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Wednesday, May 30, 2018






In Today’s Issue: 




Martin Luther King’s Niece to Starbucks: If You Really Oppose Racism, Oppose Planned Parenthood


‘Absolute miracle’: No charges for pro-life activists arrested inside abortion center


Activists Will Use Abortion Robots to Break Pro-Life Law, Distribute Dangerous Abortion Pills


US bishops’ incoming pro-life chair: Abortion tops immigration in public policy debate


Missouri Legislature Defunds Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz in New State Budget


Breaking: New undercover videos expose Planned Parenthood covering up child sex abuse


A State-by-State Look at Abortion Restrictions in the US


Teenager With Down Syndrome Died After Botched Third-Trimester Abortion


Kentucky law banning abortion procedure delayed 6 months by fed judge


Priest Blasts Pro-Abortion Catholics: “If You Don’t Believe What the Church Teaches, You’re Being a Hypocrite”


NWA Planned Parenthood Reacts to SCOTUS Abortion Ruling


Planned Parenthood Caught Doing Abortions on 12-Year-Old Girls, Not Reporting Sexual Assault to Authorities


President Trump’s Decision to Cut Planned Parenthood Funding Proves It Loves Abortion, Here’s How


Here’s 2,750 Better Places Women Can Go for Health Care Than Planned Parenthood


The medical and scientific communities stand for abortion access


South Carolina Governor Willing to Lose Millions in Federal Funds to Defund Planned Parenthood


British PM Pressured to Legalize Abortion in Northern Ireland After Ireland's Repeal of Right to Life Amendment


Ireland’s Abortion Vote Is a Historic Victory. But It’s Not a Model for the U.S.


Media Applauds Ireland Vote to Legalize Abortions as “Historic Vote For Women’s Rights”




US Military Paints The Desert Red With The Blood Of 50 Taliban Leaders


Gunmen dressed as US soldiers attack Afghan Interior Ministry




Ramadan in Nigeria: Muslim gunman attack Catholic seminary, priest “badly wounded”




Woman says she's 'disgusted,' claims crude Southwest passenger masturbated during entire flight




ASX Close: Australian share market falls below 6,000 as banks drag ASX 200 index lower


The Australian dollar just staged a dramatic reversal


Australia's spat with China just a 'misunderstanding', says Chinese business delegation


Largest swordfish ever caught in Australia may miss out on record


External probe into revelations police faked 258,000 breath tests   




Is It Ever Okay to Treat Life in the Womb or a Test Tube as a Commodity?




TSX Enjoys Gains for First Time in a Week


Justin Trudeau defends Trans Mountain takeover as vital economic move  (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Ottawa readying its options as NAFTA and tariff talks stall with U.S.


Selling Trans Mountain to private sector is Ottawa’s ‘long-term preference,’ Morneau says


Bank of Canada holds key interest rate at 1.25%


Loonie rises after Bank of Canada’s latest rate announcement




Study: Puerto Rico's Post-Hurricane Maria Death Rate At Least 70 Times Higher Than Official Figures




How Jesus died: Extremely rare evidence of Roman crucifixion uncovered in Italy


 The Only Way Back to God




Calls grow for liberal comic's firing over Trump orangutan quip




Report: China Trying to Form an Anti-American Trade Alliance


China vows to fight Washington on tariff hike




'Miss Israel' and 'Wonder Woman' to Produce Movie Glorifying Fidel Castro (Late Cuban dictator Fidel Castro)




Pompeo, Kim Yong-chol to meet in NY to put final touches on summit   (US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo)


US 'very engaged' on North Korean human rights issue: official


North Korea, U.S. summit revival hopes look slim due to 'significant' differences on denuclearization


Trump praises Kim Jong-un’s ‘solid response’ to letter, progress toward ‘expected summit’  (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


Kim Won’t Be Duped Like Qaddafi


Both sides preparing as if US-North Korea summit is a go


North Korea’s Kim Jong Un reportedly cries over country’s poor economy in new video(Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)





