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Tuesday, June 19, 2018






In Today’s Issue: 




Texas Governor promises to honor pro-life teen’s dying wish and ‘outlaw abortion’


Trump Admin Helps 4 Million Americas Escape Obamacare Health Plans That Pay for Abortions


TV Show’s Character Celebrates Dismembering Her Baby in an Abortion: “We D&C’d That S—, B—-“


Arkansas Pro-Life Law Protecting Women’s Health Blocked, Planned Parenthood Can Resume Dangerous Abortions


Abortion AMA: Can My Partner Come With Me To My Abortion?


Hillary Clinton Says “Jesus Did Not Say ‘Let The Children Suffer.’” But She Supports Abortion


Catholic Politician Who Voted for Abortion: No I Won’t Go to Confession


911 Call Catches Planned Parenthood Botching Abortion, Admits Mother is “Bleeding Excessively”


Column: Hollywood isn't supportive of abortion?


County Passes Resolution to Become the First-Ever Abortion-Free “Sanctuary for the Unborn”


Mike Huckabee: Where’s the Outrage Over Permanently Separating Families in Abortions?


Planned Parenthood to Spend Record $1.5M to Re-Elect Pro-Abortion Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf


Claws' masterful subversion of the abortion storyline


Netflix Show “13 Reasons Why” Will Push Abortion on Teenagers


Planned Parenthood Blasts “Separating Parents and Children.” But It Does That 876 Times a Day in Abortions


Why Claws Filmed a Brady Bunch–Inspired Abortion Scene


Facebook Censors Videos Exposing Planned Parenthood Not Reporting Child Rape


Pope Says Abortion Reflects Nazi Mentality


Pope Francis Slams Abortion, Calling It “The Murder of Children”


Pro-lifers sue to cut abortion exceptions from Iowa heartbeat bill


Richard Dawkins Defends Killing Disabled Babies in Abortions: “It’s About Avoiding Human Suffering”


You Can Help Close This Abortion Clinic That Kills Babies in Abortions Up to Birth


Bishop Criticizes Pro-Abortion “Catholics:” They’re Catholic By Culture, Not Conviction


Companies Including Walmart, Merck, AT&T, Whole Foods Accused of Pressuring Employees to Have Abortions


Supreme Court Ruling is Another Victory for Pro-Life Political Free Speech


Georgetown University Finally Removes Guide Urging Donations to Planned Parenthood


Pro-Life Group Endorses Congressman Lou Barletta in Pennsylvania Senate Race


69% of Doctors in Ireland Refuse to Kill Babies in Abortion


All Public Hospitals in Ireland Will Be Forced to Perform Abortion, Despite Objections


Suicide and abortion stem from the same lie: that some lives don't matter.


Evangelical Christians step up abortion clinic protests in Queensland(Australia)


Pope’s new condemnation of abortion comes too late for Ireland’s unborn


All Public Hospitals in Ireland Will Be Forced to Perform Abortion, Despite Objections


New Zealand Abortions Increase, Now 36 Babies Die From Abortion Every Day


Most heinous sin? Misogynistic legacy of Canon Law and abortion


Amnesty International Continues Pushing Abortion as it Considers Killing Babies a “Human Right”  




Former US interpreter: US is losing war in Afghanistan


Despite 17 years of war, next US commander in Afghanistan sees progress


Trump's Afghanistan Push Requires Pakistan's Help, General Says




New radio telescope in South Africa will study galaxy formation


Why do things never fall apart in South Africa?




