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Wednesday, July 19, 2017






In Today’s Issue: 




Woman Sues Hospital Because Abortion Failed to Kill Her Baby


…Republican Senators to Protect Planned Parenthood Funds in Obamacare Repeal


Abortion Activists: The Most Effective Way to Fight Global Warming? Don’t Have Kids


Challenge to abortion law in judge's hands  (Iowa)


Planned Parenthood Opening New Abortion Clinic in Oklahoma City


A New Front in the War Over Reproductive Rights: ‘Abortion-Pill Reversal’


Judge Fines David Daleiden $137,000 for Exposing Planned Parenthood Selling Aborted Baby Parts


Florida’s abortion waiting period goes back to court


California Judge Slams State Law Forcing Pregnancy Centers to Promote Abortions


Three Republicans blocking final effort to defund Planned Parenthood, repeal Obamacare


Controversial bill blocking abortion training at UW brings heated debate


Teen Drama “The Bold Type” Promotes Planned Parenthood and Its Abortion Agenda


'Abortion-Pill Reversal' Gains Traction Among Anti-Abortion Advocates 


Anti-abortion group returning to town, vows to fight any buffer zone at clinic


Fox News hates that an Oregon bill provides immigrants with health care -- including abortion


Anti-Abortion Activists Have a Scary New Tactic: Encouraging Women to 'Reverse' the Abortion Pill


Briana DeJesus: ‘Teen Mom’ Admits SheConsidered An Abortion When PregnantWith 2nd  Daughter


Second-Wave Feminism Hasn’t Been a Victory for Women


Arkansas is turning into a modern day Handmaid’s Tale


Canadian Health Official Wants Free Abortions for All Women


Missouri GOP Sen. Koenig breaks down abortion-regulations bill ahead of special session resuming


Court Protects Raped 10-Year-Old and Her Baby, Rejects Abortion (India)


Notorious abortionist lauded by Pope Francis to speak at Catholic church in Italy




Afghan girls team shines at US robotics competition


Privatizing The War In Afghanistan




Trump administration letting Africa's crises drift: Experts


Tunisia bans Wonder Woman film over Israeli star




30 bullets found in American Airlines worker's carry-on




Netanyahu: “Hungary ‘at forefront’ of fight against anti-Semitism” (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)




D.C. Begins Implementing Assisted Suicide, GOP Congress Likely to Oppose




Big bank relief rally drives ASX 0.8pc higher


It's just a 'matter of time' until the Australian dollar is back above 80 cents


Apple flies in top executives to lobby Turnbull government on encryption laws


Australia: Muslim vandalizes 68 graves, avoids jail


Australia Greens lose two senators after their dual citizenship is revealed





A Brighter Future for Electric Cars and the Planet




To stop the heroin, build the wall




Toronto stock index rises moderately amid surge in energy sector


Canada: Not just Omar Khadr, but three other Muslims received massive payments and government apologies


Two Canadians among 20 women and girls captured in Mosul, reports say


'Shocked and Hurt' Franklin Graham Rips Canada Payout to Terrorist


Family has HIV testing after catheter alleged in ice cream


Canadian retailers say they’ll be hurt by a revised NAFTA


Mould was 'dripping' from the ceiling of warship, says former officer


Purdue agrees to pay $20-million in Oxy addiction settlement


'I couldn't breathe': Sask. man narrowly escapes after vehicle catches fire


Governor General breaks royal protocol by touching Queen Elizabeth II


Canada’s Terrorist Sweepstakes (Muslim militant bags $10.5 million, plus an apology.)


Statistics Canada says manufacturing sales up for third consecutive month


Air Canada near-miss at San Francisco airport was CLOSER to disaster than first thought: Flight with 140 people aboard came just 26 FEET and five SECONDS from striking taxiing planes carrying 1,000 people


B.C. Premier John Horgan expands state of emergency over wildfires


Refugees who helped Edward Snowden now look to Canada as their only hope


Defaced Koran sent to Quebec mosque before Muslim cemetery vote


Canadian town says no to Muslim cemetery


How the Bank of Canada's rate hike could spell trouble for Trudeau’s middle-class dream (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)




Caitlyn Jenner Mopped The Floor With Jimmy Kimmel When She Defended Trump's Accomplishments




'China moved huge military hardware into Tibet'


New Climate “Hero” China Building Hundreds of New Coal Plants


China blocks WhatsApp as Internet restrictions tighten


How China's Navy Is Preparing to Fight in the 'Far Seas'


Behind a Chinese Giant, a Web of Family Financial Ties


How China tames dissent on the Internet


Malala Yousafzai condemns China over treatment of Liu Xiaobo




 North Korea firing squad carries out public executions in school yards, report says


Police probe defector's sudden reappearance in North Korea


North Korea's Nukes Will Only Go If Kim Gets to Stay  (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


North Korea Has Missiles That Can Reach US, Says General


North Korea publicly executes people for theft: report


Activists are mapping sites of mass killings and burials in North Korea


The other North Korean threat





Does Congress have a problem with pork? Here are five possible examples in the 2017 budget.


