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Monday, April 24, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




Virginia Beach Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic Hospitalizes Second Woman in a Month


“Pro-Life” Democrat Senator Joe Manchin Caught Holding “I Stand With Planned Parenthood” Sign (US Senator of West Virginia Joe Manchin III (D)


Top Dems: There's No Room for Pro-lifers in the Party


Democrat Party Chair: No Place for Pro-Life Democrats, Get in Line With Abortion of Get Out


Dick Durbin, Tom Perez To 24 Percent Of Dems Who Oppose Abortion: Get Out


The Best Photo of a U-Haul You’ll Ever See: Pulling Up to an Abortion Clinic That’s Closing


DNC: No Room for Pro-Life Dems in Democrat Party


Margaret Sanger: “We Do Not Want Word to Go Out That We Want to Exterminate the Negro Population”


Chelsea Handler and People Magazine Airbrush the Ugliness of Abortion


Abortions in Massachusetts Down Nearly 11 Percent Since 2010


Gov. Bruce Rauner (R-Illinois) caving to ultraconservatives on abortion


Bernie Sanders stands by anti-abortion mayoral candidate  (US Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders (I-Socialist)


University Bans Pro-Life Club From Participating in Social Justice Fair


Wisconsin man accused of committing ‘crude abortion’ on sixth grader he raped


Ireland: Chaotic Citizens Assembly Votes to Repeal Pro-Life 8th Amendment With No Debate


Citizens’ Assembly recommends unrestricted abortion in Ireland


Why El Salvador’s Total Ban on Abortion Could Finally Change This Week


Alberta to hand out abortion drug to women for free   (Canada)


Amazing Pictures Show 5,000 People Marching for Life in Prague, Czech Republic




Is It Time for America and Afghanistan to Part Ways?


Voters Say Stay the Course in Afghanistan


UN Finds Torture Widespread In Afghanistan


Afghan Defense Minister and Army Chief Resign Over Deadly Attack


 Afghans left reeling from Taliban's deadliest attack on army since 2001




Algiers summons Morocco envoy over Syrian migrant row


US: Famine Could Be Cause of Uptick in Piracy off Somalia


"I Dreamed of Africa" author shot at Kenyan ranch: officials





Hotly-debated Trump move could hit your pocketbook, farmers say


Here's why Chinese money is pouring into Temecula's wine region




Witness describes tense incident involving flight attendant and woman with stroller


Passenger finds air marshal’s loaded gun on Delta flight




Amtrak Expects Normal Traffic Monday on NYC-Newark Lines




Anti-Semitic, racist fliers found on Princeton campus


Report seen as evidence election hiked anti-Semitism in U.S.




The AI revolution may not be simply a jobs destroyer





Bangladesh: Hindu converts to Islam, starts stockpiling arms and explosives


Maldives Liberal blogger stabbed to death in capital



ASX cheers France, but miners play spoilers


The Australian dollar is higher


Police stop 12-year-old boy more than 1,000km into attempt to drive across Australia


North Korea highlights 1250 US marines in Darwin to warn of nuclear war


Terror suspect planned to kill seven Australians a month, court hears


Bureaucrats struggle with citizenship chaos


Taxman to go after young Australians overseas


Lost Digger's identity solved by military sleuth





The Electric Car Revolution Now Faces Its Biggest Test




11 Ways Trump Has Rolled Back Government Regulations in His First 100 Days





Report: In U.S.-Canada Border Cities, Groups Aim to Help Asylum Seekers


How to secure the border. Spoiler alert: A wall won't do it




TSX rises, led by financials after French vote


Assisted Suicide Activists Push Canada to Euthanize Mentally Ill Patients


Wholesale sales fell 0.2% in February, Statistics Canada says


The Best Thing Ever to Have Come Out of Canada


NDP pharmacare plan would start with 125 most common drugs


Softwood lumber decision Tuesday is Trump's next chance to hammer Canada


Wynne spells out priorities: trade, technology, and Trump


Why the Canada Revenue Agency is using this simple tactic to get you to pay your taxes


Toronto police seek help solving slaying of cabbie who tried to stop armed robbery in 2003


Ontario to test basic income project in 3 communities


Toronto’s art school students mostly white, from high-income families, study finds


This is a serious issue': Kellie Leitch vows to deport asylum seekers after visit to Manitoba town


Man, woman charged in death of Edmonton toddler found near church


Calgary mother hopes photo of dying son will deter others from doing fentanyl


Canadian housing optimism hits record amid moves to cool Toronto


Toddler's father, woman charged with murder after boy's body found near Edmonton church


Some Moncton Mountie deaths preventable: Crown


We broke up the Beatles: The Canadian history CBC's lame documentary missed





The hypocrisy of the city council campaign-finance program  (New York City; It looks like several City Council members will be opting out of the city’s public campaign-finance program for this year’s elections — although they still claim to champion the system...)




