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Thursday, June 22, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




Court drops charges against pro-life investigators who exposed Planned Parenthood


Planned Parenthood’s Desperate Attempt to get Jon Ossoff Elected


Susan G. Komen Affiliate Shutting Down, Saw Donations Drop After Funding Planned Parenthood


…Planned Parenthood Chief Invites POTUS to See ‘Lifesaving Care’ at Iowa Clinic


“Catholic” Pro-Abortion Group Runs Ad Claiming Pro-Life Catholics “Discriminate” Against Women


Abortion language may be cut from Senate ObamaCare bill


Pelosi Won't Say Aborting Baby With Beating Heart 'Dishonors God'  (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


Senate Unveils New Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz, Repeal Obamacare


Planned Parenthood spent $734,000 in failed Georgia race


Cecile Richards Comes Unglued After Senate Unveils Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood


Abortion Adds Extra Obstacle For Plan to Unveil Health Bill


Family Watches in Agony as Woman Taken By Ambulance From Planned Parenthood After Botched Abortion


Director of Cleveland's abortion clinic, Preterm, says the facility is under siege by repeat vandal


Planned Parenthood Spent $734,760 Losing Congressional Race to It’s Foe Karen Handel


Donald Trump Jr. Calls Karen Handel, Who Wants Abortion Criminalized, a Feminist Hero


Cecile Richards Wants Trump to Visit a Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic, So He Can be Lied To


Harvard Law Article: Abortion Violates the Constitution


47 Groups Sign Letter Demanding End to Johnson Amendment So Churches Have Free Speech


New Arkansas abortion laws challenged; injunctions sought to stop measures from going into effect


Her doctors and husband told Rosa to abort. She chose life


Abortion Coverage in Private Insurance Plans Under the American Health Care Act


Ave Maria University: a leader in the pro-life movement


UN Pushes for Legalization of Self-Induced and Late-Term Abortions in New York


Abortion and the men haunted by regret: We all know women can be left traumatised for years after a termination. But there’s another side to the story no one’s talked about – until now (Britain)


Horrible Mix-Up: Hospital Allegedly Gave Abortion Drug to Mom of Twins and One of Her Babies Dies  (India)


Referendum on Abortion Announced in Ireland


Trump Admin Strongly Opposes UN Resolution Supporting Abortion


Trump admin tells United Nations: Abortion is not ‘family planning’




Suicide car bomb in southern Afghanistan kills at least 29





Car Bomb Targeting Police Station in Somalia’s Capital Kills 4, Says Police


Kenya to provide sanitary pads for girls in public schools




Turbulent United flight left passengers in neck braces





Arkansas bar to decide on potential discipline against Hillary Clinton





ADL: KKK still active in 33 states 



New bank tax takes shine off ASX gains


Oil price plunge hits dollar


Foreign investors rush to dump Australia stocks


'Terrifying': Melbourne tenants in the dark about homes being a fire trap


RAAF spy planes join fight against IS in Philippines


Australia Grapples With Culture of Abuse on Campuses




Robert Samuelson: The Perils Of Government Over-Lending




Life on the Southern Border  (Illegal immigration down, but drugs still flowing in.)


First: Blocked Travel Bans. Next: Open Borders?  (While blocking President Trump's temporary travel ban on some foreigners entering the US, lower courts use some sneaky tricks that could create open borders.)




TSX rises in broad-based advance as oil prices climb


Canadian sniper sets world record with 2.2-mile pickoff of ISIS fighter


'Truly broken': Workplace report highlights culture of fear, intimidation at Edmonton prison


Canadian Police Raid Home of Alleged Michigan Airport Attacker


Trudeau says no need for 'Plan B' to NAFTA  (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Vancouver Mansion Lists for Record $48 Million


York police officer charged in second sexual assault


'They're all good children': How school staff try to coax Natuashish kids back to class


Sears to cut 2,900 jobs, close 59 stores in restructuring


Boeing plays down Bombardier fight, still hopes to sell jets to Canada





New Census data: US growing older, more diverse





Flu vaccine ineffective for people 65 and older last winter





Psychologists Open a Window on Brutal C.I.A. Interrogations




Why no one shouts 'Jesus is great' when they kill




China Proposes Halt to U.S. Military Exercises in South Korea at Talks


Note to Xi: Trump is no pushover (Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping)


Beijing fears anti-China sentiment in U.S. from Mueller investigation (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)





“Murder of a U.S. Citizen”  (Double standards and media myths on North Korea’s “brutal and despotic” regime.)


