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Wednesday, May 3, 2017





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Thaddeus was almost aborted because of a rare disorder. His parents chose life, and saw a miracle


Abortion Activists Trash President Donald Trump for All These Pro-life Things He’s Done


Watch: Pro-Abortion Politicians Mislead Women About Planned Parenthood's Services


Wendy Davis: You Can’t be a Feminist if You Don’t Support Abortion


Abortion Opening the Floodgate for Euthanizing the Mentally Ill


Hillary Clinton Celebrates Abortion at Planned Parenthood Gala, Slams Pro-Lifers as “Groups of Men”


Pelosi on Democrats and abortion: 'This is not a rubber-stamp party'   (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


Nancy Pelosi Blames Clinton’s Loss on Pro-Lifers: “Anti-Choicers. That’s How Trump Got to be President”


Democrats' realignment on abortion


Planned Parenthood reopens Texas clinic


Trump: Planned Parenthood Funding to Be Gone at 'Appropriate Time'


Twilight Actress Kristen Stewart Promotes Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz in New Video


Pelosi: Democratic candidates should not be forced to toe party line on abortion  


Meryl Streep, Tina Fey, Scarlett Johansson Attend Planned Parenthood Abortion Gala to Honor Hillary Clinton


The Surprising Role of Clergy in the Abortion Fight Before Roe v. Wade


Vice President Mike Pence to Headline National Gala for Pro-Life Women’s Group


Bill Nye used to teach kids about science, but now he wishes there weren’t so many ‘extras’


Alaska lawmakers mull measure calling abortion 'child abuse'


Senate Committee Tells FBI to Investigate Planned Parenthood for Criminally Selling Aborted Baby Parts


Clinton brings up ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ in Planned Parenthood speech


Mobile Pregnancy Center Offers Free Ultrasounds in Front of New Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic


New Soldiers for Trump’s Anti-Abortion Army


Ohio Pro-Life Bill Stops Abortion Clinics From Making Money Selling Aborted Baby Parts


Does Health and Human Services Appointee Charmaine Yoest Believe Abortion Causes Breast Cancer?


Alaska Committee Passes Amendment Calling Abortion “The Ultimate Form of Child Abuse”


Kentucky could become first state without a single abortion clinic


Planned Parenthood Said My Baby Was “Just Tissue,” But Now “I Cry Every Day Because I Killed One of My Babies”


Missouri House eyeing 1st -in-nation parental consent abortion provision


Woman Laughs Ahead of Her 9th Abortion and Then Sees Her Aborted Baby


Anti-Abortion Lawmakers (Almost All Men) Are Worried Time is Running Out on Their Bills (Texas)


3 Women On What You Need To Know About Abortion In America Right Now


Davidson refuses to comment on rape clause abortion fears  (Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has refused to comment on fears that the so-called Rape Clause could lead to higher numbers of women considering terminating their pregnancies.)


Biased Irish Citizens’ Assembly Followed the Lead of British Abortion Businesses


HIV-positive woman gets SC's support over abortion  (India)



Scientists completely eliminate HIV in living animals for the first time ever using 'cut and paste' gene-editing




Attack on convoy kills 8 Afghans, wounds 3 US soldiers


Weeks After Massive US Bomb, IS Still on Air in Afghanistan


Team Trump is leaning toward a new Afghan surge




A desperate plea for help as four African nations near a famine crisis  


Nigerian President Misses Cabinet Meeting Amid Health Fears





The Unholy Alliance Between Big Biz And Big Alarmism




Anti-Semitic Harassment Incidents Increased 127 Percent in First Quarter of 2017



Poll shows sharp divisions among Arab youth over education, employment



'Get off the bank bandwagon': ASX slams into reverse


Australian dollar reversal sinks below the April lows


House prices 'set to fall up to 7 per cent in 18 months'


Abbott claims 'cultural cowardice' at heart of voter discontent


Australian network hired Sharia-promoting broadcaster because she’s Muslim





Under Fire: White House Staff Claims See-Through Fence, Levee Flood Protection System Is a ‘Border Wall’





Denver archbishop: Gender-confused girls, gay leaders can’t be part of our Boy Scout troops





Toronto markets close with moderate fall, loonie gains slightly


Quebec flooding submerges Île Mercier​ in Montreal


Toronto doctor gladly gets rid of his ‘FENTANYL’ vanity licence plate


US high school cancels trip over fears students might not be let back in


Trudeau tells world media alternative facts (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Torrid Toronto housing market finally takes a breather


Ontario high school teachers are in line for up to $3,000 each and extra paid day off


2016 census: Canada's seniors outnumber its children


‘The war is on.’ Hamilton mobster gunned down in driveway of suburban home


Clark’s proposed tax on thermal coal would hurt Alberta, U.S.


