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Tuesday, June 20, 2017





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Senate Will Vote Next Week on Bill to Repeal Obamacare, Defund Planned Parenthood


Speaker Ryan (R-Wisconsin) Did Not Say House Will Deny Title X Funding to Planned Parenthood


Abortion Activists Claim if Women Can’t Kill Their Babies in Abortions They’ll Kill Themselves


Vatican Defends Naming Abortion Supporter to Pro-Life Academy


Dozens of Studies in the Past Decade Show Abortion Linked to Breast Cancer


Meet Autumn: Star Wars star’s family wanted abortion, her mom chose life


“Shocking” Study: Sociologists Find Pro-Life People Have More Children Than Abortion Supporters


Media Ignore List Shooter James Hodgkinson Had of Other Pro-Life Congressmen to Assassinate


Missouri House Passes Bill to Stop Planned Parenthood Selling Body Parts of Aborted Babies


Liberal denominations beg Congress to protect Planned Parenthood


If You Think Birth is When Human Life Begins, Consider That Unborn Babies Can Do This in the Womb


Baptist Pastors and Other Clergy Endorse Abortion in New Planned Parenthood Video


What Explains The Decline In Abortion?


Planned Parenthood Tweets “What Women Want in 4 Words” But Something Goes Horribly Wrong


Missouri House members toughen proposed abortion regulations


CNN Applauds Pro-Life Congresswoman Who Refused to Abort Her Disabled Baby


Cleveland abortion clinic Preterm struck by serial vandals


Obama Administration Forced Companies to Fund Pro-Abortion Groups


Ahead Of Major Anti-Abortion Conference, Louisville Leaders Consider Clinic Buffer Zones


She Saves Babies From Abortion in Front of Planned Parenthood By Doing Something Very Unique


WNBA Team to Fundraise for Abortion Giant Planned Parenthood


Mother of 4 Kids Rejects Abortion, Accepts Jesus and Gets Married All in One Week


Ask Amy: Family is shunning me after I shared that I’d had an abortion


Georgia Now Bans Late-Term Abortions After 20 Weeks


I'm a Married Mom & I'm Getting an Abortion


Pro-Life Trailer Stolen That Shows How Many Unborn Babies Die in Abortions


Woman Turns From Abortion, Trusts Christ and Marries the Father of Her Child—All in One Week


Abortionist Admits Planned Parenthood Requested “No Lights, No Sirens” to Hide Botched Abortions


Sanya Richards-Ross: My Abortion Broke Me; God Redeemed Me


Shocking Reviews of This Abortion Clinic: “It Reminded Me of an Animal Clinic and Even Smelled Like One”


Ontario aims to reinstate ban on pro-lifers at abortion clinics


California Will Give $20 Million of Your Tax Dollars to Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz


Vatican defends new pro-abortion appointee at pro-life academy: abortion not his ‘focus’


Scotland Wants to Give Women Free Abortions


Vatican defends membership for theologian over abortion flap


EastEnders spoiler: Abi reveals Lauren's abortion secret to a devastated Steven


New Zealand Abortions Drop to Lowest Total in 25 Years as More Babies Saved From Abortion



Trump ‘simply does not care’ about HIV/AIDS, say 6 experts who quit his advisory council




A Letter to My Dad, an Adoptive Father of 13




Taliban Again Claims It Infiltrated Afghan Forces, Wounding 7 U.S. Troops


'The Renouncers' Might Be Afghanistan's Revenge On The Taliban


At Least One Protester Killed In Clashes Near Kabul Bombing Site




Blast in Somali Capital Kills At Least 7


Thousands of wildebeests die horribly in a river each year. Here’s why that’s a good thing.




