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Friday, June 15, 2018





In Today’s Issue: 




Melinda Gates Slams President Trump for Defunding International Planned Parenthood


Cardinal Dolan makes good points but ignores politics of abortion


Father Impregnated His Daughter, Planned Parenthood Did Abortion and Sent Her to Him to Rape Again


These Men Say They “Bear the Scars of Abortion” (So Women Shouldn’t Have Them)


Abortion Activist Amanda Marcotte Claims Abortions are Safer Than “Carrying an Unwanted Pregnancy to Term”


Dozens of abortion curbs challenged in lawsuit by Texas clinic


First-Ever Resolution Would Make This County an Abortion-Free “Sanctuary for the Unborn”


Indiana Republicans OK platform plank to make abortion unconstitutional and outlaw some types of birth control


California Lawmakers Approve Bill to Force College Health Centers to Sell Abortion Pills to Students


Tennessee seeks Medicaid carve-out for abortion providers


University of Minnesota Used Body Parts From Aborted Babies for Research, Including Lungs and Livers


Texas abortionists sue to destroy decades of pro-life laws


Abortion Business Files Lawsuit Against Texas Laws Saving Babies From Abortion


Video exposes how Planned Parenthood covers up child-sex abuse and gets away with it in court


Argentina Takes First Step to Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth


Missouri Abortion Restrictions Allowed to Stand During Trial, Rules Judge


Northern Ireland Pro-Lifers: Tell Sinn Fein, “Abortion? Not in our name!”


In growing number of states, women seeking abortions face the problem of where to go


Christians Will be “Required” to Kill Babies in Abortions or Refer to Those Who Do  (Ireland)




US drone strike kills Taliban chief


In remarkable scenes, Taliban fighters join Eid celebrations across Afghanistan as cease-fire begins


Afghanistan's President Ashraf Ghani Praises Taliban Ceasefire in Eid Holiday Address





Ramadan in Nigeria: Muslims hack to death two Christians returning from church service


Kenyan ancestral village banks on an Obama economic stimulus


Why googling squatter camps in South Africa returns pictures of white people





Massachusetts: Public high school hosts anti-Semitic all-day event featuring “Palestinian” propaganda


Renowned British writer, a virulent anti-Semite, being considered for sainthood



Assisted Suicide Clinic Operator Gets Away With Scamming People for Thousands Before They Killed Themselves



Markets Live: ASX records biggest gain since July


Australian dollar could slump to 'mid-60s', says Vimal Gor


China may have spurred Australia's aid spending, but it will pay dividends


Australia's south-east to shiver through cold snap weekend


Australia’s Citizenship Minister: “We don’t want to repeat what happened in Europe,” migrants should learn English


Australian students slammed for Nazi, KKK uniform costume party




Gene-edited ‘designer babies’ offer miracle cures, questionable ethics




TSX falls as price of oil drops nearly $2 U.S., energy stocks down


Canada: Ottawa library faces court challenge for cancelling film depicting the Islamization of Europe


Canada’s Top Court Rules Christian College Can’t Promote Biblical View of Sexual Behavior on Campus


Canada’s top court rules against Christian law school: LGBT ‘rights’ trump religious freedom


Manufacturing sales fell 1.3% to $56.2 billion in April, Statistics Canada says


Conrad Black: Take heed Canada: the U.S. would win a true trade war


13-year-old boy charged with murder in killing of cyclist in Little Portugal


 Stephen LeDrew: We can’t let them block Doug Ford from axing the carbon tax




Salmonella has suspected link to Honey Smacks




Christian YouTuber’s Excellent Video for Women: “The First Person You Have Sex With Should be Your Husband”




China hits back with tariffs on $50B of U.S. goods  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: The best solution to this problem is the American consumer stops purchasing Communist Chinese products.)


China: The US has launched a trade war




US renews call for Cuba to probe cause of health 'attacks'




Trump gave Kim Jong-un his direct number; 1st  call due Sunday  (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


N.Korea Wants to Separate Denuclearization and Verification


US warns of North Korea cyber campaign, days after summit


White House Releases Fresh Trump-Kim Jong-un Summit Coin


This should have been the real headline of the Trump-Kim summit





Congressional Republicans break from Trump on zero-tolerance border policy




Elon Needs More Money… Again


Amazon's censorship 'masquerading as commerce?'