College says doctor who showed porn to patient should lose licence


Niagara catholic schools cancel touring play on gender identity


Climber trapped 3,000 metres up on Canada’s highest peak after two earthquakes strike Yukon


More Toronto residents in apartments than detached houses, census finds


Cancer nation: Where you live could determine your odds of getting cancer or dying from it


Earthquake strands solo climber on Canada's highest mountain


Over-treating may be doing more harm than good: Why we need a new war on cancer




The Mistake Christians Made in Defending Bill O’Reilly




'Don't move or I'll shoot' - China teaching Korean to soldiers on N. Korean border


China's military pact with N.Korea looks shaky


China issued 'last warning' to N. Korea over nukes: Chinese social media


Sudden Shifts Characterize Trump's China Policy


Those who think Canada’s Defense Minister will resign are living in the past


Xi Jinping Pushes Out Factionalists in the Provinces  (Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping)


 China Craves Foreign Goods. Students in Australia Deliver


Oil Traders Idled as China Refiner Stars Fall Foul of Smog Fight




Activity resumes at North Korea nuclear test site: monitor


'N. Korea nuclear test could cause volcanic eruption on Mt. Baekdu': experts


North Korea threat: WH official says Kim could use nuclear weapons as 'blackmail'


China record suggests Trump look elsewhere for handling Pyongyang


North Korea confirms it detained an American professor at airport


How Should the US Deal with North Korea?


North Korean Defectors Say Kim Jong Un’s Chokehold on Information Access Is Weakening (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)





A Disappointing Budget Bill


9 Vital Principles for Obamacare Repeal


The Bipartisan Push to Increase Spending and the National Debt


Republicans Abandon Conservatism

With This Budget Deal, The Swamp Wins


Pence: Budget deal 'no small accomplishment' for administration  (Vice-President Mike Pence)


Democrats are doubling down on failure





CBO: CHIP, Medicaid, Medicare, Obamacare Subsidies Top $1 Trillion


CBO: Federal Employees Earn Far More Than Private-Sector Employees




Digital Privacy Group Challenges "Hacking" Warrant in Child Porn Case


Giuliani, Mukasey Seen as 'Disingenuous' by Sanctions Case Judge  (Former Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani (R) and former Attorney General Michael Mukasey were described by a US judge as "surprisingly disingenuous" for downplaying Iran’s alleged role in the indictment of a Turkish businessman charged with sanctions violations.)


Court makes ruling on gay couple's suit against Ky. clerk


Ex-science teacher pleads guilty to making meth


Funeral home in Mississippi refused to cremate gay man, lawsuit alleges


Judge strikes down city's approval of a Hollywood Target — again





Police Investigate Murder-Suicide At North Lake College In Irving


Apparent murder-suicide at Texas college: Cops


2 dead at North Lake College in apparent murder-suicide near Dallas


LAPD Chief Charlie Beck Learned the Wrong Lessons 25 Years After the L.A. Riots


2 Chicago officers shot in 'targeted' attack; manhunt underway


Cop who fatally shot teen identified by police


How Expecting Police To Be All Things To All People Can Fuel Violence


'Manhunt underway' after 2 Chicago Police officers shot


'We Will Get Them': Manhunt Underway After 2 Chicago Police Officers Shot: CPD


UT-Austin stabbing suspect reportedly suffered from mental health issues: Police


Police officer fired after fatally shooting unarmed teen


Woman dies after man fondles, punches her: cops


Trump admin. freezes $10 million to fight violent extremism


Another black boy was killed by police. It’s time for more than hashtags.


Police panel calls for more LAPD reforms to address racial bias, discipline and community policing


Miami lawyer used high-tech tools to harass ex: cops


Sandy Hook father Lenny Pozner on death threats


The heroin-ravaged city fighting back    (A city in West Virginia is targeting the drugs companies that it blames for its epidemic.)





Crony Capitalism, American Style




Gunshot, not Lethal Injections, Is Most Humane





DNC Quiet on Vice Chair’s Full-Throated Defense of Anti-Israel Activist


DNC: We rigged primaries. So what?





How big was influence of Huma Abedin's family?


