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Wednesday, May 2, 2018






In Today’s Issue: 




Abortions at Planned Parenthood Increase 142% Even Though Abortions Decline Nationwide


Cecile Richards' Farewell Message: 'I've Been Honored' To Kill Unborn Children


Planned Parenthood Sues President Trump for Cutting $60 Million of Its Taxpayer Funding


Iowa Lawmakers Pass Ban on Most Abortions, Aiming for Court Fight


Iowa Legislature Passes Bill to Ban All Abortions After an Unborn Baby’s Heartbeat Begins


Lawmakers call on Trump to cut off Planned Parenthood’s Title X funding


Abortionist Faces 15 Years for Killing Woman in Botched Legal 26-Week Abortion


'I'm Very Happy with What I Said': Michelle Wolf Defends Harsh Attacks, Gruesome Abortion 'Joke'


South Carolina Senate Defeats Bill That Bans All Abortions, Declares Unborn Babies as People Under Law


Indiana Mayor Blocks Pregnancy Center From Site Near Abortion Clinic


Abortion Activists Claim the Abortion Pill is “Safer Than Miscarriage”


A book on abortion that everyone should read


Doctor in badly botched abortion is tried for manslaughter


Louisiana 'admitting privileges' abortion law before court


Kansas Lawmakers Pass Telemedicine Bill With Abortion Clause


Look for politics to shift as young people increasingly support abortion rights


Ex-Planned Parenthood leader: Wolf was 'doing her job' when she made abortion jokes


Resolutions ask Louisiana to side with Mississippi in abortion lawsuit


Cecile Richards’ exit leaves abortion provider Planned Parenthood in disarray


I Saw A Woman Die From A Self-Induced Abortion — That's The Cost Of Our Silence


Iowa House debate continues on 'heartbeat' abortion bill


Vatican invites Katy Perry to talk about Transcendental Meditation


U2 comes out as pro-abortion, urges repeal of Ireland’s pro-life law




The U.S. Quietly Released Afghanistan’s “Biggest Drug Kingpin” From Prison. Did He Cut a Deal?


Afghanistan Takes a Bloody Path to Pursue Peace 




Why Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey are battling over Somalia


Iran denies Morocco accusation of arms delivery to rebel group


Suicide Militants Storm HQ of Libya’s Election Commission, 12 Dead


Nigerian Christians protest Fulani, Islamic terrorism


A Muslim Genocide of Christians in Nigeria




Another Southwest plane makes emergency landing after window breaks during flight




AP Stealth-Edits Report After Omitting Democratic Party ID of D.C. Official Peddling Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories


Starbucks Fights Racism, Bows to Anti-Semitism




Californians, like polar bears, have something to fear as Arctic ice melts




Alveda King and Frank Pavone: How can you use Martin Luther King Jr. to promote suicide? You can't.



Markets Live: ASX breaks 6,000, ANZ and CBA lead


The Australian dollar is getting smoked, tumbling to the lowest level in nearly a year


Commonwealth Bank admits losing almost 20 million bank account records


University of Melbourne staff to strike over academic freedom


104-year-old Australian scientist heads to Switzerland to end his life




Biotech startup CEO, 28, who courted controversy by injecting HIMSELF with his company's herpes drug to speed up FDA approval, is found dead in a sensory deprivation tank in a DC spa





Boy Scouts are dropping the word 'boy' from the name of flagship program




TSX boosted by resource stocks, loonie rises against U.S. dollar


Quebec: Muslim event for children pledging to “wear hijab for life” canceled, “far right” groups blamed


Canadian senator takes shots at 'odious' American hockey commentators


Black college graduate wins $8,000 in damages from a Chinese restaurant after staff racially-profiled his group of friends and ordered them to pay for their meal up front


Canada will soon have more illegal border crossers than Syrian refugees


A car was found dangling from a bridge near a Toronto highway. It was a 'prank,' police say


Shockwaves across political spectrum after beloved MP Gord Brown dies suddenly


Nova Scotia chocolate company founded by Syrian refugees names first bar after Indigenous word for peace


Toronto to mark Jewish Heritage Month





NXIVM Cult Held Sex Parties At Richard Branson Private Island — Where Obama Also Partied





