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Saturday, April 29, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 



Anti-abortion leader to be named to health job 

Virginia is wrong to target a woman after an abortion


New website helps US women self-induce abortions


How Democrats Got Mired In A Nasty Internal Battle Over Abortion


This Week in Women’s Rights: Public Funding for Abortion, Gay Adoption, and A Win in Texas.


Should over-the-counter medical abortion be available?


9 Faculty Quitting After College Mandates Abortion Opposition


Trump officials say the UN supports coercive abortion in China. But does it?




Afghan Warlord Hekmatyar Calls For Peace In Public Speech


Here’s what the 'mother of all bombs' did for US fight in Afghanistan




The Two Sisters, South Africa and Zimbabwe at it Again




Security chief connected to United incident fired


Severe cat allergy gets ‘stunned’ woman booted from United flight




Bar association's speech code denounced as unconstitutional




Russia flaunts Arctic expansion with new military bases




Asean statement on South China Sea may rile China


At Least 24 Killed By Landslide In Kyrgyzstan




Australia: Muslim avoids jail for sex attacks on beach due to “cultural differences”


Australia: New police anti-terror unit to target “fixated persons” who are “mentally ill”





Macedonian Crowd Rallies Against New Governing Coalition, Demands Elections


Macedonia 'playing with fire,' former peace envoy warns





Here's A Yuuuge Wage Gap That Trump Ought To Close


How Soaring Benefit Costs Are Coming Back To Haunt Gov't Workers





Canada’s Bill C-16: Transgenderism and the Loss of Common Sense


What Harjit Sajjan really did while serving in Afghanistan (Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan)


Harjit Sajjan apologizes for claiming he was architect of Canada’s largest Afghanistan battle


Toronto woman, U.S. boyfriend missing in Belize: Reports


Why are millennials flocking to Toronto’s C3 church?


19 dead dogs found by road in Quebec City


How the Hospital for Sick Children missed the warning signs for the Motherisk scandal


Globe investigation of Davie shipyard finds complex web of ownership, financing


Could a college for cops work here?




Fyre Festival canceled after guests allege "scam"





CDC working to keep yellow fever vaccine supply from running out





“The CIA Has Been Deeply Humiliated” – Ron Paul Interviews Julian Assange




China Deports US Citizen Convicted of Espionage  


Trump: North Korea 'disrespected' China with missile test




The $3 trillion ‘catastrophic’ cost of a North Korea-US war


North Korea launches new missile. US sabotages


Breaking: North Korea’s Chubby Dictator Threatens to Blow Up USS Carl Vinson


North Korea defies Trump


Just how powerful is Pres. Trump’s North Korean ‘Armada’?


North Korea fires another ballistic missile amid international tensions


We went to North Korea. You asked hundreds of questions. Here's what we found


North Korea Missile Test Fails for Second Time This Month


New missile test comes after Trump warns of conflict


‘We don’t know if Otto still exists’: Parents of U.S. student imprisoned in North Korea break their silence


US carrier approaches North Korea after Kim Jong Un carries out another failed missile test, just hours after Pyongyang warned it was 'on the brink of nuclear war' with the United States





Congress Gives Itself Another Week to Craft Spending Bill


Congress passes spending deal to keep government open another week


On Eve of Trump’s 100th  Day, Congress Averts a Shutdown


ObamaCare repeal: GOP seeks new game plan




Appeal could drag out Trump U. settlement


Bill Cosby: Judge rules Quaaludes comments are admissible




Mexican Nationals Arrested in Sex-for-Money With Underage Girls Bust


Arkansas boy, 9, missing after mother and baby sister found dead in woods


Tad Cummins told wife he slept with teen, she says


Elderly woman beat killer with walking stick during attack


Cops: Drunk driver hits 5 kids at bus stop, killing 1


4 men arrested on suspicion of trying to pay for sex with underage girls  (California)


One child dead, four injured after former Mississippi police officer 'plowed into students getting off school bus in drunk hit-and-run'





I'm an American with a Muslim name who was just detained at JFK





Hacker leaks new season of Netflix hit


Hacker demands ransom for new season of 'Orange Is the New Black'




Left Wing New Orleans Mayor Declares War On History


Obama Gets Fabulously Rich After Keeping America Poor


Fresh proof of Team de Blasio's confusion on the homeless  (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)


Is $60 million really not enough for the Obamas?


