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Sunday, July 16, 2017





In Today’s Issue:




Comedian Raises Over $1 Million For Planned Parenthood By Selling 'Nasty' Shirts


TBS’s ‘Wrecked’ on Abortion: ‘There Are No Wrong Choices'


Queens Councilman slammed for giving $24,000 in taxpayer money to anti-abortion crisis pregnancy center


Gloomy Impacts Associated with Regressive Abortion Policy




Infidelmo: Afghanistan's Version Of 'Sesame Street' Introduces Muppet To Teach Gender Equality




Is Hamas fighting in Libya?


Eight dead after wall collapses at Senegal football stadium




Ann Coulter calls Delta 'worst airline in America' after seating debacle


Politically Motivated? Ann Coulter Unleashes On Delta Airlines For Removing Her From a Pre-Booked Seat




Too hot to fly: As temperatures rise, more problems at airports




Couple to marry in first Antarctic wedding



The Left’s Inversion of Anti-Semitism


Macron denounces anti-Zionism as a new form of anti-Semitism (French President Emmanuel Macron) 


UK watchdog accuses police of failure to crack down on antisemitic crime




Refugee fears over Australia-US resettlement plan


Nauru US officials walk out of Australia-run detention centre




Dead bodies in the desert prompted tougher border measures in Arizona




Canada: Muslim girls being taken abroad for female genital mutilation


Drugs for bad behaviour cause alarming weight gain in kids, ‘terrifying study’ finds


Justin Trudeau takes jab at Donald Trump's 'America First' doctrine  (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Don Braid: As expected, as Trudeau's fame grows, so too do his troubles


Canada's Trudeau meets tiny namesake


Trudeau reminded of Khadr controversy, Canada Day gaffe at Calgary Stampede


'Smoke was billowing in behind us': B.C. wildfire evacuees arriving in Kamloops


Thousands of Williams Lake wildfire evacuees arrive in Kamloops


'It's absurd': Whitby, Ont., mom turned in to children's aid after dentist reports possible 'oral neglect'


After 34 years in jail, Phillip Tallio has been granted right to appeal


Team 88 became the rallying cry of the North American Indigenous Games


Halifax covers controversial Cornwallis statue after protests




Evangelical group confronts charity website over 'hate' slams




Cuba will continue to normalise US relations 'despite recent setback'




Winning a war against North Korea would come at 'great cost': Here's what it might look like


N. Korea may have boosted nuclear weapons stockpile with plutonium production, experts say




Psychiatry professors call on Congress to impeach Trump


Congress needs to raise the debt ceiling or risk a constitutional crisis. Here’s why.


GOP Congress Putting Pork Back in Budget


Don’t Hold Your Breath for Congress to Take Back Its Warmaking Powers


Next week: GOP in push to move budget, healthcare reform




No new CBO score Monday as Senate delays health care vote




Makers of OxyContin, Percocet sued by U.S. governments over opioid crisis


Feds ask that judge's ruling on travel ban be put on hold


Behind New York’s bail outrages are bad judges — and bad law


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange supports Twitter lawsuit against Trump





Anti-violence activist among dead in Chicago shootings


Chicago Youth Hope to ‘Increase the Peace’ to Combat Violence


Penn. murder victim's girlfriend: 'I am heartbroken, sad, and confused'


'I don't deserve to pray': One of four men filmed following a 50-year-old woman churchgoer down the street in Queens confesses to forcing her to perform oral sex at gunpoint


Police thought a skydiver died in an accident — until they saw his final message to his wife


Outrage as Dallas officials threaten to tear down wall honoring fallen police officers because it 'runs afoul of regulations'


Two arrested as Trump supporters, opponents face off at competing rallies in Hollywood


Graphic Video: Crazed Man ‘Actively Stabbing Himself’ Shot Dead After Attacking Police Officer





Don’t Let Our Democracy Collapse  (The integrity of the ballot box is under tremendous strain.)




Writing Your Own ‘Suicide’ Note…Before They Write it For You  (Heads up to Charles Ortel, Mike Cernovich and other brave souls who keep digging for the truth about the Clinton Foundation: Make public your own suicide note before your never-to-be-proven killers get to register “SUICIDE” as the cause of your untimely death.)


Why the darkest chapters for both Villaraigosa and Newsom may never surface during their gubernatorial campaigns


Hillary’s White House would be no different from Trump’s


Clinton Foundation witness found dead




Will Sessions's DOJ Defend DACA? He Previously Doubted Its Constitutionality  (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


Solitary confinement is torture. Will the Bureau of Prisons finally stop using it?




