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Friday, May 19, 2017





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Planned Parenthood Abortion Business Closes Two Clinics in Colorado


Abortion poses hurdle for Senate healthcare bill


Abortion Advocates Say “Women and Children Will Die” Because Trump Defunded Intl Planned Parenthood


The Ripple Effect Of Cuts To U.S. Funds For Overseas Abortion Services


Planned Parenthood Just Told Girls To “Slay” In a Sick Show of Irony


10 Most Ironic Things Abortion Activists Have Said or Done


The Real “War on Women” is Christian Women Who are Tortured for Their Faith, Not Laws to Stop Abortion


Gloria Steinem Brags About Her Abortion, But She Won’t Let You Call Her “Pro-Abortion”


Orthodox Church to Russian gov’t: ‘Abortion must be made equal to murder’


Media Pushes Commercial Surrogacy: “Carrying Someone Else’s Child Should be Celebrated, and Paid”


Inmate Who Sued Prison for $1.5 Million Because She Couldn’t Abort Her Baby Loses Her Case


High school bans pro-life club, allows gay club


Alaska Legislator Introduces Bill to Define Unborn Baby as a Person and Ban Abortions


Grim poll: Conservatives are losing catastrophically on every single issue…except this one


Texas Advances New Abortion Limits Despite Court Defeats


‘Sacrilege’: Archbishop of Montreal gives Communion to pro-abortion Justin Trudeau (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Raped 10-Year-Old Girl Who Aborted Her 20-Week-Old Baby Now Undergoing Counseling (India)


Missouri Appeals Judge's Blocking of Abortion Restrictions


Pope Francis: No Research Justifies Killing Human Embryos, Unborn Babies “Precious in the Eyes of God”




Roadside bomb kills 11 members of Afghan family


Vice-president leaves Afghanistan amid torture and rape claims


The US Plan to Give Afghanistan a Fleet of Black Hawks Is Deeply Flawed




Christian Killed in Islamic Extremist Attack in Northeastern Kenya


Nigeria: Muslim group blocks UN efforts to aid two million people on brink of famine


Mali: Unmarried couple stoned to death for violating Islamic law




Norway Jewish leader: Trade union boycott is anti-Semitic




Geopolitics drag ASX into the red


3 signs the Aussie dollar is set to depreciate


Cyber war games to test public service hacking prowess




Fiat Chrysler to modify 104,000 U.S. diesel vehicles: company


U.S. regulators approve VW diesel fix for 84,000 vehicles




TSX rises, Canadian dollar strengthens as oil breaks $50 barrier


Canadian Doctors Will Leave if Forced to Participate in Assisted Suicides


High-speed rail in Ontario, finally? Not so fast


Canadian in 'very critical' condition after deadly Times Square crash


Here’s how little baby Miles died after an error at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto


N.B. island cut off from mainland due to thunderstorm


RCMP agrees to reinstate former Mountie discharged over Mayerthorpe trauma




'Clock Boy' lawsuit thrown out in federal court


Weiner Cries as He Pleads Guilty: ‘I Have a Sickness’ (Former US Representative of New York Anthony Weiner(D)




Update: Times Square Ramming Driver Was High on ‘K2’




Huma Abedin seeks divorce from Weiner after guilty plea


Dem Cincinnati Mayor Apologizes for Proclamation Honoring Slain Cop Killer




Rosenstein: Firing Comey Was ‘Appropriate’ (Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein)


Sessions and Rosenstein discussed firing Comey last winter (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


Kerik: Mueller Could Become the Democrats' Worst Nightmare





Stock market closes higher, but books weekly loss amid White House drama


Wall St. ends off session highs after fresh Russia probe reports


Stocks Rise, Dollar Slumps as Trump Woes Intensify: Markets Wrap


Treasury yields suffer largest weekly fall in a month, as stocks stage a rebound


Unemployment Falls to 28-Year Low


Gold books its best trading stretch in 5 weeks


Asia-Pacific stocks stabilize after uneasy week of trading


Dollar extends slide to November lows; pound recovers from mini ‘flash crash’




The First Women's College To Admit Transgender Dudes Has Now Declared A Financial Emergency


White House Would Slash Student Aid and NSF  (Details leaked about forthcoming budget include large cuts to college aid programs and end Public Service Loan Forgiveness and subsidized loan programs. Other leaks point to new proposals to cut science.)


‘Hypatia’ Disavows the ‘Hypatia’ Disavowal  (Journal’s board offers its support for editor’s decision to publish article comparing transracial and transgender identities.)


