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Tuesday, July 18, 2017





In Today’s Issue:  




Republican Senator Flip-Flops to Defeat Newest Legislation to Defund Planned Parenthood


Pro-life investigator Daleiden held in contempt of court for posting undercover abortion videos


Trump Admin Working to Undo Obama Mandate Forcing Christians to Fund Abortion Drugs


Contempt! Planned Parenthood-linked judge whacks baby-body parts investigator


Will Texas House Speaker Joe Straus Try to Stop Gov. Greg Abbott’s Pro-Life Agenda Again?


Democrats' Abortion Catch-22


Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill Appeals Ruling That Favored Planned Parenthood


WNBA Team Hoping to “Make History” Raising $45,000 for Planned Parenthood Abortion Company


She Approved a 10-Year-Old Girl’s Abortion and Now She’s Lost Her Medical License


NY left’s radical opposition to funds for pregnant women


Senate Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood Dies But Leaders Have an Idea on a New Bill


Interview: Birthright: A War Story Filmmakers Say “The Issue Is Not Abortion” When It Comes to the Erosion of Women’s Rights


Nigerian Pro-life Leader Speaks Out Against Melinda Gates for Pushing Population Control in Africa


Kansas board revokes doctor’s license again in abortion case


Abortion Activist Complains About Large Families: “Cats Take Up Way Less Room” Than Kids


Iowa abortion law goes on trial


Lawyers tell judge that Iowa's new abortion law, waiting period is unfair to pregnant women


Woman Dies After Husband Forces Her to Have Four Abortions to Get a Son (Communist China)


Man Repeatedly Raped Young Girl, Tried to Hide Crime by Aborting Her Baby With a Crochet Hook  (Britain)




‘Adultification’ hurts black girls more than others




US-backed Afghans reclaim key district in Helmand province from Taliban


Afghan girls robotics team competes after visa obstacles


UN: Afghan war claims record number of civilian lives





China is training Africa’s next generation of transport and aviation experts




American Airlines insists farty passenger wasn’t cause of emergency


Ann Coulter says she would have given up airline seat if asked



ADL releases ‘Who’s Who’ guide of alt-right and alt-lite extremists



Terminally Ill Man Trying to Force Britain to Legalize Assisted Suicide



Bank anxiety pulls ASX below 5700


Aussie soars to two-year high on RBA minutes


'Strong risk': Australian dollar tipped to go as high as US85¢


Australia: Muslim leader compares extermination of Jews in Holocaust to how Muslims are treated now




GM extends shutdown at Chevy Bolt plant as inventories swell




Trump administration is looking at a wildlife refuge in Rio Grande Valley for its first portion of border wall





Toronto stock index slips lower as gold and oil stocks cushion decline


Ottawa to rein in income 'sprinkling' by wealthy Canadians


MP slams media for 'fake news' around Omar Khadr


Siemens Wind Power to close Ontario turbine blade plant, cut 340 jobs


Revised NAFTA might make U.S. items cheaper for Canadian online shoppers


B.C. wildfire evacuees in Kamloops met with kindness, donations


B.C.'s new NDP government sworn into office


Two Canadian women among ISIL fighters captured during battle for Mosul: reports


Yes it happened, American MSM—and right on Your Independence Day


Canadian in Aussie drug smuggling ring fears for her life


Canada’s premiers discuss delaying the legalization of marijuana


Leah Anderson's killer was male, known to girl, RCMP say


Female genital mutilation practitioners traveling to Canada to perform the procedure


Sears Canada gets approval to begin liquidation sales Friday


Montreal: Arrest warrant issued for Muslim cleric for quoting Muhammad




Why Can’t Republicans Get Anything Done?


Capitol Police Detonate ‘Suspicious Vehicle’ After Crash With Police Cruiser





Save the Census





Slaughtered Christians “A Viable Target?”  (Christian leaders in the Middle East call for aid -- while the international community looks the other way.)


