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Thursday, August 3, 2017






In Today’s Issue: 




Human Life is No Less Sacred Before Birth Than After


Planned Parenthood President: Oppose Any Politician Who Does Not Favor Abortion


Professor: “Just Because [an Unborn Baby] is Alive and Human Does Not Give It Moral Rights”


New York Times Op-Ed: ‘Abortion Is Liberty’!


Planned Parenthood Pushes for Unlimited “Right” to Abortion in Tennessee


John McCain Explains Why He Voted Against the Bill to Repeal Obamacare and Defund Planned Parenthood (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


Oregon Gov. Kate Brown Expected to Sign Bill for Free Abortions for All, Including Illegal Aliens


David Daleiden Asks Supreme Court to Protect His Free Speech Right to Expose Planned Parenthood


Bizarre: Late-Term Abortionist Sneaks Down Ladder Into Window Well to Enter Abortion Facility


Abortionist Jane Hodgson: “Pregnancy is a Disease” and Abortion is the Cure


Vatican to host another population control conference with pro-abortion speakers


Nevada Abortion Activists Surprisingly Endorse Jacky Rosen for Senate


Mother shares pictures of ‘perfectly and wonderfully formed’ baby miscarried at 14 weeks


Luther Strange Picks Up Pro-Life Group’s Endorsement for Alabama Senate Special Election


Charged anti-abortion protester launches legal challenge (Australia)


Leaked: George Soros’ Plan to Turn Pro-Life Ireland Into a Pro-Abortion Nation


His Mother Almost Aborted Him, But God Intervened  (Nigeria; Dr Oluomo Oluleye praises God for giving his mother the courage to reject abortion.)


Ontario to cover cost of abortion pill starting Aug. 10  (Canada)


Cecile Richards: You Can’t be a Democrat if You Don’t Support Abortion. “It’s Non-Negotiable”


Gillibrand pushes back on anti-abortion Democratic candidates  (US Senator of New York  Kirsten Gillibrand (D)


Judge nixes Alabama law putting pregnant girls through trial


More than half of women who got an abortion last year were using contraception


9-Year-Old Girl’s Powerful Message to Women Outside an Abortion Clinic Goes Viral


Can Democrats Be Pro-Life?


Of Course Abortion Should Be a Litmus Test for Democrats


Planned Parenthood Has Bigger Share of Abortion Industry Than Samsung, Southwest and GM Have of Theirs


How abortion on television has changed in the past 55 years


Feminist Writer: “Abortion is Liberty.” Abortion Celebrates “People’s Fundamental Humanity”


Fate of Tennessee abortion measure Amendment 1 now up to appeals court


Mother of 9 Leads Pregnancy Center Helping Save Babies From Abortion


Missouri Abortion Special Session Cost $92,000


Woman Goes Into Seizure After Botched Abortion at Unlicensed Planned Parenthood Clinic


Obamacare repeal failure was a setback for abortion opponents, but they see momentum on their side


Quit Pretending the Democrat Party Doesn’t Have a Pro-Abortion Litmus Test


Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Urges Pro-Life People to Contact Legislators to Back Pro-Life Bills


Confirmed: 100,000 People Alive Today Because Northern Ireland Bans Abortions


Parents of Man Who Raped a 17-Year-Old: She and Her Unborn Baby are Welcome in Our Family (India)


Why is Canada Spending $97 Million Funding Abortions in Africa?




Father of girl on Afghan robotics team killed in ISIS bombing


Gunmen storm Iraqi embassy in Kabul, 2 guards reported killed





Haftar orders navy to confront ships entering Libyan waters


How to Gut a Democracy in Two Years (Zambia went from a free and stable country to a dictatorship overnight. I covered it for the country’s only independent newspaper — until the government shut it down.)


Even Critics of Rwanda’s Government Are Helping Paul Kagame Stay in Power (For every problem highlighted by local journalists, Rwanda’s strongman can present himself as the solution.)


Ethiopia: Muslims attack Christian with machetes for proselytizing


Rwanda’s Forever President


Car mules: South Africa smugglers use donkeys to bring stolen Mercedes into Zimbabwe 




ACLU to Spend Millions in Florida to Reenfranchise Felons




Asian Man Becomes A Christian, His Parents Kidnap Him, Tie His Hands Behind His Back And Beat Him All Day And All Night Demanding He Renounce Christ



ASX drops as Rio cash splash falls flat


Australian dollar strength a 'phantom menace'


Sydney terrorist plot: Bid to smuggle bomb through airport thwarted at check-in


Leaked call transcript reveals Trump told Turnbull 'you are worse than I am' on refugees  (Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull)


Bishop to push for tougher sanctions against North Korea at security forum (Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop)


Is Australia Caving to Terrorism?


Australia: Synagogue construction blocked because Islamic jihadists would target it


Australia Opens an Inquiry Into the Illegal Organ Trade


Australian jailed for Cambodia surrogacy


Racist messages hit Australia universities 




TSX falls amid multi-sector decline, loonie sees little change


Teacher decertified after asking for pics of student's toes


Feds, province confident they can handle influx of asylum seekers in Quebec


Circle the Wagons organizers vow 'offensive' name change


Leaked Trump phone call: 'Don't worry about Canada,' says he's happy with trade


Average Toronto home price drops $173,000 since April


The Government Of Canada Tells Doctors To Kill People Who Want To Commit Suicide, The Doctors Refuse, So They Then Tell Them: ‘We Will Pay You Extra Money For Each Patient You Kill, And We Will Also Take Their Organs.’