UC Berkeley Pits Liberalism Against ‘Islamophobia’


Yale's Notorious Yelp Reviewer Is Now on Leave  (What started as a controversy about two posts escalated as more of her comments materialized.)


Georgetown professor Jonathan Brown promotes “religious discrimination” against Jews


College Instead of Crime  (Boston-area nonprofit will pay gang members who want to go to college and get off the street, with a goal of improving communities.)


International Graduates Winning Right to Work in U.S.  (Study shows approvals have gone up for "optional practical training" of up to three years. Students from Communist China and India account for more than half of those winning the prized approvals.)




Joe Biden rattles 2020 sabre: ‘I never thought she was a great candidate.’ ...‘I was.’ (Former Vice-President Joseph R Biden Jr (D)




Oil ends above $50 for the first time in a month


Energy Prices




European stocks end higher as investors dig out of Trump-inspired rout


Fertility Doctor Used His Own Sperm to Get Patients Pregnant  (Amsterdam, Netherlands)


Swedish diplomats move national holiday to avoid clash with Ramadan


Dutch MPs oppose headscarf proposal for Amsterdam police




Should Comey Be Prosecuted? (Former FBI Director James Comey)


Report: Russia Probe Names Current White House Official as ‘Significant Person of Interest’


Don't Do It Donald  (Speaking to reporters while meeting with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, Trump said he is "very close" to choosing a new FBI director to replace James Comey. And asked if former Senator Joe Lieberman, the Democrat-turned-independent senator from Connecticut was a top candidate, Trump said yes.)





FCC apologizes for its treatment of a reporter




Wells Fargo suffers slump in muni bond underwriting




Protest over “no-go zone for women” in Paris immigrant district


Macron riles French media with reporter ban  (French President Emmanuel Macron)




Right-wing protesters try to storm justice ministry over 'hate speech law'


Woman who sawed lover to death during sex escapes murder conviction


Man dies after setting himself on fire in Munich's central square


German police missed chance to arrest Berlin truck jihadi months before his jihad massacre


Syrian man convicted of helping plan unrealized attack in Berlin




Unaccompanied Migrant Boys in Greece Turn to Prostitution


Patriarch Gregory III Laham, who called Melkite Catholic Church “Church of Islam,” resigns under pressure





Mueller Going to Uncover 'Things Beyond Scope' That Neither Party Wants, Issa Predicts After Briefing (US Representative of California Darrell E Issa (R)


Itching for Answers: Rob Quist Took Taxpayer Money in Same Year He Stiffed State on Property Taxes




Murdered Male blogger’s dad seeks Delhi aid to fight radicals


India: Six killed over child kidnap rumours


India’s nuclear chase back at 2009 mark




Trump Administration Deports Christian Man Back To Islamic Indonesia Where Muslims Want To Actually Persecute And Kill Christians




Polls close in Iranian elections amid high turnout


Iranian Regime Agents Operating Polling Stations Across United States




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Friday, May 19, 2017)


Trump and the Western Wall  (The US acknowledges that the Western Wall belongs to Israel.  So why all the second-guessing?)


Bethlehem; The Capital of Palestine


Trump Admin Regrets Erasing Israeli Territory From U.S. Maps


Classified documents found in Olmert's cell   (Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert)


Ultra-Orthodox protesters compare top IDF official to Hitler, army service to Auschwitz  (Israel Defense Forces)


White House Deletes Half of Israel Off the Map


Israeli filmmaker chronicles parents’ failed attempt to hijack a Soviet plane


Israeli forces detain, injure Palestinians in clashes across West Bank (Judea and Samaria), Gaza


Report: Israeli intel officials 'furious' over Trump leak to Russians


Hundreds of Palestinians riot in West Bank (Judea and Samaria), Gaza


Israel's defense ties with India booming like never before


Red Crescent Ambulance Driver Arrested for Blocking Israeli Car During Huwara Lynch


Army nabs ambulance driver who allegedly blocked Israeli’s escape from riot


Israeli settlers set fire to tractor, spray racist graffiti in Nablus-area village


Israel pulls out all the stops for Trump visit


Pro-Israel US right starting to feel unease with Trump


Statement of the Hebrew University Regarding Playing the Anthem at Academic Ceremonies


'Death is the only thing that will stop this': Prisoners enter 33rd day of hunger strike


Museums, missiles and motorcades: Israel’s previous US presidential visitors


Israeli forces close roads in Nablus area amid settler protest


To be a free people in our own land—and free from fear




Lebanese Daily: Hizbullah Has Stationed Its Elite Unit In Shab'a Farms Area In South Lebanon, On High Alert And With Special Gear




