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Tuesday, May 2, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




Missouri House Passes Bill to Ban Late-Term Abortions After 20 Weeks, Ban Sales of Baby Parts


Kansas City Archdiocese Breaks Ties With Girl Scouts, Cites Planned Parenthood, Radical Feminists


President Trump Expected to Sign Order Protecting Little Sisters of the Poor From Obama Abortion Mandate


‘Planned Parenthood Shouldn’t Throw a Party Yet,’ 500K-Member Women’s Policy Group Says


Video Exposes Top Pro-Abortion Politicians Misleading People to Defend Planned Parenthood


Former Dem Congressman: Democrats Are Leaving the Party Over Extreme Abortion Views


Ivanka Trump Told Planned Parenthood to Quit Doing Abortions to Keep Its Tax Funding, It Refused


New California Bill Would Force Christian Schools to Pay for Abortions


University Banned Pro-Life Club From Social Justice Fair, Then Blocked it With a Pro-Abortion Table


Bill to Ban Abortions at 20 Weeks Passes in Senate  (The Tennessee Senate has voted to pass a bill that would ban abortion after 20 weeks if doctors determine the fetus is viable.)


Tennessee Senate Passes Bill to Ban Late-Term Abortions on Unborn Babies


Abortion roils GOP ObamaCare debate


Planned Parenthood Reopens Waco Texas Abortion Clinic That Killed 19,000 Babies After SCOTUS Kills Pro-Life Law


Indiana Attorney General appeals abortion ultrasound decision


Catholic Indiana Sen. Joe Donnelly Won’t Denounce Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz


Trump picks antiabortion activist to head HHS family-planning program


Trump to sign order protecting opponents of gay ‘marriage,’ abortion on National Day of Prayer


Alternative abortion facts new Trump hire Charmaine Yoest believes


Trump appoints pro-life lawyer to lead ‘family planning’ programs


  Trump Just Picked a Contraception Skeptic to Head Federal Family Planning Efforts


Democrats lash out at Trump for ‘jeopardizing’ abortion


Website counsels women on abortion pills without prescription


Nets Ignore DNC Chair Insisting All Dems Must ‘Support’ Abortion


Pro-life center opens 100 yards from Mississippi’s last abortion center


Neither of These Women Wanted to Be Pregnant. Only One Could Get an Abortion.


Utah governor gives up attempt to defund Planned Parenthood


Downingtown assistant principal on leave after ranting at two teen abortion protesters


Former Abortion Clinic Converted to Pregnancy Center Saving Babies From Abortion


Canadian Law Says a 9-Month-Old Baby Killed in a Crime Against Her Mother Isn’t a Human Being


To right their political ship, Democrats need to welcome pro-life liberals


Planned Parenthood Leader Admits: We’re Manipulating the Media in Africa to Push Our Abortion Agenda




'MOAB' aftermath: Fox News tours site where Afghanistan bomb was dropped


Making Afghanistan Great Again




'They sleep when they're too hungry': South Sudanese trapped by war, famine grow increasingly desperate


Rival Libyan kingpins break the ice in Abu Dhabi





United CEO promises DC lawmakers, 'We will do better'




Rights Group Slams ‘Draconian’ Bangladesh Internet Laws


Kazakhstan Sentences Jehovah's Witness To Five Years In Prison




ASX eases as ANZ spooks investors


Banks may keep the ASX from 6000 in May


The university degrees that students are avoiding in droves


$A back above US75¢


Catholic schools big losers as Turnbull redirects funds  (Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull)


'It was disgusting': Chinese protest disrupts Bishop ceremony  (Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop)


Australia: Muslim teen who shot man left note: “I have come to put terror in your hearts”


Australia: Muslim Uber driver says he’s Islamic State leader and asks “Have you ever eaten human flesh?”