United CEO says employee was more concerned with plane's schedule than passenger's heart attack




Dershowitz: ACLU 'denying core civil liberties'





CA’s Assisted Suicide Law Back On for Now


Appeals Court Allows California Residents to Kill Themselves Again Under Assisted Suicide Law



Australian shares end flat as materials slide; New Zealand slumps


Australian dollar sinks to one-year low, Wall Street dips on US-China trade war concerns


Huawei's New Front in the Global Technology Cold War: Australia


Winter freeze in Australia as bitter cold snap hits east coast


Australia: Three KFC stores refuse to sell bacon on sandwiches, as they use only halal products


Australian Broadcasting Corporation lauds hijab as “sensuous,” “source of empowerment”


Australia: Muslim mob screaming “F*** off Christians” stomps on Christian’s head and breaks table over his head


Australian priests say they’ll risk jail to protect seal of confession from new law




The cynical use of kids to break down our borders


Ann Coulter pushes theory that migrant children at the border are 'actors'




Stocks fall amid U.S.-China tariff threats, loonie lower


Canada: Jihadists bolder than ever, and Trudeau weakens anti-terrorism laws (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Nearly 4,000 Canadians died as a result of opioids in 2017


John Robson: The Supreme Court just enforced conformity ... to protect diversity, of course


Incoming Premier Doug Ford quietly axes Green Ontario Fund


University of Guelph giving raises to full-time female faculty after review


Kingston, Ont. student tried to ransom himself to parents: Police


Watch:'We made some terrible mistakes': What Canada can learn from Colorado's cannabis legalization experience


Body of missing York University student Zabia Afzal found after month-long search


Ontario's minimum wage hikes fail to help poor


7 in 10 Canadians say the government should regulate fake news, poll says


Ottawa silent on Huawei concerns raised by U.S. senators


Number of asylum claims more than double in Canada in 2017, UN says  




How Restrictive Labor Laws Keep Puerto Rico’s Economy Down




Ex-CIA employee charged in major leak of agency hacking tools




Church forced to remove 'anger provoking' billboards declaring 'America is a Christian nation'




Xi calls on US, North Korea to implement Singapore agreements  (Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping)


Trump Turns Tide on Chinese Theft by Trade


China says new tariffs are an act of 'blackmail'


Trump Targets $200 Billion in Chinese Imports as Spat Grows


Trump Threatens to Impose Tariffs on More Chinese Goods


China's Pacific Islands Push Has the U.S. Worried




Miami-Based Group Presses Trump for More Cuba Restrictions




China Flings Doors Open to N.Korea


North Korea to send US remains of up to 200 American service members, officials say


Kim Visits China, a Week After Summit Meeting With Trump (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


The shocking way North Korea would kidnap random citizens off the street




Congress: Deny Peter Strzok a Second Bite of the Apple


Congress wants to end practice of separating families but is divided on how to do it


Republicans abandon Trump, demand end to zero-tolerance border policy


Proposed Legislation For DACA Aliens Spurs Stampede




Judicial Watch sues to uncover Obama's secret refugee deals


'Lawfare' by Muslims who sued restaurant flames out




Cheerleading coach accused of seducing student


Illegal immigrant charged with killing 2 Miami women, dumping bodies on street


Officials: 3 dead in apparent murder-suicide in Walmart parking lot


Over 550 guns seized from home of felon


Teen raped girl as pals banged door asking for a ‘turn’: cops


Police arrest man suspected of throwing acid on child


Kanye West among stars in shock after rapper shot in South Florida


State trooper lauded as 'hero' for pulling over 'slowpoke' driver


Trump-bashing Puerto Rican mayor reportedly facing FBI corruption probe


Armed man who shot, killed Walmart gunman is a pastor, report says




…Child Border Crossers Enjoy Higher Standard of Living than Average Middle Class U.S. Kids


Fact Checking 4 Claims About Detaining Children at the Border


Separating Families At The Border: The Hysteria Overlooks Some Key Facts


CBS News poll: Two-thirds say separating families "unacceptable"


Audio recording emerges of 'orchestra' of crying children in migrant detention center




California Democrats Want to Bring Back Net Neutrality


Why the establishment despises Trump’s ambassador to Israel


Buffalo Billion trial exposes more of Cuomo’s corruption problems(Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo (D)




DHS chief: Dem child-abuse claim 'cowardly'


MSNBC star Mika Brzezinski slams 'cowardly' Nielsen over briefing 'full of lies'  (Department Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen)




