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Friday, July 13, 2018






In Today’s Issue: 





Abortion Activist: Christians Only Oppose Abortion Because “They Think Women Are Not to be Trusted”


Prof: Abortion Is A Family Value


South Carolina Governor Defunds Planned Parenthood, Removes Abortion Clinics From Medicaid


The Rise of the Abortion Cheerleaders


Republican Writer: “Honestly I Think You Can Support Abortion and Still be a Conservative”


Supreme Court could return abortion debate to the states


Planned Parenthood: “Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court Nomination is the Biggest Threat to Abortion in Years”


What We Can Learn about Abortion from the Thailand Cave Disaster


“Women Will Die! Birth Control Will be Illegal!” Abortion Activists Come Unhinged Over Brett Kavanaugh


Kavanaugh on abortion: Speech gives evidence of where he’d stand on Roe vs. Wade


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Will Sue Federal Government if Roe v. Wade is Overturned


Health Affairs Blog: The Myth Of The Abortion Insurance Rider


How A Conservative-Leaning Supreme Court Could Chip Away At Abortion Rights


Why Does Ben Shapiro Sound Like a Christian Evangelical on Abortion?


Ghoulies: Parade of the Aborticrats


Polls say abortion views do not align with party affiliation


Why some Americans seek abortion pills online


Abortion Rights Groups Prepare For Intensified Battle At The State Level


Irish Senator Deletes Tweet Claiming Meghan Markle Was 'Pleased' About Ireland's Abortion Vote




Islamic Scholars Condemn Terror, Afghan War at Saudi Conference




This Muslim group is raping, killing, and torturing Nigerian Christians. And it’s getting worse


Islamist Violence against Christians in Uganda Injures Pastors, Stops Church Services


"Disaster" as bid to save endangered rhinos leaves 8 dead


Ethiopia and Eritrea Have a Common Enemy


U.S. Envoy Dragged Into Election Drama in Troubled Cameroon




ACLU calls for Trump officials to hand over info on immigrant children





Defying its nationalist fans, Budapest soccer club kicks out anti-Semitism


Time for the Democratic Party to Recognize its Antisemitism Problem


Stop the Fake News That Hungary Is Anti-Semitic



China Entices Arab States with ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative



Australia: Shares pulled lower by banks; New Zealand up


Australian Dollar Steady Despite Another Big China Trade Surplus


HSBC: Australian dollar to fall to 70 cents by year end




Nissan recalls about 105K cars to replace air bags  




Energy stocks help TSX edge higher; loonie ticks lower


Man Who Euthanized His Disabled 12-Year-Old Daughter Wants Pardon or New Trial


Canada: 300 university academics sign anti-Israel open letter to Prime Minister Trudeau about Gaza


Ont. man who pleaded guilty to sex with Calgary minor told to leave province


Tories zap 758 green energy contracts in Ontario


NP View: Ontario's schools don't need solar panels. They need a better government





CDC’s stern warning: ‘Do not eat this cereal’




Samantha Bee Salutes Herself over Ivanka Trump Cu*t Controversy: ‘I Think We Handled It Well’




China Mulls Creation of Joint Global Satellite System with Russia


U.S. lifts ban on suppliers selling to China's ZTE


China will learn its lesson — just not the one Trump wants




NK, US in course of building mutual trust for nuclear bargain


Kim hopes for ‘improvement of relations’ with US in letter to Trump  (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)




Papa John's pulling founder's image from marketing


 Starbucks' Straw Ban Won't Help The Planet, But Will Hurt The Disabled




Jury Orders J&J to Pay $4.7 Billion in Missouri Asbestos Cancer Case


Architect of Cuomo’s Buffalo Billion Economic Development Project Convicted for Bid-Rigging Scheme(Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo (D)


Court: Clock boy, father, on hook for $200,000 legal fees




Miami Beach man allegedly threatens to ‘kill all the Jews’ in condo fire


Updated: ***447*** Acts of Violence, Harassment Against Trump Supporters


Man faces hate crime charges over racist Puerto Rico shirt rant




Crime Prevents DHS From Reuniting All Border Children




Giuliani: ‘Mueller Investigation Is Falling Apart of Its Own Weight’  (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


10 Ways DOJ Abused Its Authority When It Spied On Trump’s Campaign


Rosenstein announces indictments of 12 Russian intel officers in DNC hack (Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein)


Sessions Announces New Taskforce to Tackle Fentanyl  (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


AT&T Merger Faces Fresh Challenge From Justice Dept.




