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Friday, July 7, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




Abortion Activist Re-Files Bogus Charges Against David Daleiden for Exposing Planned Parenthood


MLK niece: Free abortions for illegals is 'eugenic racism'


Let’s Stop With the ‘Abortion is Healthcare’ Nonsense


Abortion could soon be fully covered by insurance in Oregon


Abortions in Louisiana Drop 4% as Almost 400 Babies Saved From Abortion


Missouri Gov. Greitens expands call for abortion legislation


Tobin: Abortion, anti-immigrant rhetoric both 'brutalize' the American heart (Cardinal Joseph W Tobin of Newark, NJ)


These pro-life activists are my heroes. Here’s your chance to meet them.


Abortion Clinic CEO: “Contraception Can’t Stop Abortion … Abortion is Birth Control Women Need”  (London, England)


New Study Shows Birth Control and Contraception Don’t Cut Abortions  (London, England)


Half of abortions due to failed contraception - new report  (Britain)


British Medical Association Votes to Legalize Abortions Up to Birth




White House limiting number of troops to Afghanistan: report





Nigerian Catholic Archbishop Declares ‘If You Care About Christ Then Stop Complaining About Islam, Pick Up Your Cross And Start Evangelizing Muslims’


South Africa condemned by ICC for failing to arrest Sudan's president


PR company 'sorry' for S Africa campaign


Niger army kills 14 civilians by mistake





Flight forced to land after passenger tries to enter cockpit





 Family may leave anti-Semitic graffiti uncovered




No halt to abuses in Vietnam





ASX ends turbulent week lower


Australian Dollar Advances Against Majors


End of multi-year bond rally a threat to the ASX


$152,000 painting stolen from Sydney home


South Australia announces Tesla as backer of world's largest battery





TSX takes dive as most sectors fall, Canadian dollar up after jobs report


Canadian Media Wants More Euthanasia, 100s of Assisted Suicides is Not Enough


27,000 Torontonians were arrested for marijuana possession in a decade. What will happen to them?


Omar Khadr says government apology 'restores a little bit my reputation'


Liberals officially announce Khadr payout and apology


Canada: Trudeau government has already quietly paid $10,500,000 to jihad murderer Omar Khadr  (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Vitamin maker Jamieson Wellness makes TSX debut, its shares soar


Trudeau to attend meeting with more than 30 U.S. governors


Average rent in Toronto passes $2,000 a month, report finds


Supreme Court says trial judge made no legal error in acquitting woman who had sex with 14-year-old boy


Canadian labour market beats expectations again with 45,300 new jobs in June


Trudeau talks kidnapping ransom with G20 leaders


Loonie’s rally fading, top forecasters warn


 Activists file legal challenge against 'unsafe' refugee pact with US


Veteran city councillor Pam McConnell has died at 71


How Canada’s police are failing sexual assault victims


Boy, 6, dead after being struck by truck while biking in Richmond Hill


Four more Indigenous youth take their own lives in Northern Ontario


Seeking U.S. ties apart from Trump, Trudeau will be first PM to address governors’ meeting


Rex Murphy: Justin Trudeau skips the theme socks for his scheming Omar Khadr apology


Lawyer for U.S. soldier’s widow calls for ‘urgent hearing’ on freezing Khadr’s $10.5-million settlement


Bret Stephens: Conservative commentary enters the idiot cycle


Quebec man charged after allegedly causing disturbance on Sunwing flight to Cuba


Racism toward Indigenous people 'a real problem' in Thunder Bay


Parents who push their kids into gender exploration need to back off: Teitel




El Salvador jails teenage rape survivor for 30 years after stillbirth





Is This the End of China’s Second Housing Bubble?


 Chinese court jails author of Tiananmen report: lawyer


Chinese, Russian media lock arms to challenge Western press


North Korea's Nuclear Threat To The U.S. Is Real — And China's Largely To Blame


China wary as US, India and Japan prep for Malabar naval drills


China urges GM, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen to recall cars with faulty air bags


Asking China to 'fix' North Korea is a waste of time





CNN’s Secret Business Links to the Castro Regime




The Rubicon Is Crossed in North Korea

Explosions in sky as Pyongyang celebrates ICBM launch


North Korea Needs Nukes Because of Its Religion


US must have stomach for real sanctions on Pyongyang – and Beijing


Is There Still Time for Diplomacy With North Korea?


