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Saturday, May 6, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




Grandmother facing 11 years for undercover baby body-parts vids


GOP health care bill attacks Planned Parenthood funding


Iowa high court halts state's new abortion constraints


Republican Lawmaker: Women Get Abortions for ‘a Free Trip to the City’


In Meeting with Ivanka, Cecile Richards Shows Her Hand on Abortion

Abortion, Guns, State Plane Among Bills Vetoed by Governor
 (Montana Governor Steve Bullock has vetoed bills that would have restricted abortions and future governors' use of the state airplane.)


Planned Parenthood head: Being a woman is going to be a preexisting condition


Haslam noncommittal on abortion ban (Governor of Tennessee Bill Haslam came close to giving his support to the 20-week abortion bill that is currently sitting on his desk after being approved by the Senate this week, but he deferred.)


Amid budget crisis, House poised to debate meaningless abortion resolution, Democrats say (Oklahoma)


Minnesota Senate sends abortion bills to governor who plans to veto them


A Dutch website is helping Americans who want to safely end early pregnancies




Texas adoption agencies could ban Jews, gays


Ohio couple with 5 biological children adopts 6




Taliban Again Seize Northern Afghanistan City


Rampant violence in Afghanistan raising new alarms





16,000 Christians Are Now Hiding In Giant Catholic Cathedral To Escape Violence As Soldiers Slaughter Them (Sudan)


Al-Shabab Allegedly Beheads 2 Captured Somali Soldiers Near Mahaday


Dozens Killed in Tanzanian School Bus Crash


Nigerian Officials Say Boko Haram Frees 82 Kidnapped School Girls


Children in Somalia are malnourished and fighting for their lives


These photos show what Boko Haram suicide bombers have tried to blow up




The gross truth about airplanes




Personal Health



Study: 40% of Germans hold modern antisemitic views



Doctors 'failing' overweight children and obese Australians, expert


Malcolm Turnbull slams 'wildly exaggerated' reports about Trump phone call   (Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull)




Serbian Military Confiscates Thousands Of Machine Guns, Rifles, Mortars And Grenades That Were Being Transported Into Macedonia To Cause Extremely Bloody Conflict


Kosovo Opposition Files No-Confidence Motion In Bid To Topple Government




Trump has brought down border crossings — by scaring people away




Drenched Central Canada braces for more flooding near lakes, rivers


400 soldiers headed to Quebec to help with flood


How 2 tech entrepreneurs are cashing in on Canada's 'passion for flyers'


Vancouver gallery struggles with Group of Seven authenticity mystery


The Islands are soaked and Woodbine Beach is flooded, but Toronto has dodged the worst of the rain


Why your insurance likely won't protect you if your basement floods


How neighbourhood malls are struggling to survive


Canada-US trade tensions escalate


Ontario debating cameras to catch people passing stopped school busses


BC Greens eye gains on Vancouver Island, opening door to Liberals




Puerto Rico to close 184 public schools amid economic crisis


Puerto Rico files for bankruptcy in last-ditch attempt to sustain public services




Younger evangelicals still conservative, but trending moderate on many issues




L. Brent Bozell: Crude Comedians Of 'The Resistance'




Kushner family in Beijing: 'Invest $500,000 and immigrate' to US




Cuban student arrested after trip to Washington




Will Southeast Asia answer Trump’s call for support?


War with North Korea: the Toll


North Korea needs a Deng Xiaoping


The dog that didn’t bark: What pressure from China on Pyongyang?


Dennis Rodman says Kim Jong Un is ‘just like anybody else’ (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)




Top Democrats say Americans will 'die' from ObamaCare overhaul passed by GOP House


US Lawmakers Include Several Measures Targeting Russia in Spending Bill


How did Congress go from compromise one day to toxicity the next? Trump.


Doing Wall Street's bidding, congressional Republicans try to snuff state-run retirement plans




Corporate Virtue-Signaling Can Be Bad For Business




Drug lord "El Chapo" Guzman appears in federal court


Starbucks slammed with lawsuit over Unicorn Frappuccino


Arizona man, 50, who killed his best friend, his girlfriend and her four young children 12 years ago should be sentenced to death, jury finds


Eagles file lawsuit against Mexico's Hotel California


What it's like to battle insurance companies


Jury gives $1.1M to 2 killed, 3 sickened by tainted fountain


Alabama woman who faked terminal cancer for seven years is charged with stealing $38,000 in online donations


Locked Up for Being Poor  (A federal judge rules that the routine use of cash bail unconstitutionally harms the poor.)