Activists sue Environment Minister Catherine McKenna over Volkswagen diesel scandal


Canadian Nun Weds Couple With Vatican's Blessing


Most Canadians oppose Tories criticizing Khadr payout in U.S. media: poll


Traditional family households shrink to new low in Canada


Quebec dealing with 150 asylum requests a day: immigration minister


Air Canada pilots averted catastrophe in near miss


Ontario woman told she can't donate blood because of intellectual disability fights back


Canada asylum seekers housed at Montreal's Olympic Stadium


Why Canada would be directly in the way of a North Korean nuclear war





Capitol Police Responded to Wrong Site in Scalise Shooting





How the CIA came to doubt the official story of JFK’s murder


Under Trump, New Syria Force Quickly Lost C.I.A. Backing





Why Is The New York Times Trying To Rehabilitate Communism?




Bolton: NKorea Strike Unavoidable Unless China Agrees to Regime Change


Why China’s defense stocks are flat despite PLA’s growing might


China welcomes US assurances to North Korea


China backs Venezuela vote despite massive manipulation claim


China raps India over Doklam standoff, but dogs are on leash


China-India border spat casts long shadow


China helps search for missing US sailor


China Carries Out Flight Test of Anti-Satellite Missile


Chinese Artificial Intelligence Robot Calls Communist Party ‘Incompetent’





US law targets NK oil, labor trade


North Korea threatens US with more 'unexpected gift packages' after missile test


The Trump administration sends mixed messages on North Korea


North Korea can hit most of United States - U.S. officials


North Korean ICBM appears to have broken up during re-entry, think tank says


US Bans Travel to NKorea, Says Americans Should Leave


UN's Uselessness With North Korea





GOP clash looms over raising the debt ceiling  (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) are planning to push for a hike without accompanying spending cuts — a position at odds with GOP orthodoxy.


Congress Backs Buying Planes That Russia Abandoned to Use as Future Air Force Ones


This Congressional Bill Could Corrode America's Relationship with China


Conservative Leader Says Congress Must Make Good on ‘Bold’ Tax Reform


An immigration bill Congress should work on


Investigators want phone records on Trump Jr.-Russia meeting


The myth of Republican disunity


The prognosis for repeal of Obamacare





Costco’s Legendary Co-founder Dies at 74 




Grand jury said to issue subpoenas related to June 2016 Trump Tower meeting


Woman who sent texts urging suicide gets 15 months in jail


'Top Chef' producer: Padma Lakshmi was threatened, called racist names by Teamsters


Ohio: Muslim threatens judge with “punishment of Allah…either by himself or through the hands of the Muslims”


New Jersey: Court forbids residents to mention “Islam” or “Muslim” at public hearing on mosque construction


Seattle Spent More Defending Gun-Tax Lawsuit Than It Collected in Revenue From Tax, Gun Group Claims


Elderly doctor gets 10 years in opioid pill mill conspiracy


Arpaio plans to appeal criminal contempt conviction over detention of illegal immigrants


Man ‘marries’ his laptop, sues for state recognition and a wedding cake


Female teacher, 28, at a school for 'troubled youths' pleads guilty to having an affair with a 16-year-old student she called her 'girlfriend'


Teacher groomed student, sexually assaulted her: suit




Illegal ivory worth millions pulverized


Teacher Has Sex With 16-Year-Old Male Student In Airplane Bathroom On School Trip For Charity


Chick-fil-Rage? Women trash fast food joint over order spat  (Florida)


Seven MORE Baltimore cops are caught on body cameras 'planting drugs in a car' days after another video surfaced 'showing an officer placing evidence'


Guitar teacher charged with sex crimes with minor


Obama 'dreamer', 23, 'brutally raped and tore off teenager's ear while she was working out at her apartment's gym'


Northwestern professor, 42, and Oxford University employee, 56, are wanted for murder after a Chicago hair stylist, 26, was found dead with 'multiple stab wounds' inside a luxury apartment


Pervy pharmacist ordered customer to strip before giving prescription: cops


Georgia grandmother charged with murder after her two pit bulls 'brutally mauled' her toddler grandson to death 


Trump vs. MS-13





Audit blasts Trump plan to hire 15,000 new immigration agents





Hacker Who Helped Stop Wannacry Attack Arrested in U.S.