North Korea's assassination sheds light on chemical weapons arsenal


Silicon Valley’s Tiny Satellites May Track North Korea Missiles


We think North Korea is crazy. What if we’re wrong?


North Korea’s missile test was ominous, but a military response could be disastrous


North Korea has one big advantage over its adversaries


With special forces, U.S. has a unique tool for confronting Kim  (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


US seeks North Korean funds from eight big banks


US warns Kim Jong-un it is prepared to use its 'considerable military forces' against North Korea


 Trump and Kim Jong-un are a match made in heaven that could save us all





Holy Terrible Tax Plan! Bill To Attack Carried Interest Carries No Water




Amazon cornered Whole Foods into not seeking more bids, filing shows




Illegal immigrant mom accused in stabbing deaths of children, husband smiles in court


Officer wounded in ambush sues Black Lives Matter


Married teacher allegedly adopted student to have sex with him


Charges upgraded in fatal "Pokemon Go" shooting case


Fate of 'America's Toughest Sheriff' rests in hands of judge after closing arguments in criminal trial


Judge rejects Hawaii bid to exempt grandparents from Trump’s travel ban




Suspect dead after standoff at bank


Two more weirdos arrested for threatening violence against Republicans


Dad who said daughter shot herself arrested for murder


The Murder of Officer Miosotis Familia—and Those Who Killed Her


Teens busted for having sex on beach while crowd cheered


A win for charter schools -- and New York's children


Politically fueled cop hatred has taken another innocent officer's life


Cop killer was a hellraiser in prison




Russians Suspected in Hacks Involving Nuclear Site




Death penalty: Virginia executes William Morva using controversial three-drug mixture





Trump hits Podesta over DNC server; ex-Clinton chair fires back


DNC won't release evidence of Seth Rich's WikiLeaks ties




Imposter Mayor  (Fashioning himself as an international progressive hero, Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio has no real interest in the job he was elected to do.)


The Democrats’ Soviet Insane Asylum for Trump


De Blasio's back to promoting himself and ignoring New York's needs  (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)


Back to the Center, Democrats


Democrats hear calls from younger voters, start to look at next generation for 2020




Beneficiaries of the DeVos Delay (Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos)





Rick Perry offered a ‘little economics lesson.’ It didn’t go so well. (Energy Secretary Rick Perry)





Sessions Heads to Gitmo to Address Use of Camp (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


New holes in Loretta Lynch’s story on the Hillary probe  (Former US Attorney General Loretta Lynch)


Hobby Lobby’s smuggling case casts cloud over Museum of the Bible


Some ‘sanctuary cities’ have ‘boldly asserted’ they won’t comply with U.S. requests, Justice Dept. says





US Divorce Rate Dips, but Moral Acceptability Hits New High




U.S. stocks notch weekly gains on robust jobs data, tech rebound


Wall Street climbs after jobs data as tech, financials rise


U.S. Stocks Rebound, Bonds Fall on Economic Data: Markets Wrap


Jobs Rebound In June. So How Are The Numbers Stacking Up To Trump's Goals?


Treasury yields track higher after upbeat jobs report


Government Job Growth in June Outstrips Manufacturing 35 to 1


Job growth surged in June, as U.S. economy clips along


+220,000 Jobs in June; Record 153,168,000 Employed


Dollar strengthens after solid jobs report, books weekly gains


Why Economic Bubbles Aren't Always Epic Disasters


U.S. Jobs Market Under Trump Looks a Lot Like It Did Under Obama


Forty S&P 500 stocks have slumped 20% or more in 2017


Asia hit by Wall St. stumble, debt yields spike after ECB minutes


Bond Rout Deepens as Asia Stocks Join Global Drop: Markets Wrap


How the Growth of E-Commerce Is Shifting Retail Jobs


The left’s misleading green jobs claims


Gold drops to settle at 4-month low after solid U.S. jobs report


First half of 2017 is the strongest US stock markets have seen in years




How Undergraduate Research Drives Science Forward


A win for charter schools -- and New York's children


A new era begins on the L.A. school board, with a pro-charter majority firmly in control


Approved L.A. Unified settlement would send money to district's neediest schools


Cut Off (Mizzou will ban students from using ID credit cards to buy nonacademic items from campus store, saying it will promote better spending habits. But students can still buy campus massages with their IDs and use their credit cards for other things.)


