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Tuesday, July 25, 2017





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Senate Advances Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood Abortion Business


Senate Casts First Vote Tuesday on Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood


Closed: Planned Parenthood Stops Doing Abortions at Indiana Clinic Because It Can’t Protect Women’s Health


Suit aims to block law making pregnancy centers 'advertise' abortion


Planned Parenthood Headquarters Injures Two More Women in Botched Abortions


Texas Senate tackles special session abortion bills


New York Times Cheers WNBA for Embracing Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz


House panel approves abortion complications bill  (Texas)


Abortionist Caught With Bloody Surgical Instruments Covered in Human Tissue Faces Trial


Sorry Planned Parenthood, Iowa's abortion waiting period is a boon for moms and babies


Abortion opponents let Kentucky clinic buffer zone stand


Abortion opponents challenging clinic buffer zone (Kentucky)


How Crisis Pregnancy Center Clients Rely On Medicaid


Senate Parliamentarian May Have Killed Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood, Possible Solution Emerges


Pro-Lifers Will Protest For a Week at the Last Remaining Kentucky Abortion Clinic


Second Canadian Province Approves Free Abortions


India court hears 10-year-old rape victim's abortion plea


Abortion drug will be made available at no cost to all women in Alberta  (Canada)



Girl born with HIV is virtually virus-free, doctors report


The Immorality of U.S. HIV/AIDS Overspending




Videos suggest Russian government may be arming Taliban





Muslim Terrorists Go Door-To-Door Searching For And Shooting Every Person Who Says He Is A Christian (Kenya)


Rival Libyan leaders commit to cease-fire


Book about Nelson Mandela's medical treatment stirs dispute  (Some relatives of Nelson Mandela say a new book by a former military doctor that documents the South African leader's treatment before his 2013 death...)


Migrants traveling through Libya are suffering at the hands of smugglers


Foreign governments must 'pressure South Sudan to end epidemic of rape'




Passengers take down ‘disruptive customer’ sprinting towards cockpit




Alarming: Chinese 'threats to attack' Vietnamese bases




Doctor Told Mom She Was “Selfish” for Not Killing Her Disabled Daughter in an Assisted Suicide (Canada)


Legalizing Assisted Suicide is Dangerous – Just Look at Canada




ASX rebounds, but lacks conviction ahead of CPI


Is inflation at risk from a higher Aussie?


How Australia's most wanted killer survived hidden at Dubbo Zoo


Australian minister quits after finding out he may also be Italian


Australia: Muslim leader calls for Sharia, says opponents of Islamic law are bigots




Ford says new Mustang GT will be its quickest yet




Federal agencies can scale down by buying out their youngest employees





Reporters Furious Over Trump’s Boy Scouts Speech


Trump addresses Boy Scouts at national summit in West Virginia


Trump Launches Into Political Tirade at Boy Scouts Jamboree


From ‘fake media’ to Clinton, Trump brings political attacks to the Scout Jamboree


Trump takes jab at Obama in speech to Boy Scouts


Boos for Obama as Trump speaks at Boy Scout jamboree




TSX buoyed by metals, energy stocks as loonie holds just below 80 cents U.S.


Man charged with 1st-degree murder after stabbing of pregnant wife, death of baby


Man who took $400,000 from Toronto cancer charity tells judge he wants to 'make good'


Nursing college didn't investigate Wettlaufer firing because she admitted errors


Plug pulled on LNG export facility proposed for Port Edward, B.C.


New home sales soar in June, as condos dominate market


Polygamous leader found guilty of having 25 wives


Canada: Prof reports to “Hate Bias Unit” criticism of policies that led to Muslim cop’s killing of unarmed woman


Trudeau government: Respect for human rights of others only voluntary (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Canadian government considered charging Omar Khadr with war crimes, treason and terror-related offenses


It's the most venomous thing in Canadian waters — and it keeps washing up in Nova Scotia





Capitol Hill Republicans — Starting With Paul Ryan — Need a Backbone (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)




Salmonella outbreak tied to yellow papayas




Post-Christian America: Gullible, Intolerant, and Superstitious

Stunner! Look Who’s Now 'Spying' On Christians in West




China has upgraded its Dongfeng missile: report


China defends repatriation of North Koreans


China to 'step up' troop deployment against India; China buzzes US recon plane


 China fires back at US accusations over encounter


China to US: 'Stop dangerous military activities'


China preparing for crisis along North Korean border: report


China's New Challenge: How to Win the Soft-Power War


Chinese shipbuilders tap rising cruise demand, rattle European rivals




Russia Increasingly Propping up N.Korean Regime


North Korea to fire another missile 'within six days'


The Korean Games of Thrones


North Korea advances rapidly in its ability to strike U.S., experts warn


North Korea may test another missile, as US official says diplomacy may have 'a few more months'


Why Pyongyang refuses to talk to Seoul





East Texas’ Patent Star Chamber Is Down But Not Out  (Congress needs to step in where the Supreme Court has laid the groundwork against venue shopping corruption.)


