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Tuesday, August 8, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




Planned Parenthood Staffers Jokingly Called the Freezer Containing Aborted Baby Parts “The Nursery”


Soccer Star Bruno Had Someone Kill His Girlfriend Who Refused Abortion and Feed Her to Dogs


Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Will Build a Huge New Center Thanks to $6.5 Million Donation


Trump's lawyer goes to Supreme Court over blockade of undercover abortion videos


Should Pro-Life People Shame Women Who Have Had Abortions?


Meet the doctor who convinces women he can “reverse” abortions


Abortion Activists Desecrate Catholic Church, Drape Sweater With Pro-Abortion Slogan on Church Altar


What Happens When A Crisis Pregnancy Center Moves Next Door To An Abortion Clinic


Republican Traitors Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski Defend Forcing You to Fund Planned Parenthood


A Child Rape Victim In India Has Been Denied An Abortion


Pro-Abortion Group “Lady Parts Justice League” Attacks Pregnancy Centers Helping Women


Draft Isle of Man abortion bill put out to public consultation


New Pro-Abortion Billboard Claims City “Needs Abortion,” Says Pro-Life People Use “Harassment”


What You Should Know About the Worst Abortionist in America, Steven Chase Brigham


Wendy Davis: Republicans Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski “Inspired” Me by Voting to Fund Planned Parenthood


Missouri Attorney General Has New Pro-Life Enforcement Authority




New York: Muslim diplomat’s wife says he beat her, she ends up in ER, he has diplomatic immunity


Inside Zan TV: Afghanistan’s first all-female station





Fulani Herdsmen Kidnap Pastor in Plateau State, Central Nigeria


Muslim Raiders Kidnap Nigerian Christian Pastor And Are Holding Him For Ransom


Nigeria: Muslim families donating children to become jihadi suicide bombers


Terrified cruise passengers are ordered to switch off all lights and music on liner from dusk til dawn for 10 days because of risk of attack by Somalian PIRATES


Fishermen stop anti-migrant boat from docking in Tunisian port


Kenya election 2017: President Kenyatta urges peaceful vote





Massive drought across Great Plains could cost farmers up to $1bn





80 percent of New Zealanders are against legalizing assisted suicide


Euthanasia Group: We’re Not Respecting This Man’s “Human Rights” Unless We Kill Him in Assisted Suicide



ASX suffers widespread selling


The Australian dollar is next to nothing, except against the Kiwi


Child flu cases up 50 per cent, as GPs give wrong advice


'Abu Adam' uses chilling video to urge attacks on Australia





Scientists are Editing the DNA of Unborn Babies in Shocking Experiments





Three Boy Scouts dead after sailing tragedy in East Texas





Canadian dollar continues slipping during flat day for TSX


Prison guards in Alberta overdosing on fentanyl during searches 'a huge problem'


Fleeing Trump: Couple leaving the Carolinas for Canada


Ottawa mulls tougher drunk driving laws by lowering legal alcohol limit


Inquiry commissioners must resign, Indigenous families say


Lockheed Martin offers F-35 to Canada as 'interim' fighter jet


Americans cross into Canada with guns at ‘alarming' rate


Canada expresses concern to Saudis over armoured vehicle use




Partisan C.I.A. Chief Heartens Trump and Worries the Agency





Bill Maher Mocks Nine-Year-Old ‘Pickle’s’ Letter to Trump




China holds wargames as North Korea tensions spike


Calling the Chinese bully’s bluff


CA Governor Jerry Brown: If U.S. wants to be successful, we should follow the lead of China's communist leader, President Xi Jinping


What is China’s PLA doing in Laos?


One world under China? Beijing rolls out BRI initiative; U.S. can’t agree on renewing its own infrastructure




North Korea seriously considering strike on Guam, state media says


U.S., Japanese Analysts: North Korea Has Nuclear Missile Warheads


Don't Believe the Hype about the North Korea Threat


Beware a Second Korean War


Time for a Grand Bargain Over North Korea


This is why the North Korea nuclear crisis has the world on edge


Three big deals to try to curb Kim's nukes obsession (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


North Korea Warns U.S. of Retaliation Over Sanctions


Analysts: Don't assume N. Korea will play by doomsday rules; China seen exploiting crisis





Will Congress force me to deny health care to children once again?


