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Wednesday, June 21, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




Outdoor Clothing Company Patagonia Funds Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz


Recordings back Trump assertions on late-term abortions


She Took the Abortion Pill But Her Baby Miraculously Survived: “God Had Other Plans”


Missouri House Passes Law to Tighten Abortion Regulation


Pro-Life Advocate Karen Handel Who Took on Planned Parenthood Wins Congressional Election


Planned Parenthood kicked Handel out of Komen, but couldn’t keep her from Congress


ACLU, Planned Parenthood challenge new Arkansas abortion regulations


Planned Parenthood Played Huge Role in GOP Ga. Win


Michelle Carter Found Guilty of Urging Her Boyfriend to Kill Himself: “Quit Putting It Off”


Ashton Kutcher's Show Stars Character Who Rejects Abortion: ‘I Can’t Do This’


New Book, The Trial of Kermit Gosnell, Describes Shocking Details About the Abortion Industry


Handmaids Converge On Albany To Demand Expanded Abortion And Contraception Rights


Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam Signs Bill to Ban Late-Term Abortions on Unborn Children


My Gynecologist Wouldn’t Give Me an Elective Abortion—So I Broke Up With Her


Abortion Clinic Caught Arranging Abortions on 33-Week-Old Unborn Babies


One of Louisiana’s last abortion clinics is putting 7 laws on trial


Catholic Church Stops Renting Building to Abortion Activists for Planned Parenthood Conference


Actress Amy Brenneman on Abortion Rights: ‘The Word Christian Has been Stolen by the Right’


Catholic teachers union supports pro-abortion conference, pride parades


Delaware Takes Extreme Abortion Path: Killing Unborn Babies Up To Full Term Legalized, Removing All Restrictions


Women Are Using Google To Research Self-Induced Abortions, But One Doctor Has A Better Solution


AG Schneiderman Sues Protestors Harassing Women Outside Queens Abortion Clinic (New York)


Woman’s Husband Forced Her to Have Three Abortions to Give Birth to a Boy  (New research in Kenya confirms that fathers sometimes try to skirt their parental responsibilities by pressuring their wives or girlfriends to…)


Vatican defends appointment of philosopher who voiced support for limited abortion


Irish Government’s New Committee is a First Step Towards Abortion


SC notice to govt on abortion deadline (India)




IG Report: U.S. Spent $100 Million on Camouflage That May Make Afghan Army Better Targets


Teenager threatens to blow himself up at US base in Afghanistan





CAR violence: Deadly clashes in Bria despite ceasefire deal





Dozens of flights canceled in Phoenix due to heat




Swastikas and Hate in Rockland County, New York





An Interview With an Assisted Suicide Doctor: A Surprising Look at Euthanasia



Jitters: ASX sheds $27b as nervous global investors sell out


Australia dollar at 1-week low, NZ$ falls on dairy auction


Macquarie bankers drug colleague with valium and laxatives


Melbourne man dies from mosquito-borne virus after Thai holiday




A Border Wall? High-Tech May Be More Effective





TSX finishes on a flat note as oil prices fall to a 10-month low


Hanna Böhman: Meet the Canadian woman joining forces with other women to fight ISIS


Canadian detained, RCMP involved after possible terror incident at Michigan airport: Reports


Derek Saretzky hung out with toddler he's accused of murdering and her mother year before killings


Mark Steyn to Tucker Carlson: Canadians Can Be Jailed For Using the Incorrect Gender Pronoun (Video)


Rise of the radical nuns


New federal healthy eating strategy may lead to warning symbols on your cheese


Terry Glavin: The Liberal government has become a pro-China propaganda machine


Mississauga woman’s demand for English-speaking doctor spoke volumes: Paradkar


Think tank seeks to sway Canadians on Chinese trade


'They just simply don't know': The Indigenous innovators challenging Canadians to a difficult conversation


RBC cutting 450 jobs amid head office reshuffle




CIA Vending Machine Snack Theft Behind Firings: Report


Flynn Was Told C.I.A. Secrets Despite Worries Over Blackmail




Narcissus Revises Christianity, Makes It Liberal


Christians with ‘grave concern’ about persecution fight deportations of Iraqi criminals in U.S.


Politician quits post after being bullied for Christian faith




China’s encroachment into Latin America


China Falls Short on Curbing North Korea, Trump Says


Ivanka Trump Shoes slated for production at China factory despite brand's denial




Trump's Reimposition Of Sanctions Will Hurt Cuba's Communists — Goo





Top US and China Officials Meet on North Korea


Defectors from North Korea describe concentration camp, daily life


Exclusive - Heartbreaking final photos of American student Otto Warmbier laughing and joking in North Korea before being jailed and 'brutalized' into fatal coma for 'stealing' propaganda poster


What happened to Otto Warmbier? When the unthinkable is unknowable.