IG Report: FBI Ignored Huma Abedin’s Emails During Hillary Probe


Steve Bannon: Mueller Probe Will Be Suspended (Video Interview)  (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


The IG Report: They're Guilty, but It's Okay


Clinton Emails: What the IG Report Refuses to Admit


Americans Need Plain Sight: The IG Report Hides the Truth


IG confirms he is reviewing whether Strzok’s anti-Trump bias impacted launch of Russia probe


Sessions says comparing separated children's quarters to Nazi Germany is an "exaggeration"  (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


Bipartisan group of former US attorneys calls on Sessions to stop family separation


Hillary Got Mail  (Department of Justice Inspector General’s report confirms Obama “had direct contact using her account.”)


On Separating Children From Parents and Incarcerating Orphans for Life Without Parole


The Hard-Liners Whose Fringe Views Became U.S. Policy


Sessions responds to Nazi comparisons: 'They were keeping the Jews from leaving'  (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


Trump’s Zero Tolerance Policy Is a Loser


Justice Dept IG investigating Comey memos (Former FBI Director James Comey)




Dow closes lower for a 6th  straight session as tariff tantrum drags stock market lower


Trade fears rattle Wall Street, Dow gives up 2018 gains


U.S. Stock Bulls Refuse to Listen to the Warnings to Bail


Trump's trade policy, IG report lead to stock market jitters


Hedge-fund boss who predicted ‘87 crash says next recession will be ‘really frightening’


Asia stocks slide to four-month low as Trump threatens more China tariffs


Stocks Drop, Yen Jumps on New U.S. Tariff Threat: Markets Wrap


Talk of new tariffs extends flight to haven currencies, sparking yen and dollar rally


Summers Warns the Biggest Economies Are Not Prepared for Another Recession


Gold settles near 2018 low, draws scant trade-linked haven demand


'It's the economy, stupid': CNBC correspondent says Trump on track to win again


U.S.-China trade spat isn’t why stocks are stumbling




Elite D.C. school board adopts ‘disturbing’ LGBT sex-ed, overrides parents


Rejecting AP Courses


School honoring Confederate general to be renamed for Obama


As Pathway Market Expands, Enrollment Outcomes Diverge


Dwindling donations the latest sign of de Blasio's education failures(Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)


Several well-known private schools in the D.C. area are scrapping Advanced Placement classes


USC lawyer says secret deal with accused campus gynecologist 'worked efficiently'


Harvard can’t have it all


Principal who invited anti-police extremist to 'Career Day' suddenly retires




How Muslim Mobs Attack Christian Churches in Egypt with Impunity




20 weeks out from midterms, Dems and GOP brace for surprises  




Potential 2020 Trump primary challengers eagerly join uproar against family separations at border




Oil ends lower on bets for OPEC output increase, as U.S.-China trade spat intensifies


Energy Prices


Greedy gas producers need to bring pump prices back down — now




European stocks finish at 3-week low as U.S.-China trade tensions escalate


Italy: Palermo mayor wants fully open borders, compares residency permits to “death penalty”


Three Men Killed in Gang-Related Shooting in Southern Sweden


European Central Bank could restart bond buying-program


Finland: Muslim asylum seeker who went on stabbing spree gets life sentence, i.e. 12 to 20 years




10-Year-Old Boy Dies After Hospital Declares Him “Brain Dead,” Threatened to Remove His Life Support




Peter Strzok, under fire over anti-Trump texts, escorted from FBI building, lawyer says 


When I Tried to Give Gifts to the FBI


Comey under investigation for leaking Trump memos  (Former FBI Director James Comey)


Tom Fitton: Why can't FBI Director Wray see the corruption?   (FBI Director Christopher Wray)




A Trump Foreign Policy




Adoption row in France as official says gay people should be given 'the children no one wants'


Suburban Housewife In France Caught Running One Of The Biggest Illegal Arms Trades On The Internet


Macron admonishes teenager; video goes viral  (French President Emmanuel Macron)




Anti-Online Gambling Coalition Grasps at Advertising Straws




Merkel dismisses Trump's claims about German crime  (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


U.S. Passes Germany as Largest Recipient of New Asylum Requests


 Trump claims German officials ‘do not want to report’ increase in crime


The refugee debate: just how ‘open’ are Germany’s borders?


