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Thursday, June 8, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




Ohio Legislature Considers Bill to Ban All Abortions After an Unborn Baby’s Heartbeat Begins


Missouri Governor Calls for Special Legislative Session for Pro-Life Measures


Abortion Activist Must Pay Damages to Pro-Life Doctor Who He Subjected to Harassment Campaign Online


Olympic gold medalist had an abortion: It ‘broke me’


Olympic Track Star: “I Don’t Know Another Female Track Athlete Who Hasn’t Had an Abortion”


South Carolina Lt. Gov. Will Block State Budget if It Funds Planned Parenthood


The All-Too-Common Regret Of Abortion


Delaware protects abortion rights, efforts stall elsewhere


Delaware Passes Bill Keeping Abortion Legal if Roe v.Wade is Overturned


Planned Parenthood wouldn’t let him stop his fiance’s abortion. And then he saw the ambulance


Abortion Clinic Closes That Was Cited by State for 44 Pages of Heath Code Violations


Missouri Governor Calls Special Session on Abortion


Missouri Gov Calls Special Session to Stop St. Louis From Becoming a “Sanctuary City” for Abortion


Brownback signs abortion measure that sets font, info requirements (Kansas)


Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback Signs Pro-Life Bill That Will Save Babies From Abortion


Texas Just Passed One Of The Strictest Abortion Laws In The Country


She Was an Abortion Clinic Staffer Who Joked About “Pieces of Children” But Quit When This Happened


Medication Abortion


Abortion Almost Destroyed Her Until She Found Forgiveness in Christ: “It’s a Scarlet Letter I Never Thought I’d Wear”


Texas bans mutilating babies in abortion, selling their body parts


Abortionist Describes Seeing Body Parts of Aborted Babies: “I See a Head, Body and Limbs”


Abortionist Says: “I’ve Fallen in Love With the Work I Do”


“Mom” Star Allison Janney Give Planned Parenthood Abortion Business a $250,000 Check


Health Department Shuts Down Abortion Clinic After Finding Even More Health Violations  (Pennsylvania)


Buzzfeed Web Site Celebrates Abortion, Calls Abortion “an Amazing Thing”


Pro-Life Group Endorses Ed Gillespie in Virginia Gubernatorial Republican Primary


Abortions of disabled babies reach all-time high in Scotland


Canadian foreign minister: Defending abortion, LGBT is ‘at the core of our foreign policy’




Taliban territory: Life in Afghanistan under the militants


Afghanistan: Bullets And Burqas


Why the US Must Stay the Course in Afghanistan




'Unprecedented' bush fires in South Africa leave 9 dead




New age war on terror for Southeast Asia




One Year of Legalized Assisted Suicide in California, Countless Unanswered Questions


NV Assisted Suicide Bill Dead in Committee


Insurer won’t cover treatment, then asks doctor, ‘Would you consider assisted suicide?’



ASX snaps losing streak as CSL soars


Aussie dollar creeps higher


CME Group says slowing China, high debt pose risks for the Australian dollar


Watch: Australian Conservative Attacked By Leftist Thugs. He Beats The Hell Out Of Them.


Muslims Demand Taxpayer-Funded “Safe Spaces” Where They Can Express Their Rage


Australia: Psychiatrist says terrorists are more devout than other Muslims, are following the Qur’an




 Automakers diverge on how fast to deploy automatic braking 




TSX sees small gains as Valeant announces sale of iNova Pharmaceuticals


Ottawa lays out $62-billion in new military spending


Scam artist faked sickness – twice – to avoid bills: Cops


Ontario's education system is unequal and antiquated, but a lawsuit won't fix the problem


Parents to Lose Children to Government Gender Zealots


Canada’s premiers try to sidestep Comey circus and focus on NAFTA during meeting in Washington


New legislation ensures workers can take at least 10 sick days a year without a doctor’s note


Inside the vault that holds the secrets of Canada’s oldest bank


Muslim Woman Who Screamed “Allahu Akbar!” During Knife Attack – Pledges Allegiance to ISIS


