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Saturday, June 3, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




Business Is Booming At Planned Parenthood — But Only When It Comes To Abortion


Pennsylvania Abortion Clinic Cited Over Health Laws Again


Louisville Metro Council members consider buffer zone outside Kentucky's last abortion clinic


Texas wants to criminalize helping people get abortions


Supreme Court rules on a case involving birth defects and abortion (Iowa)





At least 6 dead after series of explosions rock funeral in Kabul


90 people were murdered by Islamist terrorists in Kabul this week. Where is the minute's silence for them?




Congo health minister says Ebola outbreak under control




Cambodia: Watershed polls could tip stability





Hundreds have sought life-ending drugs in California




Goodbye Mr Angry: Melbourne's school of second chances


'It's a nightmare': South Australian river search ends in tragedy




Thanks to patent, automaker's fingers always in your wallet





What Do Broke Illinois And Bankrupt Puerto Rico Have In Common? Big, Bad Government


Public broadcasting’s immortality defies reason





Alberta tornado captured in amazing time-lapse


Trudeau might have moved on, but some still dream of electoral reform (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Two dead after plane crash in Muskoka


Toronto man charged for HIV non-disclosure and faces rare court order to disclose he has the virus


Winnipeg police locate remains of homicide victim Christine Wood


Bernier camp casts doubt on Conservative leadership vote


Black Lives Matter not registered for this year’s Pride parade


Donald Trump, of all people, may prove to be the best friend of the Canadian consumer: Neil Macdonald


Medical marijuana shortages hit some patients as demand surges


Flooding leaves Toronto Island a lost paradise


How Ontario's economy will react to $15 minimum wage


Discord over Trans Mountain expansion rattles Canadian politics


The Liberals have ended up with an infrastructure bank that offers Canadians only downsides and risk


Canadian researchers rally around funding recommendations


Underground economy caters to migrant workers while legitimate businesses struggle in Ontario town




Third noose this week found at DC construction site




CDC warns about deadly mushrooms amid surge in poisonings





Report About C.I.A. Torture May Be Kept Locked Away


Report: The New York Times Outed the CIA’s ‘Top Iran Spy’





Bill Maher's use of N-word on his show 'inexcusable,' HBO responds


Gateway Pundit Reporter Confronts Kathy Griffin On Her Promise to Harass 11 Year-Old Barron Trump (Video)


Did press conference help or hurt Kathy Griffin?


Kathy Griffin learned a hard lesson in weaponized outrage


‘He broke me’: A defiant, tearful Kathy Griffin slams attacks by Trump and his family


Breaking: Bill Maher Drops ‘N-Word’ with Senator Ben Sasse (Video) (US Senator of Nebraska Ben Sasse(R)





China Is ‘Sticking’ to the Paris Agreement in Name Only, Its Plans Show a Much Different Intent


US warns Beijing on South China Sea islands




US missile interceptor system won’t stop N. Korean ‘shower of nuclear strike’ – KCNA





Spending bills, debt ceiling complicate Hill Republicans' efforts on taxes, ObamaCare


Democrats see political opportunity in Trump’s decision to exit Paris climate accord





White House budget chief apologizes to CBO analyst




Will Paris Revive the Constitution’s ‘America First’ Approach to Treaties?




Why did some U.S. firms support Paris agreement?


Why are so many CEOs bashing Trump over the Paris accord? Money and public opinion




The judge who says he's part of the gravest injustice in America


'Jealous' gal learns fate for mutilating woman's corpse


3 Northern California men convicted in massive bid-rigging scheme to buy foreclosed properties


Portland braces for violence days after a white supremacist is charged with murder


As Bill Cosby trial begins, an O.J. Simpson-like constellation of race, celebrity, power and gender converges


Former Penn State President and two other administrators are jailed for failing to report Jerry Sandusky child abuse allegation


Church member admits in court she was one of 30 people who 'slapped, beat, and choked a gay man to expel his homosexual demons'




Videos Show Murder Suspect Shooting at Texas Border Town Cops


A high school party, an accusation of rape, and what 6 students say they saw


Suspect in custody in stabbing of Philadelphia councilman


Suspect dead, 3 police officers wounded in Texas shootout


'I could hear things going on, but my eyes were shut': Teen speaks out about night she was 'raped by high school football star while unconscious' after he took a secret plea deal in case that divided Alabama town


Chicago could get independent monitor over police


Customer shoots McDonald’s manager over frappé order






Seth Rich Murder Update: The Curious Case of Former CEO of the DNC Amy Dacey


Bernie Supporters Suing DNC Receive Death Threats: May “Wash Up Dead on the Shore”





Limbaugh: Hillary Clinton -- Endless Sore Loser


Hillary Clinton’s Excuses for Losing Election Now Hits 24 in Total Including “Content Farms in Macedonia”


DeBlasio: NYC Will 'Honor the Goals' of Paris Climate Pact  (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)

Obama collusion with Russia?


