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Friday, August 4, 2017






In Today’s Issue: 




Knights of Columbus Sets Goal of Saving 1 Million Unborn Babies


Supremes asked to overturn judge's gag order protecting abortionists


Federal Court Forces Pregnancy Center to Obey Obamacare Mandate, Pay for Abortions


Democrats' disastrous mistake on abortion


Young Abortion Activists Hate Pro-Lifers: “These Dinosaurs Will Eventually Die Out”


Center for Medical Progress Asks Supreme Court to Lift Gag Order


David Daleiden Fights Judge’s Order Stopping Release of More Videos Exposing Planned Parenthood


APNewsBreak: Both Sides Seek to Drop Alaska Abortion Lawsuit


Democratic Party Won’t Fund Pro-Life Democrat Politicians Because Almost None Exist


Texas House approves more abortion reporting requirements


Watch: Top Democrat Can’t Say if Pro-Life Democrats are Welcome in the Party


This Is How Hard It Is To Get An Abortion In Your State


West Virginia’s Pro-Life Democratic Gov. Jim Justice Switches Parties, Becomes a Republican


Planned Parenthood sends woman to hospital after illegal abortion goes wrong


Abortionist Jane Hodgson: “Pregnancy is a Disease” and Abortion is the Cure


Chile Congress OKs bill to legalize abortion in some cases





Why 'America First' Is Also Kabul First


NATO soldier killed, 6 other personnel wounded in Kabul bombing





Government Of Somalia Forces Church To Stay Closed, Says ‘The People Don’t Want Christ And We Don’t Want You Either’


U.S. confirms airstrike kills al-Shabab commander in Somalia


Is fake news a problem in Kenya's election?


‘We are treated like sporting slaves:’ Ethiopian lifts lid on trade in athletes


Rwanda's President Kagame eyes third term




Sewage water contaminates up to 200 bags at Nashville airport




Plans to form East Timorese government thrown into disarray


Powerplay: Why America Must Capitalize On Its Alliances in the Asia-Pacific Region


Turkmenistan dictator's macho video mocked: other ridiculous videos of world leaders in action



CBA weighs, but ASX ends week higher


Dollar rebounds against greenback


Australian municipality: Don’t blame us for banning synagogue on terror grounds


Swapping Singapore for Dandenong to learn Bitcoin secrets


Workers reveal security flaws at two Aussie airports


Voters in key Liberal seats back same-sex marriage, poll shows


The Liberal marriage deal to avert an ugly divorce


'We need help': Ill Australian baby stranded in Asia


Australia terror probe: Plane suspects 'made two plots'


Australian Police Say Two Men Charged Over Airplane Bomb Plot


Australians are working harder but going backwards


Daesh behind Australian men’s foiled Etihad bomb plot — police




Toyota, Mazda invite U.S. states to compete for a rich prize


Volkswagen executive pleads guilty in U.S. emissions cheating case


Toyota to build $1.6 billion U.S. plant with rival Mazda: source





TSX ends week on high note, boosted by jobs data


Canada's immigration minister discourages 'irregular' border crossings by asylum seekers


Warmington: Dad of dead soldier wants sit-down with PM (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Many in Atlantic Canada lose cell, Internet service in major outage


Politicians call for resignations, investigation into Niagara River sewage dump


City of Calgary tries to explain why they spent $500,000 on four rusty-looking tall thingies - and mounds dirt


Disgruntled conservatives break away to form new party in Ontario


Quebec's resources wear thin as wave of asylum seekers swells


Should Toronto decriminalize all drugs? The city’s medical health officer is ready to consider it


Canada declares emergency as 'extraordinary' wildfires spread


No decision on second trial in York University sex assault allegations


Canada’s unemployment rate falls to lowest in nearly nine years


Rex Murphy: Canada so ripe with green activism old-fashioned employment has gone out of fashion


Muslim cemetery to be built in Quebec City


Man pretending to be Catholic priest re-arrested on more child exploitation charges





Trump, Hill Republicans go separate ways for the summer amid brewing


Their relationship at a low, Trump and Congress cast blame on each other heading into break


With no big wins, Republicans leave Capitol Hill counting small steps toward government reform





Operator wanted for world's largest telescope in China


Trump and China: Getting Beyond North Korea


Emergency Meeting in Beijing Signals Growing Intensity of Xi’s Political Campaign (Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping)


Chinese workers forced to drink toilet water


Why China wants North Korea to be a nuclear threat


RoboMaster armies go to battle in China


China demands India remove troops from disputed region




What is behind NK's ICBM tests?


