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Monday, June 26, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




Pro-Abortion AG Will Re-File Bogus Charges Against David Daleiden for Exposing Planned Parenthood


Abortion protests that invoke 'The Handmaid's Tale' are ridiculous and, frankly, offensive


California Tries to Force Pregnancy Centers to Promote Abortions


Don’t force pregnant students to choose abortion


Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic Furious That Pregnancy Center Across the Street is Attracting Its Customers


Planned Parenthood Permanently Closes Another Abortion Clinic in New Jersey


Nonprofit WebSite GuideStar Stops Calling Pro-Life Organizations “Hate Groups.” For Now


Tens of Thousands of Pro-Lifers Expected at Massive Save the 8th Rally for Life in Dublin


Thousands of Doctors Revolt Over UK Plan to Allow Abortions Up to Birth




Can There Be Peace With Honor in Afghanistan?


Afghan's Kharzai Blames US for Bad Security Situation (Afghan President Ashraf Ghani)





Suicide Bombers Kill Nine in Nigerian City of Maiduguri


Tunisia's 'Moderate Muslim Brotherhood' Leader Accused of Assassinating Rival


Irish naval ship rescues 712 people near Libya





The ACLU goes hunting in Montana





Pro-Israel Group Bashes US Venues for Allowing ‘Vicious Anti-Semite’ Roger Waters to Perform



ASX struggles for direction but retailers enjoy a rare lift


The Australian dollar has found its footing after several days of losses


Liberal MPs' secret bid to legalise same-sex marriage


Great Barrier Reef 'valued at A$56bn'  (The struggling icon is critical to supporting economic activity in Australia, a report finds.)


'He was just screaming': Mother's warning after shower screen 'explosion'


In Australia, backlash takes hold over links to China





As auto-lending risks grow, Ford Credit looks more stable than GM Financial


As Airbag Crisis Spirals, Takata Files for Bankruptcy Protection





Controversial Doctors Wants to Sell Three-Parent Babies




TSX lower on sharp drop in gold prices as bullion retreats $10


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Pays Tribute to Islam With His Feet


Google Home smart speaker finally launches in Canada


Ex-nurse who was 'far from an angel of mercy' to seniors she murdered gets 8 concurrent life terms


Oil prices take another dive — can the oilpatch take it?


Canada and China strike corporate hacking deal


Colby Cosh: The Alberta political landscape has become an unregulated wild west


Ontario proposes to cap resale ticket price at 50% above face value in scalping crackdown


Vancouver home goes on the market for a record $63M 




After Puerto Rico’s Debt Crisis, Fears Shift to Virgin Islands




They were smokejumpers when the CIA sent them to Laos; they came back in caskets




China’s on an IPO frenzy – and it looks set to continue


Yuan the key to expansion of Sino-Russian economic ties




Why the new Cuba policy misses the mark




The folly of putting protection on ice


North Korean officials 'amazed' by Benidorm on visit to research plans for beach resort 


Not All Americans Are Grieving for Otto Warmbier





Mayors group opposes GOP ‘concealed carry’ gun bills


No, Obamacare Repeal Will Not Kill Tens of Thousands





CBO estimates 22 million more uninsured by 2026 under Senate health plan


Senate health care bill would lower deficit, increase number of uninsured, estimate says


Senate bill's score: 22M fewer insured


Axios: CBO Will Release Senate Healthcare Bill Score Monday




Man found guilty in 'Baby Doe' murder trial


"Pharma Bro" Shkreli snubs legal advice as he heads to court


Castile's Family Gets $3 Million Payout After Cop Acquittal




Jewish artist's minibus torched


Arkansas fugitive recaptured after 32 years on the run


Big brawl leads to lockdown of San Francisco mall


New Orleans police hunt suspects in brutal beating of tourists in French Quarter


Leftist Illegalophilia, Not Islamophobia, Killed a Muslim Teen


Videos of Police Shootings Give Few Easy Answers




Government websites in 3 states hacked with ISIS messages


Ohio, Long Island town, and John Kasich targeted in ISIS propaganda hack





Trump won, and Amy Siskind started a list of changes. Now it’s a sensation.