‘Spit on the Cross or Die!’  (Muslim persecution of Christians ensues unabated.)




Shut down North Korea's nuclear program by expanding sanctions to China's banks


China’s Xi urges restraint during Trump call as ‘USS Carl Vinson’ heads for Korean waters  (Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping)


In call with Trump, Xi urges 'restraint' on N. Korea: govt


Xi warns Trump in phone call not to go beyond UN resolutions


Local, global security firms in race along China's 'Silk Road'




'Great war coming': North Korea is finally at the brink


Strategic Impatience Won't Defeat North Korea


Will Kim Jong-un succumb to US, China pressure?   (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


N. Korea detains U.S. man -- could it be "path forward?"


US and China Intensify Pressure on North Korea


US to North Korea: Stop provocations


Instead of threatening North Korea, Trump should try this instead




Trump and Congress eye shutdown showdown over border wall


Trump's defense spending hike expected to be ignored by Congress next week


Why the GOP Is in No Rush to Repeal Obamacare


Here Are the Issues Surrounding the Looming Shutdown


Trump budget team downplays risk, consequences of government shutdown


Showdown looms over money for border wall as budget deadline nears


As Trump nears 100-day milestone, budget showdown brews




The Misuse of 'Constitutionality' in Civil Debate


Howard Dean Doubles Down on Misinterpretation of First Amendment


Draining the Swamp with Article V  (It may be that 2018 is the last possible year to get a Balanced Budget Amendment accomplished.)


Former Children's TV Show Host Makes A False Claim About The US Constitution -- Again




AT&T Seeks Merger as Underdog, but Bares Teeth in Field


Medical tech firm Becton Dickinson to buy C.R. Bard for $24B




Doctor dragged from flight plans to sue: Lawyer


Man pleads not guilty to killing 3 family members with ax


Cop-killer fights for his own life — in court


Protecting the right to vote  (A jury of 10 women and two men in Tarrant County, Texas, found Rosa Ortega guilty of voting illegally and sentenced her to eight years in jail.)


Judge Alex Kozinski’s advice for President Trump




Muslim Man Who Brandished Guns At Christian Conference Charged


Alarming trend turning U.S. streets into war zones


Woman whose 10-year-old daughter was killed in 1999 loses second daughter to murder


Father of missing boy, 5, arrested after giving police "convoluted and contradictory" comments


Mother of South Carolina 'serial killer' Todd Kohlhepp is found dead in her home aged 70, five months after her son 'confessed' to murdering seven people 




Federal judges deny efforts to delay Arkansas executions


'Assembly-line' execution effort in Arkansas fuels opposition


Two Ark. inmates facing death seek stay for poor health




Obama Edges Back Into Public Eye But Steers Clear of Trump Talk


Chelsea Clinton for president? She’s suddenly everywhere, but denies having White House ambitions


Who Is Obama?  (Obama’s very emptiness holds the key to the ease with which he has managed to deceive and exploit his way to the Presidency.)


Shattered: The Book That Explains The Real Reasons Why Hillary Lost


Gayle King Defends Her Vacation With the Obamas


Exclusive: Clinton Foundation Loses Chief Fundraiser


An SNL star made an awkward Hillary joke at a luncheon. Chelsea Clinton went high.


Obama meets with at-risk youth in return to Chicago


School pupils get chance of seat at Barack Obama dinner




DHS Secretary: 'I Certainly Think A Border Wall Is Essential'  (Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly)


Northeastern researchers' discovery could aid in detecting nuclear threats  (Just one example: In its 2017 Budget-in-Brief, the US Department of Homeland Security lists among its priorities allocating $103.9 million for radiological and nuclear detection equipment "to keep ..)


“A Mortal Enemy Called Radical Islam.”  (Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly charts how jihadists target the USA with “exported violence.”)


