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Wednesday, July 25, 2018






In Today’s Issue: 




Self Magazine Offers 15 Stomach-Turning Tips for Preparing to Kill Your Baby in an Abortion


Abortion and the Brett Kavanaugh Hearings: A Plan for Senate Republicans  (Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh)


Court Drops Bogus Charges Against David Daleiden for Exposing Planned Parenthood Baby Part Sales


Planned Parenthood “Power of Pink” Convention Will Teach Women How to Brag About Their Abortions


2 Catholic priests, 2 activists arrested for pro-life witness inside abortion center


Horror Story of Abortionist Kermit Gosnell Heading to 750 Theaters in October


Pro-Abortion Sen. Elizabeth Warren Quotes Bible to Slam Brett Kavanaugh: “We’re on the Moral Side”


California soon may be first state to require public universities to offer abortion pills


FDA Report: Abortion Pill Kills 22 Women, Injures Thousands More


15 Ways to Mentally and Physically Prepare for Your Abortion Procedure


Planned Parenthood Drops New Ad Campaign “Protect Our Freedom to F—” After Massive Opposition


Abortion is much more than a woman's 'choice'


Pro-Abortion Pollster Admits “Women are Less Likely to be Pro-Choice” Than Men


Church of Scientology settles LA suit with ex-member claiming coerced abortion and that she had to work as a pre-teen


NBC/WSJ Poll Falsely Claims Americans Support Roe v. Wade. Here’s Why That’s Misleading


Trump makes abortion rights more popular than ever


Investigation Launched After Woman Goes to Abortion Clinic For Appointment and Gives Birth Instead


Sponsor says Tennessee case prompted Alabama abortion amendment


Comedian Lizz Winstead: Women “Need” Abortions Because Abortion “is Part of Health Care for People”


Kentucky Ultrasound Abortion Requirement Back In Court Wednesday


Massachusetts Passes Bill to OK Killing Babies in Abortions if Roe Overturned


15-year-old raped by brother jailed for having abortion


Alabama Legislator Proposes Constitutional Amendment Saying There’s No Right to Abortion


How pro-lifers are saving more babies from abortion in Florida than ever before


How to care for yourself after an abortion


Pro-Life Group Endorses Patrick Morrisey in West Virginia Over “Pro-Life” Senator Joe Manchin


Illinois Candidate Pushes Free Abortions as She Challenges Top Pro-Life Attorney in State Legislative Race


If Brett Kavanaugh Confirmed for Supreme Court, Abortions on Babies With Down Syndrome May be Banned


Pro-abortion MPs try to outmaneuver Northern Ireland Assembly


Woman’s Aunt Kidnaps Her. She and Three Men Kill Her 8-Month-Old Baby in an Abortion (Africa)


Argentinean president will excommunicate himself if he signs pro-abortion law: Catholic priest


Amazing Images Show 13,285 Booties Outside New Zealand Parliament for Every Baby Dying in Abortion


Pro-Life Group Kicked of Out County Fair Because of “Inappropriate” Display of Fetal Models  (Britain)


Ireland Will Force Catholic Hospitals to Do Abortions: “They Will Be Expected” to Kill Babies




State Dept. official met with Taliban to kick-start Afghanistan peace ...


US military says investigating Afghanistan air strike


Afghanistan: 40 years of instability, is there hope for peace?


U.S. strikes in Afghanistan up 78% from last year


Watchdog says U.S. wasted more than $15 billion in past 11 years in Afghanistan


U.S. Envoy, Taliban Officials Meet to Discuss Afghan Peace Talks 




In South Africa, Obama Outlines Globalist Agenda for Humanity


South Sudan’s Competing Factions In New Bid To End Civil War


Building on change in Zimbabwe





Soybean farmer calls Trump's $12 billion aid plan a "pacifier"





Dramatic Video: Woman refuses to sit down on flight in effort to stop man's deportation to Afghanistan



‘Existential threat’: Environmentalists challenge Army Corps of Engineers over Sandy rebuilding



Lao dam disaster points to Communist Party failings





The Australian dollar is looking perky


 Australian Market Declines 




Sergio Marchionne, the CEO who saved Fiat and Chrysler, has die


GM Falls Victim to Trump’s Trade War


Good news: Your Tesla Model 3 is finally ready. Bad news: It may take weeks to get it serviced




TSX down due to auto parts manufacturers, Canadian dollar moves up


It’s Official: Toronto Muslim Gunman Not A Terrorist


Toronto Police Chief: “No evidence to support” Islamic State’s claim of responsibility for shooting


"No evidence" ISIS behind Toronto shooting as young victim ID'd


For Canadians, CNN is the Most Trusted Name in News


The People to Toronto Mayor John Tory: “Just the Facts, Man!”