Newest Congressional Polls Are In - Democrats Should Be Very, Very Scared




Yes, Sears is likely to collapse, but Eddie Lampert will be just fine


Starbucks Split: Some Patrons See Bias Training as 'Save Face' Move, Others Give Company 'Credit for Trying'




Harvey Weinstein indicted by grand jury in rape case


Deadline set for attorneys to finish review of Cohen materials


Ex-Citigroup broker indicted for swindling elderly clients


Teacher, 32, gets 1-year prison term for having classroom sex with 14-year-old student




'YOU'RE ALL GOING TO DIE': Nikolas Cruz says he is 'going to be the next school shooter of 2018' in video recorded before Florida attack


Man arrested after gay couple injured in stabbing outside Denver nightclub, police say


Manhunt underway for man suspected of killing girlfriend, set house on fire


Off-duty police officer shot 6 times after road rage incident, officials say


Third man charged in suspected New York MS-13 machete murder




DHS, Commerce release cyber report on combatting botnets




Who Killed Robert Kennedy?


Hillary's Premonition


What's Hillary Hiding about Her Health?


Haven't the Obamas Made Enough Money?


Obamas, Netflix power couple swap donations, ambassadorship and $50M production deal




Lost Children? Detention Cages? Baby Prison Bus? Trump's Critics Will Believe Anything




Trump says he wishes he picked different attorney general, rips Mueller(US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)




Stemming the Tide




Stocks Rally as Fading Italy Woes Sink Treasuries: Markets Wrap


Dow ends more than 300 points higher as energy shares rebound, Italy fears fade


Wall St. rebounds; worries over Italy ease


Asian stocks tumble amid global selloff


Asian stocks decline after global markets fall on Italian turmoil


Bitcoin surrenders early gain as traders key in on support at $7,000


 U.S. Back At No. 1 Competitiveness Ranking — Will Trump's Critics Ever Admit To Being Wrong? 


Gold settles higher on weaker dollar, edges down after Fed Beige Book




New York Times corrects report of crowd size at Trump rally after president calls out mistake


Hard Truths About School Shootings and Gun Violence


John Stossel: The truth everyone is too scared to say about college and jobs


By One Measure, 'Nontraditional' Presidents Less Rare


An English Teacher's Incorrect Correction of a Trump Letter Illustrates His Critics' Reflexive Condescension


For ‘Columbiners,’ School Shootings Have a Deadly Allure


Language and Other Challenges: Faculty Perceptions of International Students


HIV Prevention Takes Hold on Campuses


Market Changes, Missteps and Marylhurst's Closure


Push for Big Change in Graduate STEM Ed




Why Voters Need to Care About More Water Bonds on June/Nov CA Ballots




Oil prices rally, with U.S. crude notching the first gain in 6 sessions


Energy Prices




Journalist reportedly murdered shows up at news conference, explains




Euro rallies as 5 Star calls for withdrawal of economic minister


Euro rebounds from 10-month low as traders track Italy developments


Islamic State claims deadly attack on Belgium police


Italy’s political crisis renews doubts about future of E.U.


Germany, France, and the EU


Italy’s President sabotages popular anti-Muslim migration, “Euroceptic” coalition




Fed votes to ease rule aimed at preventing big banks from making risky financial bets




France to forbid religious dress in schools?


France: Shopkeeper gets three months, $3450 fine for asking woman to remove Islamic head covering


Hail storms leave French champagne makers battered


France bans 'big screen' zones for World Cup over terror fears




No link between Muslim immigration and anti-Semitism, German study says


Does Germany have a problem with aggressive attack dogs?


