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Saturday, July 1, 2017






In Today’s Issue: 




Capital Punishment and Abortion are Separate Issues


Abortion rate in Minnesota continues to stay fairly flat


Abortion opponents pledge grassroots campaign for constitutional amendment (Massachusetts)


Will Indiana AG appeal abortion injunction against state?


Gov. Snyder (R-Michigan) vetoes anti-abortion license plate


How Choice Helped Create the Nation's First Women-Run Abortion Clinic and Changed My Family's History


Vatican tells UN to remove horrific abortion vacuum from emergency health kits


French Politician Simone Veil, Holocaust Survivor And Abortion Pioneer, Dies At 89




Cop adopts 8-year-old he rescued from severe child abuse




Trump Takes Bolder Stance With Friends and Foes in Asia




Cardinal Pell’s Rise to Power Left a Trail of Scandal (The charges against him followed years of criticism that he had overlooked — or covered up — the widespread abuse of children by clergymen in Australia.)





Volvo Automaker admits its self-driving cars are confused by kangaroos





Mona Charen: Republicans Are A Big-Government Party, Too





Canada’s Hidden History




Americans keep having fewer babies as U.S. birthrates hit some record lows


A newborn kept getting sick because its mother was ingesting her placenta, CDC says


Teen birth rate drops again to all-time low, CDC says




Reviving American Christianity




 Mattis, McMaster, and North Korea


Vacationing In North Korea: For The Brave Or Crazy?





Target, Costco enable exploitation as truckers plunge into debt




Texas Supreme Court questions right of benefits for gay spouses


Joe Arpaio learns that he is not above the law


Oregon detective who failed to investigate more than 50 cases because he was 'too burned out' pleads guilty to official misconduct


Trump's aggressive immigration enforcement is overwhelming an already taxed court system




Body of missing 5-year-old boy found in California


2 in critical condition after 25 shot at Little Rock nightclub


Promoter behind disastrous Fyre Festival arrested for wire fraud


Disgruntled ex-doctor with an assault rifle hidden under his lab coat launches shooting spree at Bronx hospital - killing one woman and wounding six ex-colleagues before taking his own life


Gunman at Bronx hospital kills 1, wounds 6 others before taking own life, police say


1 Killed and 6 Hurt as Doctor Opens Fire at Bronx Hospital


There’s an ongoing terrorist attack in Ohio (There is an ongoing terrorist attack happening in Ohio. It has nothing to do with the Islamic State or political anarchists. The weapons in this case come in the form of heroin and other opioids, and the terrorists are the pushers who spread the deadly poison.)


San Antonio police officer shot in the head dies


Patient shoots 2 at Las Vegas pain clinic, kills himself


Witnesses describe chaos after shooting at NYC hospital


Teen survives acid attack that "melted my clothes off"


Two children found in submerged truck die; 2 arrested


'Turn yourself in,' cops plead in road rage killing of student


Student fatally shot by cops for holding pen was set to graduate 




Mentally ill man's supporters urge gov. to stop execution





Protester Confronts De Blasio Mid-Yoga Pose at YMCA  (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)


De Blasio’s laughable ‘moral’ case for handing you his legal bill (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)


GOP operative seeking Clinton emails likely worked for Trump campaign, says former associate





Ben Carson reckons with proposed HUD budget cuts  (Secretary of Housing and Urban Development  Dr  Ben Carson)





64 GOP lawmakers ask Sessions to reaffirm: no religious tests for posts  (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


Manhattan Prosecutor Joins Mueller's Russia Probe Team  (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Cook County tells Justice Department it's not a 'sanctuary' jurisdiction




Labor Dept. signals change to Obama's overtime pay extension




Democrats still have nothing to say about boosting the economy


Michael Barone: Democrats — And Republicans — Lack Credibility On Economic Issues




New alert over X-rated materials … in school!


Japanese Children Learn to Write Through Rhythm


The Muslim Prom Queen and Me  (Why is the idea of a hijabi reaching peak high school popularity so disconcerting?)


Why demanding extreme racial equality in school suspensions does students more harm




Mitch 2020!  (New Orleans’ mayor Mitch Landrieu is the perfect choice for the Democrats in 2020, for all the reasons they’d prefer to ignore.)