School-Based Health Services and Medicaid in Context: A Better Way to Pay


Baylor settles suit that called school "hunting ground"


Shaky International Yields  (At undergraduate level, Southern institutions appear to be having a tougher time attracting students from outside the US Nearly half of graduate deans see declines at the master’s level, and 31 percent at the PhD level.)


Giving Kids ‘Woke Books’ Will Lead To More Racial Tension, And That’s Deliberate




Death toll in car bomb, shooting attack in Sinai rises to 26


At least 10 Egyptian soldiers killed in Sinai


Deadly ambush targets military checkpoint in ISIS stronghold





What does Trump mean when he says 'other countries' hacked the election?


Ex-intel chief: 'No evidence whatsoever' anyone but Russia interfered in election





'She just got here': Top Democrat Dianne Feinstein slaps down her junior California senator being talked about as a 2020 contender




Oil prices drop to lowest finish in almost two weeks


Energy Prices


Can Trump Use Fracking To Break Putin's Stranglehold On Eastern Europe?  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Trump Launched An Energy Revolution While Everyone Was Obsessing On His Tweets


Clean energy is a matter of national security; even the military knows it


Massive Tesla battery won't prevent crippling blackouts: experts





State releases plan to clean lead contamination from 2,500 parcels near closed battery recycler Exide  (California)


Environment: Texas companies penalized in less than 3% of illegal air pollution cases – report  




Armenia’s attack on Azerbaijani civilians





More summer sun accelerating Greenland ice melt, study says





European stocks fall on stumble in oil prices, central bank concerns


Does Europe—Subconsciously—Expect America to Save It Again?


The European Union Has a Currency Problem


Good News and Bad News From Poland


Belgium hunts jihad terror ring after discovery of massive weapons cache and police uniforms


Trump’s Foreign Trip Tells a Tale of 2 Europes


EU-Japan trade deal sends 'strong message' to Donald Trump


Austria: Man who committed gruesome murder of elderly couple turns out to be “radicalized Muslim”




Luxembourg’s Euthanasia Practice is At Odds With a Respect for Human Rights




Slow Justice for Lavoy Finicum






Net Neutrality Battle  (Questions about funding and disclosure surround article advocating more economic analysis at the FCC, ahead of major moves by Trump appointees to roll back net neutrality rules.)




Banking could be at historic turning point with successful stress tests




U.S. banks face variety of risks, financial performance strong: regulator




Painkiller maker stops sales at FDA request because of abuse





Campbell Soup Buys Pacific Foods for $700 Million




Paris evacuates nearly 2,800 migrants from makeshift camps


Brexit: France to cut income tax and open international schools to entice London's bankers to Paris


France set for weekend traffic misery as school holidays begin amid sizzling heatwave


French police destroy 'work of art' thinking it was illegal cannabis plantation


French policeman suspected of being Isis follower is charged




Legal gambling's big winners are the politicians  (New York)




Danish intelligence: Merkel’s and Sweden’s refugee policies are endangering Denmark  (German Chancellor Angela Merkel) 


Live: Police officer fires 'warning shot' at G20 protesters as world leaders listen to Beethoven


Smoke on the water: Hamburg under siege for G20


Police call in reinforcements to handle violent G-20 protests


Former Audi exec arrested in Munich over 'dieselgate' emissions scam


Police Opt for Brute Force in Hamburg


How Hamburg's anti-G20 riots were born in West German squats in the 1980s


A Lose-Lose Summit for Merkel, Hamburg and the World  


Melania Trump prevented from attending G-20 spouse events by Hamburg protests


G20 Hell: Hamburg Explodes in Fire, Chaos


Merkel's Husband Is Sending Ivanka and Melania Trump to Learn About Climate Change  


Merkel Has to Deal With Trump, the Question Is How


Berlin attacker jailed for subway kick




Things Get Hot for Michael Mann


Climate Disagreement Clouding G-20 Summit


1 in 4 Americans believe climate change will lead to human extinction


Trump 'doesn't speak for the rest of us,' so California's governor invites the world to a climate summit





Koch brothers political chief: We're not "beholden" to GOP lawmakers





Anarchists of G20 Protests ‘Marxist Perfection 101’