Australian government to build second Sydney airport




Author Jean Stein, who wrote about New York and Hollywood elite, dies at 83




Auto Sales Fall for Fourth Straight Month


7 of the safest cars on the road


A $50,000 Chrysler Minivan Explains Slowing U.S. Auto Sales





U.S. Envoy Urges Macedonian Leaders To Allow New Government To Form  




Underreported: How Building a Border Wall Changed San Diego


'Minutemen' 2017: Civilian army floated to guard U.S. border




Toronto markets rise on health care sector advances, loonie weakens


TSX gains as health-care sector advances; dollar weakens


Loonie hits 14-month low as oil price tumbles


The senator who had sex with a teen girl cost taxpayers at least $600K during investigation


Opposition filibuster ends in profanity as Liberal chair adjourns meeting


Ontario cuts $1.4M funding for Toronto Public Library


Transgender candidates hope to break through in B.C. vote


Sajjan pulls out of veterans fundraiser amid controversy  (Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan)


‘That is bulls–t’: Conservative MP Scott Reid accuses Liberal of illegally ending key meeting


How a Toronto subway worker helped save a man who had climbed onto the tracks


If Canadians think ‘free trade’ with Trump is a pain, just wait till we deal with China


To pull away from the U.S. economy, Canada must look to its immigrants


For better trade with Washington, Canada can’t be cozying up to China


Canadian woman, boyfriend strangled to death: Report


Governing means adapting. And Trudeau's adapting his way right out of his promises (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Canada: “I am going to work for ISIS. I hate you guys,” says 12-year-old Syrian refugee girl


Underground blasts rock Toronto financial district





Missing couple found dead in Belize





CIA interrogator reveals how the agency tracked down Bin Laden by piecing together what his comrades at Guantanamo Bay let slip




China Mulls Halting Oil Supply to N.Korea for 6 Months


Top Chinese diplomat warns of apocalypse on North Korea


China: US, N. Korea should establish contact


The Hangover Part IV: China sluggish after Q1 blow-out


China-backed AIIB needed for Asian infrastructure: Bank of Japan





Push and Pull on Cuba


Cuban with US flag disrupts Havana parade




More Is Finally Being Said About The Horrible Torture That North Korean Christians Go Through, But For What Purpose?


Time for Donald Trump to Roll Out the Welcome Mat for Kim Jong-un  (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


North Korea: US bomber flight pushes two countries on brink of nuclear war


Can Most Americans Find North Korea on a Map?


The story of another time the US considered attacking North Korea


North Korea Looks To Be Gearing Up For More Sub-Launched Missile Tests


Trump-Kim Summit Would Likely Require Major Concessions  (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


How to Defuse the Crisis with North Korea


North Korean Crisis Continues to Sizzle




Schumer, Pelosi Celebrate Stop-gap Government Spending Bill  (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)/House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


Blame Congress for Trump’s 100-day bust


GOPe gives Trump the finger in stopgap spending bill


Shut It Down: Republicans Chicken Out Yet Again  (This big spending sellout is what Trump voters voted for?)


Frustrated conservatives ready to start winning under Trump


Conservatives fume over 'complete' spending concession to Democrats


After spending-bill win, Democrats confident they can block Trump agenda


Congress Allots $120 Million for Trump Family’s Security


Winners and Losers of the Spending Deal


Democrats win spending-bill showdown with Trump


Congress is on track with sweeping spending deal. But don’t expect any other major accomplishments soon


Winners and losers of the government shutdown fight


Seven things to know about the government funding deal




Michael Slager to plead guilty in connection with killing of Walter Scott


Defense: Exclude Confederate flag shirt at officer's retrial  (Attorneys for a white former University of Cincinnati policeman charged with killing an unarmed black man say jurors at his retrial shouldn't see the T-shirt with a Confederate flag emblem that he was wearing under his uniform.)


Court to hear testimony about Benghazi suspect's capture


Woman paralyzed by airport accident sues city


New Mexico's REAL ID rules have forced court caseloads 'to go off the charts'


Tomi Lahren settles suit with Glenn Beck, 'Blaze'


Pastor charged again for not reporting dying granddaughter




Mormon Man In Utah Slaughters His Own Mother And His Brother For A Ritual Human Sacrifice


Witnesses recount details of fatal UT-Austin stabbing


Cops: Man found in bloody clothes confesses to wife's grisly killing


Chicago shooting victims


Dispatcher heard snoring on 911 call is punished


San Diego police say shooter was ‘despondent’ over breakup, made ex-girlfriend listen to rampage on phone


Dallas paramedic shot while responding to shooting


One killed, three wounded in attack on University of Texas at Austin campus, police say


Police: Ex- Tenn. lawmaker grabbed woman's butt


A black teen died following an encounter with police near Dallas. His death is now ruled a homicide.