Editorial: Ready to Talk to Korea or Not? (It briefly looked like the Trump administration had a strategy on North Korea.)


Let’s Face It: North Korean Nuclear Weapons Can Hit the U.S.


Defusing North Korea's nuclear threat





Hunt for Trump dossier author inflames Russia probe


Here's Some Big Ticket Items Congress Didn't Get Done Before Going on August Recess


There’s No ‘Bipartisan’ Solution to Fix Obamacare


Recess just started for Congress, and it’s not going to be much fun for Republicans


A Bold Way to Revive Obamacare Repeal





CFPB report: Bank overdraft fees used as expensive form of credit




Court gives CNN win in labor dispute


Republican donor from Virginia Beach sues GOP, accusing the party of fraud over failed Obamacare repeal


Former drug company executive Martin Shkreli is convicted of fraud


Shkreli Decries ‘Witch Hunt’ After Convicted of Securities Fraud


Muslim to U.S. judge: 'Allah will reward me, punish you'


Killer who disemboweled girlfriend for yelling another man’s name gets life


Amanda Knox: Michelle Carter deserves sympathy and help, not prison


Mom goes to war to stop minor child's gender change


Schoolgirl's bid to share boys' shower now circling the drain


Nebraska State Trooper and married mother-of-two files lawsuit claiming female recruits for years have been forced to submit to unnecessary 'sexually invasive' pelvic exams before they can be hired




"She led the way": Security video clears USC student of rape


Former Bishop of Phoenix accused of repeatedly molesting boy


Officials came to check on a family’s welfare. A woman and kids ran out and said they were held for 2 years. (A Virginia man was arrested and charged with abduction and felony assault and battery. He frequented a homeless center in 2012 and “had a temper,” officials at the center said.)


Dallas man viciously attacked on train after asking teens to stop smoking pot


Naked Man Breaks into Home, Offers Diamonds, Scared Off by Armed Homeowner


Scumbag violently robs an 81-year-old woman, but she gets her revenge


Murder-suicide after wife asks for divorce: cops


Plane passenger spots man texting about molesting kids: cops


Married special-ed teacher, 31, 'had sex with at least FOUR of her students after complaining that her husband wasn't satisfying her'




Bombshell dropped on Seth Rich murder mystery (Stunning revelation in case of DNC staffer killed during Presidential campaign.)





Elderly Harlem Woman Snaps at de Blasio at Town Hall Meeting  (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)


Emails Supply New Evidence of Hillary Clinton Pay-to-Play Scheme, Watchdog Argues


Obama's Been Living the Good Life Since Leaving Office


Hillary Clinton, face of 'Scandals Filed, But Not Forgotten'





At the Department of Energy, taxpayer funds held hostage





Natural selection? Critics say Zinke’s national monument review resembles a reality TV show  (Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke)


Interior watchdog launches ‘preliminary investigation’ into Zinke calls





Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to sue Trump administration over funding threats to sanctuary cities


Wells Fargo to Pay US Govt $108 Million Over Military Veterans' Loans


Judge Jeanine Concerned Russia Probe Is a 'Phishing Expedition'


Sessions announces hunt for leakers, says cases have 'exploded' (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


Exclusive: Sessions Orders Look into Obama-Holder ‘DOJ Slush Fund’ Payments to Leftist Activist Orgs


Media Freak Out After Sessions Suggests He'll Subpoena Reporters


One year into the FBI's Russia investigation, Mueller is on the Trump money trail (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Justice Dept., Under Siege From Trump, Plows Ahead  (Even as the department has been the subject of President Trump’s rage, Jeff Sessions and Rod J Rosenstein are quietly at work.)