DHS secretary says "threat against aviation" keeps him up at night




Justice Department Reimbursed Crime Victims for $7,630 in Medical Marijuana Costs


Sessions: Erroneous tax credits to ‘mostly Mexicans’ could pay for wall (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


Sessions’s aloha-baiting could bring attention to the real problem


Trump aides struggle to clarify policy on ‘dreamers’ and deportation


The lawyer who will oversee the Russia inquiry for Justice Dept. has experience investigating the White House




The Original Earth Day




U.S. stocks post largest gains in more than 7 weeks


French election results catapult stocks higher


Markets Surge After French Election Result


Gold ends lower after vote soothes French euro exit fears


America the Cheap (Always searching for the lowest price can get you the quality you deserve.)


More in US Expect Local Home Values to Rise


The 10 retailers most likely to fail in 2017


The trouble with Trump's weaker dollar talk


Shares in Asia turn mixed after first round of French elections; Nikkei surges 1.2%


Euro jumps, asian shares rally on French election relief


Gold Sinks Most in More Than Seven Weeks as French Tension Eases


Trump Saved Carrier Jobs. These Workers Weren’t as Lucky.


Donald Trump’s dollar


Why New York's economic outlook stinks




In Florida, School Performance Has Risen with Vouchers for Disabled Students


A Focus on Funding (Researchers, academics say communicating about importance of federal funding key to march success.)


America’s Campus: The Necessity of Violence


Why They Marched (Academics, graduate students and others brave the cold and rain in Washington Saturday to rally for science and research. Participants told Inside Higher Ed why they joined the event.)


A popular public school Bible class faces a constitutional challenge


Ann Coulter vs. Berkeley, Round 2 (She refuses to speak when university says it would be safe and insists she will appear this week. Milo Yiannopoulos says he's coming back in the fall.)


Ousted Over Sexual Misconduct Claims, but Still Teaching


NLRB: Resident Advisers May Unionize (Decision by board official clears way for election at George Washington University, but issue could end up in court.)


These robotics students were told ‘to go back to Mexico.’ The taunt only fueled their success.


Professional Insecurity in a Fraught Environment (One way of countering a campus culture in which everyone is afraid to speak is to stop relying on student evaluations to assess nontenured faculty, argues Robert Samuels.)


College President Considers Punishing Conservative Students For Posting Shapiro's Quote About Transgenderism


ASAP Expands North and West  (Community colleges in New York and California are hoping to replicate the success of the City University of New York’s Accelerated Study in Associate Programs, which has doubled completion rates.)


US High School Students' Entrepreneurial Ambition at New Low




Egypt sentences 20 to death over 2013 police killings




This is why Michael Bloomberg didn’t run for president





Republicans sound alarm on Trump's troubles ahead of 2018




Oil suffers 6th  straight loss on renewed oversupply fears


Energy Prices




Why whale and boat collisions may be more common than we thought




American paramedic killed in land mine blast in Ukraine




European bank stocks ride to 16-month high on French election-relief rally


Denmark Says Russia Hacked Defense Ministry E-Mails


Police find 111 migrants hidden in truck leaving Romania


Austria: Nazi-looted painting to be auctioned as owners' heirs fail to halt s




We Must Never Forget That Genocide Begins With Groupthink  (This year Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day and Holocaust Remembrance Day coincide on the same day: April 24, 2017. The coincidence is especially noteworthy this year.)




New Lifetime TV Show “Mary Kills People” Promotes Euthanasia: Character Suffocates Man With a Pillow




AEI Feminist Scholar: Feminism’s Goal Today ‘Is Not Equality With Men, It’s Protection From Them’




Enforcement Looms of FDA's Menu Labeling Regulations




French presidential election: Leftist protesters grow violent after results come in


CNN: 'Flurries' Of Terrorism In France, Jihad Is 'Gangster Neighborhood Terrorism'


France's Presidential Election Goes Populist


The 56 French villages where Marine Le Pen didn't get a single vote


Will Marine Le Pen's National Front Become the New Mainstream?


Why are the French not marching against Le Pen like in 2002?


First Round of French Presidential Election a Blow to the Establishment


'May 7th  without me': Angry French voters vow to abstain in second round


French Frustrations Could Further Deteriorate the European Union


Macron vs Le Pen: A deeply divided France set for an almighty collision


Hollande says French unity is at stake with Le Pen in presidential runoff vote  (French President Francois Hollande)


A New Political Reality for France


French voters choose change – but what type?