Ex-DNC chair: Obama's $400K speaking fee 'none of your business'





DHS Secretary: ‘This Is Our Government’s Largest Investment in Border Security in 10 Years’  (Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly)




Justice Dept. mum on appeal in sanctuary cities case


DOJ Report: Nearly 46K Foreign-born Criminals in Fed Prisons


AG Sessions Puts Long Island Gang Violence High on Agenda  (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


DOJ not expected to file charges in Alton Sterling case




GOP Urges Acosta to Block Obama Retirement Rule  (Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta)




Apple has the means — and the motive — to buy the Walt Disney Co.




Stock market ends little changed as Fed stands pat on rates


Wall Street slips as Fed holds on rates; financials rise


U.S. Stocks Slip in Copper Rout, Fed Boosts Dollar: Markets Wrap


Asia stocks ride global momentum, dollar up on June Fed rate hike bets


Aussie Stocks Drop, Taiwan Bucks Poor Apple Result: Markets Wrap


Bernanke: Trump's pledge to revive U.S. manufacturing is "not realistic"  (Former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S Bernanke)


Dollar ticks higher as Fed leaves interest rates unchanged


Stephen Moore: All You Need Is Growth


Gold logs lowest finish in a month—adds to drop as Fed points to rate hikes




UCLA Student President Displayed A Gang Sign In A Photograph Years Ago. Left Goes Nuts.


K-12: 'Alien Covenant'


How Trump’s Executive Order Can Fix Ronald Reagan’s Education Failure


Left-fascist Gettysburg College President Janet Riggs calls for boycott of Robert Spencer lecture


Americans See Free Speech on Campuses as a Thing of the Past


Left-fascist alumni of Gettysburg College threaten to cut donations if Robert Spencer speaks


Coulter’s Non-Speech Cost Berkeley $500k to Pay Cops


Yale’s ‘Starving’ Grad Students, Stuffed with Nonsense

CUNY Mainstreams Jew-Hatred -- Again  (A terrorist-supporter's planned commencement address.)


‘A Perfect Mess’  (Author discusses his new book about American higher education, which suggests it may be better off today than people realize … because it has always faced so many problems and has always been a “hustler’s paradise.”)


Campus High Jinks and the First Amendment


LSU Sues Elsevier  (Louisiana State University takes Elsevier to court in an attempt to settle a disagreement with the publisher about its $1.64 million contract.)


J Street Shot Down for Pushing Anti-Israel, Pro-Boycott Exhibit on Campus


J-Schools Dump Accreditor (Northwestern’s journalism school drops its accreditor, shortly after Berkeley did the same, echoing broader questions about the value of the process and whether it impedes innovation.)


University Locks Down Campus Over ‘Gunman’ Armed With Hot Glue Gun


Race, Safety, Anger (At Colgate, students are furious over a security alert issued over a black student who was carrying a glue gun. At St. Olaf, students protest amid sense that threats against black students have not been taken seriously.)


NYC Council bill would create sex education task force


Democrats Upset Over the Repeal of Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Rules


School Vouchers Aren’t Working, but Choice Is


UC President Janet Napolitano defends university finances against audit as chorus grows to cancel tuition increase


Frat bros no match for high school kids crashing their party


John Flanagan stands up for New York City's kids  (Kudos to state Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan for standing up for every child’s right to a first-class education. Flanagan says he won’t extend mayoral control of the city’s regular... )


Making the Second Time the Charm  (The second chance for year-round Pell Grants also means a new opportunity for the U.S. Department of Education to get implementation right this go-round.)





4,000 year old model garden found outside Egypt tomb


UN Report: 70% of Egyptian Men Approve of Female Genital Mutilation




Ex-House intel chair: Russian meddling into 2016 election was 'wildly successful'


Clinton blames Russian hackers, Comey for loss: ‘If the election had been on October 27, I would be your president’




Michael Moore Wants The Democrats To Run 'The Rock' For President In 2020


Biden balks, Kirsten walks but 2020 Democratic field taking shape




Oil tilts up by the finish as U.S. crude supplies fall a 4th  week


Energy Prices


The Renewable Rip-Off




It was a perfect California beach day...except for all the plastic pollution




Georgia Refuses Entry To Pro-Putin 'Night Wolves' Biker Gang  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)




European stocks end lower, retreating from 20-month high ahead of Fed


More Than Half of Young Europeans Say They Would Join an “Uprising” Against the Elite


Sweden ends ID checks on 'The Bridge' with Denmark


American PhD student, 26, living in Ireland dies in a house fire 'caused by a faulty cellphone charger'




Catholic Hospital Will Allow Patients to be Euthanized Despite Opposition From Catholic Leader  (Brussels, Belgium)




FBI Chief Faces New Questions About His Role in 2016 Election    (FBI Director James Comey)


Axelrod: Comey 'didn’t tell Hillary Clinton not to campaign in Wisconsin'


Comey: I Wouldn't Change My Decision to Announce Reopening of Clinton Investigation Days Before The Election


Did AG Lynch Give Hillary Clinton 'Political Cover'? FBI Director Says, 'Subject Is Classified


Muhammad Ali's dark side revealed in new FBI files


Trump: Comey 'the best thing' that happened to Clinton


Comey: 'Makes Me Mildly Nauseous' To Think We Might Have Impacted Election




Debt Insanity: Does Anyone In Washington Even Care That We Are 20 Trillion Dollars In Debt?