Why Ryan and McConnell should go for a big deal with Democrats (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)/Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


Congress scrambling to keep key VA health program funded past August


It’s Crying Time Again (Republicans have only one way out, if they know what’s good for them (which they never do)





Senate Health Bill Falls Victim To The CBO's Incredibly Bad Uninsured Math




MS-13 ‘initiation killings’: Lured to a park by girls and hacked to death with machetes


Lawsuit Alleges Michigan Agency Told Grandfather He’d Have to Give Up Gun Rights to Foster His Grandson


Lawsuit: New TennCare rates endanger hemophilia patients


Former Employee Testifies Shkreli Threatened Him


Teenager, 17, who stabbed a man, 52, to death after he accidentally spilled his coffee is given 20 years in prison




Married substitute teacher, 30, accused of sex acts and lewd sexting with eighth grade student


3 arrested in murder of Alabama mom, 23, found dead on side of road


Minneapolis: Muslim cop who shot unarmed woman refuses to be interviewed by investigators


There's a predictable pattern to a fatal police shooting. But not in the case of Justine Ruszczyk


This Baltimore Cop Apparently Planted Drugs. His Own Body Cam Caught Him.


Feds: Bodyguard’s gun linked to mass shooting in Little Rock club


Anti-White, Anti-Cop Vandalism In Berkeley NOT Deemed 'Hate Crime'


Killer cop Mohamed Noor was 'diversity' hire


Teacher busted for birthday sex with teen blames mental illness


10-year-old died with heroin and fentanyl in his system, Florida state attorney says


New details emerge in police-involved shooting


Minneapolis police ‘startled’ by loud noise before they fatally shot Australian woman, investigators say


Cops: Notorious 86-year-old jewel thief caught shoplifting


Man jailed for having sex with stepchild’s corpse won’t divorce wife


Alleged white nationalist to face charges in statehouse brawl that left seven stabbed last year




Cyberattack in Ukraine may not have been Russian


Russians Suspected in NotPetya Malware Attacks


Top Clinton and Romney campaign heads to jointly fight election hacking





Seth Rich: What Happened to the Surveillance Footage of FBI Vehicle Break-in? (DC police and FBI cover-up of Seth Rich murder continues.)




Joe Biden Will Autograph His Book For You -- For Hundreds Of Dollars  (Former Vice-President Joseph R Biden Jr (D)


Why de Blasio is painting rival Nicole Malliotakis as a Trump clone (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)


Power-Drunk California Democrats Must Answer To Voters




Rare form of mad cow disease found in Alabama




DHS whistleblower: Shariah threatens U.S. like 'dragon' that kills




Sessions’ Plan To Expand Slavery & Gov’t Theft  (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


Sessions to step up drug-war seizures Judge airs fight over making Justice Department legal opinions public




Adorable Baby With Down Syndrome Headlines New Yogurt Ad Campaign




Dow closes at a record, joins S&P 500, Nasdaq at all-time highs


S&P, Nasdaq at records as Vertex rallies; IBM slips


Stocks Rise as S&P 500, Nasdaq Top Records Again: Markets Wrap


Gold extends its streak of gains to four sessions by a hair


Why universal basic income is gaining support, critics


Dollar inches up from 10-month low; Aussie continues climb


Housing starts jump as construction, home buying get back on track


Why dollar weakness may have finally gone too far


Dollar on defensive, Asia shares make fresh highs


Yields in Focus as Asia Stocks Mixed; Dollar Down: Markets Wrap


Investors should brace themselves for a tumultuous ‘lost year’




Sen. Patty Murray Calls For Resignation Of Trump Official Over Accurate Campus Rape Comments (US Senator of Washington Patty Murray (D)


Study: GPAs going "up, and up, and up," but SAT scores falling


The Culling of Higher Ed Begins


This professor uses games like 'Minecraft' as virtual classrooms


When Institutions Go Left


Rallying to Defend Grants for Grad Students  (House appropriations bill eliminates funding for small but critical program supporting international research and travel by doctoral students.)