Trump and Putin’s Man-Off  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


As Trump sounds dire warnings for G-20, his peers sound optimistic


The Memo: Five things to watch in Trump-Putin meeting


Trump's eight biggest challenges at the G-20 summit


 Trump and Putin are about to meet – there is no guarantee it will go smoothly




Democrats More Confident Than Republicans in Medical System 




China's vast aircraft carrier arrives in HK

A man walks past the Qatar Airways branch in the Saudi capital Riyadh. Photo: June 2016



Leftists Claim Paul Ryan Banned Women From Wearing Sleeveless Dresses In Capitol. Nope.  (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) 


Questions linger despite Speaker Ryan's town hall 


Russia sanctions bill stalls in House before Trump meeting with Putin  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)  


Rep. Elijah Cummings wants Office of Government Ethics chief Walter Shaub to testify before Oversight Committee  (US Representative of Maryland Elijah Cummings (D)





New York Assemblyman calls for deportation of former Nazi guard from US


Trump is winning the argument on immigration




Irishman who overstayed 90-day visa by more than a DECADE is deported - months after appearing on a national news program to talk about being an illegal immigrant




China hardens stance on Sikkim, rules out Modi-Xi G20 talks  (Prime Minister Narendra Modi/ Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping)


India and Israel: A New Harmony


First Pakistan, Now India: Hindu Terrorists Are Using ‘Anti-Conversion’ Laws To Persecute Christians


PM slams Pak terror export, tries to rally nations


India will implement Paris climate pact in letter and spirit: PM Narendra Modi


India's Ganges and Yamuna rivers are 'not living entities'


As India Sends Largest-Ever Fleet For Naval Drills, China Reacts


Pakistani honey trap: Akhnoor youth arrested for leaking security info to handler


Teen allowed to marry elderly lover after threatening suicide


At BRICS, PM Modi and Xi praise each other


Sikkim stand-off: Indian troops unlikely to pull back (On the other hand, Communist China refuses to hold any discussion of reducing the tension unless India retreats and withdraws its troops.)





Teen allowed to marry elderly lover after threatening suicide




U.S. Permanent Resident Imprisoned in Iran Pleas for Release in Audio Recording





The last days inside the shrinking Isis enclave in Mosul's Old City


US to equip Iraqis with police stations in a box worth $250,000 each


No Escape From Mosul, and Slim Chance of Surrender




The Rage of Islam





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Friday, July 7, 2017)


At stormy meet, UNESCO declares Hebron an endangered Palestinian site


UNESCO Declares Tomb of the Jewish Patriarchs a “Palestinian World Heritage Site”


Netanyahu cuts $1 million more from UN budget following UNESCO Hebron vote (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Israel blasts UN naming Hebron a Palestinian site


Israel reacts with disgust and disdain to UNESCO Hebron decision


A Video Response to UNESCO’s Lies


Hebron Jewish residents call to increase Jewish presence in city following UNESCO vote


Does Fatah see new UNESCO resolution as endorsement of violence and terror?


Earliest mosaic of Jonah and the whale found in Galilee synagogue


Israeli forces injure 2 Palestinians with live fire, tear gas canister during clashes in Gaza


Israeli minocracy under Netanyahu


Israeli forces injure 6 Palestinians, Korean activist during protest in Kafr Qaddum


All about Jewish (dis)unity  (The 4th of July and Israel.)


Palestinian sentenced to life in prison after assaulting, murdering tourist


PA detains Palestinian journalist for filming Prime Minister's convoy at Israeli checkpoint


Israeli accidentally enters Jenin


First-Ever Visit By Indian Prime Minister To Israel


NGO: 35,000 Palestinians in Gaza still displaced from 2014 war


Palestinians Sweltering in Gaza


It's official: Israelis love President Trump


Five reasons the UNESCO Hebron decision matters to Israel and the world


Israel Wants Family Of Palestinian Attacker To Pay Damages 


Israel: ‘Shame on’ Germany for comparing Palestinians to Holocaust victims 




Amelia Earhart conspiracy: Does this newly discovered photo prove female pilot survived plane crash and was captured by the Japanese? 