Students arrested for catfishing teacher to get nude photos 




Security warnings as "10 Concerts" lists, free coupon scams go viral





DNC Chair Refuses to Say Trump’s Name (Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez)





SHE'S BAAAACK: Hillary Declares Herself Part Of 'The Resistance'


Potential Wis. Dem Candidate for Gov Uses ‘Social Welfare Org’ to Promote Possible Candidacy


Wrong-way Driver (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio defends blatant corruption at the top of his administration.)


If Obama Wants To Help Democrats, He Should Disappear


The Cost of Barack Obama’s Speech


Obama to host Chicago roundtable Wednesday




Let Them Eat Salt  (Trump admin provides flexibility from Michelle Obama lunch rules.)


Trump’s Agriculture Chief Tosses Out Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Rules


Threatening farmers’ property rights




Syrian missile attack was 'after-dinner entertainment,' Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross says





Plans for DeVos to speak at historically black college draw ire (Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos)


Betsy DeVos scheduled, then canceled, a visit to an L.A. charter school that emphasizes special needs   


DeVos to give commencement speech at historically black university




Former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson snared in growing pursuit of personal email





Justice Dept. to Hold Summit on Hate Crimes


Sessions Hints He Won’t Crack Down on Marijuana in States Where It’s Legal  (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


Newly Released Data Shows Significant Illegal Immigrant Prison Population





Wall Street edges up on heavy earnings day; Fed on tap


U.S. Stocks Edge Higher, Bonds Rise as Oil Slips: Markets Wrap


Stocks eke out gains as Nasdaq closes at record for second day


Hi-tech leads Asia share rally, dollar at one-month high vs yen


Asian Stocks Climb as Yen Weakens, China Reopens: Markets Wrap


Housing construction is on the rise in California, but it's still not enough


Wall Street fears end of boom as automakers' April U.S. sales drop


Treasury yields pull back from weeklong high after oil prices fall


9 internships that pay better than "real" jobs


Dollar advances vs. yen as stock-market volatility declines


6 high-paying careers that may qualify for student loan forgiveness


Wall Street’s ‘fear gauge’ is falling, bonds and the stock market are rallying—something’s gotta give


Want great maternity leave? Get this job


Gold ends higher, shakes off 3-week lows as investors await Fed meeting outcome


US Economic Confidence Falls in April, but Still Positive





Columbia Students Say Thomas Jefferson Statue 'Validates Rape'


Student’s Grade Lowered for Using Word “Man”


School District: Berkeley Riot Organizers Tried To 'Brainwash' Students Into Left-Wing Activism [Video]


Left-fascists at University of Buffalo Robert Spencer lecture refuse to allow discussion of jihad threat


Baylor Students Protest Mexican-Themed Frat Fiesta, Demand Mandatory Diversity Training


Bible reading not allowed before class, professor tells student


Trump administration ends Michelle Obama’s girls’ education program


WH denies it's ending Michelle Obama's 'Let Girls Learn' program


Keep For-Profit Schools on a Short Leash


Teen graduating from college before getting high school diploma


Preschoolers' Story Comprehension Similar for Print and Digital Books


A ‘Repudiation’ of Trump Budget  (In restoring year-round Pell Grants and boosting research and other programs targeted for major cuts in White House's 2018 blueprint, 2017 budget deal suggests Congress's disinclination to embrace Trump approach.)


Quadruplet brothers from Ohio will attend Yale together


Who Defines Expertise?  (Accreditor’s new rules are forcing a professor who has taught philosophy for 50 years to stop doing so, because her PhD is in English. Many object.)


Thinking Strategically About Study Resources Boosts Students' Final Grades


Suicide and Title IX  (Two lawsuits -- one involving accused student’s suicide and another about an attempt -- have added fire to the continued debate over how colleges handle complaints of sexual assault.)


Nutrition Rules for School Lunches Are Rolled Back


‘Volatile’ but Growing Online Ed Market (Online enrollment continues to grow as the total number of students in college shrinks. The growth is particularly strong at private nonprofit colleges, report finds.)


How one high school's strategy is helping battle bullying


Bananas hanging from nooses found on college campus


What Makes an Open Lab 'Open'? (As public universities divert resources into new kinds of learning spaces, they should promote collaborative and mutually enriching connections among students and institutions, write Robin DeRosa and Dan Blickensderfer.)


Baylor fraternity suspended for 'Mexican' themed party where some guests 'dressed up as construction workers and donned brown face'


Anger and Fear, Then and Now (In the 2017 Jefferson Lecture, Martha Nussbaum uses the classics to start a discussion about how we express outrage -- justified or not.)




Slain Egyptian officer shared touching Facebook post an hour before death


‘The Real Bomb Is in Islam’s Books’  (Pope Francis wasted his time at Egypt’s Al Azhar.)





Clinton blames Comey, WikiLeaks for election loss to Trump


Who Really Torpedoed Hillary's Campaign?


The great Democratic deception (The massive disinformation program being waged by the DemocratiParty that somehow Russia was able to influence the outcome of our 2016 Presidential election is nothing but a sham.)


The Real Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Lost In 2016




Quarter of Senate Dems Considering 2020 Presidential Runs


Gillibrand rules out 2020 presidential run: report  (US Senator of New York  Kirsten Gillibrand (D)





Oil prices end at multiweek lows


Energy Prices


Pipeline Companies Push Back Against Trump's ‘Buy American’ Rule


The Trump administration is an oil junkie — and it's looking to score off California's coasts


OPEC deal backfires: Saudis lose market share to Iran, Iraq


Saudis complete takeover of largest US refinery




European stocks close near 2-year high on upbeat factory data, Greek bailout deal


Populism Has Not ‘Peaked’ in Europe. The Fight Continues.


Eurozone jobless count falls by smallest in a year


Hungary :Protesters send message to Orbán with march supporting European Union


Missing US teen refuses to return home from the Netherlands




Catholic Psychiatric Hospital is Planning to Allow Patients to be Euthanized  (Brussels, Belgium)




Spending Bill Funds Corporation for Public Broadcasting Through FY2019--Past 2018 Election


Trump defends $1 trillion budget bill in face of conservative fury


$1T Budget Cuts Agencies’ Reserve Funds to Block $20B Border Wall Construction




The Final Truth about the “Trump Dossier”


FBI Court Filing Reveals Grand Jury Targeted Hillary


FBI translator married ISIS terrorist she was supposed to investigate: report


Gun Sales Remain Near Record Levels in April  (Industry group's analysis of FBI records shows sales just above 2016 levels.)





The Democrats and Dystopian Debt




FDA OKs immune-boosting drug for advanced bladder cancer





Trump Inc. causes problems for president's foreign policy




France’s Election Is Also a Crossroads for Europe


Two-thirds of French far-left supporters won't vote for Macron


…French Presidential Candidates Get Increased Security


French anti-terror police seize heavy weapons and arrest five in raids: reports


Opinion: French voters must not risk abstaining in the second round


France’s Presidency Is Too Powerful to Work


Marine Le Pen Allegedly Copies Far-Right Speech




Defence ministry investigating far-right terror cell in army: report


Four men on trial over beating man to death amid 'hunt for refugees'


Spies in Hesse say they're keeping close watch on halal shops


Germany used to have a leader like Trump. It’s not who you think.




Google chief's $199M is 2016 pay champ




Condoleezza Rice Writes the Book on 'Democracy'  (Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice)


'I have a right to try to define Republicanism'  (Governor of Ohio John Kasich insists his book tour isn’t preparation for another Presidential run. But it sure looks like it.)





Jimmy Kimmel Opens Up About Newborn Son's Heart Defect, Makes Emotional Obamacare Plea





Mosquito menace: Orkin's top 20 U.S. cities





TV, film writers strike narrowly averted as tentative deal reached


Val Kilmer confirms cancer rumors


Negotiations between TV and movie writers and the studios stall as strike deadline nears




Trump threatens shutdown as Ryan defends spending deal  (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


President Ryan Takes Over


Speaker Paul Ryan on Pile of Crap Budget: “I Share the President’s Frustration” (Video)


House GOP floundering on Obamacare repeal


Maxine Waters goes from ‘Impeach Trump’ to Asking Him to ‘Do America a Favor and Resign’ (US Representative of California Maxine Waters (D)


New threat to Obamacare repeal: Republicans from Clinton districts


Pushing for victories, Trump shows disconnect with House GOP


‘Auntie Maxine’ and the quest for impeachment (US Representative of California Maxine Waters (D)


Maxine Waters Calls on Trump to Resign as a ‘Favor’ to the Country


Trump Pushes House to Vote on Health Bill, and Quickly


House Republicans continue push for a health-care bill, even if it goes nowhere in the Senate