Otto Warmbier's death prompts US to weigh options vs. North Korea


Coroner grants request from Otto Warmbier's family NOT to perform autopsy on the student who died after being held captive in North Korea for 17 months


Trump signals shifting approach to North Korea after death of U.S. student


Coroner still probing death of US student held by N. Korea


What REALLY killed Otto Warmbier? Neurologists reveal the possibilities after the student's mysterious death




Majority of Lawmakers Sponsoring $15 Minimum Wage Legislation Do Not Pay Their Interns


Former DHS chief Jeh Johnson to testify about Putin’s meddling, Obama’s validity in ending it


Congress Pushes Bill to Let Lawmakers Carry Concealed Weapons Anywhere in U.S.





Wisconsin: US Courthouse evacuated as Muslim screams “I’m gonna kill you all. Allah. Bomb.”


Judge approves temporary stop to DraftKings, FanDuel merger


Sylville Smith shooting: Milwaukee officer acquitted


‘Don’t pull it out!’: Police video shows traffic stop that ended with Philando Castile’s death


OJ Simpson Gets July 20 Parole Hearing Date in Nevada


Cosby Trial Puts Focus on How System Treats Women


Can words kill people?


Judge strikes down court order in teepee dispute


Michael Brown’s family settles lawsuit with Ferguson


Exclusive - Another bad day for Bill: Disgraced ex-Fox news host will NOT get $14.5million judgement awarded to him in messy court battle with ex-wife as judge overturns 2011 decision




Man holds burglar at gunpoint after watching him break-in to home


Brain surgeon charged with child sex abuse gives up license


Where Are the Rape-Kit Nurses?


‘I can’t do it’: Mom arrested after handing off son to total strangers


Seattle: Police who killed woman in her home had mental health crisis training





Independent investigators: Seth Rich 'likely' murdered by contract hitman





Bill Clinton refutes Trump administration on crime and on environment


Judicial Watch: Susan Rice Unmasking Material Sent to Obama Library (Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice)


Florida Democratic Party Chair: ‘They’re Like Children, These Black Lawmakers’





Next up: a special counsel to probe Team Obama’s obstruction of justice


Sessions Hires Outside Lawyer Amid Expanding Russia Probes  (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)




In Huge Drug Bust, DEA Seizes Nearly 100 Pounds of Fentanyl, Arrests Three





S&P, Dow end lower, Nasdaq lifted by healthcare, tech sectors


U.S. Stocks Drop on Brent Bear Slump, Gold Rises: Markets Wrap


Stock market ends mostly lower as oil slumps


Gold rebounds after 2-session drop to lowest since mid May


Oil slump spooks investors; China stocks underwhelmed by MSCI


Oil's Slide Hits Stocks; Hong Kong Drops on MSCI: Markets Wrap


Treasury yields travel higher ahead of key housing number




Suspended for Standing Up to Fox News? (Essex County College allegedly suspends a communications adjunct for comments about race on Fox News, but she’s fighting back with the tools of her trade.)


Students of All Ethnicities Benefit from Ethnically Diverse Middle Schools


Pioneer in Adult Education Looks Back


Yale dean who called people ‘white trash’ to be replaced


Where Winds Are Blowing on Accreditation


NYC Israeli envoy: Campaign to “silence pro-Israel voices” on campus


Professor fired for retaliating after student claims test question is racist


L.A. Unified approves more spending and layoffs   (California)


‘Kill yourself’ yearbook message nearly pushes teen to suicide




Make America Holder Again? Former AG hints at 2020 run, must ‘get back on the field’




Oil spirals to 10-month low as U.S. crude output climbs


Energy Prices


This is the real reason we’re ‘drowning in oil,’ says Ed Yardeni




EPA just gave notice to dozens of scientific advisory board members that their time is up





France’s CAC slides as key Macron ally departs, pulling European stocks lower (French President Emmanuel Macron)


EU Greens: “send whole Syrian villages” to Eastern Europe for better integration


Hungary and Poland: “No refugees, no terror”


Sweden: No “no-go zones,” just areas of “parallel societal structures, religious extremism”