Have Repeal Efforts Always Been a Republican Ruse?


Congress’s drastic — but necessary — rebuke to Trump


Democrats rebrand under new slogan – will their product sell?


Democrats 'Better Deal' Agenda Isn't New, And It Isn't Better


Congress Loves to Slap Sanctions on Foreign Regimes — But Do They Ever Work?


In Congress, new fears and new protections in wake of baseball team shooting


Forget ‘A Better Deal.’ Here’s what would actually work for Democrats.





CBO Says 22 Million People Would Lose Insurance Under GOP Plan. Here Are the Facts.




D.C.’s Strict Gun-Carry Law Again Declared Unconstitutional in Federal Court


Driver Is Charged in Deaths of Migrants Crammed in Truck


Family of brain-dead California girl fights to reverse death


Texas man slated to appear in court for threatening to kill Sen. Ted Cruz, family: Report (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)


Man sentenced for stabbing date 119 times after learning she’s trans


Court allows Trump’s voter commission to proceed


Woman pleads guilty in fiance's kayak death


Baby sitter pleads guilty in 8-month-old's medicine death


College student charged with rape after allegedly having sex with teen boy


Jury orders Olympus to pay $6.6 million but rejects claims its medical scopes a


Student, 17, whose legs were severed below the knee by a train when he was walking by a track with his EARBUDS in sues CSX 'because drivers didn't blow a horn to alert him'




Illegal Alien Allegedly Burns Apartments for Revenge, 130 Left Homeless


Illegal Immigrant Repeatedly Raped 12-Year-Old Girl, Police Say


18-year-old arrested after allegedly livestreaming deadly car crash


Street signs after Muslim cop kills unarmed woman: “Warning: Twin Cities Police Easily Startled”


Carjacking suspect dead after shootout with police on Mo. interstate


After Muslim cop kills unarmed woman, Muslim leader to meet with police chief to set out “changes I expect”


The Islamophobia Industry Killed Justine Damond


Minneapolis: Muslim pol denounces “Islamophobic” response to Muslim cop’s shooting of unarmed woman


Was Policeman Mohammed Noor Justified in Shooting Justine Damond?





Behind Recent Ransomware Attacks





Democrats Continue To Insist It’s Fine To Find People Guilty Before Proving It


…Democrats Make Fraudulent Foreign Donations Easy


CIA, FBI release new material on Kennedy assassination investigation


De Blasio Escalates Showdown With Cuomo Over Subway    (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio /Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo)





U.S. Agency Promoting Trade With Iran Despite Trump Opposition





8 miles from shore, Coast Guard divers lose boat





Fire Mueller (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Don’t Resign, Jeff Sessions  (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


Regime change: Obama’s CIA Director Brennan calls for revolt if Mueller is fired


Cruz: Sessions is a ‘Strong, Conservative Attorney General’   (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)


Firing Jeff Sessions Would Send a Chilling Signal to Trump’s Supporters


Newt Gingrich says Trump would commit 'big mistake' if he fired Sessions: 'loyalty is a two-way street' (Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich(R-Georgia)/ US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


Report: Trump Considering Replacing Sessions With Rudy Giuliani  (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions/Former Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani(R)


Mueller probe: Meet the lawyers who gave $$ to Hillary, now investigating team Trump


Fact Check: Has Mueller Crossed Trump's 'Red Line' In The Russia Investigation?


Mueller's Russia Probe Is A Political Hit Job: Either Rein Him In, Or Fire Him


Trump: Why isn’t ‘beleaguered’ AG Jeff Sessions investigating Hillary’s Russia ties?


