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Tuesday, July 10, 2018






In Today’s Issue: 




Planned Parenthood Opposes Brett Kavanaugh: “He Would Wreak Havoc” on Abortion


Netflix gives patriotic 'salute to abortion'


Pro-Life Groups Support Brett Kavanagh for Supreme Court: He Has a “Strong Record of Protecting Life”


Shocking Video Shows Abortion Clinic Staff Playing With Aborted Babies Like Dolls


Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer: “I Will Oppose Brett Kavanagh With Everything I’ve Got. He Will Repeal Roe”


Trump’s SCOTUS pick faces skepticism from some conservatives on abortion


Joy Behar Flips Out Over Brett Kavanaugh Possibly Overturning Roe: But Women “Need Abortions”


Abortion Activist Says Abortion “Should Be on Dollar Menu at McDonald’s!”


Vice President Mike Pence: “I Do” Still Want Roe v. Wade Overturned


Pro-Life Leaders: Trump Promise Kept


Activist Lizz Winstead: If You Oppose Abortion, “You’re Complicit in Ignoring the Humanity of Women”


Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer Says Supreme Court Nominee Must Pledge Loyalty to Abortion


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Signs Order Protecting Abortion, Demands Permanent Abortion Right


‘Self-induced abortion’ searches on Google reflect a dark reality for many women


Planned Parenthood Refuses to Say How Much It Made From Selling Body Parts of Aborted Babies


Amnesty International Adopts New Position Promoting Abortion to “Protect People’s Human Rights” 


Reporters Flee Supreme Court After Abortion Activists Get Violent: “It Got So Volatile We Didn’t Feel Safe”


‘God bless abortion’: Left’s new tagline pushed in Michelle Wolf skit and LGBT parade


Poll: Majority of Voters Want Brett Kavanaugh Confirmed, Say Courts Should Not Decide Abortion


Lawyer Defends Planned Parenthood in Court: They “Provide Fabulous Abortions”


Seen Polls Claiming Americans Support Roe v. Wade? They’re False. Here’s Why


ABC Hopes Democrats Can Use Abortion to Block Trump Supreme Court Nominee


Actress Amy Schumer Celebrates Abortion, “I Stand With Women Who Have Abortions”


South Carolina governor cuts $15 million of abortion funding from state budget


State Attorneys General Tell Court Illegal Immigrants Don’t Have a Right to Abortion


Poll Finds 57% of Millennials Don’t Even Know Roe v. Wade is About Abortion


Illinois Forces Taxpayers to Fund More Abortions, $1,358 for Every Baby Killed in Abortion


The Democrats' abortion war in Kansas, Midwest


Reflecting on 31 years as a tattooed pro-life punk rocker


New Abortion Clinic Opens Up Next Door to Children’s Daycare Facility


Kansas GOP candidate won’t back down after calling Planned Parenthood death camps


Illinois taxpayer-funded abortions increase at least 274 percent in first six months of 2018


Would Brett Kavanaugh overturn Roe? Supreme Court pick’s record offers mixed clues


Watch: Michelle Wolf performs a “Salute to Abortion” on The Break


Comedian Michelle Wolf: “God Bless Abortions!”


What the polls say about Americans, abortion, and the Supreme Court


Conservative Tomi Lahren Defends Abortion: Republicans Should Quit Talking About Social Issues


Argentina's top bishop says abortion is 'not a right, but a tragedy'


Thousands Rally Against Legalizing Abortion in Argentina: “It’s a Tragedy Not a Right”


Abortion debate: Men should have a say too


Where does Brett Kavanaugh, Trump's Supreme Court pick, stand on abortion


Guam’s last abortionist retires and no one will take his place


‘I Couldn’t Tell Anyone’: Women Around the World Reveal Intimate Stories of Abortion


Ireland Prime Minister Unveils Bill to Legalize Free Abortions




Suicide Bombing Kills Twelve in Afghanistan, Islamic State Claims Responsibility


Afghanistan’s Slain Anti-Taliban Commander Elicits Divided Reactions


Pompeo pushes peace talks on unannounced trip to Afghanistan  (US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo)