Mueller Issues Grand Jury Subpoenas in Russia Inquiry  (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Attorney general threatens to punish Stockton, San Bernardino and other 'sanctuary cities'


Mueller’s grand jury can compel testimony of Trump son’s meeting with Russian lawyer


Why Mueller’s use of a grand jury confirms what we already knew


Court orders Justice Department to release files about the FBI's 'purge of gay and lesbian federal employees' in the 1950s under J. Edgar Hoover 


Newt Gingrich: Mueller probe 'most deadly' threat to Trump's agenda




OCC Investigates After Multiple Earthquakes Rattle Oklahoma




Dow ends at record for 8th  straight day, powered by jobs report


Dollar Rallies, Treasuries Falter on Strong Hiring: Markets Wrap


Dow chalks up eighth record close in a row


Dollar rallies after strong jobs report, snaps 3-week skid


The Trump economy isn’t creating scores of ‘male’ jobs


What the solar eclipse on Aug. 21 will mean for stocks


Milestone for Trump: 1 million new jobs in six months


Gold ends day, week lower as dollar climbs on hiring strength


Solid hiring in July cuts unemployment rate


How the bond industry changed, 15 years after the first fixed-income ETF


Another U.S. hiring burst, but wage growth remains sluggish


153,513,000: Record Number of Americans Employed in July


Beneath the glow of stock-market records, darkly bearish trends are lurking


Against all odds, BRICS nations get their act together


Strong Jobs Report for July Gives Trump Momentum for Tax Reform


Record 153,513,000 Employed in July; 62.9% Labor Force Participation


Immigration Reform and the Economy


Black Unemployment Rate Nearly Lowest It's Been Since 2000


9 U.S. counties with the strongest economic growth


Asia tentative, dollar languishes on U.S. politics, mixed data


Russia Probe in Focus Ahead of Jobs as Bonds Climb: Markets Wrap


The economy’s continuing lethargy





Harvard’s incoming class is majority minority


Harvard biased against Indians, Asians? US to probe complaint


It’s High Time Columbia’s Mattress Girl Was Discredited


North Carolina to Stop Schools from Barring Speakers Based on Ideology


The DOJ Takes on Campus Discrimination


University of Dallas Ranks No. 1 for Most Conservative Student Body


You Can Always Tell a Harvard Man… (White affirmative action privilege thrives in Cambridge.)


A College Admits a Big Mistake. Imagine That.  (The University of California, Irvine, effectively expelled 499 incoming students to reduce enrollment. On Wednesday, it reinstated most of them.)


Asian Americans are divided after the Trump administration's move on affirmative action


Online Assessment Could Improve Math Marks of Deaf Learners


What’s Next on Title IX  (Universities and advocates instead hope the regulation-averse Trump administration releases new language clarifying existing guidelines. Education Department says it is weighing numerous proposals before shifting federal policy.)


Cal State will no longer require placement exams and remedial classes for freshmen


A Key (State) to Completion (California’s public colleges are partnering more with foundations to achieve completion goals, and while resistance among faculty members remains, the previously rocky relationship appears to have improved.)


Don’t Weaken Campus Sex Assault Policies


Reluctance to Teach in English (European universities are adding English-language programs, especially at the master’s level, but many faculty members object.)





So...Half of Detroit's Eight Mayoral Candidates Are Felons





Oil books 1.1% gain, but logs slight weekly drop, as OPEC meeting looms


Energy Prices 





Delingpole: ‘But Climate Change…’ Wails EPA Official In Resignation Letter





European stocks close with best daily gain in 3 weeks after U.S. jobs report


Italy seizes NGO boat suspected of aiding people smuggling


Will Europe Rebel Against U.S. Sanctions?


Throughout 50 years of marriage, Denmark's prince held a grudge


'Lucifer' heat wave holds Italy, eastern Europe in fiery grip


Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide Accounted for 5% of All Deaths in Netherlands Last Year


The EU Must Not Threaten the Sovereignty of Poland


EU says contaminated egg scare now under control


Austria: Women with leak-prone breast implants compensated


Six million Poles slaughtered by the Nazis. Cities flattened. A population reduced to slaves. As old hatreds shatter EU harmony... no wonder Poland's demanding billions from Germany




James Comey gets book deal to spill the beans on Donald Trump  (Former FBI Director James Comey)





Job Growth Won't Change the Fed's Mind on Rates




Radical Pro-Abortion Feminist Jill Filipovic Can’t Figure Out Why Nobody Likes Feminists




FDA OKs new drug to treat all forms of hepatitis C




The Top Five Foreign-Policy Blunders Trump Hasn’t Made Yet  (But still might.)