It's not crazy for Republicans to question whether colleges have a positive impact


Correcting the Record (Cal State Fullerton reinstates part-time professor after arbitrator finds no evidence that he attempted to hit a student at a pro-Trump event, as was alleged when he was fired by the university.)


Hundreds of boys physically and sexually abused at famed Catholic choir school: report


A Tweet With Consequences  (It started when a student corrected his ex’s grammar and tweeted about it. Now he is suspended, and lawyers say First Amendment issues are at stake.)


Cal State trustees grapple with boosting graduation rates and enrollment


Reaching Refugees (Southern New Hampshire University announces first phase of initiative to expand higher education access to refugees.)




Poll: Trump Jr. meeting was a bad idea


Russia Mogul’s Aide Was 8th  Person at Trump Jr. Meeting





With bill’s collapse, GOP faces uncertain electoral future in 2018




2020 Matchup Poll: Would Trump Beat Biden, Sanders, Warren, Booker, Harris, Zuckerberg...?


Run, Kamala, Run (US Senator of California Kamala Harris (D)


Whispers of Harris for President Circulate at Hampton Donor Party




Oil closes at 6-week high as U.S. inventories fall


Energy Prices


Massive fuel spill on highway contaminates groundwater


Opec: Ecuador risks split by increasing oil output





Entitlements Are Out of Control




Sea Change Foundation, Soros support many of same environmental groups




Union Boss: Hundreds of EPA Employees’ Jobs at Risk




Facing Russia threat, Ukraine and Georgia join in push West


Unable To Confront The Migrant Crisis, Europe Is Committing Suicide


Pro-Russian Separatists Announce Proposal to Abolish Ukraine, Establish ‘Little Russia'


Glacier in Swiss Alps melts, revealing couple who disappeared 70 years ago


Switzerland Country puzzles over citizenship test after lifelong resident fails





European stocks end with gains, helped by upbeat earnings


Danish anti-Islamization group plays Muslim ‘prayer call’ to wake up city mayor (Video)


EU warns Poland to suspend court reforms or risk sanctions


Hungary launches PR campaign against George Soros


Improving Muslim Integration: Sending in the Clowns  (The surreal world of Sweden's new migration policy.)


Italy: British man dies after attempting to rescue daughter in sea




Appeals court green-lights gag orders for secret FBI surveillance requests





White House backs FCC plan to reverse Obama-era ‘net neutrality’ rules




French military chief quits after Macron row (French President Emmanuel Macron)


Macron comes under fire from all angles after French military chief quits


Why Emmanuel Macron Is Now the Man to Watch in Syria


Violent storms set to lash central and southern France


Macron climate pitch to Trump earning skepticism


Nolan's Dunkirk film accused of 'rudely' ignoring France's crucial role in saving British




13,000 girls in Germany at risk of genital mutilation following refugee influx, report warns


Thousands swarm to greet Prince William and Kate in Berlin


 More than 500 boys abused at top Catholic school report concludes


Radical left plot to assassinate opponents no longer unthinkable, Berlin warns


Germany summons Turkish envoy over detention of activist


British royal couple take Brexit 'charm offensive' to Germany


Germany's Merkel criticizes Turkey over arrest of German human rights activist (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)




Global Warming Increases the Price of...Wine!


Removing CO2 from the Air Required to Safeguard Children's Future


'S*** hitting fan' in fight against climate change, top scientist says




YouTube CENSORS Video For Criticizing CNN




John Kasich: The Way Forward on Health Care (Governor of Ohio John Kasich)


Seattle GOP Calls for ‘Civil Disobedience’ in Response to ‘Tax on Rich’ Measures


Q&A with Arnold Schwarzenegger: Former governor talks bipartisanship and climate change





Trump and Putin Had an Undisclosed Second Conversation (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Obama's ambassador to Russia: There may be recording of Trump-Putin conversation




The Trumpcare Bonfire  (Threats to the Affordable Care Act by Congress and the president destabilized insurers, and require bipartisan repair.)


Health Insurers' Next Obamacare Scare Is Just Two Days Away


Another Way to Cripple Obamacare: Manage It Badly


ACA remains intact, but consumers and insurers are left with new worries




Charlie Gard Is the Face of Single-Payer  (Every time someone in the United States proposes single-payer, throw Charlie Gard in his face.)