French Jews worried over Le Pen’s success in presidential vote’s 1st round


From school boy crush to first lady? Even for the French, Brigitte Macron’s story is unusual


Emmanuel Clinton vs Marine LeTrump


France’s Fillon Leads Establishment Conservatives to Historic Defeat


France Will Now Choose between Two Outsiders, Macron and Le Pen


The French Difference, First Round


French mavericks buck establishment, head to presidential runoff


Socialist French Mayor Calls Le Pen Voters “Assholes,” Threatens to Resign


French Presidential Run-off Battle between Globalist and France-First Populist


French shun status quo as far-right Le Pen wins through to presidential election showdown with Macron


Macron Mounts a Patriot’s Challenge to Le Pen


'At the age of 17, Emmanuel told me he'd marry me': Meet the former drama teacher-turned-wife of French presidential hopeful, 39, hoping to become the next first lady at the age of 64


France’s election reveals a new political divide


How Marine Le Pen turned her Holocaust-denying father's toxic National Front party into a mainstream election-winning force 


French Voters Favor Centrist and Far-Right Candidates


Macron, Le Pen advance to runoff to lead France as voters reject legacy political parties


The new French Revolution: Europhile newcomer Emmanuel Macron and far-Right darling Marine Le Pen to face off for presidency after stunning first round result sees France kicks out the old guard





Germany's Merkel encouraged U.S. will consider EU free trade deal  (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


5 things we learned from the latest German national crime report


Trump: 'One of the best chemistries I had was with' Merkel


German Jews fear growing Muslim anti-Semitism: report




Princeton Physicist Schools Bill Nye: Paris Climate Agreement is Like 1938 Munich Agreement -- It's 'Appeasement'


Scientist Urges POTUS not to Cave to Ivanka’s ‘Climate Change Madness’


Trump admin takes 2 opposite tracks on climate change





Google promotes same-sex ‘marriage,’ gay adoption in new ad

How Google Cashes In on the Space Right Under the Search Bar




The Bush Family Conundrum  (Decent people who made some terrible mistakes.)


John Kasich says cultural erosion helped Trump rise (Governor of Ohio John Kasich)





At least 15 drown as migrant boat sinks off Greece’s Lesbos





This singer’s performance was a matter of life or death


Get fit in 15 minutes: The simple exercise to strengthen your back and improve posture





‘Happy Days’ star Erin Moran likely died from cancer, say officials


'Happy Days' star's death as mysterious as her life


Fellow ex-child stars tried to get help for Erin Moran


Hollywood's panic and why WND Films is entering the fray




Lawmakers from 20 states pledge to mandate Holocaust education


More than 9.2-million canceled stamps later, Holocaust postage project recognized in Boston




There’s now an even better reason to steal that hotel bathrobe




Pelosi: Trump's Border Wall Talk 'a Sign of Weakness' (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


Complaint: Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Georgia) Violated Rules Assisting Former Aide Jon Ossoff


Georgia GOP screwed up the runoff in the 6th


Maxine Waters Slated to Pay Daughter Another $108K From Campaign Funds  (US Representative of California Maxine Waters (D)


Mr. Chaffetz’s abrupt — and welcome — exit  (US Representative of Utah Jason Chaffetz (R)


Paul Ryan 'Beaver Cleaver at home, Eddie Haskell in D.C.'  (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


To win control of the House, Democrats will have to stop fighting one another




India is fifth largest military spender with outlay of $55.9 bn: SIPRI


Navy war room leak: Court allows ex-naval officer to go abroad


India Maoist rebels kill 24 CRPF policemen in Chhattisgarh


Students clash with security forces, 24 hurt as protests rock Srinagar again


Why Modi is willing to dump a 150-year-old practice to drive India  (Prime Minister Narendra Modi)


Kashmir students, India police clash in Srinagar


New H-1B visa rules: Indian IT companies may have to pay 50% more





Metro’s test: Can our politics still solve critical problems?  (Can US politics still deliver in the public interest? A test case is taking shape in the Washington area.)




Independent evidence conflicts with dossier on suspected Trump-Russia conspiracy


Why DC shouldn’t rely on the latest Russian hacking ‘intel’




Iran election may be pointer to race for supreme leader


Family: Iran rejects detained British-Iranian woman’s appeal


Analysis: Is there anything Iran’s presidential election can change?