Attorney General Sessions does not plan to resign


I Shared Trump’s Annoyance at Jeff Sessions


Exclusive: Sessions Allies Are Furious With How Trump Is Treating The AG


Trump team weighs options for replacing Sessions


Troubles deepen for Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions as White House spokesman questions the 'future of the relationship'





Trump’s Labor Secretary Targets Occupational Licensing for Elimination


Obama Faulted the Bush Administration for Failing Nuclear Workers in 2008





S&P 500, Nasdaq notch records, but historic collapse in 3M stock caps Dow's rally


Earnings power S&P 500 to record; Alphabet lags


Stocks Climb on Earnings, Bonds Drop as Fed Meets: Markets Wrap


Long-dated Treasury yields jump most in 4 months as stocks, commodities rally


Jobs lift U.S. consumer confidence to near 16-year high


Gold suffers a second session of losses as investors await Fed update


Dollar recovers from 13-month low on strong PMI readings, Asia stocks subdued


Asian Stocks Mixed, Dollar Edges Higher Before Fed: Markets Wrap


Dollar stabilizes as Fed set to kick off policy meeting




Higher Than What? More Campus Foolishness


The Great Conference Con?  (Article sparks new round of criticism of the costs associated with academic conferences.)


Minnesota Is Pushing Gender Identity Debate on Kindergartners


For-Profit Graduate Schools Popular With Black Women


‘Islamophobic’ Scientist Pulled From Berkeley Radio: ‘We Do Not Support Abusive Speech’


Too Risky for Researchers?  (Following 10-year jail sentence for Princeton PhD student, scholars discuss the uncertainties of doing research in Iran.)


College punishes just 7 of 170 students who shut down pro-cop speech


Debating the Right Spending Ratio  (New research seeks to give trustees financial evaluation tools, finding some small colleges spend well over 50 cents on administration for every $1 spent on instruction -- but some say the numbers don't tell the whole story.)


Education Leaders Accuse Teachers Union Head Of 'Hypocrisy' Over Segregation Comments


Mattress Protest and Its Aftermath  (Case of alleged rape at Columbia first yielded much sympathy for the accuser and her unusual protest, but ends with the university apologizing to the accused. The case has had a lasting impact on the discussion of sexual assault on campus.)


Leftist Ideologues Use Big-Lie Technique to Slam School Choice


An overdose, a young companion, drug-fueled parties: The secret life of a USC med school dean


What Makes a Good Free College Plan?


USC received more than a year of questions about former medical school dean's conduct before scandal broke


Yaron Brook Confronted a College Student Who Said Capitalism Is Bad for Poor People


Editorial: USC’s silence on its medical school dean’s double life is deafening


State Funding Cuts Matter


A teacher’s solution to buy school supplies for her classroom: Panhandling


Why Randi Weingarten has to lie to attack school choice  (Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, is paid not to tell the truth about school choice. She deserves a raise. In a speech last week, she purported...)


Republicans don't trust higher ed. That's a problem for liberal academics




Car bomb kills seven civilians in Egypt’s North Sinai — army


Egyptian Writers Criticize The Negative Attitude To Christians And Jews Reflected In The Common Interpretation Of The Fatiha, The Opening Surah Of The Quran




Peter Schweizer: 8,400 Double Voters in 2016 Election Should Be Prosecuted for Felony


Election Plot Undermines American Democracy




Oil jumps to 7-week high as OPEC raises hopes of market rebalancing


Energy Prices


America's Biggest Oil Port Wants to Be a Two-Way Street


Why is the OPEC deal not working? A Saudi view


Why oil prices scored their biggest one-day rally of 2017





EPA's Scott Pruitt touring states to push reversal of Obama water rule  (Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt)




Chainsaw attack suspect arrested in Switzerland


Switzerland Five injured in chainsaw attack in Schaffhausen




European stocks finish higher as German businesses take ‘euphoric’ tone


Italian faithful plan rosary march in reparation for ‘gay pride’ celebration


Another huge government data breach (This time it's Sweden investigating damage from upload catastrophe.)


Polish President Vetoes Bills Seeking Control of Courts





7 Insights From J.D. Vance And Co. About The Forces Ripping American Families Apart




FBI Arrests Wasserman Schultz's IT Aide Trying To Flee The Country


FBI Seized Smashed Hard Drives From Wasserman Schultz IT Aide  (US Representative of Florida Debbie Wasserman Schultz(D)





Yellen, Cohn Both in Running to Be Fed Chair, Trump Says




Trump and the Impending Foreign-Policy Crisis


America's Future Is with India and Israel




In France, the cold-blooded murder of an elderly Jewish woman ignites a debate over terrorism


French Build Wall to Stop Migrant Resort


What you need to know about France's blazing forest fires


Wild fires across southern France and Corsica threaten homes


France: Hunt begins for violent Dordogne deer




Nepalese girl born in Germany allowed to return after deportation, delighting Duisburg




Gore’s new health warning: ‘Every organ system can be affected by climate change’ (Former US Vice President Al Gore (D)


Stop Enjoying Summer, Climate Activists Advise


California Shows How States Can Lead on Climate Change


In San Francisco, Al Gore praises Gov. Jerry Brown's (D-California) work against climate change  (Former US Vice President Al Gore (D)




Europe's antitrust fine against Google takes a big bite out of Alphabet's profit




PragerU: Why Did The Democratic South Become Republican?