Fed holds interest rates steady, downplays economic weakness




FDA May Make Too Many Pizza Toppings a Crime


Trump Administration Delays Obamacare Calorie Rule




Marine Le Pen offering French voters a softer, gentler message


Muslims Chant “Allahu Akbar!” – Pelt Paris Police with Bottles at May Day Riots (Video)


'What is France?': How Le Pen and Macron see their country very differently


French Universities Email Students – Tell Them to Vote Against Marine Le Pen


Le Pen Says Best Placed to Face ‘New World’ of Trump, Putin





German defence minister scraps US trip over soldier scandal


Police probe whether woman was stabbed to death for converting to Christianity


German scientists to identify Nazi disabled victim remains


Angela Merkel urges Vladimir Putin to protect Chechnya gay rights (German Chancellor Angela Merkel/Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Merkel says Europe should not simply push Turkey away





Kansas archdiocese cuts ties with Girl Scouts and ends cookie sales





White House leaning toward exiting Paris climate pact


Answering Your Climate Questions





Greece Nation will avoid default after bailout deal – but faces more austerity





Another  Obamacare Insurer Drops Out, Killing Obamacare In Iowa


 Insurers Threaten Higher Premiums, Exchange Exits if Obamacare Payments Are Not Made




Failing the Mentally Ill


Top health officials to simulate disease outbreak response


NY triplets get same surgery for rare skull condition


Shakeup at Molina, CEO and CFO, sons of founder are out


Overcoming Opioids: When pills are a hospital's last resort


Enough with the outrage: we live in an age of miracles




Johnny Depp was 'fed lines through an ear piece so he didn't have to learn them', former managers claim


They avoided a strike, but negotiations between writers and studios were a true Hollywood thriller





House Passes Spending Bill That Omits Most Trump Priorities


GOP Struggles to Find Last Few Votes to Pass Obamacare Repeal


Spending bill headed for House vote


Does GOP health bill cover pre-existing conditions?


Laura Ingraham on Paul Ryan: “Why Is He There?… If You Can’t Put Points on the Board You Can’t be Quarterback” (Video) (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


House conservatives won’t pass Omnibust without a fight


Democrat gets head start in South Carolina special election


Wow! Paul Ryan’s Spending Bill Forbids Funding for Trump Wall – But Allows Funding for Border Security in Middle East 


It’s Time Republicans Abandoned the AHCA


The lie that could kill the GOP health-care bill


House Republicans just voted to change overtime rules for workers


Female cadets testify at House hearing about their assaults at West Point


As Health Bill Lingers, Trump and Ryan Are Put on the Spot (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


Intel on 'imminent threat' drove airline electronics ban, top lawmaker says   (US Representative of Texas Michael McCaul (R)


Despite majority, House Republicans struggle to govern


SC primary: GOP heads to runoff, Goldman Sachs adviser wins for Dems


Crowley Slams White House Invite of Duterte: Are He and Trump Going on a ‘Joyride’ With M16s? (US Representative of New York Michael Joe Crowley (D)


What do Republican centrists want from Obamacare repeal?


They Have Medical Conditions, and Fear the New Health Bill


GOP health bill on shaky ground as concerns grow about preexisting conditions


As airlines abuse passengers, Washington weighs a crackdown — on passengers





Hindus accused of murdering Muslim over interfaith marriage


Suspected ISI agent held in UP, another picked up from Mumbai


Body Parts Of Soldiers Taken To Other Side, Says Furious India


Blood trail proves Pak army killed jawans: India


African victims of racism in India share their stories


Students clash with security forces in Kashmir’s Budgam district


Soldiers' beheading: Pak denial has no credibility, says Jaitley 


Maoists attack armoured vehicle of police personnel in Maharashtra, 15 injured


Why are India's top judges doubting each others' sanity?


Terrorists on 'mission loot' in Kashmir Valley


India summons Pakistan envoy over 'killing of soldiers'





Labor rumbles, quiet talks underlie Freeport standoff





Russian Election Hacking 'Wildly Successful' At Sowing Discord, U.S. Intelligence Figures Say




These YouTube parents pulled disturbing ‘pranks’ on their kids. Now they’ve lost custody.