The high price of liberalism




Lake: Julian Assange Joins Trump's War on CNN


Reliable Sources: #CNNBlackmail was a ‘far-right narrative’


James Clapper Confronts CNN's Narrative... While on CNN (Former Director of National Intelligence James R Clapper)


CNN Loses Primetime Weekly Ratings Battle to TLC, Nick-at-Nite


Polish President Confirms His Wife Shook Trump’s Hand, Says ‘Let’s Fight Fake News’


CNN boss says his reporters are ready to fight Donald Trump and will not let him 'bully and intimidate' them


Fox suspends business news host Charles Payne amid sexual harassment allegations


Voter fraud commission member gets into heated exchange with MSNBC anchor


Sean Hannity Is No William F. Buckley


Polish president knocks 'fake news' over wife's Trump handshake


Rachel Maddow reveals 'red hot' Trump-Russia document likely a fake, warns other media of possible ploy




While seated next to President Nieto, Trump says he ‘absolutely’ wants Mexico to pay for the wall


Mexican state wants Ford to pay $65M for canceled plant


Malnourished 5-year-old found in chains in Mexico may be returned to U.S.


At least 28 inmates killed in bloody Mexican prison fight




Qatar Misses Deadline, Saudis Say Boycott Will Stand


The Qatar Crisis Is an Opportunity for Trump


ISIS is close to defeat — but what comes next is a mess


 The Qatar crisis has nothing to do with Al Jazeera


Saudi-led bloc vows new Qatar measures




DIA Reveals New Details of Russian Information Warfare


US bombers fly over East and South China Seas


Hundreds of VA officials fired since Trump's inauguration


Virginia: Muslim “obsessed with Islam” tried to join U.S. military to imitate Fort Hood jihad mass murderer


Funeral held for Texas sailor killed in USS Fitzgerald collision


Soldier facing murder charges for wife's killing guilty of child sexual abuse


Airmen who surveil Islamic State militants never get to look away


Trump says U.S. has 'pretty severe' response for North Korea, then Mattis says U.S. is no closer to war  (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


Clean energy is a matter of national security; even the military knows it





Thanks, Obama: The U.S. Still Can't Defend Against North Korea Nukes




Solomon Islands Pacific Bauxite accused of tricks over mining rights




Chinese whispers after Pakistan’s currency nosedives


People would again vote his party into power in 2018: Nawaz Sharif   (Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif)


China and Pakistan Military Tests Flank India, Boost Tensions in Asia


Haqqani Network operated from Afghanistan not Pakistan: FO




As Illinois Goes Bankrupt, Michigan Embraces Bold Pension Reforms




We know the cure for poverty — but not how to apply it  (New York)




Could you do more to cut the cost of your prescription drugs?






Clif Bar announces recall after nut allergy reports




Latino Activist Says He Faced Racism at Democrat Fundraiser in San Francisco  




Mark Levin: ‘We Are Being Defeated from Within’


'It is the end of CNN!' Did Trump just terminate cable news giant?  (Limbaugh: 'How can you not laugh at them? They've become a national joke')




CBF seeks direction amid diverse views on LGBT issues




Trump presses Putin on Syria, US election meddling in first meeting  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Russian Gas Trumps American Sanctions


Russian opposition leader released from jail


Trump, Putin, and the Double-Fisted Handshake


What Russians Want From Their President (Op-ed)


‘Phone talks obviously not enough’: Putin & Trump meet on sidelines of G20 summit (Video)


Trump To Putin: 'It's An Honor To Be With You'


Russian General in Charge of Nuclear Weapons Resigns


Russia, Japan look to joint development of Kuril Islands


Four Dead in Norilsk Nickel Mine Explosion


Putin calls for pragmatism and caution in resolving North Korean nuclear issue

Trump-Putin Meeting Lasts Nearly Two Hours Longer Than Scheduled


Russia-NATO Update – Deputy PM Rogozin: Montenegro's Accession To NATO Is Directed Against Serbia, Not Russia


Russia claims N. Korea launch not ICBM, objects to condemnation statement


Russian spies ramping up intelligence-gathering efforts: report


Has Russia's love for Trump gone cold?