Nurse not guilty of manslaughter after taking woman off life support


Coming deal on national child care will compel provinces to expand services


Debt, sizzling housing market leave Canada vulnerable: Poloz


Attacks on Muslims in Oshawa probed as possible hate crimes


No security review for Chinese takeover of high-tech Canadian firm


Canadians can't be expected to understand the government if their own party leaders don't




Deaf Christian singer brings the house down on ‘America’s Got Talent’


Town stands up to atheist bullies, refuses to remove cross




We’re Not in a Civil War, but We Are Drifting Toward Divorce




China counsels ‘countries concerned’ to remain calm as N. Korean missile crisis intensifies


China rolls out export trainer/fighter aircraft


China slams Pentagon report on overseas military bases


Imports take off on renewed demand for hi-tech gadgets


Weak dollar, tight capital controls push reserves up by US$24 billion


Calif. governor looks to China for investment in renewable energy




China, Russia Keep Trading with N.Korea


NK launch showcases defensive capabilities


North Korea fires land-to-ship missiles in precision strike tests


North Korea blasts Trump for Paris accord withdrawal


North Korea test-fires missiles, South says




Washington freeloaders threatened by balanced-budget amendment


Republicans bet political fortunes on tax reform, with little evidence that it's wanted





Why GOP assault on Consumer Bureau may succeed





New York man convicted of killing girlfriend and her daughter for ‘performing voodoo’


Death of man allegedly beaten by deputy's husband ruled homicide




4 dead in murder-suicide in Pennsylvania supermarket


Report: Urban Murder Rate Up for Second Year in a Row




1st  responders: Seth Rich was 'critical' in our ambulance




Hillary's House Help Were Unpaid Black Prisoners


Hunger-Striking Texas Democrat Arrested on Drunk Driving Charge


Major media figure: Hillary 'falling apart before our very eyes'




Wilbur Ross sees 'genuine' national security concern on steel   (Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross)




Perry promotes US-China clean energy cooperation  (Energy Secretary Rick Perry)





Poll: Working-Class Americans Back Trump Travel Ban


Homeland Security: US Might Expand Laptop Ban to 71 Airports


DHS chief says he’s not deporting Dreamers, suggests Congress grant full legalization




How Jeff Sessions Just Stopped the Justice Department From Robbing the Public  (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


Trump Aides Tell Him to Keep Sessions as U.S. Attorney General




Labor Department Rolls Back Obama Franchise Rules




DEA warns police, first responders about dangers of fentanyl





S&P, Dow flat after Comey testimony; Nasdaq at record high


U.S. Stocks Little Changed on Comey, Euro Weakens: Markets Wrap


Nasdaq closes at record, stocks finish slightly higher after Comey testimony


Claims for US jobless benefits fall by 10,000 to 245,000


Major layoffs loom for AOL and Yahoo, report says


Gold erases weekly gain as prices drop after ECB decision


Stocks in Asia Are Mixed as Won Drops With Kospi: Markets Wrap


Asian shares down ahead of Comey, ECB and UK election


Treasury yields rise after Comey delivers Senate testimony


Number of Job Openings Hits Record-High at 6 Million


66 more Sears and Kmart stores are shutting, including 4 in California





Uniformed Marine barred from walking in high school graduation ceremony


Judicial Watch Sues For Records on Failed $7 Billion School Grants Program Under Obama


Evergreen State College Was Already in Danger of Losing State Funds


Parents Horrified by Drag Queen Performance at Grade School Talent Show


Harvard Researchers: Trump Election May Cause Higher Risk Of Disease


High school senior falls to his death before graduation


European Tilt to Vocational Ed  (Poll indicates stronger popular support across countries for job-related training than for universities.)


Nun celebrates her Catholic schools’ leadership in allowing transgender students


‘Differentiated’ Accreditation  (White paper explores changing the accreditation system to encourage continuous improvement and open the door to “alternative” education providers.)


