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Sunday, May 7, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




Branstad signs abortion bill into law  (Iowa)


Abortion Rates Have Fallen in Massachusetts


Meet Dr. Willie Parker, a Southern Christian Abortion Provider




Afghanistan: IS head killed in raid - President Ghani


Leader of ISIS Branch in Afghanistan Killed in Special Forces Raid




Dozens of Girls Kidnapped by Boko Haram Are Freed


These photos show what Boko Haram suicide bombers have tried to blow up


Boko Haram planning to kidnap foreign workers: US



Cassie Sainsbury wants Australian tax money to fund her legal fight in Colombia




US slams Canadian trade threats as 'inappropriate'  (Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he was considering a tariff on US coal.)


As floodwaters rise, Montreal declares state of emergency


Canada's job market is booming — especially for boomers


Grandson fills 600 sandbags, but can't save 93-year-old grandmother's home





Puerto Ricans Face ‘Sacrifice Everywhere’




'SNL': 'Morning Joe' hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski get 'very naughty'


Comedian faces investigation for blasphemy in Ireland


Stephen Colbert used to parody a blowhard — now he is one


Real Time host Bill Maher is accused of crossing the line with tasteless incest joke about Ivanka Trump during his HBO show




In a Beijing ballroom, Kushner’s sister flogs a $500,000 ‘investor visa’ to the wealthy Chinese




Another US citizen detained in North Korea


Trump’s tough talk about North Korea might actually end the crisis




Two Boston doctors engaged to one another have their throats slit in their $1.9million penthouse by ex-convict, 30, who wrote a message of retribution on the wall before cops shot him


Funeral held for teen shot by Texas cop


Kids aged 12 and 13 arrested in connection to fatal shooting of 13-year-old, police say


Woman says ‘Mummy’ movie inspired her to kill dad


'What motive would I have?' Manhattan 'party boy' accused of killing Hofstra graduate claims his co-defendant 'threw him under the bus' as he speaks from behind bars





Netflix shows how to win the piracy wars   (A hacker who unsuccessfully tried to hold Netflix for ransom has achieved an unexpected result: His failure shows that subscription-based business models in content distribution is making piracy pointless. Someone...)




Hillary Clinton imagines an alternate universe in which she is president


Inside Barack’s sex-filled relationships before Michelle


Why Hillary's joining the resistance -- and why the resistance should say 'no'


Barack Obama asked another woman to marry him. Then politics got in the way.


Even the City Council is worried about de Blasio's spending spree (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)





Interior tags 27 designated monuments for review, days after Trump orders audit of 'land grab'





Buffett Laments 'Roadkill' Who Lose Jobs, Says U.S. Must Help




Catholic school hit for canceling LGBT play for 5-year-olds


Steve Lopez: America's top universities wanted him. How this L.A. teen of modest means earned a wealth of options


Does free speech allow students to post racist images of their classmates online?


Smith College professor: “The U.S. creates terrorism”


Michelle Obama responds to reports Trump may abolish 'Let Girls Learn'




Israel's embassy in Cairo has been empty for five months




Democrats’ two biggest opponents ahead of 2018 may be time and themselves





The critical coal plant Trump may not be able to save





Norway Again Mulls Circumcision Ban on Baby Boys


Bangladesh is now the single biggest country of origin for refugees on boats as new route to Europe emerges





Swedish royal guard under attack from aggressive terns 


Video from Italy: Muslim migrants assault female reporter live on the air


Finnish minister says new grand mosque plans could pose “security risk”




I tried to eat with the McDonald’s frork. It was actually kind of fun.




Why Is James Comey Still Around?


USA Today asks FBI to investigate phony Facebook accounts


FBI conducting interviews over accusations that Jane Sanders defrauded bank: Report






Stephen Colbert investigated over 'homophobic' anti-Trump joke




Macron vows to unite France after stunning election win


Emmanuel Macron wins French presidential election over rival Marine Le Pen


How the French voted: The maps and graphs that tell the story of Macron's win


Macron leads in French opinion polls heading into Sunday election


Parlez-vous élection française? (What you need to know about France's Le Pen-Macron runoff.)


French Election Hack Jolts a Race Full of Surprises


Whose Vision of France Will Emerge?


France bans captive breeding of dolphins


Voters face a choice that mirrors the West’s new divide


Le Pen may lose the French elections. But that won’t mean more stability.


French citizens vote in presidential election from Burbank polling station


French Presidential Predictions Eerily Similar to US Election: Will the Populist Wave Take France?


France: Human remains found in search for 'disappeared' Irishman Seamus Ruddy


French cybersecurity agency probing Macron hack


French Jews ‘relieved’ Macron won but worried over Le Pen’s electoral gains




Merkel's party scores strong win in state polls: TV (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


Merkel challengers fight to hang on in north Germany


Berlin orders barracks inspected after Nazi symbols found





Condoleezza Rice says America was born with a birth defect: slavery  (Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice)




 Who gets hurt — and when — if Trumpcare becomes law




This pre-existing conditions business is a total scam




Scalise: I hope the Senate can make the health bill better  (House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R- Louisiana)


Will Trumpcare Be Obamacare 2.0?