Islamic Terrorists Attack And Displace Three Thousand Christians In Just The Month Of June Alone (Nigeria)


South Sudan government forces, allies killed hundreds of civilians -UN


Libya: Muslim leader threatens to “raise the flag of jihad” against the “fascists” and “enemies of Allah” of Italy


God – and the United Nations – called on to stop Nigerian genocide of Christians


Abiy Ahmed Ali’s political, economic reforms in first 100 days revive Ethiopia




Southwest Airlines: No more peanuts on flights





South Carolina first state to adopt uniform definition of antisemitism



Australian shares run out of puff as banks slip; NZ falls


The Australian dollar has fallen sharply as trade fears flare again


Captured: A 1,300-pound crocodile that evaded rangers in Australia for years





How Government Caused 'the Boy Crisis’





Energy stocks help lift TSX as oil prices move higher


Canada extends NATO mission in Latvia to 2023: Trudeau  (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Irregular or illegal? The fight over what to call the thousands of migrants streaming into Canada


First natural swimming pool in Canada opens in Edmonton’s Borden Park


Montreal Jazz Festival Bans Musical For Allowing White Woman To Sing Slave Songs


Canadian Union of Public Employees filed an application to represent WestJet attendants


Watch:Stephen LeDrew: Saying sorry for his alleged 'groping’ is Trudeau’s only option now


Doug Ford Is Dead Right, Injection Sites Dead Wrong


Thousands of hectares are burning out of control in parts of Ontario




There Is Nothing Nefarious about Conservative Christians Influencing the Judiciary




The West Since the Cold War




Kimmel accuses Trump of lying about him being a former fanboy




If I Could Show You What Communism Is




U.S. to slap tariffs on extra $200 billion of Chinese imports


China’s Technology Sector Takes On Silicon Valley


China resets the tone of US-North Korea talks


Chinese Aviation Firm Seeking Investment in U.S. Aircraft Makers


China's Xi pledges $20 billion in loans to revive Middle East (Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping)


China dominates armed-drone market by selling to customers in terrorist hotbeds


China May Be ‘Exerting Negative Pressure’ on North Korea, Trump Says


Taste for Soybeans Is China’s Weak Spot in Trade War With U.S.




Kim Jong-un's Plane Spotted in Vladivostok  (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


Pompeo Kept in Dark About N.Korea Itinerary (US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo)


Why North Korea is suddenly acting out




Newborn dies because religious parents don't believe in medical care. Now they're headed to jail


Man who left teen girlfriend for dead gets 8 years


Michael Flynn due back in court Tuesday


Manafort asks court to limit evidence in his fraud trial


Judge denies gov't bid to extend child detentions as deadline arrives


Settlement in Colgate-Palmolive baby powder lawsuit 


Gang members accused in Bronx teen’s murder refusing to flip on each other


Judge dismisses federal government’s challenge to California sanctuary laws


Judge denies U.S. claim on 2 of 3 California immigration laws


Big Labor Hit with Another Class Action Suit


Judge rejects Trump administration bid to indefinitely detain immigrant children with parents


Why Should a Single Federal Judge Be Able to Make Law for the Whole Country?


Environmental group files lawsuit to block California's split-the-state measure from November ballot




14 Times Republican Officials Were Viciously Harassed, Threatened With Death


Suspect: Illegal-immigrant smugglers forced him to rob Florida home


Suspects sought in beating of 92-year-old man on sidewalk


Updated: 305 Acts of Violence, Harassment Against Trump


Owner of infamous ‘F– TRUMP’ truck arrested; wife’s GoFundMe campaign to pay his bond flops


Illegal Alien Charged with Raping Teen Sisters Deported Four Times from U.S…


Man who posed as high school athlete accused of relationship with teen


A Decades-Old Hate Crime, Forgiven but Never Forgotten


Skateboard used as weapon in alleged San Francisco hate crime




Why Family Separation Is The Only Humane Border Policy Possible Right Now




Nevada will use fentanyl to execute death row inmate Wednesday


Murderer on death row has extravagant request for last meal





Keith Ellison Won’t Rule Out Impeaching Supreme Court Justices If Democrats Win Congress  (Democratic National Committee Deputy Chairman Keith Ellison)


Bombshell: Hunt for Seth Rich's murderer turns up 'witness'




Did Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Save America?


