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Wednesday, June 13, 2018





In Today’s Issue: 




Father and Daughter Team on Incredible Cross-Country Walk for Life, Walk 15 Miles a Day to Stand Against Abortion


Most Americans support restrictions on abortion


Ball State University Denies Funds for Pro-Life Student Group But Finances Pro-Abortion Groups


Teacher under fire for showing graphic abortion videos at Sacramento middle school


ACLU Gives Former Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards a Lifetime Achievement Award


Analysis: New Gallup Poll Reaffirms That Americans Aren't Moving Left on Abortion


Cecile Richards: Killing Babies in Abortions is “Safer Than Tylenol and Viagra”


Judge upholds Missouri law that restricts access to abortion pill


Judge Stops Obama HHS Mandate From Forcing Christian Colleges to Pay for Abortion Drugs


Cardinal Dolan: Let's not capitulate to the abortion culture


Pennsylvania Senate Committee Passes Bill to Ban Abortions on Babies With Down Syndrome


Groups Girding For New Fight On Abortion Rights


Missouri Passes Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood, Will Stop Sending Taxpayer Funds From Medicaid


The Idea That Abortion Harms Women's Mental Health Appears Misinformed


Planned Parenthood Forced to Stop Abortions at Two Clinics Because It Can’t Protect Women’s Health


Everything to Know About Argentina's Major Abortion Vote


Craziest Reason for Abortion Ever? “My Aborted Baby Will be Reincarnated”


Argentina's legal abortion vote carries weight for all Latin America


Catholic Hospitals Will be Forced to Do Abortions Once Ireland Implements Legalized Abortion


Ontario Catholic board fires faithful school chaplain, says he wasn’t a ‘good fit’


Ireland Will Force Catholic Hospitals To Perform Abortions


Is Britain Following Iceland to Eliminate Down Syndrome By Aborting Every Baby Who Has It?




Taliban Claim U.S. Violated Their Free Speech with Airstrikes on 'Voice of Shariah' Station




Englishman enslaved in Morocco was “every day beaten” to compel him to convert to Islam




Antarctic ice melting at alarming rate, study finds





Anti-Semitic vandals hit shop in Italy, Holocaust monuments in France, Holland


Politics and anti-Semitism




Ramadan in Bangladesh: Muslims drag secularist writer out of shop, shoot him dead




Doctors’ Lobby Refuses to Maintain Opposition to Assisted Suicide




Miners lead Australian shares lower, NZ rallies to record close


It's going to be a busy session for Australian dollar traders


The Down-Under View of Donald Trump


Boom turning to bust: Is an Aussie financial crisis on the cards?




Trump Admin Considers as Solution for Busted Border




TSX dips 0.14 percent after U.S. Fed rate hike


First of its kind report outlines sexual abuse against nearly 1,300 students in Canadian schools over past two decades


Canadian judge rules child born to polyamorous trio has three parents


Trump’s Canada Feud Signals Weakness, Not Strength


Toronto: Muslim cleric says “Zionist empire, American empire will be down in the dustbins of history inshallah”


Where Petunias, Not a Fence, Mark the U.S.-Canada Border


Why Trump's threats could give Canada a trade advantage it never sought: Don Pittis


U.S. steel tariffs prompt ADF to impose work sharing at Quebec plant


I'm gay and I wouldn't blame Doug Ford for avoiding Toronto's Pride parade


Liberal government rejects Senate changes to marijuana bill


Alberta oilsands project wins regulator approval despite Indigenous objections


Ontario premier-elect says he will ban ‘anti-Semitic’ Quds Day rally


In China’s Far West, Companies Cash in on Surveillance Program That Targets Muslims




'First Reformed' Promises Unique Insights Into Christianity




Virgil — The Stakes: What If We Lose Trade War with China?




President Trump’s triumph: Art of the deal with Kim Jong-Un(Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


The Key to Trump's Success in North Korea


Pompeo: North Korea Should Take Denuclearization Steps Within Next Two Years  (US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo)


U.S. Pledges 'Unprecedented' Guarantees for N.Korean Regime


Singapore Summit: It's a Start, Not a Miracle


Pundits Lament Poor Results of U.S.-N.Korea Summit


The key word in the Trump-Kim show


N.Korea Sanctions Likely to Fizzle out Despite Trump's Pledges


Kim Xiaoping and Pyongyang glasnost: Can North Korea change?