'2 potential witnesses' in DNC-rigging lawsuit 'both died' (Lawyers fear for safety after Seth Rich murder, break-ins, 'freaky' phone calls.)


The DNC Scams the Suckers and Contradicts the Feds on 'Hacking'





Here's How Clintons Grabbed Lifetime Grip On $109M Non-Profit


Dems gnash teeth, weep, wail — but won’t change


The party’s over and no place to call home


5 things a Democrat leader really believes


The fate of the Democrats' future may lie in Georgia


New Orleans mayor fights back against Trump's agenda





Few Solutions for Defrauded Borrowers  (Student advocates say Education Department’s slow processing of borrower-defense claims and blocking of ban on mandatory arbitration put defrauded borrowers in a bind.)





This Alternative to the Laptop Ban Would Tighten Airport Security at Low Inconvenience


Election hacking fears turn heat on Homeland Security




Mueller mum on much of team; members at risk of cyberintrusions from hackers they’re investigating (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)




Tech Weighs on U.S. Stocks as Bonds Gain on Data: Markets Wrap


Stock market struggles to defend gains as technology shares wobble


S&P 500 edges up; tech weighs on Nasdaq


Next global crash could arrive 'with a vengeance'


The War on Work—and How to End It


Gold prices snap 3-session winning streak


Gold Plunges After 1.8 Million Ounces Were Traded in One Minute


Asia Stocks Advance as Oil Gains for Third Day: Markets Wrap


Asia stocks edge up on optimism over global growth, dollar soft


Chart shows how terrible Wall Street economists are at forecasting bond yields


In Towns Hit by Mill Closings, a New Casualty: Retail Jobs


Treasury yields decline after durable-goods data disappoints


The looming labor ‘shortage’ isn’t just a problem — it’s also an opportunity


Want to know where the stock market’s headed over the next 6 months? Don’t ask OPEC


Manufacturing Stalls as Core Capital Goods Orders, Shipments Falter


Dollar regains ground after weaker data




Franklin Graham Rips Proposed LGBTQ 'Indoctrination' of Texas School Kids


Do Free Speech and Inclusivity Clash? (At meeting of college lawyers, panelists rue students’ lack of understanding of First Amendment and share strategies for balancing expression and sensitivity.)


Former Teacher of the Year Takes Her Union to Court


Ethics, Money and Academic Meetings (California’s ban on using state funds to travel to Texas highlights the dilemma facing national groups with meetings scheduled to take place there.)


Professor Loses Job After Calling Warmbier a ‘Young, White, Rich, Clueless Male’


Remove Your Shoes … and Your Books  (Faculty groups alarmed by potential impact of new TSA plan for screening carry-on luggage.)


Chaos erupts in violent graduation day brawl


Old Criticisms, New Threats (Professors are often lightning rods, but many see a new menace to academic freedom in recent physical threats against faculty members who speak out on race and other issues.)


1 U.S. territory jumps to head of line for homeschooling


Protect Scholars Against Attacks From the Right


Prof ‘publicly lynched’ after backing black-only BLM event




Opinion: Egypt and Israel an Important Alliance for the US




Oil tallies third climb as traders bet on sharp weekly U.S. supply drop


Energy Prices


A Look at Energy Markets After the First Five Months of Trump


Trump isn't budging on market-friendly energy plans





European stocks finish higher, helped by Italian banks, Nestlé


Ireland: Muslim migrant investigated for $112,000 fraud to fund the Islamic State


Europe Is Still Ailing (A glimpse into the dark malaise behind the EU project.)