Baby dies after contracting meningitis linked to HSV-1


Native American healing class sparks unique health textbook 


Person with measles may have exposed others at beach


First double hand transplant involving a child declared a success





Cardinal Marx: Homosexuals deserve an apology from the Church




House Republicans Lay Out Their Plan to Rein in the EPA


House’s Refusal to Reassess Military Bases Will Lead to Unnecessary Costs


Congress Passes Amendment Giving Baby Charlie Gard U.S. Residency


House GOP Pushes Permanent Repeal of Budget Caps on Military Spending


Don’t Allow Maxine Waters’ Impeachment Crap to Stick (US Representative of California Maxine Waters (D)


Pelosi Tries To Rib GOP Over Health Care -- Ends Up Literally Reading Fake News Off Her Phone  (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


Paul Ryan says Republicans should repeal and replace Obamacare simultaneously   (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


House Unveils Budget That Balances, Achieves $9 Billion Surplus, Increases GDP to 2.6%


Committee approves $31.4B Interior, EPA spending bill


Gingrich: House ‘in real danger of having Speaker Nancy Pelosi’ (Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich(R-Georgia)


Schiff: Trump's undisclosed talk with Putin 'deeply troubling' (US Representative of California Adam Schiff (D)


House to consider ‘security’ spending bill before recess


House panel OKs $1.6 billion as down payment for Trump wall construction


House Republican budget proposal paves way for tax reform, another intraparty battle


House approves delay of Obama-era smog reductions


Dem challenging Ryan mocks GOP for sending trackers: I hope they get healthcare


Dueling GOP Budget Plans Aren't Perfect, But Either Is Far Better Than Our Current Budget Disaster  


Don't look now, but major bills are stalled in the House, too




Massive Migration To The American South Will Forever Change The Face Of Dixieland


President Trump Reverses Obama’s Anti-Christian Refugee Policy


Foreigners buy record number of U.S. homes despite fears of immigration crackdown


Trump should show some political courage and endorse immigration protection for Dreamers




Hindu Terrorists On Motorcycles Gun Down Christian Pastor Outside His Church For Preaching The Gospel


US nails Pak: 5 points that vindicate India's stand 


China 'aggressive' in border row, says India diplomat


Sensitive towards farmers' suicide, says government


Jails here no less than prisons in other nations: India tells UK on Vijay Mallya...


India: Muslim cricket star under fire for “un-Islamic” pic showing wife’s arms and eyes


No significant rise in troop level by China along border: Government sources


A sanitation charity renamed an Indian village after Donald Trump. Then things got weird.


China holds live fire drills, as border dispute with India enters fifth week


Why is India drilling deep into an earthquake hotspot?




Indonesia bans Hizbut Tahrir to protect pluralism




D.C. Metro system replaces all old rail cars with safer series




Inspector General: IRS Not in Compliance With Federal Records Requirements


Pro-Russian Separatists Announce Proposal to Abolish Ukraine, Establish ‘Little Russia’




Men as Likely To Be Harassed Online as Women




Pushback: World Reacts To Iran’s Regional Ambitions


Iran parliament vows to fight US 'adventurism'


A Tribute to Zohreh, Who Taunted Her Torturers in Iran


Subverting the role of the treaty in American diplomacy


With U.S. scholar’s conviction, power struggle escalates between Iran’s president and hard-liners


Compliant but dangerous Iran


Wife of Princeton graduate student held in Iran speaks out


Obama’s Iran deal lives on – but it’s days are numbered




Iraqi Kurds Face Uphill Climb For Independence


Will Christians return to Mosul post-Islamic State?


Revenge killings: Iraqis admit they want ISIS blood, not justice




The Real Jihadist Threat No One Is Watching




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Wednesday, July 19, 2017)


Netanyahu says Israel won’t remove Temple Mt. metal detectors for now (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


PMW exclusive: Huge increase in PA terror funding in 2017


Compromise weighed to remove Temple Mount metal detectors


Holy Crisis: Tensions Mount Over Al-Aqsa Metal Detectors


Abbas cutting China visit short due to Temple Mount tensions (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Mic blunder: Netanyahu ‘admits Israel carried out dozens of strikes on Hezbollah convoys’  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Rioters clash with police around Jerusalem over Temple Mount metal detectors