Toronto Discovers the Joys of 'Diversity'


Toronto jihadi family’s statement crafted by spin doctor linked to Muslim Brotherhood





China Looks to Increase Influence in S. Africa with Million-Dollar Deal


Major U.S. airlines bow to China's "Orwellian" demands


Experts: China Waging War Against the U.S.


China's Aggression Is Starting to Backfire





N Korea sends positive signal by dismantling satellite site


Kim Is Not Denuclearizing Quickly—What Did Trump Expect?  (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


American man seeks return of his civilian father’s remains from N. Korea




Lawmakers say NDAA provisions combat Russian, Chinese threats


Congress blocks F-35 fighter shipments to Turkey


Congress calls for transparency in health funding




Amazon poised to surpass Apple in top market value


Think the Trump trade tariffs are barely affecting company earnings? Think again





Manafort jurors in VA won't hear about collusion


Foster Families Will Continue Religious Liberty Suit


Federal Court Says Hawaii Must Allow Open Carry of Guns


Judge: Release immigrant held after Army base pizza delivery


Liberal Ninth Circuit Court backs right to carry firearms in public spaces


1,012 migrant parents reunited with children after latest hearing, US says


Doomed duck boat's designer had no engineering training, court documents reveal




Woman arrested after newborn was kidnapped, set on fire, police say


Woman kills Army vet fiancé after argument over wedding guest, police say


Woman in 'loveless marriage' can't divorce husband, court rules


A Tale of Two Killings  (Chicago erupts in violence over a police shooting, but no outrage attends the far more typical killing of a bystander by a murderous felon.)


Teacher busted over sex with student is principal’s wife: cops


LAPD officer fired bullet that killed Trader Joe's employee during weekend standoff, chief says




Pa. Dem Criticized Ruling to Uphold Laws Protecting Sexually Abused Children


Steyer Begins Push for Florida Gov. Candidate Trailing in Polls



Dems Offer Watered-Down Trump Economic Agenda After 'Listening' To America




Lisa Kennedy: Trump's $12B agriculture relief package is 'farm welfare'


Farmers Prefer Free Trade Over Aid




U.S. stocks rally as Trump secures concessions to avert EU-U.S. trade clash


Homebuilders Fall to 10-Month Low on Sales Data, Earnings Miss


The S&P 500 just ended its longest stint in correction territory since 1984


Asia stocks track Wall Street gains, U.S.-EU meet keeps trade in focus


Asian stocks trade mixed as recent China bounce wavers


Is Trump now hobbling an economy he earlier set free?


Gold ends 2-session skid as buck slips, but metal hangs near 2018 low


U.S. Business Leaders Are ‘Bullish’ Amid Worldwide Instability


American Steelmakers Are Thriving





High school senior, 18, wins $25G, apology over Trump T-shirt


Ivy League Degree for the Nontraditional Student


More Than Just Bathrooms


A More Restrictive Rule for Defrauded Borrowers


Socialism: The Slouching Beast on Our Campuses


Student: Why the hell can’t I wear a Trump shirt?


A new game show is paying off contestants’ student loans




President's pick Kemp tops NRA-endorsed Cagle in GOP gov. runoff  (Georgia)


2 women win Georgia Dem runoffs, extending streak for female candidates





Why Hillary Won't Run...Again


As Gillibrand Pushes Left, Is She Preparing for 2020 Campaign? (US Senator of New York Kirsten Gillibrand (D)


Why Hillary Won't Run...Again




Oil ends higher, buoyed by drop in U.S. crude inventories


Energy Prices





Chicago beats out New York City, Boston and Washington, D.C., as America's 'rat capital'




Trump administration hopes to curb states’ authority and freeze standards on fuel efficiency




European stocks close lower as traders brace for Trump-Juncker summit


Sweden: Muslim migrants get five months’ youth detention for prolonged, bloody, filmed gang rape of 13-year-old girl




Texas dad bars hospital door, prevents doctors from removing son’s life support





The Big Picture on the Carter Page FISA  (With all the discussion of the FISA warrants, we must avoid missing the forest for the trees.)