Thousands gather to mourn US Jewish student imprisoned in North Korea


Otto Warmbier’s family kept his Jewishness under wraps while North Korea held him hostage


Thailand-North Korea ties in the spotlight


Exclusive: Missionary jailed in North Korea believes Otto Warmbier was purposely sent home by Kim Jong-un to avoid him dying on DBRK soil BUT warns military action could result in retaliation against remaining US captives


U.S. Seeks China's Help on North Korea, Ignoring Trump Tweet


Huffington Post mocked American killed by North Korea


U.S. Pressed on Deal to Freeze North Korea Missile Tests




Record number attend Congressional Women's Softball Game after shooting


Trump should copy Truman and make Congress work through August


A principled tax reform allows expensing of all business costs




What is the future of the Fourth Amendment under Trump?




Amazon Bites Off Even More Monopoly Power




The Unwritten Law That Helps Bad Cops Go Free  (Juries must understand that not all fear is reasonable, and some officers wrongly panic.)


Father’s lawsuit claims his son was wrongly accused of gay slur before committing suicide


Judges: 'Making a Murderer' confession was coerced


Circuit Court Win for Religious Freedom on Gay Marriage


'Pizzagate' shooter sentenced to 4 years in prison


Digital Liberty in the Cloud Computing Era  (No, modernity does not take away the robustness of our privacy rights.  The Second Circuit gets it right.)


Juror reveals why Bill Cosby walked free


Ex-nurse accused of killing dozens of kids charged with murder


2 Cosby holdouts prevented guilty verdict, juror says


Milwaukee Officer Is Acquitted in Fatal Shooting in 2016


Milwaukee mayor urges peaceful protest after ex-cop cleared


2 Detroit-area moms charged in probe of genital mutilation


Jurors' names in Bill Cosby trial will be released


Woman gets jail time for demanding drugs during labor


MS-13 Gang Member Sentenced to 160 Months in Prison for Attempted Murder





Illegal Immigrant Held in Beating Death of Virginia Teen


Man with cache of powerful weapons arrested at Pasadena transit station


Teen vanishes walking her dog, pet later found tied to fence


Former NFL linebacker shot dead in apartment, 2 wounded


Funeral held today for slain Virginia teen


Recently-released sex offender charged in rape of girl, 7


Trump supporter stabbed 9 times after political rally


Woman Shoots Ex-Boyfriend Dead After He Shows Up at Her Home Brandishing a Rifle





Assaults on Border Patrol agents surge as immigration debate heats up





Wasserman Schultz: FBI, DHS Never Contacted Me About DNC Hack – Contradicting Jeh Johnson’s Testimony! (Former Democratic National Committee Chairman US Representative of Florida Debbie Wasserman Schultz)




Hillary Clinton as unpopular today as she was last year


The two competing futures of the Democratic Party: Jon Ossoff and Randy Bryce





Feds’ ‘OPT’ Program Rewards Companies For Hiring 330k Foreign College Grads in 2016




Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke wants to cut 4,000 employees from the department




Gregg Jarrett: Will Mueller & Comey use a false case of obstruction to trigger impeachment? (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller/ Former FBI Director James Comey)


Eric Garner's family 'frustrated' by federal probe




Cop: Illegal Mexican Nationals Murdered My Buddy Execution-style




Powerful Earthquake Shakes Guatemala and El Salvador




Stocks close mostly lower as financials, consumer staples weigh


Wall St. ends flat but healthcare stocks rally


U.S. Stocks End Mixed, Bonds Gain as Oil Advances: Markets Wrap


Gold tallies back-to-back gains, and claws out from 5-week low


Treasury yields edge lower as heath-care bill looks uncertain


In this part of the Midwest, the problem isn’t China. It’s too many jobs.


Dollar drops against yen as Japan upgrades economy for first time since December


Asian stocks climb as oil crawls up from 10-month low


Asian Stocks Rise as Oil Halts Slide; Yen Climbs: Markets Wrap


Could The Housing Market Meltdown Happen Again?