De Blasio’s obscene defense of Joe Ponte’s abuses





White House eyeing Clarke for Homeland Security post




Groups Urge Carson to Spike Gender Identity Rule for HUD Shelters  (Secretary of Housing and Urban Development  Dr Ben Carson)





Revealed: Eleventh-hour Subpoenas in the Clinton E-mails Investigation


AG Sessions Puts MS-13 Gang on Notice: ‘We’re Coming For You’ (Video) (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


New chief named for Justice unit probing Trump-Russia ties


Donald Trump’s Ag Secretary Pushes for Illegal Immigrants, Not Robots


U.S., New York officials declare war on deadly MS-13 street gang


Justice Department Investigated College Once Run By Sanders’ Wife (US Senator of Vermont Bernard Sanders (I-Socialist)




U.S. Economy Got Off to Slow Start in 2017 — but Don’t Panic


The 20 most profitable U.S. housing markets


Sorry, But Calling Weak Q1 GDP A 'Report Card' On Trump Is Absurd


Slowdown in first quarter gives Trump a reality check on the economy




Elite boarding school officials resign amid sex abuse claims


Conservatives Fight for Free Speech at a Far-Left College


What’s Not to Like About Pre-K?  (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio’s (D) proposal to extend prekindergarten to 3-year-olds faces an uphill battle for funding, but one worth undertaking.)


Mona Charen: A Roadmap For Dealing With Campus Radicals


Trump's Candy Land School of Tax Reform


Must-see video: F-bombing principal unleashes fury, tells students 'go to hell'


Court sides with group trying to turn Orange County campus into a charter school   (California)




Security tight as Pope Francis celebrates open-air mass in Cairo


Pope Francis On Egypt Visit Calls For Dialogue To Fight Extremism


Pope Delivers Blunt Message on Violence and Religion





Trump ridicules Warren: 'Pocahontas' may run for president in 2020   (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)




Energy Prices


Trump Opens Doors on Oil Exploration, But Deeper Reforms Still Needed


Experts: Long road ahead for Trump offshore drilling order


Trump's directive on offshore drilling will face solid resistance in California




EPA Disregard for “WOTUS” Prior Converted Cropland Exclusion Kills Ag Jobs and Contributes to Nation


EPA website removes climate science site from public view




Disclosures show Manafort participated in Ukraine lobbying


Ukraine Charges Russian Arrest Warrant For Yatsenyuk 'Politically Motivated' 




EU Votes Unanimously to Accept Brexit Guidelines


Belgium PM: Vote for Saudi Arabia to UN women’s rights panel was “regrettable diplomatic mix-up”


George Soros ‘Has Ruined the Lives of Millions of Europeans’ Says Hungarian Prime Minister




The Trump Doctrine is made of mixed messages


Exclusive: Trump says his new foreign policy approach succeeding where Obama failed




France's Le Pen picks would-be prime minister


France's Hollande says Britain must pay price for Brexit (French President Francois Hollande warned on Saturday that Britain must pay the price for Brexit as EU leaders met to adopt guidelines for negotiations.)


The awful fate of betrayed volunteer who operated behind enemy lines in France


France: The Crucifixion of Fillon and the Unholy Resurrection of the Left


French Presidential Front-Runner Denies Russian Media Accreditation


Emmanuel Macron wants to renegotiate Calais border treaty


France and the Benefits of a Little Dictatorship


Five myths about France




German minister refers to 'nepotism' regarding Ivanka Trump's role


German lower House approves partial burqa ban


Germany promises quick answer to soldier-refugee mystery




How the Paris Climate Deal Is Resurrecting American Coal


Climate protest takes on Trump's policies -- and the heat -- in DC march


Climate Change Protesters Canceled March in Colorado After Snowstorm Dumps Over 1 Foot of Snow


DELINGPOLE: The People’s Climate March – AKA Watermelons’ War on Capitalism – In Pictures


Times columnist blasted by ‘nasty left’ for climate change piece


The people’s billionaire: George Soros gave $36M to groups behind People’s Climate March


Climate of Complete Certainty





I'm feeling lucky: Google CEO made nearly $200 million




Kasich: North Korean Leadership 'Has to Go' (Governor of Ohio John Kasich)