Diseases from mosquito, flea and tick bites have tripled, spread new disease: CDC




Former CIA Director’s Broadside Against Trump Accidentally Proves Intel Agencies’ Politicization




China's foreign minister arrives in N. Korea


China Is Weakening Its Currency Before U.S. Trade Talks Begin





Verifying N.Korea's Denuclearization Could Be a Bumpy Road


U.S. intelligence detects North Koreans' actions at nuclear test site


5 Things to Watch For in North Korea's Peace Negotiations


Forbidden Gospel beaming into North Korea


Korea is built to be unsolvable





Any new congressional authorization of force should do more than ratify current policy





Climate change lawsuit filed by young Alaskans heads to court


US court orders Islamic Republic of Iran to pay $6 billion to families of 9/11 victims


White supremacist found guilty in Charlottesville parking garage beating of black man




Yeshiva student assaulted in Crown Heights


Body camera footage from Vegas officers inside hotel goes public


Brother of Fla. shooting suspect arrested again


Black men arrested at Starbucks reach agreements with city for $1 each


Several big cities now give police more leeway in firing at vehicles


Teacher dated student for weeks before oral sex in school: cops


 Alabama student arrested for allegedly pulling down female jogger's pants, stealing women's underwear





Deny Access to Caravan Arrivals


Government has paid out more than $60M in Border Patrol settlements: report





Report: America’s Death Rows Remain Packed





DNC officials tell Hillary they want their money back





FDR wanted Jews ‘spread thin’ and kept out of U.S., documents reveal  


Why Are Millennials Turning Against Democrats? The Answer Is Simple





DOJ sending more feds to border after 'caravan'


Why firing Mueller won't end the Russia investigation (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Mueller’s Questions for Trump Show the Folly of Special-Counsel Appointments


Worse than Beria? Mueller Could Damage the World


The real reason Mueller hasn’t called Ivanka Trump


Hannity rips Rod Rosenstein: He 'trashed Congress' despite his own 'flat out obstruction'(Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein)


Mueller's Leak: Deep State Doubles Down On Collusion With Democrats (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Mueller’s questions prove Trump shouldn’t talk


Mueller warned of a possible presidential subpoena in meeting with Trump lawyers


Why Talking to Mueller Could Be a Minefield for Trump


What Robert Mueller Knows




Stock market slumps as Fed statement signals few changes to policy


U.S. Stocks Sag After Fed Report; Oil Rallies: Markets Wrap


Wall Street drops amid trade worries, Fed decision


Asian shares steady, dollar near four-month high before Fed decision


Asian Stocks Decline; Dollar Near Four-Month High: Markets Wrap


Why the stock market is falling amid the best first-quarter results in 24 years


Bitcoin Cash resumes run higher, adds 15%


Gold ends at 2-month low, then climbs after Fed statement


Dollar shrugs off Fed policy statement, struggles for direction


Treasury yields edge lower after Fed policy statement




Harvard Against the Police (An arrest of a drug-crazed black student sends the campus into familiar hysterics.)


Undercover Video Shows Corruption in New Jersey Teachers Union


Homeschoolers Turn Out in Droves to Defeat Intrusive California Bill


New CSP Study: Trump Is Right, Gun Free Zones Make Schools More Dangerous


Here’s How Few Republicans Are On College Faculties


‘New Liberal Arts’ or Not-So-Liberal Arts?


UT-Austin 'MasculinUT' Ad Campaign Treats Masculinity as a Mental Illness


Video: Gender Propaganda in Kindergarten


Cutting Off Chinese Researchers


Teen delivers baby after learning about childbirth in school


Eligible for Aid, but Not Getting It


How Hamilton College Defines 'Academic Rigor'


'Muslim Mafia' slammed for lying about suit against schools


School may make bras mandatory after forcing student to cover nipples with Band-Aids


Sorority probed for sex ring to pay pledging fees


Teacher walkouts come with stagnant test scores, most students below proficiency


Surprise! University professors go to bat for conservatives


De Blasio's school 'diversity' plan will be a progressive failure  (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio(D)