Iran’s presidential election – Ahmadinejad’s disqualification boosts or hurts Rouhani? (Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad/ Iranian President Hassan Rouhani)


Obama’s hidden Iran deal giveaway





Three Iraqi policemen killed in suicide attack south of Mosul


Former employees work to salvage Mosul University




Muslims plan demonstration against Amazon over prayer breaks




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Monday, April 24, 2017)


Blasting Le Pen, Rivlin calls for ‘war’ on new kind of Holocaust denial  (Israeli President Reuven Rivlin)


Evicted Israeli pioneers wait and wait for Netanyahu's promised new home  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


French Israelis vote 60% for Fillon, 4% for Le Pen


Netanyahu issues ultimatum to German foreign minister


Rivlin says world must maintain its humanity, as Israel marks Holocaust day


Jewish war veterans bemoan stalling of Israel's


Barghouthi's health deteriorates on 8th  day of Palestinian prisoner hunger strike   (Convicted murderer and terrorist-“Palestinian” leader Marwan Barghouthi)


Palestinians say Marwan Barghouti’s health ‘dangerously deteriorating’


Fatah, Hamas Agree: Israel Has No Right to Exist


Adelson, miffed at Trump over embassy about-face, said to shut spigot


Israeli travel agencies will soon have to promise not to send tourists to the West Bank (Judea and Samaria)


IDF chief at Auschwitz vows to fight enemies ‘bent on Israel’s destruction’  (Israel Defense Forces)


'15 years after Op. Defensive Shield, situation on the ground completely different'


Israeli settlers raze private Palestinian land near Bethlehem


Emmanuel Macron's Israel ties


Pregnant Jerusalem woman stabbed in alleged marital spat


Analysis: Palestinian, Jewish voices must jointly challenge Israel’s past


Qalandiya stabber was ‘fed up with life,’ wanted to die


Exclusive – Gaza Jihadist: World Entering ‘New Age of Conflict’ With Islamic State


Israel indicts U.S. teen over threats to Jewish centers


Former Hamas-linked CAIR official freed from prison after doing time for weapons charges


Marwan Barghouti’s Political Ploy  (The New Times failed to reveal the nature of his crimes, and convicted murderer and terrorist-“Palestinian” leader Marwan Barghouthi used the hunger strike to advance his standing.)




The Trump team has an opportunity with Japan — if it can pull together a strategy





Jordanian Columnist In Muslim Brotherhood Daily: A Million Hitlers From All Over The World Will Appear And Eliminate The Jews




The Left versus “white supremacy”


A Fearful White Leftist’s Black Nationalism


The Green Cult’s Holy Week




Exclusive: Trump allies rake in millions as lobbyists




Investigators ‘confident’ they have found missing MH370's location




Justice for Bill O’Reilly  (O’Reilly’s case is a microcosm of a trend in America that the “wronged” woman must always be right, and the “wronging” man must always be wrong.)


Remembering Kate O’Beirne


RIP Kate O’Beirne


Kate Walsh O’Beirne R.I.P.

Sean Hannity Responds to Baseless and Salacious Accusations – Will Take Legal Action on ‘Complete Fabrication’


NY Post: Megyn Kelly Set for June Debut on NBC


NYT Refuses To Use Term 'Female Genital Mutilation' Because It's 'Culturally Loaded'


Sean Hannity is forced to deny he sexually harassed a former Fox News contributor who claims the prime time host made 'advances' at her and invited her back to his hotel room


With Bill O’Reilly Out, Fox Rivals See a Chance to Move In


The (not so) secret reason Fox News in serious turmoil


Bill O'Reilly is the new Marv Albert: Column


He's back! Bill O'Reilly on air Monday


Farewell Kate O'Beirne of CNN's 'Capital Gang'




Trump insists Mexico will pay for border wall, despite U.S. down payment




Mattis sees Saudi Arabia ‘helping across the region’  (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


Houthis intensify crackdown on dissent in Yemen


Saudi FM: No basis for media speculation over Saudi-Egypt ties


U.S. Weighs More Aid for Saudis in Yemen to Move Nation Toward Political Solution


Indian Woman Sold to ‘Sponsor’ in Saudi Arabia for $4,500


Qatar Airways sees 'manageable' decline in flights to US


How a citizen’s complaint led to the dismissal of a Saudi minister


Yemen Suspected US drone strike kills three al-Qaida operatives – report




Sec'y Mattis in Afghanistan to discuss war needs   (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


Mattis Warns Russia Not To Arm Taliban


Taliban attacks U.S. base as Mattis flies into Afghanistan


Biden Used False Data to Smear Marine Corps Over Armored Vehicle Request from Iraq  (Former Vice-President Joseph R Biden Jr (D)