James Zogby demonizes as “Islamophobic” group helping persecuted Christians




Chinese man dresses as his dead sister for 20 years to help mentally ill mother


China has a donkey shortage — and it matters





Congress can and should kill the CFPB's arbitration rule


Medicine's shameful silence on silencers


Congress plans to step in to end confusion over self-driving cars


Anti-Trump Group Founder: Democrats Who Don’t Talk About ‘Impeachment Constantly’ Should Leave the Party





Free Speech 2017 — At War With the Framers of 1787 (A growing recklessness and thuggery has placed a fundamental constitutional right in jeopardy.)




N-word used on Walmart website to describe product color




Defending the Constitution, With No Right to Live Here (Leading a new wave of defiant activism, Lizbeth Mateo is one of few illegal aliens working as a lawyer in immigration courts.)


Ex-cop indicted on murder charge in teen's death


Court: California med board justified in prescription probe 




R Kelly: Singer accused of physically abusing and controlling women in 'cult'


Composite sketch released in killings of Indiana teens


Cops: Woman shot at her gender-reveal party wasn't pregnant


Cop named Mohamed shoots, kills unarmed woman who called 9-1-1


Questions swirl after Minneapolis officer fatally shoots woman who called 911


Husband of missing newlywed wanted her ‘presumed dead’ days after she vanished




DNC Reports Record Low Donations While Obama Foundation Rakes in Millions




Hillary Clinton is More Unpopular Than President Donald Trump


Why de Blasio stood with cops on Monday’s anniversary of Eric Garner’s death (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)




Trump administration allowing grandparents from travel ban countries to obtain visas, enter US


U.S. to Release Up to 15,000 New Visas for Seasonal Workers


Coast Guard will start kicking boats off Potomac River when Trump is golfing


Coast Guard puts hoaxers in bull's-eye




Sessions Signals New Friendliness to Police Asset Seizure (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


Eric Holder accuses Jeff Sessions of 'another extremist action' on asset forfeiture  (Former US Attorney General Eric H Holder Jr)




Disney criticised for casting non-Arab actor as Princess Jasmine




Nasdaq hits record on Netflix boost; Dow dragged by Goldman


S&P 500, Nasdaq Composite Hit Records; Gold Climbs: Markets Wrap


S&P 500, Nasdaq close at records as tech shares lead


Asian shares edge down, dollar skids on circumspect Fed


Dollar Drops With Stocks as U.S. Reform Hopes Fade: Markets Wrap


Another New York Diner Turns Off the Grill, a Victim of Rising Rents  (Cup & Saucer is closing after more than 70 years in Lower Manhattan, the latest sign that the days of the classic city diner may be numbered.)


Gold extends streak of price gains to a third session


Americans want U.S. goods, but not willing to pay more: Reuters/Ipsos poll


NYC's Biggest Foreclosure Halted After New Creditor Emerges


Trading volume slows sharply even as stock market hits highs


 10-year yield post steepest fall in a month




Lake Wobegon USA: 47% of HS seniors graduate with A avg


Expanding GI Bill Benefits


Former USC medical school dean no longer seeing patients, university says


5 Suspended for Blocking Speech


USC scandal: Ex-dean lived secret life of drugs, parties, prostitutes, report says


Worse Than It Seems


Papers Vanish. Now, Billions in Student Loan Debt May, Too.


NYU librarian laments 'fatigue' from 'presence of white people'


The Culling of Higher Ed Begins


Revealed: $5 BILLION in student loan debts may be WIPED because debt collectors did not keep proper records


Ph.D.-Level Position, $28K Salary




Egypt police trap and kill 3 top ‘terrorist group’ members


Survivor of Islamic State massacre says jihadis told Christians to renounce faith, killed them when they refused




Trump Jr.'s lawyer gives details about 8th  person


Russia election meddling controversy swinging past voters in swing states


Tracing the range of voter fraud





Oil edges up on talk of potential cuts to Saudi exports


Energy Prices


What If Big Oil’s Bet on Gas Is Wrong?  