It’s so hot in Phoenix that American Airlines’ Bombardier jets can’t fly





Personal Health




Lawsuit alleges hostile environment for Jews on San Francisco State campus



One Year After Canada Legalized Assisted Suicide, 970 People Have Already Killed Themselves



Unloved banks weigh on ASX


The Australian dollar got hit hard twice overnight


13 children drown after rescue 'delay over helicopter bill'


China's rich have $30 trillion to spend, and they like Australia


Australia Suspends Syria Airstrikes Amid US-Russia Tensions




TSX dragged down Canadian oil, gas producers as crude prices fall


Canadian Christian School Ordered Not to Teach “Offensive” Scriptures


Amazon Canada plans to hire 200 more workers at its Toronto office


Canadians Could Be Jailed or Fined for Using Incorrect Gender Pronouns


Liberals to create 'super' national security review body as part of anti-terror overhaul


Bill C-59 creates Canadian intelligence 'super-watchdog'


Drug makers paid at least $48.3-million to doctors, health-care organizations in 2016


Majority of schools in Toronto's east end unable to meet need for after-school care


Canadians' love for debt taking us into uncharted territory, PBO report warns


The price of an average Ontario cottage is $413K — and rising


Survey ranks Air Canada as top North American airline — is it true?


Senators who oppose a gender neutral anthem don't understand the history of 'O Canada'


 Half of all Canadians will get cancer in their lifetime, report says


Ottawa to impose 15-day limits on solitary confinement


Christie Blatchford: Witness at police sex assault trial describes cab ride with woman and officers


Mob outrage over Governor General’s misspoken indigenous comment is misplaced


Halton, Peel Catholic boards receive funds for new schools, renovations


RCMP allege federal procurement employee with no link to admiral leaked shipbuilding info




Guatemala landslide leaves 11 dead




U.S. Quietly Admits Covert CIA Role in Iranian Coup




$28 hacking software to break into webcams spreads in China


The Case for Congagement with China


Otto Warmbier death: China tour agency will stop taking Americans to North Korea


Is This the Future of Chinese Submarine Power?


Beauty Queen Calls for Release of Imprisoned Canadian in China


China, Russia To Hold Joint Military Drills In Baltic Sea After Trump Visit


Tesla Close to Agreeing on Plan for China Production Plant


Dozens injured after violent turbulence rocks flight




Trump's Crackdown on Cuban Regime Draws Praise and Fury


Engage Cuba Officials Listed as Registered Agents of For-Profit Travel Service


Cuba to Trump: Castro regime was never going to give up fugitives




Kim Jong Un Fears Assassination: Report  (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


The North Koreans treated Otto Warmbier like one of their own




Congress Needs to Take War Powers Back into Its Own Hands


Poll reveals Americans' views of GOP health care plan


Both parties in Congress draw negative ratings





The head of the Congressional Budget Office, who prizes nonpartisanship, has found his work under attack by Republicans.





Ignore the Critics, The Amazon / Whole Foods Deal Is Good for Consumers




2nd  man indicted in case of missing teacher


3 University of Albany Students Who Faked Hate Crime Get Probation


Judge Narrows His Injunction Against Trump Travel Ban


 Court Stops Hospital From Pulling Baby’s Life Support Over His Parents Wishes


Bill Cosby’s mistrial doesn’t erase the tragedy of his downfall


College students avoid jail for teen’s death after party


New York Three men charged over Damien Hirst counterfeits that sold for $400,000


I was bullied into sexually assaulting her with a water bottle: Third Vanderbilt football player on trial for gang rape of unconscious neuroscience major, 21, claims he acted under duress and should be found not guilty




Killing of Muslim teen is being investigated as a road-rage incident, police say


Man fatally stomps on kitten he couldn’t bring on train: cops


Seattle police kill woman that family says was pregnant


Police: 4th  LI church found with Satanic graffiti


Breaking: Trump Supporter Stabbed By Armenian Gang Member After Being Identified As Conservative




Exclusive: Attorney for Bernie Donor Class Action Calls DNC ‘Ultimate Ponzi Scheme’


Independent Investigators: Seth Rich Murder not a Random Homicide




Why The Watergate Comparison Best Fits The Obama Administration


2017: Not The Best Time To Be A Democrat


Obama library snatches Susan Rice unmasking docs – for 5 years!


Seth Rich's neighbors sound off on murder mystery ('He was the one who leaked the emails to WikiLeaks ... It wasn't Russia that did that.')