Pence cites 'challenging times' to US troops  (Vice-President Mike Pence)


VA Director Fired Over Overprescription Scandal Seeks Health Care Executive Job


US military spending grew for 1st  time in 6 years in 2016 – study


Piracy back on the rise off Somalia, U.S. military says


Army hoping to entice doctors to the battlefield




'Ted Nugent is a brainless twit': David Crosby gets into public spat with The Nuge after his White House visit but is dismissed as 'a lost soul' and a 'doper' by the conservative rocker




NASA astronaut sets space record




Two die in separate falls in Sequoia National Park




Pakistan rolling out a tax red carpet for Chinese investors


Exchange of fire between Rangers, terrorists in Karachi's Urdu Bazaar


Chinese investors in CPEC are not paying taxes to Pakistan customs


WB to invest in Peshawar-Kabul highway: Ishaq Dar


Every Pakistani a soldier in Operation Radd-ul-Fasaad: Qamar Bajwa





Pew Research: Gap Between Promises and Assets Widens for State Pensions





Charge Duterte with mass murder, lawyer tells the Hague  (President Rodrigo Duterte)


Duterte Says He Can Be 50 Times More Brutal Than Terrorists




Islamopower: Meet the new Muslim PAC




Political correctness is ruining our strategy to defeat terrorism




Poll: Democrats More Out of Touch Than GOP, Trump




New Jersey cardinal welcomes gay activists to his cathedral





Popular Pro-Kremlin Presenter Says Trump Is More Dangerous Than Kim Jong-Un


Russia is now the world's third largest military spender


150th  Anniversary Of Russia's Sale Of Alaska – 'Selling Alaska For Next To Nothing Is A Disgrace'


Moscow expects OPCW to send experts to Syria’s Khan Sheikhoun


Russia warns of fabricated chemical attack near Damascus


Putin's Russia shouldn't win with missile cheats: Column (Russian President Vladimir V Putin) 


Russian Foreign Ministry: Terrorists in Syria may get chemical weapons from Libya, Iraq


Moscow court turns down Jehovah’s Witnesses bid to fight Justice Ministry’s ban


Foreign policy chief says EU ready to return to strategic partnership with Russia


Roscosmos excludes three cosmonauts from space team


Russians name Putin's greatest achievement


Teenager brings grenade to school in Dagestan, one killed, 11 wounded


Why America Must Stop Russia from Violating the INF Treaty


Russia boosts military spending despite sanctions: study


Central Europe Raises Military Spending Amid Russia Fears


Russia investigations on the Hill: Where things stand


Russia’s Cosmonaut Club Suddenly Loses Two Legends


Russian FM: No proof of persecution of gay men


The Children Russia Can’t Let Go


Mogherini Says EU Sanctions To Stay, Criticizes Russia Over Chechnya Reports   (European Union foreign-policy chief Federica Mogherini has told Russia that the EU wants better ties but cannot pretend that Moscow did not annex Crimea, and said that sanctions will remain in place.)


The Russian Revolution, As Painted By Children


Jehovah’s Witnesses Ban Spells End for Russia’s Religious Diversity (Op-Ed)


Putin Criticizes Navalny For Making Corruption Allegations  U.S. Oil Firm Exxon Mobil Denied Russia Sanctions Waiver


Russian Court Fines Mother For Teenage Daughter's Protest Action




Regular bedtimes stop children from becoming overweight, study finds


Breakthrough in multiple sclerosis research as scientists discover possible cause of the disease 




NRA to Introduce New Concealed-Carry Training, Insurance




Schumer mocks Sessions: I'll ride the subway with you at 4 a.m. (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)/ (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions )


Report: Senate's Russia probe understaffed


Trump Plans Top-Level Briefing With Senators on North Korea




How Women Can Prevent Sexual Harassment At Work




For The Left, Socialism Denial Is Holocaust Denial




Maine police, social media help return lost goats




Colombia kidnap victim flees ELN rebels




More Female Jobseekers Weigh Military Option Amid Tough Market


Moon takes stern action upon ex-minister's memoir brawl  (Conflicts aggravated Monday between the Democratic Party of Korea’s presidential candidate Moon Jae-in and a former chief diplomat concerning their dissent over Seoul’s lenient policy decision on Pyongyang in 2007.)