As U.S. grapples with Russian meddling, Europe is pushing back against the Kremlin


Italy: Two failing banks to be wound up at potential cost of €17bn




5 Things You Need To Know About The FBI Investigation Into Bernie Sanders And His Wife


FBI Won’t Confirm or Deny Existence of Records of Payment to British Trump Dossier Researcher


Why the FBI is hard to trust





Macron says France will not recognize Russia's Crimea 'annexation' (French President Emmanuel Macron)


New Paris museum boosts city's claim as global capital of modern art


Unmanned helo completes French navy flight trials




Auction house unveils pictures of Mufti al-Husseini visiting German camp


Kushner company received $285M loan from Deutsche Bank shortly before election: report


Liberal mosque to stay open despite fatwa from Egypt


Erdogan's brawling bodyguards told to stay away from Hamburg G20 (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Why Germany Is Once Again a Threat to the West


Heated spat over 'anti-democratic' Merkel fires starting gun on election race




As coral reefs wither amid climate change, so will the Florida Keys’ economy




Soros and Google ‘AstroTurf’ Net Neutrality Meeting to Preserve Censorship


Google set to face record EU antitrust fine as soon as Tuesday: sources


Texas imam fighting to make Google searches Sharia-compliant




Garbage piles mount in Greek capital as heatwave looms




41% of Counties Could Have Only One Insurer Participating on Obamacare Exchanges


How to Repeal Obamacare Using the Scientific Method


Tom Price promises GOP health care bill will lower premiums  (Health and Human Service Secretary Tom Price)





Cost of Healthcare Is Americans' Top Financial Concern




Friends No More? Black Lives Matter Slams Gay Pride Parade


Chicago Lesbian March Bans Jewish Pride Flag: ‘As a Jew, I Am Not Welcome’




Nancy Pelosi: If Hillary Had Won, I Might Have Resigned (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


The Real Lesson from Last Week’s Two Special Elections for Congress


Center Connected to Rep. Bobby Rush’s Church Has Received $15 Million in Gov’t Grants


New life for Republican tax reform


House Appropriations releases defense funding draft


Pelosi: Trump insisted he won popular vote in our first meeting  (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


Maxine Waters Gets Wrecked! Booed Loudly, VEHICLE SURROUNDED as She Walks Out of Town Hall (Video) (US Representative of California Maxine Waters (D)


Paul Ryan under fire for 'actively thwarting' Trump (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


Black Trump Supporter Goes Nuclear on Maxine Waters ‘You Have Destroyed the Black Community With Illegal Immigration!’ (Video)


Democrats remain divided on strategy to retake the House in 2018


Mark Meadows (R-North Carolina): Border adjustment tax now slowing down overall tax reform plans  


House Freedom Caucus sees an opportunity as the debt ceiling approaches





Hurricane Dora strengthens off Mexico's Pacific coast




5 Sensible, Low-Cost Ways To Reform Our Broken Immigration System



Catch and release: As the border quiets, safe passage into the U.S. is still granted to some families





India: Hindu converts to Islam, begins plotting jihad mass murder


New Satellite Gives India the Edge Along the Border 


Is India descending into mob rule?


Trump meets Modi: Budding romance or one-night stand? (Prime Minister Narendra Modi)


Christians Taking Children to Camp in India Charged with Kidnapping, Forced Conversion


Trump, Modi seek accord despite friction on trade, migration


US brands Hizbul chief 'global terrorist'


PM Modi greets nation on Eid


China blames Indian military for Sikkim trouble after stand-off destroys bunkers, says will defend rights




IRS to launch new digital system that will spot frivolous tax returns





Iraqi general: Mosul battle to end in days





CAIR’S Toasted Double Bacon Burger  (Latest bacon caper comes with a side of shredded Quran.)


Son of refugees on mission to make America 'Sharia-free zone'





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Monday, June 26, 2017)


Some critics of Western Wall plan still unhappy after freeze


Jewish Agency to Netanyahu: No Dinner for You (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Conservative Jewry, US federations decry ‘deplorable’ Western Wall reversal


When a Palestinian man hits his wife, is Israel responsible? PMW responds to UN report


Gaza rocket hits open area in southern Israel, no injuries


Arrow-3 Anti-Ballistic Defense System Awarded Israeli Defense Prize


Sheldon Adelson ‘disappointed and angry’ at Netanyahu — report


Leaked document says Muhammad Dahlan to become leader in Gaza Strip


Knesset gives initial okay to bill banning binary options


Israel Aerospace Industries in Project to Turn Boeing 737 into Freighter


Ultra-Orthodox parties look to put brakes on Saturday bus service


NGO: Israel practices 'systematic torture' on Palestinian detainees


Fuming opposition looks to fell government over Western Wall reversal


Arab Media: Israeli Bombardment Killed, Wounded Targets inside Syria


The Western Wall already has pluralistic prayer. Here’s what would have changed


Israel refuses entry to UNESCO group expected to visit Hebron's Old City


Liberman: No plans to attack Syria, but we won’t ignore provocation  (Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman)