Greece returns to bond market, but don’t sound the all-clear signal




Trump, at Boy Scout Jamboree, Jokes About Firing His HHS Secretary


McArdle: Obamacare's Big Win Is Helping Some People Be a Little Less Poor


Trump Cuts Wildly Ineffective Teen Pregnancy Program, Media Flip Out




Neurologist Says Videos of Teenager Declared “Brain Dead” Show She is Still Alive


Hidden Perspectives on Health Insurance


Single-payer would be a nightmare for Americans


Health Board Forces Pregnancy Centers to Post False Signs Saying “We’re Not a Health Care Facility”  (In the past year, Care Net of Puget Sound—a state-licensed medical provider based in Seattle—contributed over $6 million worth of services.)


Spike in poison control calls over dietary supplements


Doctors and drug abuse: Why addictions can be so difficult





Barbara Sinatra, widow of Frank Sinatra, is dead at 90


Actress Hilary Duff is the latest target in a series of celebrity burglaries in L.A.




Justice for Holocaust Victims at Last?




House panel wants Google, Facebook, AT&T CEOs to testify on internet rules


Commie congressman vows to “eliminate” Trump (US Representative of Illinois Luis Gutierrez (D)


Dem Rep. Luis Gutierrez Has Now Paid His Wife More Than $400,000 From His Campaign Funds


Rep. Scalise Calls Into GOP Whip Meeting, Ready to Return (House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R- Louisiana)


Devin Nunes to participate in Jared Kushner interview: Report  (US Representative of California Devin Nunes (R)


House passes large GI Bill expansion 9 days after it was introduced


GOP Rep: If Texas Man Opposed Obamacare Repeal Rather Than Female GOP Senators, I Might Challenge Him to Duel


White House: Schiff Has Done 14 Hours of TV Interviews Since Trump Took Office (US Representative of California Adam Schiff (D)


Republicans dismiss Dems' 'better deal' with ad targeting Pelosi (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


Paul Ryan Defends Robert Mueller: ‘Anything But’ a ‘Biased Partisan’ (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)/Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Rep. Farenthold (R-Texas) wants to settle health debate 'Aaron Burr-style


Paul Ryan Just Said Something That Will Get Trump's Attention


House rejects funding bill for nearly bankrupt VA Choice program


House moves to kill CFPB rule supporting class-action lawsuits against financial firms


Ryan on Sessions: Trump 'Decides Who is Hired and Fired in the Executive Branch'


Rep. Gowdy (R-South Carolina)  Gets Trump’s Frustration With Sessions; Sen. Graham Says Lay Off


House to Vote on Russia-Iran-North Korea Sanctions Bill; Will Trump Sign It?


House Conservatives Target Jobs at Congressional Budget Office




Do More People Have To Die In Semi Trailers Before We Improve Our Border Policies?


Migrants relive horrific trip as driver is charged in deadly smuggling case decried as a ‘crime against humanity’


San Antonio driver says he didn't know immigrants were in truck


"They kept us as slaves:" Report reveals claims against church





Hurricane Hilary locked in 'dance of death' with Irwin




State revolts against feds: No more refugees!


This 14-year-old from Iraq isn't a victim anymore -- he's a proud American



Mass. Supreme Court Rules State Officers Can’t Hold People on ICE Detainers


ICE Chief Slams Sanctuary Cities, Calls Them ‘Un-American’




Calling Worship ‘Unlawful Assembly,’ Police in Uttar Pradesh, India, Arrest Six Christians


Editor Of 'Al-Sharq Al-Awsat': The Indian Prime Minister's Visit To Israel – Cause For Arab Envy