[Election 2017] Moon widens gap with Ahn in search trends


USFK to Stage Evacuation Drill in June


Koreans feel 'more miserable' amid rising unemployment, inflation: index


Korea Leads Global Top 10 for Export Growth


New DMZ tour program to be launched in June


Over Half a Million Graduates Unemployed


Global economic recovery, challenges facing new Korean administration


Samsung to Release Software Upgrades for Red Tint on Galaxy S8


S. Korea develops artillery-locating radar




Russell Westbrook goes off on reporter in argument


Let's make a deal: Make-or-break NFL draft trades


NHL Scoreboard


MLB Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard




States Fight Back: North Carolina Bill Would Nullify SCOTUS Same-sex Marriage Opinion


New Orleans takes down 1st  of 4 Confederate statues


3 children among several killed in raging house fire  (New York)


Boy, 5, still missing after search of South Pasadena park where his father was found passed out  (California)




Liberals Blame “Conservative Media” For Removal Of State Department Official


Ex-Iranian Lobbyist at State Dept Moved After Conservative Pressure


State Department: U.S. citizen detained by North Korean authorities




SCOTUS Says States Have No Right to Money Taken Based on Overturned Convictions


Trump eyeing second Supreme Court seat




Grover Norquist: Trump keeping promise to 'drain the swamp' by dismissing anti-vaping surgeon general




U.S. slams Syria with 271 sanctions


US-backed forces enter major Daesh-held Syria town


Opponents Of Syrian Regime Lash Out At Fatah Official For Congratulating Assad On Syrian Independence Day


Al-Qaida Leader Tells Fighters to Prepare for Long Syria War


ISIS Is Not a Counterweight to Iran




Tsai needs proactive foreign policy: experts   (President Tsai Ing-wen)


Taiwan, not China, is its own worst enemy


Ministry threatens to expel Koo  (The Ministry of the Interior is to remove Cecilia Koo from her position as National Women’s League chairwoman if the organization continues to refuse requests to provide documentation on how the “military benefit tax” was used, Minister of the Interior Yeh Jiunn-rong...)


March’s jobless rate was 3.78% Taipei third safest city in the world


Industrial production index hits record


Slow internet in Taiwan for up to a month after undersea cable fault


Majority dissatisfied with government


Taiwan retail sector suffers sluggish revenue growth in March 2017


Most employers reluctant to hire people with HIV


What pressure? Pilot shows remarkable cool as he successfully crash lands his plane after an engine failed midair


Program launched to offer students internships in India


Taiwans hacker minister reshaping digital democracy


Cross-Strait Tension Will Increase If Taiwan Buys New Weapons




By listening to optical 'noise,' researchers discover new way to track hidden objects


World's Most Powerful Emulator of Radio-Signal Traffic Opens for Business


Flying cars: A 1950s dream takes to the skies


Engineers made a robotic arm for this girl to play the violin




Voters Support Labeling MS-13 Gang a Terrorist Group


Earning its terrorist designation  (Yes, the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization.)


'Unprecedented spike in homegrown terrorism'




Trump's Unnecessary Trade War with China





Hahn Says EU, Turkey Should Look Into 'New Format Of Cooperation'


This longing should end, Turkish justice minister says on Erdoğan’s return to party  (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Turkey says it won’t take part in ‘Greek show’ over Aegean


What Turkey’s referendum reveals


Kindergarten children’s play including fake weapons, death draws criticism in central Turkey


Ankara prosecutors launch probe into ex-French diplomat for ‘inciting’ Erdoğan’s assassination: Spokesperson


Council of Europe body to vote on Turkey status April 25


Syrian migrants enrich Istanbul with their cuisine


Erdoğan commemorates victims of 1915 Armenian killings


Turkey’s military spending decreases by 5.7 percent in 2016


Battle of Gallipoli teaching lessons: Minister


66 PKK militants ‘neutralized’ in one week: Turkish Interior Ministry


Borsa Istanbul hits record high levels after four years


Turkey’s Central Bank to maintain current tight stance to balance risks on inflation: Governor


Italian reporter deported after detention in Turkey


Turkey to extend length of visa-free stay for Russians





FTSE 100 closes 2% higher as investors cheer French election result


LGBT education pushed for British toddlers


Tony Blair 'almost motivated' to make political comeback  (Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair)


Titanic anniversary: Who was on the ship when it sunk … and who got away


Behind what one historian calls the discovery of a lifetime


 UK's Theresa May Prepared to Make Nuclear 'First Strike' (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Ahmadi Muslims facing discrimination…in Wales