Republicans Are Now the ‘America First’ Party




Health officials warn of mercury in skin cream


Why you should NEVER walk barefoot in the gym: Man caught infection that left his foot blistering and bleeding - and he needed a skin graft made from FISH SCALES to repair it 




Trumpcare 2.0: It’s Even Worse Than the Original


Congress looking into taxpayer-backed school over alleged ties to Chinese military


House Democrats Hide 2016 Autopsy, Won’t Even Allow Members to Have Copies


46 lawmakers call on Ryan to revive debate on military force authorization  (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


Who Are The Turncoat Republicans Protecting ObamaCare?




Meet the family man deported by Donald Trump after 19 years in US



Half of immigrants arrested in Feb. raids had traffic convictions or no record, data shows


How much does it cost to deport someone?




Doctors confirm 250kg Egyptian woman’s move from India to UAE ‘in days’


Delhi-bound flight returns to Heathrow airport as cabin air pressure drops midair


Pakistani man who said he was ISI spy made up story to settle in India: Sources


Deaths in militant attacks in J-K mounted since 2013, reveals RTI reply




IRS Tax Fraud Prevention Program Costs Taxpayers $18.2 Million, But Doesn’t Work




Iranian hardline candidate slams Rouhani on economy   (Iranian President Hassan Rouhani)




Four Iraqi Policemen Killed By Islamic State Suicide Bomb In Baghdad


A charter flight left the U.S. carrying 8 Iraqis. A community wonders who will be next.





Can Islam ever be reformed?


Islam Is As Islam Does


Quran blamed in new U.S. disease outbreak (Measles spread among Somali refugees stretches health system.)





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Saturday, April 29, 2017)


Israel announces West Bank (Judea and Samaria), Gaza closure ahead of Independence Day


Hamas to amend controversial charter in bid to ease ties


Le Pen’s PM pick blasted Israel during Gaza war, equated Netanyahu with Hamas (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Hamas: Mahmoud Abbas acts like a Nazi (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Abbas will continue to pay Palestinian prisoners, PA minister says


2 Palestinians injured after Israelis from Nablus-area settlement continue attacks


The Land of Israel through the eyes of the artists it inspired


North Korea Threatening Israel after Lieberman Calls them ‘Crazy’ (Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman)


Ministers, politicians pan Liberman for spat with N. Korea


Mass hunger strike grows on 13th day, Palestinian leaders call for continued protests


Analysis: Netanyahu's aggressive approach to foreign diplomacy


Phone Service Blocked for Israeli Citizens in Attempt to Block it from Jailed Terrorists


Palestinians gather at sit-in tent in Bethlehem in support of hunger strikers


Lebanese Infiltrator Returned to Lebanon


Analysis: German FM fishes for antisemitic vote in row with Israel


Researching Palestinian refugees: Who sets the agenda?


Shaked: Failure to secure US Embassy move a ‘great missed opportunity’  (Justice minister says Israel was not able to capitalize on administration’s initial openness to ‘thinking outside the box’ of regional diplomacy.)


Roadside Bomb Explodes Near Kochav Hashachar


Arab media reports Israeli strike on Syrian army near border


Palestinian Authority Daily: Water The Soil With Martyr’s Blood




Naval drill in Japan amid North Korea tension


Hundreds protest US base construction in Japan, year after woman killed by US marine (Video)  




Are Liberals Hopelessly Irrational?




National Media Ignores DREAMer Facing Deportation Over Meth Bust, Alleged Gang Ties 


Bill O’Reilly and the Revenge of Chick Lit


When I’m honored for my journalism, everyone will see one thing: My headscarf


Milo Yiannopoulos announces $12M in funds for new media company




Texas police officer faked his death and fled to Mexico




Saudi embassy plotter made campaign manager in Iran’s presidential elections





Pentagon: US Serviceman Killed in Blast Near Mosul


Florence Finch, Unsung Hero Who Took On Japan, Dies


Army secretary nominee Mark Green draws opposition from military academics, ex-Pentagon official


2 Army Rangers may have been killed by friendly fire


'Ballad of the Green Berets' singer’s biographer talks about Barry Sadler’s meteoric rise, murder charge, violent death