Hillary Clinton, smash your rearview mirror


‘Eco-friendly’ de Blasio won’t give up SUV rides to gym  (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)




Report: Education Dept. Official Received Secret Bonuses Despite Losing Billions to Fraud, Corruption


DeVos: ‘Certainly, the climate changes’   (Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos)





Special counsel Mueller’s investigation seems to be growing   (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Sheriff asks DOJ for help investigating deadly beating at Denny's


DOJ never told Comey of concerns before axing him and now he's 'angry,' sources say  (Former FBI Director James Comey)


Special counsel Mueller is consolidating Russia probe to include inquiry into former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort – plus ex-security advisor Mike Flynn's ties to Turkey



One family. Four generations of disability benefits. Will it continue?




May Jobs Report Leaves the US Begging for Economic Reforms


Trump wanted to preside over an economic boom. What if growth stalls before it starts?




Noose found near elementary school in Washington, D.C.


Defund the Evergreen State College


Video: Kindergarten Teacher Keeps Children Calm During Cartel Firefight


Students should have the freedom to do unpaid internships


Scripps National Spelling Bee: Sixth-grader spells 'marocain' for the win


Think tank wants to let 800,000 military kids use public dollars for private education


Emily Doe's letter to Brock Turner: 1 year later, 5 survivors speak out on the letter that inspired millions


After hazing death, Penn State to take ‘much more control’ over Greek system




Energy Prices


Conservatives Target Musk Tax Subsidies as ‘Low-hanging Fruit’


How ‘the Energy Capital of the Nation’ regained its optimism in the Trump era





Pruitt refuses to say whether Trump believes in climate change  (Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt)




Estonian politician vows to legalize Holocaust denial


Finland and Estonia would like to see strong and united EU


Report: Estonia unable to maintain population size without immigration


Denmark: Muslim father “honor rapes” daughter’s boyfriend


Foreign politicos punch Trump, copy his campaign  (As Donald Trump defies his accusers, Europe’s political hopefuls find a winning formula in a combination of Trump-bashing and copycatting his anti-establishment tactics.)


Exit from pact threatens U.S. global stature, European officials say


Paris climate agreement: EU to bypass Trump administration after US exits accord





Trump Said to Have No Plans to Stop Comey Testimony (Former FBI Director James Comey)





Trump picks 2 of 3 nominees for Fed: report




Surprising finding runs counter to FDA guidelines on hand-washing




France 'corrects' White House video on climate pact facts


France: Muslim who screamed “Allahu akbar” while murdering Jewish woman may not be tried, “not in right mind”


Michael Bloomberg meets Emmanuel Macron as his drive to honour Paris climate change pact gathers pace (Former Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg (I)/ French President Emmanuel Macron) 




Rock festival resumes after "concrete" terror threat


German Automakers Lament Loss Of Competitive Edge Over U.S. Withdrawal From Paris Climate Accord


German Rock am Ring music festival halted over terror threat




The Paris climate accord stands — with or without the US


Leaving Paris: One and a Half Cheers for President Trump


US has ditched the Paris deal – what does it mean for the world?


Watch: Jerry Brown: 'People Will Die!' Thanks To Trump Paris Accord Withdrawal (Governor of California Jerry Brown (D)


Obama's Decisions Doomed The Paris Climate Accord To Failure In The US, Experts Say


U.S. governors, mayors defend Paris accord after Trump’s rejection


The Paris Climate Deal Was A 'Fraud' And A 'Sham,' Until Trump Decided To Ditch It


Meeting the Climate Goals Was Always Hard. But Now?