Demi Moore sued by the parents of 21-year-old man who drowned in her pool two years ago after booze-fueled party




Illegal Alien Rapes 4 Year-Old While Recording Crime on Phone


Gay Church Organist Busted in Trump Hate Crime Hoax


Conrad Hilton arrested trying to breaking into ex-girlfriend's house, police say


Texas Hispanic Contractor Who Bid on Trump Wall Has Home Broken Into (Video)


2 found dead in Boston penthouse apartment, suspect in custody


Police: Suspect in officer's shooting found dead at motel


Expanded DNA testing leads to charges in 1990s slayings


Good Guy With A Gun Thwarts Shooter In Restaurant


Police officer who fatally shot Texas teen charged with murder


Ohio woman found in pit says suspect said he loved her


Police: Jilted boyfriend killed ex's parents


Arrest in 2004 case of couple shot dead in sleeping bags


Caught on camera: Moment Tennessee teenager, 15, left her house and went on the run with her 50-year-old teacher




Russians may have hacked conservative foundation: Report




Democrats tackle the 'big rebuild'




Hillary and Obama, incurably obsessed with themselves, should take a lesson from Harper  (Former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper)


Chicago mayor Emanuel posts EPA’s deleted climate change page (Mayor of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel)


Exclusive: 'They went back and forth having sex, screaming, yelling, having sex.' Meet the college professor who Barack Obama loved and lost because he 'wasn't black enough to have a white wife'


Clinton plots political comeback with new group


How Democrats Can Win in the West


'She's on me. Michelle wants money': How Barack Obama nearly quit running for office as the $168,000-a-year couple struggled for cash


Mona Charen: The Hillary Interview: Cold Porridge


De Blasio’s lunatic defense of out-of-town Joe Ponte  (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)


'The new JFK': Only grandson of John F Kennedy gives first major interview - and says 'stay tuned' on his political ambitions




Commerce secretary warns Canada against 'retaliatory action' on lumber tariff




With ‘Doggy Days,’ Interior becomes first federal agency to embrace pets




Loretta Lynch Busted=>Leaked Email Shows She ‘Would Do Everything She Could’ to Protect Hillary from Criminal Charges (Video)  (Former US Attorney General Loretta Lynch)


Justice Department Expands Criminal Inquiry Into Uber


Top Justice nominee beat back Obama appointments, defended Little Sisters of the Poor





U.S. Economy Is Getting Very Close to Full Employment


The End Of Money As We Know It?


The economy is finally back to where it was before the Great Recession




A Professor Looks at the College Racket


University of CA Caves to Demands After Black Student Group's Sit-In


College faces backlash over Trump 'resistance' class


Trump suggests financing for historically black colleges may be unconstitutional


Gonzaga University Tells Students That Cinco de Mayo Parties Are Racist


These schools are the best in the nation at challenging students


New details emerge in horrific Penn State fraternity death


Indiana kids defy the odds on their school robotics team


18 frat members charged in student's fatal fall


Teacher fired after dragging young student down hallway


It’s Time For High School 2.0


Team de Blasio just rolled Jeff Klein  (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio(D); New York State Senator  Jeff Klein (D-Bronx) is letting the city Department of Education off easy — at schoolchildren’s peril. Klein, a major Senate power, has dropped his promise to force schools... )


Trayvon Martin, black teenager killed by white neighbourhood watch volunteer, awarded honorary degree


Florida teenager recovering after snake bites him at school


Michelle Obama enjoys lunch in Greenwich Village after speaking to students about higher education at a star-studded College Signing day event in Manhattan




IS decapitates father, two sons in Sinai border town


Plane crash No trace of explosives on Egyptair victims, says French newspaper




Energy Prices





EPA chief recuses himself from lawsuits against his agency  (Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt)


EPA's Pruitt recuses himself from lawsuits opposing Obama rules  




Switzerland: Qur’an distribution campaign is “front for incitement of radical activities including jihadist involvement”




Belgian region outlaws kosher slaughter


European Jewish Congress Slams ‘Scandalous’ Belgian Decision to Ban Kosher Slaughter of Meat


Dutch police accused of bribing newspaper to bury data on Muslim migrant crime


Belarus Carries Out First Execution This Year; EU Urges Moratorium


Qatari government opens mega-mosque in Malmö, Sweden


Italy unveils 1st domestically-built F-35B vertical landing jet (Photos)


The E.U., the Necessary Empire


Venice bans kebab shops to ‘preserve decorum and traditions'





No, the FBI Was Not a Trump Partisan

FBI Study: 'De-Policing' Is the New Norm


Obama White House counsel part of early talks on Clinton email release, notes show


Pressure builds on FBI to explain Garland terrorist attack






Ajit Pai: FCC looking into Colbert's Trump joke




Former Wells Fargo workers say they targeted immigrants and Native Americans




At FDA, TVs now turned to Fox News and can't be switched


FDA approves first drug to treat ALS in 20 years - after trial shows it 'cuts rate of decline by a third'




On eve of French vote, unclear if massive hack will dent Macron’s lead over Le Pen


Emmanuel Macron hacked emails: French media ordered by electoral commission not to publish content of messages


Polls suggest Macron set to defeat Le Pen in 2nd  round of French presidential election


Data leaked from French presidential candidate's campaign on social media


Macron team blasts 'massive hacking attack' on eve of vote


France's vote ripples across Europe, markets, diplomacy


Hacking attack rocks French presidential race ahead of Sunday's vote


French MP dies campaigning for Macron


In the French Presidential Election, the Algerian War Looms Large


France Ready for Sunday’s Ballot Box ‘Revolution’


Dirty Tricks: French Voters Receive Invalid, Damaged Le Pen Ballots


Wikileaks ‘Sceptical’ Macron Leaks Fake, As Russia Falls Under Spotlight


France: ISIS calls for blood on election day, armed Muslim arrested near base, Macron widens lead


Eiffel Tower stunt exposes security concern on eve of French election


Russia blamed as Macron campaign blasts 'massive hacking attack' ahead of French presidential election


Are Russian hackers trying to help Le Pen win France's election? Front-runner Macron suffers 'massive and co-ordinated' email leak on the eve of the vote as polls put him 24 points ahead


Massive Macron Hack Roils French Politics on Eve of Critical Election


Macron Was Target of ‘Massive’ Hack, Campaign Says


In France, a Stark Debate and a Stark Choice


France bans overly thin models


Why many French gays adore Marine Le Pen


French election: Latest polls and odds tracker


‘France Isn’t Ready for Macron’





Merkel: NATO should show readiness for defense but maintain dialogue with Russia  (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


80 years ago, when the Hindenburg burst into flames


Around 450 Turkish diplomats, military officers seek asylum in Germany: Report


Germany set to ban Turkish citizens from voting in death penalty referendum


50,000 evacuated in Hanover, Germany, over World War II bombs


Nazi Wehrmacht memorabilia found at German army barracks amid far-right probe – media




Climate Change: a serious farce


US still in climate talks with no decision on Paris pullout


Warren Buffett faces down climate change in weekend votes




YouTube CEO Claims Interrupting A Woman Is A 'Microaggression'

Google Maps ruins idyllic little town




Jimmy Kimmel left out some important bits about Obamacare





Maryland, Virginia brace for huge Obamacare rate hikes


Minnesota measles outbreak worsens, disproportionately affecting Somali community


Zika outbreak in Texas ahead of mosquito season


Are pregnancy and rape pre-existing conditions?


Experts warn of deadly tick-borne Powassan virus





Hollywood braces for a summer box office sequel it doesn't want — franchise fatigue


Owen and Luke Wilson's TV executive father Robert, who brought Monty Python to the USA, dies aged 75 after a long battle with Alzheimer's 


Writers Guild of America contract secures $65 million more in health plan contributions


Charlie Sheen 'suffered borderline dementia from his old HIV drugs' - that he says was cured by new drug in a clinical trial





For the first time, Auschwitz guides to teach about Jews’ ‘spiritual resistance’





Born Perfect: the LGBT Movement vs. Reality




House launches probe into claim Obama hurt national security to seal Iran deal


Democrats hungry for Ros-Lehtinen's open Miami seat, amid talk of 2018 wave election


Obamacare repeal vote upends 2018 House races


House Republicans face voters in home districts angry over health care bill


GOP rep: “Nobody dies" from not having health care


GOP Rep and Double Amputee Veteran Eviscerates Democrats From House Floor on Health Care Bill ‘Lies’ (Video)