'Very exciting' – Trump goes 'bold' on tax promise (US Representative of Texas Kevin Brady (R): 'We only get one chance in a generation to do this.')


Top House Dem calls on Trump to 'forcefully' respond to Macron hack


Democrats See Health Vote as Path to Retake House


Dem touts bill to 'decentralize' the federal government


Top Intel Dem: Hacking of French candidate 'a nightmare scenario'  (US Representative of California Adam Schiff (D)


Expert schools Dems on GOP health-care bill (But Galen Institute official warns Senate must do three things to succeed.)


Buffett Condemns Republican Health Care Bill


These 20 Republicans are in worse shape today because of their health care votes


Amash: At best, GOP plan makes ObamaCare 'less bad' (US Representative of Michigan Justin Amash(R)


'Repeal and go f*** yourself': House Speaker Paul Ryan is unwittingly trolled by man posing for a picture at a Wisconsin fundraising event   (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


Rep. Tim Ryan proposes relocating parts of the federal government to the rest of the country




To Be Great Again, America Needs Immigrants


Amid fear and resistance, immigration agents in L.A. have not ramped up arrests




Here's how India can make light of any threat posed by hostile neighbours like China and Pakistan


Pakistan army seeks to hobble Nawaz Sharif, trip up India





Philly’s high-tech, totally organic municipal plumbing — from 1812




US company denies security risks, prostitution at Iraq base


We seek joy’: Rid of ISIS, Mosul residents return to smoke-filled billiard halls





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Sunday, May 7, 2017)


'We should tell the truth: There will be no Palestinian state'  (Israeli Education Minister and chairman of the Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home) party Naftali Bennett)


Israeli forces kill teen Palestinian girl in East Jerusalem after alleged stabbing attempt


Continuing 700 years of building Jerusalem


UN can’t be evicted from Jerusalem, Foreign Ministry said set to tell ministers


Rivlin Tells Steinmeier ‘We’re Not Occupiers’  (Israeli President Reuven Rivlin/German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier)


Vandals desecrate tomb of Arizal in Tzfat


Committee says alleged footage of Marwan Barghouthi breaking hunger strike is fake  (Convicted murderer and terrorist-“Palestinian” leader Marwan Barghouthi)


Caught in the Act: Watch Marwan Barghouti Eating During the Hunger Strike


UK government said to cancel Prince Charles’ visit to Israel


Trump should just stay home


First Jerusalem District Police Station Opens in Shuafat


Female Terrorist Fails at Damascus Gate, Jerusalem


Female assailant tries to stab cop in Jerusalem, is shot dead — police


Bill enshrining Israel's status as 'Jewish state' greenlit for Knesset vote


The Muslim-Jewish women’s show with the ‘chutzpah’ to connect


US Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff to Arrive in Israel


Relatives of firebombed Palestinian family to sue Israel for millions


Palestinian prisoners enter 21st day of mass hunger strike in Israeli prisons


3 weeks into hunger strike, Palestinian inmates add vitamins


Herzog Medical Center to Open New Pavilion in Jerusalem


New leader, same old Hamas, with Gazans now firmly in control


Will the US drop visa requirements for Israelis?


Saying ‘anti-Semitism defeated,’ Israelis fete Macron victory


‘Israel Is a Jewish State’ Bill Passes Government Legislative Committee


Trump aide Gorka says he’s not anti-Semitic, calls Israel ‘closest’ US ally


Getting Ready for Trump Visit, Netanyahu Corrects Abbas’ Record  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu/“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Trump confidant: US president has convinced Abbas to make concessions


Ahead of Trump visit, PM declares support for his peace push


Netanyahu tosses Hamas policy paper on Israel into waste bin


Aiming at Netanyahu, German president warns against blackballing groups


Former IDF Chief: For the time being Assad is the right solution for us    (Former Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Lieutenant General (retired) Dan Halutz /Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad)




WikiLeaks accuses NPR of not being a 'credible news organization'


Watch: Trump's brutal CNN smackdowns go back 27 years!




Three thousand migrants rescued in the Mediterranean




The Coral Sea: The Tide Begins to Turn


Defense Secretary Jim Mattis: In charge, but definitely camera-shy


US, WWII allies mark 75th anniversary of Battle of the Coral Sea


Army working on 'different' way to fight war


Kadena airman dies after fall




Pakistan, Afghanistan dispute toll after clashes


Pakistan claims it killed 50 Afghan border troops




These recent elections show that polling isn’t, and never was, broken




Perdue recalls chicken sausage links after plastic sightings


Aunt Jemima frozen breakfast food recalled




Condi Rice on Russian Meddling: Putin Is An 'Eye For an Eye' Guy  (Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice/ Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Eric Trump said dad’s golf courses were funded by Russia





Senators Looking Ahead to Sally Yates Testimony on Russia and Flynn


Sen. Cassidy on the challenges facing the AHCA in the Senate


GOP split could prevent Senate vote to repeal Obama's methane rule


D.C. GOP establishment plays hardball with Roy Moore (No money for consultants who help judge in Senate race.)