PA's brutal torture of 'collaborators' with Israel


Netanyahu: German sub deal likely to go ahead after probe


Palestinians in West Bank (Judea and Samaria), Gaza demonstrate in support of Al-Aqsa


5 Palestinians killed in West Bank (Judea and Samaria) car accident


'Temple Mount terror attack shows Elor Azariya was justified'


Defying calls from BDS activists, Radiohead rocks Tel Aviv


Religious leaders call on all Palestinians in Jerusalem to pray at Al-Aqsa on Friday


Palestinian civilians urge International Court to speed up ‘war crimes’ probe


Jerusalem Mosques to Close Friday, Waqf Calls for Prayers Outside Temple Mount Walls


Who’s lynching the prime minister?


Israeli bill aimed at preventing Jerusalem's division passes reading in Knesset 


Exclusive: Trump administration backs principles of Taylor Force Act


Temple Mount Closed and then Reopened to Jewish Visitors


5 Palestinians killed in accident between Palestinian vehicle, Israeli truck in Jenin


Israel working with Jordan and Palestinians to calm Temple Mount crisis


Day 3: Israel Braces for Fatah ‘Day of Rage’ Over Temple Mount Security Measures


From Mecca to Rome, how do other countries protect their holy sites?


How Can We Broker a Deal When We Don’t Understand One of the Parties?


Israel-Palestine solution requires good leadership


Mayor Barkat Visits Temple Mount, Pledges Al-Aqsa Will Not Be Haven for Terror


Only in Israel is there hypocrisy in murder


PLO Official Calls Jerusalem Metal Detectors ‘Intrusive and Dehumanizing’


Operation Good Neighbor: Israel’s massive humanitarian aid to Syria revealed


Dad allegedly killed daughter over Muslim boyfriend


Don’t tell Radiohead it can’t tour in Israel




Hundreds of N.Korean Ghost Ships Wash up on Japan's Shores




Did George Soros actually beat Malaysia?




MSM Says Trump Meeting With Putin at G20 is Sinister (Normal political activity is now being spun by the media.)


CNN Anchor Condemns Women's March For Pro Cop Killer Tweet


Linda Sarsour Ignites Twitter Backlash After Calling CNN’s Jake Tapper ‘Alt-Right’


Tucker Carlson Calls Out Dems For Double Standard On Russia [Video]


Chicago Tribune Columnist Disses National Anthem


Time, Trump Jr. and Double Standards


CNN star Chris Cillizza’s Q & A session becomes epic disaster as critics savage his ethics, biases


Tapper Slams Women’s March Celebrating Cop Killer


Fox News' Shepard Smith fires back at Sean Hannity: 'Sometimes facts are displeasing'




Medical Marijuana Users Cannot Be Fired for Positive Drug Tests in Massachusetts




Mexico announces new laptop security on US flights




Drug addiction and intrigue: Why Saudi King ordered Mohammed bin Nayef to step aside for younger prince


The Human Toll of Yemen’s Unending War


Soothing the Sunni Rift? (Despite new proposal by four nations led by Saudi Arabia and Egypt, Doha still being blacklisted.)


Saudis release woman in viral miniskirt video without charge


Saudi woman arrested after wearing miniskirt in video





Johns Hopkins receives nuclear weapons research contract


US should move bases 1,000km from Iran if it wants to pursue further sanctions – army chief


America Literally Can't Afford More Military Adventurism


Sneak peek at Navy's new $13B aircraft carrier


Air Force grounds Dover AFB C-5s after 2nd  landing gear malfunction


Iraq War veteran and PTSD service dog form instant bond


Architects of ‘80s military buildup talk to senators about Navy expansion


US military spending $130K a month to rent Trump Tower space: report


Pentagon's plan to end its deal with immigrant recruits could hurt the military


Top US general warns against rogue killer robots


Aviano airman faces attempted murder charge in attack on fellow airman


Judge to Marine foster dad: Ditch guns or we'll take your boy


Woman, husband in fatal Norfolk shooting were both in Navy


Prosecutors say soldier accused of murder shook son to death


USS Shiloh sailor admits hiding aboard ship, charged with abandoning watch, dereliction




This CEO Wants Trump to Nationalize the Only Rare-Earth Mine in America




Seattle Progressives Stick Their Heads in the Sand on Minimum Wage




Space Race: NASA Faces Competition From SpaceX For First Mars Mission




Deserts, mountains recorded hottest average temperatures on record for early summer period