Iran's shadow wars eclipse its nuclear threat, says expert


Iran Using U.S. Cash to Fund Unprecedented, Massive Military Buildup


Iran’s crown prince: Khomeini’s revolution was a big trick


Female Iranian footballer kicked off national team for playing without hijab in Switzerland





Iraq's Challenging Path to Reconciliation


ISIS Sex Slavers Attack Iraqi Christian Woman And Steal Her 6-Year-Old Daughter Right Off Her Shoulders For Refusing To Convert To Islam


US firm in Iraq ignores smuggling, security risks for F-16s





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Wednesday, May 3, 2017)


Trump raised issue of terrorist payments with Abbas  (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


In Trump Abbas-meet, hope springs eternal as peace prospects run dry


Watch: President Trump Gives a Joint Statement with President Abbas


Hamas rejects Abbas peace proposal outline to Trump


Abbas hails Trump's 'wisdom' in DC press conference with the US leader


Trump, Abbas link renewed peace talks to countering Islamic State


Transcript of President Trump and Chairman Abbas Meeting on May 3, 2017


Saying deal not as hard as thought, Trump tells Abbas: We will get peace done


Netanyahu is breaking the truth  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Trump’s welcome for Abbas is so warm he might have been hosting an Israeli leader


Netanyahu Slashes $1 Million from UN Contribution over UNESCO Resolution


After Trump meet, Israeli right says Abbas doesn’t truly want peace


50 Palestinian political leaders to join mass prisoner hunger strike in Israeli custody


Netanyahu denies he allowed Palestinian payments to prisoners


Report: Civil Rights Group Instructed Arabs on Entrapping Security Forces


Archbishop of Canterbury prays at Western Wall with UK chief rabbi


'We Believe You're Willing': Trump Declares Abbas Partner in Peace


Controversial Likud backbencher Hazan endorses Le Pen


UNESCO vote denying Israeli ties to Jerusalem 'meaningless,' says minister


Israeli FM Rebukes Swedish Ambassador over UNESCO Vote


Israeli minister calls to shut UNESCO’s Jerusalem office after contentious vote


Israeli forces suppress World Press Freedom Day march, detain 2 Palestinian journalists


Netanyahu: I told Putin we either coordinate or clash  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Human Rights Watch: Hamas’ Detention of 2 Israelis Violates International Law


Trump says he will launch new Middle East peace process


Amid crisis, Berlin and Jerusalem urged to allow dual citizenship


Several Palestinians injured in Hebron, Qalqiliya-area clashes with Israeli forces


Analysis: Trump’s honey moon with Israeli-Palestinian peace-making


Abbas stops funding Gaza electricity to pressure Hamas


Red Cross to Israel: Allow visits to Palestinians on strike


Watch: Police Thugs Brutalizing Jewish Bystanders


Judges block Hebron shooter’s bid to consider other soldiers who killed attackers


'There are snakes in the Kirya and cobras in the cabinet'


Rights group blasts Hamas for holding 2 ‘mentally ill’ Israelis


Women sue Western Wall rabbi and police over 'shameful' physical searches


As Trump Prepares to Meet Abbas, Peace Deal Seems Far Off  (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


End Abbas’s ‘Pay for Slay’: Pass the Taylor Force Act


United Nations Fabricated Arab Narrative Deceives Academics


Donald Trump, Middle East Messiah?


Fatah: Paying terrorists promotes peace


Do Palestinian Arabs Want a Peaceful State Alongside Israel?


Pushing for ‘peace now’ is the wrong next step for Israelis and Palestinians


Mike Pence: WH Still Giving 'Serious Consideration' to Jerusalem Embassy Move (Vice-President Mike Pence)


Trump must show Palestinian president that US has Israel's back






Jordanian Journalists: Hundreds Of Thousands Of Young Jordanians Support ISIS – And The Authorities Aren't Dealing With It




Darkness at the Heart of Liberal Progressivism


New Orleans Destroys Confederate Monuments -- But Partners with Murderous, Racist Regime  (The Left's romance with blood-soaked tyranny ensues.)




Trump transition staffers head to K Street despite ban




Media Freedom Largely Stable Worldwide in 2016


MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough calls Hillary Clinton’s election excuses ‘pathetic’


Maddow: Trump ‘Wants to Kill Us’ – ‘It’s a Dangerous Time for the First Amendment’


Follow the Lies (For journalists, that’s the very hard part, despite what Carl Bernstein would have you think.)


