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Tuesday, June 26, 2018





In Today’s Issue: 




Supreme Court Strikes Down California Law Forcing Pregnancy Centers to Promote Abortion


California Can’t Make Pregnancy Centers Advertise Abortion, Supreme Court Rules


Planned Parenthood Slams Supreme Court: It’s Anti-Woman Not to Force Pregnancy Centers to Push Abortion


In a Win for Free Speech, Supreme Court Says California Can’t Force Pro-Life Centers to Promote Abortion


Planned Parenthood Volunteer Arrested for Threatening to Kill Pro-Life Congressman’s Children


Abortion Group Claims Women Aren't The Only Ones Who Get Pregnant, Need Abortions


Pro-Life Advocates Celebrate Supreme Court Decision Striking Down Law Forcing Abortion Promotion


Recent Gallup Survey on Abortion Offers Hope to Pro-Lifers


If You Think America Supports Abortion, Think Again. Polling Data Shows Otherwise


Pro-life advocate responds to judge who threw him in jail: I’m not an anarchist


Pharmacist denies abortion pill to woman whose fetus was already dead


Pregnancy Centers Now Protected From Laws Nationwide Forcing Them to Advertise Abortions


Walgreens pharmacist denies woman miscarriage medication because it goes against his ethics


Misleading Study Falsely Claims Abortion is “Safe” for Women


Abortion funding in Illinois: From Medicaid to Roe v. Wade to House Bill 40


Woman who had tax-funded abortion says they 'help people in bad situations,' but critics decry public money for 'immoral act'


Abortion Funds Hope to Provide a New Approach to Challenging Restrictions in Texas


Woman Had Boyfriend Repeatedly Punch Her Stomach to Kill Her Unwanted 30-Week Unborn Baby


The Public Pulse: Abortion talk sidesteps issues


Planned Parenthood Celebrates Opening of New Abortion Businesses in Florida, New Jersey


Medication Abortions At CSU And UC Schools Being Debated At Capitol


Catholic Bishops Confuse the Faithful on Immigration and Abortion


Pharmacist denies abortion pill for woman


Pope urges broader concept of life ethics beyond abortion


Ireland Court Hears Lawsuits Challenging Results of Referendum Legalizing Abortion


Irish Prime Minister Tells Catholic Hospitals: You Must Perform Abortions


Government Proposal Would Teach Schoolgirls About Abortions to Stop Teen Pregnancies  (Duban, South Africa)




It’s True: “Without Adoption, Wendy’s Wouldn’t be Here”




False Dawn in Afghanistan?


Inside Afghanistan’s historic ceasefire with the Taliban





Nigerian Christian Leaders Warn ‘Christianity Is In Danger Of Going Extinct From Nigeria In 25 Years From Islamic Terrorism’





Farmers are killing themselves in staggering numbers




Watch: Woman has meltdown aboard Spirit Airlines flight




Opioid Nation 




Will the Pause in South Asian Conflicts Last?



Materials Hurt Australian Stocks, Consumer Confidence Weakens


The Australian dollar is under the pump, again


Kangaroo interrupts soccer game in Australia




Automakers to warn Trump of $45 billion higher vehicle costs if tariff imposed 



New drone surveillance will 'make Big Brother drool'





Cuomo AirTrain ride to LaGuardia called a "boondoggle"  (Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo (D)




With Cartels In Control, There Are No Easy Answers To The Border Crisis


Arizona Border Patrol Agents Rescue 57 Illegal Immigrants in Record Heat

CBS Poll Finds 51 Percent of Americans Support Border Wall





Energy boosts TSX up as loonie edges lower


Assisted Suicide Was Supposed to be an Option, For Some Patients It’s the Only One They’re Given


John Ivison: Collateral damage from U.S. tariffs has already arrived in Canada


Jordan Peterson, Oren Harman, and God


Officers accused of consuming marijuana edibles while on duty ate chocolate laced with cannabis oil, documents show


Father 'leaving behind 11 kids' ID'd as latest T.O. murder victim


Refugee system in need of overhaul, report says


New details in case of Toronto's 'Keystoned Cops'


Ottawa asks drug companies to stop marketing opioids


Trump’s tariffs will be more painful for Canada than the U.S., economist says


Canada: opposition Conservatives rip Trudeau for refusing to acknowledge Christian genocide





Baby Shot Dead In Clashes In Nicaragua As The Country Is On The Verge Of Civil War


