British siblings of Pakistani descent are at the center of “Home Fire,” Kamila Shamsie’s ingenious new novel, which builds to a stunning conclusion.)


Tories in ‘open warfare’ over UK’s immigration, say opponents


Scotland :Ministers press Damian Green for return of powers from EU


Students sue Oxford for discrimination amid surge in mental health claims against universities


Tories paid Lynton Crosby’s firm millions for advising May’s campaign  (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Darling: 'Stay vigilant' 10 years after crash  (The ex-chancellor warns of growing risks to the economy, a decade on from the start of the financial crisis.)


Why the UK might not be on track to leave the EU by April 2019


500 more medical school places next year


Gang members guilty of 'hunting down' and killing 18-year-old


Animal abusers 'are getting away with it'


Exam results day: Record number of pupils achieve university place


Talks on post-Brexit powers for Holyrood


700 children excluded for sexual misconduct in four years


Extra PSNI patrols after Belfast disorder


Entire class fails higher exam for the second year running


NHS to fund baby's US heart operation


Thirty people fall ill after norovirus outbreak


Man guilty of airport pipe bomb plot


Police seek jogger who appeared to knock woman into path of bus


Scots alarm growing over Bovine TB case


Prisons Report on Northants children's facility finds rise in violent incidents




Don't Look Now, But Trump Just Got China, Russia And The U.N. To Take North Korea's Nuke Threat Seriously




Here's how Detroit Bikes is transforming America’s car capital into a bike town  (Cycling is seeing a renaissance in the U.S. and this Detroit business is along for the ride.)


Century-old time capsule found in Confederate statue opened to reveal $50 bill, a 1911 article about chicken and waffles, and mini Rebel flags


Police grant wish of 9-year-old boy with rare disease


Seattle ties record for consecutive days without rain


Hidden camera found in women’s restroom at Illinois Walgreens store  


Clothing company yanks rainbow swastika T-shirt




Cardinal Burke warns against ‘idolatry of the papacy’




UN points finger at Maduro over Venezuela human rights abuses


Venezuela assembly declares its superiority to rest of government





Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump's credibility crisis goes nuclear


New Poll Shows Americans In Favor Of The Trump Endorsed RAISE Act


North Korea presents embattled Trump White House with high-stakes test


Trump warns North Korea of ‘fire and fury’ if threats continue


Jill Stein tweets out White House phone number, urges followers to demand North Korea negotiations


Yes, President Trump Is Making America Great Again


Report: Trump Exchanged Private Messages With Special Counsel Mueller (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


What Melania Trump should tell her husband


Trump holds off on declaring opioid crisis a national emergency


Trump pledges more arrests to combat opioid abuse


Obama intel chief: Trump should tone down rhetoric on North Korea


Why the Trump Organization could be Trump’s undoing


Did Trump tweet about classified information?


The 144 million people who like Trump best


Opioid Crisis chair Christie to miss Trump's drug briefing for vacation  (Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie (R)


Trump continues to bash the media in tweets


Why Democrats shouldn’t take too much joy in Trump’s falling polls


Why the Trump Organization could be Trump’s undoing


Spicer mistakenly blames Vox news for piece by Vice (Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer/ Vice-President Mike Pence)


Scaramucci: Pence 'can't believe' what's going on  


Trump approval rebounds to 45%, surges among Hispanics, union homes, men



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