Massive wildfire in Mariposa County threatens power supply to Yosemite National Park




Walter Shaub: How to Restore Government Ethics in the Trump Era




Christian Teen Arrested And Nobody Knows Where He Is After Muslim Terrorist Supporter Falsely Accuses Him Of ‘Blasphemy’


Pakistan among countries providing 'safe havens' to terrorists: US


Two civilian killed at LOC by Indian firing


Ppl,govt of Pakistan wished to see diplomatic solution of Gulf problem: Nawaz Sharif (Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif)


Lawyers associations to hold countrywide strike for PM resignation


Five civilians injured in AJK by Indian troops unprovoked shelling





How Big Pharma Hides Vaccine Deaths


Escaping Big Pharma’s Pricing With Patent-Free Drugs


Co-founder of Purdue Pharma dies at 97




USPS broke law in allowing workers to boost Clinton campaign, watchdog says






Exclusive – RNC Co-Chair on ‘Made in America’ Week: Real-World Impact of Trump Economic Success Tangible




Chipotle forced to CLOSE Virginia store after at least a DOZEN customers suffer 'extreme food poisoning' in latest hygiene scandal to hit beleaguered fast food chain




Russia has the only record of Putin’s second meeting with Trump. That’s a big problem. (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


State Department rips Russia's 'disturbing trend' of religious persecution


Russia to strip of citizenship for terrorism


On Trump's New Man in Russia, Jon Huntsman, Moscow Says 'Wait and See'


Putin puts digital economy on list of main goals of Russia's strategic development

Russia’s upper house ratifies protocol to agreement for deploying air group to Syria


Lavrov slams EU’s ‘absurd’ bid to tie better dialogue with Russia to fulfilling Minsk deal (Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov)


Russia and Poland Feud Over Demolition of Soviet War Monuments


Russia’s new Soyuz-5 rocket fit for tight competition on global space launch market

UK, Dutch & Danish navies escort Chinese warships heading to Baltic for drills with Russia (Photos)


Russia toughens law for inciting children to suicide

How Trump’s opponents aid the Russians


Russia’s Foreign Ministry agrees to Huntsman as US ambassador to Russia




Pastor Garlow: Satan Using Gay 'Marriage' to 'Destroy the Very Image of God On the Planet'





Many Alzheimer's patients may not actually have the disease


An Oregon couple engineered their house for a perfect view of the upcoming solar eclipse


Scientists discover all quantum particles can travel BACKWARD in breakthrough that could pave the way for ultra-secure encryption





California Struggles to Implement New Gun-Control Measures




Conspiracy Theories Abound About John McCain's Mysterious Sudden Surgery (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


Dems and GOP Plotting ‘DREAM Act’ for Illegal Aliens…


Russian lawyer "ready" to testify about Trump Jr. meeting


Elizabeth Warren Attends Martha’s Vineyard Dinner Hosted by Big Bank Executive   (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


GOP repeal foes face blowback


Conservatives Giving Senate GOP One Last Chance On Obamacare Repeal


Kamala Harris Spends Big With Media Firm That Boosted Bernie Sanders’s National Profile  (US Senator of California  Kamala Harris (D)/US Senator of Vermont Bernard Sanders (I-Socialist)


Rand Paul says his family has Obamacare: 'It's terrible'  (US Senator of Kentucky Rand Paul (R)


Three cheers for the Republicans who let McConnellCare sink! (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


Health care collapse a blow to McConnell


Democrats Refuse To Condemn Women's March For Supporting A Cop Killer


Why Mitch McConnell is making the Senate vote on doomed Obamacare repeal


Manchin’s vulnerability sets up West Virginia’s first competitive GOP primary in modern history (US Senator of West Virginia Joe Manchin III (D)


A party at war with itself hits a wall on health care


Senate GOP all but admits defeat in 7-year quest to overturn ACA


‘It’s an insane process’: How Trump and Republicans failed on their health-care bill


Sen. Tom Cotton Draws Red Line on Arms Control Treaty With Russia  (US Senator of Arkansas Tom Cotton (R)


On Obamacare Plan B, Republican opponents say insurance markets can’t count on hope


The Health Care Collapse Is a Victory for the Truth (Republicans were not dealing in reality when trying to pass the health care bill.)


