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Wednesday, July 26, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




Senate Votes Down Amendment to Defund Planned Parenthood and Repeal Obamacare


Kim Kardashian tweets support for Obamacare and Planned Parenthood


Trump: Pro-Abortion Lisa Murkowski, Who Opposed Defunding Planned Parenthood, “Really Let Down the Nation”


Missouri sends governor law tightening abortion regulations


Missouri Gov. Signs Bill Protecting Pregnancy Centers From Being Forced to Promote Abortion


Black Pastor Slams Abortion: 1,800 Black Babies Killed in Abortion Each Day


Sick: Used Suction Abortion Machine For Sale on eBay


Anti-abortion group distributes fliers with doctors' home addresses


Planned Parenthood is Now Pushing its Sex Agenda on Pre-Schoolers


Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Slashes Hours at Clinic, Puts Building Up for Sale


San Francisco City Board Approves Huge New Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic


The Abortion Industry: A Pioneer of Fake News


Missouri Passes Strongest Pro-Life Law in Recent Years


Canadian Law Says a Baby Doesn’t Become a Human Being Until She is Outside Her Mother’s Body



Antibody helps keep man's HIV at bay for 10 months




What would happen if the United States totally disengaged from Afghanistan?


Mineral Exploitation Latest Excuse for U.S. to Stay in Afghanistan





At 45% of population, children carry rampant struggles from corruption into Nigeria’s future


A necessary delay for easing of Sudan sanctions (By US Representative of New Jersey Chris Smith (R)




Obama-era rules jeopardize California farming



ADL slams Trump ban on trans soldiers as ‘blatantly discriminatory’




US Jewish Leaders Warn Imams Preaching Anti-Semitic Hate in American Mosques (video) 


UK watchdog: Record number of antisemitic incidents in first half of year




A strategic U.S. partner in Kurdistan



Australia Plan to Legalize Assisted Suicide is Only the Beginning



Commodity rally propels ASX higher


Australian dollar at two-year high after fall in value of the US dollar


Australia Cardinal George Pell to plead not guilty to historical sexual abuse offences


'Hundreds of millions at risk': China blocks Aussie beef exports





Ford recalls 117,000 vehicles due to seat, seat belt safety defect


Nimble GM willing to drop struggling cars, markets




310 pounds of marijuana seized at TX-Mexico border





There’s No Mistaking Trump for a Boy Scout


Trump’s speech to Boy Scouts irks some in ‘nonpartisan’ organization


Trump Puts Politics Into Speech, and Boy Scouts Get Blowback


Former scouts condemn Trump's 'embarrassing' Jamboree speech





TSX sees slight loss despite gains in material, energy stocks, loonie closes near 80 cents U.S.


Canada: Former mayoral candidate charged with “hate-motivated crime” for criticizing Islam


West Nile virus found in Toronto Island mosquitoes just as islands are set to reopen after flooding


Canada promotes recruitment of transgender troops as Donald Trump imposes military ban


Canada: Condemnation of “barbaric cultural practices” removed from citizenship test, it was “anti-Muslim”


Homicide of 13-year-old B.C., girl was 'random' attack, say police


Trudeau Rolling Stone Cover Asks 'Why Can't He Be Our President?'  (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)





The CIA is entering a danger zone. Here’s the map.




Bible verse plaque displayed at Tennessee police department to be moved




Life of Cold War 'Missileman' revealed




Chinese Regime Cracks Down on Internet Freedom, but Resistance Continues


China Has A Chance To Lead On North Korea, But Will It?




Growing signs of NK missile test deal blow to engagement approach




Rescind the Obamacare Rule Exempting Congress


Congress should not interfere with Americans' day in court


G.O.P. Support for Trump Is Starting to Crack


If Congress Is Serious About Getting Rid Of IRS, It Must Pass Big-Bang Tax Reform


Congress continues to degrade itself


The Democrats’ Agenda, and the Art of the Possible




Meg Whitman Steps Down From HP Board




Celgene Corp. to pay $280M to settle cancer drug fraud suit


Former Fox News executive files $48-million lawsuit over sexual assault scandal


Woman gets prison for helping her husband rape kids


Texas pastor charged with sexually assaulting child


Trigger pulled on your right to carry a gun (DC)