Jimmy Carter: Jesus Would ‘Approve’ of Gay Marriage, Some Abortions (AVIPP COMMENTARY: Jimmy Carter needs to read the Bible because it does not say Jesus would approve of these sins!)


It’s not Bernie who’s holding the Democrats back — it’s Obama





New York DHS Office Vandalized by Protesters





Feds on track to reunite 54 of 102 illegal immigrant families


Mueller Seeks to Bar Manafort ‘Selective Prosecution’ Argument  (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)




Walt Disney World worker dies in ‘industrial accident’




Dow logs best win streak in a month, as S&P 500 closes at more than 5-month high


U.S. stocks rise on earnings optimism; dollar gains


Americans quitting their jobs at fastest rate since 2001 — and that’s a good thing


Stock-market bulls look for earnings to trump trade-war fears


The Facts on Employment


‘This rally in stocks is a last hurrah!’ warns Guggenheim’s Minerd


Asian Stocks Extend Gains; Treasuries Slip: Markets Wrap


Asia shares extend rally, pound bewildered by politics


Gold ends lower, gives back previous day's gains as dollar perks up




Lies, Damned Lies and Rankings


Freedom From Religion Foundation Tries to Bully School Into Removing Prayer From Graduation


22 Sixth-Grade Girls Strip-Searched To Bras And Underwear At School Over Missing $50


Wisconsin’s Marquette Decision Is A Big Win For Free Speech And A Sign Of Trouble


University Seeks To Limit Number Of White People On Campus


Report: Art Censorship ‘Alive and Well’ on College Campuses


A Broken System at Ohio State


Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza can’t stop playing the race card(New York City)




Mutilated bodies of 3 children found dumped in Egyptian street




Hillary’s “One Last Run” wishful MSM Thinking


2020 White House contenders race to oppose Trump's pick




Oil prices extend gains on continued production outages


Energy Prices


Do not blame OPEC, oil producer group says of Trump criticism


The myth of 'skyrocketing' gas prices





Scott Pruitt is out at EPA, but his ethics investigations might live on  (Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt)




UK’s Guardian claims Arabic in Renaissance painting shows “deep connection between Europe and Islam”





European stocks rise for 6th  day as focus turns to earnings season


The Future of Europe, for Better or Worse, Is Sebastian Kurz  (Austria's chancellor thinks he's cracked the code for neutralizing populists — by cooperating with them.)


Sweden: 44% of children in primary schools in large cities have a migrant background


Top EU official spars with Trump ahead of meeting with nervous NATO leaders


EU official criticizes Trump over attitude


The European Union: The (Un)Conventional Rise of a Superpower


Italy Says ‘Goodbye’ while Portugal Says ‘Hello’ to Migrants




Quantitative Tightening?




French Jewish family told to remove mezuzah outside apartment


Belgium: The country the French love to mock (and vice versa)


France’s Latest Surrender to Jihad




Nationalist Turkish biker group banned in Germany


Three in four Germans say immigration policies are negligently handled


Angela Merkel won’t pay the price to truly lead Europe  (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)




Summertime Heat Must Mean Global Warming




Latest Obamacare shake-up could fuel rate hikes




Maryland governor signs federal all-payer health contract




George Clooney released from the hospital


Rob Reiner: Voting GOP a Vote for ‘Destruction of Democracy’1999





With Foster Homes Idle and Children Languishing, Catholic Agency Fights Back Against Philadelphia LGBT Policy Barring It


Maine governor vetoes ban on therapy for unwanted gay attraction, gender confusion




Jim Jordan Is A Man of Integrity Being Railroaded With Factless Allegations  (US Representative of Ohio Jim Jordan (R)


Local GOP chairman offers support to N.J. congressional candidate who shared racist article


Have Jordan Accusers Reported Abuse at Their Work Places?