Democrats, some Republicans fight 'bailout' label for Obamacare payments


Trump and congressional Republicans go to war


Shutdown risk grows as both parties balk on debt ceiling hike


Democrats turn against immigration point system when Trump gives support


Toward a tax system designed on purpose (Job No 1 for Congress, as I noted in a recent column, is repealing Obamacare. But cutting taxes is a close second.)


The Debt-Ceiling Crisis Is Real  (Congress has come close to defaulting before. This time, it’ll probably happen.)





Official Who Met With Michelle Obama at WH Indicted for Stealing School Lunch Funds


Former Dem Rep Corrine Brown Appealing Fraud Conviction Over Juror Who Heard ‘The Holy Spirit’


Jurors acquit two LAPD officers charged with conspiracy, deadlock on one charge for one officer


U.S. appeals court says Medi-Cal cut to hospitals was illegal


Son of Mexico cartel leader indicted on drug charges


Former legislator known for Confederate flag stand to plead guilty in attack on wife




Man in custody in 'sextortion' case


Body of missing Florida woman found, coworker charged


Dentist charged for treating patients while extremely drunk


"CBSN: On Assignment": Guns of Chicago


Manhunt after Missouri police officer killed


Deputies: Florida man abandoned girl after car crash


Manhunt for woman accused of having oral sex in McDonald’s





HBO hackers demand millions in ransom





Arizona woman, 29, who locked 10-year-old cousin in trunk, sentenced to death





Hillary's deleted emails are still floating around somewhere


Biden records robo call for Detroit mayor  (Former Vice-President Joseph R Biden Jr )


De Blasio's smug excuse for grabbing taxpayer cash  (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)


The Last White Democrat President





USDA office told to use ‘weather extremes’ instead of 'climate change'




The 8 dirtiest scandals of Robert Mueller no one is talking about (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


This Mueller Thing Will End in Tears (for Liberals)


The right way to do a leak hunt


Ed Klein: Justice Dept. May Offer Hillary a Plea Bargain


Sessions: Sanctuary city Chicago's hostility to law-enforcement protection 'astounding'  (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


Two ‘sanctuary’ counties prove 1373 compliance, cleared for federal grants


The Trump Administration’s Leakers Deserve to Be Investigated





Disney cartoon features lesbian ‘moms,’ promotes gay ‘marriage’ to preschoolers


Disney to Launch Online-Only ESPN, Drops Movie Deal With Netflix




Wall Street swings lower after Trump warns North Korea


Stocks close lower as Dow snaps streak of records


Asian stocks, commodities buoyed by growth optimism, China trade data awaited


Dollar edges higher following data showing greater number of job openings


U.S. Stocks Rise, Shrugging off Energy Weakness: Markets Wrap


Dysfunction in Washington fuels uncertainty among companies


U.S. Credit-Card Debt Surpasses Record Set at Brink of Crisis


She needs a job. The economy is in great shape. It should be easy, right?


Treasury yields see gains as corporate supply weighs on market


Gold prices end lower after job-market snapshot lifts dollar




K-12 School's New Gender Inclusion Policy Includes ZERO 'Opt Out' For Parents


Is College Education Worth It?


Shaking Up Law School Admissions (Georgetown and Northwestern announce they will accept GRE, not just LSAT. But ABA may move in ways that limit the option and that some fear would impede diversity efforts.)


Professor lets ‘stressed’ students decide their own grade


For the first time ever, most of Harvard's new class isn't white


Cornell-bound teen drowns while swimming in Ithaca


$78,000 of Debt for a Harvard Theater Degree


Calling Attention to a Postdoc's Struggles and Suicide


Where do families get $24,000 a year for college?