Man charged with wife’s murder on their wedding anniversary




Woman slapped Minneapolis police car before she was shot, report says


Teen father arrested after leaving 16-day-old son in parking lot, police say


Man slept with underage girls he met through younger brother: cops


Huge cachet of illegal guns seized by Chicago police this year


Man accused of impregnating 11-year-old suggests she raped him


Revealed: Mom-of-two shot dead her estranged husband's girlfriend and then killed her son, nine, and daughter, five, before shooting herself to cause 'everlasting consequences' for her ex





Crony capitalism against the real thing




Border patrol agent who's seen -- and caught -- it all now being forced into retirement


Man held after deadly king cobras smuggled into U.S. in potato chip cans





Ohio murderer arrives at the 'death house' for last meal of cheese and mushroom pizza, Pepsi and strawberry cheesecake before the state's first execution since botched 2014 attempt





Here’s the damning homeless email de Blasio says doesn’t exist (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)


Historian: Louisiana Dems 'have forgotten their own history'


How 4 more years of de Blasio would undo 20 years of progress





Story time with Ivanka: The first daughter Trump reads to children with Betsy DeVos and snaps selfies at museum before speaking at a Mike Pence fundraiser  (Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos)




Rick Perry thought he was talking to the Ukrainian prime minister. It was a prank call.  (Energy Secretary Rick Perry)





US to Impose Stricter Electronic Carry-on Airport Screening


Commandant: Coast Guard lacks funds to chase drugs, maintain fleet





Time To Restore Local Control Over Zoning — And End Obama's HUD Intrusion





As Zinke Visits Parks, His Staff Rolls Back Regulations (Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke)




Firing Sessions Is a Terrible Idea  (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


Attorney General Sessions issues new financial warning to sanctuary cities


Trump Says Sessions Recusal Was Bad for the Presidency


Trump escalates attacks on Sessions, but attorney general said to have no plans to resign


Why Trump is abusing Jeff Sessions


A warning to Trump from Sessions' Senate pals





Stock market ends at records on robust earnings as Fed issues policy update


Wall Street mints records after Fed, strong earnings


Dollar Drops, Bonds Climb on Fed's Inflation View: Markets Wrap


Foxconn announces U.S. manufacturing plant in Wisconsin


Dollar turns lower after Fed is read as adopting a more dovish tone


Gold settles lower, but gets boost after Fed policy statement


Why equal-weighted stock-market indexes bounce back faster from bear markets


Asia stocks, dollar steady as investors await Fed clues


Commodity Rally Boosts Asian Raw-Material Stocks: Markets Wrap


2-year Treasury yield falls the most in five weeks after Fed statement




Trump Administration Tapping Tech CEOs for STEM Policy Approach


Ready to Go Expat? (Britain, Canada, France and Germany all launch funding programs to recruit foreign researchers. Will they succeed in capitalizing on perceptions of the US as a less attractive place for research?)


The New Brownshirts: Thugs vs. Free Speech on Campus


College Degrees Lead to 'Good Jobs'


By Harvard’s ‘inclusive’ standard for clubs, the whole university should be banned


MIT Deems MicroMasters a Success


An overdose, a young companion, drug-fueled parties: The secret life of a USC med school dean


New York's public schools vastly outspend the nation


Social Science Lab Rats




Police in Cairo kill 4 suspected in mid-July attack




Oil settles at a 2-month high as U.S. crude stockpiles drop for a fourth week


Energy Prices


Nearly 45,000 customers lose power in central San Diego




Hundreds of fish found dead in lake, causing alarm




EPA chief pledges to streamline Superfund pollution cleanups




European stocks close with gains as earnings roll in


Court orders Dutch govt to finance new Islamic school


Poland Turns Away From Democracy, Thanks to the U.S.