Clarence Thomas’ wife defends Jim Jordan in college sex abuse case


House Judiciary Committee subpoenas anti-Trump FBI lawyer Lisa Page


Tim Ryan (D-Ohio)  weighs new challenge to Pelosi amid Democratic unrest(House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


Prosecutor placed on leave after social media posts reportedly target Maxine Waters, Michelle Obama (US Representative of California Maxine Waters (D)


Ocasio-Cortez to visit Capitol Hill next week  (Democrat candidate US Representative of New York Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Socialist)




Chris to become hurricane off East Coast




Los Alamitos Mayor Gears Up for Long Sanctuary-State Battle Ahead


Immigration and Politically Incorrect Truths


U.S. citizenship agency creates new unit to block foreign agents, police misconduct



Voters could repeal state's sanctuary laws  (Oregon)




India: Woman alleges “love jihad,” says her husband hid that he was Muslim and claimed to be Hindu


Christians in Rajasthan, India Harassed with False Charges, Church Leaders Say


Child sex crime: Does India have a growing problem?




Iran Is Ripe for Regime Change


Iranian general: Forces 'awaiting orders' to destroy Israel


The ‘Nuts and Bolts’ of Iran’s Economic Troubles


U.S. Seeks to Thwart Iran Flying Millions in Cash Out of Germany




Iraq protests threaten to ‘paralyze’ oil industry in Basra




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Tuesday, July 10, 2018)


For second time in 2 months, IDF intercepts Gaza blockade-running boat(Israel Defense Forces)


'Iran must exit all of Syria,' Netanyahu tells Putin's envoys before trip (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu/ Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Netanyahu meets top Russian envoys ahead of summit with Putin


Study: Israel doing well in ‘twitter-plomacy’


PM vows zero tolerance for polygamy despite widespread flouting of law


The games at play in Syria


Israel's Labor party quits Socialist International after it adopts BDS


'Jews and Arabs should be allowed to live anywhere'


Fatah to US: “We don’t want your flour, your wheat, or your aid”


Lapid calls for greater force against Hamas


British activist to Ma'an on being assaulted, detained at Khan al-Ahmar


PLO to Convene Over Israeli Legislation that ‘Judaizes’ Palestinian Lands   (“Palestine” Liberation Organization (PLO)


China pledges $15 million to Palestinians amid major push for Mideast influence


33 fires break out in Israeli Gaza-border communities by incendiary kites


State to invest billions in reinforcing buildings amid quake fears – report


Kerem Shalom Crossing ‘Closed’ But Not Inactive


Ancient city gate uncovered in the Galilee may have tie to biblical King David


In video - Israeli forces demolish two Palestinian homes in Qalansuwa


Netanyahu lawyers ask AG to reexamine graft case, citing ‘biased’ cop


Hamas: Closing Kerem Shalom Crossing a ‘Crime Against Humanity’


Likud said mulling retreat from measure allowing Jewish-only communities


UN Mladenov concerned over Kerem Shalom restrictions


U of Oregon Hillel sign vandalized with pro-Palestinian message and obscenities


Jewish Democrats grapple with party’s mainstreaming of Israel criticism


Israel shuts Gaza crossings to pressure Hamas over fire kites, border violence


Syria launches anti-rebel operation in Quneitra ahead of Putin-Netanyahu meeting (Russian President Vladimir V Putin/ Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


New earthquake hits northern Israel, as cracks in readiness exposed


Palestinians See New U.S.-Made Police Jeeps as ‘Hypocrisy’


