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Wednesday, May 9, 2018






In Today’s Issue: 





University students play sexually-explicit games to raise money for Planned Parenthood


My pro-life horror film


University Won’t Hire Doctor to Train Future Abortionists After Pro-Life Students Protest


No, Danielle Campoamor, Abortion Is Not Pro-Life


Activists protest outside Google HQ over anti-abortion search results


Who Knew Abortion Could Be So Funny?


Some forms of abortion may become 'crimes of violence' under state law(Louisiana)


Texas' habit of exporting bad abortion policy


Ohio Pro-Life Candidate Mike DeWine Wins Republican Nomination for Governor


ERA debate focuses on abortion rights


Justin Trudeau’s New Policy Forcing Churches to Promote Abortion Outrages Canadians  (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Thousands to protest Trudeau’s abortion agenda at Canadian March for Life


How Difficult Is It To Get An Abortion? Here Are The Laws For Every State.


Teacher Impregnates 15-Year-Old Student, Forces Her to Have Abortion(Accra, Ghana)


Facebook bans foreign ads in Ireland's abortion vote


Silicon Valley Deletes the Pro-Life Campaign in Ireland


Google Bans Pro-Life Ads Ahead of Ireland Vote to Legalize Abortion




Suicide bombers strike in Afghan capital, 6 hurt





Ebola Returns Just as Trump Asks to Rescind Ebola Funds


New Ebola outbreak in the Congo, 10 other cases suspected: Health officials




Passengers evacuate onto Delta plane's wing after smoke fills cabin




Ensuring an Open South China Sea




104-Year-Old Man Arrives in Switzerland to Kill Himself in Assisted Suicide Tomorrow


Hawaii Just Made a Massive Mistake by Legalizing Assisted Suicide, Here’s Why


104-year-old Australian promotes right to assisted suicide




Australian Market Rises


The Australian dollar has been slammed




Boeing, Airbus to Lose Billions in Orders From Trump's Iran Sanctions




Mormon Church breaks all ties with Boy Scouts, ending 100-year relationship




Trump: US Moving AheadWith Border Wall in California




Surging oil prices push TSX higher


Ontario issues first genderless birth certificate to ‘non-binary’ trans activist


Bank of Canada raises mortgage qualifying rate following increase in Big Six banks’ fixed rates


Warning: Graphic video captures racist rant at Lethbridge Denny's


Ontario's privacy watchdog launches probe over leaked police records used to smear would-be PC candidate


These Toronto high-schoolers are walking out of class for tougher action on teachers who sexually touch students


Glitches reported as emergency alert testing resumes across Canada


Small earthquake near Ajax felt in Whitby and Oshawa


Activists claim victory as Trudeau's oil tanker ban passes Commons (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)

As middle class gets priced out of housing market, Canada takes drastic steps to make it affordable


Mistrial declared in Toronto cancer researcher’s murder case


John Ivison: With another apology, Trudeau tries to right — and rewrite — the past


Freeland raises Canadian ‘concerns’ about American auto proposals for NAFTA


U of T says 14-storey timber tower to be ‘symbol of wood sustainability’




CDC boss gets $165,300 pay cut from record-setting salary




Trump's CIA pick faces Senate grilling


Al Qaeda Leader Joins Democrats In Attack on Trump’s CIA Nominee




Calif. bill already impacting religious expression


Met Gala fundraiser slammed for mocking Christians




As China Dominates Drug Manufacturing, Expert Says US Should Protect Medicine as a Strategic Asset


Hanoi demands Beijing withdraw missiles from disputed islands




Remember When All the ‘Experts’ Predicted Nuclear War with North Korea Because of Trump's 'Provocative Rhetoric'?


Family of Prisoner Thanks President Trump for ‘Engaging Directly’ with NKorea


 Trump Rules Out DMZ for Summit With NKorea's Kim  (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


Kim Jong-un's 2nd  China Trip Sparks Fears of Weakening Sanctions


E. Asian powers call for de-nuked N. Korea


North Korea frees 3 American prisoners ahead of a planned Trump-Kim summit


Pompeo to return from North Korea with 3 US captives: South Korea  (US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo)




Judge Denies Teachers Union’s Requested Restraining Order Against Project Veritas


Principal who killed himself had sexually abused student: suit


#MeToo in the federal court system is doomed to fail


Teacher facing 20 years after admitting sex, drug use with teen




14 Boston-area students accused of painting swastikas on building


Teen model found dead after night of drugs and sex at doctor’s home: cops


Police change name to 'PoPo' – what could go wrong?