India’s transport minister vows to ban self-driving cars to save jobs


Doklam stand-off: India intruded, alleges China’s foreign minister


Terror funding: Separatist leader Shabir Shah held


Mumbai building collapse: Death toll rises to 12, Shiv Sena leader booked


Floods wreak havoc in Gujarat, Rajasthan


China and India Locked in 'Eyeball-to-Eyeball' Border Standoff


104 terrorists killed in J&K till July 16, govt tells House


India’s concerns addressed? Sri Lanka says no military use of Chinese-built port


Terror funding probe: NIA arrests two from Uttar Pradesh


Indian Ocean: India Is Playing Catch Up With Pakistan And China


India swears in Ram Nath Kovind as 14th president




IRS Paid More Than $24 Billion in Potentially Improper Refunds




Why Iran remains the world’s top terrorist sponsor





Yazidi teen says she was raped every day for 6 months by Daesh captor


Iraq's great victory in Mosul is being undermined


ISIS sex slaves still don’t believe they are free





The Complete Infidel's Guide to Free Speech (and Its Enemies)


Islam in America As Described by Three Leading Muslim Voices


California Imam Prays for Allah to ‘Annihilate’ Jews in Public Sermon


Reza Aslan: No divide between Islam and American culture, Islam in US is feminist and pro-gay





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Tuesday, July 25, 2017)


Netanyahu: Don’t evict Hebron settlers occupying contested home (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Fatah: "With our blood we will thwart the Zionists' plans"


In protest move, 100 settlers occupy contested Hebron home


Russia posts troops 8km from the Israeli Golan


Abbas warns security coordination with Israel will remain frozen (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Israeli high court rules to return bodies of Al-Aqsa assailants within 30 hours


77% of Israelis: Government capitulated over Temple Mount security


Israeli settlers attempt to take control of Palestinian house in Hebron


High Court orders police to return bodies of Temple Mount attackers


Israel to replace contested Al-Aqsa metal detectors with ‘smart’ surveillance


At Yad Vashem, Yazidi activists seek to learn how to record their genocide


Israel accused of showing ‘sweeping disregard’ for Palestinian life in Jerusalem


Kushner called Jordan’s king to help end embassy standoff — report


Foreign Ministry to Erdoğan: See to your own business (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Top Israeli MK: Israel will turn Temple Mount into a ‘sterile area’


A crisis in the Middle East? Trump would rather play golf


Israeli study sounds alarm as sperm count halved in Western men


PM pans ‘hypocritical’ Turkish president over Temple Mount critique


Top EU court to decide whether to keep Hamas listed as a terror group


Netanyahu does ‘not have a plan for peace,’ Gillibrand says (US Senator of New York  Kirsten Gillibrand (D)


Netanyahu’s failed game of brinkmanship


Israel looking to reopen Jordan embassy as soon as possible


Muslims maintain Temple Mount boycott after detectors removed


Construction of new settlement frozen due to lack of funds


U.S. Support for Palestinian Terrorists Must End


On the Temple Mount Is Written the Future of Palestinians and Israelis


Muslim who murdered Israeli family during Shabbat dinner was carrying Qur’an


The Failed Palestinian Leadership


Jerusalem’s Security Visionary (The Temple Mount crisis obscures Major General Yoram Halevy’s cutting-edge counterterror tactics and his impressive results.)


Israel-Jordan crisis over, diplomats leave embassy


Catholic Churches in Jerusalem blame Israel for Muslim violence, deny Biblical roots of Temple Mount


"Allah, liberate our mosque from the occupation`s filth" - "Jerusalem is ours"


Israel removes metal detectors at Jerusalem holy site


Malice on the Mount: The hate behind the latest Mideast crisis


Palestinians' latest excuse for rioting




In Jordan, a Killing Threatens to Upend Peace with Israel


Jordanian police threaten to jail Israeli pilgrims for praying


Thousands of Jordanians protest killing of teenager in embassy, chant 'Death to Israel'


Furious Jordan MPs protest release of Israeli Embassy guard


Jordan releases shocking security footage showing one of their soldiers killing three U.S. Army Green Berets - despite the Americans waving their hands in peace 




Trump: Hezbollah a 'menace' to the Middle East




The Left Against (Even) the Left




Tucker Carlson to Keep Asking Maxine Waters 'Where Did the Money Come From?' - Even if She Calls Him 'Racist'


MSNBC finishes first in primetime basic cable for first time ever


Twitter erupts over rumors of O'Reilly-Hannity TV venture


Losing: Megyn Kelly Hits Yet Another Viewership Low


MSNBC’s Joy Reid Makes Three Factual Errors in One Tweet


Trump accuses Washington Post of being 'lobbyist weapon' for Amazon




112,000,000: Medicaid Enrollees Set to Climb 40,000,000 Under Obamacare


Medicaid Patients With Glaucoma Received Less Testing Than Those With Commercial Health Insurance