Whats Really Happening In Nicaragua




New American Civil War? Some people think it’s already begun




Trevor Noah: Sarah Sanders Lucky Red Hen Chefs Didn’t Put Semen In Her Food  (White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders)




A tragedy in the making as the US confronts China


Chinese President Xi Jinping Looks to Take the Lead in Global Governance


Here's How China Is Achieving Global Semiconductor Dominance




U.S. Launches N.Korea Nuke Task Force


Critics and Cheerleaders of the Trump-Kim Summit Are Mistaken 




More truth from Maxine Waters: Schumer and Pelosi ‘don’t really say I’m out of line


Congress Should Clarify Tax Law on Bitcoin and Other Crypto 




GE to spin off health care business in latest shake-up




17 states sue over Trump family separations


Buzz Aldrin sues his kids, alleging misuse of his finances and slander


A Double Injustice Throws a Scare into the Nation's Judges (First a young man accused of sexual assault – now the judge who sentenced him. The message to our  judges handling sexual assault cases is clear.)


Judge rips federal agency’s justification for killing thousands of wild animals




Florida Man Arrested, Accused of Threatening to Kill Children of GOP Rep Over Immigration Policies


21+ Shot in 14 Hours in Gun-Controlled Chicago


How Killing Racial Profiling Is Killing Blacks


Newborn found alive, abandoned near dumpster in Texas


Details emerge in probe of slaying of dad camping with daughters


New data shows U.S. hate crimes continued to rise in 2017


Home invaders held boy, 7 underwater as parents watched: police


5 arrested in Bronx teen's brutal slaying


California man fatally shot in his tent while camping with two young daughters, police say


DNA evidence leads to DJ’s arrest in teacher’s 1992 killing




Border Patrol stops handing over most immigrant parents for prosecution, but won't say when families will be reunified


At the border, mothers prepare to make an agonizing choice


Dispatch From the Border: Sleeping on America’s Doorstep




Cordray Compares Ohio Republicans to Nazi Collaborators, Labels Them ‘Vichy Republicans’(Democrat gubernatorial candidate Ohio Richard Cordray)




Why Did DOJ And FBI Ignore Lack Of Evidence For Russiagate? They Fell In Love With Their Source


U.S. Criminal-Justice System Is Out of Control, and Media Are Distracted


Judicial Watch: Mueller Investigation is 'Irredeemably Tainted and Compromised'  (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Two Child Sex Traffickers Sentenced to 16 Years in Prison


IG Report Shows James Comey Lied About Why He Publicized New Clinton Emails  (Former FBI Director James Comey)


U.S. Retreats on ‘Zero Tolerance’ at Border to Stop Separations


Cohen's lawyers argue 12,000 items protected by attorney-client privilege: reports




U.S. Stocks Advance as Trade Simmers, Oil Rallies: Markets Wrap


U.S. stocks close higher as tech leads modest rebound; GE posts best day in three years


Wall Street bounces back with help from energy, technology


China leads slump in Asian markets amid rising trade fears


Global stocks slide on intensifying trade row, dollar wobbles


Gold ends at a more than 6-month low as U.S. stocks, dollar index gain


‘Powerful Signal of Recessions’ Has Wall Street’s Attention


Factory workers aren’t getting what Trump promised


Dollar inches up; China’s yuan remains a focus as trade uncertainty weighs


Businesses Are Bringing Money Back to U.S.


‘Godfather’ of chart analysis says stock market now dealing with ‘uglier action’




A deeper purpose: Freedom Alliance scholars grateful for scholarships, peer support


PUSA And Kyle Kashuv Create Scholarship To Bring Parkland Students To Conservative Conference


First-Generation College Students More Engaged Than Peers


Restructuring Tenure Away


Senate Jump-Starts Process for New Career-Education Law





Grimm’s comeback and other big storylines in Tuesday’s primaries


Trump's clout within GOP on the line in Tuesday elections


Hold Your Nose and Vote for the GOP in 2018


California ballot will include gas tax repeal in November


Tech Companies Met Intelligence Officials to Discuss Midterms


Maryland primary again puts Democratic divisions on display





The 8th  Richest Person In The World May Run For President—As A Democrat


Iranian Protests Continue to Gain Support


Biden Sez No to 2020 (For Now?)




U.S. oil prices close above $70 for the first time since May


Energy Prices





European stocks finish slightly higher as ‘skittish buying interest returns’


Nine EU countries sign up for European military intervention plan


Austria Deploys 600 Police Officers And 400 Soldiers For Major Military Exercise On How To Keep Migrants Out


Europol says Muslims planned or executed 33 jihad plots in 2017, most “homegrown”


European High-Speed Rail Also a Huge Boondoggle


Another EU nation moves to ban "face-covering clothing"


Sweden: Open For Business!