Staffing Woes at the Education Department




Wind Lobby Releases Study To Undermine An Energy Department Report They Haven't Even Seen Yet


Rick Perry denies that humans are the main cause of climate change (Energy Secretary Rick Perry)





Take this DHS job and shove it


Hiding in secret underground bunkers, eating wild birds and pets and saving secretaries but not wives: How government elites planned to survive a nuclear attack




Shrinking Utah's Bears Ears National Monument would be one more broken promise to Native Americans





Mueller to meet with Senate Judiciary Committee   (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Robert Mueller Hires Another Clinton Donor For Russia Probe


Comey's Game (II): The Mueller Gambit


Watch: Gingrich Explains ‘The Fix Is In’ On Investigation To Get Trump


Gingrich On Russian Investigation: 'The Fix Is In'


Justice Department picks 12 cities for crime-fighting help


DOJ Announces New Initiative to Fight Violent Crime


Is Mueller Too Conflicted To Investigate Trump Fairly? 


Team Trump comes through in the war on MS-13





Stock market retreats from record highs as oil slips into bear-market territory


Wall St. ends down as energy, retail shares fall


U.S. Stocks Drop Most in Month on Oil Bear Market: Markets Wrap


Gold ends at 5-week low as Fed comments fuel bets on further interest-rate hikes


Bottom Lines Still Matter (Amazon’s lesson for Whole Foods’ John Mackey.)


Millennials Are Helping America Save More Money


Equity Rally Extends to Asia on Tech Share Rebound: Markets Wrap


Nikkei nears two-year high as U.S. hi-tech rebound boosts mood





UPenn Students Study 'Denial and Unconscious Bias' in Summer Course


This School District Partners With LGBT Advocacy Group to Impose Transgender Policy


The Slowly Diversifying Presidency (Colleges and universities turn to experienced presidents in times of pressure, curtailing gains in diversity, study finds.)


Teacher under fire for Christian view of marriage, resigns after LGBT witch hunt


Questions on Professionalism and Personal Gain


Why don't college rankings measure student satisfaction?


Every kid merits the same shot   (New York’s primary obligation under the state Constitution is the fair and proper education of every child regardless of venue, regardless of ethnicity and, more importantly, regardless of wealth. Like...)


Cheerio to high school! Hilarious video shows graduate eating bowl of his favorite cereal on stage as he waits to get his diploma


Advancing Apprenticeships




 Reflection on Al Minya’s bus attack: How massacre leads to Sharia law





Trump Was Right: New Study Reveals Up to 5.7 Million Illegals Voted in Election





Mueller Probe Could Set the Stage For Hillary’s 2020 Return


Biden Leads Pack of Potential 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates





Oil finishes at a 9-month low, in bear-market territory


Energy Prices


Study Finds Fracking Doesn’t Harm Drinking Water in Texas





EPA Ends $1 Million Taxpayer-Funded Gym Membership Program


US eco-chief met fossil fuel industry, not environmentalists for weeks




Switzerland: Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” causes panic on subway




European stocks pressured by selloff in oil prices


EU unveils plans to regulate drones by 2019


Belgian police: Situation at train station under control


Migrants Hurl Rocks at Children’s Program in Park (Sweden)


Portugal Fire Survivors Recount Confusion Amid a Search for Escape


Poll: Two-thirds of Europeans believe EU should take hard line on Brexit




Oregon House Kills Bill to Allow Starving Mentally Ill Patients to Death




Trump's pick to lead the FBI dropped Russia case from bio


FBI issues reward for "armed and dangerous" man wanted for murder




Are investors too comfortable with the idea of a Fed ‘policy mistake?’




Prestige As A Tool Of Foreign Policy




Paris: Authorities trigger emergency heatwave plan as capital continues to sizzle


4 family members detained after Paris attack


Heatwave update: France extends alerts to 66 departments


Emmanuel Macron plans cabinet reshuffle after parliamentary win  (French President Emmanuel Macron)


'Guns and gas' found in Paris attack car


Emmanuel Macron Is Facing the ‘Mother of All Battles’





Germany Raids Homes of 36 People Accused of Hateful Postings Over Social Media


Germany is building houses in all the wrong places, study claims


German Senior Defense Official: ‘In the End, There Will Be a European Army’