At Best, The FBI Misled The Court To Wiretap Trump Campaign, FISA Application Shows


The Big Picture on the Carter Page FISA  (With all the discussion of the FISA warrants, we must avoid missing the forest for the trees.)




Reasonable vs. Unhinged Criticisms of Trump’s Foreign Policy


Trump’s foreign policy at half-time


Trump can’t win at foreign policy the way he wins at golf




Heatwave warnings extended across France as temperatures edge higher


French police 'spot fugitive gangster in car with explosives'




Antifa in Germany publish rioting how-to booklet


Should Germany be scared of forest fires?


Germany jails Vietnamese man who aided Cold War-style abduction





MSNBC’s Chris Hayes: Covering Climate Change Is a ‘Palpable Ratings Killer’


This NY artist painted a Wu-Tang-inspired mural on climate change





Don’t Buy the Polls Showing Republican Approval of Trump’s Helsinki Performance


John Cox Takes On California’s ‘Out-of-Touch Elites’  (California)


Polls say most Republicans approve of Trump's Helsinki summit performance. Don't believe it





Lost Among the Flames in Greece, They Died on the Stairs to Safety






Teen infested with hookworms after trip to beach





Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star smashed to pieces




Trump is sending LGBTQ migrants ‘back to hell’




Bob Goodlatte Hits the Jackpot!  (With conservatives like US Representative of Virginia Bob Goodlatte (R) who needs enemies?)


Conservative Groups Praise Congressional Hearing to Address State Taxes on Internet Sales


Republican bill would stop US embassies flying gay ‘pride’ flags


Maxine Waters' office receives package labeled 'Anne Thrax'  (US Representative of California Maxine Waters (D)


Georgia lawmaker who came under fire after yelling 'n-word' says he'll quit


See highlight reel of Dems' socialist star  (Democrat candidate US Representative of New York Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Socialist)


Democrats furious over congressman’s Ocasio-Cortez diss


Maxine Waters Claims God Sent Her to Get Donald Trump


Republicans Roll Out Tax Cuts 2.0




One woman killed, another missing as storms deluge eastern U.S.


Fear-mongering hides the obvious truth: America thrives as a nation because of immigration


Immigrants Change Cultures


Reunited, but not relieved, migrant families wonder what’s next


Over 450 Migrants Are Deported Without Their Children



Portland ICE Occupiers Finally Evicted After Terrorizing Neighborhood, Shutting Down Food Cart, Spewing Racial Slurs at Cops





India: Muslim politician says Islamic instant divorce saves “cheating” wives from murder 


‘What is rape, Mom?’: A small town in India grapples with how to protect children 




Flint’s Urban Death Spiral (A new book chronicles and analyzes the Michigan city’s water crisis.)


No Detectable Lead Poisoning in Flint After All




Our Counter-Intelligence System Is Broken




Christians in Iran Seized from Homes, including Violent Imprisonment of Pastor


Iran Flirts With Disaster


Iran Hawks Think It’s 1989, Not 2003




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Wednesday, July 25, 2018)


Palestinians: White House Mideast peace plan "dead upon arrival"


Hamas Ups The Ante By Recruiting Hundreds Of Children For Friday Protest


Israeli bulldozers demolish water pipeline in Palestinian village


Palestinian Authority (PA) President 'Abbas: 'If We Had Only A Single Penny Left, We Would Pay It To Families Of The Martyrs And Prisoners'


Fallen Western Wall Stone Moved, As Thorough Examination Of Site Underway


Russia’s Command in Syria Thanks the IDF for Attacking ISIS  (Israel Defense Forces)


Israel demolishes Bedouin kindergarten, women's center


One Hundred Kilometers Between War & Peace in Syria?