Tax havens: Netherlands and UK are biggest channels for corporate avoidance






An easy way for the FCC to boost wireless competition





Fed holds rates steady, expects portfolio cuts 'relatively soon'




In Pictures: Fires continue to devastate France


French farmers are crowd-funding for a 'humane' abattoir




Israel supporters are the enemy within Germany, Social Democrat says


Notorious German Islamist preacher jailed for five and a half years


Two more German women 'identified among group held in Iraq'


One woman missing and disaster alert sounded amid storms across Germany


Nazi chest of gold worth up to £125m discovered in the Atlantic Ocean


IRA suspect admits role in 1990s attack on British base in north Germany


Trend of ever more childless women comes to halt in Germany - even for academics





Gov. Jerry Brown (D-California) signs law to extend cap and trade, securing the future of California's key climate program





Google bows to Muslim pressure, changes search results to conceal criticism of Islam and jihad


Nuclear power: Google enters race for fusion technology




Boehner: I Used to Sneak Into Obama White House  (Former Speaker of the House John A Boehner (R-Ohio)




ObamaCare's Victims Are Very Real, Stop Ignoring Them




A Single-Payer System Won't Work. Period.


Stop making doctors the slaves of computers


Backers of another shot at a 'Calexit' ballot measure can now gather signatures  (California)


The fake ‘health care’ debate


Utah home-birth rate is double the US average, report says





Waitress handed menu with hand-drawn swastika at David Irving event





Congressman Scalise Wounded in June Shooting Discharged From Hospital (House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R- Louisiana)


Dems Try The Islamophobe Card In Defense of Wasserman Schultz’s Arrested IT Guy  (US Representative of Florida Debbie Wasserman Schultz(D)


Feds arrest IT staffer for Wasserman Schultz trying to leave country 


House Intelligence Committee met with Ben Rhodes: Report


Top suspect in major Democrat scandal caught fleeing U.S. (Ringleader of House hacking scam had ticket to Pakistan.)


House conservatives gunning for probe of James Comey and Hillary Clinton


House passes Russia sanctions bill, setting up veto dilemma for Trump


House approves expanded GI Bill benefits and several other veterans-related bills


House to vote on proposals taking aim at CBO





19-year-old who died on truck in San Antonio grew up in N.Va., had been deported


How smugglers offer crammed big rigs for $5,500 as 'VIP treatment' to US and women prefer it as they will be less likely to be raped 


People close to notorious Zetas cartel helped immigrants found in truck in Walmart parking lot cross the Rio Grande, according to survivor 





Nearly 1 Million Illegal Immigrants Obtain Drivers Licenses in California this Year


To Fix Our Immigration System, Start By Rewarding The Greatest Act Of Patriotism



ICE Official: Mexican Cartels Involved in Deadly Human Smuggling




How India and China Have Come to the Brink Over a Remote Mountain Pass


US won't sit idle if India-China conflict breaks out: Experts




IRS finally agrees to clear last tea party case




Iran vows 'decisive response' to US sanctions bill


Iran accuses U.S. of ‘provocation’ in Gulf confrontation




California mosque defends imam who prayed that Allah would “annihilate” Jews


US Muslims intermarry way less and are far more religious than US Jews


California Imams Caught On Video Preaching Jew-Hatred, Violence




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Wednesday, July 26, 2017)


Jordanian King Calls Abbas Over Impending ‘Day of Rage’ in Jerusalem (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Temple Mount Crisis: Of magnetometers, mice and men


Waqf presents police with list of demands to end protests


Israel's government under triple siege


The metal detectors are gone, so how does Temple Mount security work now?


Watch: 'Palsar 7' special forces train in urban warfare


Mobilizing militia, Abbas approves mass protests Friday over Temple Mount


EU court rules to keep Hamas on terror blacklist


Hamas declares Temple Mount ‘victory,’ calls new ‘day of rage’


Netanyahu: Al-Jazeera will be gone from Israel  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Hezbollah chief hails Palestinian ‘victory’ at Temple Mount


Palestinian factions call for demonstrations in solidarity with Al-Aqsa on Friday


Jordan FM: Hero’s welcome in Israel for guard who killed two a ‘disgrace’


Israel removes security installations at Temple Mount


At the Temple Mount, it’s not about metal detectors, it’s about sovereignty


They came to Israel to enlist in the IDF: ‘Israel is home’


Fire extinguished outside Israeli national insurance headquarters in East Jerusalem