Macron's popularity slips, says poll (French President Emmanuel Macron)


Mummified body discovered near salt water pool in southern France


Ex-French President Nicolas Sarkozy faces criminal probe over claims he took bribes to help Qatar land 2022 World Cup 


Scientists uncover secrets of 12 Christian relics in Paris


France wants UN to slap new sanctions on N. Korea in coming days




'Made in Germany' Label Badly Damaged By Car Scandal


Merkel's SPD rivals suffer fresh blow ahead of September election (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


Germany: New study shows that Islam plays greater role in “radicalization” than previously realized


Two suspects arrested after explosion in shisha bar


European Court stops Germany from deporting “dangerous” Muslim who said he was ready to commit jihad massacre


Lower Saxony set to ban Islamic face veils in schools





Are Climate Warriors Giving Up?


Sources: Trump administration to deliver notice it intends to withdraw from Paris climate deal


Al Gore's Climate Change Hypocrisy Is As Big As His Energy-Sucking Mansion





Google Is Working on a News Product to Compete With Snapchat




West Virginia Governor Latest Loss for Democratic Party


Praising Trump, West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice turns to GOP: 'Democrats walked away from me'


West Virginia’s governor is switching back to the GOP. And Democrats hit a new low.


Why West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice is switching parties




It's Failing: Repeal May Have Stalled, But Obamacare Is Still Falling Apart


What Obamacare turmoil means for employer-based coverage


 Molina Healthcare Exits Obamacare Exchanges in Two States, Experiences $230 Million Loss  




Dunkirk ignores the bravery of black and Muslim soldiers


Dukes of Hazzard star Tom Wopat denies groping woman


Tension and Grief in Wyoming (Texas screenwriter Taylor Sheridan debuts as a director with a tight and compelling neo-western / murder mystery, “Wind River.”)




Top lawmaker pushes Trump admin to freeze Pakistani assets tied to IT breach scandal


Wasserman Schultz Defends Keeping Staffer on Payroll While Under Federal Investigation (US Representative of Florida Debbie Wasserman Schultz(D)


Wasserman Schultz Says Laptop She Sought To Keep From Police Was Awan's, Not Hers


Maxine Waters: After Impeaching Trump, Go After Pence  (US Representative of California Maxine Waters (D)


Stunning: Debbie Wasserman Schultz Now Says Computer She Threatened DC Police Over …. IS IMRAN AWAN’S!


Why Do Republicans Want to Kill Horses?


Survey of 20 House Dem Candidates Finds Only One Willing to Vote for Pelosi to Remain Leader (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


'Unmasking' Investigation Leading Straight To Obama White House  (Ben Rhodes and Samantha Power added to House Intelligence Committee’s investigation list.)


Pelosi told 'prison time is coming'





Report: Major Hurricanes More Likely This Season




Stephen Miller Has a Point, You Cosmopolitans (Liberals need to understand that immigration isn’t necessarily always good for America.)


Exploiting The Statue Of Liberty To Support Open Borders


Keeping Score: How Points Work in Trump’s Canada-inspired US Immigration Overhaul


Ana Navarro snaps during CNN immigration debate: ‘It must be so nice to be a white male’





China Tells India That It Won’t Back Down in Border Dispute


Rahul Gandhi attacked in flood-hit Gujarat, says he ‘won’t step back because of Modi slogans’, CM Rupani orders inquiry


A checklist for progress as India marks 70 years of freedom


Coordinating with Bhutan on Doklam: India


Israel's 'fire and forget' missile to boost Army


Hafiz Saeed trying to hide his blood-stained hands behind ballot ink: India


Manmohan Singh condemns attack on Rahul Gandhi, says political violence has no place in democracy


Watch a rhino charge cars on an Indian road while passengers calmly narrate the chaos





Suspicious package at IRS building leaves 10 sick


Obama’s IRS ‘misled’ Obamacare customers: Audit




Iran’s President Shows Signs of Yielding to Hard-Liners





Iraqis Returning Home to Mosul Encounter Explosives Left Behind by ISIS


Charities Cautiously Optimistic Christians Will Return to ISIS-Cleared Areas of Iraq




“Atheist Muslim” says “The left is wrong on Islam. The right is wrong on Muslims.”