Navigating Mexico's pre-& post-Hispanic identity 




Qatar to hold joint drills with US, Turkish militaries soon – defense minister to RT


Saudi education reform making real strides


Why Washington Can't Quit Qatar




'Eyes in space' and more powerful lasers will enhance US Army's arsenal


US Navy ship fires warning shots near Iranian boat


Defense Department Gives $1.2 Million of Equipment to Fake Law Enforcement Agency


US 'may send arms' to Ukraine, says new envoy


Mattis Takes Pentagon To Task For Blowing Money On Afghan Army Camouflage Uniforms    (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


Chinese fighter jets intercept US Navy plane


US soldier pleads not guilty to support for Islamic State


America May Soon Find Itself in an Underwater War with China


Servicemember charged with sexually assaulting woman in South Korea


92-year-old veteran attacked while protecting American flag




The Necessity of Missile Defense




Justin Bieber cancels rest of world tour




Houston, we have a financial problem: Space Center forced to launch Kickstarter campaign to restore NASA's Apollo Mission control




Using diet to counter the effects of multiple sclerosis




Pakistan: Muslims murder 25, injure 39 in jihad suicide blast targeting police


NIA probe unearths how Pakistan uses WhatsApp to fuel terror in Kashmir


Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif accuses India of ‘harming’ Saarc by ‘casting shadows of bilateral issues’


26 ppl killed in a bombing attack near Ferozepur Road Lahore




Suing for peace, Duterte begets all-out war instead  (President Rodrigo Duterte)




New York’s PC war on art




DeMint to launch new conservative group: report (Former Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint is reportedly launching a new group for conservatives aimed at helping new lawmakers deal with GOP leadership.)




Shining a light on prescription drug pricing




…Limbaugh: If Trump Upset, Abuse **Rosenstein**


Rush Limbaugh: Sessions Won’t Quit as AG — Trump Will Have to ‘Dismiss Him’


Limbaugh Questions Why Media Chose To Ignore A Huge Story




Why Did Russia Send Sergei Gorkov to Meet With Jared Kushner?


Three Good Reasons Why Russia May Not Actually Need a Supercarrier


Russia's $70 Billion ‘Secret’ Spending Lets Money Do the Talking


Putin Campaign Strategists Struggle To Come Up With A 'Vision Of The Future' That He Can Run On (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Putin, Iraqi vice-president discuss possible supplies of T-90 tanks 


Cooperation with Russia becomes central to Trump strategy in Syria


Are Russia and America Headed for a Showdown?


Russia Is Not Happy with Trump's 'Reset'




Study finds one way that money can actually buy happiness




Senate GOP votes to open health-care debate


McCain greeted with emotional applause in return to Senate after cancer diagnosis (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


Susan Collins caught on hot mic calling Rep. Farenthold 'unattractive' and 'fat'


Manafort testifies before Senate Intelligence Committee, submits Trump Tower meeting notes


Sen. Shelby: Jeff Sessions is not Trump's personal lawyer


Republican senators speak out in support of Sessions


Senate Republicans who defected on health care test vote


Liberals Stop Pretending to Care About John McCain After His Health Care Vote


Poll: Voters Have Given Up on Obamacare Repeal


GOP hurtles toward healthcare vote despite questions on bill details, vote count


Chuck Schumer: A Better Deal for American Workers  (By Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


Angry Lawmaker Singles Out 'Female Senators' Over Health Vote


Mitch McConnell begs GOP to begin debate on health care (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


Sen. Young: Reform Foreign Aid and Development Assistance Programs (US Senator of Indiana Todd Young (R)


Schumer's Criticism of Hillary Is Worse Than It Seems  (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


Kid Rock Leads in New Michigan Senate Poll


How Kid Rock Can Win Michigan’s 2018 Senate Seat


Cruz denies he is being considered for attorney general (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)


Rep. Mo Brooks uses Scalise shooting audio in campaign ad


Unhappy senators complain about healthcare process


Schumer Unveils Dems' 'Better Deal': 'Old-Fashioned Capitalism Has Broken Down'


Corker: 'We still have a lot of work to do' on Russia sanctions (US Senator of Tennessee Bob Corker (R)


McCain to return to Washington for health-care bill vote   (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


Dem senator: Trump's 'icky' Boy Scout speech left 'my stomach in knots'