Explosion at Brussels train station considered terror


Ramadan in Finland: Police foil jihad attack targeting popular historic church




Official: FBI Looking At Terrorism in Flint Airport Stabbing


FBI Report on Alexandria Quietly Debunks the Gun-Controllers’ Talking Points


Now James Comey, FBI sued for obstruction of justice  (Former FBI Director James Comey)




US plane manufacturers just won the Paris air show




This man almost killed Hitler — an incredible true story


Germany: Police cover up child rape in asylum home




How climate change could be making polar bears healthier and more dangerous


Climate Change May Take a Toll on Air Travel



Google plans to fight the Islamic State with targeted ads




 Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Drops Obamacare Coverage In 3 States




Likely source of deadly Legionnaires outbreak found





The Problems With Wonder Woman


Daniel Day-Lewis says he’s retiring from acting, shocking peers who hail him as one of the greatest




Jeh Johnson Testifies: Russians Did Not Alter Ballot Counts


Hispanic Caucus Concerned About US Vets Being Deported


Washington Hospital Upgrades Scalise’s Condition From ‘Serious’ to ‘Fair’ (House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R- Louisiana)


Former DCCC Insiders’ Firm Banked Millions From Ossoff’s Failed Campaign


Ossoff Complains About ‘Money in Politics’ After Running Most Expensive House Race Ever


Democrats Frustrated After Ossoff Loss: ‘Our Brand Is Worse Than Trump’


Democrats trapped in their hate-filled corner


If a Trump Supporter Had Shot a Democratic Congressman


Republican Handel is the projected winner of hard-fought Ga. House race


Handel holds off Dem challenge in Georgia


Republican aligned with Trump wins South Carolina House seat


The Democrats' South Carolina silver lining


Republicans hang on to House seat in key Georgia election


In Georgia, is Handel’s victory of great consequence — or none at all?


U2 'so grateful' Steve Scalise and others survived shooting  Republican Handel wins runoff for Georgia seat in House


Rep. John Lewis caught dancing at Ossoff watch party before Ossoff lost


Mueller meets with House leaders amid Trump-Russia probe


Top DCCC Officials Unaware of Ongoing South Carolina Special Election


Dem who launched bid against Paul Ryan raises 100k in first day of campaign (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


Ironworker announces run against Paul Ryan with ad that's making Democrats cheer


Republicans turned to Nancy Pelosi to win in Georgia  (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)





Sedition charges on 5 in Bikaner, dozens booked across India for celebrating Pakistan’s victory


19 cricket fans arrested for cheering Pakistan


India to airlift its citizens stuck in blockade-hit Qatar from next week




Talkers Revolution: 'NPR for Conservatives'




Iran Threatens to ‘Depose’ Trump as Military Readies Missile Strikes on U.S. Forces


Iran gets North Korean expertise in building up, testing and hiding its ballistic missiles




The case for Kurdish independence




CAIR says 'Islamophobia' killed Muslim girl, but cops disagree




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Wednesday, June 21, 2017)


US officials: Achieving peace will take time (US envoys Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt tell Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu that making peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors will take time.)


Watch: Netanyahu Meets with Kushner, Greenblatt & Friedman – ‘All the President’s Men’


Hosting Kushner, Netanyahu extols common goals of prosperity, security and peace


PFLP: Blood oath to Palestinians to establish "Palestine" from River to Sea


Health minister accuses Jerusalem kids’ cancer doctors of ‘putsch’


Temple Mount transformation: The Jews have returned


Easing power crisis, emergency Egyptian fuel enters Gaza


Health Ministry: Israel well-protected from Polio outbreak


Record-breaking yoga ‘om-age’ to 25 years of Israel-India relations


US Ambassador to UN Nikki Haley: Hamas is Causing Gaza’s Problems, Not Israel


Mogul owes $425 million in largest-ever Israeli bankruptcy


Gaza crisis: Israel slashes electricity supplies for 3rd day as Egypt provides fuel


Israeli Air Force Chief: The Next Lebanon War Will See Fierce Attacks on Hezbollah While Our Own Cities Burn


Israeli company that extracts water from air launches Florida pilot


Arab Journalists: Award Of Man Booker International Prize to David Grossman Reflects High Standing Of Israeli Literature


Israel continues leveling private Palestinian lands for illegal settlement expansion


‘Devastating’ survey shows huge loss of Israel support among Jewish college students


Two Arrested in Connection With Last Friday’s J’lem Attack


At Security Council, diplomat cites Gazan who likened Strip to ‘concentration camp’


Family rejects Israeli narrative of Palestinian killed at checkpoint as father is detained


What really went wrong in botched 1997 Shayetet 13 operation?  (20 years later, the IDF finally confirms Hezbollah was able to intercept intelligence while being transmitted from Israeli drone, giving it advance knowledge of naval commando operation deep inside Lebanon. The Shayetet 13 force was ambushed by the terror group, losing 11 soldiers.)