Two jailed for kicking homeless man to death and burning body


Hamburg Girds for 100,000 G-20 Protestors


Famed female rapper put in jail for beating teenage prostitutes


Germany investigates possible political motive for rail arson attacks


Everyday evil inside Nazi Germany: Extraordinary pictures show the reality of life under Hitler, from wholesome activities to routine Jewish persecution 


3 asylum-seekers in Germany accused of violently raping woman ‘3 times each’


German jets to start leaving Incirlik base in Turkey for Jordan in July – defense minister




Take A Look At The New 'Consensus' On Global Warming


Why the Russians Conceived the Global Warming Scam


AP Poll: Few Agree With Trump Move to Ditch Paris Accord


Third of the world now faces deadly heatwaves, research shows




The GOP’s hard, messy options for destroying Trumpism


Poll: George W. Bush gaining on Obama in popularity




How Did Health Care Get to Be Such a Mess?


Paul Krugman’s Orwellian History of Obamacare




In this Ohio community, residents fear opioid overdoses will be 'our new normal'


New study shows promise of yoga in treating back pain


California family seeks answers after 3-year-old dies following routine dental procedure


You should ALWAYS cover your mouth when you sneeze: Germs can travel 12ft and stay airborne for 45 minutes


Laundry pods could be fatal for adults with dementia because they can be mistaken for sweets, report claims 





Conservative in Hollywood? Be a 'Democrat publicly,' industry vet says


Miles Teller denies public intoxication arrest


Alyssa Milano sues business manager for financial ruin that 'left her millions in debt and ruined her credit when he failed to pay taxes and allowed $5M renovation of a home worth just $3M' 




New sanctions on Russia and Iran hit House roadblock


It's Election Day, And GA Dem Jon Ossoff Still Can't Explain Why He Doesn't Live In The District


Don’t Look to Georgia’s Sixth for 2018 Clues


Nunes: 'We Have to Stop Chasing Russian Ghosts Around the Closet and Actually Get to Real Work!'  (US Representative of California Devin Nunes (R)


Ryan: 'Full Speed Ahead' on Tax Reform This Year  (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


Rep. Scalise’s Condition Upgraded to Serious, Improving After Shooting (House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R- Louisiana)


The Left-Wing Terrorist’s Capitol Hill Coup d’Etat


Republicans Introduce New Gun-Carry Legislation in Wake of Alexandria Attack


What you need to know about Georgia's special election


Democrats Block Witnesses from Testifying in House Intel Probe


Ryan: The News 'Misinterpreted' Trump's Feeling Toward AHCA   


Republicans hope to avoid Georgia upset and salvage their agenda


Paul Ryan to insist on permanent tax reform  


Georgia special election: Voters to settle most expensive congressional race in history


Trump’s agenda on the line in a hard-fought Georgia House race


Left's 10 worst responses to shooting of congressman


 Reporter for conservative outlet blocked from Jon Ossoff campaign event


Flynn Didn't Disclose Middle East Meetings, House Democrats Say


Byron York: In Georgia, GOP frets Ossoff-Handel race, looks to sky for hope  


Rep. Mike Coffman announces divorce


House conservatives send Senate list of 'must haves' for healthcare bill




Foreign Guest Workers Increasing Under Trump


LAPD chief endorses 'sanctuary state' bill that Eric Holder hails as constitutional



Fed roundup of Chaldean Christians in Detroit stirs outpouring of sympathy in U.S


Cubans seeking status stuck in legal limbo




This Debt Debacle is Damaging India's Economy


Modi could discuss visa issue with Trump: Official (Prime Minister Narendra Modi)


Indian Government Throws Catholic Nun Into Jail For Preaching The Gospel To Hindus


Isro to launch 31 satellites on Friday


PM faced terror threat during Kerala visit: State DGP


India arrests 15 for cheering Pakistan in Champions Trophy


China says it will link Pakistan corridor with project involving India


Is Lockheed dumping F-16s on India?


First air cargo started between Afghanistan-India




Indonesia cracks down on terrorism with new laws and joint patrols




Iran Says Its First Known Ballistic Missile Strike in Syria Sends Message to USA


Five takeaways from Iran’s missile strike in Syria




Mosul Falls, But Will It Stand?