Virgin America Computer Systems Hacked


Why Ukraine deserves cyberattack help from the West





Abedin Emails Reveal Classified Info, 91 Previously Undisclosed Clinton Exchanges


New batch of Hillary emails show abuse of classified info, donor favors


Emails Show Hillary Clinton Wanted to Visit Kim Jung Il and Hugo Chavez


New Clinton’s Chief of Staff Emails Show Transmission of Classified Info


Favor factory? Huma emails reveal Clinton allies seeking jobs, meetings


De Blasio's pathetic pattern of 'fake news' denials (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)





Trump's pick for USDA chief scientist called progressives 'race traders'




Coast Guard Commandant Defies Trump Ban on Transgenders in Military


Feds Building Prototype in San Diego for the Wall


Homeland Security Dept cannot prove need for Trump’s promised officer surge





Mueller impanels grand jury in Russia probe, WSJ reports (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Report: Justice Dept. under Trump blacks out talking points on Loretta Lynch-Bill Clinton tarmac meeting


Judicial Watch clashes with DOJ over 'talking points' from Lynch-Clinton tarmac meeting


Senators push bill to protect Mueller (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


DOJ threatens anti-crime aid to 4 sanctuary cities


The DOJ Targets The Root Of Campus Insanity


Mueller to FBI Officials: You Could Be Witnesses in a Trump Obstruction Case


New Calls for Criminal Investigation of Obama Aides in ‘Unmasking’ Scandal


Justice Department calls for review of race-based college admissions, alarming civil rights groups


Sessions announces new DOJ opioid fraud and abuse detection unit  (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


Attorney general’s move to take on affirmative action energizes the president’s base


Trump Administration at Center of Fight Against MS-13 Gang Violence


Justice Dept. pushes back on NYT's 'race-based discrimination' report


Report: Kelly called Sessions to assure him job is safe  


Federal prosecutors subpoena Kushner Companies over use of immigration visa program





Feds: Nearly 40 pounds of fentanyl seized in massive New York bust





Dow bags 7th straight record, but energy slump weighs on broader stock market


U.S. Stocks Fall on WSJ Report of Mueller Impaneling Grand Jury


S&P, Nasdaq fall while Dow hits another record


U.S. labor market tightening; services sector growth slowing


Dollar remains under pressure; pound slides as BOE strikes dovish note


What's immigration's real impact on U.S. wages?


Gold posts back-to-back loss as jobs report looms


The weak link in America's robust labor market


Here's how Wall Street is breaking records, explained through pizza stocks


Asian shares slide as tech shares crumble after Dow hits 22,000


Asia Stocks Decline as Stellar Run Is Assessed: Markets Wrap


Trump seeks credit as stock market soars, economy strengthens


Trump Says Foxconn Could Triple U.S. Investment to $30 Billion


No Bubble in Stocks But Look Out When Bonds Pop, Greenspan Says


U.S. Says It Will Fight ‘Distortions’ Caused by China's Economy


What’s behind the Dow’s stunning rise to 22,000


‘I just need a job’: Thousands line up to work for Amazon




Challenging Race-based Admissions  (The Department of Justice might be ready to take on affirmative action.)


Rutgers Orders Freshmen to Add Microaggression to Their Course Lists


White Privilege — and White Fragility — Take No Summer Holiday  (Back to school is going to get ugly this year.)


Time to Reset Tuition? (Deep cuts in tuition rates are a hot topic for private college administrators worried that their high sticker prices are scaring away students, but experts warn against gimmicky strategies.)


Harvard Admissions Quotas Hurt Asian- Americans, Suit Says


Preparing for Scrutiny (University of Texas prevailed in affirmative action case in large part because of its research. Will other colleges be able to match that analysis? And will legal and political battles change if focus is on rejected Asian-American applicants?)


Can administration really block affirmative action in schools?


Elsevier Expands Footprint in Scholarly Workflow (Elsevier’s acquisition of Bepress’s institutional repository platform is heralded as a smart move for the publisher, but not all of Bepress’s customers are impressed.)


Who benefits from discriminatory college admissions policies? White males


Opposition to Trump-Backed Immigration Bill (Bill would seek to slash legal immigration levels in half. And while graduates of US universities would get an edge in obtaining employment-based green cards, the number of green cards available would not increase.)


Women’s studies professor wants Trump shot


UC Irvine to reinstate all 290 students whose admission offers were withdrawn for transcript problems


Here's how de Blasio's school safety data falls short  (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio(D)


10-acre wildfire burning near UC Berkeley triggers voluntary campus evacuations


LSU Conference Forces Engineers to Take 'Microaggression' Workshop





Former Clinton Campaign Chair: I Lose Sleep Every Night Over Clinton Losing


Zakaria: Trump Victory Was ‘Class Rebellion’ Against ‘People Like Us’





Half of Detroit’s Current Mayoral Candidates Are Felons




Oil prices end lower as hedge-fund closure, OPEC unknowns add to bearish view


Energy Prices


Al Gore’s Nashville estate expends 21 times more energy a year than typical U.S. home, study says  (Former US Vice President Al Gore (D)


Tesla Batteries May Back Up Massachusetts Offshore Wind Farm


Why coal is Number One


For Sale: Two Half-Finished Nuclear Reactors (Never Used)


Wasteful subsidies for me and thee, not for that fossil guy behind the tree


As Venezuela Spirals, U.S. Oil Confronts a $10 Billion Threat





US to Reject Biofuel Program Tweak in Snub to Icahn


EPA chief reverses decision to delay rules on emissions


Scientific Integrity Committee Clears Pruitt Against Sierra Club’s ‘Climate Denier’ Charge  (Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt)