Bill Sending Land Claims Against Settlers to Lower Courts Wins Preliminary Vote


US says settlements 'not helpful' to peace process as Jared Kushner arrives in Israel


Germany delays decision on Israeli drones,


Dutch citizen sues former IDF Chief of Staff


Israeli minister welcomes Saudi Arabia’s new royal heir 


Moscow wants closer cooperation with Jerusalem in Syria, says top Russian official


Defending Israel and Fighting Anti-Semitism: My Ariel Avrech Memorial Lecture


Ahead of Jared Kushner's visit to help broker peace, Israel breaks ground on new West Bank (Judea and Samaria) settlement




Left-wing smear group scorched as 'enemy of free speech'





One America News Network CEO Pulls Job Offer to Bill O’Reilly


The Leftist News Media, Unmasked


Cernovich Productions: CNN Is ISIS – Video Montage of CNN Lies and Very Fake News


Howard Dean, New York Times Writer Criticize Free Beacon as ‘Fake News’ Over Ossoff Stories


Real Scandals The Trump-Obsessed Media Are Ignoring


CNN Trump-hater poll has shocking result for network





Opioids Given to Almost 1 in 4 Medicaid Patients, Study Finds


Republicans' Medicaid rollback collides with opioid epidemic




Spying Allegations in Mexico Spur Calls for Inquiry


David Usborne: Trump's Russian scandal pales next to what just happened in Mexico




Saudi National Football Team's Failure To Join Minute Of Silence For London Terror Victims Sparks Controversy In Gulf


Young prince who is hardliner on Iran becomes heir to Saudi throne


Naming Bin Salman Saudi heir impacts US, Israel


Saudi King Empowers Young Reformer Son in Succession Shake-Up


Trump and new Saudi heir vow to pursue Mideast peace


Trump’s silent surge in the Middle East — and the slippery slope to war


Can You Kill the Islamic State?




Obama-Era Troop Cuts Caused ‘Critical Shortfalls’ Among U.S. Troops in Afghanistan


Mattis Receives Ohio State University’s Excellence in Public Service Award  (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


Former Navy SEAL arrested for drug smuggling


Advocates: ‘Unfair’ veteran caregiver program should be expanded to older vets


Collision at sea: A sailor's perspective


Harold Radish: WWII veteran and former POW considers self 'lucky man'


Chelsea Manning Leaks had no strategic effect on US war efforts, Pentagon finds


VA Secretary: I believe World War II vets’ claims of mustard gas exposure


The VA plans to get rid of 430 buildings in the next two years




NEH Gives $1,000 Award to Pro-Margaret Sanger Paper




Pakistan starts fencing of Afghan border


UN meet Indian-Pakistani leaders


Afghanistan cannot blame Pakistan for all its ills: Aizaz Chaudhry





Up to 300 armed ISIS militants storm school in the Philippines and hold several students hostage





Inmates surprise everyone when deputy passes out




Woman Sues CBS Radio for Racially Charged Harassment




The New Yorker Fails to Recognize Famous Verse From Sermon on the Mount




Jeh Johnson: 'Putin Himself Orchestrated Cyberattacks' on US Election  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Russian Defense Minister’s Plane Buzzed by NATO Jet


Russia cancels US meeting over Ukraine sanctions


Russia's Orbit – Moldova's President Dodon: Agreement With EU Wrecked Our Economy, Time To Revive Strategic Partnership With Russia


Russia and the United States at the Brink in Syria


The tragic Bolshevik legacy, 100 years on


Poll: Putin's Power Shows Signs of Waning Among Russians Russian Industry Struggling in The Face of Privatization




 Same-Sex Parents Still Face Legal Complications




Children are dying because of America’s lax gun policies




George Soros funds McCain Institute (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


Sen. Al Franken: 'I don't want to be president'  (US Senator of Minnesota Al Franken (D)


Senate Republicans criticize own party’s healthcare process


Senators grill Trump’s pick for No. 2 Pentagon job over lack of experience


Bernie Sanders: Act in ‘unprecedented’ ways to thwart Republicans (US Senator of Vermont Bernard Sanders (I-Socialist)


G.O.P. Rift Over Opioids Imperils Senate Health Bill


Dems are limited in their ability to slow ObamaCare vote


Ted Cruz: Public debate on healthcare bill would lead to senators 'shooting at each other'  (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)




Drone that spied on THAAD was from N. Korea: military


20% of Korea's Medical Spending Unnecessary


Moon stresses need for dialogue with North (President Moon Jae-in)


Nearly all Korean AIDS patients face daily discrimination


Protesters chant 'hire Koreans over foreigners' in Seoul rally




Hawks ship off Dwight Howard in another NBA stunner


Lakers trade D'Angelo Russell and Timofey Mozgov, and they might not be done making moves


MLB Scoreboard





Steam pipe explosion rocks Baltimore, injures 5


We led the Wisconsin Senate. Now we’re fighting gerrymandering in our state.





