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Wednesday, May 16, 2018





In Today’s Issue: 




Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton Vetoes Bill Allowing Women to See Ultrasound of Baby Before Abortion


Texas Has the Most Cities More than 100 Miles from an Abortion Clinic, Study Finds


20 States Want to Force Taxpayers to Fund the Planned Parenthood Abortion Business


In these American cities, women must travel more than 100 miles for an abortion


Abortionist Who’s So Bad He’s Had 13 Malpractice Suits Sets Up Shop in California


Groups File Lawsuit To Block Iowa's New 'Heartbeat' Abortion Law


Abortionist Killed 40,000 Babies in Abortions, Then He Killed This Woman


Iowa’s New Abortion Law Is Just One of Many Intended to Render Roe Meaningless


Planned Parenthood: Abortions Must Remain Legal Because Killing Babies is Part of Basic “Health Care”


Where Anti-Choice Lawmakers Are Elected, 'Abortion Deserts' Persist


Louisiana House Passes Pro-Life Bill Banning Abortions After 15 Weeks


These Pro-Choice Warriors Saved Texas' Abortion Clinics Once. Now ...


Maine Supreme Court To Take Up State Medicaid Abortion Ban


Iowa Attorney General Refuses to Defend Law Banning Abortions on Babies With Beating Hearts


Louisiana House votes overwhelmingly to ban abortion after 15 weeks


Obstetrician of the Year Urges Ireland to Vote No on Legalizing Abortion


Some Irish believe lives were saved by country's prohibition on abortion




America's Exit Strategy for Afghanistan is Flawed




The Great Somali Welfare Rip-Off


In Chad, the Elephants (So Many Elephants) Are Back




California Used Dirty Tricks to Legalize Assisted Suicide, Now a Judge is Holding It Accountable


Judge tosses California law allowing life-ending drugs




Australian Market Rises


Australian dollar slammed with emerging markets


Australian millennials' faith in politics and big business collapsing, poll finds


Couple holds Australia’s first same-sex Jewish wedding


Marriage equality wasn't the end of the fight for equality for LGBTI Australians




Cartels make $500 million a year from smuggling illegal immigrants across U.S. border




Commodity stocks help TSX close higher as loonie moves upward


Ontario PC candidate resigns after private 407 freeway confirms ‘internal theft' of data on 60,000 customers


Canada slams ‘inexcusable’ use of live fire at Gaza border, says citizen injured


Watch: B.C. woman poops then hurls feces at Tim Hortons staff


Canadian manufacturing sales point to growth in overall economy, analysts say


Ottawa to cover Trans Mountain losses due to B.C. obstruction


Study says Toronto second likeliest spot for Amazon’s new HQ — but that doesn't count tax breaks




This conservative Christian guide to the nation’s capital vows to tell you what other tours won’t





FBI Search Of CIA Leak Suspect Turned Up Photos Of Sex Assault On Unconscious Friend


John Brennan’s ‘Exceptionally Sensitive’ Issue  (Former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency nominee John Brennan)


U.S. identifies suspect in major leak of CIA hacking tools




Starbucks to open new China store every 15 hours until 2022


On Trade, the US and China Consider the Unthinkable: Breaking Up


How Trump's ZTE deal could undercut his foreign policy




North Korea threatens to pull out of U.S. summit




Meet Tesla's new bondholder: Billionaire George Soros




Catholic marriage counselor fired because of her religious beliefs


Michael Cohen battles Stormy Daniels' lawyer over publishing his bank information


Glendale cop tied to Mexican Mafia and Armenian organized crime, federal officials say


‘Institutional bait and switch’ — Organization files lawsuit to block Obama library construction




Illinois police officer shoots former student who opened fire in Dixon High School


Video shows brazen police ambush, underscores risks cops take every day


Armed male shot at police officer at Dixon High School, city says


Elementary school teacher, 32, caught with boy student shot dead in driveway


Second transgender woman found dead in Dallas area within a week, police say


Drunken mom goes on wild rampage after disrupting school play: cops


Worst co-worker ever served laxative-laced brownies: cops


Woman killed in 'suspicious' explosion at Aliso Viejo office building; authorities say blast appears intentional  (California)




Dems Pour Cash Into California Races to Avoid ‘Nightmare’ Shutouts




Trump officials faulted climate panel for having only ‘one member from industry’




US Agency Seeks New Authority to Disable Threatening Drones





Trump team ready to ‘pressure’ Mueller at probe’s one-year mark  (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)




Stocks stage rebound as traders shake off rising bond yields


Wall St. gains as small-cap Russell 2000 hits record


Job Openings Hit Record 6.6 Million, One for Every Unemployed


Bonds, stocks and gold all falling at the same time meant there was almost nowhere to hide


Asian shares fall as North Korea suspends talks, U.S. yields climb


Asian Stocks Fall With U.S. Treasury Above 3%: Markets Wrap


Dollar index hits 2018 high, havens yen and Swiss also rise




DASHCAM: School official calls top cop 'skinhead,' demands special treatment


Thousands of NC teachers marching through downtown Raleigh toward legislature


Walking a Tightrope on Controversial Speakers


Disgraced Parkland school cop starts pocketing hefty pension


Overreacting to College Student Suicide?


North Carolina teachers set to walk out of class


Pioneering College for Adults Struggles in Middle Age


U.S.C. Admits Fault After Years of Reports Against Doctor


Alumni Allege Rampant Sexual Harassment


Hiram Floats Interdisciplinary Redesign




Suspected drug ring nabbed by security forces at Egypt border




Qatari investor confirms he attended Trump Tower meetings in 2016


Qatari diplomat dismisses Avenatti's allegations




Pennsylvania Primary Election Results


Idaho Primary Election Results




Commentary: Four scenarios for the 2020 Democratic primary


The Memo: Elizabeth Warren steals show at 2020 audition  (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


Resurrection of Marx: Likely Democratic 2020 presidential contenders dip left on jobs, economy




Oil climbs on Middle East unrest, with Brent notching another multiyear high


Energy Prices




Tesla Crash May Have Triggered Battery Fire: Swiss Firefighters 




European stocks rise to more-than-3-month high as euro crumbles under Italian worries


Europe to ditch US dollar in payments for Iranian oil – source


Armed male shot at police officer at Dixon High School, city says




DOJ responds to request for info on Comey's law professor friend(Former FBI Director James Comey)




FDA Tells Scientist to Stop Making Three-Parent Unborn Babies


Farm linked to massive egg recall, salmonella outbreak had 'ongoing rodent infestation:' report




Suburban Paris synagogue nixes chief rabbi event amid fear of violence over Gaza


Europa League final: French police on high alert over fears of violence




Merkel reveals plan for dealing with AfD in crucial budget debate(German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


‘Germany’s foreign population - it’s time to make your voice heard!’


'Insurance against forgetting': Auschwitz trial files classed Unesco heritage


‘Germany’s foreign population - it’s time to make your voice heard!’




Here's why Congress and think tanks think a carbon tax would be disastrous


Alaska, Feeling the Thaw, Prepares to Fight Climate Change




Texas doctor accused in $240 million health care fraud case


Deadly new pig virus could pose threat to humans




'Insurance against forgetting': Auschwitz trial files classed Unesco heritage




Maryland GOP governor signs law banning gay conversion therapy




Women sweep to victory in House primaries 


Judge: Ballots in disputed Wasserman Schultz race were illegally destroyed (US Representative of Florida Debbie Wasserman Schultz(D)


Where the Democrats' fight to retake the House started last night


House to Probe China Threat


DCCC Hit With Ethics Complaint After Secret Recording Released


Democratic Hispanic Caucus Chair Has to Use Joe Kennedy for Ads in Spanish


House Republicans' plan to entice Trump voters to the polls


William Bennett is wrong to attack George Will for (wrongly) attacking Mike Pence


Women Win Big in House Primary Races in Pennsylvania


Progressive pick Wild wins Dem primary for Pa. House seat


Trump huddles with House GOP leaders on immigration


Freedom Caucus weighs option to derail forced vote on immigration




India suspends battle with Kashmir rebels for Ramadan




Democrats have suddenly embraced Internet price controls


'Christian Internet' vows to make users 'safe, strong and blessed'



Iran in Panic Mode, Scrambles to Save Nuclear Deal


The Iran Deal Didn't Change Tehran's Behavior


Iran in Panic Mode, Scrambles to Save Nuclear Deal


The Iran Deal Didn't Change Tehran's Behavior


Iran: Trump Would Not Allow History to Repeat Itself  (Just as Munich gave Hitler more time to build up his Panzers, the Geneva Agreement gave the mullahs ten years to build the bomb.)


The New Axis of Evil   (When Iran, Russia and Turkey collude.)




Muqtada al-Sadr: An American ally?




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing    (Wednesday, May 16, 2018)


The Palestinians' self-made Nakba


Netanyahu Warns of ‘Warlike Move by Hamas’ at Gaza Border  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


‘F*ck Turkey’: Netanyahu’s son posts controversial Instagram image


'Minority Report' targeted killings of terrorists by 2025 - ex-IDF chief


Hamas official: 50 of the 62 Gazans killed in border violence were our members


Hamas: Down to the last Gazan


IDF Retaliates for Gaza Attack on Sderot  (Israel Defense Forces)


IDF planes strike Hamas ‘terror targets’ in northern Gaza Strip


U.S. Embassy Inauguration Exposes Core Elements Of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (Video)


Parents sue Shin Bet, claiming agency failed to stop informant son from suicide


What caused the Palestinian refugee problem? 13 important stories told by refugees from 1948


Trump drowns, Israel comes to an end, because "Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine" - in Fatah animation


State Department says it didn’t invite contentious pastor to US embassy opening


Offspring Of Pregnant Women Exposed To Terrorism More Likely To Develop Schizophrenia


Guatemala opens Jerusalem embassy, two days after US


Gaza activists prevent entry of medications sent by Israel


Dianne Feinstein blasts Nikki Haley for blocking UN Gaza investigation


Two Palestinians shot, killed by Israeli forces in Gaza's al-Bureij


Gaza death toll rises to 61, 8-month-old baby girl dies from tear-gas suffocation


Gaza Health Ministry releases names of 42 slain Palestinians


Harsh Anti-U.S. Rhetoric By The Palestinian Authority And Its Daily Newspaper: Throughout History, U.S. Policy Has Been Based On Aggression, Mass Extermination; U.S. Embassy In Jerusalem Is 'Den Of Settlers'


A baby girl dies in the haze of Gaza


Trump, Truman and Israel


Media Bias: How Media Turn U.S., Israel Into Villains By Misreporting Gaza 'Protesters' Violence


Jerusalem embassy issue 'excuse' to riot, kill


Support and Sorrow Mix as Israelis Think About Deaths in Gaza




Japan's economy shrinks in first quarter, ends 2-year run of growth




US, Gulf Arab states place sanctions on Hezbollah leadership




Let's Stop Calling It Liberalism




Four Swordsmen Attack Police in Indonesia Amid a Siege of Violence


Malaysia's Reformist Icon Anwar Freed, Given Royal Pardon




Why We Don’t Read Newspapers


CNN’s Chris Cillizza under fire for posting image of Trump in crosshairs




Trump's Plan for Selling Weapons to the Middle East


America Should See Saudi Arabia's War on Yemen for the Horror It Really Is




Commander in Fitzgerald collision accuses Navy of litigating criminal case in public


Doctor helping sex-assault victims at Travis charged with raping patients


Bride-to-be didn’t let sudden Iraq deployment spoil her wedding


Marine Corps announces sweeping changes to ground-combat forces




Family rapes, kills Christian teen slave girl


Uproar over diplomat's car crash strains ties between US and Pakistan


Pakistan: Will general elections be held on time?