Unmasked: America’s Real Fascists




Diversity and Inclusion Harm II (How the Left is now putting air travel safety at risk.)




U.S. Attorneys' Report: CBP and ICE Both Catch More Criminals Than FBI


The FBI Would Be Guilty Of Clear Bias If Its Trump Investigation Were A Racial Discrimination Lawsuit


FBI Still Stonewalls Congress On Russia Investigation — More Deep State Obstruction?




The Price of Feminism




Medical milestone: US OKs marijuana-based drug for seizures




What’s the latest on French rail strikes this summer?


Pope holds record meeting with French president Macron at the Vatican


Strasbourg becomes first French city to ban smoking in parks





Good news for waiters: minimum wage set to rise twice


Trump Agrees With Angela Merkel That Germany Must Strengthen Its Military. Trump Is Only Helping The Germans To Become The Most Dominant Military Force In Europe (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


Mother and three kids found dead in Bavarian home





Cooler Heads Need to Prevail on Texas Climate Predictions





"Call Girl Killer" breaks her silence on Google exec's death




Short-Term Insurance Plans: Not the Obamacare Silver Bullet





Heather Locklear reportedly hospitalized after ‘overdose’ call





Auntie Maxine Waters’  Poisoned Soup  (US Representative of California Maxine Waters (D)


Congressional Muslim: Travel Ban Ruling Will be 'Marker of Shame' in U.S. Like Plessy v. Ferguson  (US Representative of Minnesota Keith Ellison (D)


…Ryan Adds 1.35 Million Low-Wage Visa-Workers to Revive Fading Amnesty


Speaker Ryan calls on Maxine Waters to apologize (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)/ US Representative of California Maxine Waters (D)


Praise for DeSantis, Goodlatte Bill Punishing Boycotts of Israel


Oklahoma Democrat caught removing congressional opponent's campaign signs ahead of primary


Tom Fittion: House could expel Waters for encouraging mob violence


Maxine Waters: Trump is 'creating lies,' I did not call for harming people


Tomorrow’s Staten Island Donovan Versus Grimm Primary Is All About Donald Trump


Mad Maxine: Beyond Thunderdome  


House approves benefits for Blue Water Navy veterans


Barking mad and proud of it


Resist too far? Pelosi tries to tamp down progressives' public shaming of Trump officials  (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


Dim hopes for broad overhaul as GOP presses ahead with fix to migrant crisis created by Trump  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: More media lies.  When Obama did this the media was silent.)


Waters defends remarks about confronting Trump officials: 'Protest is the democratic way'




The right way to respond to the migrant influx



Feds Warn Protesters 'Occupying' ICE Offices: Leave Or You'll Be Arrested


Longtime waiter deported by ICE: ‘I didn’t know what hit me’




India no longer home to the largest number of poor: Study


India Most Dangerous Country For Women, US In 10 Worst: Survey




Republican tax law hits churches




US sets Iran oil sanction deadline as protests continue in Tehran


Iranian Protests Continue to Gain Support


Iran's president says his country is in "economic fight" with U.S.


Ex-CIA agent: Trump leaving Iran deal enabled broader pressure campaign


When Obama Pressured Big Banks To Break The Law For Iran, They Resisted


Protests in Iran prove Trump is getting it right


The Iran deal and the end of the world




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Tuesday, June 26, 2018)


Sirens wail in Gaza periphery after Hamas car explodes in Strip


Rocket sirens heard in southern Israel


Prince William says Israel ties are soaring. But visit signifies more than that


Hamas Terrorists Resume Rocket Attacks on Southern Israel


Iron Dome intercepts Hamas rocket, Red Sirens heard in southern Israel


Syrians fleeing to Israel border as Jordan shuts gates amid Daraa offensive


Rival Palestinian Leaderships Divided Over Reported Israeli Offer To Build Cyprus Port To Serve Gaza


PM Netanyahu, Prince William Talk ‘Military Service, Helicopters, Soccer, World Cup’  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Abrasive Israel, apathetic Diaspora seen behind Jewry’s widening gap


Kushner’s Peace Plan Is a Disaster Waiting to Happen


Israel planning to ease Gaza power crisis by building new solar field — report


Tunnel Discovery Project Awarded Israel Defense Prize


US Army inks $193 million deal to buy Israeli tank defense system


An ‘Israeli’ Port In Cyprus: Kicking The Gaza Can Down The Waterway?