German stock market slides by the most in 3 weeks as euro leaps


Vehicular jihad in Sweden? Man plows car into pedestrians, then pours gasoline on the ground


Migrant crisis: EU to curb rubber boat sales to Libya


Austria: Dogwalker hospitalized after beating by Muslim migrant teen girl who said dogs “unclean”


Italian Mafia Siphons Huge Sums From Migrant Centers





Charlie Gard’s Attorney: Euthanize Patients Instead of taking Them Off Life Support





Disgruntled former employee wreaks havoc at Taco Bell





FBI Warns Parents of Privacy Risks Associated With Internet-Connected Toys


Women’s March Celebrates Birthday of Cop-Killing Terrorist Wanted By FBI





Net neutrality process ‘meaningless’ with flood of fake and foreign comments to FCC





U.S. banks pay up for big deposits as consumers get pennies





Trump to finalise his administration strategy for Afghanistan,Pakistan,India





More Migrant Riots Hit France


Violent storms lash north west France as more extreme weather warnings issued


Migrants make 'first ever' attempt to cross from France to UK by light aircraft


Paris police chief plans crackdown on police sirens to ease stress levels of Parisians





Germany: Muslim migrants riot, attack police trying to arrest Muslims who sexually assaulted girls


Man with diplomatic immunity accused of filming up woman's skirt during town festival


Germany: “Enormous rise” in girls threatened with genital mutilation


Turkish custody for German activist 'unjustified', says Merkel spokesman (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


Catholic School In Germany Ran Like “A Concentration Camp” As Over Five Hundred Boys Were Raped And Physically Tortured By Homosexual Teachers


Germany: Muslim migrant who slit his boss’s throat “had begun to speak more and more of Allah”


Bavaria introduces new pollution rules to try and save diesel cars





Global Warming Melts Ice, Alters Fabled Northwest Passage


California Senate approves cap-and-trade extension





Google Fiber Loses Chief Executive Officer After Five Months




Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert Transferred out of Prison to Halfway House



Republicans are playing politics with the gas tax again. No wonder they have no power in California





The Benefits of Private Financing for Public Works





Trump Had Second Conversation With Putin While at G-20 Summit  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)




Greece plans to sell bonds for first time in 3 years: reports




Fixing Medicaid and the Obamacare Subsidy Program


Poll: Half of Americans prefer Obamacare to GOP health care proposals





"I could die in the street": Health care debate gets personal 


Ohio family speaks out about son's recovery from addiction 


"It's raining needles": Drug crisis creates danger to public





Prince William, Kate visit former Nazi concentration camp in Poland





Susan Rice No Longer Expected to Testify Before Lawmakers Tuesday on ‘Unmasking’ Trump Associates (Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice)


More Obama officials scrutinized in 'unmasking' probe


Steel industry urges House panel to adopt 'Buy America' rules


‘Resistance Hero’ Maxine Waters Pulls in Only $22K in Individual Contributions  (US Representative of California Maxine Waters (D)


House panel backs bill to slash Transportation funding





Mistakenly Receive Congratulatory Letter From Obama


Domestic violence victims shouldn't have to choose between deportation and medical care





India: Ex-Police Chief prosecuted for noting that rising Muslim birthrate would alter state’s demographics


Sikkim stand-off could escalate into full-scale conflict, warns China


China ‘unusually aggressive’ over Sikkim standoff, says Jaishankar, but downplays issue as ‘media hype’


As Pak rains shells, 217 kids trapped in schools





IRS Awards Obamacare Premium Tax Credits Without Verifying Citizenship or Lawfully Present Status





Iran condemns ‘worthless’ US sanctions, responds with its own


Trump Admin to Hit Iran With New Sanctions as Tehran Threatens Attacks on U.S. Bases