Pakistan faces dual threat of institutional crisis and diplomatic isolation




6 US states accuse opioid maker Purdue of fueling overdoses





Putin Says Russian Frigates With Cruise Missiles 'on Permanent Standby' Over Syria Threat (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


A Russian View on America’s Withdrawal from the Iran Deal


Only 14% of Russian Airstrikes in Syria Hit Islamic State Targets, Report Says


The Russian-German Relationship Is in Free Fall


Bridge' in Inaugural Drive


Russia's Lavrov Says 'Deeply Alarmed' by Violence During Gaza Clashes   (Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov)


Russian Bikers Cross 'Putin's Bridge' in Inaugural Drive





Campaign robocall refers to Sen. Dianne Feinstein as ‘traitorous’ Jew  (US Senator of California Dianne Feinstein (D)


GOP-led Senate panel backs Obama intel officials’ report on Russia meddling


Senate panel votes to endorse Gina Haspel as first female CIA director


Thousands of pages of congressional testimony shed light on 2016 Trump Tower meeting


Oy: Haspel mouthing the torture-regret script in order to win Democrat confirmation votes


Gillibrand Introduces Bill to Make ICE, CBP Report Immigration Stops   (US Senator of New York  Kirsten Gillibrand (D)


Trump’s C.I.A. Pick Appears Likely to Be Confirmed


Barletta, Trump backer, wins GOP nod to take on Sen. Casey


The Memo: Elizabeth Warren steals show at 2020 audition  (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


Senate Republicans petition McConnell to work through August on confirmations, spending bills (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


GOP senators don't raise McCain in meeting with Trump  (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)




Official: South Korea Working to Determine ‘True’ Reason for Cancelled Inter-Korean Dialogue


North Korea warns US as it suspends South Korea talks over military drills




Victims of monster gymnastics coach reach $500M settlement with Michigan State


PGA golfer's wife arrested for allegedly attacking him, his mom after bad round


Prep football star drowns off Florida beach days before graduation


MLB Scoreboard


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard




Hundreds of Roads Impassable, Schools Closed, 90000 Without Power After Deadly Storm Hits Connecticut


Is Your State Restricting Your Ability to Support Candidates?


Girl killed by tree as storms batter Northeast


Hawaii volcano eruption intensifies, triggering 'red' warning


Oregon governor to face state rep in November


How not to blow California's $8.8-billion windfall




Pompeo reminds State Dept staff of America’s ‘essential rightness’ in world affairs (US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo)




US weapons meant for Syrian rebels wind up in hands of Al Qaeda




China Says War Drills Show There Is 'No Way Out' for Taiwan


Taiwan slams global brands for siding with China




Seattle Makes Amazon, Starbucks Pay For Its Own Housing Blunders




NBC cancels 'extremely liberal' show that mocked Christians




No NAFTA deal will be reached by Thursday’s U.S. deadline, Canada and Mexico say





Transactional Transgenderism




Erdogan abuses Israel as a distraction from the plummeting Turkish lira (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Row with Turkey over Gaza gets ugly


 Erdogan: Turkey will not allow Israel to steal Jerusalem from


EU warns of new surge in asylum seekers from Turkey




U.K. stocks end at 4-month high as Burberry, Paddy Power rally




‘Indoor generation’: A quarter of Americans spend all day inside, survey finds




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Poll: Voters more confident in Trump on North Korea


'Damage done:' Leading Democrat says Americans 'angry and scared' because of what Trump has done to democracy


White House eliminates cybersecurity coordinator position


Huckabee Sanders: White House leakers ‘should be fired’  (White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders)


Watch: Millennials say they would rather date a convicted felon than a Trump supporter


Larry Kudlow Defying Critics, Cleaning House(Kudlow is so far demonstrating extraordinary leadership in being able to reconcile the disparate factions within the Trump administration.)


Rudy Giuliani's confusing media statements may hurt his business


Trump allies fear leak crackdown impossible without hitting senior staff


Trump misses Hope Hicks as White House communications shop struggles to contain leaks


William Bennett is wrong to attack George Will for (wrongly) attacking Mike Pence


Trump move would make it easier for U.S. gun manufacturers to export firearms


Trump gives GOP midterm pep talk


Trump’s pick to run Labor’s pension agency: Sen. McConnell’s brother-in-law


This Guy Avenatti


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