Warren: I’m not doing ‘touchdown dance’ after GOP healthcare collapse


The bipartisan way to strengthen health care


How the Bill Failed: G.O.P. Divisions and a Fed-Up President


Sen. Chuck Schumer blames Trump for Obamacare failure: ‘Sabotage’ (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York) 


Stephen Moore: Ted Cruz (Almost) Rescues Republicans on ObamaCare  (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)


Krauthammer rips GOP's 'epic fail' on healthcare


Collapse of Obamacare repeal campaign ups pressure on Republicans to work with Democrats


What happens now in the Senate after another failure to repeal Obamacare?


Why repeal-and-replace was doomed from the start


Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski to oppose moving ahead on repealing health care law, leaving Republicans short of votes


The GOP’s next move after its ObamaCare-repeal fail


Is Rand Paul's opposition to the GOP health bill principled, or cynical?  (US Senator of Kentucky Rand Paul (R)


GOP Senator defends Dem challenger who was attacked for being Muslim


Democrats Will Soon Regret That Republicans Failed To Repeal ObamaCare


Dems still 'beyond realm of reality' over Obamacare


Ted Cruz encourages Trump Cabinet trio to take action against Gulf countries accused of unfairly subsidizing airlines




Calls mount for accountability in Singapore




The Key Facts About Slavery That the Left Conveniently Ignores




Facebook Blocks More Than Two Dozen Popular Catholic Pages Without Explanation


Mark Zuckerberg’s Communist Manifesto




U.S. Congress Urges Caution in FTA Renegotiations with Korea


Analysts expect 'full-scale resetting of KORUS FTA'


Moon Jae-in’s five-year road map unveiled (President Moon Jae-in)


Korean man mistreated for ‘foreigner-like’ looks


Students embrace multiculturalism in Korea's farmland


Sex crimes: Airbnb under fire over rogue hosts


Foreign Minister orders review of 'comfort women' deal with Japan


Moon promises to consult with Assembly on US FTA


52% of fine dust generated in Korea


5 New Ambassadors Present Credentials




America's most unpopular governor Chris 'the beach' Christie makes incredible foul ball catch at Mets game and hands it to a child... but still gets booed by entire stadium  (Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie (R)


Yankees nearing deal for David Robertson and Todd Frazier


FIFA’s rewarding bad actors by letting Russia and Qatar host World Cups


MLB Scoreboard




Texas Is Reconvening Its Legislature


Boy, 12, killed in boating accident off Long Island, NY


Bathroom Bill Tests Clout of Rare Moderate in Texas


Search intensifies for man still missing 2 days after flash flood 


Bobcat attacks man and dog, tests positive for rabies  (Arizona)


California: Lawmakers extend program to cut emissions in bipartisan vote




U.S. Still Unable to Evacuate Overseas Embassies in Case of Emergency




American Children Killing Themselves at Record Rate




Supreme Court Rejects Reach of Trump's Travel Ban


Why the Supreme Court needs 18-year term limits




Syria-North Korea missile cooperation: Assad said to visit top-secret base (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad)


With the US indifferent, scope of Syria ‘peace talks’ has shrunk




Poll finds pension reform pushed up president’s ratings


American Institute in Taiwan reaffirms commitment to Relations Act


COA says imports of beef to ‘help’ domestic industry


Update: Taiwan's first self-made satellite almost misses its flight to US after paperwork scare





The Mother of All Disruptions (Yes, robots are coming to the workplace, fast—and yes, America will change.)


Artificial intelligence faces serious roadblocks


Inventor of World’s Only Self-Cleaning Home Is Dead at 101




Discovery, Viacom Said to Have Held Talks to Acquire Scripps in Cable Megadeal





Judge won't dismiss charge against Orlando nightclub gunman's wife




Thai General, Provincial Politicians Held Guilty in Major Trafficking Trial





NAFTA talks: Trump administration announces Aug. 16 start date in D.C.





Redefining 'Transgenderism' as Normal Behavior




Turkey: New school curriculum teaches jihad, requires all schools to have prayer room


Is Turkey Headed for Another Coup?


Turkey Spills Out Secret Details Of US Troop Locations


As Turkey and NATO Drift Apart, Russia, China, and Iran Stand to Gain

Chinese navy fleet docks at Istanbul port


Turkey reshuffles gov’t, keeps foreign team, changes PM’s aides


Istanbul flood prompts nearly $57 mln flood insurance cost


Turkey stresses opposition to Kurdish independence vote


Turkey wants full EU membership, says Minister Çelik


Gov’t vows to fight against drugs, calls on civil society to support


IMF hails Turkey’s progress in fiscal transparency


Court orders two and a half years in jail to Islamic preacher for insulting Atatürk


Majority of companies in export markets happy with Turkish goods: Poll


Eight suspects arrested for planning attack on main opposition’s ‘justice march’


Turkey, Thailand start negotiations to clinch free trade deal


Red Lines in Syria  (Will Turkey’s attacks on US allies stir Washington to action?)