The Left Needs Operation Trump-Russia




With Fox News’s Ratings in Free Fall, the Future Looks Bleak


CNN’s Cuomo Wants ‘Proof’ of No Trump-Russia Collusion


Harvard study: Extraordinary media bias against Trump


Washington Post Blind Item: FBI Russia Probe Expands to WH Adviser ‘Close to the President’


Fox News Fires On-Air Personality Over ‘Insensitive Remark’ to African-American Employee


‘Nut Job’: New York Times Collaborates with Deep State to Smear Trump Again


CNN Reporter Completely Botches A Segment




Courageous Woman Exposes Mexican Drug Cartels, Narcos Open Fire On Her House And Shoot Her To Death




U.S.-Saudi Arabia Ink ‘Largest Single Arms Deal in American History’


Seeking a new narrative, Trump heads to Saudi Arabia on first leg of his first foreign trip


Report: Iranian-Backed Rebels Launch Missile at Saudi Capital Prior to Trump’s Arrival


Top Saudi cleric ‘blesses’ Trump-Muslim summit


Saudi Arabia blacklists Hezbollah supporter




Mattis: Shift in Counter-ISIS Campaign Will Ultimately ‘Annihilate’ Terrorist Group   (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


MacArthur's Spies: The Heroes of the Philippines


Inside the Ring: U.S. Military Satellites in Crisis


Dunford tapped for another term as Joint Chiefs chairman   (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph F Dunford Jr)





NAACP Expected to Vote to Oust Current President 




Doc who helped get Bin Laden on Trump's radar ahead of meeting with Pakistani PM


Muslim Attempts Suicide Attack On Church On Easter Sunday, She Is Arrested, The Police Release Her And Say ‘She Is Too Smart For Prison’




Hot Air, Cold War: How Russia Spooks Its Arctic Neighbors





Read McCain’s Lips, Mr. President!  (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


Breaking=>Lindsey Graham: I Have Reason to Believe Clinton Camp and DOJ Colluded on Hillary Email Investigation (Video) (US Senator of South Carolina Lindsey O Graham (R)




Korea's Suicide Rate Still World's 4th  Highest


25 Koreans arrested in Philippines over alleged fraud, illegal gambling


S.Korea, Japan to Resume Shuttle Diplomacy


Moon pledges to revise Constitution  (President Moon Jae-in)


Moon Attends Memorial for Gwangju Democratic Uprising 




Illinois House Committee Moves Strict New Gun-Dealer Regulations Forward


More Than 7 Million Voter Registrations Are Duplicated in Multiple States




State Dept. Adds Hezbollah Commander to U.S. Terrorist List


Trump to nominate McFarland ambassador to Singapore


US will not seek North Korea regime change: Tillerson  (US Secretary of State Rex W Tillerson)




Clock is ticking for WHO decision over Taiwan


With the Presidency in Turmoil, Congress Will Have to Guide U.S. Taiwan Policy




Donovan dropping out as Trump's nominee for deputy Treasury secretary




Afghan Vice President Flies to Turkey Amid Torture and Rape Allegations


One stabbed, five injured in brawl between Olympiacos fans, locals in Istanbul


Erdoğan to take chairman’s seat at ruling party congress


13 reasons why Turkey’s youth is unhappy


One in three youngsters not in school as of 2015: University report


Turkey working on new project to establish real estate stock exchange: Deputy PM


Sexual assault cases increased over last 10 years in Turkey: Ministry


12 foreign, 5 Turkish ISIL suspects captured in Istanbul




About 37,000 AT&T workers go on three-day strike





U.K. stocks break 2-day losing streak after pound’s mini ‘flash crash’




Nation on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown




President Donald J. Trump’s Weekly Address


Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump said to favor move that could destabilize Obamacare


Trump reportedly told Russians Comey is 'nut job,' said firing relieved 'pressure' (Former FBI Director James Comey)


Trump told aides firing Flynn was a mistake


Here’s how to let the president know you have his back


Trump hit by twin Russia bombshells


If the President Is Not the Subject of a Criminal Investigation, Then Say So


‘People here think Trump is a laughingstock’


White House expected to reassign economic adviser amid internal tension


Trump calls for unity in fight against radicalism in draft of Saudi Arabia address


Dershowitz: I Voted for Hillary But Trump Faces 'Kangaroo Court'


It's Time to Get Rid of Donald Trump


We Are Watching A Slow-Motion Coup D’etat 



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