A state denying its own people


Yehudah Glick: Please Pray for my Wife


Amid Hamas feud, PA said delaying Gazans’ medical treatment in Israel


Sharansky: PM should not have made Western Wall promise he could not deliver


5 Palestinian teens indicted for allegedly throwing fireworks at Israeli police


Head of US Reform Movement rejects new Western Wall negotiations with PM


Bank of Israel: Gemachim Need Not Report Up to $50 Million to IRS


Construction of border fence may lead to flare-up with Hezbollah, IDF warns  (Israel Defense Forces)


Israel in the Syrian Civil War





Restaurant ordered shut for serving Christians during Ramadan




Megyn Kelly Ratings Continue Downward Spiral


CNN’s Brian Stelter Calls Fox & Friends An 'Infomercial' For Trump. Here Are CNN's Worst Questions For Obama.


Huffington Post Says Eric Trump’s New Haircut is Racist


Senior 'Al-Hayat' Columnist Denounces U.S. Media, Authorities For Failing To Recognize Terror As Such When Perpetrated By Non-Muslim Whites


A Tale of Two Terror Attacks and The New York Times


Left erupts after liberal MSNBC debuts show starring conservative Hugh Hewitt


Media Sycophant Chuck Todd Interviews Bernie Sanders, Asks ZERO Questions About Him Being Under FBI Investigation (Video)


Goodbye nonpartisan journalism. And good riddance.




Should people on Medicaid be required to work?




Thank Obama: Mexicans paid by you to come to Chicago




Gulf of Aqaba Treaty: a Saudi Repudiation of the Camp David Accords


Qatar accused of "military escalation" as inter-Arab rift deepens


How Qatar threatens peace


There’s reason to doubt Saudi Arabia’s charming new crown prince





Cargo ship captain says doomed USS Fitzgerald didn’t respond to warning signals


Pentagon welcomes greater freedom under Trump but is wary of blame


Bill could streamline process for troops, veterans to get commercial driver’s license


U.S. Raids on ISIS Yield Vital Data in Shadowy War


Juror's sympathies apparently on display at close of Green Beret's trial


Chelsea Manning attends New York gay pride parade amid protests against Donald Trump





Report: $15 Minimum Wage in Seattle Killed Jobs




Hacker collective Anonymous releases video claiming that NASA is on the verge of announcing alien life





Feds Spend $20,000 on Musical About Illegal Immigrant Lesbian





NOAA: Record 140 Straight Months Without Major Hurricane Strike




Park Service behaved appropriately regarding Trump crowd reports, watchdog finds




Toll from oil tanker fire in Pakistan climbs to 157


Pakistan Issued Its First Passport Recognizing A Transgender Designation




 Philippines needs to find another export instead of people




Bloomberg launches $17M contest for U.S. cities  (Former Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg (I)


5 things conservatives must do to crush the left




Deion Sanders: I have no second thoughts about Koch brothers partnership




Painkiller Prescriptions Outnumber People In Michigan


Democrats disappointed Trump hasn't worked to lower drug prices




Mark Levin calls for uprising against left: 'We have no choice'




Trump awaits big meeting with Putin (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Russian arms exporter raked in $24 bln for selling 50 warships since 2000


Russia to wean off Ukrainian gas turbine engines by mid-2018


 Russian Soyuz Rocket Puts Military Satellite Into Earth's Orbit


Russian submarine successfully test-fires Bulava intercontinental missile


Trump’s Deflections on Russia Frustrate Even His Allies


Russia has destroyed 99% of its chemical weapons – supervising general


Russia's Reactions To The U.S. Downing Of A Syrian Su-22 Plane


Russia to float out first modernized nuclear submarine in August

Liberal Russian Journalists Sarcastically Compare Putin To Jesus Christ





Poll: Americans Overwhelmingly Support Gay Marriage





Seattle Gun Tax Another Gun Control Failure




Senior Secret Service Agent Who Didn’t Want to Take ‘A Bullet’ Escaped Punishments