How Republicans built their own ObamaCare trap


In surprise, Republican says he's a no on healthcare bill


Trump on GOP health bill: 'I want it to be good for sick people'


Reports: Republicans Struggling to Find Obamacare Repeal Votes




60% Jump in Refugees Admitted to U.S. from March to April


Amnesty is Dead


Top Immigration Group Pulls Trump Endorsement Due to Betrayal on Immigration Promises


Immigrant Workers Stunned To Be Fired After Skipping Work For Protest


Cheap foreign labor to flood workforce after spending bill doubles number of visas


LA Mayor: 'LAPD Will Never Be a Deportation Force'


Baltimore Memo: Weigh Deportation Risk Before Charging Illegals




Indian anger over soldiers' bodies 'mutilated by Pakistan'


Pakistan seeks ‘actionable evidence’ on mutilation of bodies of Indian soldiers


Vigilantes In India: Protecting Sacred Cows, Promoting A Hindu Way Of Life


Modi raises visa issue with Australian PM Turnbull (Prime Minister Narendra Modi)


Hundreds Of Brides In India Receive Wooden Bats To Fend Off Drunken Husbands


Will respond to Pak at time of our choosing: Army


Indian IT Company to Add 10,000 US Jobs





Indonesian man who claimed to be oldest human dies age 146





An Internet Clean Of Jihadi Incitement – Not Mission Impossible





Iran’s frontrunners both well-connected to Arab Shiites


Boeing Reps Meet With Iranian Terror Leader Who Threatened to ‘Destroy’ U.S. Forces


Iranian presidential election to send message about Obama’s nuclear deal


Trump’s incoherence on Iran doesn’t serve U.S. interests




"Liars": Survivors reject U.S. claims on airstrike that killed 100





Another Day, Another Apology to Muslims


“May Allah curse you, you pig, you dog,” says Muslim to imam who opposes jihad terror





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Tuesday, May 2, 2017)


Abbas’s Trump meeting may be his chance to shine, but can he deliver? (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Hamas Gives Israel 24 Hours, Or Else… They’ll Make More Demands


US official raps ‘biased’ UNESCO vote on Jerusalem


Israeli settler shot dead after allegedly attempting to stab Israeli forces at checkpoint


Netanyahu: ‘Absurd’ UNESCO vote heralds ‘change’ in world support  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


As Expected: UNESCO Executive Board Passes Anti-Israel Resolution


'Valuable progress' already made toward Mideast peace, Pence says


On Independence Day, UNESCO okays resolution denying Israeli claims to Jerusalem


Pence: Trump stands without apology for Israel (Vice-President Mike Pence)


Palestinians applaud UNESCO vote denying Israeli claims to Jerusalem


Hamas’ New Charter Recognizes Israel’s Right to Commit Suicide


President urges world to recognize Jerusalem, move embassies (Israeli President Reuven Rivlin)


UNESCO adopts resolution criticizing Israeli policies in Jerusalem, Gaza


Jewish man shot dead rushing checkpoint left suicide note


Soldiers Barred from the Temple Mount on Independence Day for Saluting


IDF shows fake, squirting amputated legs to kids on Independence Day (Israel Defense Forces)


Trump team wants ‘tangibles’ from Abbas visit


Funeral held for former prisoner who died from 'medical negligence' in Israeli custody


Turkey, Israel working on commercial details of possible gas pipeline: Israeli official


Peace Index Report: Israeli Arabs Appreciate Country’s Achievements More than Jews


What was Netanyahu’s real reason for snubbing German FM?


Thousands of Palestinians commemorate Nakba in annual 'March of Return'


As UNESCO rejects Israel's sovereignty in J'lm, what future does the capital face?


50,000 Israelis fill beaches to capacity


House of Lords Urging Anti-Trump Revolt, Palestinian State


Fled Yemen to become an IDF soldier


Hamas’ acceptance of Israel is a result of necessity


What’s at Stake in Trump Meeting With Palestinian Leader


Israel celebrates its 69th anniversary of independence


What Trump Needs to Say to Abbas (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


A UN birthday slap at Israel (On Tuesday, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization marks Israel’s 69th  Independence Day with a resolution challenging Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem.)