Kim Jong-un Chats with Bolton in Singapore


How North Korea is portraying Kim Jong Un's historic summit with Donald Trump


Kim Jong-un Flies Home on Chinese Plane


The Trump-Kim Summit: What Lies Ahead


10 Simple Takeaways: What Happened, and Why It Matters


North Korea basks in Trump’s decision to halt war games


Trump praises Kim Jong Un as 'strong,' 'funny,' 'smart' and a 'great negotiator' in Hannity interview


Five takeaways from Trump's summit with Kim Jong Un


Trump, Kim commit to recovering Korean War remains


North Korea offers a starkly different view of Singapore summit


The Iran deal shouldn't be a template for a North Korean pact


Unsolved: North Korea's persecution of Christians


Trump and Kim meet, shake — and lie through their teeth


Trump promises new era of peace after ‘complete denuclearization’ pledge


I grew up in striking distance of North Korea’s artillery. Covering Kim's summit with Trump was sobering and personal


Singapore summit is a good first step


Kim Jong Un pulls off a magic trick


Reagan administration veteran doubts North Korea's word


The Trump-Kim summit was far from 'epochal' but at least it's a return to diplomacy


Historic summit is a cause for celebration — not nitpicking


Kim’s nukes and the giant in the room


What would the GOP have said about Obama and North Korea? We already know.




Dems Complain About Massive ObamaCare Premium Hikes — After Ignoring Them For Years


Lawmakers question plans to halt US-South Korea exercises, push for congressional role




Prof warns conservatives 'theocratizing' Constitution




Why the AT&T-Time Warner merger could be bad news for consumers of media


Elon Musk buys 72,500 of Tesla shares


Comcast Offers $65 Billion for Fox in Bidding War With Disney




Arizona Court Orders Christian Store Owners to Make Wedding Invitations for Homosexual Couples


Federal judge bows to CAIR, orders special nighttime Ramadan meals for Muslim inmates in Washington state prisons


Former Senate Intel staffer pleads not guilty in leak case


Illinois Judge Grants Gun-Rights Groups Temporary Injunction Against Deerfield Assault Weapons Ban


Teacher sentenced for sex with student while pregnant


Man who threatened a Muslim family that planned to move to his neighborhood sentenced to prison




Maine: Muslim police officer resigns after being charged with assault and battery and resisting arrest


It’s time to stop laughing at Nigerian scammers. They’re stealing billions.




Officials: Border agent was attacked by several assailants


Rancher says Border Patrol agent’s shooting could have been averted


Customs and Border Protection agent faces inquiry after questioning reporter about her sources




Democrat FCC Commissioner Joins Soros Open Society Foundations


Cuomo ahead of Nixon by 35 points in latest Siena poll  (Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo (D)


Biden confronted at book-signing about groping women (Vice-President Joseph R Biden Jr)


Joe Biden shuts down heckler who accused him of groping: ‘This is not Trump world’


Vanished! Government records faced 'wholesale destruction' under Obama




Under DeVos, a Smaller Department of Education (Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos)





…DHS Lady Daca Tours Border Barrier — in Israel


Homeland Security will strip citizenship from naturalized Americans who lied on their applications




DOJ Task Force Arrests 2,300 Suspected Online Child Sex Offenders


Rod Rosenstein’s Subpoena Threat: He’s Conflicted, and He’s Acting Like It (Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein)


What To Look For In The Inspector General’s Report About DOJ And FBI Election Interference


Ex-Trump lawyer Cohen likely to cooperate as his attorneys leave case: Sources  


Mueller asks to secure evidence in ‘Putin chef’ case, citing ongoing interference operations  (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller/Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


AT&T Takeover of Time Warner Cleared, in Blow to Justice Dept.