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Tuesday, June 20, 2017)


PA slams new settlement as effort to thwart Trump’s peace drive


Netanyahu: We Don’t Help Syrian Rebels  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Hamas calls for ‘day of rage’ Friday over ‘holy sites,’ Gaza siege


Peace Through Backgammon


UN reports substantial increase in Israeli settlements


Netanyahu Meets With ‘Hall of Fame’ NFL Football Stars


Ground broken for first new West Bank (Judea and Samaria)  settlement in 25 years


Ramallah start-up uses algorithms to predict Mideast conflict


Turning Gaza’s lights back on, Abbas’s rival Dahlan makes dramatic return (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Terror Attack Blocked Near Jewish Community of Adam


Liberman: Trump administration still in ‘listening and learning’ mode  (Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman)


On World Refugee Day, estimates show 66% of Palestinians became refugees in 1948


Report: Arab MKs Pressuring Druze Youth to Dodge IDF Draft  (Israel Defense Forces)


IDF: Knife-wielding Palestinian attacks Israeli troops, is shot dead


Barak: Trump in favor of Palestinian state   (Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak)


Seeking Saudi friends, Israel must still bridge gulf with Palestinians


Israel, Philippines Sign $19.7M Contract


Ex-PM Olmert hospitalized after complaining of chest pains


Palestinian shot dead by Israeli forces in alleged stabbing attempt near Qalandiya


Alleged Jewish extremist to be held without charge despite court freeing him


'The people of Israel salute you' (Israeli President Reuven Rivlin visits family of slain officer, says all of Jerusalem feels safer with soldiers like her protecting them.)


Ex-TSA chief lauds Israel ties, says more to come


US experts warn Israel to take Islamic State seriously


Shaked: PA, Hamas responsible for Gaza electric crisis (The minister of justice calls on “Palestinian” public and international community to pressure the “Palestinian” leadership to resolve the issue; she states Israel would be happy to completely disengage from Gaza.)


Danon: UN Security Council provides platform for 'blood libels' (Israel's Ambassador to the UN slams Algerian diplomat's accusations that Israel turned Gaza into a concentration camp.)


Fatah's Official Facebook Page: One Of The Perpetrators Of The Damascus Gate Attack Is Our Man


Gaza planning demonstrations as Israel


4 year old chokes on toy (Child in serious condition after getting toy duck stuck in his trachea.)


Why the government is afraid of academia


Israeli Sources: Iran Missile Strike in Syria Missed Targets


Livni  And Dangers of Peace Theater   (Hatnuah Chairwoman Tzipi Livni; Is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahubuilding bridges with left-wing Israeli leadership?)


Is PA planning to deceive the US and donor countries – Again?


Critics of Israel get frightful warning from Charlie Daniels


PA names square after mastermind of massacre of 22 children and 4 adults




The Jihad of the American Left


Will The Left Disavow Violence Towards The Right?


Anger Privilege  (Only leftists are allowed to be angry.)




Exclusive: Source Says Megyn Kelly ‘Would Not Be Welcomed Back’ at Fox News


NBC Smear of Alex Jones: Another Epic Fail for Fake News MSM


Matthews Suggests Media Out of Touch with White Working Class


CNN's Jake Tapper Essentially Calls Trump an Islamophobe...


Ignoring The Radical Left Is Worse Than Ignoring Alex Jones


Liberal Outlets Mocked ‘Idiot Frat Boy’ Otto Warmbier When Arrested by North Korea


Trump Rally=> Stock Market Sets Seven New All-Time Records in June – Media Silent


Bill O'Reilly: 'I am starting my own operation'


Rep. Tom Reed: Scott Pelley should 'never be employed in the media again' after Scalise comments


Tucker Carlson Destroys NJ Dem Who Tweeted ‘Hunt GOP Congressmen’: ‘You’re an Unbalanced Person’ (Video)




Mexican journalists, activists targeted with Israeli spyware — report


Being Legal in New Mexico


Cartel Wives: Women whose husbands worked for, then brought down El Chapo tell their story


Cellphone malware 'used to spy on journalists and activists'