Almost 1,000 People Injured, Killed in Terrorist Attacks By Refugees


France and Germany agree to set up eurozone budget


Palestinian from Syria confesses to Berlin assault on Arab Israeli wearing kippa




Trump Jr. pulls out of fundraiser for George P. Bush due to immigration criticism


Republican Gov. Larry Hogan ‘stronger than ever’ in re-election bid in deep-blue Maryland




Trump Rule Would Let Small Businesses Skirt Health Law




ER doctor caught on video cursing out patient is suspended




Religion is being weaponized against gays, claims same-sex ‘marriage’ icon




Congressmen at Judiciary hearing blast ‘explicit’ DOJ bias


Fox Host Calls Out Elijah Cummings’ Theatrics On Immigration Crisis: ‘Get To Work’  (US Representative of Maryland Elijah Cummings (D)


Pelosi blasts Trump for migrant separation, says 'he was not elected to commit child abuse' (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


GOP Congressman Throws Cold Water on ‘Blue Wave’


Dem House Candidate Won’t Say How He’d Fund $32 Trillion ‘Medicare for All’ Plan


Paul Ryan has been living in a cave(Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


Republicans demand names of anti-Trump FBI employees from bombshell IG report





Our Debate On Illegal Immigration Is A National Disaster


Aggressive Deportations Are Bad, But They’re Not Ethnic Cleansing


Lena Dunham Bashes Pro-Lifers Over Immigration: They Care About Embryos But Not “Living Children”


"Sanctuary City by the Bay" Knee-deep in Filth


Heartbreaking for 1970s Immigrants Saying Goodbye To The America They Once Knew


They flee terrifying violence in Central America, and arrive in a country that barbarically rips children from parents


All 5 first ladies speak out against family-separation immigration policy




India’s Economy Is Booming. Deregulation Is the Next Important Step.


India has potential to become a $10 tn economy by 2030: Official




Iran’s President Rouhani clashes with General Soleimani over Revolutionary guards funding: Reports




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Tuesday, June 19, 2018)


Ten rockets launched from Gaza Strip, IDF struck Hamas targets   (Israel Defense Forces)


Five rockets fired toward Israel


Hamas Rockets Fired at Southern Israel from Gaza


From flaming kites to explosive condoms: The new battle with Gazan


Settler housing construction drops to six-year low under Trump


Defense establishment is abandoning the southern residents


Murder an Israeli and become famous


PM delays razing of West Bank (Judea and Samaria)  Bedouin village ‘following international pressure’  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Start-ups Take Part In Counter-Terrorism Contest In Israel (with Video)


US official: Israel conducted air strike near Abu Kamal. DEBKAfile: Pro-Iranian Iraqi militia targeted


U.S. Urges Arab States To Fund Gaza Strip Infrastructure Projects


National security adviser in Russia for talks on Iran troops in Syria — report


They “sold their souls to the Devil” – Fatah on Indonesians at conference with Israelis in Jerusalem


Israelis Ponder The French Meaning Of ‘Ally’


Israel medical device that helps with patient triage wins counterterror contest


Proposed Legislation Banning ‘Documenting’ Israeli Soldiers Advances


Israeli lawmakers debate changes to bill restricting Muslim call to prayer


IDF reconnaissance drone crashes in southern Syria 


Palestinians in Hebron say Israeli forces strip-searched them on their way home


Knesset passes law giving secular workers a Shabbat break


Palestinian youth shot, killed by Israeli forces in eastern Gaza


Court quashes minor’s confession extracted under duress in Duma terror case


Israeli forces assault Palestinian farmers, confiscate crops in Hebron


Ex-minister charged as Iran spy ‘attended embassy event days before his arrest’


The War That Changed The Middle East


They're calling it the Kite War. How a simple plaything became a potent weapon in the Gaza Strip




Japanese F-15s narrowly avoid collision with commuter plane on Okinawa


3 dead after earthquake hits Osaka, Japan




US envoys Kushner, Greenblatt hold talks with Jordanian king




Watch: Progressive Author Admits She Wants U.S. Borders To Be Like Open European Borders


Left Coast Lawlessness (Progressivism is wrecking cities in the Pacific Northwest.)