Hamas Tones It Down as Palestinian Split Widens





US deploys Global Hawk high-altitude drone to Japanese air base ‘to monitor N. Korea’




Now We Know: It's Liberals Who Are Out-Of-Touch, Arrogant, Smug, And Intolerant




Lobbyist James Capalino is back pulling strings at City Hall (Welcome back — to that same old place that you laughed about: Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio’s (D) lobbyist pal James Capalino is apparently again pulling strings at City Hall.)





Dems observe May Day as immigrant day of action


Portland May Day demonstrations turn violent: Protesters hurl bottles, Molotov cocktails at cops


Thousands fill downtown L.A. for May Day demonstrations


May Day protests, celebrations around the globe




Sean Hannity calls staff meeting


Sean Hannity To Out Internet Trolls


Trump Campaign: ‘Fake News’ CNN Refused to Run Our Ad


CNN: We didn't run Trump ad because of 'fake news' graphic


New York Times Op-Ed Fondly Remembers How Communism ‘Inspired Americans’


Fox News co-president Bill Shine is out


Another big name suddenly out at Fox News


Fresh Shake-Up Rattles Fox News: Co-President Is Out


A pity party for the unloved press


Sean Hannity Says He Plans to Stay at Fox News


Tucker Carlson: White House Correspondents' Dinner 'an extended middle finger' to Trump


Fox News reporter Diana Falzone sues the network, claiming she was demoted after writing about her endometriosis on their website




$70.3 Million in Medicaid Payments Were Made to Providers With Fraud Allegations




Mexico captures Sinaloa cartel leader


Shootout leaves eight dead near Mexico's Los Cabos tourist hub


Mexican University Hopes to Be First in the N.C.A.A.




In an interview today, Mohammed bin Salman to tackle Saudi, regional issues


Abu Dhabi crown prince and Germany’s Merkel discuss regional conflicts (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


Comparing Mideast Refugees with WWII Holocaust Victims




Department of Defense awards contract for 240 F-35 Lightning II planes


VA fires embattled La. director amid scandal, secret wait lists


Raytheon awarded contract to activate first Zumwalt-class destroyer


He fought with Russian-backed militants in Ukraine. Now he’s a U.S. soldier.


Lockheed Martin receives Trident missile contract


Global Hawks arrive at Yokota for 5-month deployment


Military sexual assaults down, survey finds


Defense gets big boost in proposed bipartisan spending deal


Army: Change to burial eligibility would expand life of Arlington National Cemetery


Army releases images of combat photographer’s final moments before fatal blast




Congress increases NIH funding after Trump calls for cuts




Pakistani surgeon who helped find bin Laden still in prison despite Trump’s promise to free him


On Hotline, Pakistan Warns India Against 'Misadventures', Threatens Response


Terror plot targeting Nisar Ali Khan foiled


Muslims Go On Rampage Mercilessly Attacking And Torturing Christians In Pakistani Neighborhood


IMF warned Pakistan against oil price hike


Pak-China working towards finalisation of LTP for CPEC




Duterte may be too "tied up" to accept Trump's invite (President Rodrigo Duterte)


Why On Earth Did Trump Invite The Philippines' Brutal Leader to the White House?


Trump and Duterte are brothers from another mother




Nevada coalition seeks unprecedented insulin refund law




Sent to Prison by a Software Program’s Secret Algorithms




Megyn Kelly will travel to Russia for Putin  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


In call with Trump, Putin urges ‘restraint’ on North Korea


Russia's Reactions To Upcoming Second Round Of French Presidential Elections


Putin calls for unbiased probe into alleged chemical weapons incident in Syria


Russia's grip on Europe's oil supply threatens Ukraine's energy independence


Germany remains Russia's leading partner — Putin


Russia’s cutting-edge shipborne helicopters complete first stage of trials


North Korea 'deliberately detonated missile during failed weekend test because it was heading for RUSSIA'


Russian Defense Ministry: USSR never exported HAB-250 bombs

Putin tells Merkel he's eager to discuss Ukraine, Syria 
(Russian President Vladimir V Putin/German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


German Chancellor Pressures Putin to Defend Chechen Gays and Jehovah's Witnesses


The Kremlin’s Coercion Calculus (Op-ed)  (Russia’s rulers have to decide how to respond to an uptick in protest sentiment. So far, they are leaning towards further repression.)