Scientist to Scour Grand Canyon to Prove Biblical Flood


Science: ESA unveils third mission to Mercury to investigate water ice and volcanoes





Gun Sales Fall Below Record in June, Remain Near All-Time Highs





Lynch responds to Senate investigation, denies collusion  (Former US Attorney General Loretta Lynch)


Pat Toomey says GOP wasn’t ready with healthcare ...because they didn’t think Trump would win  (US Senator of Pennsylvania  Pat Toomey (R)


Senator impostor tries to see Ivanka: Police


Cruz Responds to Schumer Calling His Healthcare Amendment a ‘Hoax’ (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)/ Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


Sen. Moran (R-Kansas) gets tough health care questions in Trump country


Cruz's Democratic opponent raises $1M for Senate campaign  (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)


GOP must bolster Affordable Care Act’s markets if Senate bill dies, McConnell says  (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


Dem senator: Trump needs to confront Putin on Russian election meddling


The reason Republican health-care plans are doomed to fail


Senate Republicans say they're weeks away from healthcare vote


Cruz: GOP should vote to repeal ObamaCare if they can’t agree on plan  (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)


Cruz faces ObamaCare repeal pushback during veterans event 




Trump’s Tweets Awaken The Living Dead


Twitter fixed glitch that blocked Trump from appearing in search results for ‘POTUS’  




Feds pay Social Security judge $500,000 to sit at home on leave





Horrifying video shows helicopter crash that killed bride on her wedding day  (Brazil)




Korea's Growth Could Flatline Due to Aging Population


Xi Pushes Moon Over THAAD (Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping/ President Moon Jae-in)


Dog meat sellers call for protection of business


[Exclusive] Korea scraps mandatory HIV tests for English teachers


Moon, Abe at odds over wartime sex slavery deal (Japanese Prime Minister  Shinzo Abe)


Xi's stance on THAAD angers Korean firms


Moon, Merkel Discuss N.Korea  (German Chancellor Angela Merkel) 


Moon’s peace vision faces bleak outlook


'FTA renegotiation would not decrease US trade deficit'




Mars Planet covered in toxic chemicals that can wipe out living organisms, tests reveal




Spain's Looming Constitutional Crisis: Why America Should Care


2 Americans gored while running with the bulls in Spain




'I feel better today than when I was 25': Tom Brady, 39, launches new book revealing how he keeps in top mental and physical health


WBO will rescore controversial Manny Pacquiao-Jeff Horn fight


Former Purdue QB Eric Hunter killed in Virginia


Thunder forward blasted for bad tip on $487 bill


Tim Hardaway Jr. signs 4-year, $71M offer sheet with Knicks


MLB Scoreboard 





McAuliffe’s Former Electric Car Company Audited for $6.4M in Repayment to Mississippi (Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffee (D)


Residents of disappearing island in Virginia plead for help


NJ Transit train service resumes after derailment


Massive fire in Oakland forces hundreds to evacuate


Dozens of alligators, venomous snakes found in California home


Explosion, possible ammonia leak evacuates food warehouse near Chicago


11-Year-Old Saves Family by Shooting Charging Brown Bear


Trio rescued by Samaritan's Purse, Iowa ministry can now walk


News chopper spots alligator eating body of plane crash victim  (Florida)


California: Golden No More


More havoc at Penn Station as another train derails


Two Years Later, Illinois Has Budget After Veto Override      





Trump 'pressed' Putin on election meddling but he denied it, Rex Tillerson says   (US Secretary of State Rex W Tillerson)




US, Russia and Jordan agree to Syria ceasefire


Can Russia and America Work Together in Syria?


A rare look inside ISIS' de facto capital


New front in Syria as Turks rout Kurds with Putin’s blessing  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)




Muffled by China, Taiwan President Embraces Twitter as Megaphone


What China's Stance on Hong Kong Means for US-Taiwan Relations


William Lai says he still supports Taiwan independence (Tainan mayor)


Chinese NTU graduate student dead for 3 days before anyone notices


Taiwan exports up for ninth straight month in June





The Left’s Breaking Point?





Turkish authorities confiscate 50 properties from one of world's oldest Christian communities which fears it is being driven into extinction


Assets worth $11bn seized in Turkey crackdown


Turkey Against the World


Ankara blames Greek Cypriot side for failure in Cyprus peace talks


European Parliament’s call to suspend accession talks not binding: Turkey’s Erdoğan


Erdoğan, Merkel meet ahead of G-20 in Hamburg


Turkey’s economic growth seen over 5 percent by end-2017: Minister


Istanbul court acquits 23 conscripts present during July 2016 coup attempt


Justice Minister asks Turkish educators to end hunger strikes


Turkish, Indonesian companies sign deals cooperating on defense




Oklahoma state senator accused of assaulting an Uber driver 




U.K. stocks swing higher as pound falters after lackluster data


Charlie Gard’s Life Support Won’t be Turned Off For Now, Parents and Hospital Head Back to Court


Police make new arrest over Manchester bombing


Charlie Gard’s Parents Bring Terri Schiavo’s Brother to London to Help Them Fight for Their Son


UK NHS wants “equality enshrined in law” for transgender, but not Charlie Gard?