Rats invade elementary school, spread rash


Michigan Gun Ban Upheld  (Against a tide of pro-gun rulings and legislation, a state appeals court ruled 2 to 1 that the University of Michigan -- a public institution -- has the right to ban guns on campus.)


San Diego County middle school yearbooks are recalled after a racial slur is noticed on the cover


Bat-wielding student gangs terrorize campus


Portrait of Faculty Mental Health  (New study of faculty members with mental health issues finds they disclose conditions selectively to trusted colleagues but are less trusting of and have worse reactions from staff members whose job it is to help them.)


Berkeley Trump supporter who was pepper sprayed during protests sues the university and others for $23 million


Report: NYC Liberals OBSESS Over Getting Rid of White-Majority Schools


A School Money Can’t Buy (As deal to keep Wisconsin Business School name intact approaches its halfway mark, donors consider what it means -- and the changing nature of honoring donors.)




National Association of Secretaries of State: "Election Was Not Hacked"


Bombshell: Obama NEVER Warned State Election Officials About Russian Election ‘Hacking’


Russia’s role in election likely to remain a mystery after Comey testifies (Former FBI Director James Comey)





Biden’s brother says he "absolutely" has another presidential run in him





Oil ends lower, holds ground at 1-month low


Energy Prices


Renewable Energy Push Is Strongest in Reddest States





EPA Delays One of the Agency’s Most Expensive Regulations Ever




Blast hits US embassy in Kiev





European stocks slip in choppy session featuring ECB decision, U.K. election


71% Of People In Poland Want To Ban Muslim Immigration


Trauma center drops rape victims for refugees (A trauma-care center in Sweden has been told to stop treating rape victims and focus instead on the growing refugee population.)




Oregon Senate to Vote on Bill to Allow Starving Mentally Ill Patients to Death




Intelligence Chiefs Refuse to Discuss Trump Conversations on FBI Probe


Comey Never Kept Detailed Memos on His Conversations With Obama Like He Did With Trump (Former FBI Director James Comey)


Comey Promised 'Honest Loyalty' to the President, But Didn't Deliver


Trump’s F.B.I. Pick Is Seen as Anchor for an Agency in Tumult


Trump’s pick for FBI chief is a ‘warning shot’ at Jeff Sessions  (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)




Hold on, it wasn’t meant to be this easy for Emmanuel Macron (French President Emmanuel Macron)


French warned to avoid more than 1,000 'worrying' high street cosmetic products




Germany in Turkey row withdraws troops from anti-IS base


Asylum processes now taking three times as long as expected


Syrian refugee stabs psychologist to death: police


Brother of teen who stabbed cop for Isis found guilty of arson




Bret Stephens’ Never Trump Fever Brings On Incoherent Climate Change Reversal


Some US States, Cities Say ‘We Are Still In’ Paris Agreement


Hawaii Is 1st  State to Pass Law Committing to Climate Accord


States and Cities Compensate for Mr. Trump’s Climate Stupidity


The Mayors of Pittsburgh and Paris: We Have Our Own Climate Deal




Former First Lady Barbara Bush Celebrates 92nd  Birthday




Meet the First Responders Who Encounter Death by Opioid Overdose


Pulling the Plug on Health Care Reform


Many Americans forgoing healthcare because of the cost


Now We Know: ObamaCare's 'Guaranteed Issue' Is Another Big Lie




Actor Josh Duhamel: The American People Don't Care About Hollywood Stars' Personal Politics




Rep. Jones (R-North Carolina): "Asking God to Forgive Me" for Voting for Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan


Schiff: Comey's testimony on Trump "certainly evidence" of obstruction  (US Representative of California Adam Schiff (D)


Republican voters sticking with Trump ahead of James Comey, Georgia special election


Gianforte (R-Montana) Apologizes to Reporter, Will Donate $50,000 to the Committee to Protect Journalists


House Unanimously Passes Resolution Condemning Attack by Turkish Personnel on Protesters in D.C.


