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Wednesday, April 5, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




Bake Sales for Abortion? The Disgusting New Planned Parenthood Fundraising Tactic


Trump Stops Funding UN Agency Accused of Abetting Forced Abortions


Pennsylvania Bill Would Defund the Planned Parenthood Abortion Business


Trump praised for cutting funds for U.N.'s forced abortions


Vice President Mike Pence Working Overtime to Revive Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood


Video: Snowflake Boils at Texas Abortion Protest


Planned Parenthood Hospitalizes Two Women After Botched Abortions, Abortionist Left to Abort More Babies


Iowa House Begins Debate Over 20-Week Abortion Ban


MSNBC Spreads False Rumor That Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Does Mammograms


Federal judge blocks Indiana abortion ultrasound mandate


What? Abortion Activist Says Oppose Neil Gorsuch Because “My Son Will Need Access to Abortion”


Is Now the Right Time for Louis C.K.’s Abortion Jokes?


False Abortion Scare: Only 10% of Pregnant Women With Zika Had Babies with Disabilities


Abortion clinic numbers down, second trimester procedures up since law's passage, study shows (Texas)


Lena Dunham’s Show “Girls” Calls Unborn Baby a “Parasite Living Inside of You”


Cardinal Sarah: Fight against abortion is ‘part of the final battle…between God and Satan’


Missouri Rejects Federal Money In Order To Set Up Its Own Abortion Restrictions


Catholic college disinvites Planned Parenthood award recipient from graduation


Firm settles Massachusetts probe over anti-abortion ads sent to phones


Planned Parenthood panics after Trump defunded UN agency that supports forced abortion


‘I would have had an abortion’: Mother who filed ‘wrongful birth’ lawsuit 48 years ago disgusted by lawmaker challenge


Catholic university supports abortion, suspends prof for calling it murder (Belgium)


This Canadian Province is Giving Away Free Abortion Pills


Trump defunding UN's women's health will cause 'millions to suffer'


New Video Exposes Interesting Things About Pro-Abortion Forces in Ireland




Turnbull pledges Afghanistan support but forced return of asylum seekers 'not discussed'  (Australian Malcolm Turnbull, has recommitted Australia to long-term economic and security support for Afghanistan during a state visit by the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani.)


Saving an Afghan Symbol, With Afghans Only




Dog saves wedding party from suicide bomber in Nigeria




Capital Hill Review Wednesday, April 5, 2017



Report: Anti-Semitism Increased 40%, Genocidal Speech Doubled in 2016


Leaving the Big Tent  (The rapid embrace of Anti-Semites is driving Israel and the American Jewish community apart.)




ASX gains as miners trump banks


Australian Dollar Drops Against Majors


Repeat of Spanish flu pandemic 'very possible' as new strains emerge


New measles outbreak: infected people spent time at children's hospital


Australian police make 'largest ever' methamphetamine seizure


On this issue, the PM is the last big hold-out


Leading tourist attractions hit by credit card scam 




Airplane Sales to Iran Put Under Critical Review By Trump Admin  (Source: Boeing should be 'on notice' as Trump team reassesses Obama policy.)





Protests Against Vucic Election Persist In Belgrade





Payless files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy





How to Make the Government Behave Itself  (Bad incentives lead to bad outcomes, and, lamentably, bad incentives are quite plentiful in the realm of politics.)





The Joys of ¼ Black Privilege  (In the future everyone can be ¼ black for 15 minutes.)




Trump's border wall just got real: The builders have submitted their plans




TSX ends lower after posting nearly six-week high


Trudeau Liberals Degenderizing Canada’s National Anthem  (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Student alleges University of Toronto mishandled sex assault complaint


RCMP reveals it uses cellphone trackers in wake of CBC report


Student alleges University of Toronto mishandled sex assault complaint


Toronto home prices soar 33.2% in March to kick off spring homebuying season


Toronto-area home prices hit record as market ‘drum tight’


$45K lettuce heist has Hamilton police asking public to ‘romaine calm’


Trump’s ‘leaked’ NAFTA letter is a gift to Canada


Halifax police pledge to #startbybelieving sexual assault victims





Zika caused birth defects in 10 percent of infected pregnant women: CDC





Urgent warning for Christians to help Trump beat Obama's shadow government




Comedian Louis C.K. calls Trump a 'lying sack of s--t'




China continues to fuel growing Korean crisis; Misled world on coal imports


Trump’s Team Has No Idea What It’s Doing On China


When Trump Meets Xi: Prepare for the Opening Gambit  (Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping)


The Summit: 5 Things Trump Needs to Know before Meeting Xi Jinping


What China wants from Xi and Trump meeting


America, Japan and the UK: A New Three-Way Alliance against China?


China Vows to Defend Itself “At All Costs” if U.S. Attacks North Korea


Trump administration to China on North Korea: "The clock has run out"


Top General Says U.S. Solution to North Korean Aggression Must Involve China


Crazed man kills 3 women with single chopstick: report





NK seeks to steal show ahead of Trump-Xi summit


North Korean missile launch likely a failure, US officials say


Yes, I did it again


North Korea fires a ballistic missile as Trump prepares to host China’s Xi (Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping)





GOP unclear how to keep government open


Susan Rice must testify to Congress




Krispy Kreme-owner JAB to buy bakery chain Panera Bread




Facebook Live sexual assault victim threatened with dog: prosecutor


Woman who attacked "lazy" boyfriend with hammer gets prison


Florida men plead guilty to helping friend fly to join ISIS


Civil rights law covers LGBT workplace bias


Joe Biden's son Hunter and his wife Kathleen reach settlement in ugly divorce - but judge DENIES bid to keep it sealed





Man charged in fatal shootings of 4 at restaurant


Police: Shoplifter trapped in store after closing calls 911


3 killed in shooting near Philadelphia school


2nd skull found in Mo.; missing women's families notified


‘Drunk’ teacher busted for making young teen drive her to Waffle House


More charges against the man accused in fatal attacks against homeless men in San Diego




Southwest Border Arrests Plummet 61% Since January


Darby: Border Patrol Agents Feel Betrayed by Administration




The Public Won’t See the Rest of Hillary’s Emails Until 2020


52% Say Clintons Should Be Part of Russia Probe


Unreal. Chelsea Clinton Tells Fans in Liberal Media She Will Not Run Against Donald Trump in 2020


Joe and Jill Biden sign multi-book deal


Real Collusion: the Clinton and Podesta Record


Debt, Entitlements, and the Consent of the Governed  (How Democrats maintain control of government expenditures, even without the support of voters.)


'Somebody's got to go to jail, Ben' Susan Rice? Evelyn Farkas? Ben Rhodes?




Cyanide 'bomb' victim's family files petition to stop its use




DHS Secretary: 'It Is Unlikely We Will Build a Wall…From Sea to Shining Sea'


DHS: Immigration agents may arrest crime victims, witnesses at courthouses




Baltimore, Chicago will continue police department reforms despite Justice Department hesitation


Atty General Sessions Rolls Back Obama's War on Cops


Police Unions Hail Less Scrutiny While Local Leaders Worry




Stocks swing to lower close after Fed releases March minutes


Wall Street ends down after Fed minutes


U.S. Stocks, Dollar Fall as Minutes Spark Caution: Markets Wrap


The stock market just blew its biggest lead since February 2016


Survey: US companies add 263K jobs in March, most in 2 years


Asia Shares Slump Before Data, Summit; