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Friday, May 12, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




Cecile Richards: Being Able to Kill Your Baby in an Abortion “is Fundamental to Women’s Equality”


Abortion control bills vetoed by Minn. governor


Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam Signs Bill to Ban Late-Term Abortions on Unborn Babies


Texas seeks unprecedented federal money to defund Planned Parenthood


Philadelphia Eagles Player Chris Maragos Stands Against Abortion: “Women Need the Love of Jesus”


Texas House moves to require more abortion reporting data


Poll: Americans Still Believe Killing Babies in Abortion is Morally Wrong


Alaska House Rebukes Lawmaker Who Said Women Get Abortions for ‘Free Trip to the City’


Texas House OKs bill requiring reports on abortion complications


Illinois Lawmakers Delay Bill to Expand Abortion as Veto Looms


Kardashian Sisters Visit Planed Parenthood Abortion Clinic to Push Its Agenda


Assistant principal resigns after argument with teen abortion protesters


Planned Parenthood CEO: “Most Women Will Have to Think About” Aborting Their Babies


F-bombing 'gay' school official out of job


Principal Resigns After Screaming at Pro-Life Teen: “I Don’t Give a S— What Jesus Says”


Facebook removes abortion charity's page for 'encouraging drug use'


Texas Plans Unprecedented Effort to Defund Planned Parenthood Abortion Company


Our Lady of Fatima showed them hell. Why pro-lifers should care 100 years later


Mother Sees Her Unborn Baby Waving on the Ultrasound and Decides Not to Have Abortion


Writer Describes Witnessing a Late-Term Abortion: “First Came an Arm. Then a Tiny Baby’s Hand, Fingers Curled”


Oklahoma House: Abortion is murder and must become illegal


City Prohibits Pro-Life Advocates From Displaying Crosses or Pro-Life Signs Outside Abortion Clinic


Abortion Clinic Left Women in Recovery Without Medical Supervision, Didn’t Have RN or OB-GYN on Staff


Facebook Blocks Group Mailing Dangerous Abortion Drugs to Women for “Promoting and Encouraging Drug Use”


New Pregnancy Center Will Save Babies From Abortion Near a Planned Parenthood Clinic


City Takes Down Pro-Life Flag After Abortion Activists Complain  (Canada)




Life expectancy with HIV nears normal with treatment




Canada, other NATO nations being asked to send troops back to Afghanistan


Escalating the war in Afghanistan would be the wrong decision




Muslim Extremists in Uganda Threaten to Kill Family of Pastor


Ebola outbreak in Africa kills at least 3


Somalia: Call for end of arms embargo to defeat al-Shabaab


In restless Kenya, 70% worry about another round of heavy bloodshed with presidential elections


Chibok father's joy at seeing daughter


Congo announces 9 suspected Ebola cases, including 3 deaths




U.S. and Europe to Hold Talks on Broadening Airline Laptop Ban


911 calls depict chaos after airline cancels flights


Now United Airlines passengers are being attacked by SCORPIONS! Deadly insect crawls out on flight and forces evacuation




Judge OKs charges in fatal Amtrak derailment





Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval Opposes Bill to Legalize Assisted Suicide


Nevada lawmakers weigh aid-in-dying for terminally ill



ASX loses steam as banks tank


Australian Dollar Sentiment Pushes Bearish Signal


Australian organisations unaffected by global cyber attack: federal government


Chinese spies 'very active' in Australia, departing defence secretary warns


Victoria's new gangs and the real threat they pose


Pilot saved Qantas plane from crashing into ocean



Boeing's 737 Max Returns to Flight as First Plane Delivery Looms




TSX ends slightly lower as Home Capital, big banks weigh


Major North American stock indices fall on weak U.S. economic data, earnings


3 Cities Push Canada To Another Record On House Prices


Canadian investors bank on India’s growing economy


Canadians in Latvia to keep calm and carry on in face of massive Russian military exercise


TDSB students teaching themselves to work around website bans


B.C. boasts the highest proportion of female farmers in Canada, according to 2016 agriculture census




The Census Won’t Collect L.G.B.T. Data. That’s a Problem.




Hepatitis C rates nearly double in pregnant women amid opioid epidemic, CDC says


Teen student drinking at 25-year low, but binge drinking persists, CDC says




Stephen Colbert gleefully responds to Trump calling him a ‘no-talent guy’




Report: China Buying Allies in Europe, Around World in $500 Billion Push




Embassy rally to protest Cuba's jailing of homeschooling dad




North Korea demands that U.S. hand over would-be assassins of Kim Jong Un (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


North Korea vows to ‘ruthlessly punish’ detained US citizens





Trump Ally Roger Stone Says He Won't Testify Privately on Russia


Democrats decry Comey firing yet called for him to resign  (FBI Director James Comey)


Some Republicans express concern over Comey firing




Levin: Push to fix Constitution biggest story in country




Bleeding Sears vows to "fight like hell" to stay alive




Ohio Man Charged With Providing Support to ISIS


Sons of Guns reality star who raped two underage girls is sentenced to life in prison


D.C. judge delays ruling on travel ban, waits to see the result of two appellate court cases


Drug dealer is jailed for five years after doctor mom of three died of a cocaine overdose in his apartment - but judge rules he will NOT have to pay her family $1m 


Federal judge orders Trump to share Giuliani travel ban memo  (Former Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani(R)





Police chief killed in Ohio was father of 6


'See you in hell': How teenage girl MS-13 gangster tortured her love rival, cut off her tattoo and killed her with 13 stab wounds in bitter power struggle over gang leadership


Former Northern California narcotics deputy convicted of smuggling marijuana


Suspect held in slaying of Ark. deputy, 2 others


WV rules hate crime law does not cover anti-gay assaults


Armed Uncle Shoots Home Invaders, Saves Tied-Up Family


No charges for white officer in Nashville who shot and killed black man


Deadly standoff in Trenton ends after 35 hours


Fully Loaded: Cartels Smuggle 1,100 Pounds of Pot to US in New Ford Fusions





Over 70 countries hit in global extortion cyberattack


Extortionists Mount Global Hacking Attack Seeking Ransom   


Cyberattack cripples hospitals, spreads across borders




De Blasio may be the city’s top expert in faking news (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)




Homeland Security chief weighs changes to visa program that could hurt Kushner real estate company  (Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly)


Proposed laptop-ban expansion could have big impact for travelers




Comey will not testify next week but Rosenstein to brief Senate on firing (FBI Director James Comey/Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein)


US Justice Department Orders Tougher Criminal Punishments


An Open Letter to the Deputy Attorney General  (Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has more authority than anyone else to restore Americans’ confidence in their government.)


Rod Rosenstein Fails His Ethics Test


Rod Rosenstein meets privately with key senators as Democrats demand answers about his role in Comey’s firing


DOJ whistleblower: Obama years were 'Wild West' of voter fraud





S&P 500, Dow post first weekly loss in nearly a month


Stock Coma Outlasts Earnings as S&P 500 Fails Round Number Test


Five Benefits Of Trump's Economic Policies


Asian shares edge up, on track for winning week


Stocks in Asia Point Lower on U.S. Economy Data: Markets Wrap


US economy at full employment, economist says


Appetite for Spending Cools As Summer Approaches


Gold tallies longest winning streak since mid-April


Dollar retreats after retail sales, inflation data




Common Core or Freedom of Choice: Which Will Prevail?


Indiana's Active-Learning Mosaic Expands (The university brings its active-learning initiative to regional campuses, seeking to boost student engagement.)


The Economic School You’ve Never Heard Of


The Body-Cam Strategy  (Though campus police agencies believe body-mounted cameras will help improve transparency, many legal and financial questions remain unanswered.)


Michelle Obama criticizes Trump school lunch decision


Portland, Oregon, voters weigh tax hike for school lead fix


The College Blueprint for a Totalitarian America


Challenge to B-School Rankings  (Twenty-one scholars publish call to reject popular measures and ordinal rankings -- and to replace them with more meaningful tools for comparisons.)


St. Olaf College president: Racist note that sparked student protests was ‘fabricated’


Flip-Flop on Florida Colleges  (Florida’s Legislature looks to shake up the state’s two-year college system once again by cutting funds for developmental education, capping bachelor's degree programs and creating a new oversight board.)


University of Chicago Supporting Terrorists


Linking Evaluations to Equity Contributions (University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire policy will require all faculty and staff members to work toward equity, diversity and inclusion, for consideration in their evaluations. It's controversial, but proponents say it's an efficient way to put values into action.)


California’s State Board of Education votes to close 2 Celerity charter schools


The Costs of a Calling (The Duke Divinity email fracas shows the peril of academics viewing their work as a vocation and not a job, argues Jonathan Malesic. )


Napolitarianism Under Fire  (Even Democrats want to dump the University of California’s corrupt anti-conservative zealot.)


Why getting rid of grades would help rich students — and hurt poor ones


Targeted Duke Professor Resigns  (Administrative witch hunt drives out respected scholar.)


Trump’s Liberty University speech to face ‘non-welcoming’ protest by local liberals


Rebellion grows against Muslim indoctrination in schools


Teacher fired for removing child's hijab


‘Build that wall,’ other student quotes cause N.C. high school yearbook to be canceled


Science teacher and students make prosthetic arm for farmer


Update: Texas A&M President Defends Black Professor’s Comments ‘White People Might Have to Die’ as Free Speech




There are plenty of problems with our election system. Voter fraud isn't one of them




Oil notches first weekly gain in a month as hopes grow for extended output cuts


Energy Prices





Hundreds of thousands of salmon survived spillway erosion but die after water pump fails





Norwegian trade union approves Israel boycott





European stocks log small gain as Vivendi, AstraZenera rally


Dutch court rules 12-year-old boy can refuse chemotherapy


Jewish, Catholic headstones damaged in main Rome cemetery




FedEx Impacted by Worldwide Cyberattack




Trump looking at ex-Michigan lawmaker as next FBI chief


For Trump Backers, Real Outrage Is the Uproar Over Comey (FBI Director James Comey)


Poll: Majority think Comey firing wasn't appropriate


Acting Director Contradicts White House on F.B.I. Inquiry


Trump Pressed for Loyalty. Comey Offered ‘Honesty.’


Trump Is Insulting Our Intelligence


The Easy Tells of Comey’s Canning


FBI searches Republican political consulting firm in Maryland


Comey gets the 'United' treatment on 'New Yorker' cover


On Comey, Trump and O’Donnell Finally Find Agreement


A political ax murder


Yevgeny Nikulin, alleged Russian hacker claims FBI asked him to confess targeting Clinton campaign


The real reason Trump canned Jim Comey


Trump retweets Rosie O'Donnell's 2016 call to fire Comey


FBI Agents Furious With Comey Ready to Come Forward: ‘They Are Going to Talk’


Exclusive: Sacked James Comey was on a run of bad luck - he lost $500,000 on sale of his Gold Coast Connecticut home months before he was fired


Kelly Ayotte among candidates to be FBI director: report




Wells Fargo bogus accounts balloon to 3.5 million: lawyers




Macron’s party announces its legislative candidates, and half are political neophytes  (The 429 candidates are the first indication of French President-elect Emmanuel Macron’s fluid party which he formed just a year ago, and the June elections will be critical in determining whether he will be able to pursue his ambitious goals.)


Tony Blair tells new French president Macron what he needs to do


Macron: Stop saying my much-older wife is my beard


Macron to hold talks with Merkel in Berlin on first day of new job


France looks set for another change to the school timetable




Angela Merkel hits campaign trail before crucial bellwether poll  (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


Number of Brits seeking citizenship in German metropoles shot up fivefold after Brexit vote


Merkel Bends the Knee to Trump’s NATO Spending Demands


Germans some of toughest Europeans on Brexit talks, survey shows


Eight things to know about Islam in Germany




Arctic council Finland voices concern over US and Russian climate change doubters





The Next Big Lie — Republicans Are To Blame For ObamaCare's Coming Rate Shocks


A reporter’s arrest after he asked Tom Price a question sends a chilling message (Health and Human Service Secretary Tom Price)


Blame The Free Market, Comrade


More price hikes likely for government insurance markets




NYC’s mental-health drive ignores those who need the most help


Hospital files $150K lien against Good Samaritan


Lyme disease numbers on the rise


Doctor eases Somali-American community vaccine fears amid Minnesota measles outbreak


How to spot if a mole is cancerous: Animation graphic reveals the ABCDE of skin cancer warning signs 





Odd couple: The Holocaust survivor who shares a flat with the granddaughter of Nazis




Hong Kong accused of smothering dissent for expected Xi Jinping visit  (Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping)




Rep. Nadler (D-New York): Sure I Wanted Comey Fired, But That Was Last Year


Midwestern Nice? Not at Town Hall for Iowa Republican


One GOP lawmaker’s plan to save money: Turn non-English-speaking kids over to ICE (US Representative of Oklahoma Mike Ritze (R) described his proposal, which would affect tens of thousands of students, to a CBS affiliate, saying, “Identify them and then turn them over to ICE to see if they truly are citizens, and do we really have to educate noncitizens?”)


Congressional Hispanic Caucus wants immigration official ousted


Outside money floods House special elections in Georgia and Montana


Schiff: ‘Nobody buys’ Trump’s explanation for firing Comey (US Representative of California Adam Schiff (D)


Cowboy poet in Montana gives Democrats hope for U.S. House seat, proof of anti-Trump effect


Democrat Refers to Middle America as ‘Podunk, USA’  (US Representative of California Anna Eshoo (D)


GOP Rep. Justin Amash calls for bipartisan commission to investigate Russia interference in election


Negative Nancy: Dalai Lama Prays For Nancy Pelosi to Rid Herself of Her Negative Attitude (Video) (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


Dem rep: Trump could be charged with obstruction of justice over Comey firing




Hawaiians warned not to travel to Texas due to new immigration law



Authorities Arrest 1,378 in ICE-Led Operation Targeting Gangs




How China Reacted To Sri Lanka Blocking Its Submarine With Eye On India 




Massive creature washes up on Indonesia's Serum Island - but what is it?




Trump Weighing Plan to 'Streamline' Intelligence Community





How Does Election-Rigging Work in Iran?


Iran caught fleecing its people to bankroll terrorists




ISIS’s dirty secret  (How Islamic State managed to get supplies, electricity and food, despite being under a ‘state of siege.’)





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Friday, May 12, 2017)


Abbas' and PA's female role model: Mother of 4 terrorists serving life sentences (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Red Cross Meets with Marwan Barghouti  (Convicted murderer and terrorist-“Palestinian” leader Marwan Barghouthi)


In Palestinian Authority And In Jordanian, Egyptian, And Saudi Press, Harsh Criticism Of New Hamas Policy Document


Pro-PA students try to silence Consul General


20 Stoning Attacks in 24 Hours


Trump to discuss 'Palestinian self-determination' (National security adviser: Trump will express his desire for self-determination for the “Palestinians” during upcoming Middle East visit.)


Funeral held for Palestinian killed by Israeli forces during solidarity march


Russia Allocates $4 Million to Renovate UNESCO Sanctioned Bethlehem Street


Israeli forces kill 23-year-old Palestinian, injure dozens during clashes in West Bank (Judea and Samaria)


Leftist Activist: PA Arabs Using NGOs in Entry Permits Industry


26 days in, IPS forces continue assaults on hunger-striking prisoners


One of World’s Smallest Huge Cargo Ships Visits Haifa Harbor


Israel’s allies during the 21st  century


Committee: Possible negotiations to take place between IPS and hunger strike leaders


Israel Considering Increasing Entry Permits for Ramadan


Israel Claims Victory After FIFA Votes to Stop Palestinian Proposal


Israel teen 'kept at home since birth'





The Zen Cult of Death in Wartime Japan


Why 'proud' posters caused stir in Japan




'Why Do You Lock Your Doors?': Tucker Battles Jorge Ramos On 'Racist' Border Wall  


The media have already impeached Trump




One fourth of Medicare recipients spend 20 percent of income on medical costs




A mom demanded justice for her daughter's death in Mexico. On Mexican Mother's Day, she was killed


Retired Idaho teacher says she's held hostage in Mexican hospital


Mexican who searched for 'disappeared' is killed




Yemen: Al-Qaida tempts recruits with quiz offering AK-47 as top prize  




Pentagon: US Approves Sale of $2B in Missiles to UAE


Experts: US must project its cyber warfare capabilities to deter Russian threat


Trump targets the Navy’s new aircraft catapult


C130s shuttle around Afghanistan, ferrying personnel and supplies


Medal of Honor recipient who single-handedly fought back eight German counterattacks in WWII dies at 94


Guam drills indefinitely postponed after craft runs aground


Pentagon intelligence chief warns of Afghan gains being lost




Minimum Wage Hikes: A Feel-Good Lie That Destroys Jobs And Minority Kids' Futures


Larry Elder: Dear Jane Fonda, Minimum Wages Destroy Jobs





NASA Rejects Idea of Humans on First Flight of New Rocket




US security officials meet to discuss global cyberattack using leaked NSA tools




New Zealand's ambitious plan to save birds: Kill every rat




Pakistan bomb attack: Balochistan blast kills 25




Racist has a bad day




Donald Trump's tax law firm has 'deep' ties to Russia


Russian TV News Item On Rothschild Family Uses Nazi Footage


Stop helping Russia undermine our democracy


Russian Orthodox Prelate Predicts: Europe Will Turn Muslim In 30 Years, Russia In 50


Arrests amid calls for inquiry into alleged anti-gay torture





New Poll Suggests Bob Casey in Vulnerable Position for 2018 Reelection Campaign (US Senator of Pennsylvania Robert Casey(D)


Senate votes to confirm Lighthizer, Trump’s trade rep nominee


Senators introduce VA accountability bill after 2-month stall


Senator proposed Merrick Garland for FBI director


Senate conservatives: Ease Obama health care law protections


Report: Anti-Trump Senator Mark Warner Made $6 Million in 2012 From Russian Tech Business (US Senator of Virginia Mark Warner (D)


Grassley: Branstad could be confirmed by next week  (US Senator of Iowa Charles Grassley (R)




Palestinians Running the Chile?


Brazil declares end to Zika emergency after fall in cases




In South Korea, New President Faces a Tangle of Economic Problems






Put through the wringer, they find salvation in the ring


Student doesn't accept NFLer's apology


Kaepernick's adviser: Three teams have reached out


High school basketball captain, 16, collapses and dies during a game moments after convincing coaches she was well enough to play following a fall


MLB Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard




Enraged Californians rebel against Gov. Brown’s (D) massive tax hike on cars and gas


Gov. Jerry Brown urges Republican 'penance' for healthcare vote, warns of the impact on California's budget


25 great white sharks seen off CA coast


Kansas mulls delaying amusement park law passed after boy's death


Missing US hiker in Montana found safe after six days




8-year-old suicide: Student was beaten, kicked




WHO Is Blocking Taiwan? (Communist China stops the island from attending a global health conference.)





Steve Harvey skips his own staff party after shocking memo




Thailand threatens Facebook over content





China, US reach agreement on beef, poultry and natural gas





The United States and Turkey Are on a Collision Course in Syria


Will US-Kurdish deal force Turkey back to PKK negotiation table?


Turkey detains ex-stock exchange workers for Gulen link





 Uber :Alleged theft of Waymo trade secrets referred to federal prosecutors




FTSE 100 closes at an all-time high as AstraZeneca rallies, pound stalls


Labour MPs reject Jeremy Corbyn's manifesto as Theresa May warns the party has 'abandoned' working class (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


'I'm not a pacifist', says Corbyn


Labour has deserted working class - May 


Sturgeon demands apology from May over election expenses ‘smear’  (Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon)


Thousands of school weapons seized


Sugar tax must apply to sweets as well as drinks, say campaigners


High earners could face 50p tax rate in Scotland next year


Divorce capital :Ex-wife awarded £453m in one of UK’s biggest ever settlements


Officer accused over racist toy complaint


Ex-wife awarded £453m in one of UK’s biggest ever settlements


Bank warns households face Brexit squeeze as inflation rises


UK virtual reality firm raises $500m


NHS: Patients waiting months for vital bowel cancer tests, figures show


SNP attacked over reduction in hospital bed numbers


Poor children 'fed diluted milk'


Aldi: Grocer plans UK supermarket for every 30,000 people


Sushi warning as patient found with live worms writhing in gut 


New arrest in executive murder inquiry


BBC apologises after Facebook post compared missing woman to newsreader


Lib Dem hopeful says 'don't vote for me'


Waiting lists set to soar amid six-fold rise in GP vacancies 


Mental health patients forced to travel


 PM grilled over state of public services on radio show


Teacher banned for viewing porn in class


Employment: Number of zero-hours contracts stalls at 'staggering' 1.7m  




Man drowns in freak car crash with fire hydrant 



Pope on special trip to Fatima shrine




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


White House Refuses to Say Whether Trump Tapes Conversations


Trump disputes reports of asking for Comey's loyalty


Trump Goes On Offense  (President says he was going to fire FBI Director James Comey no matter what.)


'Justice' Preview: Trump Says It's a 'Good Idea' to End Daily Press Briefings


As Trump creates commission to study voter fraud and suppression, liberals cry foul


Does Donald Trump want to be president?


Trump’s Troubles Go Way Beyond Russia


Is Sarah Huckabee Sanders 'auditioning' for bigger White House role?


Trump Offers New Account of Firing ‘Showboat’ Comey (FBI Director James Comey)


Trump says he was thinking of ‘this Russia thing’ when he decided to fire Comey


Trump Unloads on Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo, Stephen Colbert


The real test of our tolerance for Trump comes now


Trump keeps adding to the ‘collusion’ smoke, but there’s still no fire


A Warning on Trump’s Religious Liberty Order


Phoenix Billboard Depicting Trump as Nazi Was Funded by Taxpayers


Trump seems to be staging a coverup. So what’s the crime?


Trump retaliates on Twitter over Russia photos

Onetime bodyguard now one of Trump’s most trusted aides


Merriam-Webster reminds President Trump that he didn't invent 'prime the pump'


It’s impossible not to compare today to Watergate. And our officials are falling short.


Latinos must engage, not just resist, the Trump White House


Inside a White House dinner with Donald Trump


4 things Donald Trump got wrong in his Economist interview


Trump 'demanded a pledge of loyalty from Comey TWICE during private dinner at the White House - but the FBI director refused and now believes it sealed his fate'


NBC’s Lester Holt Interrupts Trump 9 Times in 3 Minutes – Gave Obama a Cake Walk Interview in January


Spicer to give first press briefing since Comey firing (White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer)


Alan Dershowitz: President Trump Did Not Obstruct Justice  



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