Members of Congress Push for Aid to Victims of ISIS in Middle East


Paul Ryan on Russia probe: My job is to 'let the facts go wherever they are' (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)





Report: Microsoft, Cisco Hide H-1B Hires Through Indian Outsourcing Firms


All WE Need Is Love ... And Deportations (Until any Western leader is willing to reduce the number of Muslims in our midst, could they spare us the big talk?)





India's rising temperatures already deadly, study shows


Did India Miscalculate China’s Red Lines in Australia Snub?


Indian army chief must not be made a political punching bag


India seeks place at 'other' nuclear table





Details are lacking in Trump Infrastructure Plan


How a robust infrastructure plan can reboot the Trump agenda




Intelligence Officials Sidestep Questions on Trump and Russia




Hezbollah condemns Iran terror attack as death toll rises to 16


Editorial: Terrorism is terrorism, even when it hits Iran


Wednesday Terror Attack On Tehran A Surprise Peek Into Political Fault Lines


Iran must rethink its own support for terror following attack, says analyst


Iran: Tehran attackers had been to IS bastions Mosul, Raqqa


Iran FM: Trump reaction to Tehran terror attacks ‘repugnant’


Terror in Iran: The paradox of jihad  


Islamic State Threatens More Terror Against Iran


Trump to Iran: States backing terror risk ‘falling victim’ themselves


Death toll up, Iran rejects Trump's jab over terror attack


Iran Blames Saudi Arabia for Terrorist Attacks on Tehran


ISIS attacks Iranian parliament, shrine of Khomeini


Brutal revenge: Rare attack in Iran shows how country responds to terrorism


Suspects in Tehran attacks were Iranian, official says





UN: Islamic State Killed 231 Civilians Trying to Flee Mosul


Iraqi Kurds Plan Independence Referendum on Sept. 25




Islam movement registers community-level gains throughout the USA


Bombshell: Government Estimates Up to 100 Victims of Female Genital Mutilation in Michigan




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Thursday, June 8, 2017)


'We're closer than ever to a peace agreement'  (Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman)


Hamas Bomb Expert Killed in Work Related Accident


Abbas appointment of murderer to Fatah Central Committee means salaries to terrorists will not stop   (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Israeli Arabs Indicted for Collaboration with Hamas, Trafficking Illegal Weapons


Report: Hezbollah attacks on Israeli targets in New York foiled


US busts Hezbollah plot to attack Israelis in New York, Panama


Report: PA Starved for Donations, Eager to Negotiate, Will Waive Demand for Settlement Freeze


Arab Israeli brothers charged in Hamas plot to murder Israeli officer


Dozens of Ethiopians Come to Israel On Special Flight


Red Cross calls on Hamas to clarify fate of Israelis held in Gaza


Palestinian Authority Survey Returns Surprising Results


How was Israeli ‘tycoon’ allowed to rack up $1.13b debt to the banks? One word, say critics: Corruption


Fatah spokesman presents Protocols of the Elders of Zion as authentic document


IDF Soldier Attacked Near Beit HaShalom in Hebron (Israel Defense Forces)


Arab Israelis charged in Hamas plot to assassinate IDF officer


India PM to skip Palestinian Authority in upcoming Israel trip


US Congress and Knesset celebrate 'reunification' of Jerusalem in joint event


Israel angry Turkish ambassador hosted Islamist at Iftar


‘Ramadan Kareem!’ from Prime Minister Netanyahu [video]  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Nikki Haley visits a Hamas tunnel  (US ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley)


Israeli forces injure Palestinian with live bullet during clashes in Gaza


Hebrew U Ranked 145th  Worldwide, First in Israel


Two Jews convicted of incitement to violence


US ambassador to the UN calls for end to 'bullying' of Israel during 3-day visit


Elbit Awarded Contract to Develop Panoramic Cockpit Display for F-35


New settler outpost actually temporary Israeli film set, Israeli media reports


Watch: Bedouin Thriving Marijuana Enterprise on IDF Base Training Grounds


Unfilled State Dept. posts hamper daily Israeli-US ties


Israel Approves Thousands of West Bank (Judea and Samaria) Homes


CAIR Leader Hassan Shibly Promotes Video Lauding Palestinian Terrorist as Hero


Palestinian Authority bans public eating during Ramadan


Jerusalem: The Heart of the Jewish Nation


Rajoub lies to Palestinians: "I did not mention the word sovereignty" re. the Western Wall