Georgia special election smashes all-time spending record


Health care will drive elections from state level to Capitol Hill


Unlike ObamaCare, The GOP Health Bill Wasn't Built On Lies And False Promises


Prestigious doctors' groups denounce health care vote


What happens when the white guys are back in charge


The Real Problem With the Health Care Bill


Health Bill Foes Rally on Pre-Existing Conditions Measure


Yes, House Republicans, the heartless health-care vote will define you


Vulnerable House Republicans fear political consequences after healthcare vote


House GOP candidate in Mont. praises healthcare bill's passage on tape


Montana GOP candidate Greg Gianforte defends competing Obamacare statements




Sacramento Allocates Taxpayer Money to Fight Illegal Immigrant Deportations




2 civilians, policeman among 4 killed in Kashmir terror attack


‘Hate crime’: Punjabi man murdered in US over cigarettes, family in shock


India is now world’s biggest 2-wheeler market


9 Maoists behind Sukma attack arrested


Bengaluru woman shoots husband thrice in car, chases him as he escapes to a bus


PM Modi talks of foreign policy goals with Indian envoys


Only PM Modi can solve problems in Kashmir, says CM Mehbooba Mufti


Son of retired Pak soldier held along LoC




Elon Musk asks internet to name tunnelling machine





Iran: Dozens of terror groups uncovered


Revolutionary Guards attack Rowhani for criticizing missile experiments  (Iranian President Hassan Rouhani)


Iran’s Election, a Political Earthquake with Seismic Waves for the Region.


Nuclear agreement has been sabotaged, president tells TV debate





Flooding forces Iraqis to flee war in rickety boats


In Mosul, hunger grows amid slow advances against ISIS


Treating civilians in Iraq's war-torn Mosul




How Islam Is Secretly Transforming America




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Saturday, May 6, 2017)


PM suggests police will indict him only to avoid admitting failure (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Did Israel ask to delay Trump visit?


Report: 'Trump refused to postpone his visit to


Ex-PM Barak said to have discussed Labor leadership bid


Israel’s Pres. Rivlin Expresses Sadness at Benny Elon’s Passing


Egypt opens Rafah crossing in one direction for 3 days


German President Steinmeier Arrives in Israel


Ismail Haniyeh elected head of Hamas' politburo


Israel’s 2 Busiest Train Stations to be Expanded


Palestinian leaders call for 'week of rage' as Israel explores force feeding hunger strikers


Firebombing on Highway 60 in Judea


Hamas rejects alleged Abbas decree that seeks to exempt Gazans from taxes


Adelson Frustrated by Trump’s Jerusalem Embassy Indecision


Pro-Abbas Lauder, hawkish Adelson said battling to influence Trump on Mideast  (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Abbas warns of painful steps against rival Hamas


WSJ: Gulf States Led by Saudi Arabia Changing Attitude Towards Israel 


Why didn’t Israel strike Iran? Ehud Barak explains   (Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak)


Netanyahu Recommends Abbas ‘Google Yourself’ [video]


LGBT Conference in the state religious schools


Ex-Gaza chief Haniya elected leader of Hamas


Trump Optimistic on Israeli-Palestinian Peace, Without Endorsing Two States


New Hamas top dog praised bin Laden as “holy warrior,” BBC calls him “pragmatic”


Hamas Gets an Ideological Makeover


Mixed Signals Worry Hard-Line Pro-Israel Supporters


Trump's latest arrogant overpromise: peace between Israelis and Palestinians




Report: Iran gives $600 million to Hezbollah




Troubles in Malaysia’s Forest City ‘paradise’




Soon, Everyone can be Happy, or High




Jesse Watters the object of a struggle between Fox News and Bill O’Reilly


Here's Everything You Need To Know About The Federal Investigation Into Fox News


Federal prosecutors are investigating whether Fox News and its parent company tried to disguise a $3.15m payment to ex-employee who claims she had 20-year affair with Roger Ailes


Trump says media made GOP healthcare win 'look as bad as possible'




How GOP health bill would impact people on Medicaid




Graphic: Three Killed in Drug Shootout Outside Ritzy Mexican Border State Bar


Video: Mexican Cartel Offers Rewards For Rivals’ Heads — Border City Issues Red Alert