Charters' test for de Blasio's olive branch (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio(D)


Importing Apprenticeships


Warnings on a Different Kind of For-Profit





Keeping elections honest (What is "reasonable" when preventing vote fraud?)





Cillizza: 2018 might not be so amazing for Democrats




Oil prices extend losses as investors await OPEC news


Energy Prices


The high cost of unreliable power


Keystone XL's Path Is Up for Grabs





New California law gives air quality officials the power to quickly shut down polluters




The Case for Arming Ukraine


A Diamond In A Dungheap (The Norwegian government's token truth-teller.)




European stocks swing higher, brush past gloomy data from Germany, China


Muslims In Italy Go Wild And Are Now Forming Mobs And Openly Attacking Police In The Streets


Sweden: Christian to be deported to Iran, told “it’s your problem you decided to become a Christian”


World's biggest bike parking garage opens in Utrecht – but Dutch dream of more


Firefighters in Sicily accused of starting blazes for cash


It’s Up to Europe to Save the Iran Deal





Wells Fargo Faces New Inquiry Over Insurance Refunds




Prominent Feminist Lawyer Gloria Allred Under Two Investigations for Alleged Malpractice




FDA cracks down on company marketing ‘three-parent’ babies





Ohio foster care system flooded with children of drug addicts





Top Trump aides clashing over direction of US foreign policy




France: Memorial to Jewish children sent to Nazi-run death camps vandalised


French farmer gets suspended sentence for helping migrants enter France


Eight teenagers struck by lightning in central France


Macron backpedals on creating official 'first lady' status for his wife (French President Emmanuel Macron)




Germany: “Anyone coming here ought to know and respect the country’s customs”


Germany Joins the Resistance  (In a bid for relevance, politicians are hammering the American president. That’s a mistake.)




Government scientists fear Trump will suppress climate change study: report


Scientists Fear Trump Will Dismiss Climate Change Report


Peru’s glaciers make it a test case for adapting to climate change. It’s not going well.




Last week, he ranted about women. Now he's out at Google


Lena Dunham and Google Demonstrate Why Our Free Speech Culture Is Slipping Away


Google Receives 95 Theses of Diversity and Inclusion


One, Two, Three Galileos (The Google Inquisition is out for a rogue employee.)


A Google employee’s manifesto is the HR department’s worst nightmare


Feds warned Google now tracking in-store purchases


Google employee's sexist manifesto is the latest crisis for a tech industry struggling to diversify


Google ‘diversity dissident’ simply raised inconvenient truths

Google fires author of memo criticizing company’s diversity program





 Anthem Exits Obamacare Exchanges in Nevada and Parts of Georgia


Obamacare rollback could disproportionately harm black men





Life Expectancy Indicates U.S. Health-Care Outcomes Actually Outpace International Peers


Rural Appalachia has begun to fall behind the rest of the country in life expectancy, infant mortality


Best and worst states for health care




Al Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Sequel’ meets with cool reception, placing 15th  at box office


Al Gore climate documentary turns out to be overblown




'May you die in pain': California GOP congressman gets an earful at town hall  (US Representative of California Doug LaMalfa (R)


House Russia inquiry: Secretive search for man behind Trump dossier reveals tension




Hard lines in court and at the border won't fix our broken immigration system




Deportation put on hold for man detained by ICE after dropping daughter off at L.A. school




India Close to Finishing Work on Cryptocurrency Rule Proposals


50 Indian fishermen arrested by Lankan Navy




Green pressure campaign against banks is imperiling our energy infrastructure




US jet forced to evade Iranian drone


North Korea at nuclear threshold. What about Iran?