Pot pizza now offered at medical marijuana dispensary





Comey Debunks NYT Report About Trump Campaign Having Repeated Contacts With Russians


Tucker Carlson Interview with Black Lives Matter Supporter Goes Off the Rails


Fake Media: MSNBC Hosts Again Suggest POTUS IS MENTALLY ILL


CNN’s Aslan Fires Expletives at Trump, but Not the Jihadis


Jihad Watch dispels “falsehoods and disinformation spread by The Washington Post”


Hannity Savages ‘Low Rated Lib’ Joe Scarborough For Calling POTUS Trump a ‘Schmuck’


L. Brent Bozell: After Kathy Griffin, Why Is Reza Aslan Still On CNN?


Top intel chief shoots down Washington Post scoop





Qatar row is no passing cloud


Qatar Puts Military On Highest State Of Alert Over Fears Of Imminent Incursion


US ups its engagement in Qatar crisis; Trump calls Riyadh and Doha


Qatar Finally Goes Too Far


Trump Admin Offers to Mediate Middle East Crisis After Arab Nations Reject Qatar


Bahrain foreign minister: Qatar must distance itself from Iran


Former Qatari Emir conspired with Qaddafi against Saudi Arabia (The late Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi)




Flashback: A Defense Secretary Said He Was Pressured To Pledge Loyalty To Obama


Pentagon: China Militarizing Disputed Islands in Bid to Control Asian Seas


Future of Hawaii live-fire range hinges on questions over depleted uranium contamination


Pentagon: US can now shoot down ICBMs


Navy: T-45 problems could mean Air Force aircraft is needed to help train pilots


Nuclear Defense Experts Urge Revitalization of U.S. Ballistic Missile Programs


Study: Black troops are much more likely to be punished by commanders, courts


Pentagon: Airstrike hit mosque complex that should have been on 'no strike list'





Bodies, Debris Found in Search For Myanmar Military Plane


Search on after Myanmar military plane goes missing with 122 people on board





Trump says he's keeping Francis Collins as NIH director


President Trump Reappoints NIH Director Francis Collins Who Supports Embryonic Stem Cell Research





Exclusive: NASA Perv Still Got Security Clearance And Retirement


Meet NASA's 12 new astronauts





How Reliable Is the Leaked NSA Report on Russian Election Hacking?


NSA leak proves nothing about possible Russian hacking





Trump and The Article Five Shibboleth




Isis claims to kill Chinese couple studying and teaching in Pakistan


No terror havens in Pakistan, says top diplomat; audience bursts into laughter


Pakistan's US envoy laughed at for saying 'no terrorist safe havens in his country'




Report: Fossil Fuel Divestment Would Cost Pension Funds Trillions





PETA wanted disturbing cat abuse video to go viral — before they were going to reveal it was fake




Ben Shapiro: The Unbridgeable Gap Between Left And Right Over Human Evil




RNC's talking points for James Comey hearing revealed




Russia's Army May Be Ordered To Quell Domestic Protest


Cold Weather Could Trigger Rise in Russian Inflation, Says Central Bank


NBC Deletes Scene of Putin Jokingly Telling Megyn Kelly She Should be Arrested For Her Contact With Him (Video) (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Russian test advances high-speed missile


Senior US official heading to Russia to talk 'irritants'


Fake Comments Supporting Net Neutrality Flooding in From Russia


A villager in Siberia finds 400,000-year-old steppe mammoth tusks while planting vegetables




Trump obsesses over terrorism but ignores the bigger threat: Access to firearms





James Comey’s Latest Statement Is An Indictment Of Comey, Not Trump  (Former FBI Director James Comey)