Residents on remote Alaska island fear climate change will doom way of life


World Leaders Say They ‘Will Not Give Up the Fight’


Mayors pledge to lead on fighting climate change


Paris withdrawal is the visceral expression of Trump’s worldview


Trump’s Paris decision was an accidental call to action


The Paris agreement got the logic of climate action all wrong. Good riddance


MIT scientists say Trump misrepresented them when he said Paris climate deal would only drop global temps by a 'tiny, tiny amount'


Winners and losers in Trump's Paris decision




Google could face a $9bn fine for rigging search results in its favour




Why Vote Republican? Part 3


Pennsylvania Republicans Push Bill to Make Gun Owners a ‘Protected Class’


Just say no: Barbara and Jenna Bush will speak for the first time about their college arrests for underage drinking and reveal they did not want their dad to run for president in new book




The News Only Gets Worse For ObamaCare — And Democrats




Calif. Single-Payer Health Care Advances Despite No Way to Pay for It


Keeping backyard chickens comes with a health risk


How climate change and air pollution can affect your health




Auschwitz SS Guard, 95, Dies in Prison




New TV Ad Ties Lunatic Liberal Kathy Griffin to Democrat Jon Ossoff in Georgia (Video)


Debbie Does It Again! Wasserman Schultz Claims She's The Victim Of ANOTHER Cyber Attack  (US Representative of Florida Debbie Wasserman Schultz(D)


House Foreign Affairs Chairman Asks State Department to Reject $1.2 Million Arms Sale to Erdogan Bodyguards Over DC Assault


Pelosi says Trump ‘dishonoring’ God in global warming decision (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


House Subpoenas Elevate Probe Into Improper Intelligence Surveillance


Nunes-led House Intelligence Committee asked for ‘unmaskings’ of Americans (US Representative of California Devin Nunes (R)


Trump and Nunes are distracting from the ‘big story’ that counts


Pelosi: Nunes violating recusal in Russia probe  


Trump's ex-Army nominee Mark Green indicates he'll run for Congress





Starting hurricane season without leaders of NOAA and FEMA should 'scare the hell out of everybody'




NY Times Forgets To Mention These Inconvenient Facts In Immigration Piece


2 Texas cities challenge state 'sanctuary city' law



 ICE Officers Surrounded by New Yorkers Trying to Protect Alleged Criminal Alien




Ramadan in India: Two Muslims arrested for rape and murder of Hindu teacher


Modi tells Macron India will 'go beyond' Paris climate accord (Prime Minister Narendra Modi/French President Emmanuel Macron)


After GM's India exit, Volkswagen, Ford and Skoda also stare down the barrel


Once a Coal Goliath, India Is Turning Green


Megyn Kelly asked the Indian prime minister if he uses Twitter. His 30 million followers responded





Help wanted: chief executive officer for California high speed rail project. Pays well but may include sleepless nights




Iran’s energy sector: No boom ahead?


Iran and Middle East Instability





Video from Virginia: Imam at mosque with multiple terror ties endorses female genital mutilation






Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Saturday, June 3, 2017)


Report says Israel planned atomic detonation in Sinai if Six Day War went wrong


'There's no building freeze - it's the opposite' (Israeli Prime Minister's office says 'repeating a lie does not make it truth,' insists government is working to build in Judea and Samaria.)


Top PA official: Of course Jews must be sovereign at Western Wall


Netanyahu Slated to Attend Diplomatic-Economic Summit in Liberia (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Defending new curriculum against incitement claims, PA education chief says it ‘safeguards Palestinian narrative’


Palestinian girl laid to rest in her hometown days after being shot by Israeli forces


Settler leaders say government’s construction plans insufficient


3 moving firsthand accounts of the Six-Day War


The prolonged birth pangs of a Palestinian state


Report: Palestinian Authority Sees Israeli Proposal as ‘Bad Joke’


Occupationis: Palestinians launch campaign on 50th  year of Israeli occupation


Sanders: 'Occupation must end' days before 50 year anniversary of 1967 war  (US Senator of Vermont Bernard Sanders (I-Socialist)


Haredi extremists attack policeman dressed as IDF soldier  (Israel Defense Forces)


Netanyahu under attack: Left accuses the PM of ruining chances for democracy, peace


IDF says false alarm as rocket sirens wail in Tel Aviv


Protesters gather outside home of jailed writer in Gaza demanding his release


PM Netanyahu: Israel Disappointed But Appreciates Trump Friendship


Qatar reportedly orders Hamas to expel a number of officials from Gaza


Top New York Democrats decry Trump for embassy delay


UNRWA recycles image of Syrian girl, now claims she is Gazan victim of Israel in fundraising campaign




3 gunmen from Syria killed in Jordan border attack





Wonder Woman and a dangerous precedent for censorship in Lebanon




Liberal racists incite violence on campus, public transit & public forum




Fast-growing legalized marijuana trade is leaving African American entrepreneurs behind, some say


One puff of cannabis DOES help relieve stress, study confirms - but any more is bad for your anxiety levels




Megyn Kelly Returns


Tucker Carlson: Kathy Griffin Is the ‘Perfect Embodiment of What the Modern Left Believes’


Watch: Executive Editor for New York Times Accidentally Admits He Is a Liberal


Watch: Tucker Carlson corners globalist mayor over Paris withdrawal


Jeff Bezos, Amazon, Washington Post and the CIA


Hannity Strikes Again – Tweets Out List of CNN’s Don Lemon’s Advertisers





Keep your hands off my daughter's medical marijuana!