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Friday, August 4, 2017)


Israel is going to miss Mahmoud Abbas  (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Police to examine Jordan shooting (Israel Police to conduct an "examination" into fatal shooting of two Jordanians by Israeli embassy guard.)


Palestinians pelt 70 tourists with rocks in West Bank (Judea and Samaria)


Preparing for the next missile onslaught


Police to open preliminary probe into Amman embassy incident


Police said to recommend charges against PM in two graft probes  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Israel arrests Hamas parliamentarian over terror


Netanyahu dismisses corruption probes against him as ‘background noise’


The legacy of Israel’s first Arab Supreme Court judge


Report: Israeli Police Collaborated with PA Agents in Interrogating Arab Who Sold Hebron Building to Jews


Iran condemns its soccer players for match with Israeli team 


Major German university students: 'BDS a continuation of Nazi boycotts'


State Department Continues To Whitewash Arab Terrorism


Hebrew video calling for attacks on Israelis hits Palestinian social media


Israel releases at least 3 Palestinian corpses for burial in West Bank (Judea and Samaria)


Editor's Notes: It's time people realize there are alternatives to Netanyahu


Researcher gives seal of approval to 53 biblical characters’ existence


Israeli forces injure 2 Palestinians in Kafr Qaddum clashes, detain activist in Hebron


High Court says it’s in favor of surrogacy for same-sex couples


Israeli forces suppress protest against construction of Israeli watchtower in Hebron


Two Muslim-majority Africa states to send first-ever envoys to Israel


Israeli forces detain 5 Palestinians as thousands pray at Al-Aqsa


IDF unlikely to seek death penalty for Halamish terrorist  (Israel Defense Forces)


Mysterious Trump murals appear on Palestinian wall


Israel said weighing barrier to block IS tunnels from Sinai


At ruins of evacuated settlement, hundreds demand return


Losing and winning the Temple Mount


How to sell a suicide-bomber subsidy to Congress (The “Palestinian” representative to the US defends "martyr" payments.)


Video from Israel: Muslim stabs, critically wounds Israeli supermarket employee





Fukushima Nuclear Waste Could Be Dumped in Pacific Ocean




Banks don't like risks associated with legal pot business


Cannabis Grower Buys California Town to Build Pot-Friendly Outpost




Chuck Todd Intends to Ignore Any DOJ Subpoena in Leak Probe


Trump's Unintended Consequences: Driving the Media You-Know-What Insane


New effort to destroy Hannity with O’Reilly-type advertiser boycott


Acosta Pulls the Media’s Mask Off


CNN insider rips Jim Acosta's antics as 'auditions' for his own show


Chris Matthews Gets Thrill Up His Leg Over Republican Book Criticizing Trump (US Senator of Arizona Jeff Flake (R)


Sean Spicer signs with top TV lawyer after meetings with networks (Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer)


NYT imagines a Trump assault on ‘anti-white bias’




Former Mexican President Vicente Fox drops f-bomb about Trump's wall, again


Mexican Firms Paid $89.5M in Bribes in 2016; Sweeping Anti-Corruption Law Now Targets Officials and Businesses


Mexicans Criticize Pena Nieto's 'Submissive' Tone With Trump




Yemeni troops launch major operation against Al-Qaeda after suicide blast that killed 6


Atomic program to contribute to Vision 2030: Energy minister (Saudi Arabia)


Dubai fire: Flames rip through one of the world's tallest residential towers


Dad smiles as monster who raped and killed his daughter is ‘pumped full of bullets’  (Yemen)


In seeking regional influence, United Arab Emirates tests its military alliance with the United States




Air Force signs contract to convert abandoned aircraft for Air Force One mission


Army Releases Names of Two Paratroopers Killed in Afghanistan


CFPB report: Bank overdraft fees used as expensive form of credit


Report: Mattis had to intervene in dispute between McMaster and Bannon   (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


US troops in Yemen not needed, nation's US ambassador says


Stymied in Afghanistan


A battered World War II hero of Bastogne gets a new home, museum built around it


Airman killed in Kuwait incident identified


Bomb threats continue to plague Navy facilities for 2nd  day


2 US soldiers killed, 4 wounded in Afghanistan suicide bombing




Body of missing mom found in Grand Canyon National Park 




In Abusing NSA Intelligence, Did Obama White House Commit A Crime?