Muslim leader, speaking at CUNY, says Muslims and other “oppressed” have right to armed struggle


Muslim group blames women for rape for exposing their “Allah-given delicacies”





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Tuesday, August 8, 2017)


Abbas issues new demands of Israel, but is quietly still arresting terror suspects  (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Motto Of Hamas Summer Camps This Year: 'Marching On Jerusalem'; Their Goal: To Train The Generation That Will Liberate Palestine, Jerusalem


Prime Minister: ‘Niv is a Hero, Stopped and Prevented Massive Disaster’  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Family of fallen soldier threatens legal steps to secure return of son’s body


East Jerusalem family fights Israeli ruling to evict them from their home of 53 years


Illegal homes going up in settlement across street from Liberman aide (Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman)


Netanyahu said happy to leave Israel-Egypt ties hanging on security


PA says won’t resume security coordination with Israel unless demands are met


Leftist group sues Yair Netanyahu over Facebook post


Projectile lands in southern Israel, as army denies having shelled Gaza


Hebron shooter to enter prison after bid to delay sentence rejected


Congressional Delegations Say Bipartisan Support for Israel is Strong


Report: Israeli forces detain 880 Palestinians, including 144 children, in July


Pilot killed in IDF chopper crash identified as Maj. David Zohar


Israel’s Lone Rightwing TV Channel Fined for Ignoring the Reform


Gazan travelers face new security restrictions from Israel


Interior Minister Deri questioned by police for six hours


Palestinians skeptical fall of Netanyahu would benefit them


Rocket fired from terrorist-run enclave explodes in open area. No injuries reported.


Palestinians fire rocket from Gaza into southern Israel


Gaza rocket explodes in south


National Convention of American Socialists Endorses BDS Movement


Legal pressures threaten to end 14-year rule of Israel’s Netanyahu (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)




Japan seeks to ground US Ospreys in wake of deadly Australia crash


North Korea: Japan warns nuclear programme has 'advanced considerably'





Once ISIS is gone, Hezbollah will take its place




American Populism Has Left the Left Behind




“Moderate” Malaysia: Photo of atheist get-together leads to government crackdown on ex-Muslims


Malaysia detains 400 in anti-terror raids




Sebastian Gorka Schools MSNBC On Radical Islam [Video]


Emails Show Reporters Brushed Suspicious Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting Under The Rug


Scientists call out New York Times for incorrect claim about climate report


Far-Left Serial Accuser Targets Eric Bolling


She Blamed Islamophobia, Then Her Husband was Arrested for Weapons Smuggling  (Another Media Islamophobia victim’s story falls apart.)


Lisa Boothe to Sub for Suspended Eric Bolling on Fox News’ ‘Specialists’


Rachel Maddow becomes 'most popular prime-time news host'


Fox News Has Completed Its Transformation Into Trump TV





Three killed at Mexican resort beach




International Red Cross: Airstrikes Against Yemeni Civilians an ‘Alarming Trend’


Bahrain Charges 60 With Forming “Terrorist Group”


‘Qaeda’ bomber kills three Yemen soldiers


Middle East: Soaring suicide and murder rates compound suffering





U.S. to send more Marines to Afghanistan: report


3 Marines dead in Osprey aircraft crash ID'd by officials


Pentagon: US military can destroy personal drones illegally flying over installations


Drone testing finds some elevated pollutants at Army plant


Report: Pentagon not providing adequate care to troops at risk of suicide


Afghanistan veteran wants to empower others with hip-hop 'Combat Medicine'


On Purple Heart Day, honoring those who have received the nation's oldest military decoration


Army refuses to scrub Confederate names from Brooklyn base





$15 Minimum Wage Would Wreak Havoc on One of America’s Richest Counties


 ‘Free lunches’ like the $15 minimum wage may hurt the people they’re meant to help





Glen Campbell dead at 81





This NASA job involves defending Earth from aliens




Police pair sacked for faking Everest climb





Ban alcohol from supermarkets, urges New Zealand medical authority





Bomb blast in a fruit truck in Lahore


Former Pakistan PM risks wrath of the army as he plans to install his wife in his old seat


Iran regards Pakistan's security as its own security: Hassan Rouhani




 U.S. weighing plan that would permit strikes on ISIS in Philippines: report




Take the Generic, Patients Are Told. Until They Are Not.