Separated by war, Iraqi children wait for parents





Linda Sarsour invokes phony cemetery employee to explain why Jewish cemetery she raised $100,000 for got no money


The Challenge of Modernizing Islam 




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Tuesday, July 18, 2017)


UN agency continues accusing Israel of apartheid


Palestinian Reactions To July 14 Al-Aqsa Attack: From Weak Condemnation To Welcoming And Justifying It


PA official glorifies Martyrdom: "Our child Martyrs, Allah willing, are birds in Paradise”


IDF says videos prove Hezbollah hiding behind NGO at border (Israel Defense Forces)


Two soldiers lightly injured in car-ramming near Hebron


China reiterates commitment to Israel-PA peace


Dermer: Israel wants US to cut funding to Palestinians over terrorism


Fatah calls for ‘Day of Rage’ amid new Temple Mount security in wake of attack


Israeli Supreme Court mulls over demolition of Bedouin village in West Bank (Judea and Samaria)


Arabs riot in Jerusalem


Clashes break out in Old City as Temple Mount tensions heat up


Russian troops for Quneitra in defiance of Israel


The Al-Aqsa Fraud


Israeli parliament advances law to keep fight against BDS secret from public


Knesset speaker slams Jordanian counterpart for praising terror


Jews Flock to Muslim-Free Temple Mount


Irish president meets leader of anti-Israel boycott movement


Israeli forces raid home of Palestinian shot dead after alleged vehicular attack


In meeting with Netanyahu, Hungary’s PM acknowledges ‘sin’ of WWll (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


PM meets Mexican diplomat fired for challenging UNESCO Jerusalem vote


Waqf Expels Popular Blogger ‘Jerusalem Jane’ From Temple Mount


If Temple Mount security measures remain, 'we will see an explosion'


Netanyahu told Macron he’s skeptical about Trump peace push — report


Watch: Nightly clashes continue at the gates of Jerusalem's Old City


Shipbuilder says no ‘concrete’ graft found in probe of sub deal 


IDF says Hezbollah continues to violate Lebanon truce


Military wings in Gaza warn Israel Al-Aqsa policies will 'explode in the region'


Watchdog says ministry head illegally helped Haifa ammonia plant


Israeli MK calls on US to scrap sunset clauses of Iran deal


King of Saudi Arabia Personally Intervenes in Temple Mount Crisis, Says Metal Detectors ‘Routine’ at Holy Places


Court gives government 2 months to reassess gay adoption policy


Funding Terrorism to Fight Terrorism  (Why are we funding Islamic terror in Israel?)





Japan's zero-gravity space drone sends first pictures from ISS





Nukes Threaten People; Ideas Threaten Civilizations  (Who really poses the greater threat: Putin or the anti-American Left?)




Washington Post: After Muslim cop shoots unarmed woman, Muslims “brace for backlash”


Fox News Takes a Sharp Left Turn


Watchdog Slams Liberal American Media for Essentially Ignoring Charlie Gard’s Plight


Journalist under fire for calling it 'crazy' not to be disgusted by homeless people


Alan Dershowitz: New York Times ignoring me because 'I don't have the right point of view'


The practical reason to be alarmed by Republican cries of ‘fake news’


CNN's Angela Rye refuses to say Trump is her president





The Enemy of My Enemy: Medicaid


Montana faces double quandary over Medicaid expansion





Saudi girl's online post in miniskirt sparks backlash, calls for her arrest





Hackers Attack US Army Network Hundreds of Thousands of Times a Day


Exclusive: Navy's laser can kill drones


VA removes top officials from New Hampshire center after allegations of poor conditions, care


Could mercenaries end America’s longest war?