Saudi says it does not need Turkish military base


Qatari confusion as foreign minister makes contradictory statements


KSA: 3 Iran Revolutionary Guards captured from boat carrying explosives


How Qatar diplomatic crisis may create new opportunities for the UAE


Iraq PM meets with King Salman for talks in Saudi


Saudi naval forces detain three Iranian revolutionary guards


Qatar Says it Will Not Negotiate Unless Neighbors Lift 'Blockade'




Dunford: U.S. State Department Leading the Effort to Install ‘Local Governance’ in Raqqah  (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunford)


Pentagon report highlights Chinese submarine buildup


Air Force Stands Up New Headquarters Space Directorate


Pentagon Builds Robo-Wingmen to Fly With Manned Fighter Jets


Armed Russian jet comes within 5 feet of US recon jet


Obama LGBT Policies at Pentagon, Other Agencies Running On Autopilot


Veterans Affairs official files FOIA request to spy on whistle-blower


Pentagon Still Communicating With Russia After American Downing of Syrian Jet


7 sailors died on board the USS Fitzgerald. Here are their stories.


Military releases details about how USS Fitzgerald crashed


Navy finds $500 million for 2nd  littoral combat ship in 2018


Tears — and questions — on the ramming of USS Fitzgerald


U.S. risks further battles as it steps deeper into Syrian quagmire 


Guided-missile destroyer Dewey to visit S. Korean island ahead of joint war games


Navy files first charges under military law in ‘Fat Leonard’ corruption scandal


After Russian threat, Dunford says US forces 'have the capability to take care of themselves'  (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph F Dunford Jr)


Why Is the U.S. Killing So Many Civilians in Syria and Iraq?


Policy experts urge Congress to back new round of base realignments and closures


VA whistleblower who testified in Congress stripped of job duties in Atlanta


This military base used by US forces is a hotbed for HIV


Man arrested for sexually assaulting teen at sleepover


Mattis the Decider  (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)





Bee Gees' Gibb speaks of abuse attempt




Pastor Jailed in Burma Falls Ill


Rohingya insurgency takes lethal form in Myanmar





Nasa says 'we are probably not alone' as it reveals 10 new Earth-size planets




Feds Spend $746,756 on STEM Video Game




America Must Confront Pakistan's Support of Afghan-Based Terrorism


Donald Trump may crack down on Pakistan with possible strikes on terror safe havens


Report: China Is Considering a Military Base in Pakistan as the Two Countries Grow Closer





Poll: Nearly Two-Thirds of Mothers 'Shamed' by Others About Their Parenting Skills




ISIS Presents Battles In Philippines As Part Of War Against Christianity


As Marawi burns, Duterte fades from view  (President Rodrigo Duterte)


Philippines: Islamic State leaders torch the Christian school they graduated from




Chris Rock: I was addicted to porn and it destroyed my marriage




Limbaugh: 'Scary' proof U.S. facing 'major divide' it can't escape




A Republican contractor’s database of nearly every voter was left exposed on the Internet for 12 days, researcher says




The Internet Is Accusing Putin of Using U.S. Footage to Boast About Russia's Airforce  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Dmitry Oreshkin: It Used To Be 'Putin And The Void', Now It Is 'Putin And Navalny'


Russia’s ‘Gay Propaganda’ Laws Are Illegal, European Court Rules


US spy plane carried out ‘provocative turn’ toward Russian fighter jet over Baltic – Moscow


Russian diplomat blasts US military presence in southern Syria as 'illegal'


Russia Warns It Will Target U.S. Warplanes in Syrian Airspace


Kalashnikov gunmaker launches new noiseless drone into serial production


Russia compares Trump Cuba plan to Cold War


Russia considers no counter-demands to US in response to Tillerson's plan  (US Secretary of State Rex W Tillerson)


Was Lenin a German Agent?




New Paper Says Puberty Blockers Aren’t the Answer to Gender Confusion


Volcanoes 'triggered dawn of dinosaurs'





Senate GOP shuffles toward health care vote


Senate Dems Invoke Rule to Limit Hearings in Protest of GOP-Only Healthcare Work


Sen. Corker expects GOP Obamacare repeal bill will be made public Thursday  (US Senator of Tennessee Bob Corker (R)


Senate Judiciary Committee Will Probe Trump for Obstruction


McCain: North Korea 'murdered' former detainee Otto Warmbier (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


Now U.S. government threatens to take all your cash


Do Republicans have the votes to pass the bill?