Energy Prices


Southwest heat shatters electricity records




California's beaches belong to the public — not to the one percent





Trump’s WOTUS Repeal Has Yet to Help Modesto Farmer Who Faces $2.8 Million Fine for Plowing


EPA Chief Did Not Meet With Dow Chemical CEO, Contrary to News Reports





Feds: Missing Chinese scholar feared dead, suspect charged in kidnapping


Bernie Sanders, Not Donald Trump, Faces FBI Investigation




Paris airport evacuated due to security incident




Rejecting Globalism and Affirming Patriotic Nationalism




Globalization Can Be Good For American Workers




Gillespie Sends Out Explosive Tweet for Fourth of July  (Republican candidate for governor of Virginia Ed Gillespie put out an explosive video on Twitter Friday about legalizing fireworks in Virginia.)


What Are Republicans Reading?




600+ rural hospitals in danger of shutting doors


'Brain-eating' amoeba found in 2 Louisiana water systems


Self-Insurance Offers Workers Better Health Benefits For Less Money


Heart transplant survivor dies after giving birth to first child




Too many Americans still don’t see black history as their own




Olivia de Havilland Sues FX Networks Over Depiction in 'Feud'




Rep. Keith Ellison Sings a Song Celebrating Minneapolis Approving a $15 an Hour Minimum Wage (US Representative of Minnesota Keith Ellison (D)


Dozens of Dems Support Bill to Create Panel That Could Remove Trump From Office


Trump campaign adviser Michael Caputo to testify before House Intelligence Committee


Measure forces Congress to examine post-9/11 war powers role


Dave Brat: 1st  part of fix is Obamacare repeal  (US Representative of Virginia David Brat(R)





Can Trump Win His Fight Against Leftist Judges And Open-Border Radicals Over Immigration?





After Killing Currency, India Moves On to Tax Overhaul




BuzzFeed subpoenas intelligence agencies for details of Trump-Russia dossier: Report




Hypocritical leftists willing to give Muslim extremists a pass


United Church of Christ Congregation: Islam More Progressive than Christianity




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Saturday, July 1, 2017)


US leftists attack Netanyahu (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


A Thousand Demonstrators in Front of Netanyahu’s Residence over Kotel Dispute


IDF destroys Syrian artillery after shells explode in Golan Heights (Israel Defense Forces)


Hamas: Fatah works with Israel, Egypt to place us under siege


Livni urges UNESCO not to pass Hebron decision (Hatnuah Chairwoman Tzipi Livni )


New memorial set up for slain DFLP leader after being removed by Israel army


J Street's Jeremy Ben Ami attacks Israel's Prime Minister and the recent government decisions regarding the


Netherlands outraged after Israel seizes Dutch-funded solar panels in West Bank (Judea and Samaria)


Netanyahu risks religious ire to take part in Shabbat memorial to German leader


World’s largest warship docks at Haifa


A look into Haredi textbooks shows hatred and racism


Dahlan confidant says Abbas pushing Hamas toward war  (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Report: Palestinian women held in Israeli prison subjected to harsh sanctions


As an episode during his Mideast trip shows, Trump is seeing how hard it can be to land the ‘ultimate’ deal





Nevada marijuana sales start at midnight





Still No Collusion Evidence  (The latest ‘bombshell’ tells us more about media bias than about election meddling.)

MSNBC Won’t Release Evidence of ‘Morning Joe’ Hosts’ Charge That White House Pressured Them (Updated)


Brzezinski expresses concern over what tweets reveal about Trump


Fox PR pro jumps to NBC to work with Megyn Kelly


At the Center of the Latest Trump Feud? National Enquirer


The Hill: Kushner Sought 'Morning Joe' Apology to Trump to Avoid Negative Story


Jared Kushner reportedly warned Joe Scarborough about National Enquirer storyCNN screws up — again


Video: Mika Brzezinski Has a Hidden Crush and His Name is President Trump


U.S. media ignore 1 crucial fact about horrifying crime


Gregg Jarrett: Susan Rice Likely Committed 3 Crimes – “Better Get Herself a Good Criminal Defense Attorney” (Video)


Trump and Morning Joke




Why The Democrats Are Wrong About Medicaid




Vicente Fox: Trump 'Hot-Tempered,' Could Start War




Qatar rejects demands from Arab states as deadline looms


The Palace Intrigue at the Heart of the Qatar Crisis (The Saudis don’t believe the young emir of Qatar is really running the country — and they’re looking for regime change.)