Boy, 14, attacked outside yeshiva in New York




Lewinsky upset after mag booted her from event when Clinton said yes: report


Spitzer, Weiner, Schneiderman: a bunch of power-hungry perverts




Winning: Food Stamp Enrollment Drops by 1.3M in Two Months




Mueller's marching orders may become public(Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


3rd  search finds still more Clinton-Lynch tarmac-meeting records (Former US Attorney General Loretta Lynch)


Secret intelligence source who aided Mueller probe is at center of clash between Nunes and Justice Dept.




Stock market advances as energy, financials surge


Oil, energy stocks lift Wall St after U.S. quits Iran deal


Stocks Climb, Oil Jumps as Treasury Yield Tops 3%: Markets Wrap


Asian Stocks Slip, Yields Rise, Oil Climbs on Iran: Markets Wrap


Most Asian shares edge lower after Trump announces plan to withdraw from Iran deal


Cryptocurrency hedge funds rebound in April, gaining more than 80%


‘There is clearly a gap in skills’: U.S. has a record 6.6 million job openings


Treasury yields trade off highs after strong 10-year note auction


Oil and the dollar are doing something they have only done 11 times in the past 35 years


Gold ends lower, extends losing streak to 3 days




How China Managed to Play Censor at a Conference on U.S. Soil


Pro-Palestinian US students slam Muslim chaplain for defending campus Hillel


Shock Video: Ivy Leaguer strips to deliver thesis, fight 'oppressive' beliefs


System Crash (Computer science students on a number of campuses complain that their departments can't meet demand. Their professors are also stressed. But experts say there is no clear fix for nationwide shortage of computer science faculty.)


Art teacher who spoke of marrying partner accused of pushing 'gay agenda'


These are Pa.'s top 25 high schools, says US News & World Report


Second student found dead on campus just days after unexplained death


Duke official got baristas sacked over music in campus coffee shop


Lawsuit Targets University of Michigan's 'Bias Response Team'


The Life of a Black Professor in America


'We are humans too:' Voices of UCLA's striking custodians, hospital aides and imaging technicians




CNN poll: Democrats' 2018 advantage is nearly gone


Analysis: Why Tuesday's Primary Results Are Good News for Republicans


Women trounce men on first major primary night of the year


Blankenship loses, Trump claims big wins and more: 4 takeaways from Tuesday's primaries


Tuesday's Republican primary winners just Trumpy enough


Blankenship concedes Senate run in W.Va.; N.C.’s Pittenger is first incumbent loss of 2018


Party Mavericks Are Rebuffed at the Polls




US crude surges 3% to 3½-year high, settling at $71.14, after US quits Iran nuclear deal


Trump's Iran Sanctions to Shake Up Global Oil Supply Lines


Citigroup: U.S. Will Be World’s Largest Oil Exporter by Next Year


Energy Prices


Here’s what will drive oil prices after Trump’s Iran decision


Fund managers predict the decline of oil, but we’ve heard this one before




Is this why EPA's Scott Pruitt needs more security?  (Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt)




European equities climb to 3-month high, boosted by gains for oil stocks


Sweden: study finds vast majority of gang rape convicts are Muslim migrants


Europeans scramble to save Iran nuclear deal but face new concerns over US sanctions




Breaking: New Development's On Inspector General's Report Of Comey's FBI(Former FBI Director James Comey)




The Net Neutrality CRA would remove FTC privacy protections against Facebook




Keep killing off Obama's foreign policy, Mr. President



France's Macron and Iran's Rouhani agree to stick to landmark nuclear deal (French President Emmanuel Macron/Iranian President Hassan Rouhani)




Berlin court bars woman with headscarf from teaching in primary school


Merkel cabinet agrees law change to let all refugees bring families to Germany (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


German political class reacts angrily to ‘instructions’ from new US ambassador


Multi-billion euro tax recalculation spells good news for middle-income earners




Google Is Fighting for Criminal Justice Reform. Here’s Where It’s Going Astray.

Google won't bake the cake, which is fine




Uncle Sam’s Deadly Cancer Screening Advice 




Texas Town Elects Cross-Dressing Homosexual Soldier For Their Mayor- America is Done




Liberals Vent About ‘Terrible’ News Mike Pence’s Brother Is One Step Closer to Congress


House panel grills drug distributors about opioid abuse


Pelosi says Dems will work to roll back Trump tax cuts if they retake Congress (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


House panel supports Agent Orange coverage for ‘Blue Water’ Navy veterans


Mike Pence’s Brother Captures G.O.P. House Primary in Indiana




Another California city joins Trump in opposing sanctuary law




Hindu Extremists’ Level Spurious Accusation of ‘Conversion Racket’ in India, Sources Say


Caught in US-Iran crossfire, India to work around curbs


Emerging Economies Summit: India is 'blueprint for developing world'


Walmart's $16 Billion Bet on India: DealBook Briefing




ISIS claims role in deadly prison riot




Why the internet is suddenly protesting on net neutrality all over again




Iran demands guarantees from Europe to stay in deal


Who wins and who loses from sanctions on Iran?