EPA may lack oxygen to challenge Obama’s greenhouse-gas endangerment finding




Report: Teenagers Partook in a Quarter of All Terrorist Plots Across Europe


Norway: Anti-immigrant group ridiculed for mistaking bus seats for burqas




European stocks end with gains, powered by Next, UniCredit


Denmark: Rapes Soared 196 PERCENT Since Liberal Government Took Power, Invited Refugees


Portugal: Two sunbathers killed as light plane lands on beach - reports




Euthanasia used for 4.5 percent of deaths in the Netherlands





It's Time To Reduce Spending — Unfortunately, GOP Budgets Don't Actually Do So





Wray officially sworn in as FBI director  (FBI Director Christopher Wray)


James Comey signs book deal  (Former FBI Director James Comey)





Duy: Why These Job Numbers Matter to the Fed




Inside Washington's Soft-Power Sanctions War





Rescuers find missing South Korean climber dead on Mont Blanc


Trump names the next US ambassador to France


Heatwave warnings extended as southeastern France continues to sizzle





'Toxic eggs' surfacing in ever more German states, officials say


Kidnapping makes Vietnam persona non grata in Germany


Russia-Government Funded Think Tank: The Hidden Target Of The New Round Of U.S. Sanctions Is To Undermine The German Economy


German-born Nepalese girl makes emotional return after deportation


Germany's Martin Schulz Says Trump 'Far Worse' Than Expected (Martin Schulz, the rival who wants to unseat Angela Merkel as chancellor in September, made headlines before the election with his criticism of Donald Trump.)





Air pollution deaths expected to rise due to climate change


Millions May Face Protein Deficiency as a Result of Human-Caused Carbon Dioxide Emissions


Global warming to cause humid heatwaves that will kill even healthy people




West Virginia's Democratic Governor to Announce He's Becoming a Republican


Republican incumbents in swing districts try to find right distance from Trump




When Americans stopped trusting the government




Cancer-afflicted rabbi fights for her life — and for Obamacare




Health Insurers in Idaho Request Premium Rate Hikes As High As 81%


Skyrocketing Medical Costs Evoke Pre-Reagan Taxman’s Weight on the American People


The healthcare problems of 2009 have not been fixed


How Obamacare Is Eroding Private Insurance With Skyrocketing Premiums and Closures


Anthem Exiting Obamacare Exchanges in 16 Regions in California


California health premiums to rise an average 12.5 percent


Another way opioids are taking lives


Health insurer files for rate decrease for Alaska market




Amazon’s Hollywood spending soars, returns unclear




American Muslims 'more accepting of homosexuality than evangelicals




Top Lawmaker Pushes Trump Admin to Freeze Pakistani Assets Tied to IT Breach Scandal


Threat of Homegrown Extremism Grew Modestly in Past Three Months


Anti-Trump Resistance Group Has a Trojan Horse in Utah Special Election


Ellison's Cuba Healthcare Romance (US Representative of Minnesota Keith Ellison (D)


Gerrymandering Is Crucial to G.O.P.’s Hold on House


Congressional Investigation Into Wasserman Schultz IT Scandal Moves Forward  (US Representative of Florida Debbie Wasserman Schultz(D)


Dem Rep. Alcee Hastings (Florida) Has Paid Convicted Money-Launderer $75K for ‘Part-time’ Work in District Office  


House Freedom Caucus narrows down debt ceiling demands




Study: Illegals Cost 6 Times More to Support Than Deport


Time to End DACA

Oregon governor under pressure to veto sanctuary-state bill after high-profile arrest



Immigration agents showed up at labor dispute proceedings. California wants to kick them out


He went to ICE to tell agents he had gotten into college. Now he and his brother have been deported.




America Should Not Cheer on an India-China Fight 


Wildlife officials in India are using ex-poachers to fight against poaching


Dialogue with Pakistan can start the day it stops terror, says Sushma Swaraj


Two terrorists killed in encounter in Kulgam


Police Disingenuous in Hindu Extremist Assault on Pastors in Tamil Nadu, India, Sources Say


War not a solution, issue can be resolved through talks: Sushma on Doklam standoff with China


11 more women claim hair ‘mysteriously’ chopped off, doctors blame mass hysteria




Has Bullet Train Been Hoisted on Its Own Petard?  (California)




Iran Frees Former Muslim Turned Christian After Four Years In Prison


North Korea Renews Threat to US With ‘Unexpected Gift Packages’ as Pyongyang Officials Arrive in Iran


Iran’s claim it investigated attack on Saudi embassy slammed as untrue


The Iran Deal Is Not Perfect—but Its the Only Option We Have


It's time to take on the Iran-North Korea nuke alliance


Iranian general boasts of Quds Force killing U.S. troops in Iraq


Iran’s Killing Fields




Iraqi Journalist To Young Muslims Contemplating Joining ISIS: Suicide Attacks And Murders Were Not The Way Of The Prophet Muhammad


Lawmakers Press Trump Administration to Accelerate Aid to Religious Minorities in Iraq




More On Imam Ammar Shahin And Islamic Center Of Davis, California: Teaching Wahhabi Islam, Hosting Sheikh Who Supports Death Penalty For Homosexuality


American imams apologize after videos verify jihadi rhetoric against Jews


Atheists in Muslim world: Silent, resentful and growing in number


Alabama: Hamas-linked CAIR calls for investigation over bacon in Muslim family’s sandwiches


Preaching violence from the pulpit  (A California imam’s hate speech and incitement attract remarkably little mainstream media attention.)