Dow reclaims 25,000 mark, Nasdaq ends at record as earnings get under way


Stocks Edge Higher; Treasuries Rise, Dollar Falls: Markets Wrap


S&P 500 closes at highest level in five months as industrials rise


Asia Stocks Halt Four Weeks of Losses; Pound Drops: Markets Wrap


Asian shares extend rebound but trade fears dog China stocks


Dollar on track for 0.7% weekly gain as trade and Trump comments weigh on rivals


Why so many families are renting, not buying, homes


This high-flying index is signaling that the stock market and economy are just fine


2-year Treasury yield posts biggest weekly jump in a month


Big banks kick off earnings season and for the most part they gave us a dud


Metals’ slump says the 10-year Treasury yield has room to slide: Moody’s


Gold prices mark lowest settlement in almost a year




Teacher reportedly compares pro-Trump MAGA hat teen to Nazi in vulgar tweet


University of Kansas Flies Defaced Flag in the Name of Art


Progressive Child Abuse in the Schools


Professors on Warpath Over University's Cowboy Ad Campaign


The Flag and Free Expression


Video: SJP And The 'Intifada'(The violent agenda of a campus hate group exposed.)


Mixing and Matching Cal State Online Courses -- Free


Republicans demand University of Kansas remove ‘desecrated’ U.S. flag from campus entirely


Affirmative Action on the Ropes?




Massive fuel tank explosion rocks Cairo airport





Noncitizen immigrants find it easy to register to vote, cast ballots




CNN Commentator: Maxine Could Be 2020 Democrat Nominee For President  (US Representative of California Maxine Waters (D)




Oil prices rise, but post sharp weekly loss amid expectations for rising Libyan output


Energy Prices


Trump Considers Tapping U.S. Oil Reserve as Prices at the Pump Rise


Hydrocarbon Hypocrisy(Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo (D) and his primary opponent, Cynthia Nixon, are blowing hot air when it comes to energy exploration.)





'Rival gangs:' Alligators are facing a snaky threat in the Florida Everglades




Cummings demands EPA subpoena for Pruitt’s public records policy   (Former Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt)





European stocks book small gains as focus turns to earnings


Europe Needs to Grow Up


Migrant Goes On Drunken Rampage In Italy Smashing Car Windows After Streetfight With Another Migrant, Italians Form A Mob And Beat The Migrant To A Pulp And Leave Him In A Pool Of His Own Blood


WatchConrad Black: The West is a mess ... but Europe is where the real troubles are


Deaths surpass births among native-born Europeans




McDonald's salad suspected in parasite outbreak





Strzok Says FBI Agents Are Permitted to Engage in Some Adulteries


Strzok Shows Bias in Contentious Hearing About FBI Bias


Giuliani: Other FBI agents likely texted anti-Trump messages




FEMA says in report that it was underprepared for Hurricane Maria




French, US armies 'very close', says French armed forces chief





What German Doctors Taught Medical Students During the Nazi Era is Absolutely Appalling


Indiana Jones Isn’t Wrong—The Nazis’ Fascination With The Occult Was Very Real


HuffPost Germany Writer Calls For Replacing Germans With Migrants to Stop Populism


Israeli professor attacked by Palestinian in Germany




U.S. CO2 Levels Drop Again — So Why Aren't Green Groups Rejoicing?




Here's Why the HHS Couldn't Reunite a Dozen Children at the Border...


Federal auditor calls for Tom Price to pay $341K for flights(Former Health and Human Service Secretary Tom Price)


Watchdog slams ex-HHS chief on costly travel




Commuting a medical death sentence? Promising new class of cancer treatments offers hope




Hollywood Left Celebrates 'True Patriot' Peter Strzok


‘Roseanne’ reboot nominated for two Emmys despite Barr backlash


‘Mini-marketing juggernauts’: Hollywood treads lightly to appease fickle super fans




Peter ‘Scoffer’ Strzok Kept People Awake with The Creeps Last Night


5 Key Takeaways From The House Hearing With FBI Counterintelligence No. 2 Peter Strzok


Deep State Hit Job On Jim Jordan Fails  (US Representative of Ohio Jim Jordan (R)


Peter Strzok's Smirk Said He Was Lying


Here's Why the HHS Couldn't Reunite a Dozen Children at the Border...


Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) tells Peter Strzok he deserves a purple heart


Peter Strzok's Smirk Said He Was Lying


Rep. Louie Gohmert Drops Strzok Hearing’s Bombshell Revelation (US Representative of Texas Louie Gohmert (R)


Three Reasons the Unmasking Antifa Act of 2018 Is a Bad Idea


Bombshell: Hillary's Emails Went To Unauthorized Foreign Entity, Strozk Ignored, Congressman Claims


Three Democrats Won’t Vote For Own Bill to Abolish ICE


DCCC Deletes Tweet Attacking GOP Rep for Pro-Marijuana Stance After LA Times Op-Ed Calls Dems Out


Congressional Leadership Fund Raises Whopping $51 Million in 2nd  Quarter of 2018


Strzok Strikes Out


5 takeaways from wild hearing with controversial FBI agent


Peter Strzok is absolutely shameless


Dems say they'll vote no on their 'Abolish ICE' legislation


Defiant Strzok confronted for 'stop'-Trump texts


Hearing erupts as Gohmert invokes Strzok's infidelity


Judicial Hearing for F.B.I. Agent Devolves Into Spectacle


The Strzok hearing damaged our democracy


House Republicans are delighted that Democrats want to abolish ICE


Who Kept Putting Strzok in Charge?


Democrats demand Steve Bannon testify to counter Peter Strzok testimony


Peter Strzok, A Cocky Liar to the End


Strzok smirks through testimony, insists distaste for Trump didn’t taint investigations




The Trump administration kidnapped children. Someone should go to jail.



Why ICE must not be abolished




India execs raise concerns about potential trade war with US


Ikea is postponing its first store opening in India over quality concerns




A website shows you which of your passwords have been stolen. Here’s what to do about it.




Crisis monitor warns of potential Middle East 'confrontation'


Iran’s highest leaders approved Paris rally bomb plot, opposition group claims





Found: Historic Evidence Of Early Muslim Intolerance Of Christians




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Friday, July 13, 2018)


New US-Israeli “Project Iran” is headed by IDF’s Maj. Gen. Nitzan Alon (Israel Defense Forces)


Palestinians fire 17 rockets into Israel as IDF bombs tunnel, Hamas base in Gaza


Analysis: Incendiary balloons, kites could lead to war


Truce or war: Hamas’s bipolar rule in Gaza


Rocket barrages fired from Gaza after IAF strikes Hamas targets   (Israeli Air Force)


EU demands Israel reopen crossing to Gaza


2 settler youth detained after apparent hate crime attack in northern West Bank (Judea and Samaria)


What's the matter with a Jewish state?


NASA will consider sending another Israeli astronaut into space


Annals of Restraint: Police Arrest Multinational Force Official Who Smacked Jewish 10-Year-Old in Hebron


Freedom Flotilla activist: 'Gaza needs to be remembered'


High Court further postpones demolition of West Bank (Judea and Samaria) Bedouin village


Kidnapped Israeli Arab boy held in West Bank (Judea and Samaria)  released after 3 days in captivity


US left-wing activists blast Draymond Green over Israel trip


IDF Appoints First Openly Gay General


Worker killed, two others hurt in tunnel collapse in north


Israeli settlers set 2 Palestinian vehicles on fire in Nablus-area village


International observer expelled from Israel for slapping Jewish boy in Hebron


‘Unprecedented Acts of Terror’ Burn More Than 7,400 Acres of Israeli Land


Israeli forces detain Palestinian, seize weapons across West Bank (Judea and Samaria)


Israeli study finds positive emotions may shrink cancer tumors


EU warns nation state bill could harm Israeli democracy




Jordanian Politician And Former Head Of Muslim Brotherhood In Jordan: Anyone Who Accepts Trump's Forthcoming Middle East Peace Plan Will Be Punished Just Like Egyptian President Sadat




Progressives' Punishment for the MAGA Hat  (A glimpse into the Left's fascist mind.)