Netanyahu Announces Support for ‘Greater Jerusalem’ Bill


Palestinians Protest Israeli Decision To Install Cameras At Jerusalem Holy Site


After Second Postponement Arab League to Meet on Jerusalem


Israeli settlers raid Palestinian home, move in furniture despite court ruling


‘Under Siege Every Shabbat’ – Secular Israeli Village Blocks Eruv Project of 50 Orthodox Families


Bennett to Arab MKs: Pick a side, good or evil  (Israeli Education Minister and chairman of the Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home) party Naftali Bennett)


EU keeps Hamas on terror blacklist


No thanks for foiling terrorists at the mosque (It’s time to beat up on the Jews again, particularly the Jews in Israel and Judea and Samaria. Once more they’re not standing still enough to enable the “Palestinians” to maim and kill.)





Jordanian Lawyer: It's High Time A Woman Was Appointed Prime Minister




‘Democracy in Chains’ Is So Wrong It’s Funny (New confirmation of the madness that is ravaging the American left.)





Always Do More of What the Media Forbids




Medicaid: The Snag in Obamacare Repeal




Where Afghanistan is heading and what it means for the Arab Gulf




Trump’s transgender military ban: Conservatives celebrate, LGBT activists are furious


Here's How Many Trans People Serve in the U.S. Military


Military Fitness Is a Military Decision


Failed US Navy Ballistic Intercept Test Due to Human Error


An Iranian ship did not heed the Navy’s warning. Then shots were fired.


Criminal investigation launched into $28M in US funds wasted on Afghan uniforms


New energy source? Mix water, aluminum nanomaterial (Army scientists testing results of 'bubbling reaction.')


Navy’s goal of 355-ship fleet may require mothballed vessels, shipyard overhauls


What military recruiters aren't telling women: You'll face disproportionate health risks


USS Arizona survivor: ‘We were caught in the fireball’





Myanmar officials say 3 die of swine flu




NASA satellite image shows huge iceberg breaking up




Newly declassified memos detail extent of improper Obama-era NSA spying




A new idea about Amelia Earhart




Pakistan village council orders 'revenge rape' of girl


Pakistani police arrest 20 for ordering 'revenge rape'





Family Research Council: Huge Spike in Religious Freedom Violations in Last 3 Years




Who Is Colluding With Whom?  (Is a Russian diplomat a credible voice in American politics?)


Why Europe is so angry over the big Russia sanctions bill


Russia Warns of ‘Painful’ Response If Trump Backs U.S. Sanctions


Russia sanctions could affect American, European businesses


 Putin 'told Trump that Russian hackers are too good to get caught' (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


EU likely to declare US anti-Russian sanctions invalid within union - Russia’s EU envoy


Edward J. Pozzuoli: Huntsman Choice Means Trump Will Not Be Weak on Russia


Moscow slams Western media allegations about alleged Russian support for Taliban




 Christians make pre-emptive strike against 'gay' weddings (Minnesota) 




Secret Service agent accidentally shoots himself while on duty





ObamaCare 'straight repeal' fails on Senate vote


The Democrats' “Rising Star” (US Senator of California Kamala Harris (D)


Senate rejects ObamaCare repeal, replacement amendment


See How Each Senator Voted on Full Repeal-and-Replace


Senate dives into health-care debate despite deep divisions within the GOP


McCain Helps President Who Derided Him (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


Senate Dem: We’re trying to block a recess appointment to replace Sessions  (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


The Senate’s Health Care Travesty


McConnell: Sessions ‘made right decision to recuse himself’ (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)/ US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


Tough road ahead for McConnell on ObamaCare  


Senate committee drops Manafort subpoena


John McCain rescued the Senate GOP healthcare bill. Can he rescue the Senate?