Pentagon Granted Authority to Determine Troop Levels in ISIS Fight


Veterans to disclose experiences at VA hospital in DC following scandal





To preserve a larger surveillance program, NSA halts email collection practice




Trump blames Obama for not vetting former national security adviser Michael Flynn





Pakistani Doctor Who Helped Locate Bin Laden Marks 6 Years in Jail


Pakistan army 'rejects' PM's actions on security leak


Mashal Khan’s shooter confesses to crime, says does not regret anything


Facing Military Pressure, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Ousts 2 Top Aides




Duterte to ASEAN Leaders: Be ‘Resolute in Realizing a Drug-Free ASEAN’  (President Rodrigo Duterte)


Filipino troops kill notorious Abu Sayyaf kidnapper in clash 




The new divide in politics across the West




High rent may doom Catholic chapel that survived 9/11


Methodists Reject Consecration of Openly Gay Bishop




RNC Marks Trump Milestone With 'Pride and Optimism'




For Russia And U.S., Uneasy Cooperation On Cybercrime Is Now A Mess 


Russia raises defense alert after North Korea launches missile


Russians Protest Potential Putin Presidential Bid  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Moscow is ready to cooperate with Washington on Syria — Lavrov (Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov)


Russia Reacts Angrily As U.S. Repeats Accusations On Treaty Violations


Abe plans to continue dialogue with Putin to solve global issues (Japanese Prime Minister  Shinzo Abe)


Dozens Detained In Nationwide Anti-Putin Protests In Russia


Fighter jets supreme: Watch Russian teams’ aerobatic moves in gorgeous 360 (Video)


US anti-missile systems in Eastern Europe violate INF Treaty - Russian foreign ministry 





The Left's Vicious Intolerance in Science


Ancient Neanderthal DNA survived in caves


Is this stone proof an asteroid wiped out a civilization just like ours 13,000 years ago - and does it vindicate the maverick scholar who says a giant meteorite will destroy us in 2030?





Why are Americans so infatuated with guns?


President Trump Highlights Pro-Gun Accomplishments in Speech to Raucous NRA Crowd


‘I am going to come through for you,’ Trump vows to NRA





Elizabeth Warren: A Factory of Bad Ideas (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


America Is Losing the Cyber Information War


Menendez-linked doctor guilty on Medicare fraud  (US Senator of New Jersey Robert Menendez (D)


Trump takes shot at Elizabeth Warren during NRA speech  (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


Sen. Ted Cruz: Another Supreme Court vacancy coming ‘very soon’ (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)


Why Warren attended Trump's inauguration: 'I wanted it burned in my eyes'   (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)





Thai family mourns girl killed on Facebook Live


Barron Trump unites social media users


Twitter users are starting to tune out Trump's tweets





In Brazil, protesters clash with police as a general strike empties schools and brings business to a halt




US, South Korea take part in military drills as tensions rise with North


Exclusive: Trump demands South Korea pay for new U.S.-deployed missile system




NFL Draft Day 3 grades


Air Force policy change affects NFL prospect


NFL prospect could earn $2M due to slide in draft


NFL draft tracker 2017: Second- and third-round picks, analysis


NFL Draft: Joe Mixon is a controversial choice by Bengals in second round


Larry Bird to step down as Pacers president


Big names still available on NFL draft Day 3


NFL fulfills young cancer survivor's wish


How Dale Jr.'s wife helped him quit NASCAR


NHL Scoreboard


MLB Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard





North Dakota official faces recall threat for refugee claims


3 killed when air ambulance crashes in Texas Panhandle


Someone is randomly shaving strangers' cats in Virginia


Can Georgia's dedicated liberal women turn red state blue?


Brown signs bill raising gas tax and vehicle fees to pay for road and bridge repairs  (Governor of California Jerry Brown (D)


Renew Kendra's Law to keep New York safe


Meow-stery in Virginia: Cats are being abducted and SHAVED before being dumped back on the streets




Syria’s Assad tells interviewer: ‘Yes, you are now sitting with the devil’  (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad)




Why These Millions Of Chinese Still Like Taiwan Despite Poor Relations





Obamacare taxes: 'We need them gone'




‘Peak TV’ paradox: Why so much great TV has become bad news for writers


Sorry: ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ tells us nothing about Trump’s America





Coup at the Heritage Foundation? Jim DeMint said to be out after tangling with Heritage Action CEO Mike Needham.