New Jersey: Muslim author creates children’s book and plush toy to fight “Islamophobia”




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Thursday, August 3, 2017)


Jaffa riots erupt after brother of man killed by cops arrested


Hundreds of Arab rioters clash with police in Jaffa


Riots break out in Jaffa after police killing of suspect fleeing shooting scene


Hamas to dissolve administrative committee if PA halts all punitive measures in Gaza


Arab party MK seeks AG probe into police killing of Jaffa suspect


International Marathon Association dumps Israeli Bible Marathon


Father of Jaffa chase suspect killed by police says son was innocent


Palestinian Power Struggle Over Future of Gaza


In first, police say cases against PM involve bribery, fraud  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


The great juggler of Israeli discourse   (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Mother arrested for throwing baby out of moving car


Netanyahu: No government has done more for settlers than mine


Israeli army places Yatta village under complete lockdown following attack


Trump used Netanyahu to sell Mexican president on border wall


Risking Wide Condemnation, MK Glick Supports Ascending to Temple Mount Even without Mikvah


10 Gaza soccer players barred from West Bank (Judea and Samaria) final, club says


Disabled protestors block Highway 2


Holy Pride! Jerusalem Holds Annual LGBT Parade


As victim’s condition stabilizes, IDF raids Yavneh terrorist’s hometown (Israel Defense Forces)


Ignorant of Tradition, On 9 B’Av Police Tase Man Who Tore Garment on Temple Mount


The Temple Mount crisis ended Trump-PA honeymoon. Kushner tape made things worse


In leaked audio, Jared Kushner calls Israeli measures at Al-Aqsa 'reasonable'


Top PLO official to 'Post': Kushner cannot broker peace with Israel   (“Palestine” Liberation Organization (PLO)


A Glimpse Inside The Peace Process: Despair In Washington?


Terrorist who plotted attack on Israel soccer game killed in Syria


Israeli forces detain 15 more Palestinians for involvement in Al-Aqsa protests


Senate panel okays bill cutting PA funding over terrorist salaries


Freedom of the Press? Israel Moves to Shutter Al Jazeera


In first-ever statement, Hebron shooter says he will go to jail with head held high


Israeli Appeals Court Upholds Manslaughter Conviction For Israeli Soldier Who Fatally Shot Palestinian


Jordanian king to make rare visit to Ramallah Monday 


Watch: Israeli-made system aims to make the IED threat history


Abbas' Presidential Guard: "Water freedom with blood of Palestine`s sons" (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Fatah summer camp named after terrorist murderer Dalal Mughrabi


The Third Lebanon War: Not A Matter Of 'If,' But 'When'  (Israel reflects on history and weighs its options.)


Muslim who murdered Jewish girlfriend says “I’m going to kill every Jew. One isn’t enough for me.”


Report: Terror Attacks by Palestinian Children on the Rise, Despite U.N. Coverup


Video: Palestinian Ambassador to UN refuses to condemn jihad slaughter of Jewish family at Shabbat dinner


Israel: Muslim murders Jewish girlfriend to “free Palestinian prisoners”





Air France flight to Tokyo in near-miss with North Korean missile test


Tokyo firefighters battle blaze at world's biggest fish market


Tourist leaves eerie note before disappearing in Japan 




Jordan’s repeal of marry-the-rapist law highlights barbaric reality of Islamic laws




Conflicting Visions  (What will it take to get the left to give up its bankrupt economic agenda?)




MSM Agrees With Trump: US Losing Afghan War


Con-Fusion GPS and the Art of Fake News




Per Capita Caps Can Solve the Medicaid-Expansion Dilemma




Average Medicare drug premium expected to dip next year




Call transcript: Trump urged Mexican president to stop criticizing wall


Mexico denies calling Trump to compliment his immigration policies




Senior Columnist Raghida Dergham In Saudi Daily: 'Is Trump Endorsing Obama's Policy In Iraq And Syria?'


UAE mother loses custody of her children for leaving Islam




US airman casualty in Kuwait identified as Tech. Sgt. David Board


Western Countries on High Alert for ISIS Infiltrators in Armed Forces


U.S. Military Infiltrated By Alien Recruits?


Retired generals, admirals thank Trump for announcing ban on transgender troops


Trump’s ‘transgender’ ban could stop military from wasting almost $2 billion


Removed submarine commander faces adultery, conduct unbecoming charges


US tests unarmed intercontinental ballistic missile amid North Korea tensions


Report: Trump fumed about Afghanistan in tense meeting


2 US service members killed in Afghanistan


Jihadis in the U.S. military? “Security risks” found in Obama’s military recruitment of foreigners


Trump wants Afghan commander fired because he's 'losing': report


Vietnam veterans group files suit accusing DOD of exposing private information through website


Russian missile deal with Turkey raises concern inside Pentagon


12 Wisconsin-based fighter jets, 200 airmen heading to South Korea


Vietnam War medic receives Medal of Honor 48 years after saving 10 men in brutal battle


Transforming the military, one tweet at a time


Close-knit military community feels pain of deaths in wars the nation has forgotten


Special-ops troops’ drug, alcohol abuse prompts call for congressional review of ‘culture’


Air Force grants potential reprieve to some airmen facing separation


How is WWII veteran Charles Carroll still working at 104 years old?