Oil prices finish higher as IMF move threatens Venezuelan output


Energy Prices


Time to gush for American oil production





Tesla Is An Environmentalist Tulip Mania




Lobbyist helped arrange Scott Pruitt’s $100,000 trip to Morocco(Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt)


California sues over plan to scrap car emission standards




Ukraine extends sanctions against Russia - security council

Trump’ transfer of anti-tank missiles to Ukraine risks Russia’s wrath, escalation in fighting




No negotiations under threat: Warning from Juncker to Trump on US trade tariffs  (European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker)


European stocks rise as upbeat corporate updates roll in




The Idea That James Comey’s Leaks Were Non-Criminal Is Falling Apart (Former FBI Director James Comey)




FERC Commissioner Neil Chatterjee: How will we respond to attacks on our electric grid?




Fed holds rates steady as it notes inflation




US warns liquid nicotine packets resemble juice boxes, candy




Trump's Foreign Policy Plans Put America First




Macron calls Australian leader's wife 'delicious' — and demonstrates the perils of diplomacy in a foreign language  (French President Emmanuel Macron)


Air France strike: Airline cancels 15 percent of flights on Thursday


Who were the black-clad rioters in Paris and how can France stop them? 




Germany: 200 African Migrants Riot to Prevent Man Being Deported, Police Flee


200 migrants in south German town prevent deportation of man to Congo


Merkel's coalition bickers over military and aid spending (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


German bishops to meet with Pope Francis to discuss Communion for protestants




Weather, Climate, Carbon Dioxide and Global Warming.


Is climate alarmist consensus about to shatter?




Coulter: GOP Midterm Slogan ‘We Need Guest Workers to Do Your Jobs!’





Greece “overwhelmed” as Muslim migrants surge across Turkish border, situation “on verge of spinning out of control”




 Tom Price walks back remarks on mandate repeal  (Former Health and Human Service Secretary Tom Price)




Combat synthetic opioids with a velvet glove and a big stick




Congress Seeks Showdown On Ending U.S. Aid to Palestinians


Goodlatte demands probe into top Obama-era DOJ officials over Clinton Foundation probe (US Representative of Virginia Bob Goodlatte (R)


‘I can’t afford an apartment’: Congressmen sleeping in offices cry poverty


Congress doesn’t need a chaplain at all


Nancy Pelosi says she will run for speaker, as more swing-district Democrats look for an alternative(House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)




Major Human Trafficking Raid Rescues Hundreds in Latin America and Caribbean




Exposed! Immigrant Caravan Not Refugees


Dozens of illegals caught in Texas ... after coming from ISIS recruiting grounds


Texas and six other states sue Trump administration to force end to DACA


Despite Trump threats, U.S. allows migrant caravan members to seek asylum




Democrats’ war on ICE is a threat to public safety




Gunmen Execute Gruesome Killing of Pastor in Jharkhand State, India


Modi Mapping Invisible Jobs to Help Measure India's Real Growth  (Prime Minister Narendra Modi)


Taj Mahal turning green due to insect feces




Very existence of Iran’s secret nuclear archive may be a violation of nuke deal


Tehran terrified, ex-Pentagon official says


Peace between the Korean rivals would leave Iran as the world’s last rogue nuclear regime


New Evidence of Iran Nuclear Arms Program Likely to Doom Obama-Era Deal


'No credible indications' of Iran nuclear weapons programme after 2009: IAEA


We know Iran’s nuclear secrets now. Let’s make the most of them.


The Iran Deal Is a Lie


Team Obama should just accept they failed with Iran


U.S. Breaks With Europe Over Israel’s Claims on Iran




Heel go for it: George W. Bush shoe-thrower to run for Iraqi parliament


US to return thousands of artifacts seized from Hobby Lobby to Iraq




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing    (Wednesday, May 2, 2018)


200 Acres of Israeli Farmland Burnt in Gaza’s Eco-Terror Kite Attack (video)


Netanyahu said to resume contacts with UN on deal to resettle African migrants  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


The Islamic response to the US embassy move to Jerusalem


Israeli arms sales skyrocket, increasing 41.5% in one year


Watch: Be’eri Forest Fire Started by Gaza Terror Kites


Jews` usury caused Antisemitism - speech by PA Chairman Abbas  (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