Pentagon officially delays transgender troop enlistment policy


Million Veteran Program surpasses 580,000 enrollments; faces potential budget cut


Navy sailor receives homecoming surprise


Judge won’t drop rare misbehavior charge against Bergdahl


Veterans try to save World War II-era submarine berthed along shallow, NJ river


Staffing shortages in Arkansas a 'snapshot' of VA hiring problems


Soldiers plead for release from 'transgender training'


US, Australia launch massive Talisman Saber war games Down Under


Trump's Navy, Army secretary positions remain unfilled as summer recess looms




The Maine-imum Wage





NASA's plan to try redirecting asteroids


NASA clarifies: We don’t have child sex slaves on Mars




Oklahoma sues prescription opioid manufacturers




Everyone should go to jail, say, once every ten years




Russian-Backed News Station Replaces Bluegrass on D.C. Radios


A radio station thought it just discovered Annie Lennox




Russia says it found nothing suspicious at Syrian airbase


How U.S. presidents missed the Russia threat — until it was much, much too late


Can the Islamic State Survive If Baghdadi Is Dead? (Rumors are swirling that the Russians may have killed the ISIS leader. But lopping off the head won’t kill the snake.)




20 years ago, scientists thought an asteroid might someday collide with Earth


Why prostate cancer is more deadly in black men: African American gene may make tumors more aggressive and drug-resistant, study suggests


GE's 'woman scientist' ad is just plain creepy




Senate Republicans Ask for CBO Score for Cruz's Proposal  (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)


Do It Already! How Mitch McConnell Fixes the Senate (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


Cruz's Obamacare amendment gains momentum after Trump tweet 


Senate Democrat blasts 'Obamaphone' over fraudulent findings, complete lack of oversight'


Repealing Obamacare with no replacement could be a 'recipe for disaster'


Senate Dem wants to rewrite online trade rules in NAFTA


Senate effort to ban Russian software on US military systems would have far-reaching impact, sources say


Louisiana senator finds health care frustration at town hall


AT&T, senators spar over customers' right to sue


The Financial Choice Act — A Bad Omen For Increased Liberal Corporate Influence


Cory Booker puts 'pause' on fundraising from pharma companies  (US Senator of New Jersey Cory Booker (D)


Cancel August recess for Congress, GOP senators say


Dwayne Johnson: I 'can't wait' to meet Elizabeth Warren (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


Republicans grow increasingly anxious about heading home without a health plan


A Price for the G.O.P.’s Health Care Insanity


Bernie Sanders' 'heartless spouse' a greedy landlord? (US Senator of Vermont Bernard Sanders (I-Socialist) 




Mom slain hours after posting about success on Facebook




Paterno family abandons all claims against NCAA


Fears for the future of the sports store as Nike confirms it will start selling products on Amazon


Lawsuit filed against Venus Williams in wake of fatal crash


Paul George goes to Thunder in stunning NBA power shift


Blake Griffin accepts maximum deal of $175 million to re-sign with Clippers


MLB Scoreboard





Michigan's legal bills for Flint water crisis top $14M


New Jersey government shuts down amid budget standoff


40,000 gallons of crude oil leaks after train derails in Illinois


25 states resist voting commission’s sweeping request for data


McAuliffe Defies Trump Voter Commission; His Attorney Led Soros-Funded Voter ID Challenges (Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffee (D)


New Jersey Eyes State Shutdown Over Budget Standoff


Kentucky secretary of state: 'Not enough bourbon in Kentucky' to make me release voter data


Pence-Kobach voting commission alarms states with info request


Venomous snakes on the loose after crash in Texas


Mississippi official: Fraud commission can 'go jump in Gulf of Mexico'


Michigan Just Prevented A Fiscal Crisis — Are Other States Paying Attention?