Deputy attorney general wants GOP House staffers investigated


The Trump-Kim summit was far from 'epochal' but at least it's a return to diplomacy


Attention Jeff Sessions: Women are targeted because of their gender. That makes them deserving of asylum   (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


The collusion charge and a positive outcome for Trump


Fired FBI official Andrew McCabe's lawyers file suit against FBI, DOJ and its watchdog




Stock market slumps after Fed lifts rates for second time in 2018


Wall Street ends lower in wake of Fed hike


Powell Lauds Economy as Fed Nudges Up Interest-Rate Hike Path  (Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome H. Powell)


Treasuries Curve Reaches Flattest Since 2007 on Steeper Fed Path


Dollar spikes on Fed rate hike, but slips back as focus turns to ECB


Bitcoin Extends Its Collapse


Gold settles higher, then falls back under $1,300 after Fed lifts key interest rate


Asia Stocks Mixed, Dollar Flat Before Fed Meeting: Markets Wrap


Asian stocks step back as investors brace for Fed




Campus Insanity Hits High School As Teachers Protest ‘Eurocentric’ ‘Imperialism’ Of History Classes


California college's website says its OK for children to engage in 'sexual play,' watch porn


Harassment Unchecked


Diversity and Inclusion Harm(Coming to a university mathematics department near you.)


The Minority-Serving-College Mobility Bump


L.A. school board sets a new goal: prepare every grad to be eligible to apply for Cal State or UC


Defending Affirmative Action


Team de Blasio targets Success Academy kids again(Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio(D)


Students Want Due Process -- With Limited Rights in Sexual Misconduct Cases




Corey Stewart, Confederate symbols defender, wins GOP nomination in Virginia Senate race


Primary results as they happen in 5 states -- live updates


South Carolina Gov. McMaster heads to runoff


Dems flip heavy Trump district in Wisconsin


Trump referendum: Virginia primary winners tap into division over president


What you need to know about Tuesday's elections




Oil prices settle at a nearly 2-week high as U.S. supplies fall more than expected


Energy Prices


Coal's 20-Year Reign Masks a Brewing Revolution


Environmentalists foolishly go to war against nuclear power




Our Entitlement Crisis




Scott Pruitt used EPA an aide and donors to find his wife a job, a report says (Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt)




Norway wants to double US troops and deploy them closer to Russia





European stocks close higher as traders brace for Fed’s next move, await ECB


The ECB, not the Fed, is the match that will spark bond market volatility: analyst


Austria’s chancellor gets death threats after closing down mosques




A Look at the FBI's 'We Saved Trump by Spying on Him' Excuse




Fed hikes interest rates and increases expectations for more 2018 increases




Feminist Writer Complains Boys Not Feminine Enough


Doctor of Feminist Studies Gropes 10k Dogs to Study 'Rape Culture' at Dog Parks




Moroccan Man Holds Hostages for 4 Hours, Makes Odd Demands


France pushes ahead with first raft of privatisations





German Interior Minister forms 'axis' with Austria, Italy against Merkel (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


Foreign Minister tells Merkel to 'show courage' and create a 'big Europe'


German Interior Minister forms 'axis' with Austria, Italy against Merkel


Cologne police arrest Tunisian man on suspicion of possessing toxic substance


German lawmakers approve €1 billion drone lease from Israel


Angela Merkel accused of raping and killing German teen




Politically Motivated Studies Conclude: Global Warming Will Reduce Agricultural Production




Pimp, Brothel Owner Wins GOP Primary for Nevada Legislature Seat


Rudy Giuliani’s wife filed for divorce after his affair with married woman(Former Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani)




Macedonia reaches name change deal with Greece




HHS secretary avoids being drawn into fight over preexisting conditions




States Resort to Individual Mandates to Save a Dying Healthcare System


Latest heart valve treatment allows more patients to avoid open-heart surgery


Where nurses should move to make the most money


This sewer-diving robot is taking aim at the opioid crisis using wastewater analysis




Hollywood Meltdown: Celebs *SUPPORT* Insane De Niro Anti-Trump Tirades


Good news! Dems turn to Hollywood for help with ‘messaging and turnout’


De Niro’s F-bomb could do a lot of collateral damage




Rep. McMorris Rodgers (R-Washington)Pushes Back on Leftist Narratives: I'm Empowered by My Son With Down Syndrome


DACA Reloaded: Oh, So That’s Why GOP Moderates Wanted To Do This Before The 2018 Election


Ryan touts immigration "compromise" that could lead to new law  (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


Sanford loss magnifies 'Trump effect' on GOP  (US Representative of South Carolina Mark Sanford (R)