Baltimore serial killer who cut up his victims and SOLD them as BBQ is found dead in his jail cell aged 62


Disturbance resolved after prison takeover




Cover Lifted, A CIA Spy Offers His Take On Trump And Russia


Why Does the Left Suddenly Hate Russia?


Russia reacts to White House soap opera with a shrug


Russia and the US are jittery about spies. But facts are hard to come by


Russia’s Defense Ministry to show trophy weapons seized from terrorists in Syria 


Everything You Need to Know: Russia's Massive Zapad Military Exercise


Abkhazian leader highlights substantial financial assistance from Russia


Enemy of the State -- Putin's loudest critic  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Trump’s deals in Russia once encouraged even by Clintons now under scrutiny


Putin vows to protect Abkhazia’s security and independence

Russia Reacts To The New Round Of U.S. Sanctions – Part IV

Kelly McParland: Putin must be wishing he hadn't helped get Trump elected





McConnell hits at Trump's 'excessive expectations'  (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


Grassley Seeks Immigration Files for House IT Probe Suspects  (US Senator of Iowa Charles Grassley (R)


Hatch defends colorful comment with a lesson on Civil War jargon  (US Senator of Utah Orrin Hatch (R)


Sen. Manchin says he doesn't "care" about losing Senate seat  (US Senator of West Virginia Joe Manchin III (D)





The insurance compulsion (Venezuela is the latest global disaster caused by socialism. Over the last couple of hundred years, virtually every variety of socialism has been tried -- from communism to national socialism (Nazism) and fascism, to various varieties of "democratic socialism" -- with one common characteristic -- they all failed.)




Trump launches ‘real news’ service to fight negative media coverage, slipping support


Trump tweeted his appreciation to a social media super-fan. But it may actually be a Russian bot.




Social Security judge nets 6 months in federal prison for role in fraud scheme




N.Korea Snubs S.Korea at ASEAN Forum


North Korea would face greater isolation: Kang  (North Korea would only face greater diplomatic isolation if it continues to test weapons and issue defiant statements while ditching offers of talks, South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha said Tuesday.)


Air Force chief to lead Joint Chiefs of Staff


Missile guidelines talks begin




Tennessee Titans Owner Is Selling One-Third of Team  


Los Angeles' 2028 Olympic bid will get state financial support, Assembly leader says


Ex-NFL QB says he probably has brain injury


Don Baylor, former MVP and manager of year, dead at 68


MLB Scoreboard





11 California counties have more registered voters than eligible voters


Landlord troubles: Rich San Franciscans in uproar after their private street is sold


Driver crawls across ladder in Texas floods


New Orleans' pumping system couldn't keep up with weekend storm 




Tillerson's Tenure: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly   (US Secretary of State Rex W Tillerson)


Rex Tillerson is a huge disappointment 


Tillerson expands on preconditions for U.S.-North Korea talks    




Behind the suicide of a teen track star




Christians Rescued After Suffering Through ISIS Rule in Raqqa


Economics Could Be the Key to Ending the Syrian Civil War




Typhoons, heat drive 0.77% CPI increase


Tsai, Cheney stress ‘status quo’ (President Tsai Ing-wen/ Former Vice-President Richard Cheney(R)





Mosque targeted by unknown bomb thrower is known for producing jihadists





In NAFTA Negotiations, Trump Must Ensure Protection of US Property Rights


Industries Are Left in the Lurch by Trump’s Stalled Trade Plans




AP Gives ‘Tips’ for Deciding If Your Kid Is Transgender




Mnuchin Made at Least $15 Million on Entertainment, Real Estate  (Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin)





Turkey allows German MPs to visit own troops


Iranian refugee in Turkey rejected for resettlement in third country due to intelligence background