Blind to Real Problems  (How the black community has been conned by the Left.)




Inside a lavish retreat where lobbyists pay for access to state AGs




Media Dishonesty on Immigration Contributes to Gridlock


Experts shoot holes in CNN's report on school gun violence


New Los Angeles Times owner Patrick Soon-Shiong names veteran journalist Norman Pearlstine executive editor




Mexican Drug Cartel Saws Of Feet And Arms Of Man In His Underwear On Video And They Laugh At Him While He Screams In Pain


Former NYPD Commish Kerik Encourages Trump to Hold Mexico 'Accountable' on Immigration


Mexico sent in the army to fight the drug war. Many question the toll on society and the army itself




Saudi Arabia intercepts Houthi missile over Khamis Mushayt


Saudi-Led Coalition Captures Large Areas of Yemen’s Hodeidah Airport


Hodeidah offensive: Coalition forces seize weapons supplied by Iran to Houthis


Ancient Sodom and Gomorrah to be restored ...





US Air Force to resume B-1 bomber flights after ejector seat issue


Army officially splits with West Point ‘commie cadet’


 At the World War II memorial, Bob Dole pursues a final mission in a mission-driven life


New U.S. ‘Space Force’ Would Add to Already Stretched Defense Budget  


US, South Korea suspend upcoming war games


Marines give moms, dads more time off with update to parental-leave policy


Navy’s senior enlisted sailor under investigation


Artillerymen, camels and drone footage: Marine photographer’s dramatic shots earn top honors




Pakistan remains ahead in nuclear warheads but India confident of its deterrence capability


Pakistani teen shot dead for refusing marriage proposal


Pakistan adventure travel: Mountain scenery 'beyond imagination'




In the Philippines, Dynamite Fishing Destroys Ocean Food Chains




Manafort in 'solitary confinement' to avoid attack by someone intent on 'street cred,' Trump ex-lawyer says




Calling Einstein A Racist Is Perfect For Those Who Can’t Compete With His Accomplishments




Presbyterian Church USA Poised to Condemn Islam, Muhammad and the Qur’an….


Sleazy Sex Games and Dirty Politics in the Southern Baptist Convention




Russia's Defense – The Russian Fleet Rehearsed A Massive Nuclear Strike Against The U.S.


Amidst World Cup, U.S. Calls on Russia to Release Political, Religious Prisoners


Russia: U.S. Has No ‘Moral Right’ to Demand Prisoners Release


 Russia seeks to force out foreign rabbis as ‘national security threat’


Russia Sets Record for Millionaires, Report Finds


What’s it really like in Russia? During World Cup, more vibrant than I expected.


Russia Will Impose Tariffs on U.S. Goods in Retaliatory Measure


Criticism Of Russia In Iran: 'Russia Must Not Interfere In Syria's Internal Affairs'; If Russia 'Wants To Stand [Against Us], We Will Surely Stand Against It'


Russian bunkers near Poland could be storing nuclear weapons, report says





Medical Journal Admits “Brain Dead” Patients May Not Really be Dead  




Schumer Opposed to GOP Proposal to Address Family Separations at the Border  (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York) 


Disaster: Feinstein’s Child Separation Bill Would Let Nearly ALL Parents Who Commit Federal Crimes Get Off Scot-Free, Report Says  (US Senator of California Dianne Feinstein (D)


McCain Flip-Flops on ‘Zero Tolerance,’ Now Urges Zero Enforcement…(US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


GOP senator calls child separation "current shiny object of the day"