Poll Confirms Media's Bias: Is 'Fake News' The New Norm?


'Stop this madness': Women of Fox News suddenly hiding their legs?


Don Imus’ ranch in New Mexico headed for the auction block




Iran is seeking 'to control Islamic world', says Saudi Arabian prince


'One in four' Mid East men back equality





US successfully launches second Minuteman III ballistic missile in 7 days (Photos, Video)


US Commandos Set to Counter North Korean Nuclear Sites


US Air Force conducts second long-range missile test


Top US commander in Europe signals need for more troops to counter Russia


Director of VA Hospital Fired for Misconduct After Wait-Time Scandal


Lawmakers again trying to reduce time that veterans wait for benefits


Trump Warms to China, and Navy Steers Clear of Reefs


Top AFRICOM commanders make rare visit to Mogadishu in bid to improve security





Islamophobia redux in Myanmar


Burma's Aung San Suu Kyi rejects UN Rohingya probe





NASA photo shows dark streak across Arabian Sea




US sought names of 1,934 Americans in intelligence reports





Utah Air Force base members participate in NATO exercise in Spain





Next Agency To Be Put On A Leash: OSHA




Mulvaney responds to Jimmy Kimmel's health care plea  (Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney)




Deadly Militant Attack Strains Fragile Pakistan-Iran Ties


Girl, 14, Rescued from Muslim in Pakistan Accused of Forcibly Converting Her


Reform Of Colonial-Era Laws Aims To Bring Pakistan's 'Black Hole' Into The Light


Pakistan Executes Four Militants Convicted By Military Courts


Pakistan Says Three Militants Killed In Clash On Afghan Border


Economy is progressing as government focusing on it: Nawaz Sharif


Pak Army still main destabilising force in S Asia


Pak ISI Chief visited Kabul


WhatsApp reported down in Pakistan and across the world


India proposal for bilateral dialogue with Pakistan is no longer credible: Sartaj Aziz




While in White House, Trumps remained selling points for ‘very special’ Philippines project


Philippine President Duterte is a self-professed killer. Why did Trump invite him to a cozy White House schmooze?




Hillary Clinton to Launch New PAC





The Collapse of American Identity  (We’re losing a shared consensus of who we are to diverging political narratives.)




College Professor Calls Images of Fetal Development “Child Pornography”


Porn Star James Deen: 8-Year-Olds Being Exposed to Porn Is 'Not Okay'


Teacher kept ‘meticulous’ kiddie porn collection in class: cops




Limbaugh grills Pence on budget: ‘What is the point of voting Republican?’ (Vice-President Mike Pence)




RNC Rips CNN for Banning Trump's '100 Days' Ad




Alexei Navalny Is Now Russia's Outlaw Presidential Candidate


Trump Sends Envoy to Russia-sponsored Syrian Cease-Fire Talks


Why Russia Won't Cave to Western Demands (Op-ed) 


Court Upholds Embezzlement Sentence for Russian Opposition Figure


Putin Tells Erdogan Bilateral Relations Being Restored 'In Full Format'   (Russian President Vladimir V Putin/Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Russian Military Adviser Reported Killed In Syria, Second In A Month





Bill Nye, the Eugenics Guy


Astrophysicist: Ancient Life in Our Solar System Not Ruled Out





Dennis Prager: Will the Second Civil War Turn Violent?




Firearms industry scrambles to adapt to change in demand under pro-gun president




What Secret Service spent on Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump’s Whistler trip





First on CNN: Rice declines Senate request to testify on Russian hacking


McConnell and Schumer Praise Spending Bill as Example of Bipartisanship (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)/Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


Trump stirs pot with talk of blowing up Senate rules


Alaska Sen. Sullivan proposes bill to break up the 9th  Circuit Court of Appeals


Chuck Schumer: Trump ‘Did Not Play Much of a Role’ in Budget Negotiations  (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


US Senators Seek Sanctions, Other Ways to Address Venezuela Crisis


Clayton confirmed as Trump's SEC chief


Senators to Trump: Tell Abbas, Palestinians Payments to Terrorists Must Stop  (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Former acting AG Sally Yates to testify about Michael Flynn


Castro Decides Against Challenging Cruz in 2018 (US Representative of Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro (D)/US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)


McConnell shoots down Trump's call to end the filibuster  (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)





14-year-old girl held against her will, sold for sex: police




Facebook to hire 3K to review videos of crime, suicide


Facebook: Leaks about gender bias damage our 'recruiting brand'




Ex-presidential aide freed in Brazil




Can President Trump Cut a Deal for Peace on the Korean Peninsula?