Sanders slams 'unprecedented' process on GOP health bill   (US Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders (I-Socialist)


Senate to hear students testify about free speech


Franken accuses Trump of flip-flopping on House healthcare bill  (US Senator of Minnesota Al Franken (D)


Senate Democrats Try to Gum Up Works Over Affordable Care Act Repeal


Why the GOP is struggling to repeal Obamacare


 Senator, Interrupted: Kamala Harris outrage illustrates feminism's inability to react in proportion  (US Senator of California  Kamala Harris (D)


Senators to WH: Russian Takeover of Citgo May Be National Security Threat


Mike Flynn is a 'co-operating FBI witness' claims senator as Trump's disgraced national security adviser is quizzed over involvement in $100 BILLION Russian arms deal plan





Singapore PM Lee Hsein Loong apologises for public family feud




Why my small business needs tax reform




Man inadvertently livestreams mass shooting on Facebook


Facebook and Twitter being used to manipulate public opinion – report




Hidden trove of suspected Nazi artifacts found in Argentina


Dutch journalists kidnapped in Colombia




1 in 9 female migrant workers subject to sexual abuse: report


US supersonic bombers fly over Korean Peninsula


Korea, U.S., Canada to Stage Military Drills Near Jeju


S. Korean leader on North's threat, death of U.S. student


Korea's Young Population Halved Since 1980


Drought causes water shortage crisis in southern Korea


New South Korean president vows to end use of nuclear power


67 'deadly' hot days to scorch Seoul in 2100: study


US commander says more combined drills with Korea needed


Chinese leaving Seoul bourse amid THAAD row




St. Louis Cardinals Refuse to Bow to LGBT Demands to Punish Christians


Tracking Athletes’ Sex Offenses


Minor League Team Mocks Tebow with Scoreboard Graphic of Him Crying


The epidemic that’s ruining youth sports


Tiger Woods 'gets professional help' to tackle addiction to prescription drugs


'Girl' with mustache a sensational rage at school


Kaepernick compares police officers to ‘runaway slave patrol’


MLB Scoreboard





Illinois careens into financial meltdown – and not even the lottery is safe


Bear kills Alaska teen during running race


Don't Bail Out Failing States Like Illinois


Too hot to fly: Record setting heatwave to crush Las Vegas and Phoenix with temperatures reaching 120F as flights are grounded and people are warned of major health issues


It’s going to be 127 degrees in Death Valley this week


Incredible moment pair of frantic adult elephants work together to save a calf from drowning after it slips into pool at zoo enclosure




State Department warns Hungary: Anti-Soros law 'another step away' from NATO


State Dept. must help make Turkey pay for assault on protesters




Offensive Trademark Law Nixed by Supreme Court


What This Supreme Court Ruling Means for the Washington Redskins, Other Brands Deemed ‘Offensive’


Justices to Hear Major Challenge to Partisan Redistricting


The Supreme Court gives the country some necessary guidance on free speech


The Supremes slap down the ‘hate speech’ censors




Islamic State chief cleric killed in Syria air strike: US-led coalition


US shoots down Iranian drone in Syria


Is Syria Wagging the Russian Dog?


How Do America and Russia Avoid a War over Syria?


Syria Violates De-escalation Agreement


Syrian Warplane Bombing: A Turning Point In The Conflict?


The stakes in Syria now include US-Russia war





Waking the Dragon: US Arms Sales to Taiwan Bound to Spark a Backlash From China


China urges Taiwanese to oppose ‘secession activities’


Taiwan May export orders rise for 10th straight month


Orion squadron to be activated near Double Ten


Support for changes in China policy rises in Taiwan after Panama break




Alabama Muslim Arrested On Terrorism Charges Accidentally Reveals Links To Palestinian Terrorists


Giving Terrorists a Heads-Up  (A proposed law would force the NYPD to publicize the details of its surveillance technology.)