Charges dropped against juveniles in Tenn. wildfires


Backlash after councilman asks city to ignore drug overdose calls  (Ohio)


Illinois Legislature to Miss Midnight Deadline to Pass Budget


Kansas will not provide social security numbers to voter fraud panel


Gov. Jerry Brown doubles down on California measure changing recall process   (Governor of California Jerry Brown (D)


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker to Trump: 'Tweet more'   (Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker (R)




Cake-bakers have the right to draw a line in the icing


Why the Supreme Court is the only part of government that doesn't leak




Harassed, Propositioned and Silenced in Silicon Valley




“American Taliban” John Walker Lindh expresses “cautious support” for the Islamic State (ISIS)





UK hospital says terminally ill baby to have 'more time'


City must come first in Brexit, May told (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Man sentenced to jail for bacon attack against Muslim teen


Ruth Davidson calls out DUP over gay marriage opposition (Ruth Davidson has publicly challenged the Democratic Unionist Party to drop its opposition to homosexual “marriage,” revealing that she has personally lobbied the party’s leader Arlene Foster over the issue. )


London Acid attack on two Muslim cousins being treated as hate crime


Labour split over Europe as Remain MPs say their constituents don’t realise Jeremy Corbyn backs hard Brexit


Beyond the blade Teenager faces life in prison after pupil's murder outside school


The worst traitor of all: How a British jailbird who lied and cheated his way across France, joined the Nazis and condemned 150 of his comrades to death while pursuing a life of champagne and women 


UK Sex offender treatment scheme led to increase in reoffending


Grenfell Tower fireproof cladding was 'downgraded to save Ł293k'


Grenfell Tower fire Kensington and Chelsea council leader quits in wake of disaster


Scottish political leaders back call for gay marriage in Northern Ireland


Labour Thornberry accuses Umunna of virtue signalling over EU vote   (Shadow foreign secretary calls Labour divisions a distraction and claims the manifesto, not the leader, was the real star of the party’s election campaign.)


Assad must be 'held responsible' for sarin gas attack, UK Foreign Secretary says (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad/ British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson)


Mayor urges takeover of Grenfell council  (Mayor of London Sadiq Khan)


Brexit PM's European court stance has 'hamstrung' Davis in Brexit negotiations


NI standoff 'cannot go on much longer'


Scot who tried to blackmail Royal in gay sex scandal found dead


Royal couple honour Canadian troops


UK savings Household income falling at fastest rate since 1976


Drug rivals guilty of carjack killing




Nikki Haley shines again at the UN (US United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley)




Gettysburg anniversary seeing few flare-ups, despite rumors of violence


12 injured after SUV strikes pedestrians in New York City


Pregnant woman hospitalized after being struck by lightning





Venezuela's chief prosecutor asks Inter-American Commission on Human Rights for protection





President Donald J. Trump’s Weekly Address


Trump attacks media as 'fake' and 'fraudulent,' pushes back about his use of Twitter


Trump launches new Twitter attack on MSNBC hosts


Trump questions why some states won't comply with 'voter fraud panel' requests


Trump floats repeal, then quickly replace, idea on health care

Trump revives National Space Council, Pence to lead


Conservative media outlets gain seats in White House briefing room


Sudden Death for Obama OT Rules   (Trump drops appeal for regulation that would have doubled threshold for white collar overtime pay.)


Trump abandons plan for new food aid rules: report


White House Asked for Voters’ Data. States Said ‘No.’


Science division of WH office left empty as last staffers depart


Who is Hans Von Spakovsky, whom Trump picked to investigate voter fraud?


Trump: Patience with North Korea is over


Why some inside the White House see Trump’s media feud as ‘winning’


White House releases salaries of top Trump staffers


'She doesn't know me': Melania slaps down Mika after Morning Joe host says First Lady wants out of 'worst job in the country' and only does it for her son Barron


Is this it for Trump?


President Trump, Melting Under Criticism


Trump asked White House staffers for feedback on ‘Morning Joe’ tweets


Sarah Sanders and the sexist media



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