NYT: Sen. Flake Takes on GOP Rift in New Book  (US Senator of Arizona Jeff Flake (R)


The health-care question Democrats refuse to hear


Warren: Entire country must speak up on GOP healthcare bill  (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)





A plan to save Social Security





Starbucks Korea blasted for 'bottle cap blended'


Teachers accused of molesting 80 students


Egypt interested in buying K-9 howitzer


Man rushed to hospital after drinking bleach from water bottle


Patrol boat blast kills one, injures three  




The Dallas Cowboys CUT $500,000-a-year wide receiver who was wrongly accused of shoplifting - and REFUSE to take him back after learning the suspect stole his identity


Venus Williams fights back in law suit over fatal car crash, claiming victim was not wearing seat belt


Father of tennis star Mark Philippoussis is arrested for 'molesting two minors he was coaching'


Hugh Freeze's foundation takes timeout following scandal


Prokhorov gets NBA committee approval to split Nets, Barclays Center


MLB Scoreboard




Bedeviled, Bothered, and Bewildered in Minnesota




The Syria Chess Board: An Exercise In Strategic Carnage


The Jaish Khalid bin Al-Walid Organization – ISIS Branch In Southwestern Syria In All But Name


Syrian civilians fleeing Daesh in Raqa turn to smugglers




Taiwan-US trade talks commence


Swine farmers reiterate opposition to ractopamine


Taiwan ready to act, but not to incite China: MND


Council of Agriculture denies toxic rice sales


Why are sanctions on N. Korea not working?




Turkish State-Owned Network Airs Television Drama Series Depicting Jews As Murderous And Conspiratorial


Erdogan calls “all Muslims” to war to “protect Jerusalem” (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


 EU minister says country still on track to join bloc despite calls to stop accession





FTSE 100 ends higher, led by ITV’s bounce


Charlie Gard’s Mom Shouts “What If It Was Your Child” After Judge Says Charlie Will Die in Hospice


Charlie Gard's Parents Give Up – and You're Next


Charlie Gard’s Parents Receive Hate Emails: You’re “Selfish Frauds” Who “Don’t Give a S— About Charlie”


Marx and Mohammed in Manchester


Charlie Gard Judge to decide on Wednesday if child can die at home


Charlie Gard's parents accuse hospital of blocking 'final wish' for baby to be allowed home to die


Tories accuse Nicola Sturgeon of ‘not getting on with the day job’   (Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon)


Teenage hackers sent to rehab to put their skills to good use in fight against cyber crime


Hackers trade 100,000 items of online ID from Edinburgh


Charlie Gard doctor denies financial link to experimental treatment 


UK's Brexit push on three continents


Trump promises 'very big and exciting' trade deal with the UK


Call for action to protect Scotland's endangered capercaillie birds


Northern cities pressing for more money


'Humane milk is a myth' ad relaunched after ASA rejects farmers' complaints


Council knew of Grenfell fire access fears


James Bond film confirmed for 2019 – but no word on who will play 007


Labour warning on unqualified teachers


Wind farms are far too unreliable to provide Scotland's energy


MPs reveal scale of abuse from public


Education :More than 600,000 pupils in England taught by unqualified teachers


'More than 86,000 NHS posts' vacant


New diesel and petrol cars banned from UK roads by 2040, as Government unveils new pollution tax on drivers in busiest areas


'We were treated like criminals' British newlyweds say they were barred from entering US




The United Nations Has No Business Setting U.S. Refugee Policy in Southeast Asia





Americans: Optimistic no more?





Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump: Apple Supplier's $10B US Plant 'Fantastic for the People'



Why the Rust Belt just gave Donald Trump a hero’s welcome


Trump takes a victory lap with Melania after keeping his plan to repeal Obamacare alive: The President jokes about being on Mount Rushmore and tangles with protesters at Ohio rally


Trump celebrates ObamaCare vote, but avoids criticizing Jeff Sessions at Ohio rally


Trump to keep fulfilling promises made to American people


Trump’s right: It’s a sewer, not a swamp


How Trump's demand to probe Clinton crossed ethical lines


Defining Loyalty Down (Who cares about national security anyway if there’s a President or two to destroy?)


Ann Coulter met with Trump and complained about a lack of focus on his base supporters: Report


Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus remind the President of attorney general's past loyalty, sources say


WH comms staffer resigns after Scaramucci talks potential cuts


Crazy talk: Psychs crack up over 'psychotic,' 'paranoid' Trump


Trump can make the best of things in Iraq and Syria with 'expeditionary economics'


Republicans warn Trump: Don't fire Jeff Sessions


Trump says tax reform plan will reduce rates for middle class who have 'gotten screwed' 



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