Four foreign inmates escape Bali prison using 15-metre tunnel




NAFTA Renegotiation May Extend Into 2018





Public library forced to cover transgender surgery in insurance plans




Tropical Storm Cindy Forms in Gulf of Mexico South of Louisiana


Tropical storm 80-percent likely to form on the Gulf coast, and could bring dangerous flooding and damaging winds anywhere from Florida to Texas this week





Euro MPs urge scrapping Turkey accession talks over Erdogan's sweeping powers  (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Gulf diplomatic crisis: After Qatar, Turkey could be next target of Arab countries


Islamic preacher Hasan Akar arrested for ‘insulting Atatürk’ 43 days after warrant


Eight-year-old girl in Turkey’s Hakkari curious about Bosphorus Bridge realizes her dream


EU Commissioner Hahn to visit Turkey on July 6


Fitch revises up Turkey’s GDP forecast to 4.7 percent based on strong first quarter growth


Turkey tops UNHCR’s refugee hosting list with 2.9 million refugees


Turkey to send 11 tons of aid to Qatar


Turkey’s top court rejects complaint against post-coup arrest, setting precedent


Turkish online credit card payments surge in May




FTSE 100 ends lower as oil sinks to 10-month low


BBC targets kids with “Islamophobia” propaganda after Finsbury Park mosque attack


New Kind Of Terror In London Sees Potential Vigilante Attacking Muslims


British pound slides to 2-month low as rate-hike hopes fade


Woman Stabbed Her Newborn to Death Because She Thought a Baby Would “Harm” Her Career


No Allah Please, We’re British


Britain Moves Quickly to Quell Muslim Tensions


Van attack adds to growing dread in London’s Muslim community


London terrorist fought for McCain-backed jihadists (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


Finsbury Park suspect 'turned against Muslims' after London Bridge attack


Finsbury Park Mosque: Nicola Sturgeon condemns ‘horrific’ attack  (Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon)


London mosque attack suspect named


Britain just caved into a major EU demand on the very first day of Brexit talks


Grenfell Tower fire: Death toll rises to 79, police say


Divorce talks finally begin between Britain and the European Union


Parts of UK hotter than Istanbul as heatwave forecast to continue


UK ministers 'were warned of fire risk'


Theresa May refuses to house Grenfell fire victims in Kensington's empty homes  (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


EU: No plans for Brexit concessions


NHS Health unions urge Theresa May to ditch pay cap


British Liberal Hacks Blame Anti-Islamist Activist Tommy Robinson After Finsbury Park Mosque Attack




Arab League Chief: Israeli membership would discredit Security Council


Haley seeks UN resolution to punish states backing Hamas (US United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley)


Horror as 250 Christian kids 'kneaded in a dough mixer'





Laundry pods could be fatal for adults with dementia because they can be mistaken for sweets, report claims 




Breaking: Four Cardinals release letter asking to meet Pope about ‘confusion and disorientation’ in Church




Ministers at OAS Meeting Fail to Agree on Venezuela Resolution




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump's handling of Russia probes weighs on approval ratings


Witch Hunt: The Getting of the President


White House says it retains right to self-defense in Syria


Ukrainian President Poroshenko To Visit Trump At White House


Chelsea Clinton: Stop ‘Fat Shaming’ Spicer to Justify Increased White House ‘Opacity’


Donald Trump has now said more than 300 false things as president


Trump Says China's Efforts on North Korea 'Have Not Worked Out'


Take the Fifth, Mr. President


Trump Makes Noises About Caving On Immigration


The Architecture of Regime Change

Exclusive: Poll: Millennials Weigh In On Impeaching Trump. The Results Might Surprise You.


Top 10 Wins And Failures Of President Trump’s First 5 Months

Have You No Shame?  (A pressing question for anti-Trump Democrats and Republicans both.)


Trump Blames North Korea's 'Brutal Regime' for Student's Death


Why doesn’t Trump rush to criticize attacks on Muslims?


Conservative talk-show host and First Amendment litigator is Trump’s newest lawyer


Otto Warmbier dead: Trump condemns 'brutal' North Korea regime


Trump: Vote down Democrats who 'obstruct' on Tuesday


Jared Kushner actually speaks in front of people


Ingraham on Spicer's Short List as Press Secretary Replacement


Feeling blue! Melania Trump models a form-fitting dress and floral Christian Louboutin heels to greet the president and first lady of Panama at the White House



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