Judge Sends Former Trump Campaign Chief Manafort to Jail


Harvard consistently rated Asian-American applicants lower on personality traits, lawsuit says


Trump Administration Wins Key Obamacare Lawsuit




Police: Shooting that left boy dead stemmed from road rag


Middle school counsellor allegedly caught naked with student


5 people shot while visiting California cemetery


1 deputy shot dead, another injured in Kansas


Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes charged with criminal fraud


1 confirmed dead after 4 shot in Colorado


Parkland security monitor accused of sexually harassing students


Kellen Winslow Jr. charged with rape, kidnapping a week after burglary charge


Teachers, students tell ‘real story’ behind fatal classroom stabbing


Man arrested following threat to Disney World


Mom busts teen son in bed with middle school counselor: cops




Steyer announces 'Blue Wave' program




Session's Bible quote prompts Twitter backlash  (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


IG report went too easy on Comey, Trump ex-lawyer says, as newly revealed letters questioned credibility (Former FBI Director James Comey)


FBI IG Report: A Slap On The Wrist


The IG Report Shows That The Fix Was In From Start Of The Clinton Email Investigation


Rosenstein conflict of interest 'can't be solved'(Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein)


Michael Cohen believes Trump and his allies are turning on him


Cohen files restraining order against Stormy Daniels' lawyer


Bill Clinton 'offended' by criticisms over tarmac meeting with ex-Attorney General Lynch


Report Gives Trump an Opening, but Undercuts Narrative


Obama had direct contact with Clinton on private email server: IG report


The Report’s Real Message: Trump Is Lying


Five takeaways on the IG’s scathing report on the FBI


Inspector general’s report highlights Comey’s biggest mistake




Diaper Sales Plummet as Americans Have Fewer Babies




Stocks end down—but off lows—as investors look past U.S.-China ‘chest beating’ on trade


Wall Street ends high-volume session lower on trade jitters


Trump tariffs a rounding error for U.S. economy so far, that may change


Dollar struggles for direction as market weighs trade wars against Fed hike


Asia Stocks Mixed; Dollar in Best Week Since 2016: Markets Wrap


Asian shares falter as U.S. readies China tariffs, euro at two-week low on ECB


Gold prices mark lowest settlement of the year


Bitcoin steadies around crucial $6,500 level




Teacher used duct tape to cover holes in girl's jean


'White Mythologies' on a Campus Near You


Fraternity members accused of posting revenge porn on Facebook




Ramadan in Egypt: Muslims screaming “Allahu akbar” pelt Christians with bricks and stones, loot their properties




Report on FBI brings 2016 campaign roaring back




Global oil benchmark ends at 6-week low on expectations for OPEC output hike


Energy Prices


OPEC risks destroying its oil market success





‘You have a great day, you’re a piece of trash’: Scandal-ridden EPA’s press office gets aggressive


It's time for Scott Pruitt to step aside  (Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt)


Dem questions how Pruitt got Rose Bowl tickets




European stocks finish lower as trade-war worries reignite, but retain weekly gains


Immigration and Terrorism Are the Top Concerns of Europeans


As Denmark considers a ban on circumcision, some Jews consider leaving


In Holland, a former jihadist reaches out to Jews for forgiveness


Croatian man dressed up like a rabbi for $30 million art heist in Italy








FBI has obtained encrypted messages from Michael Cohen’s phones: Prosecutors


Why Did FBI Assign Same Agents to Clinton & Trump Cases?


FBI employees took favors from media


IG refers 5 FBI employees over 'hostile' messages


 Fired FBI boss pots baffling photo hours after damning IG report released


Full of snark, Hillary Clinton takes James Comey to task over IG report finding  (Former FBI Director James Comey)


FBI worker crudely slams Trump voters as 'all poor to middle class': IG report


Comey’s Go-It-Alone Approach May Have Hurt the F.B.I.


FBI agent who wanted to ‘stop’ Trump has really just helped him





French police thwart jihad attack on Paris swingers club, Muslims “planned to attack homosexuals”




U.S. bishop urges bishops’ conference to call on Trump to rejoin Paris climate accord




Inside the former Walmart holding 1,500 immigrant children in Texas




Bill Cosby fires 7 lawyers, hires 1 lawyer




Dutch king, Lithuanian president honor unsung Holocaust hero


US diplomat who helped Jews flee Holocaust gets highway marker




Hollywood figures target Nunes as enemy  (US Representative of California Devin Nunes (R)


Scalise, wounded a year ago in shooting, returns to congressional baseball game  (House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R- Louisiana)


House Immigration Bill Seeks to End Family Separation at Border


Scalise makes play on anniversary of shooting  (House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R- Louisiana)


Few voice support after House GOP releases 293-page DACA bill




Trump Administration Opens Office To Find Naturalization Fraudsters




India And Pakistan at Loggerheads Again Over Diplomats’ Harassment Issue


30% of Indian companies face closure for doing zero business in last 2 years




How the I.R.S. Could Punish Trump and His Foundation




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing  (Friday, June 15, 2018)


Despite Hamas threats, Friday protests end relatively peacefully


Using Ramadan as Cover, 1,000 Waqf Workers ‘Cleared’ Soil Rich with Evidence of Jewish Temple


When The Law Of The Land Appears Blurred


IDF Seeking Legal Counsel on Right to Defend Israeli Civilians from Terrorists  (Israel Defense Forces)


IAF attacks Hamas observation post in Gaza  (Israeli Air Force)


