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Saturday, June 24, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




Absolute Liberal Insanity: Combat White Supremacy with More Abortions


Catholic groups protest N.Y. abortion policy


Pro-Life Doctor Fighting IL Law That Forces Him to Inform Patients About Abortion


Women on Birth Control Could Be Barred From Working If Missouri Lawmakers Get Their Way


Abortion Debate Roils Final Health Care Push


The Science Behind the “Abortion Pill”


Glow Deserves All The Applause For How It Handles Abortion


Planned Parenthood Funding Is Sticking Point in Health Bill


Trump Administration Rejects U.N. Call for Abortions




Cholera suspected as several ill at Kenya medical conference





Donald Trump Vows to Protect Legacy of Family Farms in America




Five myths about air travel



'Rewilding' Australia: not only do we need the outback, the outback needs us




Trudeau: Trump does listen, NAFTA will remain  (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Canada community hit by suicides crisis




In a weird way, Washington is actually starting to work




A Census Time Machine: Past, Present and Future




Report: CIA boss held secret talks with Syrian spy chief




Massive landslide buries more than 120 people in southwest China


More than 100 feared buried as landslide destroys village in southwest China





China, US Agree Aim of 'Complete, Irreversible' Korean Denuclearization


Dennis and the menace: The strange story of the basketball star and the dictator


Otto Warmbier’s grim fate is routine in hellish North Korea




Jogger slaying suspect indicted for murder


Police shooting mistrial ignites nationwide protests


Former college football player is found GUILTY of two out of seven rape charges on the fourth anniversary of sexual assault which rocked Vanderbilt University


Mistrial declared again for ex-cop Ray Tensing


Grand jury says Portland officer justified in fatal shooting


Oklahoma doctor charged with 5 counts of murder


Prosecutors seek 35-year term in deadly meningitis outbreak


Ex-USA Gymnastics doctor to stand trial on sex assault charges


Why I sued Comey and the NSA, again!




Horrified parents watch helplessly on their nannycam as the nurse they hired to care for their special needs son, 2, cruelly beats him before they call 911 and cops save him


Police: UPS shooter in San Francisco armed with stolen guns


Body of teen girl found in landfill


Exclusive: Motorcycle nut who plowed through a crowd of Trump protesters is a sleazy porn boss who boasts of 'white pride' and claims he can't be racist because he married a 'slant eye import'


'Cannibal killer' frat boy accused of killing and eating two random Florida homeowners says he just wants to be a 'normal kid again' in tearful phone calls home to his parents as police release their conversations 


White St. Louis police officer shoots off-duty black officer


'We have guitars, they have guns': Punk rock group is left with 'chipped teeth and smashed instruments' after NYPD cops break up their show


Prosecutors ask court to reinstate Aaron Hernandez's murder conviction


Weapons cache seized at home of LAPD officer accused of having sex with teenage cadet, sources say


El Chapo’s alleged girlfriend arrested at US border on drug charges


Married FedEx worker, 31, is charged with the rape and murder of New York Google exec, 27, who was killed while out jogging near her mother's home




Ritz-Carlton Is Building the Anti-Cruise Ship




De Blasio's plan to replace Rikers is just a pipe dream  (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)


Clinton: If Republicans pass ObamaCare repeal, 'they're the death party'





Trump DHS chief pushes 'terrorists corrupting Islam' line


Trump administration narrows focus of counter-extremism program




Freshman GOP rep calls for Mueller recusal from Russia probe  (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Making America scared again won’t make us safer


DOJ applies to take Microsoft data warrant case to Supreme Court




Sears says it will close 20 more stores




High school kills conservative summer reading list after uproar


Out of High School, Into Real Life


Foreign student population in U.S. grows to 1.2 million


Mis-Educating the Young


Will The Rebirth Of Vocational Education Bring Back 'Good Jobs?'




Obama’s secret struggle to punish Russia for Putin’s election assault


Frustrated Dems say Obama botched Russia response


James Woolsey Rips Obama's Response to Moscow Hacking  (Former CIA Director James Woolsey on Friday slammed the Obama.)





Michael Barone: The Outlook After The Special Elections





Energy Prices




Millions of ‘sea pickles’ are causing hell along the Pacific Coast




Swedish music festival sex attacks up 1,000%




FBI: Missing exchange student a national priority for agency


Manafort Financial Deals Are Under Scrutiny by F.B.I.