Palestinian female writer deprived of sleep in Israeli interrogation


Palestinian Envoy Zomlot: American Youth, Not Trump, Key To The Future


Hamas: The Enemy Will Pay a Heavy Price for the Death of our People


Cracks Emerge In Palestinian Authority’s Boycott Of U.S. Peace Plan


Gaza: A problem Without a Solution


Who’s Afraid of a Jewish State?


An Israeli David’s Sling missile falls into Russian and Syrian hands




The Left Finds Its Alger Hiss




Rachel Maddow Falsely Accuses White House of Editing out Damaging Question From Putin Presser  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin) 


Michael Cohen: Aided and Abetted By CNN: The Worm Turns


Biased Media And Average Americans Not In Sync On What's Important; Why Are We Not Surprised?


Exclusive: CNN obtains secret Trump-Cohen tape


Roseanne to sit down with Hannity in first television interview since ABC canceled show




Maine Showdown on Medicaid Expansion: Governor vs. Voters




Six Islamic State Leaders Killed in Iraq, Syria by Coalition Forces Since April





National Guard border deployment 'nothing more than political show,' lawmaker says


Fort Hood suspends training because of sprawling wildfire


Camp Pendleton Navy corpsman killed in ambush by ex-Marine neighbor


Special Forces leader cites 'stupid' shooting, adultery, alcohol in team’s disciplinary breakdown


Veterans Embrace Trump’s Military Focus




Demi Lovato reportedly responsive after hospitalization for apparent heroin overdose





Oops! San Francisco Bubble Tea Company Throws Support Behind Straw Ban Without Realizing It Also Bans All Feasible Replacement Straws




NASA’s next great space telescope is stuck on Earth




Early results show Khan leads Pakistan election marred by rigging ...


Millions vote in Pakistan election after Quetta suicide blas


Pakistan's National Elections Are Marred By Violence






Kraft recalls Taco Bell cheese dip due to botulism risk


Ritz and Goldfish crackers among the growing list of related food recalls for possible salmonella contamination


Blood Pressure Meds Are Being Recalled — Here’s What to Know





Tech Workers Don't Eat at Enough Local Restaurants? Better Ban Workplace Cafeterias!




Russia Expert Sveshnikova: After The Helsinki Summit, Iran Is Desperate To Show That The Russia-Iran Alliance Remains Intact


Russians Arrest NATO Spy Suspects in Probe of Hypersonic Missile Secrets


Russia's Shifting Defense Establishment


The inconvenient truth Putin Republicans won't admit  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


How Much Leverage Does Russia Really Have over Germany?




Now judge fights same-sex 'marriage' mandate on religious grounds





No, the 'Stand Your Ground' law doesn't protect Florida killer





McCaskill Says Her ‘Jaw Dropped’ at $1k Cost for GOP Fundraiser With Trump. It Cost $98k to Host Her Fundraiser With Obama.  (US Senator of Missouri Claire McCaskill (D)


Liz Peek: Chuck Schumer’s about to have a very bad week. Here's why(Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


Warren Campaign Receives Thousands From Bain Executive, State Lobbyist(US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


Privacy, Surveillance Views Central to Kavanaugh Confirmation Battle  (Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh)


Tammy Baldwin (D-Wisconsin) Surpasses $200,000 in Bundled Contributions From D.C. Lobbyists


New Kamala Harris Bill Asks Federal Taxpayers to Subsidize California's High Housing Costs (US Senator of California Kamala Harris (D)


…Kamala Harris: Tape ‘Certainly Raises Questions’


Cory Booker: Brett Kavanaugh Supporters ‘Complicit In Evil’  (US Senator of New Jersey Cory Booker (D)


White House counsel huddles with GOP senators on dispute over Kavanaugh documents


Why Gun Grabbers Are All In To Defeat Kavanaugh Nomination    (Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh)





Chicago's Next Really Bad Idea: A Guaranteed Basic Income


Democratic socialists stage a summertime comeback




Sandy Hook parents hit Facebook for allowing lies about massacre


Facebook offers opaque update on election security




South Korea F-35A Pilot Flies First Solo Mission





SPLC ignores Islamic anti-Semitism, warns about the danger to Muslims of Holocaust denial





SpaceX launches 10 more Iridium satellites


There's evidence of a lake beneath the surface of Mars 




"Discrimination": Serena Williams drug tested more than other stars


NFL star accused of paying woman for sex, report says


MLB Scoreboard





Conn. lawmaker faces outrage after kneeling during Pledge in Trump protest


Cuomo seems ready to double down on another white elephant  (Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo (D)


Scorching heat, wildfires, flooding hammer wide swath of U.S.