Union Rep: Lawmakers Who Oppose Legalizing Ag Workers Should ‘Pick Watermelons’





FTSE 100 closes higher, boosted by Reckitt Benckiser and home builders


UK inflation surprises with slowdown


Crew in police helicopter filmed people having sex and sunbathing naked, trial hears


Give Baby Charlie the experimental treatment, say US parents whose son has similar disorder


Charlie Gard's parents 'optimistic' after clearing new hurdle


Survivors of 9/11 urge May to release Saudi Arabia terror report (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Health Senior doctors call for public inquiry into use of vaginal mesh surgery


Scottish Government plan for gender neutral school toilets


Cornwall Homes evacuated as area hit by flash floods


Charlie Gard doctors remain 'unconvinced' after flying visit by US neurosurgeon who said he could treat him


Incomes in south-east of England 'are 25% higher than in West Midlands'


60 prominent Scots claim Brexit is ‘tearing Britain apart’


Grenfell Tower Residents in uproar over failure to distribute donations


BBC gender pay gap revealed: two-thirds of top earners are men


Brexit Divisions exposed over rumoured £66bn divorce bill


Calls for UK-wide school lockdown plan


Labour Tom Watson paves way for Jeremy Corbyn to push reforms




Vatican archbishop: All should accept that global warming is a fact


Pope Francis questioned orthodoxy of Amoris Laetitia


Pope proxies compare U.S. Christians to terrorists




Trump Threatens Sanctions If Venezuela Creates Super-Legislature


At its Colombian border, Venezuela's crisis spills over


US warns Venezuela that 'no option is off the table' if it goes ahead with vote for new assembly





Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Kobach blasts 'baffling' calls for resignation from voter fraud commission


Trump thinks he has 'one last shot' at changing health care vote


Trump: Republicans ‘Must Keep Their Promise’ to Repeal Obamacare, Democrats Only ‘Scream Death’


Rosie O'Donnell promotes 'Push Trump Off A Cliff Again' online game


After Deciding to 'Just Let Obamacare Fail,' Trump Again Lobbying for Healthcare Bill


Tax reform becomes a must-win issue for the White House


Election Now Over But Poll Games Continue


Trump aides move on after health care loss


Some New Thoughts on Donald Trump's Warsaw Speech


Loopy Louise Mensch Claims Steve Bannon Could Be Executed For Treason


The Global Consequences of Trump’s Incompetence (From Communist China to the Gulf to Europe, the world's power players are moving ahead without America.)


Trump to Senate GOP: Don't Leave Town Without a Health-Care Plan


Trump Pick for ‘Bank of Boeing’ Faces Rare Corporate Backlash


The Seven Circles of Donald Trump’s Russia Inferno


Sick:' Trump slams report of 'second meeting' with Putin at G-20


Republicans, ignore Trump’s call to ‘let Obamacare fail.’ Do this instead.


Huckabee Sanders: Democrats Responsible for Health Reform Failure


Callista Gingrich’s nomination to the Vatican stinks to high heaven


Trump Policy Slogans Lack His Usual Punch


Author: Bannon, Trump 'seduced' by Ryan, McConnell


Breitbart’s White House reporter is trying to hold Trump accountable. Seriously.


Trump Finds That Demolishing Obama Legacy Isn’t Easy


Trump: ‘Let Obamacare fail’


Plan D? Trump ready to let Obamacare implode


Trump slams Dems for health care bill collapse, vows to elect more Republicans


Trump’s grand promises to ‘very, very quickly’ repeal ACA run into reality


Trump’s voter commission meets for the first time this week — and it’s already off to a rough start


Trump to nominate Jon Huntsman as US ambassador to Russia


Pence rips Congress after health care bill fails (Vice-President Mike Pence)


Despite his missteps, don’t consider Trump a failure just yet


Trump’s failure to unite GOP led to epic health-care reform disaster


Does National Security Mean Anything To Deep-State Leakers Sabotaging Trump?


Despite media blitz, Trump emerges as fierce commander in chief


Sarah Sanders, Fox News' John Roberts squabble during White House press briefing



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