Durbin: Senate Has ‘Done Virtually Nothing’; ‘We’ve Not Tackled a Single Major Issue’  (US Senator of Illinois Richard Durbin (D)


Comey admits he orchestrated memo leak to spur special counsel appointment


Trump lied, told me to stop the Flynn investigation and fired me over Russia, Comey testifies


Sen. Coons (D-Delaware) : Trump ‘Crossed a Line,’ But ‘We Have to Be Careful About Making Legal Conclusions’


What was going on with John McCain’s bizarre questions during the Comey hearing? (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


McCain Says His Confusing Questions Resulted From Tiredness


Comey hearing: Ex-FBI director talks Trump, Russia investigation -- live blog  (Former FBI Director James Comey;)


Comey: Trump Told 'Lies, Plain and Simple' About the FBI


Media pounce on White House for nomination delays but miss glaring error by Schumer  (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


Burr, Warner Open Hearing: Comey Statement Paints Strained Relationship


Michael Flynn is central figure in brewing political drama surrounding Comey testimony


James Comey: Everything You Need To Know In One Line


Socialist Bernie Sanders SCREAMS at Trump Nominee for His Christian Faith (Video) (US Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders (I-Socialist)


GOP Senator Ruthlessly Shuts Up His Dem Colleague During Senate Intel Hearing


Analysis: For Trump, Comey's Prepared Testimony is Unflattering, But At Least Partially Exculpatory


There’s Nothing About Comey  (Former FBI Director James Comey; No criminal investigation, no obstruction of justice, nothing.)


Senate-Passed VA Accountability Bill Likely to Sail Through House Next Week


Comey Releases Opening Statement of Senate Testimony


So far, Jim Comey is disappointing the witch-hunters


Comey's Side of the Story: Key Moments With Trump   


Key Senate Democrat to oppose Trump’s massive arms deal with Saudi Arabia


In quest for a Trump crime, Dems refuse to take ‘no’ for an answer


Comey's testimony poised to be defining moment of Trump's presidency


Comey’s First Soft Shoe Drops


James Comey goes from zero to hero with Democrats





Brazil Is Undergoing a Quiet Revolution, Changing Its Politics and Culture in a Conservative Direction




Korea's Trade Surplus with U.S. Drops 30%


Moon blasts NK missile test, says no compromise on security (President Moon Jae-in)


Gov't to Halt THAAD Installation for Environmental Study


US Senator shows discontent over THAAD delay


Illegal Chinese Trawlers Vanished from West Sea


Assembly likely to reject FM nominee


4 Korean Universities in Global Top 100


S. Korea considers banning live poultry trading at outdoor markets to curb raging bird flu


Ex-Health Minister Guilty in South Korea Corruption Scandal


S. Korea's military seeks 8.4% hike in 2018 budget


North Korea launches multiple surface-to-ship missiles, South Korean military says


South Korea suspends THAAD deployment


North Korea Tests Short-Range Missiles as Moon Halts Shield  (President Moon Jae-in)





No, an 8-Year-Old Girl’s Soccer Team Wasn’t Disqualified Because She Had Short Hair


Average Boy Beats Talented Girl Runner: Title IX is Dead


NBA Scoreboard


MLB Scoreboard




Assembly Speaker Gives Public the Finger (California)




One missile takes out ISIS command on Golan edge (​DEBKfile Exclusive: A mystery missile, fired from the ground or the air early Wednesday morning, June 7, wiped out the entire top Islamic State command on the Syrian Golan.)


Russia Challenges CNN to Report On Real Story Behind ‘Aleppo Boy’ Photo





‘Mixed’ rating for Tsai’s policies  (President Tsai Ing-wen)


Sickly ‘pollution popsicles’ highlight the problem of water contamination in Taiwan


China eroding Taiwan’s defense advantages: report


Parents’ alliances demand say on sex education methods


Taiwan colleges plagued by dorm shortage: union




Is Gotham Ready for Bioterror? (Maybe—but distributing remedies would be daunting.)