George Washington's Enduring Realism




Journalist with French TV dies of wounds from Mosul blast


French court jails jihadist recruits





Panda mania hits Germany as China's cuddly envoys arrive





Climate change more important than partisan politics: Schwarzenegger





Google: No more reading your emails to place ads





California won't be passing a single-payer healthcare system any time soon — the plan is dead for this year


What Americans really want from health care reform is impossible




Bill Cosby wants to teach us?


Hollywood's Trump assassination 'jokes' continue





Microphone turned off as Mormon girl reveals to congregation she is lesbian 




Nancy Pelosi, once invaluable for Democrats, has become invaluable for Republicans   (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


Rep. Steve Scalise out of ICU   (House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R- Louisiana)


Democrats turn on Pelosi, each other, after disappointing special elections




Outsourcing Exec Shifts Gears after Panicking Over Trump’s ‘America First’ Agenda


Loose Definition of Terrorism Upends an Asylum Seeker’s Life




Trump to host Indian PM at White House


Trump Organization’s partners in India projects are no strangers to legal entanglements




Indonesia: For Eid, Catholics change Mass timetable to leave carparks free for Muslim “brothers”


Bali bombing: Guantánamo inmate Hambali charged over 2002 attack




The secret photo stash of a young IS fighter




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Saturday, June 24, 2017)


Liberman: Assad regime will continue to suffer consequences of attacks (Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman)


Fuel imported from Egypt averts full collapse in Gaza Strip


IDF releases footage of strikes on Syrian military targets (Israel Defense Forces)


Report: Netanyahu to partially freeze plans for settler homes until end of 2017 (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Syrian shells land in Golan Heights, sparking IDF strikes


B'Tselem: Israel's killing of Palestinian fisherman last month in Gaza 'unjustifiable'


Palestinians say US is not demanding end to terrorist stipends as a precondition to talks


NASCAR’s first Israeli driver is on the fast track to success


Qaraqe: 'Israel may be able to take our money, but it cannot take our dignity'





Lobbyist shot at congressional baseball practice released from the hospital




NYT lists 'Trump's Lies'


Washington Post confirms: Trump right on Russian election tampering


MSM Caught Lying AGAIN Claims That Anti-Trump Propaganda Group Are Neo-Nazi Fighters


Former Obama advisor calls Fox ‘state sanctioned media



How would the Senate health care bill actually affect Medicaid?


Medicaid is biggest consumer story in 'Obamacare' rollback


Governors wary of Medicaid cost shift in Senate health bill


Rural Tennessee doctor fears proposed Medicaid cuts




McDonalds Saudi Arabia pledges “loyalty and obedience on the Quran” to Crown Prince


Attack at Islam's holiest site foiled, Saudis say


Why Saudi Arabia hates the popular Al Jazeera network so much





Trump empowers military and raises eyebrows


Air Force Thunderbird flips on landing


Fighter jet crashes, overturns at Ohio airport


2 in Thunderbirds jet accident in Ohio in good condition


Military chiefs seek delay in allowing transgender enlistment    (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


Prosecutors seek specialized court procedures in Air Force veteran espionage case


Nearly 100 patients died waiting for care at LA VA hospital, report finds


Dismissal of Glock's bid protest clears way for Army sidearms by Sig Sauer


Why ‘Mattis in charge’ is a formula for disaster   (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


Air Force says tornado damaged 2 'Doomsday' 747s


Military heads want transgender enlistment hold 




The Minimum-Wage Job-Killer Strikes Again!




Yellowstone quake 'swarm' raises disaster fears




Pakistan, accused of terrorist infiltration, starts to fence its border with Afghanistan




Malaysian university professor finances the Islamic State, killed waging jihad in Philippines




Poll: Single-payer healthcare wins more support


Forty-four percent of Americans say they know someone who has been shot, either deliberately or accidentally


Poll: Former AG Lynch should be investigated




Russia's answer to charges of meddling in U.S. elections: You're messing with ours, too 


Russians destroyed, removed material from shuttered compounds


Stephen Colbert Appears on Russian TV, Jokes About Presidential Run




Illinois Bishop Decrees: No Communion and No Funeral Rites for Same-Sex Couples






In health-care bill, long-held GOP goals overtake Trump’s agenda


Kamala Harris: A Fierce Fighter on Behalf of Women  (US Senator of California  Kamala Harris (D)


Biden rips Senate GOP healthcare bill, says it 'isn't about healthcare'  (Former Vice-President Joseph R Biden Jr (D)


5 GOP senators now oppose health bill _ enough to sink it


The Senate’s Unaffordable Care Act


Health care bill would rescue ObamaCare and take Democrats off the hook


Despite What You’ve Heard, The Senate Bill Doesn't Slash, Gut, Or Even Cut Medicaid