Theresa May hires former Obama campaign chief Messina


Palestinian Authority to pay Muslim who murdered UK tourist $1,025 a month


Jeremy Corbyn should not be trusted with Britain's security, military figures say as Labour leader rules out using nuclear deterrent


Lockerbie bombing: Abdelbaset al-Megrahi's family to appeal conviction


Nicola Sturgeon: Election is a straight fight between SNP and Tories  (Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon)


Brexit: London-born children of EU couple win residency a week after refusal


Ukip leader Paul Nuttall refuses to say whether he will stand for election on June 8


Manchester: Thieves kill man by running him over in his own car


Third of Scots voters ‘will vote Tory in General Election’


Belfast: Police target of bomb found near school, says officer


Murder hunt launched after former Royal Navy officer dies trying to stop car thieves


Banks: Bill sets out plan to tackle 'extortionate' UK overdraft fees


Bomb left outside Ardoyne school was designed to kill officers, say police (Northern Ireland)


 UK freezes assets of North Korean firm accused of funnelling cash to nuclear programme


Duke and Duchess of Cambridge dish out high fives, hugs and handshakes at the 2017 London Marathon


Archaic tax may be answer to Church of England’s repair bill prayers


Car theft death 'more than criminal'   (Police appeal to the "criminal fraternity" to help solve the killing of a man hit by his own car.)





Trump: Time to remove 'blindfolds'; U.N. must ready new North Korea sanctions


Chinese pressure on NK 'working,' Haley says  (US United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley)


United Nations Elects Saudi Arabia to Women’s Rights Commission


United Nations rewrites Balfour Declaration parliamentary debate records (An official United Nations document published by the Division for “Palestinian” Rights of the United Nations Secretariat contains a deliberately altered record of a 1922 parliamentary House of Lords debate on the Balfour Declaration.)


Haley: Another missile test by North Korea could prompt U.S. military action


UN chief Guterres vows to stand up against alleged ‘anti-Israel bias’




42% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction


Richard Simmons leaves hospital, thanks doctors


A black man was lynched in 1932. An author wants the community to finally deal with it.


Thousands expected for march commemorating 102nd anniversary of Armenian genocide





Venezuelans shut down roads and highways in government protests


The End for Venezuela Marxist Dictator Nicolas Maduro?


Venezuelan president calls for talks




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Near 100 Days, Trump's Biggest Problem GOP, Not Dems


Trump says he hopes humans set foot on Mars 'during my second term'


Trump calls 1915 killings of Armenians 'Meds Yeghern'


Polls show Trump's approval at new low as 100-day mark looms


Why Trump Supporters are Still Solid (Support for Trump is not like the creepy hero-worship that Democrats gave Obama.  Conservatives have God to worship. )


Trump congratulates record-breaking astronaut


White House to propose new tax rates Wednesday


Trump fumes over early reviews


Analysis: How Trump accomplished so little yet so much in first 100 days


Idea: If Democrats Shut Down the Government, Should Trump Make It As Painless As Possible?


After First Hundred Days Media Ignores Trump Decreased US Debt by $100B Since Inauguration


Trump Takes on Terrorism in First Hundred Days


Trump holds calls with leaders of China, Japan


Trump's promises for first 100 days in office: Is he keeping them?


Trump Makes New Pitch for Wall Along Mexican Border


Pence cutting Pacific trip short (Vice-President Mike Pence)

Chief of Staff Reince Priebus says President Trump will work with whoever wins French election


How Will Trump Deal With Iran?


Trump to lunch with UN security council ambassadors


White House offers conflicting details of Trump tax plan


Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star defaced


Trump Wins YUGE in a Government Shutdown


The First Ladies: Melania and Ivanka have 'frosty' relationship because Trump's eldest daughter frequently fills role as First Lady, claims magazine


Byron York: Trump's 100 days: An executive success


Taking Trump Seriously and Literally


Amid North Korea crisis, Pence becomes Trump emissary abroad (Vice-President Mike Pence)


Trump team raises rhetoric against Iran


'Must-see TV': Americans go bonkers for Sean Spicer  (White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer)


WH: Busy week, but no health care vote or shutdown


Trump calls French election 'very interesting' just days after saying Paris terror attack could 'probably' aid far-right candidate Marine Le Pen


Trump won't say if he'll sign funding bill without border wall money


Trump will ramp up action on executive orders this week: reports


Salma Hayek wishes Melania Trump was a 'bigger influence on her husband'




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