Why New York pols thought they could honor a terrorist




Trump’s $110 billion Saudi arms deal is ‘fake news,’ officials tell US think tank





U.S. Support of Syrian Kurds Has Not Hurt U.S.-Turkish Relations


Turkey Throws Support Behind Qatar in Rift With Gulf Arabs


Turkish soldiers coming for sake of region: Qatar


Ton of heroin seized by Turkish police in international waters ‘belonged to Taliban’


Turkey’s 2017 growth to beat OECD forecast: Deputy PM


US deeply concerned by Turkish detainment of Amnesty International local chair


Turkey Is Sending A Massive Military Force (10,000 Troops) Near The U.S. Military base In Qatar Forming An Ottoman Muslim League In Fulfillment Of Bible Prophecy. Saudi Arabia Is Toast.


Turkish police detain Amnesty International chief


Turkey's parliament to debate troop deployment to Qatar





U.K. stocks sag as British voters head to the polls


Theresa May’s Snap Election Gamble Seems to Have Backfired  (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Jordanian Columnist: The Manchester Bomber Is A Product Of His Society's Culture Of Hate; Families Are Responsible For Their Sons' Actions


Final Polling Suggests Landslide Victory for Theresa May In UK Election  


UK arrests three as footage of London Bridge attack appears online


ISIS Warns Manchester Bombing a ‘Preview of What Is Coming’


Mother Stabs Her Newborn to Death Because She Thought a Baby Would “Harm” Her Career 


UK Jewish community likely to come out in force for May's Conservatives


UK elections: May win no longer a sure bet after terror attacks


UK: Muslim screaming “Allah Allah” and “I’m going to kill you all” in Jewish area deemed not terror-related


In May’s Troubles, Echoes of Clinton


130 UK imams hailed for refusing to perform funeral prayers for jihadis, but Islam forbids funeral prayers for jihadis


May's lead narrows on eve of UK general election


Report: Three Muslim Girls Stab, Punch, and Kick Nursery Worker in London, Shout ‘Allah Will Get You!’ (Video)


London’s first Muslim mayor stays cool, calm and collected amid terrorist attacks


London’s Muslim mayor shared platform with London jihadi’s friend who trained 7/7 jihad bombers


20,000 names of 'interest' in U.K. terror fight


Third London jihad murderer told Italian police: “I’m going to be a terrorist,” had no trouble entering UK


Is Theresa May “Strong and Stable” Enough to Keep Conservatives in Power?




DICED is UN’s Environmental Constitution for the World and our own Constitution Will Be Diced


UN Globalists vs. Trump




Pope Francis says ‘God cannot be God without man’. And we need another clarification


Vatican archbishop defends cathedral’s pornographic, homoerotic mural as ‘evangelizing’ tool


Vatican archbishop admits he got this one thing wrong in controversial sex ed program




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Melania Trump Moving to White House Next Week


Krauthammer: Trump May Have Been Trying to 'Seduce' Comey But That's 'Not An Impeachable Offense'


Is Trump Regretful?


Comey testimony: Trump team denies key accusations (Former FBI Director James Comey)


Trump lookalike assassinated in NYC Julius Caesar production


Why Trump Is Capitalizing On Obama's U.S.-Vietnam Comprehensive Partnership


Trump’s Twitter Presidency Is The One We All Deserve


Dershowitz: Trump Cannot Be Guilty of Obstruction While Exercizing Constitutional Authority


Trump says "the Democrats are really in our way" on health care


Comey Assured Trump Three Times He Was Not Being Personally Investigated  


Pence Speaks to National Catholic Prayer Breakfast on Right to Life, Middle East Persecutions (Vice-President Mike Pence)


Trump meets with ‘Obamacare victims’ to whip up support for repeal


Russia, Trump's own tweets distract from White House's 'infrastructure week'


Comey confirms Trump's impropriety, not treachery




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