What if some spies are bad guys?




Report: McMaster Under Pressure… ‘Increasingly Volatile,’ ‘Frequently Blows His Top’ (White House National Security Adviser HR McMaster)


Time for Trump to Get Rid of McMaster


Exclusive: Former NSC Officials Decry McMaster's Subversion Of Trump's Foreign Policy


H.R. McMaster Is Proof The Deep State Exists


Report: Letter From McMaster Said Susan Rice Could Keep Her Top-Secret Security Clearance  (White House National Security Adviser HR McMaster/Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice)


Michael Flynn files amended disclosure report showing additional payments  (Former White House National Security Adviser General Michael T Flynn)




McMaster’s NSC Coup Against Trump Purges Critics of Islam and Obama  (The National Security Council is becoming a national security threat.)





NTSB: Air Canada Near Miss Within 100 Feet of SF Disaster





NATO says Russia ties most ‘difficult’ since Cold War




Diet not working? Maybe it's not your type




Pakistani Taliban launches magazine for women


Pakistan constructing 6 dams in PoK with China's assistance: Government


46 members of Shahid Khaqan Abbasi cabinet took oath


Pakistan to take measures to control Daesh threats from Afghanistan: FO


Army Chief condemned Taliban attack on US troops in Afghanistan 




Catholic Priest Caught Taking 13 Year Old Girl To Have Sex With Her




McConnell's super PAC accused of 'defaming' Roy Moore (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)




American Conservatism, 1945-2017




Voters in Swing States Support the RAISE Act





Cake Wars And The Coming Conflict Over Religious Liberty




Three more RNC staffers set to exit




Russian Lawyer Tells State TV She Met Trump Jr. to Ask for 'Help'


Russian, US experts suggest launching satellite and balloons as part of Venus space probe


Russia Reacts To The New Round Of U.S. Sanctions – Part II


Trump’s Popularity in Russia Takes Sharp Hit After U.S. Sanctions


Putin goes quadricycling, rafting, and spearfishing on two-day Siberian adventure vacation   (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


EU blacklists 3 Russian nationals, 3 companies over Siemens turbines to Crimea


Kremlin agrees with Trump that Russia-US ties at ‘very dangerous low’


‘Vast stupidity’: Oliver Stone slams ‘dumb’ US sanctions against Russia


Cut the Americans off from space? Here’s how Russia might respond to new US sanctions


Oh, Wait. Maybe It Was Collusion.   (Russian intelligence may have been trying to recruit allies within the Trump campaign to influence the election — and our government.)


Putin’s grants to ‘foreign agents’ signal shift away from hard-line domestic policies





Secret Service booted from Trump Tower over lease dispute





McCain: Say, Let’s Do Amnesty! (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


US Senate set to call for China to release Liu Xiaobo's widow


Bernie Sanders Joins UAW in Mississippi Push for Nissan Union Vote   (US Senator of Vermont Bernard Sanders (I-Socialist)


Jeff Flake's in Denial about Jeff Flake (US Senator of Arizona Jeff Flake (R)


Rand Paul: Trump May Take Executive Action to Improve Health Insurance  (US Senator of Kentucky Rand Paul (R)


Senate blocks Trump from making recess appointments over break


Graham, Corker: Gen. Nicholson Is Not the Problem in Afghanistan, Commitment Is  (US Senator of South Carolina Lindsey O Graham (R)/ US Senator of Tennessee Bob Corker (R)


Sen. Ron Johnson to Newsmax: Media, Dems Are Sabotaging Trump Administration  (US Senator of Wisconsin Ron Johnson (R)


Can RAISE Make Immigration Work For America Again?