Problems are mounting for Iran, which may make it particularly dangerous


Watch: Iranian MPs Burn U.S. flag in Parliament, Chant ‘Death to America’ After Trump Ends Deal


Iran's Nuclear Deal Was Doomed from the Start


Iranian lawmakers set paper US flag ablaze, shout ‘Death to America!’


Trump now needs to bring Iran's economy to its knees


The Delusions and Collusions of the Hon. Kerry


Next step? Iran's people should 'remove' regime from power




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing    (Wednesday, May 9, 2018)


IDF: Iranian forces fire 20 rockets at Israel; Iron Dome intercepts some  (Israel Defense Forces)


Iranian forces fire 20 rockets toward Golan Heights


After U.S. President Scraps Iran Deal, Putin Holds Israel’s Trump Card(Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


After Putin meet, PM indicates Moscow won’t curtail Israeli strikes in Syria


Netanyahu Cites ‘Deep Ties Between Our Peoples’ After 10 Hours with Putin in Moscow(Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Europeans said boycotting Foreign Ministry event celebrating new US embassy


Palestinian government condemns early release of Elor Azaria


A preemptive strike in Syria


2 polls indicate big surge for Netanyahu’s Likud after Trump’s Iran announcement


Palestinian brothers and mother detained by Israeli forces in predawn raids


Hamas leader: Next week’s border protests will be ‘decisive’


Paraguay Makes It Official: Embassy to Move to Jerusalem in May


Israeli naval forces open fire on Gaza fishermen


Israeli bulldozers raze lands in southern Gaza


The Miracle That is Israel Today




Malaysia on the brink of first ever change in government as Mahathir claims victory 




Actress Cynthia Nixon Calls for Marijuana Reparations for Blacks




Report details findings of NBC's internal probe after Lauer firing


NYT rips AWOL Pompeo as he is rescuing Americans held in North Korea (US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo)


Embarrassment as MSNBC star sees 'significant decrease in audience size'




Saudi Arabia warns it will develop nukes if Iran does


Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt Welcome President Trump's Withdrawal From JCPOA


Saudi air defense intercept ballistic missile over Riyadh


President Trump’s Nixing Of Nuclear Deal Exposes Middle East Divisions




Mattis: Trump Admin. Already Working with Allies to Prevent Iran from Acquiring Nukes   (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


Soldier stranded at airport watches daughter's birth on FaceTime


Air Force orders stand down over safety issues, as fatal crashes climb in 2018


Air Force slashes computer-based training requirements


Fitzgerald officer of the deck pleads guilty at court-martial


Pentagon probe into deadly Niger attack finds mistakes, but recommends no punishment


Russians posed as ISIS hackers, threatened US military wives


Army investigates death of soldier at Fort Wainwright in Alaska




Pakistan passes landmark transgender rights law


Magnitude 5.5 quake rattles NW Pakistan, no word on damage




Defiant Russia showcases new weapons in Victory Day parade


The Great Divide: Is Germany's Special Relationship with Russia at an End?


Russian 'Immortal Regiment' Marches Across the World, in Pictures


Moscow Jumps to 28th  in Global Ranking of Best Cities for University Students


'We Defeated Hitler, We’ll Defeat Putin': 23 Activists Arrested at Moscow Victory Day Parade




Housing Developer: Tenants with Firearms Will Be Evicted…


Here’s How The Supreme Court Already Repealed The Second Amendment


Oliver North was once a key figure in the Iran-Contra scandal. Now he has a new role: NRA president





Kamala Harris grills CIA nominee on whether interrogations were 'immoral'(US Senator of California Kamala Harris (D)


Watch: Senator Cotton Reminds Democrats About Their Connection To Torture Program(US Senator of Arkansas Tom Cotton (R)


5 Takeaways From The Haspel Hearing


Conservatives to McConnell: Time to Force Issue on Nominees, Spending Bills  (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


John Gizzi: GOP Rallies After Senate Primaries


Mitch McConnell gets the last laugh over Don Blankenship defeat(Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