Earnings optimism abounds after blistering Q1 numbers




Columbia University pays large settlement to student harassed by ‘senior thesis’ of ‘Mattress Girl’


A Solution When a Nation’s Schools Fail


First woman to win Fields Medal in mathematics dies at 40


Court: Religious groups pick their leaders, not the state (Judges shoot down principal who compared school's beliefs to 'Stalinist communism.')




Egypt says nine militants killed in Sinai


1 killed, 50 injured as Egyptian police clash with Nile island residents


Egypt: Muslim stabs security guard who prevented him from entering a church




Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow: Meeting with Russian lawyer 'not against the law'




Energy Prices




Europe Must Resist Third-World Migration


Paul Manafort’s shady deal with Ukrainian party makes no sense




Europe horse meat scam: At least 66 people arrested


Macron outshines Merkel as EU's top diplomat (French President Emmanuel Macron/German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


Italy wildfires force evacuations, cause disruption


Italy offers swimming lessons for refugees traumatized while crossing Mediterranean


European Court of Human Rights upholds Belgium’s ban on burqas and full-face Islamic veils




FBI's liaison to Congress cited for misconduct


Comey Writing Book About Career, Agent Says All Major Publishing Houses Interested  (Former FBI Director James Comey)


Former FBI Director Comey agrees to book deal





Trump campaign paid firm of lawyer representing Trump Jr. before emails were made public




Trump and Macron: A Beautiful Friendship? (French President Emmanuel Macron)


Macron assures Israel of 'vigilance' on Iran nuclear pact


Donald Trump 'may reverse decision on climate accord', says Emmanuel Macron  


France sees Brexit as tool to weaken London: leaked memo


Macron urges Israel and Palestine to resume two-state solution talks


French FM in Kuwait for Gulf crisis talks


France must define possible scenarios to reduce nuclear: Minister




Hyundai unveils N performance vehicle in Germany


Merkel challenger Schulz calls for guaranteed public investment (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


German fighter jets help Korean plane make emergency landing


Eurozone needs joint budget, Germany must do more: SPD leader Schulz


Muslim Brotherhood making inroads into eastern Germany


Merkel says Brexit, Macron’s election changed her view of Europe (German Chancellor Angela Merkel/French President Emmanuel Macron)


Germany mulls tags for potential rioters




"The truth about the climate crisis is still inconvenient": Al Gore's crusade


The Problem with the ‘Science’ Behind Having Fewer Children for the Planet’s Sake


MIT Researchers Slam Global Warming Data In New Report: In No Way A “Valid Representation of Reality”


Paris climate deal Trump regrets 'bizarre mistake' of US pullout, Branson claims


Global famine warning: Alarm at rising climate risk to maize, rice and wheat crops  




9 Ways Palin Was Trailblazer for Trump  (Former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin)


Texas 'bathroom bill' may shape 2018 GOP primary campaigns





Greece may be heading for bond market test ‘in days’


American tourist beaten to death in Greece laid to rest




One child, a $21-million medical bill: How a tiny number of patients poses a huge challenge for Medi-Cal


Woman found with 27 contact lenses lodged in one eye




George Romero, 'Night of the Living Dead' Director, Dies at 77




Museum exhibit reimagines trial of Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann




Thousands march in Hong Kong to mark Liu Xiaobo’s death




House votes for transgender military fighting ... the weather


House Democrat: Party is struggling ‘provide the meat’ in messaging


Everyone Who Knows Suspected House Hacker Says Congress Should Be Worried


"Forever GI Bill" Could Be One Bright Spot in Divided Washington


'We can’t accept anything Don Jr. says' about Russia meeting: Schiff  (US Representative of California Adam Schiff (D)


Top House Intel Dem Admits Dem-Ukraine Collusion Is Unacceptable  (US Representative of California Adam Schiff (D)


Darrell Issa was Obama's toughest critic. Here's why he's suddenly sounding like a moderate  (US Representative of California Darrell E Issa (R)


Ben Shapiro to testify in Congressional hearing on college campus free speech


Top Republican Slams Iran Nuclear Deal on Second Anniversary


Dem warns of additional articles of impeachment against Trump


House Democrat thanks Fox’s Shep Smith ‘for telling the truth’ on Trump




Bus Plunges Into Indian Kashmir Valley, 16 Hindu Pilgrims Killed


16 Amarnath yatris killed as bus falls into gorg


Education budget: UP govt refutes Rahul's claim


Pak army chief 'analysing' proof against Jadhav 


'China should keep calm about India's rise'


PM issues stern warning to cow vigilante groups


Al-Qaeda getting more active on the Indian subcontintent


India-China-Myanmar interaction interesting: Chinese media




Trump-inspired 'Make America Great Again' swimsuit stirring online craze




American accused of ‘infiltration’ in Iran sentenced to 10 years


Trump’s Iran policies are in a cul-de-sac


In Ominous Move, Brother of Iranian President Arrested on Financial Crimes Charges




The U.S. Invaded Iraq 14 Years Ago. Now, Iran Dominates It.