Warner, Ranking Senate Intel Dem: Congress Ought to Investigate Leaked Trump Transcripts (US Senator of Virginia Mark Warner (D)


Senate passes legislation to ensure no halt in FDA reviews


Senate confirms retired colonel as Shulkin’s No. 2 at the VA


Democrats Forgo Stall Tactics, Senate Confirms 65 Trump Nominees


Secret behind Sen. Murkowski's Obamacare flip-flop (US Senator of Alaska Lisa Murkowski (R)


McCain aims to revive immigration reform  


McCain on merit-based immigration bill: 'I wouldn't do it'


Woody Johnson, the New York Jets owner, confirmed by Senate as UK ambassador


Republican's criticism of Trump's tweets may cost him his Senate seat


Nissan dispute could go down as most vicious anti-union crusade in decades  




Deregulation and Tax Reform Driving Small Business Optimism




Brand New Film On Youtube Teaches Little Children To Sodomize Each Other


Zuckerberg Hires Dem Pollster Who Worked as Clinton’s Chief Strategist in 2016


YouTube moves to block videos with “controversial religious or supremacist content”




Is US beef safe? Gov't flip-flops over mad cow disease


Army general to face probe for abuse of ‘housekeeping soldiers’


South Gyeongsang issues alert on powerful Typhoon Noru


[Eye Interview] Education reformer aims to tackle elitism in schools


19 Korean troupes head to Edinburgh


Remembering the brothers who fought for Korean independence


Teachers' college students demand job security


Korea-Japan ties unlikely to thaw


China renews THAAD retaliation


[Student Corner] Giving freedom to high school students with new education plan


South Korean spy agency admits voter manipulation




Trump goes to war against Spanish olives




NFL commissioner Roger Goodell: Colin Kaepernick isn't being blackballed


Colin Kaepernick sees NFL rejection, but the NBA would embrace him


Police release new sketch in hopes of finding abductor of Cal Ripken’s mom


MLB Scoreboard





Oregon Officials Blow Off Press Inquiries Regarding Illegal Alien Rapist In Portland


Andrew Cuomo Facing Multiple Primary Challengers (Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo (D)


Cuomo Forced to Comply With Trump Election Commission Request


Flash flooding traps drivers in California


Car with family of three dangles off power line during Connecticut storm


Report: "Sex and the City" actress mulls run for New York governor


After 7 Dark Days, Power Is Restored on Outer Banks


Pilot killed after small plane crashes into backyard in Sacramento County, officials say   (California)


Legislature, don't mess with California's water umpire


California:  Vegan activists force butcher to hang animal rights sign in window


Death Valley breaks 100-year-old record for hottest month ever in July


Seattle sweats it out: Dangerous Pacific north-west heat wave pushes temperatures to record highs and prompts thousands to buy air-conditioning units - because they never thought they'd need them





Why Has Rex Tillerson Belly-Flopped as Secretary of State?


Actually, it's fine for the State Department to drop 'democracy promotion'


Anti-Israel rhetoric from the State Department

State Department: 'It's just reality' -- Soft power will force Bashar Assad to leave  (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad)





Heaviest clashes for months hit Syria’s Hama province — monitor




5.8 magnitude earthquake jolts Taiwan


Taiwan to ban all cosmetics containing microbeads


Delegation visits US base to see staff support system


Students to discuss dark past in S Korea


Ten 7-Eleven stores open in Zhejiang


Taiwan-born scientist says mushrooms can save the world




Robots and artificial intelligence are not the end of work




Trump delays announcement of trade action against China





Jill Duggar’s husband slammed for calling transgenderism ‘a myth’





More than 1 in 5 US travellers carry prohibited items onto aircraft, survey finds




I wish I had died, says Turkish coup suspect general


Australian ‘terror bomb package mailed from Turkey’


Istanbul musician says she was beaten by police officers after argument over cello case


Gov’t determined to raise generations acquainted with religion: President Erdoğan


Gülenist suspects to wear ‘single-type’ brown uniforms in Turkish courts


Turkey, Qatar to hold joint naval exercise


Turkish family minister says authority to register civil marriages shouldn’t be given to imams