Putin Denies Russia Meddled in US Presidential Election


Moscow Police Investigate Reports Of Discarded Body Fragments 


Trump to speak with Putin on Tuesday (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


As arrests of protesters soar in Russia, this small monitoring group struggles to keep track


Russia 'can launch tsunami against US with nuclear bombs buried in ocean'




Researchers eye one culprit as they predict spike in plane turbulence




Top Secret Service Official Announces Retirement Just Days After Trump Named New Director




Coons, Rubio: Senate Insists UN Change Israel Stance


Senate Democrat: 2 to 1 Chance President Trump Doesn’t Finish His Term


McCain: Trump's praise of North Korea's Kim Jong Un 'disturbing'   (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


Riding emotion to policy victory (Last week, US Senator of Vermont Bernard Sanders (I-Socialist) reintroduced $15 federal minimum wage legislation.)


Senate Republicans introduce anti-net neutrality legislation




Is Facebook putting profit before freedom in Southeast Asia?





Brazil Indigenous tribe attacked with machetes in brutal land conflict




Moon faces new threat from conservative resurgence


Korea Biggest Buyer of American Weapons


Trial of ousted Park begins (Former President Park Geun-hye)


Korea already paid $1 bil. in THAAD costs


Seoul denies US' alleged earlier request for financing THAAD


Korean Schoolkids Still Among Unhappiest in the World


300 NK defectors throw support behind Moon


Korea Saw 2nd  Hottest April on Record


DPK cautious about fanning THAAD dispute


China demands ‘immediate’ halt to THAAD deployment in South Korea


Former US Vice President Gore to lecture in Seoul


Controversial missile defense shield is now operational in South Korea




USA and USSR planned to nuke the moon out of existence


Virgin Galactic tests the radical 'feathering' system on its spacecraft for first time since it caused fatal 2014 accident




Spain: Podemos to table no-confidence vote against Mariano Rajoy amid corruption scandal





Penguins star Sidney Crosby diagnosed with concussion


MLB star says he was racially taunted at Fenway Park


LeBron, Cavs dominate in Game 1 win over Raptors


Marriage proposal at Fenway Park goes horribly wrong


ESPN makes big hire days after massive layoffs


Matt Niskanen ejected for hit on Sidney Crosby


NHL Scoreboard


MLB Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard





Body of boy swept away in Arkansas floodwaters found


California May Place ‘Third Gender’ Option on State Documents


Teen found dead left note for parents that she’d be home soon  (South Carolina)


North Dakota seeks $38 million for ‘intentional human-made disaster’ from pipeline protest


Single mom of three in critical condition after shark attack  (California)




US issues travel alert for Europe




Kagan says Scalia's death forced court to bridge divides



Syria Used Soviet-Made Bombs in Recent Chemical Attacks – Human Rights Watch


IS attack on displaced in Syria kills at least 21


Syria rebel delegation arrives in Astana for talks with regime




President tweets again to promote Taiwan's WHA participation


China blocking WHA invite, say DPP, doctors


Taiwan to spend NT$143.3B to shape up water resource management


Manufacturing still expanding


Taiwan records lowest winter rainfall in 54 years


March job openings rose on improving economy




Of Baseball Bats and Tax Reform (Will there be riots and fisticuffs in defense of government’s tax collecting preferences?)


Trump’s Tax Cuts May Be More Damaging Than Reagan’s




University of Iowa: Muslim student charged with making terrorist threat


Muslim Brotherhood an 'incubator' for U.S. terror





Coup Against Jim DeMint Threatens To Tear Apart Heritage Foundation


Heritage Foundation sources say Mike Needham didn't want Jim DeMint's throne


Rubio, Cruz, Conservatives Petition to Keep DeMint at Heritage Foundation




On NAFTA, Trump's True Intentions Remain Unclear




Why Trans Activists Will Destroy Homosexual Rights




Mnuchin defends proposal to eliminate tax deduction that benefits Californians — including himself  (Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin)




Erdogan: Turkey Will Say 'Goodbye' to EU Unless New Talks Opened    (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Wikimedia Foundation appeals court ruling blocking Wikipedia in Turkey


Syria top of the agenda for Erdoğan with Putin (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Turkey’s EU dream is over, for now, top EU official says


Russian special teams arrive to salvage ship that sank off Istanbul


Turkish soldiers apprehend PKK militant responsible for attacks


Turkey to be first country to develop Congo fever vaccine: Minister


Turkey manufacturing activity sustains upturn in April: Index


Turkey’s trade deficit rises 15.8 percent, exports over 7 percent in April: Ministry