The Vietnam War is finally uniting America





Coal mine deaths surge, putting feds and miners at odds




Seattle Mayor Ordered Rushed, Biased Report to “Prove” $15 Minimum-wage Success




NAACP issues travel advisory for entire state of Missouri




Wanted: NASA seeks Earth Protectors to defend humanity




In Abusing NSA Intelligence, Did Obama White House Commit A Crime?



McMaster, On ‘Warpath,’ Purges Key Trump Allies From White House NSC  (White House National Security Adviser HR McMaster)


NSC Purge: McMaster ‘Deeply Hostile to Israel and to Trump’


McMaster ousts another National Security Council aide  



Report: McMaster Believes Rice Did Nothing Wrong in Unmasking  (White House National Security Adviser HR McMaster)




NTSB to investigate deadly school explosion




New Zealand Parliamentary Health Select Committee Rejects Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia




CPEC may be hit by political changes in Pakistan, says Chinese expert


Muslims Enslave Christian Man, Beat Him And Force Him To Work In Extremely Grueling Labor. The Christian Man Asks For His Freedom And The Muslims Tell Him: “Your Life Is Ours. You Will Clean Our Excrement Every Day Of Your life From Now On Or You And Your Family Will Die.” The Christian Is Then Poisoned To Death


While you were paying attention to North Korea, another Asian nuclear power was destabilizing


Islamic Suicide Bombing Slaughters Three Christians


Pakistan govt website hacked, Indian national anthem posted


Muslim Man Rapes 12 Year Old Girl. For Revenge, Other Muslim Guys Take His Sister And Will Be Gang Raping Her As Punishment Against Her Brother


Pakistan,India agreed to meet again next month: WB


Pakistani Taliban launches women’s magazine, urges them to take up jihad




 North Korea's Kim a 'maniac': Philippines' Duterte




Poll: More Americans Consider Islamic State a Major Threat (74%) Than Climate Change (56%)




Health Care Costs for Prison Inmates Up 37% Since 2009


Chicago giving departing inmates overdose-reversing drug






Liquid glitter iPhone cases recalled over burns





Conservatives Praise Rush Limbaugh as He Starts 30th Year on National Radio


Levin: Purpose of Immigration Is to Benefit American Citizenry -- Not the Alien Foreigner


Michael Savage: We're no longer in 'age of Statue of Liberty'




Putin Unmasked  (No, Russian President Vladimir V Putin is not buddies with Donald Trump.  And conservatives need to stop treating the Russian president as a friend.)


48 Russian children found in Iraqi Mosul


Court extends detention for members of St. Petersburg Church of Scientology

Russia PM predicts establishment will ‘remove’ Trump from power


US sanctions are 'trade war' on Russia, says PM Medvedev


Russia accuses Trump of 'total weakness' for signing sanctions legislation


Company That Built Trump–Russia Conspiracy Was Working for Russia


Russia slaps the U.S., but Trump won't slap back. Sad


Russian Foreign Ministry Tweets Out Video of Festival in Protest of Sanctions


Russian 6th -generation fighter will employ powerful lasers to burn enemy missile seeker heads


Russia’s Military Drills Near NATO Border Raise Fears of Aggression


Moldova-Russia row escalates over ban 




Scientists Study Greenland's Role in Sea Level Rises


Scientists identify tiny prehistoric sea worm with 50 head spines


A Breakthrough in Gene Editing in Human Embryos


Global blindness set to 'triple by 2050'





$15 billion border bill wouldn't fund a wall


Sen. Corker Blasts WH Leakers: Fire All of Them, ‘They Are Disloyal to Our Government!’   (US Senator of Tennessee Bob Corker (R)


Senate approves 'right-to-try' drug bill


GOP Sen. Lee: 'Terminate, 'Prosecute' WH Leakers (US Senator of Utah Mike Lee (R)


Everything You Need To Know About The RAISE Act Without Reading It


RAISE Act Is First Serious Attempt to Reduce Immigration In Generations


GOP senator calls for "hybrid" system of immigration reform  (US Senator of South Carolina Tim Scott (R)


…Feinstein: Trump’s Immigration Legislation Will Not Pass Senate  (US Senator of California Dianne Feinstein (D)


Cornyn: Many of Our Colleagues Still Don't Accept That Trump Won the Election  (US Senator of Texas John Cornyn (R)


Healthy Competition Among Missouri Republicans to Unseat McCaskill   (US Senator of Missouri Claire McCaskill (D)


John McCain: The Democratic Party's Favorite Republican (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


President Trump can and should cancel the Senate's recess


New Parental Rights Amendment Would Prevent a Baby Like Charlie Gard Dying in the U.S.