Government will prioritize economy after summer: PM Yıldırım


150,000 cars awaiting insurance money after heavy Istanbul hailstorm


Russian ban on Turkish tomatoes bears domestic fruit


Media groups call for immediate release of French journalist arrested in Turkey


Overseas demand for Turkey-made anti-drone weapon rises


Previously banned ‘dangerous’ online video game allegedly causes suicide of Turkish boy


500 critically injured, killed each year in Turkey after diving headfirst into shallow waters


46 PKK militants 'neutralized' last week, Turkish military says


Turkish families launch campaign amid claims over closure of schools for hearing impaired


Turkish FM pledges to 'eliminate' anti-China forces




Uber knowingly rented recalled cars to drivers in Singapore: report





U.K. stocks propelled to 6-week high as RBS rises, pound falls


Today would have been Charlie Gard’s first birthday


Saudi Embassy issues warning over London acid attacks


Woman finds out husband raped her from videos on his phone


UK’s leading universities demand Brexit clarifications


UK cops release decision-making game ending with “right-wing extremists” beating Muslim to death


Police officer 'embedded' in prison


Michael Gove sparks storm over post-Brexit fishing access  (UK Environment Secretary Michael Gove)


Bid to trace drivers after girl raped


Walking tourism boosts Scots economy by £1.3bn


NHS Health service must put its house in order before seeking more cash, says internal audit


Suicidal girl's care 'utterly shaming'


Brexit End squabbles and focus on transitional deal, IoD urges ministers


Scotland is a ‘space hub’ for Europe


Health UK pledges £100m to global efforts to eradicate polio


US charges Briton who stalled NHS ransomware


US police 'closing in' on Oxford University murder suspect


Pub bombings inquests 'could be resumed'  (There was only one opening hearing after five people died in the 1974 Guildford pub bombings.)


US pedophile who was a strip club waitress and had been a dominatrix said she was 'excited' about meeting 'attractive' Brit couple who livestreamed them abusing a child 




We All Need To Admit That America Has A Tattoo Problem


Girl dies after dare to drink boiling water through straw




US Catholics accused of pro-Trump 'alliances of hate' by Pope's allies





Venezuela's new legislative superbody opens despite criticism


Cold reality: Venezuela now a Russian puppet state


Venezuela court asked to stall assembly


Ken Livingstone: Venezuela crisis caused by Chávez's failure to kill oligarchs




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


White House blames Elizabeth Warren for blocking top economic nominee (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


Trump keeps social media on-message during Kelly's first week


Trump applauds Toyota and Mazda for plans to build new U.S. plant


CNBC’s John Harwood Calls on White House Staffer to Illegally Leak Trump/Putin Call


Trump praises West Virginia Dem governor who switches to Republican Party


Trump’s generals are trying to save the world. Starting with the White House.


Trump: States can count on feds in emergencies


GOP lawmakers square off against Trump


On Immigration, Trump Is Not Racist – He's Right


Grading Trump: Week 28


Trump isn't going quiet on Russia. He's getting louder.


Are the polls a call for a White House reset?


Atheists ‘appalled’ by White House Bible study


'Totally made up Russia story': Trump maintains Dems are stoking Russian allegations at Huntington rally where governor of West Virginia confirms he is switching sides to become Republican


Donald Trump’s Weak Polling Numbers and Those Who Would Exploit Them


Krauthammer: Impeachment would be 'a catastrophic mistake'


Stephen Miller’s immigration facts trump Jim Acosta’s fantasy


Trump tells West Virginia rally: ‘We didn’t win because of Russia. We won because of you’


Three Days In, Kelly Imposing Military Rigor at White House


Ivanka and Jared, move back to New York


Kushner Firm Said to Be Under Inquiry Over Visa Program


On Russia sanctions, Trump has a point


Trump to take 17-day vacation at his New Jersey golf resort


Trump is right in saying Americans need to move where the jobs are


The White House is drawn into a conspiracy theory


White people should be more afraid of other whites than they are of people of color


If Trump were an immigrant, he’d probably be deported


Kushner asks large tech firms to help upgrade federal agencies: report


Trump, McMaster meet amid purge of national security staffers


Leon Panetta: How long can John Kelly survive?


US officials 'increasingly deciding to ignore' Donald Trump


'I don't take vacations' Donald Trump takes vacation  


Double rainbow appears above Trump's White House


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