Moon extends lead in race


Donald Trump 'more reasonable than perceived': South Korean candidate backs US president's stance on Kim Jong-un


Can Moon be defeated? A look at 3 variables


Academic Background Counts for Less in Hiring


Is THAAD part of global US missile defense?


Foreigners neglected in election


Voters Can Post Selfies with Preferred Candidates on Election Day


More Teenage Prostitutes Meet Clients Online


US push for missile shield embarrasses Korea


Korea lags behind in Fourth Industrial Revolution


Presidential contenders vow to reform education





Judge Roy Moore on SPLC: 'They Hate God and They Hate Anything About God and Christianity'




Ex-NFL players push a new weapon to fight pain: Medical marijuana


One-armed middle school catcher is incredible to watch


Baltimore’s Adam Jones gets an ovation in Boston after suffering racial taunts in previous game


Orioles' Adam Jones has already made a difference by speaking out


Jeb Bush 'confident' he will win bid for MLB team  (Former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush(R)


NHL Scoreboard


MLB Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard






North Dakota Demands U.S. Taxpayers Pay for Pipeline Protest Cleanup


Black lawmakers set boycott over Confederate emblem on flag


Deadly house explosion in Colorado traced to uncapped pipe from gas well


Good Samaritans race to save kids from raging flood


California Confederate flag ban excludes individuals, state says


Nevada lawmaker strips refund provision from insulin bill


New details about shark attack that left mom fighting for her life  (California)


‘The water just took them away’: Arkansas toddler still missing after floodwaters swept through rural town





New Huma Abedin Emails Reveal 29 Previously Undisclosed Clinton Emails With Classified Information


Tillerson headed to Alaska for Arctic Council meeting  (US Secretary of State Rex W Tillerson)





Neil Gorsuch Starts Off His Supreme Court Tenure With A Huge Power Move




Aid convoy enters Syrian town of Douma, first time since October


Syrian Opposition Suspends Participation In Talks, Questions Safe Zone Plan


Car bomb kills at least five in Syrian border town of Azaz


Interventionism, Non-interventionism, and Syria


Syrian opposition suspends participation in Astana peace talks


In phone call, Trump and Putin agree Syrian suffering has gone on "far too long"  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


IS kills many in attack on Syrian camp





Taiwan president tweets in Japanese about WHA


Taiwan to gate-crash WHA: minister


Tsai orders closer look at Taiwan-China policies of French candidates  (President Tsai Ing-wen)


Eviction of Taiwanese delegates panned


Espionage trial for Taiwan-born Navy officer set to begin


Prickly questions loom for Taipei over ties with North Korea


China Bullied Australia Into Ejecting Taiwan: Next Time Show China The Door


Chinese diamond talks delegates 'hijack mic' in Taiwan protest


Taiwan’s labour conditions making headway: president





Apple needs the ‘iPhone 8’ to succeed more than ever





#FireColbert Twitter campaign gains steam after Stephen Colbert's profane Donald Trump takedown





A Grateful Yet Regretful Farewell To Heritage’s Jim DeMint


DeMint officially ousted as Heritage Foundation president


Heritage Foundation statement on DeMint resignation


Jim DeMint Remains Defiant After Heritage Foundation Ouster





Despite the Rhetoric, US Trade Deficit With China Is Not a Big Problem. Here’s Why.





Turkish, Azerbaijani Joint Military Drills Draw Protest From Nagorno-Karabakh


Turkey's Erdogan Destroys His Nation's Liberty As His Popularity Wanes  (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Turkey, EU leaders to meet during NATO summit: minister


Putin and Erdogan discuss S-400 missile system deliveries to Turkey  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin/Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Erdoğan, Putin back safe zones in Syria


EU imposes no preconditions before Turkey-EU meet in Brussels


Turkey marks Int’l Press Freedom Day amid rising concerns for press freedom


Turkey, Russia steps ‘may influence Middle East’


Info given on strikes in Iraq, Syria: Turkish military


Turkey’s annual inflation hits nearly nine-year high of 12 pct in April


Erdogan’s engagement with India


Turkey’s sovereign wealth fund ‘signs’ Islamic mortgage deal with IDB


Police shoots, wounds suspected Gülenist former police chief


Greece rules against extradition of three more Turkish coup soldiers


Amnesty International projects names of jailed journalists onto Turkish embassy in The


Moody’s maintains negative outlook on Turkish banking system amid challenging operating conditions






Miners, Sainsbury’s push FTSE 100 to a close in the red


The British Ambassador to Egypt is a Major Supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood: Exposed and Embarrassed but hidden By Our Pathetic Media


British-American Trade Is Crucial in the Era of Brexit & Trump


Britain’s Tories Enjoy Big Poll Leads, Some Worry About Impact on Democracy


Scots military cadets told not to wear uniforms in public for fear of jihadis


Hong Kong buyers propel London to world No1 property market


New Project Fear: Germany 'attempting to interfere in General Election to undermine Theresa May'


Dead UK killer whale contained extreme levels of toxic pollutants


8 years later: No. 1 author, radio host still banned in Britain  (Michael Savage launches petition urging Trump to act.)