Mosul: Residents tell of hopes and fears after Isis flees shattered city


After the battle for Mosul I see dead bodies in the water daily




Imam calls for stoning and killing Jews, aide says remarks “taken out of context,” imam laughs


Islam at war with us, 'Muslim Mafia' spy says





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Sunday, July 16, 2017)


Israeli Arab mosque honors Temple Mount terrorists


Muslim officials’ dangerous theatrics at the most incendiary spot in the Middle East


Israeli minister calls for punitive demolition of Jerusalem attackers' homes


Amid tensions, scuffles break out at Temple Mount entrance


Caricatures in the Arab world: 'Al-Aqsa is in danger'


Indictment: Ramle man killed daughter over affair with Muslim


Rivlin blasts silence of Arab-Israeli leaders over Temple Mount attack (Israeli Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin)


Amid appeal over Hebron shooting, Elor Azarya to be transferred to house arrest


PM opposes Syria ceasefire, says it will strengthen Iran (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Plot to smuggle phones to terrorists foiled


Worshipers protest metal detectors as Israel reopens Temple Mount


Palestinian officials meet to discuss Al-Aqsa restrictions following Jerusalem attack


Shin Bet: Gunman shot up settlements over tiff with family


Netanyahu: Israel won’t tolerate Iranian bases in Lebanon, Syria


Deputy mayor attacked in Mea Shearim


Ya'alon: Israel will destroy Lebanon's infrastructure in next war (Former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon)


Government will not allow gay couples to adopt in Israel


Israeli forces kill Palestinian, pursued for allegedly committing drive-by shootings


Man arrested for sending naked photos of daughter to child porn ring


Watch: Israel Reopens Temple Mount With New Security Measures


Dead Sea acid spill has turned popular hike route into long-term disaster zone


Israel Gives Preliminary Approval To Bill To Safeguard Jerusalem


Minister mulls home demolitions for Arab Israelis after Temple Mount attack


Super Majority Bill on Jerusalem Advances to Next Step


Palestinian caught trying to smuggle rare, ancient coins from Gaza


Incitement does lead to violent action  


In tense Umm al-Fahm, Jerusalem attack and its aftermath ‘are all mistakes’


Despite friction, PM justifies security measures on Temple Mt.


Ministers push bill that could stymie East Jerusalem withdrawal


Fearing Iranian presence, Netanyahu opposes Syrian ceasefire


Fatah calls for violence and “rage” following Friday terror attack


Never turn your back on the mosque


Israel reopens Jerusalem holy site after deadly shooting


Temple Mt. opens in stages amid terror probe


I’m an American rabbi. Israel no longer recognizes my religious authority.




Jordanian parliament praises Temple Mount terrorists




NPR, Union Reach Tentative Deal


The Russian Collusion Story: The Acme of Fake News


Trump's Lawyer Smacks ABC'S Jonathan Karl Around Like A Pinata


CNN Tapper Religious Attack on Trump


CNN journo thinks Bastille Day commemorates WWI


Media Fail: Just 9% of Rs Think Team Trump Colluded w/ Russia (Down from 18% in April)


No One Cares About Russia in the World of Breitbart


Sean Hannity Unleashes on “Liberal Jacka$$” WaPo Writer For Saying “Kill Fox & Friends”




New Medicaid worry emerges for centrists  




Saudi student killed in Florida plane crash


Yemen is on the brink of collapse and our allies the Saudis are to blame




Saudi Crown Prince telephones US Defense Secretary


Military golf course's members become its keepers


New commander is highest ranking female officer in Afghanistan since war began


US drills for ‘advanced’ enemy in Eastern Europe during 20-nation exercise


Military cyber operations headed for revamp after long delay




If Myanmar really wants to be considered a democracy, it needs to let in the U.N. fact-finding mission





Feds Spend $373,522 to Put Subliminal Cigarette Warnings in Video Games




Buzz Aldrin rolls out red carpet for Mars at star-studded gala





Nato and Ukraine team up for drills




Pakistan launches offensive against IS near Afghan border


Imran Khan believes his moment of political triumph has finally arrived


Pakistan accuses India of deadly cross-border attack


Pakistan quietly helped Iraq in its fight against IS: Iraq Ambassador


Pakistan says India shelling killed 4 soldiers in Kashmir


JIT recommended reopening of five cases against Nawaz Sharif  (Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif)