Saudi Arabia hosts 895,175 Yemeni, Syrian refugees as guests: KSRelief chief


Opinion: Why Trump chose Saudi Arabia as his first foreign visit


Trump’s Good cop/bad cop Approach to Saudi Arabia


Video: Saudi border forces counter Houthi attack near Najran





Trump mulls additional troops as stalemate in Afghan grinds on


Navy SEAL killed in Somalia is identified


 New US counterterror strategy a step in right direction: Analysts


Navy SEAL Killed in Combat in Somalia Is First Since 1993


Ramstein airman sentenced to 4 years in jail for crash that killed cyclist


Inside the US military's mission in Somalia


Pentagon assessing impact of security-zone agreement in Syria


Scouring for nude images in photo scandal at Marine base


Pleading guilty to disclosing classified information, naval officer says arrogance, recklessness derailed his career


Judge moves Bergdahl trial to October


Conway: 'Where the hell were those Democrats' when veterans waiting for care





Country music icon Loretta Lynn hospitalized after stroke




Ex-national security adviser Michael Flynn was warned weeks in advance about the risks of talking to the Russian ambassador


Flynn was warned by Trump transition officials about contacts with Russian ambassador




Plane veers off runway, killing pilot and co-pilot




Nepal man, 85, dies trying to become oldest Everest climber




Pakistan: Lawmakers reject bill to raise marriage age for girls as “un-Islamic”


Pakistani Girl Is A Software Prodigy In Swat


Wife prevented from leaving Indian HC, claims Pakistani husband


Arun Jaitley, Pakistan's finance minister share cold vibes at global meet


Help coming for Christians fighting Pakistani blasphemy claims?





'You're dead to me': White Arkansas father calls his teen daughter a 'f***in wh***' for taking her 'subhuman' black friend to prom in vitriolic racist rant that has shocked America




Marilyn Lewis, Hamburger Hamlet co-founder who is credited with creating the gourmet burger, dies at 87




Russia Sends Its Most Advanced Fighters to U.S. Coast


‘Staged’ videos shot in Syria to show shelling aftermath — Russian reconciliation center

17-year-old gay teen pushed off 9th  floor balcony by uncle after he was outed by Chechen family


Moscow's Plan To Raze 'Khrushchyovki' Sparks Anger, Confusion Ahead Of Elections


Moscow Protest Marks Five Years Since Bolotnaya Crackdown


More Than 30 People Injured In Moscow High-Rise Fire


Who are Russia's cyber-warriors and what should the West do about them? 


Putin backs Chechnya hate crime inquiry  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)




Gun-Rights Leaders Say It’s No Time for Complacency





Cruz: Medicaid Changes Could be 'First Meaningful Entitlement Reform' in Modern Times (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)


Five changes the Senate could make to the ObamaCare repeal bill


An ambitious Republican finds himself in the crossfire as political divides deepen  (US Senator of Arkansas Tom Cotton (R)


New York AG: I'll sue if Senate passes ObamaCare repeal


Hurdles ahead for GOP health care bill


A look at the senators crucial to action on health care


Senators Seek Trump Aides’ Records of Russia Contacts


GOP senator: ObamaCare repeal must pass ‘Jimmy Kimmel test’




Did You Know the First Legal Slave Owner in America Was a Black Man?




Are South Koreans fearful of their neighbors to the north?


North Korea accuses US, South Korea of assassination attempt


Thousands evacuate as wildfire creeps toward Gangneung




‘Lazy’ adult woman sues her parents for refusing to continue to support her financially




2017 Kentucky Derby results: Always Dreaming is the winner after dominating the field


Sidney Crosby passes concussion test, could play Saturday


Marathoner falls 26 seconds short of cracking 2-hour mark


MLB considering guidelines for racist taunts: commissioner


LeBron, Cavaliers rally in fourth to take 3-0 series lead over Raptors


Red Sox, Racism and Adam Jones


Documents reveal Aaron Hernandez's suicide note to fiancee


Heirs to a Triple Crown Take Their First Steps


Jay Cutler becomes the second quarterback in the off-season to make the transition to TV as he joins Fox’s broadcast team – but avoids saying he’s retiring 


NHL Scoreboard


MLB Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard





Powerful storms barrel through the nation's largest city  (New York City)


10 million wait for Mississippi to crest


New York AG: I'll sue if Senate passes GOP health care bill


New York state senator files bill that would make Trump's taxes public


Tour helicopter crashes in Santa Barbara, injuring 3 (California)


Creepy pic of ‘ghost’ girl freaks out small town  (A blurry image of a young girl walking in the woods of Cambridge, New York.)