Spit on Australia, says Abbas’ advisor on Foreign Affairs


Palestinians Denounce Israel’s ‘Anti-Pay-for-Slay’ Law


Netanyahu to be questioned Tuesday in Bezeq graft probe


Planning For When Terrorism No Longer Pays


High Court says state can’t clear West Bank Bedouin village before July 16


A Match Made in Hi-Tech Heaven: Israel and South Korea


Mind-blowing 1,600-year-old biblical mosaics paint new picture of Galilean life


Using a Movie to Bash Israel




Japan struggles to deliver relief to victims of worst flood in decades




Syrian Situation Continues to Pose Threat to Jordan       




Hezbollah: One Man’s Narco-Terrorist Is Another Man’s Freedom Fighter




Religious intolerance on the left


Dispatches From The 'Tolerant' Left's War On Trump Supporters




WaPo Quotes Satirical Website Clickhole as Authoritative Source


…LOL: CNN’s Cuomo Dings Trump for Not Choosing Woman — After Network Said He Only Would for Her Looks…


NBC’s Capitol Hill Reporter Demonstrates Why So Many Dislike the Press


Fox News’ Host Says She Was Threatened by Protesters Outside Supreme Court


Journalism by Government in New Jersey




American woman killed in shooting at Mexico City restaurant




Microsoft Debuts $399 Surface Go Tablet, Taking on Cheaper iPads




Saudi Arabia: Two men “opposed to women drivers” set fire to a woman’s car


Saudi Arabia intercepts missile launched by Houthis at Jizan Economic City




U.S. warships answer China with pass through Taiwan Strait


Pentagon Says It Won’t Pay for Housing of Immigrants


NATO summit tests Mattis’s ability to preserve alliance, not cross Trump   (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


VA’s “Free Stuff” Giveaway is Not for Veterans


Soldier killed in suspected insider attack in Afghanistan identified


Army’s new, six-event PT test will roll out in the next two years


Russia, China Could Soon Outmatch U.S. in Combat Aviation


Sailor dies in non-combat incident in Red Sea




Burmese Military Destroys 60 Churches, Seizes The Land And Erects Pagan Temples In Their Place





Seven European countries to hit NATO spending pledge: Stoltenberg


A Strategic Reset for NATO


NATO summit defence


These Are the High Stakes of the NATO and Trump-Putin Summits (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)




Suicide blast kills ANP candidate, supporters at election rally


Pakistan’s Only Officially Recognized Jew Hopes to Enter Israel


Pakistan political leaders ‘face terror threat ahead of polls’


Pakistan elections 2018: Who will be the next prime minister?


Taliban Opponent in Pakistan Killed by Bomb as He Campaigns




Filipino president's comments on God rebuked




The Future is Conservative


Fake News and False Flags Are Political Tools




Female mail carrier’s body found inside hot USPS truck amid 120-degree temps




Shocking! IHOP admits it faked IHOb name change




Russia launches fastest ship ever to space station


Kremlin calls NATO a Cold War throwback ahead of summit


Russia Steps in to Save UN Breastfeeding Resolution Against U.S. Opposition


Russia Is Building $320 Million Icebreakers to Carve New Arctic Routes


Putin is about to con Trump in Helsinki. Here’s how.  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


LGBT World Cup Fans Stage Stealth Protests in Moscow


Trump describes Putin as ‘competitor’ ahead of Helsinki summit


The Trump-Putin Summit’s Potential Nuclear Fallout


Russia Responds to British Defense Minister's Novichok Accusation


Russia-UK Relations – Russia's Reactions To The Amesbury Incident; Russian Embassy To The UK: The Best Thing About Paranoia Is That Your Tantrums Don't Need A Logical Explanation





A New Judicial Era(The first post-filibuster nomination brings the Senate into uncharted territory.)


Kavanaugh paper chase threatens to draw out confirmation battle


Graham Says China Behind North Korea Calling U.S. Demands “Gangster-like”  (US Senator of South Carolina Lindsey O Graham (R)


Claire McCaskill’s wild ride (US Senator of Missouri Claire McCaskill (D)


Democrats Will Impose A Religious Test On SCOTUS Nominee Brett Kavanaugh


Cotton on Dem Opposition to Pick: ‘Laughable Political Game’  (US Senator of Arkansas Tom Cotton (R)


…Manchin: ‘Wrong’ to Decide How We’ll Vote Now  (US Senator of West Virginia Joe Manchin III (D)