Watch: Trump To Acosta, ‘CNN Is Fake News, I Don’t Take Questions From CNN’




Maine governor says he'd go to jail before he expands Medicaid




Oregon's medical marijuana program admits to problems




Medicare proposes to pay docs for analyzing texted photos




US Delegation’s Visit to Mexico Sends Positive Signal for NAFTA




US Navy lifts ban on dreadlocks, ponytails for women


Senators introduce bill to extend commissary, exchange privileges to more veterans


Conferees urged to reject Senate-passed Tricare fee increases


Pentagon to cap transfer eligibility of GI Bill benefits at 16 years


Soldiers hospitalized following lightning strike at Fort Jackson


Report: Army selects Austin as home of new Futures Command




Government Spends $3 Million to Study Heavy Drinking, Aggression at Nightclubs





Trump, NATO and ‘Russian aggression’


Watch Stumbling EU Chief at NATO Summit


NATO Must Pay


NATO Survives Trump, but Turmoil May Leave Scars


This is no NATO for deadbeats




Candidate hurt, scores killed at Pakistan political rally


Sharif, daughter return to Pakistan, face arrest on arrival in Lahore  (Former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif)


Ousted Pakistani PM Sharif arrested after flying home to face jail


Pakistan election: More than 100 die in bomb attacks on poll rallies


Terrorist who declared ‘war on Crusaders, Jews’ campaigning in Pakistan election




Study: Conservatives Are Happier Than Liberals




This is Paul Manafort behind bars




No ‘Grand Bargain’ with Putin (Russian President Vladimir V Putin; Column: The risks to American deterrence aren't worth it.)


Kremlin says Iran’s presence in Syria a top issue at Trump-Putin meeting


Majority Of Russians Believe Shadowy Global Government Exists


More Debt, Less Savings for Russians in 2018


What is an ideal outcome of Trump-Putin meeting? Russian FM tells Larry King


Argentina asks Russia to arrest Iran official over 1994 bombing


Beijing to send strategic bombers for ‘real combat’ practice during Int’l Army Games in Russia


The Trump-Putin Summit: A Troubling History Of Human Rights Abuses Should Be Added To The Agenda


Influential Russian Newspaper Editor at Kommersant Resigns


Russia-NATO Update – Russian Reactions To The NATO Summit


Syria to dominate Putin-Trump summit, presidential aide says


Putin Sees Trump as an Easy Mark on Syria  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


New HIV Infections Spike in Moscow, Far East Regions of Russia




A mysterious disease is killing millions of bats. These scientists are trying to save them.


Scientists detect ghostly neutrinos from a distant galaxy, ushering in a new era of astronomy




California orders online gun registration,then lets website fail





Pro-Life Senator Rand Paul May Vote Against Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh  (US Senator of Kentucky Rand Paul (R)


Centrist Dems Push Back Against Schumer’s Efforts to Influence Their SCOTUS Vote: ‘Kiss My You Know What’(Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


Baldwin Opposes Kavanaugh, Says He Would ‘Turn Back The Clock’ on Women(US Senator of Wisconsin Tammy Baldwin (D)


McConnell accuses Dems of trying to ‘bork’ Kavanaugh (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


Roy Moore hints that he, too, was duped by Sacha Baron Cohen, blaming ‘shadowy media groups’ (Former Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore)


Schumer's war on Kavanaugh confirmation courts disaster for Dems(Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


Sen. Cory Gardner: Russia ought to be named a state sponsor of terror





Black Slaves, Muslim Masters




President heads home after visit to India, Singapore


Most Koreans Overanxious About Their Health


2 Russian military planes enter Korea's air defense zone 4 times


Moon envisions prosperity for North Korea (President Moon Jae-in)




Exclusive: Jeff Bezos plans to charge at least $200,000 for space rides - sources




MLB Scoreboard




Arizona state lawmaker pulled over for speeding tells deputy on video he sometimes drives 140 mph


An Arizona Lawmaker Thought Speeding Was OK Because of His Legislative Immunity


Is the effort to break up California even legal? We better find out before it goes to voters


State orders startup company to give back all income


Add another case to Andrew Cuomo's cloud of corruption  (Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo (D)


As seas rise, California will face a terrible choice: Save public beaches or the cliff-side homes that sit atop them?