Looking to finish with a bang, Talisman Saber drills kick into high gear


Civilian deaths from US-led air strikes 'double' under Donald Trump


Couple welcomes massive Talisman Saber amphibious assault to their oceanfront property


US Strykers rumble over Romanian river in show of force


Soldier faces murder trial in Germany after death of infant son





When minimum wage surveys are flawed and misleading




NASA videos take you on a personal tour of Pluto




Unemployed dad with face tattoo rejects 45 job offers since going viral with desperate work plea





Zero-calorie sugar substitutes linked to weight gain, health problems




Chinese media denounces ‘groundless Pakistan news reports’ on death of Indian soldiers along Sikkim border


Eight militants killed in air strikes in Tirah valley


Five civilians injured in AJK by Indian troops unprovoked shelling


Govt announced three new hydrocarbon finds in Sindh





Mark Levin Is Right Again: Rediscovering Americanism





Why I’m Leaving the Southern Baptist Convention





RNC member retweets piece wishing McCain's death   (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)





Hillary Clinton sided with Russia on sanctions as Bill made $500G on Moscow speech


Russia mulls developing vertical take-off fighter jets for new aircraft carrier 


Kremlin turns up the heat on U.S. over seized assets


EU’s diplomatic service stands up for rights of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia

Russian Art Under Attack




Incredible! Unborn Babies Start Learning Language is the Womb


Many people can’t tell when photos are fake. Can you?


Study: Blood on Shroud of Turin suggests victim was tortured





That didn’t take long: Looks like Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va) just put a nail in the ObamaCare rep


McConnell: Senate Will Vote on Obamacare Repeal Next Week  (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


New Senate repeal bill would make the House’s AHCA the default replacement if nothing else passes in


And All for the Want of a Spine (Do Republicans retain any credibility if they fail to repeal Obamacare?)


McConnell calls for vote to completely repeal Obamacare


Latest health care bill collapses following Moran, Lee announcement  (US Senator of Kansas Jerry Moron (R)/US Senator of Utah Mike Lee (R)


McCain calls for 'return to regular order' on ObamaCare repeal  (US Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders (I-Socialist)


Will 22 Million Lose Coverage Under The Senate Health Bill? Not Even Close


Sanders ‘delighted’ by failure of GOP health plan 


Johnson says health care vote is now 'in jeopardy'  (US Senator of Wisconsin Ron Johnson (R)


Graham: ‘Time for a new approach’ on ObamaCare repeal  (US Senator of South Carolina Lindsey Graham (R)


Donnelly Family Business Scrubs Mexican Plant from Website  (The family business that US Senator of Indiana  Joe Donnelly (D) was invested in until last Friday has removed all mentions of it’s Mexican manufacturing operation from its website.)


Dems tout failure of GOP healthcare bill


Republicans Leap Into the Awful Known


Senate Banking leaders introduce flood insurance bill


Liberal groups vow to send health care obstruction efforts into ‘hyperdrive’


Is Trumpcare finally dead?


Watch: Sen. Grassley takes on reporter in push-up contest  (US Senator of Iowa Charles Grassley (R)


Now that the GOP can replace ObamaCare, it’s suddenly got cold feet


GOP reeling after healthcare collapse 




Sharia Facebook removes Counter Jihad Coalition’s page without explanation




US wary over Seoul’s proposal of talks with NK


South Korea Offers to Hold Talks With North at the Border


Workers Use Less Than Half of Paid Holidays


Moon initiates anti-corruption drive  (President Moon Jae-in)


Moon's dialogue offer to N. Korea unwelcome in US, Japan




Now it's 'war' over leftists' 'hate'-labeling agenda (Slander by Southern Poverty Law Center sparks response.)




America’s greatest eclipse is coming, and this man wants you to see it





Mike Francesa escalates Michael Kay feud over ratings ‘lie’


Cousins, Redskins miss deadline for long-term deal


LeBron frustrated with Cavs' lack of moves


MLB Scoreboard





Lawmakers clash over contentious bathroom bill  (Texas)


How fat is your state?