Trump’s abrupt shifts on trade throw allies off balance


Trump says he won’t shred NAFTA. Here’s what he should do instead.





Meet Jane: A true tale of a true transgender





Turkey blocks access to Wikipedia


Missing lesbian couple set up for ‘honor’ killing, found in Turkish detention center


Turkey Fires Nearly 4,000 from Civil Service, Military, Gendarmerie


Turkey, US can turn Raqqa into ’graveyard’ for ISIL: President Erdoğan


Fire erupts in tanker, crew rescued in Marmara Sea


Four Turkish soldiers wounded in landmine blast in Turkey’s Hakkari




Union America: Where Democracy Goes To Die





Once thorny, relationship between London’s Muslim mayor and the Jews now a bed of roses


Church of England spokesman: “Children should be forced to learn about Islam”


Trump and Russia: UK government was given details of alleged contact with Moscow


May brings fight to Scotland as polls show Tory revival  (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Brexit bills: EU leaders to insist UK pays up as precursor to trade talks


Exclusive: 'Twice in the past ten years, I thought we'd found Madeleine McCann'


Sturgeon’s EU plans rejected over risk of UK trade barriers  (Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon)


General election: Tory MP drops out after telling pupils 'homosexuality is wrong'


Whitehall terror suspect smiles and says 'One love' as he sets off on aid convoy to Palestine 


NHS Millions paid to patients of surgeon convicted of needless breast operations


London Westminster terrorism suspect is 27-year-old British national


Manchester Man charged with murder of former navy officer hit with own car


Schools Primary school head and deputy quit over 'bland and joyless' curriculum




UN deputy secretary general praises Yemen aid conference pledges


Mute Oregon teen, 15, who won trip of a lifetime to United Nations for his essay on the history of Ukraine is told he can't go 'because he's autistic'




The Big Apple transformed: Striking then and now images of New York show the astounding difference between the city after the Second World War and today 


"Overly obese" body sparks fire at crematory


Grand Canyon rangers 'find the body of 14-year-old hiker' who went missing with his step-grandmother, 62, after they fell into a river hiking on a trail two weeks ago




Pope repeats refugee ‘concentration camps’ remarks




Yes, President Trump Can Undo Controversial National Monuments


Trump to mark 100 days in office with job touting, thank you to Pennsylvania


Trump’s first 100 days: By the numbers


Newt Gingrich: Trump vs. the swamp, Round III -- Democrats turn to bureaucrats to stop POTUS


How nervous should Trump be about his poll ratings?


Trump’s mad dash to 100 days


Trump on 100th day: 'Fake' media refuses to list administration's achievements


White House Vows Funding for Border Wall, Just Not Now


Politico Poll of White House Press Corps Includes Grand Total of Three Republicans


Trump boycott puts spotlight on correspondents' chief


 The 100-Yard Dash  (It’s already clear the race Mr. Trump is running is no mere sprint.)


Trump begins second 100 days held hostage by Republican Congress


Our White House Reporters Recall the Most Vivid Moments So Far


'First 100 Days': Trump declares 'ObamaCare is dead,' predicts replacement deal soon


The Trump 100-Day Quiz, Part 2


Judges take Trump at his word — and that has not been good for the president


Marie Harf Writes ‘Honest’ Op-Ed on Trump’s First 100 Days


Trump team did background check on Flynn, knew of Turkey ties: report


Trump Could Save Tens of Millions of Dollars Under His Proposed Tax Plan


Trump signs one-week funding bill to avoid shutdown


Trump says he's "disappointed" with congressional GOP on health care


White House of Grifters


Trump 'disappointed' in congressional GOP


Disliking Trump is getting very boring


Trump: 'I couldn't care less about golf'


Living in the Trump Zone


A deep dive into Trump’s elaborate fantasyland


Trump’s hands are tied on 9th  Circuit


The Pond-Skater Presidency


Trump now agrees with the majority of Americans: He wasn’t ready to be president


Trump bristles at claim he hasn't had any legislative success in his first 100 days and says administration has passed 28 bills


24 national monuments threatened by Donald Trump's executive order 




Are Women Allowed to Love Their Jobs? 



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