Fragile Trump-McConnell alliance faces its biggest test yet with health care (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


Bernie Sanders: Trump was right, Australian healthcare is better   (US Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders (I-Socialist)


Did Obama illegally wiretap Rand Paul? Kentucky senator requests information on whether former president spied on him during the election  (US Senator of Kentucky Rand Paul (R)





My life as a sex slave — and how I finally escaped




Don’t Let Facebook Make You Miserable


Brat who sued parents under fire for tasteless social media post


Facebook reportedly debuting TV-like shows next month




Video from Bolivia: Machete-wielding Muslims strike and threaten Bolivians, claiming to own their land




South Korea Poised for Change After Months of Political Upheaval


What’s at stake in the South Korea election?


South Korea's elections and the North Korean threat




Canelo dominates Chavez, winning all 12 rounds


Race favorite Always Dreaming pulls away on a soggy track to win 143rd Kentucky Derby


Monster Energy Girl Mariel Lane on working around confederate flags at NASCAR tracks


‘I hate this option’: Wrestlers grapple with the notion of replacing singlets


US Olympic bobsledder Steven Holcomb, 37, found dead


Garage sale offers glimpse of Eddie Lacy's life


Political group launches campaign to oppose L.A.'s 2024 Olympic bid


Brady's day out: Patriots star Tom laps up the Kentucky derby, posing with Katie Couric, rival quarterback Aaron Rodgers and retired Red Sox slugger David Ortiz


NHL Scoreboard


MLB Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard




Coastal Commission is on a shoestring budget, and Trump won't make it any better (California)


Shark attacks are on the rise along the Calif. coast


Rebel governor candidate vows to 'drain the swamp' in Virginia (Promises to crack down on illegal immigration, slash spending and taxes.)


GA town evacuated over huge fire


Fire forces evacuations near Ga.'s Okefenokee Swamp




Opinion: Secretary Tillerson, start acting like a statesman, not like a CEO  (US Secretary of State Rex W Tillerson)




Here are the key decisions still to come from the Supreme Court




Russia's proposed Syrian "safe zone" deal goes into effect


Syria: Kurds march on to Raqqa and the sea




Taiwan's Premier Lin Says Immigration Is Needed to Boost Economy


Taiwan's Lin Says He Doesn't Oppose Stronger China Economic Ties





'13 Reasons Why' tells teens they’re better off dead




Online operatives of Islamic State become most-wanted targets





Largest-ever weapons cache seized in Turkey’s biggest blow to PKK in years


India-Turkey relations: Turkish delight turned sour


Turkey to Use Russia-Sponsored Safe Zones in Syria to 'Further Its Agenda'





Paris climate accord: Theresa May urged to persuade Trump not to quit  (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


UK's super-rich carry on making billions


Triumphant Tories in bid to strike pro-Union deals


Labour: No tax rises for 95% of earners


Sturgeon: ‘Ludicrous’ that Tory surge will derail indyref2  (Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon)


Tories pledge new mental health laws


French election: Are Russian hackers to blame for Emmanuel Macron's leaked emails - and could they target UK election?


Londonistan=>Muhammed Most Popular Baby Name in London, 2nd  Most Overall Across UK


Lib Dems would keep pensions 'triple lock'


Britain calls in war broker as battle with Brussels over Brexit gets nasty


Automation risk to '1.2m Scottish jobs'


Cancer patient to stand against Jeremy Corbyn in protest against NHS litigation


Fire crews battle recycling plant blaze


British passports being ‘sold on dark web’ for £750 


'Mixed emotions' after human remains find


Brexit: Biggest leave campaign donor urges May to guarantee rights of EU nationals


Restoring wildflower meadows could bring new era of super-organic food 


Pollution: Government set to be taken back to court over air pollution plans


Prince Edward says 'the show goes on' as the Duke of Edinburgh retires


Patients in hospitals should be tagged with 'homing beacons' to stop them being lost in 'chaotic' wards, King's Fund and Royal College say


Scotland: Sturgeon plays down Tory success in local elections




‘The Battle of New Orleans’: David Duke expects Confederate statue defenders to mass on Sunday




Pope Francis angered by America's 'mother of all bombs' name





Dudamel dedicates concert to a slain student in Venezuela — and opens a new chapter with the L.A. Phil


As Venezuela Sinks Into Chaos, Elites Stand by Maduro


Venezuela: Trump administration calls for quick, peaceful conclusion to unrest


Venezuela women march against Maduro




Emmanuel Macron: Trump tweets congratulations to French president-elect


White House, GOP senators differ on whether Senate starts 'from scratch' on health care

Trump: NJ stay saves money for US


Are Trump’s Appointees’ Security Clearances Being Pulled as a Result of Political Retribution?


‘Spend Your Free Time In A Red State’: A motorcade of protesters rolls by Trump’s N.J. property


Trump reportedly hits the links in NJ


David Usborne Trump's flattery of foreign dictators is terrifying


Conway: Trump 'worked the phones' to whip votes on healthcare



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