Booker: Trump Nominated Kavanaugh for 'Get out of Jail Free Card'  (US Senator of New Jersey Cory Booker (D)


U.S. GOP Senator Blasts 'Dictator' Putin, Russia's 'Mafia' Government  (US Senator of Louisiana John N Kennedy (R)/Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


The Inauthentic Flip-Flopping of Bernie Sanders  (US Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders (I-Socialist)


Warren’s claim on number of medical bankruptcies greatly overstated, study shows (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


Fauxcahontas Warren on DNA Test: Trump ‘Trying to Bully Women Across Country’2192


McConnell to meet with Trump's Supreme Court pick Tuesday  (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


Answer the Senate’s questions, Judge Kavanaugh


Paul pledges 'an open mind' toward Kavanaugh


Republicans brace for brutal Supreme Court fight


Dems strategy on Trump pick: Unify around health care


Can the Supreme Court confirmation process ever be repaired?


Flashback: In 2017, Schumer Said You Can’t Ask a Judge About a Specific Case  (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


GOP rallies around Kavanaugh as Supreme Court pick


Airwaves about to get nasty as Supreme Court fight gets underway


Conservative group launches $1.4M 'Confirm Kavanaugh' campaign


Activists Tell Schumer to ‘Get a Pair’




California City Goes Full Socialist: Free $500 A Month To Residents In New Welfare Program


A crumbling example of socialism




Pressure To Break Up Facebook Builds




Former BLM Activist Exposes Left’s Exploitation of the Movement




Why Social Security isn't going broke




Moon Calls for Closer Ties with India(President Moon Jae-in)


Korea, India agree to hold regular summits


Majority of Koreans want to keep nuclear reactors


South Korea suspends annual defense drill




NFL players union files grievance challenging national anthem policy


MLB Scoreboard





Pompeo talks tough on Iran while visiting the Emirates  (US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo)





Judge Kavanaugh and the Second Amendment


8 Things to Know About Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh


Brett Kavanaugh’s Discouraging Record on the First Amendment and 'Commercial Speech'


Former Democratic Governor Says Brett Kavanaugh Nomination Will 'Threaten the Lives of Millions’  (Former Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffee (D)


Judge Brett Kavanaugh: “A Judge Must Interpret the Law, Not Make the Law”


Top Six Unhinged Reactions to Kavanaugh Nomination


Why the NYT Is Obsessed with Alan Dershowitz


SCOTUS nominee Kavanaugh’s stout Second Amendment support draws fire from critics


…Muslim Leader: Kavanaugh Will ‘Green Light’ Trump’s ‘Bigoted Agenda’…


Brett Kavanaugh's views on presidential power could become focus with ongoing Russia probe


Outrage Overload: This Is How Liberals Went Berserk Over Trump's SCOTUS Nominee


Trump Nominee Has Long, Solid Record, Especially on Immigration…


'This Is Garbage': Leonard Leo on Reports that Kennedy Had a Secret Deal With Kavanaugh; Update: NBC Reporter Corrects Tweets


Red State Dems Weigh In on Kavanaugh for SCOTUS…


Scoop! Kavanaugh Called Hillary ‘B*tch’ 20 Years Ago


Trump Taps Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court


From a Kennedy to a Kavanaugh


Jewish groups ‘concerned’ over Trump’s Supreme Court pick Kavanaugh 


…Video: Protesters Wild Outside Court


Trump nominates Brett Kavanaugh to Supreme Court


Key details about Trump's pick to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy


Brett Kavanaugh, Trump's Supreme Court pick, is a conservative appeals court judge


Trump announces Supreme Court nominee


‘Bachelorette’ fans annoyed with Trump’s Supreme Court announcement


Brett Kavanaugh's track record


George W. Bush Praises Nomination of Kavanaugh for Supreme Court: ‘Outstanding Decision’


Brett Kavanaugh could drastically shift the court to the right. The Senate should take care.