IDF reservist seriously hurt in car crash in West Bank (Judea and Samaria) settlement  (Israel Defense Forces)


Israel may reconsider exit from UNESCO


Palestinian Authority rejects Israeli, U.S. ideas to help Gaza


Two-state solution is still a possibility, says Saudi Arabia


Cyprus weighing Israel’s Gaza port request


Why are the Gazans setting Israel on fire?


Palestinian propaganda and the big lie


British interest behind Prince William's Israel visit


Israeli jets strike Iranian cargo plane unloading munitions in Damascus


Prince William visits Yad Vashem, honors great-grandmother who rescued Jews


As Israel Pushes to Build, Bedouins Face Demolition


US freezes Palestinian aid funding: report





Japan's Foreign Ministry Launches N.Korean Affairs Office





In Light Of IMF Pressure And Diminishing Foreign Aid, Jordan Seeks To End Economic, Political Dependence On Its Allies




America’s Uncivil Protests Are Straight Out of Latin America




This Is Just the Beginning


The Left’s Next Step Is Open Violence Against Conservatives 


They Protest because They Believe  (Leftism is a militant religion that wants to make war on its Satan and all his renegade angels in the nine circles of racist, sexist, homophobic Hell.)


Left Slams Refusal To Join Gay Weddings, Celebrates Restaurant’s Refusal To Serve Sarah Sanders




The Media Accuses Trump of its Own Crimes


Former migrant detention facility worker leaks footage from inside facility to MSNBC


The Media’s Sickness Is Terminal




Mexico — What Went Wrong?


Asylum Applications in Mexico Have Skyrocketed 1,026% Since 2013


Entire Mexican police force arrested after mayoral candidate’s murder





Middle Eastern Christians Declare ‘Russia, Not The USA, Is Defending Our Christian Faith’


The United States Cannot Afford to Pick a Side in the Shia-Sunni Fight


At Last, Women Can Drive in Saudi Arabia





Man protesting VA sets himself on fire in front of Georgia Capitol


Army training will now focus on actual battlefield skills, not social issues


‘Cost of doing business’: Construction companies dodge D.C. mandate to hire local workers


Navy: Sailor killed in ‘mishap’ on helicopter flight line


Japanese group accuses US of abandoning World War II remains on Saipan


Army medical command sends out overdue-bill notices, asks patients to call insurance companies to find out what they owe


High-speed crash in Germany leaves soldier, family member in critical condition


Navy: Naval Station Norfolk sailor killed in 'mishap' on helicopter flight line


Video | WWII Army lieutenant who called artillery fire onto his position will receive Medal of Honor


Migrant detainees to be housed at Fort Bliss, Goodfellow AFB




Reality Winner, former NSA contractor who’s accused of leaking documents, pleads guilty




Pakistan Media Says It's Targeted in Army's 'Systematic, Creeping, Coup'


Fears over disfiguring parasitic disease as cases double in northern Pakistan


Nawaz says rigged elections always harmed Pakistan (Former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif)





PETA Used Paid Operative to Infiltrate PetSmart, Lawsuit Says






 Philippines President Duterte Goes On Blasphemous Rampage, Curses God On National Television So Much That Major Archbishop Declares “He Is Possessed”




Librarian group is using political correctness to kill a classic




How William F. Buckley Jr. Gave Birth to the Conservative Movement


The Politics of Iconic Images




UK soccer fans banned from matches after singing anti-Semitic song in Russia


Navigating Russia’s World Cup requires a spirit of adventure — and a tireless driver


Bolton’s visit to Russia not destiny-making but helpful in terms of agenda — expert   (National Security Adviser John Bolton)


Shell Companies Hit All-Time Low in Russia


Russian heavy-lift helicopter equipped with upgraded defensive aids suit enters trials


West and Russia Square Off Over Empowering Chemical Weapons Body





Report: NJ Gov. Proposes 2,400% Fee Hike on Handgun Permits





Gillibrand: Unfortunately ‘Evil Is Winning’  (US Senator of New York Kirsten Gillibrand (D)


Cotton Releases Statement on Supreme Court Travel Ban Ruling  (US Senator of Arkansas Tom Cotton (R)


McConnell Trolls Critics of Travel Ban Ruling with Justice Gorsuch Photo(Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


Senate far off from deal to fix family separation crisis


Sen. Schumer’s Daughter to Marry Lesbian Partner  (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


Is it OK to wish DiFi would retire?(US Senator of California Dianne Feinstein (D)




How The Theory Of White Privilege Leads To Socialism




Social media & teens: a way 'to see what is happening'


The Real World Is Starting To Resemble Twitter, And That’s A Problem 




S.Korea, U.S. to Carry on Bare-Bones Military Drills


Koreas agree to conduct joint study on railway cooperation


Does Korea Face Japan-Style 'Lost Decade?'