Joint Turkey-Qatar naval exercises wrap up outside Doha


Turkey might face drought in 2020 or 2021, says water affairs minister




Uber Tries to Rein in Kalanick's Bid for Influence





FTSE 100 ends at 2-month high as pound pulls back


UK: Christian festival to feature Islamic worship chants


Brexit Cunning Leaves Eurocrats Nonplussed


UK: “Meek and mild” convert to Islam supposedly turned violent and hateful by Islamic State videos


Mom used bleach enemas on young son to ‘cure him of his autism’


UK: Muslim who carried pipe bomb onto flight found guilty, but counterterror top dog says motive unknown


Belfast Credit union building set on fire by nationalist youths in bonfire dispute


Ireland: Muslim migrant arrested for supplying bogus ID’s to Islamic State jihadis


Maternity wards closed 382 times last year


Teenager jailed after attacking love rival with acid in Haddington


Acid attacks 'Emerging link' with gang violence in London


UK South Asian women 'hiding cancer'


British woman shot as gang opens fire on family after straying into favela near Rio de Janeiro


NHS Maternity wards forced to close almost 400 times amid shortages of beds and staff


UK judges 'need clarity after Brexit'


SNP criticises UK Government’s Brexit ‘divorce bill shambles’


Economy Total wealth tops £10tn thanks to City and property boom


Thousands await Scottish exam results


Students sue Oxford for discrimination amid surge in mental health claims against universities


Cybercrime Organisations could face huge fines for security failures


Firms face £17m fines for hacking risk


WannaCry hero Marcus Hutchins freed from US jail ahead of court appearance on malware charges


Hepatitis B Emergency restrictions on vaccine in UK after global shortage is declared


Netflix buys Scots comic book firm


US professor accused of Chicago murder with Oxford employee makes first court appearance


‘Disgraceful’ Judge attacks mental health provision after approving care plan for suicidal girl


Judge approves suicidal girl care plan


British savers have missed out on £90bn by keeping money in saving accounts rather than investing in shares, think tank claims


Police Officers accused of spilling dead baby’s ashes during search


Food safety Eggs contaminated with insecticide may have entered UK, EU warns


CCTV shows woman 'pushed in front of bus by jogger' in London




UN Security Council Slaps North Korea with new Sanctions


The U.N. has placed more sanctions on North Korea. That’s not enough.


'Dodgy' climate data threatens Paris pact




Pope still carries political influence in Argentina, chafes President Macri ahead of elections




In this once-wealthy Venezuelan town an ice cream costs 0.001 cents — few can afford to buy one


Venezuela: The Coup Was an Afterthought


Venezuela government and rebellious soldiers both claim victory in base attack


Hackers hit Venezuelan government sites


The coming collapse of Venezuela


U.S. Plans to Sanction More Venezuelans Tied to Maduro




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump: North Korea 'will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen' if more threats emerge


Melania Trump Will Attend President's Opioid Crisis Briefing


Study: Trump Saves Businesses $4B With Cuts to Obama Regs


Trump Slams NYT, WashPost on Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting


Trump Cuts 11,000 Government Jobs in 6 Months


Claim: Trump's real enemy is not of this world


Trump's approval hits low in new CNN poll


Trump has a real trust issue


GOP members angling to replace Trump: Reports


Who’s worse for the nation — Trump or Pence?


Trump Embraces a Senseless Immigration Proposal


Trump finally starts winning — by copying Obama


Minnesota residents waiting for Trump to address mosque attack


Donald Trump’s 200 days short on GOP support


Bakers refused to make pro-Trump birthday cake for 9-year-old boy: Report


White House Won’t Say Who Is on Its Deregulation Teams


Dogging the Trumps


After the coup, what then?


The five kinds of Republicans who could primary Trump


Stephen Miller blasted a reporter as ‘cosmopolitan.’ But he lives in a $1 million CityCenter condo.


Trump is breaking the federal government's promises to Native Americans


Inside the Air Force One ride where Trump shook up his staff


Conway brings up Benghazi scandal while discussing Russia


Peter Thiel said 'incompetent' Trump presidency could 'end in disaster': Report



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