Opposition official: Iran should play no part in Syria de-escalation zones


US dismisses Russia’s ban on military aircraft over Syria safe zones


Syria violence kills 4, wounds child despite safe zones


Russia’s 4 Syrian ceasefire zones – Kremlin spin


Coming Soon to Syria: Peace?


Young women who went to marry ISIS fighters desperate to go home




China Demands Taiwan Free Injured Fishermen


Taiwan’s global health commitment deserves inclusion in WHA


US official’s help on WHA urged


Military searches for missing assault rifle


Many Taiwanese said to support stricter drug laws


Students launch Latin American festival


Taiwan’s FAT cancels flights as flight attendants take sick leave




'Emotional' chatbot: Human-robot interactions take step forward





Washington, DC: Islamic State supporter wanted to start race war, tried to buy AK-47


New Jersey: Muslim plotted pressure cooker bomb jihad massacre in NYC, wanted to join the Islamic State


Islamic State: Use Craigslist ads to lure non-Muslims, kill hostages to “plant terror into hearts of disbelievers”


ISIS urges jihadis to get into hostage-taking business, buy weapons at U.S. gun shows




Thailand Pulls Passport of Fugitive Red Bull Heir





Everything you need to know about trade economics, in 70 words





Concerns over terrorism lead TSA to issue warning to trucking companies




Turkey Has 'More Points of Contact With Russia Than It Has With US'


Dutch government will on voting rights if Turkey holds death penalty vote


Turkish headmaster accused of Isis links met Malaysian PM, pictures reveal


Trump to Tell Turkey: We’re Going to Take Raqqa With the Kurds


Turkish Airlines begins distributing laptops to US-bound business class passengers after ban




H-2B Expansion ‘Directly Counter’ to ‘Buy American, Hire American,’ Says Workers Union




UK firms ready to support Saudi educational programs: Cultural Attache


Are Russian hackers to blame for Emmanuel Macron's leaked emails - and could they target UK election?


UK's new plan to tackle toxic air dismissed as 'weak' and 'woefully inadequate'


May 'not taking anything for granted'   (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Dorset Two men charged with murder over death of businessman Guy Hedger


Why does the French Presidential Election matter to the UK?


London: Construction boss jailed after death of woman crushed by windows


Lib Dems pledge 1p tax rise to fund NHS


Sexual violence: UK music festivals to hold web blackout to raise awareness


Cambridge University professor who shared child abuse images online avoids jail


Woman, 20, stabbed to death in east London


Amputee teen racer vows to drive again


Drugs 'Unnecessary' painkillers could leave thousands addicted, doctors say


Three charged with executive's murder


Scotland: Forty-two people treated for hepatitis A linked to bakery


 Archbishops voice election concerns


Conservatives make inroads on a disastrous day for Labour


Sturgeon hails victory despite Tory surge   (Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon)


Crushing loss for Labour points to big Tory majority in Commons


Tories gain more than 550 seats as Labour and Ukip votes plunge




Dozens of dogs rescued from home where cops find medical tools


Man survives plummeting down side of mountain in car


Hundreds of birds dead after slamming into skyscraper





American support for Islamic takeover continues, even under Trump (USAID partners with Soros' groups in fight over control of Macedonia.)





The number killed in Venezuela amid mounting political unrest reaches 38 


Hugo Chávez statue torn down as death toll rises in protests




Frontiers of the welfare state: Free use of electric cars for public housing tenants




Trump Protects Religious Liberty


Trump aims for high drama on first foreign swing


Daily Beast: Trump, Bannon 'Personally Intervened' to Keep Gorka


Reporters Attempt to Smear White House Over Illegal Alien Rape Accusations


Trump officially funds government through September


Trump issues statement on spending bill, rejects limits on federal marijuana laws


Huckabee Sanders pinch hits for Spicer at White House   (White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer)


Here's how much it costs to protect Trump in Bedminster, N.J., vs. NYC


After the ‘Winter White House’ in Fla., Trump shifts to ‘Camp David North’ in N.J.


White House says Senate will retain "main pillars" of health care bill


Trump’s embrace of Andrew Jackson could let Democrats steal Honest Abe


Ivanka Trump, you have one job. Time to do it.


Ellen says Trump is not welcome on her talk show


Trump: 'Happy Cinco de Mayo!'




White House dismisses concerns over cuts to key drug office


Trump administration proposes 95% cut to key drug office




Patrick Cockburn: World leaders trying to unite their countries are doing the opposite


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