This storm in Mexico is probably what the end of the world would look like




Bahrain minister hacked hot on heels of Qatar cyberattack claim


Qatar Kicking Hamas Out of Capital


27 killed in fighting as Yemen army closes in on Taiz palace




LGBT groups brace for new fight over transgender troops


Defense secretary turns up heat on North Korea and China  (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


White nationalist Richard Spencer 'accepts' Trump's nomination for Navy secretary


Mattis: North Korea a 'clear and present danger' to world   (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


US aircraft carriers join Japanese forces off North Korean coast for military training


Pennsylvania man arrested at Trump hotel ordered to VA hospital


Air Force cadet creates bulletproof breakthrough


Marine Corps has sent Congress a $3.2 billion wish list


Pentagon acknowledges more civilian deaths in US-led air campaign against ISIS


Veteran found dead in car at parking lot of DC VA hospital


B-52s dropped from key nuke-delivery strategy


Top defense contractor left 60,000 files containing sensitive US military data on a public Amazon server without password protection


Army wants 17,000 more troops among other wish list items




China captures Myanmar’s peace process  (Beijing has asserted strong influence on the direction and terms of Aung San Suu Kyi's drive to achieve reconciliation in the war-plagued nation.)





NSA Won’t Release Bill Clinton-Loretta Lynch Tarmac Transcript on “Golf” and “Grandkids” – Due to “National Security” Risk






Food Stamps, Work, and Dignity (When rolling out President Donald Trump’s 2018 budget, Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney made the news by announcing the intention to require work for able-bodied individuals in SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), also known as food stamps.)


Is the White House Budget Director a Villain? He Hopes So  (Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney)




Pakistan works to stay off list of terror-friendly nations


Pakistan: Christian sewer worker dies after Muslim doctors refuse to treat his “unclean” body





‘If they knew about Christians, all would be executed’: Muslim saves dozens from ISIS in Philippines


ISIS claims responsibility for deadly Manila attack


Video shows rampaging gunman in casino attack


Philippines teeters towards new martial order


Mass Manila Killing, but Officials Resist Labeling It Terrorism





First Redskins, Now LSU Tigers are targets of PC Lunatics




The ‘Lifestylization’ of Politics




Black church receives $2,000 from former racist seeking redemption




The RNC: The newest arm of Trump's counterattack machine





One Day After Trump Pulls Out of Paris Climate Accord – Moscow Sees Snow in June


Putin: There Was No ‘Secret Deal’ with Trump – ‘Saying It’s Russians’ Is Like Blaming Everything on Jews  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)  


Putin to Oliver Stone: I suggested Russia joining NATO to Clinton, he ‘didn’t mind’


Vladimir Putin: US hackers could have framed Russia over election attacks 


We may owe our lives to a back channel with Russia


Putin is ruthlessly trolling the Democrats


Putin says Edward Snowden was wrong to leak US secrets





Breast cancer: Statins could reduce risk of death by 38%, research shows





Teen gets gun as graduation gift, accidentally kills his girlfriend





Senators want governors involved in health talks


Sen. Graham: I Have Reason to Believe Obama Admin Incidentally Surveilled and Unmasked Me (US Senator of South Carolina Lindsey O Graham (R)


Democrats, Republicans ready to battle on Russia, leaks


Top Senate Republican says he doesn't see "a comprehensive health care plan this year"


Republican Sen. Burr (R-North Carolina) orders return of ‘CIA torture’ report to Congress


Senate back to the nitty gritty of Trump's energy nominees after Paris drama





Small Businesses Cheer Tough Talk From the President





Florida Man Brags About Cash On Facebook Live, Then A Swat Team Bursts Into His Room


Goldman Sachs CEO bashes Trump again in bizarre, emoji-filled tweet





How China hurt Hyundai amid diplomatic row with South Korea


China urges US to pull THAADs out of South Korea after secretive deployment





Clayton Kershaw becomes third-fastest pitcher to reach 2,000 career strikeouts


Reports: Chris Bosh's illness is a career-ender


Cavs teammate backs LeBron, criticizes Whitlock


University of Minnesota track teammates come out as gay couple


MLB Scoreboard






The Texas Transgender 'Bathroom Bill': A Last Chance for Sanity


 Coburn: Let states do what Washington won't (Former US Senator of Oklahoma Tom Coburn (R)


Questions over dog flu vaccine as virus spreads in Florida


California, Florida among states with highest civilian deaths at hands of police in May





Tillerson faces task of defending Trump’s decision to allies  (US Secretary of State Rex W Tillerson)


Emails: Huma Abedin did 'Russia' favors for Clinton Foundation (Top Hillary aide was working for State Department at the time.)