Health Care Is Still in Danger


McCain’s return injects momentum into GOP health-care battle ahead of key vote


Senate confirms David Bernhardt as Interior Dept.’s second in command despite conflict-of-interest claims


Senate healthcare vote presents major test for GOP and Trump





Child Sex Trafficking, a Pervasive but Hidden Crime




Facebook Cafeteria Workers Accept Union Friend Request


Facebook Worker living in garage to Zuckerberg: challenges are right outside your doo




Seoul to Push Washington to Lift Missile Restrictions


[Exclusive] US initially proposed 9 THAAD launchers: source


Three typhoons heading for Korean Peninsula


Korea ups economic growth forecast to 3% for 2017


Boosting households' income top priority


Seoul seeks to double weight of warhead to 1 ton




Video: Knife-wielding Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” wounds Spanish cop at Melilla border





Police: NFL player cut from team was misidentified as thief


Brain disease found in 110 of 111 brains from former NFL players


Ole Miss coach resigns amid scandal, requests prayer


Former MVP Rose, Cavs finalizing one-year deal


Arrested WR just the latest to sully Cowboys brand


MLB Scoreboard




 Sri Lanka renegotiates port deal with China





Great white shark lurks off California beach in stunning drone video


Severe, chronic flooding will devastate California coast as sea levels rise, experts say





State Dept. in ‘Open War’ With White House


State Department: Tillerson Not Resigning, ‘Just Taking a Little Time Off’ (US Secretary of State Rex W Tillerson)


State Department Lawyers Removing References to ISIS ‘Genocide’ Against Christians, Other Religious Minorities


Feds Spending $32,000 for Poetry Slams, Puppet Shows in Hyderabad


Rexit? Rex Tillerson 'to quit as Donald Trump's secretary of state before the end of the year'


Kredo: State Department Has Gone Rogue on Israel





Hunter commits suicide after animal activists cyberbully her: report




Five 99Rise protesters get jail time for disrupting Supreme Court





China mediates to form communication among factions in Syria: Envoy


Syrian forces battle ISIS for the city of Raqqa


De-conflict deals show Syrian rebels know victory is out of sight


It’s Good For America, Not Russia, To Stop The CIA From Funding Syrian Jihadists


The Syria Chess Board: An Exercise In Strategic Carnage




TIER raises GDP growth forecast


Five arrested for hiring out illegal migrants, rape


Outbreak of H5N6 strain of bird flu over, COA says


US lauds Taipei’s fight against trafficking





Adobe to Pull Plug on Flash, Ending an Era




'2nd  revolution' coming, warn black nationalist terrorists





NAFTA Should Be About Free Trade, Not Minimum Wage Mandates





Forcing girls to compete against transgender boys is insane


Transgenderism and the Reformation: How Martin Luther Blew It




It Is Past Time to Privatize the TSA




Turkey Opens Trial of 17 Journalists on Terrorism Charges


Trial of Turkish daily Cumhuriyet journalists, executives continues on second day


US agency provided intelligence on Turkish cargo ship Aegean: report


Germany will be the one to pay the price if it imposes an embargo on Turkey: Erdoğan (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


No harm in buying Russian missile defense system, Turkish President Erdoğan says


Leaders unite in condemning synagogue attack in Istanbul


NATO offers to broker compromise in Turkish-German row


Russia, Turkey to discuss ‘tomato issue’ in August


Erdogan announces deal with Russia on S-400 air defense missile systems




The Uber ride from hell: Horrified passenger films 'intoxicated prostitute in the front seat performing oral sex on driver - and all company did was offer $10 credit'





FTSE 100 ends higher as commodity stocks climb, factory production roars


Hospital Refuses to Allow Charlie Gard to Go Home Claiming His Ventilator Won’t Fit Through the Door


Charlie Gard's family asks to let boy die at home


Charlie Gard’s Parents: Hospital Making It Difficult to Take Him Home


Guardian Op-Ed on Charlie Gard: ‘Children Do Not Belong to Their Parents’


Charlie Gard’s Parents Will Ask Court to Allow Him to Come Home to Die


The Enduring Lesson of Charlie Gard


UK: Police vow “You can’t hide from us if your spewing abuse from behind a computer screen”


Sharia UK: London police ask ex-Muslims to pull “Allah Is Gay” sign, but allow “Jesus Is Gay” to stay


London ‘honor killing’ victim ‘raped, murdered & stuffed in freezer for dating Arab Muslim’