Healthcare Bernie Sanders pushes universal plan in wake of repeal failure  (US Senator of Vermont Bernard Sanders (I-Socialist)


John Cornyn to introduce border and immigration security bill  (Senate Majority Whip US Senator of Texas John Cornyn (R)


Senate Confirms Second GOP Board Member to NLRB


Did Sen. McCain ‘collude’ with Russia?  (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


Senate Republicans not sure about Trump-backed immigration bill


McCain Says He Expects to Return to Senate Next Month


Smoking-gun email proves McCain wrong to defend Huma


After health vote, governor calls Maine senators 'dangerous'


GOP shows signs of reaching out to Democrats on health care


Clinton confidant Blumenthal back under microscope amid Trump scrutiny


James Lankford   confronts ABC over ‘hate group’ tag: Disagreement ‘isn’t the same as hate’  (US Senator of Oklahoma James Lankford(R)


Matt Drudge nails it: John McCain is face of 'corruption' (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


Senator seeks answers after watchdog finds VA made $5.5 billion in improper payments


About face: Leftists who once despised McCain cheer him as hero for vote to preserve Obamacare


Senate sends ‘Forever GI Bill’ to Trump’s desk


'Conservative' Sen. Jeff Flake blasted as 'just part of left' (US Senator of Arizona Jeff Flake (R)


Sen. Capito's West Virginia office vandalized




Twitter Users Offer Democrats Suggestions for a New 2018 Slogan


Facebook’s fight against hateful posts often fails those it wants to protect, critics say


Dinesh D'Souza's Facebook page hijacked after 'Big Lie' release




Socialized Medicine Kills




Brazil's Temer Escapes Corruption Trial to Focus on Economy




China Warns of Retaliation Over THAAD Deployment


War in Korea unlikely: NSC chief


[Interview] S. Korea likely to be sidelined on N. Korea issues


Low birthrate threatens teaching jobs in Korea




Spanish border enclaves under violent siege as increasing hordes of African migrants storm barriers




NFL star sees injustice as Kaepernick saga drags on


The Olympics could be a boon for Los Angeles, but it's foolish to think we can't lose


MLB Scoreboard




New Hampshire leaders rebuke Trump for calling state 'drug-infested den'


3 rescued from California bungee jump ride


Fearful Gov. Greg Abbott is ringing false alarms in Texas   (Governor of Texas Greg Abbott (R)


6 children in serious condition after chemical leak at YMCA pool (North Carolina)


1 dead, 1 missing after school building collapse in Minneapolis


Trump’s right, Cuomo wrong about the woes of Upstate  (Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo (D)


Power outage in North Carolina’s Outer Banks may keep tourists out for two weeks





State Department Officials Quitting Over “Complete and Utter Disdain for our Expertise”


Funds to counter Russia, extremists gather dust at State Department




Another sheriff’s deputy commits suicide. His boss wants people to talk about it this time.


Resources for suicide prevention and helping parents cope




Gingrich: Gorsuch Appointment 'May Have Justified the Whole Presidential Campaign'




Syrian opposition group unveils details of deal on de-escalation zones in Syria's Homs

Syrian refugees, fighters return from Lebanon after Hezbollah swap


First on CNN: Russia and Syria regime recruiting US-backed rebels


Russia flies 2,000 mercenary troops into Syria




FDA moving to limit codeine use


15 iced drinks in Taipei test positive for harmful bacteria


I-Mei Foods begins operation of radiation laboratory, a first for Taiwan’s private sector


Taiwan’s annual medical expense for treating HIV/AIDS estimated to exceed NT$6 billion in 2021


Pork moves back to the frontline of Taiwan-U.S. trade talks




Tesla's Longtime Battery Technology Director Leaves Company


Transgender 'curriculum' launched to help tech firms with diversity problem




How terrorists use foreign aid to fund terror




NAFTA talks could hinge on Mexico’s disproportionate share of auto investment, jobs





Another Transgender "Man" Gives Birth to Baby


How one conservative stood up to transgender bullies… and won


A transgender candidate takes on Virginia’s ‘minister of private parts’




US fully transparent to Turkey about weapons delivered to YPG: Embassy


Heartbreaking story behind photos of Syrian boy cuddling, sleeping with stray dog in Istanbul


Siemens and Turkish partners win billion-dollar wind energy tender


EU membership talks with Turkey should not be halted, Juncker says  (European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker)


Government welcomes further fall in Turkey's inflation rate


Turkish FM cements security ties with China


French man arrested on ‘terror’ charges in Turkey's Şırnak


Turkish firms’ plastics exports exceed $2 bln


72 percent of Turkish citizens see US as security threat


Turkey replaces land, air, naval forces commanders: official


Inside Turkey’s NGO Purge (The Turkish government is targeting aid workers with intimidation tactics, inane red tape, and senseless deportations.)





Mississippi Nissan plant vote a crucial test for unions


Racially Charged Nissan Vote Tests U.A.W. in the South


AFP Foundation Touts Right to Work Benefits in MO Amid Union-Funded Ballot Drive


Why autoworkers must say 'no thank you' to unions





FTSE 100 jumps, but pound slides as Bank of England cuts growth outlook


Did International Law Kill Charlie Gard?