Blockbuster down to its last U.S. store after two Alaska locations close




Kushner to join Pompeo for meetings with Mexican leaders  (US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo)




It’s Definitely Time To Pack The Supreme Court, But For Entirely Practical Reasons


Hungry to Feed on Kavanaugh


The Left wants a Supreme Court that's even less democratic


Former Kennedy clerk: Key question for Kavanaugh is what does text say


Trump is a bully. Brett Kavanaugh will stand up to him.


Judge Kavanaugh and the ‘Chevron deference’




Many civilians among 54 dead in anti-Daesh strike in Syria — war monitor


What Syria deal will Trump and Putin reach in Helsinki?


Is southern Syria heading for 'Lebanonization?'





Xi doubles down on 'peaceful reunification' with Taiwan  (Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping)


Why Canada shouldn’t tiptoe around China’s stepped-up bullying of Taiwan




What we can all learn from the trapped Thailand soccer kids




Trump’s Trade War With China Pierces Heart of Michigan





Feds Collect Record Individual Income Taxes Through June; Still Run $607B Deficit


Talks With Beijing Have ‘Broken Down,’ Mnuchin Says (Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin)




Turkey Has Made a Quagmire for Itself in Syria


The night Turkey changed forever


Turkey Agrees To Sell 30 Military Helicopters To Pakistan


Turkey Cut Deeper Into Junk by Fitch Citing Risks to Stability




FTSE 100 pares gain as Trump backtracks on Brexit criticism


Top Doctors Hit Back at Calls to Legalize Assisted Suicide in Britain


Queen Elizabeth welcomes Trump


Angry Londoners march against Trump, float diaper-clad likeness as protests turn violent


Trump praises Theresa May after he questioned her Brexit plan in British tabloid interview  (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Trump denies blasting UK’s May in interview, says he’s okay with her trade plans


Trump says UK is “losing its culture” due to migrant influx, May praises migrants’ “fantastic contribution”


Trump blows up Theresa May’s party in his honor


Trump Says UK PM Doing ‘Fantastic’ Job, Promising Trade Deal


Scottish National Newspaper Calls Trump ‘Racist, Serial Liar, Sex Abuser’


Human trafficking official warns about UK-Ireland “soft border” that May fights to keep open


Trump tries to defuse bomb he threw at U.K.’s Theresa May


Video: UK Trump Protesters Are Complete Idiots


U.K. firebrand Farage angles for a meeting with Trump


Trump Exposes Brexit Betrayal by Globalists


Boris Johnson’s Great Leap Forward  (Former British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson)


Huge protests in London against Trump's U.K. visit


UK police confirm source of Novichok poisoning


A visit from The Donald is the last thing England needs right now


With May’s Government Teetering, Trump Gives It a Shove (British Prime Minister Theresa May)




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


The View Host Claims Americans Who Support President Trump are Part of a “Cult”


Trump calls his own interview 'fake news,' slams changes from European immigration


Melania Trump meets with schoolchildren in London


Boomers Hail Reagan While Millennials Choose Obama as Best President of Their Lifetime


White House Wants to Know Political Leanings of Job Applicants at the U.N.


Trump Frees Europe From Angry Socialist Babies


Trump: Immigration has ‘changed the fabric’ of Europe


Giuliani: Trump interview with Mueller 'further away'  (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Trump says he feels 'unwelcome' in London due to protests


Trump says US commitment to NATO remains strong


 Trump claims victory at NATO despite allies' denials, then ignites furor in Britain by attacking prime minister


On first official trip to Britain, Trump blasts prime minister in tabloid interview


Trump wants a patriotic makeover for Air Force One


For Trump, Failure Is the Only Option


Jared Kushner lacks security clearance level for most sensitive intelligence that goes to Trump


Mission accomplished: Trump says NATO members agree to spend more on defense


Tough love for the allies


Generation Trump?


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