Immigration Bills to Get House Votes Next Week


Sanford: 'I think that I'll end up losing this election'  (US Representative of South Carolina Mark Sanford (R)


Rep. Mark Sanford loses South Carolina primary after Trump calls him 'nothing but trouble'


Dem wins South Carolina congressional primary despite abuse revelation


Democratic favorite Susie Lee will face Republican Danny Tarkarian in swing Nevada district


G.O.P. Moderates Fall Short With Bill on Migrant Youths


Democrat Jacky Rosen wins Nevada primary to take on Republican Sen. Dean Heller




Indian chess star refuses to wear headscarf, pulls out of event in Islamic Republic of Iran


India says Pakistan firing kills 4 soldiers in Kashmir




New to the Endangered List: America's Infrastructure




David Hogg suggests net neutrality repeal part of conspiracy to suppress vote




Iran poised to resume enrichment at deep Fordow facility




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing  (Wednesday, June 13, 2018)


Shin Bet: 250 Terror Attacks Thwarted in First Half of 2018


Netiv Ha’avot demolition may be a sign the settlers are winning


Terrorist Who Murdered IDF Soldier with Slab of Marble Caught  (Israel Defense Forces)


Netanyahu praises Nikki Haley for strong defense of Israel at U.N.  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


IDF releases helmet cam footage of troops arresting suspected soldier killer


Netanyahu announces trip to Guatemala - 2nd  Latin America trip in 14 months


Consensus among PA leaders to reward terror


Historic resonance as Israeli paratroopers train over Germany, Poland


Defense Ministry, Civil Administration, Reject Bill Transferring Arab Land Appeals to Civilian Courts


U.N. Envoy: Another Gaza war could spark a regional conflict


Israeli lawmaker proclaims supremacy of ‘Jewish race’


Bulgaria sympathetic to Israel wanting Jerusalem recognition — to a point


Palestinian Swastikas: Where’s the Outrage?


Proof Obama sent your money to defeat Bibi in Israel election (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)




Major Japanese Official Declares That He Does Not Trust The Deal With North Korea


F-35B stealth jets could operate on Japan’s flattop destroyers, study says




Riots In Jordan Put Gulf States On Edge




Can This Man Alter Lebanon's Political Landscape?




Loosening Marijuana Laws Could Reduce Officer Cash Grabs




George Soros Invested $3 Million in New York Times Stock Holdings This Year


NY Times Investigates Reporter Accused of Having Romantic Relationship With Source


Wolf Blitzer Insists: CNN ‘not the enemy of the American people’


Leftist Media Boycotts Chick-fil-A, Claims It’s Anti-Gay


CNN’s Acosta Caught Bragging About Disrupting Summit: ‘Hey, if they’re not going to let me in the f**king meeting’


Paul Krugman’s Intellectual Dishonesty


The Passing of a Giant


'Hannity' is most-watched show on all of television Monday, even beating 'The Bachelorette'


CNN 'disgrace' Acosta should lose press credentials, Trump 2020 manager says


N.Y. Daily News columnist: Fox News must fire Kimberly Guilfoyle for Donald Trump Jr. ‘sleepovers’




Obama’s Failures Created Trump’s New Middle East


Dubai: Famous Indian chef gets sacked over “Islamophobic” tweet


 Operation to take Hodeidah essential for Yemenis, security of Red Sea waterway: Saudi ambassador to US


Saudi air force intercepts Houthi-launched missile towards Jazan


Saudi-led coalition reaches outskirts of Yemen’s Hodeidah airport




Pentagon brass influenced by Trump admin refuse to honor LGBT ‘pride month’


Mission Act Won’t Help Dying Vietnam Vets


The VA's latest betrayal of Vietnam veterans


Precision, patriotism and a new stage for a beloved Marine tradition


Army announces 5 finalist cities for new command headquarters location


3 injured in fire at Army ammunition plant in Virginia




NASA loses contact with Mars rover in huge dust storm




Musharraf may land in Pakistan within 24 hours  (Former Pakistani dictator Pervez Musharraf)


Pakistan summons senior Indian diplomat over civilian death




From RFK to Donald Trump: 50 Years of American Populism




J.D. Greear elected SBC president


Southern Baptists adopt resolutions on abuse and affairs, in a season of grappling with gender