World fumes over Abbas’s antisemitism


Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas: Holocaust, Massacres Of European Jews Due To Their Function In Society As Usurers; Hitler Struck A Deal With The Jews


Palestinian ‘fire kite’ sparks massive blaze in Israeli fields along Gaza border


Mossad’s has deterred Iran in conflict with Israel


Iran to respond to ‘Israeli aggression’ in Syria, official says


Yad Vashem blasts Abbas for anti-Semitic bid to blame Jews for their own murder


The great deception march on Gaza's borders


Palestinian official: Abbas didn’t deny Holocaust, Israel distorted his words


Lag B’Omer Celebrations in Full Swing at Tomb of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai in Meron


Lapid says PM seriously harmed national security with Iran revelations


Guatemala starts moving its embassy to Jerusalem


'Peace partner': Holocaust due to Jews' 'social behavior'  (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Muslims caught in 'blatant show of disrespect' on Temple Mount




Japan to host summit with China and Korea on May 9




View: Relax, India. There's a bigger China bet than Pakistan




May Day protesters march through downtown L.A. amid gloomy skies and drizzle




Assange in grave danger, hated because Clintons control media – Pamela Anderson


This Is CNN: Reporter Cillizza Sez Trump Created ‘Image of a Horde of People’ at Southern Border


Major New Billboard Campaign Targets New York Times’ Bias Against Israel


WaPo and BuzzFeed “reporters” parrot CAIR talking points, try to get Robert Spencer book banned


Michelle Wolf’s Hate-Driven Jokes Highlight the Growing Divide in US


The Droppings of the Peacock Network




Microsoft Persuades Court to Imprison Man for 'Counterfeiting' Software They Give Away for Free




Yemeni government arrests a Qatari officer on suspicion of cooperation with Houthi militia


Market changes prompt Gulf State oil firms to explore new business models




Pentagon Has Spent $697,627 on ‘Can I Kiss You’ Training


Mattis Sends Guantanamo Policy Recommendation to White House  (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


Military cargo plane crashes near Savannah, Georgia


Todd Starnes: Lawmakers say Army may have violated law by targeting Baptist chaplain


Pentagon identifies Army specialist who was killed Monday in Afghanistan


Acting VA secretary: Dirty Salt Lake City clinic demonstrates need for more private care


Purveyor of ‘puppet oath’ video wishes it had never been posted


Sailors are spending more time away from home than Navy wants, GAO report says


Hero or terrorist? Base students host trial of Luke Skywalker with JAG help


Support grows for ecstasy-assisted psychotherapy to treat PTSD




The Multiculturalism Umbrella: Islam's Manufactured Wool




Explore InSight, NASA’s Latest Mission to Mars


Why NASA Will Explore One of Mars’s Most Boring Spots




NATO naval task force enters Black Sea - media reports


Why NATO Needs a Streamlined Decisionmaking Process




Hundreds of Dead Newborn Girls Dumped in Garbage Piles in Pakistan Because of Preference for Boys


Pakistan cosies up to Russia, but Moscow doesn’t seem to want to take sides




Gun Control PACs Raise About 60 Percent of NRA PAC’s Haul in March




Russia’s ‘garbage mafia,’ putrid dumps spark protests that could spell trouble for Putin(Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Russia cuts military spending for first time over past 19 years - report


Russian Jet Intercepts U.S. Spy Plane in ‘Safe but Unprofessional’ Maneuver


Putin invites descendants of Sobibor rebellion to celebration of Nazis’ defeat


Russian Institute Downgrades Nurses to ‘Cleaners’ to Avoid Pay Raises


Russian Toddler Twins Survive 9-Story Fall




Pro-Second Amendment students walkout of classrooms across the country





Trump campaign aide tells Senate Intelligence panel how its 'collusion' narrative ruined his life


California Businessman Running for Senate in Both California, Florida


Two Cheers for Corporate Tax Cuts  (By US Senator of Florida Marco Rubio(R)


Amid Primary Challenge, Feinstein Abandons Long-held Opposition to Cannabis Legalization (US Senator of California Dianne Feinstein (D)


Rubio walks back criticism of GOP tax law  


We Asked 16 Senators Advocating More Government-Run Health Care About Alfie Evans. None of Them Responded.