An Industry Struggling to Grow Up  (For all its brilliant minds, Silicon Valley hasn’t yet graduated to adulthood.)


US weekly jobless claims total 241,000 vs 240,000 estimate




Brooklyn Public Library Hosts ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’


Professor’s twisted posts force posh college to close its campus


A gift for NYC's gifted & talented


Theater Classics, Contemporary Sensibilities  (Native American walkout from the University of Wyoming’s production of The Fantasticks illustrates challenges facing college drama.)


Valedictorian goes off script, so the school cut his mic


Helping Postdocs With Children


Trinity College professor calls white people ‘inhuman’: ‘Let them f-ing die’


The Dangers of Filtered Speech (Two more professors -- one at Trinity of Connecticut and one at Syracuse -- find themselves the target of physical threats and harassment.)


Read the speech that got a high school valedictorian pulled from the stage


Textbook-Counterfeiting Cage Match (Three major textbook publishers sue the bookstore provider Follett, alleging failure to stop selling pirated versions of their books.)


The fallacy of ‘unhealthy competition’


Britain Tries to Evaluate Teaching Quality (Controversial effort sorts universities into gold, silver and bronze. Some prestigious institutions didn’t get gold.)


Driverless shuttle service to launch at University of Michigan


Prestigious private school official on leave amid sex misconduct claims




Al Jazeera Sued for Endangering Reporters, Supporting Muslim Brotherhood in 2013 Egyptian Revolution


Egypt’s Coptic Christians question whether el-Sissi alliance can protect them from terror (Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi)




Good riddance to the Russia myth — and blame Team Obama for promoting it




Oil recoups some recent losses following a second-straight weekly fall in U.S. supplies


Energy Prices


Other People's Money: The Immorality Of The Fossil-Fuel Divestment Campaign


Electricity usage hits record high amid scorching heat wave





Environment: Top global banks still lend billions to extract fossil fuels




Lithuania rejects legalization of same-sex ‘marriage’





European stocks log tiny gain as oil shares recover


Raids, arrests after failed nail bomb attempt in Brussels


Failed Brussels attack could have caused widespread casualties – authorities


Brexit and security loom large at EU summit


Romania Government collapses as ruling party MPs oust prime minister





 The FBI’s Briefing On The GOP Baseball Shooting Couldn’t Have Been More Bizarre


Man who allegedly wanted to join ISIS arrested at JFK


Flint stabbing was retaliation for US wars in Middle East: FBI


Sebastian Gorka was once fired by FBI for anti-Muslim comments: Report


Acting FBI chief tells House committee he’s never felt uncomfortable in meetings with Trump


Judge acts quickly on claim Comey obstructed justice   (Former FBI Director James Comey; Hearing scheduled Friday on lawsuit over buried investigation into surveillance)


Virginia Shooter Had Photographed D.C. Landmarks, F.B.I. Says






Miami Man Faces $120 Million Fine for 96-Million Robocall Spree




Fixing How FDA Regulates Diagnostic Lab Tests





French bus drivers win right to wear shorts after pulling skirt stunt


Fitness model killed in freak whipped cream accident


France converts hotels into lodging for asylum seekers as Calais migrants crisis rumbles on


France urged to do more to protect truck drivers after Calais crash death





Consumers Remain in the Dark About Potential Risks of New GMO Techniques





Germanic Umma  (A Germany with a new purpose and new faith.)


Merkel rebuffs UK, saying EU future more important than Brexit (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


Germany: Newspaper editor calls Muslims who went on anti-terror march “Uncle Toms”


Trains cancelled across north Germany as fierce storms kill one


Germany raids homes of 36 people accusing of “hateful” social media postings


Ugly family feud tarnishes mourning for ex-Chancellor Helmut Kohl




Shocker=> Global Warming Computer Models Were Wrong, the ‘Pause’ Is Real


Who needs Paris? U.S. is well on its way to lower emissions with economic, technological changes