Terror rocks Britain but State deports Christians, EU sanctions East Europe


Tillerson Signals Impatience With Saudi-Led Allies Over Qatar  (US Secretary of State Rex W Tillerson)


State Department probes Clinton handling of government emails, could pull her security clearance (Former US Secretary of State and Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary (Benghazi) Clinton(D)




U.S. Plane Shoots Down Iranian-Made Drone Over Syria




Most Taiwanese consider Taiwan, China separate countries, poll suggests


Decoding US policy on arms sales to Taiwan


Earthquake measuring 4.4 magnitude hits Taiwan




ISIS Setting Up Support Networks to Move Terrorists to Europe, Asia




Trump administration lays groundwork for NAFTA negotiations




Storm Cindy Crimps Shipping, Forces Energy Workers Out of Gulf


Gulf of Mexico Storm Cindy Disrupts Shipping, Crude Imports




Mnuchin Says He Divested Stake in Hollywood Financing Company  (Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin)





Turkey says German mosque were men and women pray side by side “incompatible” with Islam


Video from Turkey: Muslim strikes woman for wearing shorts during Ramadan




Trump Set to Give Employers a Leg Up at NLRB





FTSE 100 ends lower as oil prices fall, pound climbs on rate-hike hopes


Britain’s Prince Philip Hospitalized With Infection but Is in ‘Good Spirits’


British pound bounces back after sinking to 2-month low


Trump visit to Britain left out of Queen’s Speech


Britain’s May forced to drop key pledges in Throne Speech  (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


'He's no terrorist - just a man with problems'Mother devastated over son who 'turned against Muslims'


Finsbury Park “terror” suspect: history of psychiatric problems


London: Mayor considers pay-per-mile road pricing and ban on new parking


Police Taser man at Regent's Park Mosque after reports of attack


Barclays :Senior bankers charged with fraud over credit crunch fundraising


London's Finsbury Park built trust between Muslims and others, and it paid off


NHS: Leak shows 'devastating' impact of planned cuts in London


Scottish drinkers ‘exceeding alcohol safety limits by 44%’


UK heatwave triggers air pollution alert as people flock to beaches


Humbled Theresa May sets out plans with DUP support in doubt  


Brexit: Chancellor says deal must put jobs and prosperity first


Theresa May's Queen's Speech 'will be her first and last'


Grenfell Tower fire :'They are still checking who was there and who survived'


Nicola Sturgeon to outline indyref2 plan before summer recess   (Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon)


Barry Bennell: Ex-coach charged with 14 further counts of historical child sexual abuse


Baby deaths report urges heart rate focus


Tory deal in doubt :Theresa May under pressure as DUP says: ‘show some respect’




Venezuelan Minister Sneers at U.S. Diplomat: ‘Send In Your Marines’


Venezuela poised for new violence after security forces fatally shoot protester, 17


Venezuela sacks top soldiers over unrest




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


White House Releases Video on How Obamacare Has ‘Failed’ Americans


Ukraine President Compares President Trump to Ronald Reagan


Democrats seek suspension of Jared Kushner's security clearance pending Russia probe


Dershowitz: Democrats' Focus on Trump 'Crimes' Will Backfire

Trump seeks sharp cuts to federal housing aid, except for program that brings him millions


Shake-up underway: Sean Spicer leaving White House podium for behind-the-scenes role (White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer)


Trump returns to Iowa for agriculture event, campaign-style rally


Trump calls Ukraine the thing Ukrainians hate the most


Isolated from Washington establishment, Trump struggles for presidential victories


Trump Order Would Ease Drug Rules and Appease the Industry


Dershowitz: Sitting Presidents Cannot be ‘Indicted, Prosecuted or Tried While Serving in Office’ (Video)


Michael Bloomberg: Trump won because he 'had us saying Make America Great Again'


Trump voters weigh in as president's approval rating dips


Trump tweets congrats to Karen Handel after 'big win' in Georgia   


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