Labor Front Group Shares Headquarters With Powerful Union


Union America: Where Democracy Goes To Die




FTSE 100 advances as BP rises, manufacturing activity hits 3-year high


 Brexit gets nasty as EU accuses Britain of unrealistic aims


IVF Clinics Threatened With Action as Investigation Uncovers Catalog of Abuses


Tommy English Moment: Gays Against Shariah Rally in Manchester


Mother Who Refused Cancer Treatment to Save Her Unborn Son’s Life Gives Birth to Healthy Baby


Dramatic rescue for surfer after 30 hours adrift off Scotland


UK: Muslim mocked Orlando jihad victims and called for jihad attacks on Christians


Premature Baby Born at 23 Weeks and Given Just a 25% Chance of Survival Beats the Odds


Revealed: How EU has been secretly plotting to block Theresa May over EU migrants for weeks (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Brexit: May dismisses reports of frosty dinner with EU chief as 'Brussels gossip'


Nicola Sturgeon: Scottish independence is ‘at the heart’ of election (Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon)


East London :Three women arrested on suspicion of terror offences


Labour promises 10,000 extra police


New photograph of Princess Charlotte as she celebrates 2nd  birthday 


Nuclear oversight needs 'urgent' action


Hospitals: Critics slam 'rip off' 50p-a-minute charge to call patients' hospital phones


British territories' environment 'at risk'


Peers urge UK to consider distancing itself from 'mercurial' Trump on Middle East policy




UN: Number of Malnourished Children in Somalia Rising


Belgium urged diplomats to vote for Saudi Arabia in UN women’s rights commission – leaked emails




Regulators link hoverboard to deadly Pennsylvania fire




Confusion caused by Amoris Laetitia is ‘unprecedented,’ even ‘apocalyptic’: Scholar


On the 'Invasion' of 'Libertarianism,' Pope Francis' Ignorance Is Showing


Pope Francis: Europe Is in Danger of ‘Falling Apart’


Pope Francis’s Communist Mentor



U.S. May Consider New Sanctions on Venezuela


Russia's Support For The Venezuelan Regime – An Update


Venezuela Is Heading for a Soviet-Style Collapse


Maduro decrees Venezuelans will write new constitution





Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Donald Trump: ‘We’re Very Happy with’ Republican Budget Agreement


This 100 Days Thing Is Rubbish


Access to Obama White House Brought Companies Better Stock Performance, Study Shows


Trump’s Approval Slips Slightly in April


Trump rally altercations could add to legal woes  (The rough treatment of protesters by Bikers for Trump at the President's rally Saturday could provide fodder for lawsuits by people who had similar experiences during the campaign.)


The President’s Secret Air Force  (Air Force One is just the public face of a fleet that keeps the President safe and secure.)


Ivanka Is the Business-Savvy Feminist We Need in the White House

We Had a Historian Fact Check Trump’s Civil War Remarks


Trump’s Degradation of the Language


Trump’s praise for strongmen alarms human rights advocates


Trump embraces yet another strongman


Exclusive: Trump blasts Russia dossier and Democrats’ use of it


On the Power of Being Awful  (Trump supporters will never admit they were wrong.)


Trump’s totally bizarre claim about avoiding the Civil War


Analysis: In willingness to meet with dictators, a Trump doctrine emerges


Trump’s 100th -day speech may have been the most hate-filled in modern history


Note to President Trump: Andrew Jackson wasn't alive for the Civil War


100 days of Trump, two lonely accomplishments


Michael Moore Brags His New Broadway Show Could End Trump’s Presidency


The past 100 days have been a disaster — for Democrats


White House Clearance Process Increasingly Politicized


Pence suggests Trump's leadership key in China responding to N. Korea  (Vice-President Mike Pence)


Spicer: Trump 'stands by' description of Obama as evil  (White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer)


White House defends Trump’s praise for Kim Jong Un  (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


‘Alt-Left’ Strategist Bannon Isn't Going Anywhere, Trump Says


Trump doubles down on Civil War, Andrew Jackson comments


Trump camp has spent $274K on Trump Tower rent: report


Untold Successes of President Trump's First 100 Days


Rogue journalist stuns White House reporters with surprise grilling



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