Five World Specialists Recommend Charlie Gard Receive Experimental Treatment


UK: Heathrow Airport fires sister of London Bridge jihad murderer and her husband over security concerns


New York Presbyterian Hospital Offers to Admit Charlie Gard for Evaluation and Treatment


Charlie Gard’s Mother: “This Has Been Absolute Hell. We Have No Say in His Life Whatsoever”


U.K. baby sparks end-of-life discussion


Muslims offended at hearing Bible verses, so Christians prosecuted


Sir John Chilcot accuses Tony Blair of not being 'straight with the nation' over Iraq War  (Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair)


Brexit: UK business leaders to call for indefinite delay in leaving single market


Labour unveils plans for a 48-hour cap on working week  (Scotland)


Grenfell Tower: Fire-proof cladding only used on ground floor


Manchester bomb 'carried in city for hours'


Margaret Thatcher statue in Parliament Square blocked over fears it would be vandalised


More than 300 under-13s have gun licences


NHS: Half of junior doctors have accidents or near misses after night shifts


'Poisonous' strawberries stolen from farm


New York hospital agrees to admit Charlie Gard


The far right: Britain First supporter calls for Merkel to be shot for refugee policy   (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


Woman raped by three men after exclusive Henley Regatta party


Drugs:Dozens of UK deaths linked to opioid that killed singer Prince


Brexit: Michel Barnier in fresh warning over EU trade deal  (The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator slammed the door shut on hopes the UK could get easy access to the European single market, warning that “frictionless trade” was “not possible.”)


G20 May accused of double standards over terrorism funding   (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


May urges action against online extremism


Couple caught having sex in Domino’s charged


Mental health care 'risks being over-run'


London: Five-year-old battered to death by mother's boyfriend, court hears


Grenfell inquirer 'lost room' at meeting  (Sir Martin Moore-Bick met survivors of the west London tower block fire on Thursday evening.)





Haley: UNESCO resolution an 'affront to history' (US United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley says the United States is reviewing ties with UNESCO following latest anti-Israel resolution.)


More than 120 countries adopt treaty banning nuclear weapons




U.S. Mint worker leaves noose for black colleague, officials say




 Pope considers 'giving Charlie Gard Vatican passport' to overcome court rulings preventing treatment in Italy





President Donald J. Trump’s Weekly Address


Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Yesterday, Donald Trump Struck a Righteous Blow against Universalism


Donald Trump Has Made America a Back-Row Kid


The 'Deep State' war on the Trump revolution, Part II


Five Takeaways From the Two Hour Meeting Between Trump and Putin


Trump defends Western civilization – and media call it racist


Muslim activist suggests resisting Trump is a 'form of jihad'


What Trump Meant When He Said 'Everyone' Was Talking About John Podesta


Trump’s Warsaw Speech Evoked Reagan’s Cold War Rhetoric, Not The Alt-Right’s


President Trump’s Remarkable Warsaw Speech


Trump’s Defense of Universal Truths in Poland


Trump in Poland: “Our Civilization Will Triumph”

It's magical legal thinking to say Trump can't reverse Obama's national monuments


Trump addresses an alternative world


Why Melania Trump is obsessed with culottes


At last, wide-awake at the White House


Trump voter commission to store data on White House computers under purview of Pence staff  (Vice-President Mike Pence)


Piers Morgan: You've been sorely tested but it's time to hold your nerve and your trigger, Mr President. If you attack North Korea, you'll drag us all into catastrophe 


Democrats ready to pounce on Trump missteps with Putin


Call for Jared to divest from his share of $800m real estate firm that he started with his brother and failed to disclose on his forms


How to handle an unhinged president


Trump's 'remarkable' speech in Poland


Trump wants us to defend ‘our values.’ Which ones?


Summit of love: Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump work hard and play harder as pair pack on the PDA during overseas trip



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