'It’s going to get loud': heavy storms set to hit Berlin and other cities


Nine school pupils hospitalized at Hamburg sports event on hottest day of year




The Politically Motivated Science of Climatology and the Demonization of Carbon




The Plug Must Be Pulled On Google’s Plan For Thought Control


Google Smart Device Activates Using Progressive Talking Points



California Republicans hit rock bottom





Roseanne, Islamic anti-Semitism, and the West’s double standard


Roseanne’s Firing Is Not a Free-Speech Issue


The Entertainment Industry Is Killing Western Society


Roseanne Barr blames Ambien: 'I'm not a racist, just an idiot'


'Roseanne' Reruns Pulled From Paramount Network, TV Land and CMT After Racist Tweet


Ambien maker to Roseanne: Racism is not a side effect of our drug


Roseanne unleashes a rash of new tweets


"Deadliest Catch" star, 38, found dead in home




Gowdy disputes Trump's 'spy' claim(US Representative of South Carolina Trey Gowdy (R)


Local New York Democrats ‘Disgusted’ by National Party Meddling in House Race




Bay of Pics  (Media fakery targets Trump with photos of Obama-era child trafficking.)


The Fight Against Human Trafficking Is Too Important for Trump and Pompeo to Ignore




We’ve Lost Sight of the Plot in the Immigration Debate





Police Complicit in Hindu Extremist Persecution of Christians in Tamil Nadu, India, Sources Say


In symbolic nod to India, US Pacific Command changes name


India and Pakistan Agree to Truce on Kashmir Border


What is stopping Tesla from entering India?




Fake news: Iranian propaganda reports of death of Saudi crown prince spark conspiracy theories


Iran Plotting With U.S. Allies to Skirt Trump’s New Sanctions





Hamas-linked CAIR applauds Roseanne cancellation, accuses her of “Islamophobia”




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing    (Wednesday, May 30, 2018)


The full story behind the understandings for a truce in Gaza


Watch: IDF Targets Advanced Hamas Weaponry in Gaza  (Israel Defense Forces)


We’ll hit Iran anywhere in Syria, Netanyahu says  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


IDF says it targeted unmanned Hamas submarines in Gaza airstrikes


Despite alignment with Israel, Arab powers still spreading antisemitism


'Who would accept 70 rockets on their country?'  (US Ambassador to the UN blasts Hamas, says its goal is to destroy Israel.)


 The curious common interest behind the rapid Gaza-Israel flare-up and flare-down


Ceasefire! What Just Happened with Gaza?


Liberman heads to Moscow to lobby against Iranian presence in Syria  (Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman)


Terrorist funerals – glorification and incitement by the PA


US avoids condemning Israel after 2,000 settlement homes approved


IEC Restores Power to Gaza After Rocket Damage to Infrastructure


Palestinian arrested near West Bank (Judea and Samaria)  settlement; handgun found in car


Golan Heights Recognition Thwarted By The Swamp


Germany condemns ‘malicious’ Palestinian attacks on Israel


Czech Republic Reopens Its Honorary Consulate in Jerusalem


UK minister urges Israel not to demolish West Bank (Judea and Samaria)  Bedouin village


Crime and Punishment: The Palestinian Image


Israeli Start-up Revolutionizes Tony Awards For Those With Hearing And Vision Loss


Calm returns after most severe Israel-Gaza flare-up in years


Columnist In Jordanian Government Daily Expresses Love And Admiration For Palestinian Terrorist Dalal Al-Mughrabi: I Would Roll In The Dust Of Your Grave


As Gaza front cools, Iran and Syria move on their next flashpoint – Quneitra




Japan Says It Detects Chinese Ship Breaking North Korea Sanctions


Japan kills 122 pregnant whales for research




Watch The Video Soros Doesn’t Want You To See




New York Times corrects report of crowd size at Trump rally after president calls out mistake


Sinclair finds backdoor to push conservative message




Virginia Senate approves Medicaid expansion




Trump and Mexican President Spar Over Border Wall Again





Vogue Arabia puts Saudi princess in driving seat for dedicated KSA issue


Saudi Cabinet approves measure criminalizing sexual harassment





Pentagon pushes NATO for more troops to help maintain security in Iraq


US to keep confronting Beijing in S. China Sea: Mattis   (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


VA leadership shuffle: Secretary steps down, chief of staff moves up, deputy retires


Inspectors told an Army spouse the lead level in her home isn’t a risk. She’s not convinced.