Putin Reappoints Administration, Retaining Kremlin’s Core  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Russia’s World Cup Opens the Floodgates for Trafficked Sex Workers


Russian Women Should Avoid Sex With Foreign World Cup Fans, Lawmaker Says


Mass Blackout in Crimea




Cells learn from pregnancy, to make healthier babies next time round — study 




If Dems Really Wanted to Ban Guns, They Would Stop Trying





GOP Senate Candidate: Hillary Clinton ‘Might Just’ Go to Prison


Senate to Review Any Future North Korea Arms Treaty


How the Senate obstructs a vital part of the farm bill


Meet the 'plain old guy' who could end Mitt Romney's political career




Feds: Social Security employee used dead people to steal $680,000




Sweeping victory gives boost to Moon's North Korea policy   (President Moon Jae-in)


Gov't aims to increase employment of high school graduates


Ruling party wins landslide victory in regional elections


Not just Hyundai, others eye NK opportunity


Analysts slam Trump for stopping joint military drills




Southern Poverty Law Center is Indifferent to Muslim Anti-Semitism


Proof! SPLC sets rules at Amazon




Must We Throw Hail Marys to Win the Space Race?




Podemos and the Politics of Resentment




Canada, U.S. and Mexico to jointly host 2026 World Cup


Report: Golden State Warriors Went Through $500,000 in Alcoholic Beverages at Victory Parade


Capitals’ Stanley Cup parade draws fans from far and wide to celebrate


MLB Scoreboard





Proposal to split California into three states earns spot on ballot




US Charges Russians and Syrians Transporting Jet Fuel to Syria


Assad signals deal to pull Iranian troops from Israel border is possible  (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad)




Beijing Warns US on ‘One China’ Policy Over New American ‘Embassy’ in Taiwan


Washington opens de facto embassy in Taiwan, angering China




Seattle Officials Repeal Tax That Upset Amazon




Roseanne ‘seriously considering’ forgoing profits from potential spinoff




Terrorist Time Bombs in the Making




The $1.8 trillion US trade 'surplus' that Trump's not talking about


More Voters Think A Better NAFTA Is Likely




Revenues Grow but Spending Grows Faster — and Deficit Explodes




Turkey coordinating with Iran on possible military incursion into Kurdish Iraq


Turkey delays dam plans, granting Iraq brief reprieve




Uber driver who kicked out kissing lesbians has license suspended




FTSE 100 slips as oil shares fall, Fed steps into the spotlight


Emergency: Tommy Robinson Transferred to Muslim Prison, Facing Certain Death


Rolls-Royce Is Cutting About 4,000 Jobs in Restructuring


YouTube Scrubs Tommy Robinson Video Warning of Coming Censorship


Gal pal orchestrated grisly murder, posted it to Snapchat, court hears


UK-Israel tech partnerships a boost to Britain’s economy




Nikki Haley scolds UN General Assembly for anti-Israel resolution  (US United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley)


UN General Assembly condemns Israel for ‘excessive’ force at Gaza border





Black America Walking Off the Cliff




Pope Francis is finally starting to get it




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump calls the press America's 'biggest enemy'


Trump: There Is No Longer a Nuclear Threat From North Korea


Larry Kudlow discharged from hospital after heart attack


Anti-Trump strategies are hurting Dems, crushing GOP


Signing Clean DREAM Act Would be ‘Detrimental’ to GOP, White House Official Says


Reports: Yes, Trump Has A Plan To Kill DACA--And If It Works, The Program Could End In Weeks


Question for Kellyanne Conway: Will Trump's NoKo Deal Be Stronger Than Obama's Iran Deal?


Buchanan: Trump Bringing ‘End of New World Order’ with Populist Defense, Trade Agenda


Sanders thanks Rodman for being ‘helpful’ in North Korea  (White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders)


Scott Adams: Trump’s critics running out of ‘trap doors’ to explain good news


Bolton was paid $115,000 to speak at two events sponsored by foundation of Ukrainian steel magnate(National Security Adviser John Bolton)


Can Trump command political support without real progress on trade and N. Korea?


Transcript reveals White House unsure if anyone took notes during Trump's first meeting with Kim Jong Un


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