Religious Freedom forum draws attention to persecution, false imprisonment and re-education camps


Pompeo faces GOP grilling on Russia, North Korea  (US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo)




MSNBC Takes Brett Kavanaugh Quote Out of Context to Claim He’s ” Far Out the Mainstream”   (Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh)




Russia just proved it doesn't have control in Syria





'View' stars Joy Behar, Meghan McCain clash over normalizing Dem Socialism




Exclusive: Obama Administration Knowingly Funded a Designated Al-Qaeda Affiliate





U.S. and Mexico Resuming NAFTA Renegotiations


Larry Kudlow on trade disputes: "Don't blame Trump


How the Trade War Could Backfire and Cost America Its Economic Security


Trump can't bail out all Americans hurt by his trade war


Former GM Exec: Trump’s Trade Policy Will Make U.S. ‘Winner’





Detained American Pastor in Turkey to Be Moved From Jail to House Arrest


Erdogan: “Spirit of Hitler” lives on in Israel because of new nation state law (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Turkey: Is President Erdogan The New State Of Emergency? 




John Goodman Shills for Forced Union Membership 





FTSE 100 closes in the red as Trump-Juncker meeting may ‘dampen sentiment’


British woman thought deadly nerve agent was perfume


Bishop rebukes Scottish LGBT activist for slamming fellow priest


Attacking A Toddler in Worcester


UK public health service accused of giving kids with autism sex change drugs


British Government Preparing to Secure Food and Medicine For ‘No Deal’ Brexit


Five Men Charged in UK Over Acid Attack on 3-Year-Old Boy




Haley slams Arab states' 'cheap talk' on Palestine  (US United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley)


Trump exposes United Nations hypocrisy on PLO, Hamas and Israel


U.N. Human Rights Chief ‘Utterly Appalled’ by Video of Extrajudicial Executions in Cameroon


Nikki Haley calls out the internet trolls  (US United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley)




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump blasts Cohen over secret tape


Dershowitz says tapes show 'no crime,' as Trump rips Cohen in Playboy model story claim


Melania Trump will watch 'any channel she wants,' spokeswoman says


Trump tape is about 'lies and truth,' Cohen's lawyer says


Europeans offer Trump 2 options to defuse trade war


U.S. ambassador appealing to White House after Putin's "incredible offer"  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Putin’s Soccer Ball for Trump Had Transmitter Chip, Logo Indicates  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Hollywood Left and Never-Trumpers Unite To Hound President


The Cohen Tapes: Trump’s Watergate?


Trump Puts the Deep State on Notice


Giuliani slams 'outrageous' Trump-Cohen tape leak, claims audio ends at key point


Did Obama, Brennan And Clinton Illegally Collude To Take Trump Down?


Hume on accusations of treason against Trump: 'We now inhabit an age of exaggeration'


Bret Baier says Trump loves messing with biased reporters: ‘He wants heads to explode’


Former GOP governor calls for Trump's resignation: 'Unfit to remain in office'


Hear the secret Trump recording


Trump sees vindication as intel reports North Koreans are dismantling key missile site


Cohen tape suggests Trump knew of model’s deal to sell story of alleged affair


Trump’s Timing on Nuclear Threats Confounds Experts


Ivanka Trump shuts down her namesake clothing brand


These 2 Trump Allies Saw Dollar Signs. It Hasn’t Worked Out.


Giuliani on Trump-Cohen audio: 'I've dealt with much worse tapes than this'


Will Trump's Pressure Campaign Work?


Trump: United States Ready to Make a ‘Real Deal’ With Iran


Trump announces major trade concessions from EU officials on soybeans, energy, tariffs




WTO Chief Issues Rallying Cry for Trade as Trump Targets EU Cars


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