How Will Senate Health Bill Lower Insurance Premiums? Corporate Welfare


Republican Healthcare Plan Fails the ‘Jimmy Kimmel Test’


Obamacare Debate Is Largely About Welfare For Unhealthy Middle-Class Americans


Senate GOP reveals revised health care bill


Supreme Court takes on new clash of gay rights, religion


Trump's business partner slapped with travel ban


Senate GOP health care bill: Whip count so far


Get Cancer Now, Before Congress Cuts Your Insurance


Cornyn Expects to Move Ahead on Senate Health Bill Wednesday  (Senate Majority Whip US Senator of Texas John Cornyn (R)


Senate Republicans reluctant to rush vote on healthcare bill


Cornyn: Passing Senate healthcare bill by July 4 ‘optimistic’


Why Bernie Sanders needs a lawyer (US Senator of Vermont Bernard Sanders (I-Socialist)


Replacing Obamacare is a make-or-break moment for Republicans


Sen. Rand Paul says he might vote for 80 percent repeal on Obamacare (US Senator of Kentucky Rand Paul (R)


Republican leaders need delicate balance of various factions to gain support for health care bill


Sanders tries to sway GOP colleague on Obamacare repeal


Ernst polls supporters on Obamacare repeal plan  (US Senator of Iowa Joni Ernst (R)


Sasse has 'nothing to announce' on GOP ObamaCare repeal  (US Senator of Nebraska Ben Sasse(R)


Senate Leaders Push on Health Bill; Opposition Gains Strength


Russia's still targeting US elections, Sen. King warns, and experts say we're not prepared   (US Senator of Maine Angus S King Jr.  (I)


New Democratic 'agenda' will 'resonate with the middle class'   (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


GOP faces key week as senators waver in support for health-care bill


The Senate’s three big lies about health care


Corker (R-Tennessee) to block future arms sales to Gulf nations 




Fugitive disability lawyer Eric Conn wanted over $600m Social Security fraud says he's fled the US using fake passport, has spent all of his ill-gotten gains and even has a new job




Korea-US summit will focus on reaffirming alliance: Moon (President Moon Jae-in)


IOC Open to Using N.Korean Ski Resort for Winter Olympics


N.Korea Sniffs at Offer of Joint Korean Team at Winter Olympics


Koreans' Alcohol Consumption Doubles in Past 50 Years


US solider accused of rape in Gangnam


Victor Cha Tapped as U.S. Ambassador to Seoul


Korean police probe sexual harassment scandal against Thai interns


Former S. Korean President Park plotted to kill North Korean leader Kim Jong-un – report




Forest fire forces more than 1,500 from homes and campsites




Raiders' Carr says tithing tops priority list


John McEnroe: If Serena Williams played the men’s circuit, she’d rank ‘like 700’


MLB Scoreboard





Utah wildfire rages across more than 42K acres


The Banana Republic of Illinois


Fraud in Florida’s drug treatment industry: report


Fast-moving fire spreads to 800 acres in Santa Clarita; 14 Freeway closed  (California)





Saudi-Led Demands ‘Difficult’ for Qatar to Meet, Tillerson Says  (US Secretary of State Rex W Tillerson)


Tillerson Finds His Role Undercut by the Oval Office





Texas gives green-light for experimental stem-cell therapies




Sotomayor Sees ‘Radical Mistake’ in Letting Churches Compete for Playground Grants


Christian Baker Fears Loss of ‘Everything’ Unless Supreme Court Upholds Right Not to Make Cakes for Gay Marriages


High court backs church in public benefits case


Trump travel ban: Supreme Court reinstates key parts of executive order


SCOTUS: Blocking Church Daycare From Grant Money Is ‘Odious to Our Constitution’


Justices Thomas, Gorsuch blast court decision to reject gun rights appeal


Ginsburg, Kennedy Not Retiring Yet


US Supreme Court to rule on Donald Trump's travel ban




Trump Is Tripping Over Iran and Russia’s Red Lines in Syria


It's Time to Break Up Syria




Tsai’s approval rating dips to new low  (President Tsai Ing-wen)


Taiwanese researchers: Banning paraquat can help reduce suicide rate


Destroying the ROC will not be acceptable: Taiwan premier


Dog fighting ring raided in Taoyuan


New law grants surgery authorization rights to gay partners




Amazon Robots Poised to Revamp How Whole Foods Runs Warehouses




Islamic State flag on New Hampshire dam raises First Amendment questions in times of terrorism




Could Trump's Protectionism Spark a Trade War?