UK Muslim Shop Owner Stops And Captures Muslim Gang Attacking Christian Man In The Street For His Faith


Muslim Women Joke about Hiding Bomb under Burqa in Pro-Islamic BBC Video


Major British Ethicist Warns: They Are Editing Human Embryos To Create A Super Race Of People Who Will Be The Elites And Who Will Oppress Everyone Else


UK: Leaving a bacon sandwich outside a mosque is worse than sexually abusing an 11-year-old girl


'Honour killing victim' had throat cut before being stuffed in freezer


Poorest pupils 'two years behind at GCSE'


Prince Philip retires: Duke of Edinburgh meets Royal Marines at final public event


East London GP charged with 118 sexual offences


Army 'could be needed' in UK prisons


UK: Christian woman prosecuted for talking about Christianity to a Muslim colleague


Roads could be covered with 'tunnels' to absorb pollution


Teenager's discovery of Roman treasure trove delights experts


The 'sharenting' divide: half UK parents do not post children's pictures


UK: Muslim from pro-Sharia, pro-caliphate group gives keynote speech at Universities UK HQ


Government cuts 'leave sexual health services at tipping point'


Pro-Life Leader Under Fire for Comparing Charlie Gard’s Death to Nazi Campaign to Kill Disabled People


'Three musketeers' convicted of plotting terrorist attack


UK Muslim who tried to smuggle bomb onto flight was let go: cops didn’t realize it was a working explosive


Grenfell Tower fire Cladding system in 111 buildings fails latest round of tests


Scotland facing ageing population timebomb


Top bosses' pay falls 17% in a year





Former U.N. Amb. Power Unmasked ‘Hundreds’ In Final Year Of Obama Admin  (Former US United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power)





Pacific Northwest could feel record-crushing heat




Vatican Targets Bannon for His 'Apocalyptic Geopolitics'


The Vatican’s America Problem





The World Must Turn Back Venezuela’s Growing Dictatorship


5 reasons why we should care about the crisis in Venezuela


As Maduro takes Venezuela into uncharted waters, the opposition has few options


Poll turnout figures ‘manipulated by at least 1m votes’


Venezuela’s socialist fast-track to the apocalypse


Venezuela 40 countries protest new assembly amid fraud accusations




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Mega-Leak: Transcripts of Trump's foreign leader phone calls emerge  


Trump aide dismisses Statue of Liberty "huddled masses" poem


Trump slams Congress for bringing Russia relations to 'dangerous low'


President Trump's Latest Approval Rating Is Worse Than Obama's Ever Was


Why Doesn’t Trump Just Unmask the Unmasking?


Dangerous: White House Leakers Spill Transcripts of Trump Phone Calls To Mexico, Australia


Spicer savors his last days in the White House  (Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer)


WH: NYT Story Was ‘Leaked’ from Internal Personnel Who Violated DOJ Policy


Trump Signed Russia Sanctions into Law. Now What?


Bill Signed by Trump Targets Iran’s IRGC For Terrorism – For The First Time


Why Trump Is Right about Immigration


What Donald Trump Can Learn from Dunkirk


US airman casualty in Kuwait identified as Tech. Sgt. David Board


Trump goes big on immigration


Trump endorses new immigration bill to cut green-card limits, favor English speakers


Sanders forced to revise Trump's claim about conversations with heads of Boy Scouts, Mexico (White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders)


There’s more to the Trump-Kelly relationship than meets the eye


'Turn our back' on history: Lawmakers blast Trump's immigration plan


Trump signs Russia sanctions bill he blasts as 'clearly unconstitutional'


Trump adviser fired over memo warning of globalist-Islamist 'deep state'


Trump aide, CNN reporter spar over immigration plan


Spicer to Stick With Plan to Leave Trump Administration  (Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer)


With fifth judge confirmed, Trump outpaces Obama and Bush


Will Kellyanne Conway replace Scaramucci?


Scaramucci fired from White House role as Kelly flexes muscle as chief of staff

With dismissal of Scaramucci, Kelly shows who’s in charge at White House


Conservatives challenge Trump to revoke Obamacare subsidy for members of Congress


Trump dictated son’s misleading statement on meeting with Russian lawyer


A grown-up finally takes command  (It’s early yet, and first impressions are sometimes misleading. But not often. John Kelly looks like the best appointment President Trump has made since he named Neil Gorsuch to the US Supreme Court.)


Kelly Cracks Down on White House Turmoil, Access to Trump


How Trump could lose his base


White House trolled in fake ad for comms director


White House press briefings: Ask a reasonable question, get a stupid answer


White House opioid commission to Trump: ‘Declare a national emergency’


Trump doesn’t care about affirmative action. So why restart the war?


 Trump says he never called the White House a 'dump'


Trump’s attack on legal immigration would cripple the economy


As Allies Stray, Trump Keeps Those on the Right Close


Stephen Miller vs. Jim Acosta sent the daily briefing totally off the rails  (The White House adviser seemed more determined to expose CNN's alleged bias than to make the case for Trump's latest policy proposal.)


Trump to Generals: US 'Losing' War in Afghanistan


8 things the Trump team denied, and then later confirmed


Anthony Scaramucci Memo reveals his plan to 'professionalize' press office before firing



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