Moon names new aides in drive to boost economy(President Moon Jae-in)


Why South Korea selected Boeing's P-8A Poseidon


3 construction workers dead, 37 injured in Sejong fire


Challenges remain over inter-Korean economic cooperation




The Greatest Anthem Is Not Being Played at the World Cup


MLB Scoreboard





Working-age Illinois Residents Are Fleeing the State Amid Debt Crisis


Drought-stricken West braces as wildfire season flares up


New billboard welcomes all to Texas after sign tells 'liberals' to leave


Florida alligator devours one of its own on camera


Man fatally stuck by lightning on Florida beach




Why Wayfair Isn’t Fair(The Supreme Court’s decision on Internet taxes means Congress needs to set limits.)


Jewish groups decry Supreme Court upholding of Trump travel ban


Trump cheers Supreme Court decision upholding travel ban on some Muslim-majority nations


Let’s Not Get So Physical: Sales Tax, Cell Phones, and the Court


Supremes revive gay-wedding flowers case


Supreme Court shows it is in no rush to decide controversial cases




Syrian Establishment Daily: The Stage Of Direct Confrontation With The American Forces In Syria Has Begun


Will the Syrian Civil War be America's Next Foreign Policy Failure


Creating a Virtual Crime Scene to Investigate Syria’s Chemical Attack





China Steps up Combat Drills Near Taiwan As Invasion Fears Rise


On same day as summit U.S. rattled China, dedicated massive new Taipei compound




Stealth material hides hot objects from infrared eyes


The world’s fastest supercomputer puts the U.S. back on top 




Cash smuggled to jihadis in Middle East from Minneapolis airport that gave Muslims security tours




Jack Daniels hikes European prices after tariffs




Trump Signals He Favors Mnuchin’s Path to Shield Technology From China    (Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin)




Turkey’s future just got a whole lot scarier


Sultan Erdogan: Invincible and Doomed  (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


NATO chief congratulates Erdogan on Turkey election win


Turkey’s European dream may be over, is the Sultan ready for Eurasia? (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


A tragedy in the making as the US confronts China





U.K. stocks end higher after biggest selloff in 4 months


Shocking report: UK patients killed ‘if a nurse didn’t like you’


Man Who Fought British Troops In Afghanistan Guilty Of Plotting UK Terror Attack


UK government-funded hospital killed 456 patients with drug overdoses, report finds




Russia and China See in Trump Era a Chance to Roll Back Human Rights Promotion at U.N.




Experts say U.S. among 10 most dangerous nations for women




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Pres. Trump Moves to Merge Depts. of Education and Labor to Create "Education to Career Pipeline"


51% Say Trump to Blame for Bad Relationship with Press


The War On Trump: From Confrontation to Harassment to … Violence?


Sarah Sanders to receive Secret Service protection    (White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders)


President Gives Voice to ‘Ignored Families’ in Immigration Debate


Poll: Majority approval of Trump's handling of the economy for first time


Trump, Fallon feud heats up as president and host trade jabs


Personal attacks on Trump staffers won’t end well for America


Trump hits Harley-Davidson for using tariffs as 'excuse' for moving production overseas


Businesses named ‘Red Hen’ harassed after Sanders incident


Red Hen owner stalked Sarah Sanders' family


The greatest threat from the Red Hen flare-up has nothing to do with civility


Smart or stupid? What Americans REALLY think of Trump


The whole world sees it: Trump is doing lasting damage to the global order that made the U.S. a superpower


Trump seeks upper hand on civility — to chagrin of Dems


Democrats Divided Over How Activists Confront Trump Team


Trump misidentifies Appalachian Trail as 'Tallahassee Trail' while mocking Sanford


Trump sends us down a rabbit hole of white supremacy


Jim Carrey paints Trump crucifying Jesus


Freedom Caucus to Trump: Lay off Sanford attacks


Jimmy Fallon tried to stay out of politics. But Trump sucked him in.


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