For the GOP, Step Up or Become an Irrelevant Majority




Anthem Health Drops Out of 2 More State Obamacare Exchanges




California Reinvents Medical Tourism


Premature Baby Born at 24 Weeks Weighed Just 1 Pound, But Now He’s Thriving


Single-payer healthcare for California is, in fact, very doable


Doctors' advice for protection in extreme heat conditions




Nancy Pelosi says homosexuality is ‘consistent’ with Catholicism. Are Church leaders taking her lead?  (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


Speaker Ryan: Trump Request to Defund Public Broadcasting is ‘Micro-Detail’ He Won’t Be Involved In


30 GOP Congressmen Have Been Attacked or Threatened Since May


Ryan's right: Tax reform this year is a must (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


What Democrats can learn from spending $30M on a House race — and losing


Will Nancy Pelosi Be The Next Casualty Of The Dems' Virulent Anti-Trump Fever?  (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


Some Dems want Pelosi to go


Democratic Rep. Cheri Bustos (Illinois): ‘Anti-Trump message’ not a winning strategy for party


Democrats Have Burned Through $35 Million On 4 Special Election Losses Since Trump Took Office


Congressional Black Caucus turns down Trump invite


After Georgia Election, Democrats Are Demoralized, Again




India’s prime minister is not as much of a reformer as he seems  (Prime Minister Narendra Modi)


Pak says Jadhav has appealed against death sentence, releases ‘confessional video’, India calls it ‘manufactured fact’


Modi-Trump meet: 'US approves sale of 22 Guardian drones to India'


Poonch: Two army jawans killed in attack on patrolling party by Pakistan’s border action team


How two chemistry grads ran a drug start-up, made pots of money and went to jail


Farmers torch vehicles over land for airport near Mumbai; at least 25 injured


Sedition charges against 'Pakistan supporters' dropped 




Trump Pledges Rural Broadband Support in Infrastructure Package




Intel chiefs: Trump suggested refuting Russia collusion




Two shining lights in an Iranian prison’s darkness





ISIS blows up historic Mosul mosque   


American aid worker runs through ISIS gunfire to save little girl


Iraq Blames ISIS as Historic Mosque in Mosul Is Destroyed




Ramadan Jihad Comes to Wisconsin and Michigan


U.S. city installs Shariah hotline for 'hate speech' snitches





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Thursday, June 22, 2017)


Posing as environmentalists, Hezbollah digging in at border, Israel tells UN


Watch: Hezbollah operates on Lebanon border under guise of fake environmental NGO


'Netanyahu ordered freezing of the Jerusalem building plans' (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Netanyahu approves Beit El settlement expansion project


New Security Measures at Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate


Netanyahu said set to unfreeze thousands of E. Jerusalem units


Special Report: PA abuses goodwill of International Red Cross to pay salaries to Palestinian terrorists in Israeli prisons


Border police thwart infiltration into West Bank (Judea and Samaria) settlement


Israel Continues to Reduce Gaza’s Electricity Supply, Egypt Helping Just a Little


Man held for suspected hate attack on East Jerusalem Arab


Hebrew University professor: Israel becoming like Nazi Germany


Minister calls on Riyadh to invite Netanyahu for peace talks


A First: Israeli Consul Invites Banglore Muslims to Iftar Celebration


Herzog: Netanyahu is ‘incapable’ of peace with Palestinians (Labor Party chairman Isaac Herzog)


Abbas meets with Kushner, US envoy to discuss reviving peace process (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Abbas: Netanyahu is racist for calling jailed Palestinians 'terrorists'


Liberman: Abbas trying to draw Hamas into war with Israel (Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman)


Israel's new 'security strategy' at Damascus Gate to further control Palestinian movement


Conrad Black: Palestinian terror and Israel boycotts aren't a form of 'dissent.' They're just evil ...


MK: Israel’s Gaza Siege Is Terrorism; Minister: Give Up Your Israeli Citizenship


And the Jerusalem construction freeze goes on  


On 4th  day of power cuts, Israel reduces electricity to Gaza by 60 percent


With ire over Palestinian expansion, settlers aim to reshuffle Israeli priorities


Hamas rejects US official's demands to designate movement as 'terrorist' group


To stop Russia and other hackers, overhaul the internet, says top Israeli expert


In Ramallah, Kushner and Abbas agree ‘peace will take time’


Abbas defends payments to convicted terrorists as ‘social responsibility’


Jared Kushner’s falling into a trap on Mideast peace


You Can’t be Pro-Palestinian and a Feminist




Compensation claim period opens for Guam victims of WWII Japanese occupation




Security Forces Raid On Restaurant Serving Food During Ramadan Fast Sparks Public Debate In Jordan





The Left Has One More Argument: Kill Them!