Asthma death in school Nurse admits 'oversight' over boy's allergy care plan


Revealed: How Jean-Claude Juncker's 'monster' is plotting to punish Britain for Brexit (European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker)


Courts Cardiff terrorist who hid extremist data on Bond-style cufflink is jailed


Scottish OAP admits threat to kill Theresa May


Air pollution UK government agrees to publish strategy next week


Four hundred NHS patients offered HIV tests after being operated on by infected surgeon


Six on trial over topless photos of Duchess of Cambridge


UK food sector faces enormous challenges post-Brexit, say peers


Parties trade blows on tax plans


Brexit divorce bill 'could reach £84bn' while Theresa May 'will be barred from negotiating with leaders'


 UK's best and worst 4G cities revealed


Man who campaigned against cut in widowed parent's allowance dies


Voters wooed before local elections


Army officer accuses Iraq War lawyers of aggravating trauma he and his men suffered


Police get more time in terror inquiry


Energy Nuclear industry warns UK must avoid 'cliff edge' over Brexit


Anorexic teen's care plan 'inadequate'


Brit Spy Behind Trump Dossier Admits Some Was 'Unverified'


Shipping could cause 'seal hearing loss'


Cannabis Study looks at how compound could help fight children's cancer


Pesticide 'hits queen bee egg development'


George Osborne's Evening Standard editorial says PM's election campaign 'amounts to no more than a slogan'


Rosemary 'could help students' memories'


Annual donations to UK universities pass £1bn mark for first time




US exploring options at UN to pressure N. Korea


Belgium sought Saudi Arabia’s favor in voting to UN women’s rights commission


The United Nations’ campaign against business in Israel makes no sense




‘Why was there the Civil War?’ Here’s your answer.




Washington's Hands Are Tied in Venezuela


Plan to rewrite constitution branded a coup by former regional allies


Venezuela protesters set up roadblocks




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump Slams Clinton’s Excuses for Why She Lost the Election


Trump meets with key GOPers as new health care deal floated


Trump making another push for health care bill amid last-minute tweaks


At Pence’s urging, Trump to sign executive order restoring religious freedom  (Vice-President Mike Pence)


Voters Are Less Sure Trump Will Undo Obama’s Accomplishments


Two Stories Signal Trump’s No Longer Running the Show


Was Trump Right on the Civil War and Andrew Jackson?


Trump Doesn’t Understand the GOP Health Care Bill. That’s a Barrier to Good Policy.


Trump's Safe Republican Congress  (If the President finds it difficult to work with fellow Republicans in Congress, he should think hard about how the joys of dealing with a Democrat majority.)


Trump's "Big Agenda"  (David Horowitz's new best-seller unveils the president's plan to save America.)


Trump and the NFL Draft (Grading them at this point makes no sense.)


Trump's takeover of the GOP, one year later


Budget fight: White House blasts Dem victory dance on spending bill


Email: Trump "directly involved" in hunt for rogue tweeter


Spicer leaves White House briefing without taking questions  (White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer)

Girls Who Code founder to Ivanka Trump: Don't use my story


Trump set to sign religious liberty order: report


Trump is right. America needs to talk to bad guys — but carefully.


White House: Trump and Putin Had ‘Very Good’ Conversation on Syria (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Trump, with little progress on legislative goals, sees a ‘shutdown’ as a way forward


Trump’s comments on N. Korea sow confusion, but that may be the point


One day, Trump is a tough hombre. The next, he’s purring like a kitten.


Trump's Shutdown Threat Is Silly and Pointless


Has Melania been hacked? First Lady's personal Twitter account 'likes' a post that mocks her marriage to Donald Trump backed up with infamous Inauguration clip


Melania’s Twitter account liked tweet about ‘wall’ between her and Donald


Conway rips Clinton's election loss explanation


Why Trump is reaching out and even praising dictators: It's strategy


I have a soft spot for Reagan. Will my kids have one for Trump?


It’s open war between Trump and CBS



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