Democratic senators remain coy on eve of Gina Haspel's confirmation hearing


Russia Targeted Confidence in Voting Systems, Senators Say


West Virginia Rejects Blankenship in Senate Primary




Ronan Farrow: Sexual Harassment Claims Must be ‘Bulletproof’ Before Published




Small Employers Cut Working Hours After Minimum-Wage Hike


US exit from Iran deal threatens South Korean economy


Korean economy losing growth momentum


Korea clinches $129.5 million deal to run terminal at Kuwaiti airport


Six out of 10 People Own Their Homes


South Korea working for release of its citizens held in North Korea


Korean War survivors hopeful of seeing families in NK one last time




SpaceX's Second Falcon Heavy Rocket Spectacle Slips to October




Minnesota Timberwolves coach resigns amid misconduct allegations from several women


ESPN star dismisses reported meeting between Trump and kneeling quarterback as 'a photo op'


Paralyzed football player walks down aisle at wedding


MLB Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard




Schneiderman Scandal Should Be a Spiritual Crisis for Democrats (New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman (D)


Cuomo’s “Churchillian” Temptation(Eager to respond to Cynthia Nixon’s left-wing challenge, the New York governor is outdoing himself with over-the-top rhetoric and gestures.)


Flooding forces evacuations in Montana


Fifth woman abused by New York attorney general: Report


Scenes From the Ruling Class, Schneiderman Style  (New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman (D)


New fissures open up as 24-hour pause in Kilauea volcanic activity ends


Why New York attorneys general are such power-mad freaks


N.Y. gov. appoints special prosecutor to investigate Schneiderman


Victims’ advocate rips #MeToo ‘hypocrite’ Schneiderman


Add Schneiderman to the list of abusers enabled by the left


High-stakes California governor’s race debate gets testy as personal and political attacks fly


Get Cy Vance off the Schneiderman case




U.S. embassy cables warned against expelling 300,000 immigrants. Trump officials did it anyway.




Of Civil Rights and Wedding Cakes




Syrian air defense engages Israeli rockets near Damascus – State media


US-Israeli siege on Iranian forces in Syria begins. No Iranian-Hizballah shots fired so far


Syria blames Israel for missile strike near Damascus




Taiwan’s laws on language are showing China what it means to be a modern, inclusive country


16 diplomatic allies to address Taiwan's exclusion from WHA meeting


For global companies looking to cut scope 3 emissions, Taiwan steps up




Boom: Trump Tax Cuts Lead To Largest Ever Monthly Budget Surplus


Treasury watchdog probes possible leak of Trump lawyer’s bank transactions




Turkey threatens US over bill seeking to halt weapons sales


Turkey Risks US Sanctions Over Jailed American Pastor





FTSE 100 jumps to 4-month high, as oil rally buoys BP and Shell


Alfie Evans should’ve turned 2 today, but UK’s legal and health system killed him


Thousands of Alfie Evans Supporters Will Honor His Second Birthday With Candlelight Vigil


UK singer Lily Allen reneges on her promise to house Muslim migrants in her luxury apartment




Haley says no to UN pact for environment: America would get 'stuck paying large bill'(US United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley)




Venezuela’s Economic Problems Are Caused By Socialism, Not Falling Oil Prices




The Unintended Consequences of the Welfare State on the Human Spirit




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump is trying to strong-arm the news media


What Trump's latest 'fake news' attack reveals


The Media Get Trumped: President’s Polls Improve Despite 90% Negative Coverage


Trump warns Iran of ‘severe consequences’ if it resumes nuclear program


John Bolton and Mike Pompeo Are Headed for a Clash(National Security Adviser John Bolton/US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo)


Avenatti Accuses The Wrong Michael Cohens Of Making 'Fraudulent' Payments


‘It’s extremely insulting’: Giuliani fires back at allegations of erratic behavior


Trump’s Iran deal withdrawal: It should never have come to this


Trump Ends Obama’s Iran Hostage Crisis


President Trump 'nukes' Iran deal: Full text


Trump Dumps the Deal


Why Trump torpedoed Obama’s Iran nuclear deal


Trump and the Two Americas


Trump’s pronouncement doesn’t address biggest question: Now what?


Trump’s ‘Rescission’ Package Would Save Unspent Tax Dollars


Trump’s plan B on Iran: Utter chaos


Response to Trump’s Decision to Exit Iran Deal Falls Along Partisan Lines


Trump’s Iran decision just brought us closer to war


Harry Kazianis: Why Trump’s move to kill Iran nuclear agreement is the right one


Why Trump was completely right to kill the Iran deal


Trump’s Courageous Call on a Lousy Iran Deal



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