Business, Big Labor debate NAFTA tribunals




TSA agent caught stealing cash from woman’s luggage




Uncle Sam's F-rated bonds





Turkey rejects Arab terms on Qatar, US urges sides to talk


Erdoğan rejects Saudi demand to remove Turkish troops  (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Turkey’s youth ministry prepares list of ‘harmful’ digital games, including Guitar Hero, Call of Duty, Pacman


Saudi embassy denies reports of Turkey travel warning


Why Turkey Chose Qatar


Police detain 44 people at Istanbul’s banned LGBT Pride march


Turkey in worst period in terms of rights abuses: Human Rights Association head


Turkey has sent more than 120 cargo planes of supplies to Qatar: Zeybekci


Alleged sexual harassment of six-year-old stirs neighborhood in Turkey’s Diyarbakır





FTSE 100 breaks 4-day losing streak as oil rallies


Theresa May details post-Brexit plans for EU citizens in UK  (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


UK: Jihad murderer of Lee Rigby is busy “radicalizing” fellow prison inmates


Pro-Israel party forms coalition with May


Russian billionaire buys British health food retailer


Parliament cyber-attack: Russia is suspected culprit


McDonnell: Grenfell victims were 'murdered'  (Labour's Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell says the Grenfell Tower victims were "murdered" by "political decisions taken over decades.")


Great Britain suffering 'meltdown of a once-great civilization'


NHS: Public 'more dissatisfied than ever' with health service


Rioters Clash With London Police After Alleged Death of 25-Year-Old Man in Police Custody (Video)


Manchester: Teenage boy charged with rape of eight-year-old girl


School ‘banned Pride badge for promoting homosexuality’ (Scotland)


HMS Queen Elizabeth: Aircraft carrier takes to the seas


Susan Boyle 'targeted by gang of up to 15 yobs'


Reports that indyref2 on hold ‘purely speculative’, says SNP


David Davis warns Tory leadership contest would be 'catastrophic' for Brexit negotiations


London: Palestinian event faces ban over Hamas links


Jeremy Corbyn downplays claims of getting rid of Trident instantly


Why Finsbury Park and London Bridge Are Not Alike


Government 'faces £600m cladding safety bill after Grenfell Tower disaster' as more buildings fail fire tests


'We've had them years, now go away and invent your own stuff': Brits slam Trader Joe's for taking credit for their new pastry item 'Puff Dogs' - because they are EXACTLY the same as UK sausage rolls





Nikki Haley Booed by Pride Parade Attendees in New York City (US United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley)


No one is paying attention to the worst humanitarian crisis since World War II 




Charles Koch: 'Two-tiered society' means a grim future for US




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Anti-Trump Leak Campaign Damaging U.S. and Allied Operations


Trump claims Obama 'colluded' on Russia


Cillizza: Ivanka Trump 'tries to stay out of politics.' Um, what?


Trump calls Supreme Court decision to hear travel ban case a "clear victory"


President Trump Has Now Signed 40 Pieces Of Legislation As He Moves To Enact His Agenda


White House Will Push U.S. Energy Dominance During 'Energy Week'


Trump: ‘Resist’ movement has backfired on Democrats by turning off voters with ‘terrible’ message


White House condemns Pakistan terror attacks


Trump appoints 19 people to ambassador posts


Can Trump Destroy Obama’s Legacy?


Report: POTUS Allies Urging White House to Think About Regime Change in Iran


Trump spends a 30th day of his term visiting one of his golf courses


The American Presidency in Paralysis


Kushner adds powerhouse lawyer Abbe Lowell to legal team




The World Is Even Less Stable Than It Looks 


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