Trump's assault on Jon Tester gives GOP room to run in Montana


West Virginia GOP Senate candidates spar over credentials, support for Trump in Fox News debate




Kanye says ‘slavery for 400 years, that feels like a choice’; here’s why he’


Kanye West just said 400 years of slavery was a choice


Don Lemon slams Kanye's comment




A Muslim and a Hindu thought they could be a couple. Then came the 'love jihad' hit list


Cambridge Analytica shutting down after Facebook scandal


Zuckerberg: We’re going to ‘intensify’ suppression of news sites based on public o





Black Lives Matter Says You Have To Hate Israel To Not Be Racist




U.S. Stealth Fighter Jets Arrive in S.Korea


S. Korea: US troop withdrawal not linked to possible peace treaty


USFK Withdrawal Could Be Used as Bargaining Chip


USFK to stay even after peace treaty with NK: President Moon


What did the Korean leaders talk about on those park benches? Trump, mainly.


Consumers frightened by soaring grocery prices


Exports Drop for 1st Time in 18 Months


South Korean president asks UN to verify closure of North's test site


University of Seoul plans exchanges with North Korean universities




Should Athletes Be Paid for Name and Image?


MLB Scoreboard


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard




Tornadoes ravage Plains with more storms en route




Exclusive: White House Weighs Taking Refugee Programs Away From State Department 


Pompeo vows to get "swagger back" at State Department(US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo)




Surgeon General: Household naloxone access vital to opioid crisis solution




The fight for freedom took him from her. Would she ever see him again?


ISIS turns Syrian soldier into human bomb




China threatens Taiwan, but how far will Beijing go?


China ramps up pressure on Qantas over Taiwan


China's new tug-of-war with Taiwan over influence in the Pacific


Could China Flash Invade Taiwan?




Texas: Muslim teen plotted mass shooting jihad massacre at shopping mall




Trade war? Trump team to use any means to bust open China’s barriers to American exports




How Erdogan Made Turkey's Next Election Like No Other  (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Turkey seeks to expand range of locally built missile


Turkey's fighter jet program races ahead as Russian firm reveals interest


Giant ship transits Istanbul after laying Russia-Turkey gas line





FTSE 100 rises for fifth session a row, buoyed by miners


Alfie Evans Was a Victim of the “New Eugenics” Targeting “Unfit” Human Beings


UK: Man Arrested For Possessing a Potato Peeler


UK: Convert to Islam plotted “large-scale” vehicular jihad massacre


Christian Legal Group That Helped Alfie Evans’ Parents Faces Government Investigation


UK: Tory council candidate suspended for “Islamophobic” tweet comparing Islam to Nazism


Letter Slams Catholic Cardinal Who Defended Hospital That Ended Alfie Evans’ Life by Saying “Courts Must Decide What’s Best”


Judges in the Alfie Evans Case Failed to Convince a Large Part of Humanity


House of Lords Tries to Block Brexit


The Alfie Evans case shows liberal individualism has gone too far




Report on which nations don't have America's back at UN could shape US aid




Vatican invites Katy Perry to talk about Transcendental Meditation




Rich Venezuelan Socialists Live the High Life In Florida




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump rips Justice Department in stinging set of tweets


Trump hails Pompeo as "true American patriot" at swearing-in ceremony(US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo)


Giuliani Says Trump’s Team Is Still Open to Mueller Interview


Trump to Add Clinton Impeachment Lawyer Emmet Flood to Replace Ty Cobb


Just a fragment of Iran’s Atomic Archives released. Trump awaits more for his May 12 decision and Jerusalem visit


President's Russia collusion counsel steps down as Mueller probe heats up  (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Trump calls Justice Department 'rigged,' threatens action


Ex-doctor says Trump dictated his own glowing health letter


President Trump’s Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech


Trump team prepares for showdown with Mueller


Under oath or not, Trump owes the country answers


President Trump’s Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech


White House ignores executive order requiring count of civilian casualties in counterterrorism strikes




WHO: 7 million people a year die from air pollution


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