Supreme Court Expedites Trump’s Petition on Travel Ban Executive Order Case


Why the SCOTUS might save Trump's travel ban


Supreme Court set to give early verdict on Trump and his travel ban





Hot Air=>Al Gore Claims Syrian Civil War Caused by Climate Change





Mattis outrages Beijing with explicit commitment to defend Taiwan  (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


Two killed in flash floods as storms batter Taiwan


Major flooding engulfs Taiwan as storm unleashes over 1,000 mm of rain





Trump called out the Manchester terrorists. How about the one in Portland?





Brookings Institution Pushes Liberal Trash While Being Funded by Taxpayers





Elderly woman arrested for punching TSA worker





Russia ironing out details of Turkish S-400 air-defense deal


Kurdish separatism: Trump card in Turkey-Iran relations


Erdogan says Trump’s not holding Ramadan dinner casts doubt on U.S. support for freedom of religion (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Erdogan Labeled 'Ottoman Snowflake' After Filing Complaint Against American Scholar For 'Insulting' Tweets


Turkish-born NBA star Enes Kanter says his father has been arrested back home just one week after the government issued a warrant for the basketball player's arrest





London Bridge: Police respond amid reports of vehicle striking pedestrians


 Police responding to 'incident' on London bridge


Glaswegians march for Scottish independence (Photos, Video)


Manchester Bomber Met With ISIS Unit in Libya, Officials Say


17th  arrest made in connection with Manchester attack


"I had the balls to call an election," British PM says (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Theresa May’s lead narrows; potential coalition looms


Patrick Cockburn: Theresa May is in denial about UK’s declining power over Brexit in age of Trump (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Ariana Grande's record label donates $500,000 to Manchester fund ahead of benefit concert


SNP to put tender out for controversial ‘Teach First’ scheme  (A controversial fast-track route into teaching allowing graduates to bypass universities is to be put out to tender by the Scottish Government.)


General election: May falters during challenge over record on public services


UK election race tightens as Labour makes up 10 points in polls in two weeks


Manchester attack Explosives experts called over car 'linked to bomber'


British Airways system outage reportedly caused by human error


Westminster attack Injured man seeks compensation


Tories 'no plan to raise income tax'


Theresa May tells nurse 'there's no magic money tree' for pay rises


British Airways Cabin crew to hold four-day strike over pay dispute


Leaders get rough ride from TV audience


Theresa May’s personal approval ratings hit lowest figures yet


Counter-terrorism: Police arrest three in Sheffield and Huddersfield


Conductor Sir Jeffrey Tate dies at 74


 Ariana Grande surprises fans recovering from Manchester terror attack





Haley: Trump believes the climate is changing   (US United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley)


UN Security Council expands sanctions on North Korea





Watch: Video reveals world elites' venue for Bilderberg 2017





California is now 13 acres bigger





'March for Truth': Ex-Obama White House stars, liberal heavyweights eye Trump


Why #NeverTrumps Persist on the Conventional Right


No Official LGBT Month Recognition from White House as Ivanka Tweets Support


President Donald J. Trump’s Weekly Address

Trump signs bills to help police officers, veterans


To Be Great, America Must Be Good  (By Former National Security Adviser Susan E Rice; The President has given up the United States’ world leadership. We must rebuild it — and fast.)


Trump Mum on Climate Science He Once Called a ‘Con Job’


The Problem With Jared Kushner   (The President’s son-in-law, with a sprawling portfolio and no government experience, is in way over his head. And then there’s Russia.)


David Gergen: Jared Kushner should consider taking a leave of absence


The warnings Nixon would give Trump


Disgusting: Trump-Basher Rosie O’Donnell Attacks 11 Year-Old Barron Trump Once Again


Ethics office will press White House on undated conflict-of-interest waivers


Does Sean Spicer know anything anymore? (White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer)


‘Kushnergate’ is a big fat nothing-burger


Trump declares victory in convincing foreign leaders to be more responsible



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