Christie: Getting Russian oppo research 'probably' illegal  (Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie (R)


Dog helps rescue deer stranded in body of water


Deadly Arizona flash flooding was exacerbated by environmental factors


California’s Housing Crisis Reaches a ‘Breaking Point’


Remarkable photo shows an SUV’s crash landing — on the roof of a house




State Department: Russia to blame for downed Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17




Government thieves go wild stealing your stuff (States taking properties for taxes, selling them for profit, keeping proceeds.)




Rebel-Kurd clashes kill 11 in north Syria: Monitor


To undercut Iran, Russians pressure Assad to cut Syria’s longtime ties to Hezbollah (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad)





One dead, 15 hurt in Taichung blast


Taiwan press freedom critical: RSF




First bicycle tax in nation leaves bike-crazy Oregon riders deflated





U.S. makes lower trade deficit top priority in NAFTA talks


Putting American steelworkers first





Trump’s treasury secretary is hurtling toward potential debt-limit fiasco





History’s ‘oldest smile’ found on 4,000-year-old pot in Turkey


Turkish education ministry reveals new curriculum: Evolution out, ‘jihad’ in


Justice Ministry to adopt uniform attire for terror suspects to wear in court


Turkish court arrests six human rights activists on terror charges


Turkish banking sector remains structurally stable: S&P


President Erdoğan to visit Gulf region on July 23 and 24


Turkish Aerospace Industries to establish research center in Istanbul


US must at least give Gülen house arrest: Turkish Deputy PM


Turkey vows different processes ahead on Cyprus after talks failed





FTSE 100 ends lower as Experian shares fall


Hospital Doctors Defend Refusing Experimental Treatment for Charlie Gard: “He Has No Quality of Life”


British Muslims Fund Terror, Says UK Government Report


Miracle Twins Born at 23 Weeks Beat the Odds to Survive


Theresa May attempts to bring Cabinet into line following leaks (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Brexit: David Davis leaves Brussels after less than one hour of talks


London Mayor says a Trump state visit to UK may not be 'appropriate'


Standards body unveils plan to crack down on sexist advertisements


Greening raids free schools budget for £1.3bn education bailout


Ban on knives being delivered to shoppers' doors proposed by Government 


UK has nearly 800 livestock mega farms


Brexit talks finally ‘get to the heart of things’


Thunderstorms and possible floods forecast for large parts of UK


Child sexual abuse victims denied compensation 'because they consented'


Cost of car insurance in UK hits record high after 11% jump in 12 months


Analysis: Crunch time for the UK in Brexit talks


Watchdog investigates claims of people voting twice


UK inflation figures will shine light on impact of pound's Brexit slide


Rise in life expectancy has stalled since 2010, research shows


 UK: Islamic State supporter who mocked jihad victims has worked in numerous state schools


Terminally ill British man in right-to-die court fight


Government has assisted-suicide supporter protecting Charlie Gard





Who decides for children? Parents or government?


More than 20 million people are at risk of starving to death. Will the world step up?





Venezuela Opposition Turns Heat up on Maduro With Strike Call




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump is falling into the same trap as Obama on Iran


Trump: Repeal ObamaCare now, then 'start from a clean slate'


During Made in America Week, White House defends imported Trump products


Trump invites GOP senators to White House while health care bill in limbo


Trump Jumps Into Fire Engine Parked Outside White House


Kushner had to update his disclosure of foreign contacts three times. Does that put him in legal jeopardy?


 By Any Measure, Trump’s Boast on Signing Bills Is False


Vice chair of Trump’s voting commission wants to add new requirements for voting, email shows


This country deserves much better than Trump


No, President Trump, you haven’t signed more bills than any other president


No signs yet of a "Trump slump" for foreign tourism


Russia Meeting? ‘That’s Politics,’ Trump Tweets


Trump Recertifies Iran Nuclear Deal, but Only Reluctantly


White House: Trump must make America great again before he can make products in America


Trump Savagely Mauls the Language


President Trump’s tweets


Trump’s poll numbers are bad. Here’s when the bottom will drop out. 



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