Parents spending 'last moments' with Charlie


The Evidence Is In – The U.K. Is Trying To Kill Baby Charlie Gard


Charlie Gard’s Mother: “We’re So Sorry We Couldn’t Save You Charlie”


Family ends fight to take Charlie Gard to US 


Charlie Gard's parents: Son victim of 'wasted time'


Baby Charlie Shows The System For The Monster It Really Is


Charlie Gard’s Fight Coming to a Close, but His Legacy Will Live On


UK single payer healthcare system succeeds in its effort to guarantee the death of Charlie Gard


Connie Yates Tells the Inside Story of What Was Not Done for Charlie Gard


Video: Uber Driver Refuses Service Over Criticism of Islam (Incident is a direct violation of UK law)


Judge in Charlie Gard Case Trashes “Social Media” and “Ill-Informed” Public Supporting His Parents


Would Baby Charlie Have Gotten Death Sentence if Not a White Male?


Terri Schiavo’s Brother: Shameful That Charlie Gard’s Parents Never Had the Right to Get Treatment


Charlie Gard’s Parents Blame Hospital: “Their Delay” Made It Too Late for Experimental Treatment


'We had a chance and we were not allowed': Charlie Gard's parents blame hospital as they end legal fight to save baby's life


Bank of England warns of complacency over big rise in personal debt


US, UK officials launch trade forum


BBC Pressure on Ofcom grows to force increase in diversity


British tourists losing £500 million a year by paying in Sterling when making card purchases abroad


Half of children needing summer food bank support are in primary school


Minimum alcohol pricing on its way ‘as soon as practicable’ (Scotland)


EasyJet to hire more than 1,000 cabin crew staff


Rise in loans dangerous, says Bank official


Queen’s former chaplain leads vicar rebellion over gay marriage 


Leaseholds on new-build houses in England to be banned


Older people should be given dogs on prescription to increase activity


Secret transgender Victorian surgeon feted by Heritage England


'Internet of things' will leave home gadgets vulnerable to hacks, senior police officer warns


Brexit Labour at loggerheads over staying in customs union


Warning over UK vet numbers after Brexit




Russia Looks to U.N. to Help It Profit From Syria Conquests




Charter fishing trip lands 926-pound mako shark




Pope Francis’ unwillingness to meet with dubia Cardinals baffles former Vatican doctrine chief





Despacito stars condemn Venezuelan leader




Western Values Are Superior




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Scaramucci Attacks Media for Reporting on News That He Leaked


Bachmann: Trump is 'Man of Prayer' and 'Wants to Lift up the God of the Bible'


Trump Heaps More Criticism on Sessions in Tuesday Tweets


GOP Lawmaker ‘Very Concerned’ About ‘Drama, Chaos, Instability and Dysfunction’ at WH


Watch Live: Congressman Warns of Plan to Take Out Trump Suddenly


Trump Pushes Obamacare Repeal: 'Obamacare Is Death!'


Trump calls Obamacare ‘big fat ugly lie,’ demands Senate vote for repeal


New Trump Communication Chief Scaramucci: ‘The TV Cameras Are Back On’


Kushner exposed Russia probe as ‘witch hunt,’ ‘hoax,’ says White House


Kushner denies colluding with Russia, says Trump ran 'smarter campaign'


Sarah Huckabee Sanders unbelievably blasted as ‘butch queen’ (White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders)


Daily Beast writer slammed for calling White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee a 'butch queen'


Kushner contradicts Trump team's denials of Russia contacts


To Sink Trump Is to Sink Ordinary Americans


Trump Pushes Back on Plan for Afghanistan Troop Surge


Jared Kushner ‘forgets’ to disclose his assets? Seize them.


Caddell: Deep State Is Willing to Risk U.S. National Security to Damage Trump


Here's What Voters Think About A Trump Impeachment -- It's Pretty Surprising


Why Anthony Scaramucci won’t make a dent in Trump’s problems


Donald Trump Is a Nightmare Boss

Fact check: Can Trump really pardon himself?


Trump nominates two former lawmakers to administration positions


The Kook, ‘the Mooch’ and the Loot  (The communications problem in this administration is that no one cares about the truth.)


Incoming White House communications director moves toward possible staff purge


Jared Kushner’s only excuse: He has no idea what he’s doing


Trump's White House could be the first since James Polk's – 168 years ago! – to have no presidential pets


Top Evangelicals Rush to Defend Kushner


Jared Kushner Rebuts Fake News Accounts of his Contacts with Russians


Trump's closing healthcare pitch leaves Republicans wanting more  


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