Yokota’s new Ospreys return to Tokyo between training missions


Servicemembers showing signs of norovirus infection quarantined in Kuwait


Retiring Army general dies while on leave in South Carolina


United will fly barred pets home if they originally sent them overseas




Brownback: Burmese Government Blocked My Access




Ramadan in Pakistan: Muslims murder prominent Sikh leader Charanjit Singh


2 soldiers martyred in IED blast in North Waziristan: ISPR


Pakistan's new ambassador to US has work cut out for him




Notorious teacher Mary Kay Letourneau describes her years in the slammer





Russia not into American regional games


Moving US troops ‘to frontline with Russia’ in Poland ‘makes sense' – Bloomberg


Russian Senators Call on Facebook’s Zuckerberg to Testify on Privacy


Russia comes under fire at UN over MH17 downing


Spain Arrests U.S.-Born Investor Browder on Russian Interpol Warrant


Russia to Create Rocket Production Holding on Basis of Roscosmos




Why the Left Loves and Hates Science


  Dramatic volcano death: Huge flying stone crushed man in Pompeii, archaeologists discover





Trump Throws Another Dig At McCain For Obamacare Vote -- 'Somebody Decided Not To Vote For Us'  (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


Elizabeth Warren Praises China’s ‘Long-Term’ Strategy  (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


Senators Seek Stronger Action on China in S. China Sea




A Twitter Fail Reveals That Media Narratives about Obama Still Trump the Truth





Trump's auto tariff plan threatens GM's $7 billion South Korea rescue


South Korea's defense minister to attend security forum in Singapore


S. Korea seeks to hold summit with Singapore in July: Cheong Wa Dae




Bible helps NBA's Curry stay 'focused, locked-in'


Trump to Cowboys’ Jerry Jones on Anthem Protests: ‘You Can’t Win This One’…


…NFL Player: ‘We Won’t Allow the NFL or Trump to Bully Us’


NBA team investigating whether its president posted critical tweets


MLB Scoreboard





Evacuations canceled after landslide put N.C. dam in danger of failing


Lava changing Hawaii landscape as health officials warn of new hazard




Pompeo push to defend religious minorities around the world  (US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo)




The Supreme Court May Soon Set Boundaries on Religious Exercise and Use of Property




No answer to ‘Animal Assad’: Syrian leader tells RT he does not have insulting nickname for Trump  (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad) 




 Why China is making brands nervous to acknowledge Taiwan


Taiwan rejects Straits Forum applications from Chinese officials 




Did Soros Pressure ABC to Fire Roseanne?




Stay the Course Against ISIS (Bipartisan analysts urge the United States not to declare victory prematurely.)




Navarro Rebukes Mnuchin for Declaring China Trade War ‘On Hold’  (Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin)




Is Turkey waging an economic war against Israel?


Turkey Says to Go Elsewhere if US Won't Sell It F-35 Jets 




Buffett Proposed $3 Billion Uber Investment But Deal Crumbled





FTSE 100 ends higher as oil shares gain


Gun-free UK: Drive-by shooters spray house with bullets at site of “several anti-terror raids”


Church of England seeks transgender priests in new ‘diversity drive’


Anti-Muslim campaigner secretly jailed in U.K., sparking outrage from conservatives


In Britain, poll indicates, 23% ‘unwilling’ to have a Jew in the family




U.S. Thwarted in Bid to Change U.N. Rights Council’s Approach to Israel




'Large explosion' rips through Kentucky UPS Freight facility




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Wife of man deported to Mexico: 'I can't be mad at Trump for doing his job'


Trump Wows in Nashville


 Trump taps VA chief of staff to run agency


Melania Trump blasts media, conspiracy theories on Twitter


White House silence on Melania stokes conspiracy theories


Never Trumpers Finally Admit They’re Effectively Spiteful Democrats


Trump and ‘The Truth’


Trump Signs ‘Right to Try’ Bill for Patients with Terminal Illnesses


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