Trump’s policies ‘come from the darkness,’ says Gillibrand(US Senator of New York  Kirsten Gillibrand (D)


Ted Cruz proposes emergency bill to keep immigrant families together  (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)


Senate panel trashes Comey at FBI hearing (Former FBI Director James Comey)


Senate passes defense bill, setting up clash with House over Chinese telecom giant ZTE


'Do you believe in the tooth fairy?': Sen. John Kennedy presses inspector general for finding 'no bias'(US Senator of Louisiana John N. Kennedy (R)


Kochs won't back GOP nominee for Virginia Senate  (Virginia GOP Senate candidate Corey Stewart)




30 Conservative Groups Call on Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to Stop Censorship




‘Where’s the beef?’ South Korea says it’s coming ‘soon’ on deal with Kim Jong-un(Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


BOK chief vows to focus on growth, inflation in rate policy


Peace treaty may follow joint drill suspension


NK’s progress on denuclearization pivotal to whether joint military drills remain suspended


‘Over half of women in culture sector fell victim to sexual violence’


Nuclear Phase-out Leads to More Dirty Coal-Fired Power


One killed in explosion on Navy vessel


Japan Protests Against Korea's Dokdo Defense Drills


Koreans spend more time on Instagram, less on Facebook




The Southern Poverty Law Center’s Smear Campaign Against PragerU


Southern Poverty Law Center finally pays for its smears


SPLC apologizes, pays up, for 'hate' labeling




Spanish students evicted from dorm to make room for ‘Aquarius’ migrants




MLB Scoreboard




States Seek to Expand Local Tax Deductions Narrowed by Congress




Pompeo Calls China’s Appeals for More Trade Openness a ‘Joke’  (US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo)




NYC cab driver's suicide is 6th  in 6 months, union says




Report: Hezbollah Executes 23 Syrian Soldiers Who Refuse to Fight


‘Al-Qaeda in Syria is losing in spite of us’ – Ron Paul




Taiwan and the South China Sea Must Be Taken Off the Back Burner


Is Washington Boosting Ties With Taiwan?


Japanese airlines rename 'Taiwan' as 'China Taiwan' on websites


China: America's new Taiwan embassy infuriates Beijing




The Struggle for the Soul of the West




Trump's negotiating style may not work when it comes to trade




Turkey to get F-35 jets Thursday despite opposition from Congress


No F-35s for Turkey: US Senate blocks sale of fighter jets to Ankara


Turkey opposition quietly optimistic ahead of ‘most important election in country’s history’


Turkish Government Sentences Father of New York Knicks Center to 15 Years in Prison


The quest to defeat Erdogan(Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)





FTSE 100 logs 3rd  straight drop as U.S.-China trade fight intensifies


Jihadist plotted suicide attack on British PM, police say


Denying It Has Lost War on Drugs, UK Rules out Legalizing Cannabis


British royal family to hold its first homosexual ‘wedding’


We ‘will never accept Alfie’s death’: Tom Evans breaks silence




Record 68.5 million people displaced worldwide: UN


US withdraws from UN Human Rights Council as Haley decries 'cesspool of political bias'  (US United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley)


U.S. expected to withdraw from U.N. human rights council




Pope Francis's Misguided War on Fossil Fuels




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump: Democrats want immigrants to 'infest' US


Melania Trump's favorability dips in new poll


Man Attempts to Jump White House Fence


Trump treks to Capitol Hill as immigration firestorm rages


Trump Calls Out Democrats: They Want More Illegal Immigrants as ‘Potential Voters’


Trump digs in amid uproar on zero tolerance policy


Trump Defies Growing Anger Over Splitting of Migrant Families


Jeff Bezos workers demand more money, but shun Trump's help


Trump warns: U.S. on Germany's disastrous immigration path


How Trump can end the family-separation mess and still win


Kathy Griffin calls Melania ‘feckless complicit piece of s—t’


How Obama WH sparked outrage over treatment of immigrant kids, and why Trump refueled controversy


How Trump's immigration policy is playing out along the Texas border



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