Judge Brett Kavanaugh is Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court


Daily Beast Uncovers Devious Papist Plot to Destroy America: The Federalist Society


We’ve turned the justices into gods


Brett Kavanaugh: Who is he? Bio, facts, background and political views


Brett Kavanaugh is ‘John Roberts 2.0’


What Brett Kavanaugh could mean for the future of abortion, marriage equality and much more


Brett Kavanaugh is an excellent pick for the Supreme Court


There’s So Much You Don’t Know About Brett Kavanaugh


A Liberal’s Case for Brett Kavanaugh


For Trump, Brett Kavanaugh Is Midterm Bait




14 dead in south Syria suicide car bomb claimed by Islamic State


Syrian/pro-Iranian column from Daraa heading to Syrian-Israeli-Jordanian border junction




Taiwan orders evacuations as season’s 1st typhoon approaches


Taiwan under (Diplomatic) Siege


iPhone crash? Might have been China's dislike for Taiwan's flag




Thai cave rescue: All 12 boys and soccer coach freed


Aussie doctor hailed for role in Thailand cave rescue


With 8 boys from Thai soccer team rescued, crews prepare for final push




NAFTA Talks to Get More Complicated


Trump Is Right: The U.S. Can’t Lose a Trade War


Donald Trump’s Trade War Is Proving The Free Traders Right




New study finds life-threatening risk in transgender hormone therapy




Tobacco Funds Fill Government Coffers, Not Help People Quit





Turkish Deputy PM admits: “Even if no Turks lived in Cyprus, Turkey would still have a Cyprus issue”


Erdogan Names Son-in-Law as Treasury and Finance Minister  (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Loyalists dominate President Erdogan’s new Cabinet in Turkey


Turkey's Erdogan son-in-law made finance minister amid nepotism fears


Turkey's Economy Is So Hot That It May Face a Meltdown


Investors Dump Turkish Lira as They Turn Cold on Emerging Markets





U.K. stocks end higher as Brexit turmoil casts shadow over May’s government


British foreign minister Boris Johnson resigns amid Brexit fallout; Jeremy Hunt announced as replacement


Farage Blasts London Mayor for Allowing 'Baby Trump' Blimp: 'Sadiq Khan Is a Total Disgrace'


London mayor defends decision to approve permits for six-metre high blimp of US President dressed as baby


Britain’s privacy commissioner to fine Facebook over Cambridge Analytica data misuse


British Jewry’s new leader puts her foot down on anti-Semitism


Doctor fired for affirming basic biology ...


Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’ climbs British charts ahead of Trump visit


May Fights to Contain Brexit Crisis After Key Ministers Quit  (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


K9 warrior saves British SAS team, turns tables on terrorists during ambush


British government in turmoil after revolt over May’s Brexit plans, resignations


A painful lesson in London


It’s Time for Theresa May to Go


Fight against 'grooming gangs' backed by just 3% of lawmakers


Britain Hikes Western Balkan Funds Ahead Of London Summit  




To Promote Gun Control, the UN Changes the Rules


UN failing to recognize, fight anti-Semitism, watchdog charges


The United Nations’ Patently Ridiculous Report on American Poverty




Missing college student in car crash found after 2 days lost in woods




Pope Francis: We Are Turning Earth Into a Desert  




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump has 'little gift' for N.Korean leader


Tump: Strzok, Page getting 'cold feet' ahead of Capitol Hill sessions


The Anti-Trump Conservative Firing Circle Is Wildly Out Of Touch With The American Electorate


When asked about reuniting migrant families, Trump says solution is 'don't come to our country illegally'


Kamala Harris' office rejected courtesy call before Supreme Court announcement: White House  (US Senator of California Kamala Harris (D)


Trump says he still has 'Rocket Man' CD for Kim  (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


Trump says meeting with Putin, not NATO, may be 'easiest'  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


President Donald Trump on Judge Brett Kavanaugh: He Will be a “Faithful Servant of Our Constitution”


Trump says US had opposed formula limits, not breastfeeding


Trump Is Poised to Enter NATO Meeting as a Wild Card


Trump Presses NATO on Defense Spending Ahead of Summit


Stephen Miller trashed pricey sushi after bartender gave him the finger 



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