Senators Appalled by Contractors’ Tax Collection Tactics


Herding the Senate cats to repeal ObamaCare


Dem senators urged Obama to take action on Russia before election


Trump called Cruz to press him on ObamaCare repeal bill: report (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)




Dutch journalists in Colombia still held




South Korea invites North to participate in 2018 Winter Olympics to boost peace




MLB Scoreboard




 Sri Lankan doctors strike to demand university's closure




Wildfire torches more homes as residents flee


California just added four more ‘discriminatory’ states to its travel ban


Stephen Moore: The Banana Republic Of Illinois





State Department's anti-Semitism office will soon have no staff


Why I resigned from the Foreign Service after 27 years


State Dept. to drop Iraq, Myanmar from list of worst child soldier offenders: report


Saudi Demands of Qatar Are Test for Tillerson's Gulf Strategy  (US Secretary of State Rex W Tillerson)





Supreme Court: Immigrants Who Lie to Feds to Become Citizens May Lose Citizenship


Big cases, retirement rumors as Supreme Court nears finish


Report: Kennedy Considering Retiring From Supreme Court


Supreme Court justices share their memories of Scalia in new documentary


Gorsuch dissents from Ginsburg in case on federal worker complaints




Syria releases hundreds of detainees ahead of Eid





How America and China Almost Started a Nuclear War over Taiwan


Senators Urge Trump to Approve Taiwan Arms Sales





Silicon Valley rocked by sexual harassment claims - again


You Don’t Want to Buy Groceries From a Robot  (Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods could deprive us of human contact.)





New study claims most terrorists in US are “right-wing,” not Muslim




Istanbul Bans Gay and Transgender Pride March for Second Year


Turkish police catch five suicide bombers near Syrian border: Governor’s office


Turkey to thwart regional plots: President Erdoğan  (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Russian intel ship traverses Istanbul’s Bosphorus Strait


PKK attack kills soldier in Turkey’s east


German tourist drowns in Turkey’s Antalya




Uber's ousted CEO hired former Google engineer knowing he had was carrying his former employer's self-driving car secrets





UK Parliament investigates cyberattack on user accounts


Over 800 north London public housing apartments evacuated over fire safety concerns


Hundreds of flats evacuated over fire risk fears


'Below expectations': EU slaps down May's offer on citizens (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Sadiq Khan Refuses to Support Ban of Hezbollah (Video) (Mayor of London Sadiq Khan)


'Entirely preventable' NHS and police failings led to brutal murder of grandmother – report


Five Camden tower blocks evacuated after Grenfell fire raises cladding concerns 


Northern Ireland Former UVF commander turned informer admits to 200 terrorist offences


Poll: Majority of Scots want second EU referendum


Jeremy Corbyn now viewed as more capable prime minister than Theresa May


Sean O'Grady I voted for Brexit. But a year on, it looks less and less appealing


Armed Forces Day events across country


Jeremy Corbyn's plan to pay 16-year-olds £10 living wage could 'price them out of the workplace'


Sex game death man guilty of manslaughter


Police Chiefs to discuss offering guns to all frontline officers


Router hack risk 'not just on Virgin Media'


Crackdown on drones planned after latest near miss


London Underground Tube steps up cleaning regime to tackle superbugs


History made with first woman to captain Queen's guard


Ofsted Schools pushing exam targets over learning to be punished, says chief


UK's Brexit offer 'below expectations'


Manchester suicide bomber 'made deadly device which killed 22 himself using YouTube videos and instructions from dark web'




The story of six executed Nazi spies — and the hidden tribute to them on federal land 




Venezuelan dad makes plea to president




President Donald J. Trump’s Weekly Address


Trump considering Camp David-style summit to unite Arab leaders to fight terrorism


Spicer Troubled by Lack of Outrage About Depictions of Violence Against Trump   (White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer)


Is Donald Trump Recovering His Political Footing?

Trump Signals Tweet Was Meant to Affect Comey Testimony (Former FBI Director James Comey)


CNN sent a courtroom sketch artist to cover a White House press briefing


Trump joins effort to pass a health bill, but another GOP senator voices opposition


Drudge poll: 92% think Trump 'great' or 'good'


Dershowitz: Trump Right to Challenge Mueller-Comey Friendship


How can you still doubt Trump’s intelligence?


Pence meets with Koch brother in Colorado (Vice-President Mike Pence)


Trump slams Obama for doing 'nothing' about Russia before the election


Ivanka Trump Must Answer Questions in `Wild Thing' Shoe Suit


Fundraiser-in-chief Trump shows promise as a 2018 rainmaker


Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner embrace more public roles in White House



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