How Bill Clinton and George W. Bush overcame politics to become friends




While homelessness surges in Disneyland's shadow, Anaheim removes bus benches




Former Penn State officials begin jail terms in Sandusky child sex abuse case 





Bone fragment scare forces Sabrett hot dog recall




EU country builds massive underground CITY to prepare for Russia invasion


French president praises talks with Putin for making headway on Syria (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Russia Isn’t Delivering for Donald Trump


Russia leads the way in space sector - Air Force top brass





Trump Attorney: Secret Service Wouldn’t Have Let Don Jr. Take ‘Nefarious’ Meeting (Video)




McConnell Defers Health Care Vote Due to McCain Surgery (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky); A blessing in disguise?)


Paul: I don't think McConnell has votes to pass healthcare bill now  (US Senator of Kentucky Rand Paul (R)


Warner wants to hear from everyone at Trump-Russia meeting (US Senator of Virginia Mark Warner (D)


Warner: 'Unbelievable' Trump wasn't told about meeting


Senate majority whip: Healthcare debate will be 'open process' (Senate Majority Whip US Senator of Texas John Cornyn (R)


No. 2 GOP senator sees health care vote once McCain returns


Elizabeth Warren Roasted For Bragging About Holding Town Hall in Limousine Liberal Enclave Martha’s Vineyard (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


GOP holdout: Cruz amendment not the solution on healthcare  (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)


Schumer Asking Amtrak to Discard the Idea of Shrinking Seats (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


Cyndi Lauper Calls Sen. Collins Her 'Hero'


McCain’s Surgery Will Delay Senate Vote on Health Bill (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


McConnell postpones GOP health care debate while McCain recovers from surgery (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


Dems' rising star meets with Clinton inner circle in Hamptons (US Senator of California Kamala Harris (D)


One GOP governor could hold the key to whether Senate health bill passes or fails


Health Bill Revision Raises Fear of ‘Junk Insurance’


Inquiry Into Sanders’s Wife May Tarnish His Image (US Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders (I-Socialist)


‘Bare bones’ insurance policies really only work for people who are healthy


Sanders calls on Grassley, Ernst to vote against Senate healthcare plan


Insurance groups tear into latest health care bill as "simply unworkable"


The Senate's Russia sanctions bill is a disaster, but it can easily be fixed




Facebook fighting court order over law enforcement access


Trump blocking people on Twitter is childish, but it's hardly a 1st  Amendment violation




Author: Black Lives Matter encourages KKK-like violence




Chilean capital hit by rare snowfall


Brazil politician egged at her wedding




Korea raises minimum hourly wage to 7,530 won for 2018


22-year record rainfall hits Chungcheong


Heavy rain waterlogs towns, snarls traffic


Trump protectionism faces protests from inside


'Korea needs to draw long-term growth plan for startups'




In Spain, Catalonian Defiance Challenges Europe





NFLer’s sudden death saved a baseball hall of famer’s life and his brother’s football career


Roger Federer Beats Marin Cilic to Win Record 8th Wimbledon Men's Final


‘I missed my nap for this’: 101-year-old sprinter breaks 100-meter dash record


Manziel 'hopeful' he'll get another chance at NFL


The coronation of Roger Federer at Wimbledon might not go on as scheduled


Cody Bellinger becomes first Dodgers rookie to hit for the cycle in 7-1 win over Marlins


Scotland’s Gordon Reid retains Wimbledon wheelchair doubles title


MLB Scoreboard





Arizona swimming hole flash flood: 7 dead, 3 missing


Huge California Wildfire Spreads Overnight as Crews Dig In


Governors Go Around Trump on Global Diplomacy


Texas Cracks Down on the Market for Jailhouse Snitches


Whittier fire in Los Padres National Forest grows to more than 17,300 acres  (California)


As opioid overdoses exact a higher price, communities ponder who should be saved





Skydiver sent wife message that he wasn't going to pull parachute cord before jumping to death




Flip-flopping judge proves Clarence Thomas 100% right




Syria war has killed more than 330,000: monitor




Taipei sees steepest drop in land prices


NBA player Jeremy Lin arrives in Taiwan Sunday


Falun Gong persecution remembered


Taiwan signs agricultural MOU with Poland: COA


Three Taiwanese arrested over drugs in the Philippines


Passengers to US face extra security electronics check




If you think those soda taxes are about the ‘obesity epidemic,’ think again




Was a family feud the reason for the crumbling of Osama bin Laden’s empire? An interview with Adrian Levy





Turkey’s ongoing persecution of Assyrian Christians


Decimated, the Muslim Brotherhood Still Inspires Fear  (Members of the Islamist movement, many in exile in Turkey, are puzzled to see their once-powerful but beleaguered group at the center of the Qatar crisis.)