Otto Warmbier And The Left's Dehumanizing Culture Of Hate




Legal pot and car crashes: Yes, there's a link




Data Shows Media Covered Gabby Giffords Shooting Twice As Much As Steve Scalise Shooting


Hugh Hewitt Getting His Own MSNBC Show


Wall Street Journal fires prominent reporter for involvement with source


Fox News covers Trump speech live, other networks use regular programming


WSJ fires reporter over evidence of business deal


TV news network yanks job offer for Bill O'Reilly




Mexico to Investigate Spying Campaign Against Journalists and Activists




What to Make of the Saudi Shake-up


AP: U.S. questions detainees in Yemen prisons rife with torture


UAE warned US it could end intelligence cooperation over 9/11 victims claims


Saudi King Ousts Crown Prince in Favor of His Son




Trump and His Generals


"Ready to fight tonight": How the U.S. Army counters N. Korea threats


As Navy sailors faced tough call on sealing off ship’s flooded areas, they didn’t know if survivors remained


Navy identifies 7 sailors killed in collision at sea


Jurors in Bergdahl case will be quizzed about Trump


Training tunnel will keep US soldiers returning to front lines in S. Korea


Father of Fitzgerald sailor will make you choke up


US military community in Japan offers support after USS Fitzgerald tragedy


Secretary Mattis condemns North Korea following Warmbier's death  (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


Some veterans celebrate VA accountability bill as a promise kept


F-16 crashes on takeoff with ammunition on board




Ready for the total solar eclipse?




New Zealand: Muslim dad laughs as he gives his son a mock execution





India slams UN, US inaction on terror safe havens in Pakistan


Video: Dramatic moment of overloaded truck overturning in Pakistan caught on camera





When Helicopter Parents Hover Even at Work




Missouri AG sues 3 drug companies over opioid crisis




Muslim Teacher Forces Young Christian Girl To Pray Islamic Prayers In Classroom To Pass Her Class, Tells Her To Forget About Jesus


 Terror contagion takes hold in Philippines




Rush: Media, Democratic Party 'destroyed today'




Russia: "High" probability ISIS leader "liquidated" in strike


Post-Soviet Russia's Foreign Policy: In Search Of Identity 


Soviet spymaster who planted agents across the West dies at 91


Lavrov tells Tillerson attempts to exert pressure on Russia through sanctions pointless


Why So Many Top Hackers Hail from Russia


EU agrees to extend sanctions against Russia




6 Things You Need To Know About The Senate’s Obamacare-Lite Bill


Obamacare architect: Senate GOP bill does not repeal Obamacare


Here's How the Senate GOP Plan Would Change Health Care


The GOP's Obamacare: Out: Repeal & replace. In: Copy & paste.


The Senate Health Care Bill Misses a Key Opportunity. Here’s What Should Be Done.


Senate Republicans Release Health Care Plan, Twitter Users Predict People Will Die


Senate health care bill: 4 key Republicans come out against GOP plan


Sen. Grassley: Criminal Justice Reform Still on the Table  (US Senator of Iowa Charles Grassley (R)


Activists Pushing for Reform in Islam: Kamala Harris Silenced Us (US Senator of California  Kamala Harris (D)


Here are the details of Senate Republican Obamacare replacement bill


Gingrich: Dems in 'Trump States' May Back Senate Health Plan


Washington's biggest secret is LEAKED: Draft of Senate health care bill reveals Republican plan to kill Obamacare and defund Planned Parenthood


Republicans face pressure at home to repeal Obamacare quickly


Senate Republicans set to release health-care bill, but divisions remain


Republicans’ health-care hypocrisy is on full display


The Republicans who decried Obamacare secrecy are now writing legislation in secret


9 questions about the Senate health care bill


The Health Care of Millions Depends on a Few Senators


Bipartisan Senate Bill Seeks to Resuscitate Once-Leading U.S. Patent System


Senate Republicans Brace for Release of Health Bill Thursday




Mark Zuckerberg explains Facebook's new mission




Moon urges China to do more to rid N. Korea of nuclear weapons: Reuters  (President Moon Jae-in)