Elite navy soldiers, sailors honored for covert ops in enemy territories


Israeli children counter flaming kites with peace balloons


Qatar Is Not Our Friend


Editor's Notes: A message of peace and rahma


Khamenei: Israel illegitimate, referendum should decide fate of Palestine


Netanyahu and Putin discuss security on Israeli-Syrian border


IDF chief of staff ends speculation, confirms he will not serve a fifth year


Khamenei: The Zionist regime will perish


US blacklists 14 firms tied to Israeli mining magnate


EU and Palestinian Illegal “Facts on the Ground”


Chemical leak near Dead Sea shuts roads, sends residents indoors


Tel Aviv U Humanities Facultys Bans Hatikva Anthem from Graduation Ceremony


Israel’s Supreme Court temporarily blocks deportation of Ugandan Jews


Israel Moves To Thwart Growing Hamas Maritime Threat




Hamas now turning Malaysia into operations base




Media: IG report found ‘no evidence of bias’ in Hillary investigation; that’s not what report says




Fighting intensifies outside Yemen’s Hodeidah airport


Trump’s peace envoys add stops in Jordan, Qatar to next week’s Mideast trip




New Army artillery doubles attack range and outguns Russian equivalent


Permanent U.S. military presence needed to combat Russian menace, Lithuania says


Baltic exercise a show of strength with 'uninvited observers' from Russia in mind


VA hospitals across the country have more than 3,000 unwanted jobs


Naval Academy to Nike, Los Angeles boutique: Cease and desist


Impact of halting US-S. Korean war games will depend on scope




Pakistan's shame: the open secret of child sex abuse in the workplace




Trump and Sessions have created prisons for Spanish-speaking children




RNC Chairwoman clarifies Trump loyalty tweet




Putin hoped his World Cup bid would improve relations with the West. They’ve suffered instead.   (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Half of Unemployed Russians Below 34 Years


Amid Concerns of Terrorism and Hooligans, Russia Puts In Place ‘Ring of Steel’   





US senators urge Pentagon to fully disclose its role in Saudi-led war in Yemen


Mitch McConnell: 'Why can’t the Mueller investigation finally wrap up?'  (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)




N.Y. Times chief turns up heat on social-media algorithms


Facebook’s influential head of policy is leaving amid wave of controversies over data misuse



S. Korea, US adopt flexible defense posture


S.Korea, U.S. Mull Suspending Joint Drills Indefinitely


USFK reduction could be US next step


Filipino Kids of Absent Korean Fathers Seek Compensation


S. Korea, US adopt flexible defense posture


Samsung employs 320,000 people in 73 countries: report




Fox News Poll: League’s popularity sinks as voters say PC madness goes too far(NFL)


MLB Scoreboard




Five things to know about the lawsuit against the Trump Foundation


California lawmakers meet deadline, sending nearly $200-billion state budget blueprint to Gov. Jerry Brown




Fight over the oldest synagogue in the US heads to the Supreme Court




Female suicide rate jumps 50 percent since 2000




Magnitude 5.2 earthquake rocks northeastern Taiwan


Chinese cyber attacks on Taiwan government becoming harder to detect: source




Drag queens replacing Road Runner, Yosemite Sam




How Terrorist Groups Are Using Minerals, Stones & Drugs To Finance Their Ops




Here’s all the stuff the U.S. imports from China that’s causing such a huge trade deficit


Trade War's Battle Lines Drawn With U.S., China Setting Tariff Lists




Is Turkey Safe For Israelis And Jews?


‘Anti-cybercrime department’ monitors 45 million social media users in Turkey


Turkey marks start of three-day-long Eid al-Fitr


Turkey election: Four dead in clash as pre-poll tension rises




FTSE 100 drops from 4-week high as trade-war worries hurt mining shares


London refusing to cooperate in Glushkov, Skripal cases - Russian embassy




UN rights body reopens amid US threat to withdraw over anti-Israel bias




Awesome Video Shows Student With Down Syndrome Dancing Across the Stage at Graduation


Berkeley, California City Council Passes Measure Calling for “Humane Population Control”


2 people fall 30 feet from derailed roller coaster




Workers Flee and Thieves Loot Venezuela’s Oil Giant




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


CNN: Strzok and Page Didn’t Attack Trump, HE Attacked Them!


Rudy Giuliani says Trump agrees it wouldn't be helpful to issue pardons before Mueller probe ends


Trump Approves Disaster Aid for Hawaii’s Volcano-Stricken Big Island


Trump continues to falsely claim there's a law on family separation


White House rips MSNBC's Joe Scarborough over his 'Nazi' comparison


Analysis: Trump's Friday morning shows the danger he faces if he testifies


Trump's 5 Rules for Ruling the World


White House: Trump’s Salute to North Korean General a ‘Common Courtesy’


Islam is an American religion too, Mr. President


How a lone Republican changed Trump's position on pot


Trump Approves Tariffs on $50 Billion of Chinese Goods


Sanders slams CNN star: 'It's hard for you to understand even short sentences'  (White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders)


Trump’s tariffs are already backfiring 



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