Emotional Erdogan hails coup resisters  (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Erdoğan voice message surprises Turkey mobile users on failed coup anniversary


3 Turkish female ISIL suspects caught in Mosul in underground tunnel


Jailed Turkish-Armenian writer Sevan Nişanyan announces his escape from prison on Twitter


Erdoğan’s words on failed coup divisive: Main opposition CHP


Millions mark first anniversary of failed coup attempt in Turkey


Erdoğan praises parliament for braving coup soldiers


Hearing of 19 coup soldiers who raided daily Hürriyet to be held on July 17


Turkish parliament to debate extension of state of emergency on July 17


Turkey, France, Italy to cooperate on missile system


Tour bus carrying Georgian students overturns in Turkey’s Giresun, 38 injured


2 mine workers die after carbon monoxide poisoning in Turkey’s Gümüşhane





UK Muslim in gay wedding gets acid attack threats, “I have people spitting on me and calling me pig”


Donald Trump begs Theresa May to fix a ‘warm welcome’ for his state visit – and says he won’t set a date for it until he knows he’s going to get ‘a better reception’  (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Britain ‘could remain part of reformed EU’ says Tony Blair (Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair)


Brexit: Former civil service head warns May of chaos  (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Tony Blair refuses to offer evidence for claim UK could stay in a reformed European Union


NHS: Sick patients dying ‘unnecessarily’ because of poor care


Ireland Dublin streets ahead of EU rivals as City firms plan for Brexit relocation


Russia doping scandal Mastermind benefited from London 2012 drugs ‘preview’


Girl, 15, dies after 'legal high reaction'


Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale confirms relationship with SNP MSP


Maternity pay Take from rich mothers to help poor, says Tory thinktank plan


Workers pose with British cannonball unearthed after 250 years - not realising it was still live


'There is an alternative' Corbyn takes to Tory seats to deliver Labour message


Jet in emergency landing after fire fears


France targeting City of London ministers warned


Rupert Murdoch Media mogul ‘could use Sky data trove for political ends’


UK acid attack sentences to be reviewed




Solving the Biggest Whodunit in United Nations History 




New Yorkers forgot how the city became great


'Whatever you've seen, you've never seen nothing like this': Inside hoarder's skin crawling Manhattan apartment filled with thousands of cockroaches and a dead cat


Deadly Hawaii fire raises concerns about lack of sprinklers in older high-rises across the U.S.


Ancient underwater forest found in US




Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI: Church ‘On Verge of Capsizing’




At Least 1 Person Shot Dead During Venezuela Voting




Low CA Birthrate Endangers Welfare State 



Trump’s Approval Stands at 50 Percent in the Counties That Fueled His Win


Trump slams Hillary Clinton and 'fake news' media, denounces double standard in treatment of Don Jr.


Fate of Kushner’s security clearance could ultimately lie with Trump


Trump triggers flood of Democratic candidates


White House silent on producing Ivanka Trump's products in US


White House announces new theme weeks amid health care bill uncertainty


Opinion | Trump must withdraw from Iran nuclear deal — now


Trump campaign and fundraising committees raise $13.9 million in second quarter


Trump launching ‘Made in America' campaign


Difference Between Presidents Trump and Obama? Obama Incurred $1 Trillion More Debt at this Time in His Presidency


Mike Pence Says Administration is "On the Verge of an Historic Accomplishment" on Healthcare   (Vice-President Mike Pence)


Poll finds Trump standing weakened since springtime


Trump will quit over son's Russia scandal, says Columbia professor


If Donald Jr. acts as a proxy for his dad, who’s accountable for the Russia meeting?


Trump's legal bills soar as Russia probes grow


The real lesson of the Trump family’s troubles? Nepotism doesn’t pay.


Trump keeps tweeting about appearing at his golf club for U.S. Women's Open


White House pitches health bill to skeptical U.S. governors


Not Again ? Transcript of Phone Call Between POTUS and UK PM May LEAKED to the Press


Despite Trump promises, White House falls short in opioid fight


White House sends new US citizen welcome letter from President Obama


Kellyanne Conway says much of the criticism she faces is 'gender-biased' 



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