N.Korean Drone Made from Parts from 7 Countries


Foreign teachers left stranded by crackdown on visa violations


Moon says NK will acquire ICBM tech 'in the not too distant future'


Moon says 'original' agreement was to deploy one THAAD launcher in 2017: Reuters




Spain: “Extremely dangerous ISIS member,” 2 other Muslims arrested days before Gay Pride festival




NBA mock draft: Massive trades impact Fultz, Ball


A Nike-Amazon deal has sporting goods chains running scared


MLB Scoreboard





California heat wave claims the lives of 2 Bay Area seniors


San Francisco to ban sales of vaping flavored liquid


N.Y. governor pardons 9/11 worker facing deportation




Tillerson says Gulf states have come up with list of demands for Qatar  (US Secretary of State Rex W Tillerson)




Do we really want the Supreme Court to decide how partisan is too partisan?




Once Islamic State stronghold of Raqqa falls, U.S. will be on collision course with Syria and Iran




Survey shows rising wages and female labor participation


Minimum pension bill passes reading




Counterterrorism Director: Al Qaeda Remains No. 1 Terrorism Concern to U.S.


'Allahu akbar!' Cop stabbed in neck at Michigan airport




Thailand's elections fall from view 




Clinical Implications of Transgenderism vs. Sex Identity Disorder




Cindy slams Gulf Coast, could cause "life-threatening" flooding




Turkey: U.S. promised to reclaim weapons from Kurds after ISIS fight 


 Why Erdogan Is Flooding Turkey’s Economy With Credit (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan)


Turkey and Russia to deploy in Syria’s Idlib: Erdogan spokesman




Inside Travis Kalanick’s Resignation as Uber’s C.E.O. 




FTSE 100 trims losses into the close as oil rises


NHS: The Struggle to Rescue the Sacred Cow of British Politics


Church of England head says it ‘colluded’ with sex abuse 


Hundreds more U.K. buildings have potentially deadly exteriors


London attack lets Muslims argue world is against them


May apologises for 'failure of the state' over Grenfell fire (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Sussex Police Imprison Man for Speaking Out Against Radical Islamic Hate and Violence


Exclusive: Grenfell Tower: 16 council inspections failed to stop use of flammable cladding


Brexit now 'very much open to question', Lord Heseltine says


Social media linked to cosmetic boom


First NHS proton beam machine arrives


Tef results :Top universities miss out on highest award in controversial new test


UK weather: Britain could sizzle on hottest June day for 176 years


Police: Investigations shelved to focus on terrorism, says Met chief


Prince Harry: No-one wants to be king


Two men die after crane collapses


HMS Queen Elizabeth prepares to sail from Rosyth dockyard


Fruit and veg farmers face labour crunch


Interest rate: Bank of England rift as chief economist ponders increase


Green light for UK driverless road trials


Boris Johnson: I will not run for leader until after March 2019 (British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson)


NHS: Cheshire cancer patients 'could die sooner' if cuts are forced through


MSPs will get the chance to vote down key Brexit bills


London council chief quits amid Grenfell criticism


May to address EU leaders on Brexit plans





UN survey World population 'to hit 8bn in 2023'






'He looked very afraid and I thought maybe I could help': Man's random act of kindness is praised by thousands after he was secretly pictured helping an 83-year-old man down a mall escalator




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


How Trump Could Change the Country’s Direction With These Court Vacancies


Trump: I didn't tape Comey (Former FBI Director James Comey)


Trump calls Russia election hack a 'big Dem hoax'


David Brock-Linked Group Files Another Lawsuit Against Trump


Trump doesn't want 'poor person' handling economy


Trump: No Welfare for Immigrants for First 5 Years 


Trumps suggests creating law that has been enacted since 1996 

Trump in Iowa: President says he asked for health bill 'with heart'


Trump takes a victory lap


White House aims to get tax overhaul bill to Congress in September


New warning: 'Resistance' turning into American 'coup'  ('An attempt to overturn November's election and forcibly remove a duly elected President.')


Trump to Host Reelection Fundraiser at Trump Hotel in DC



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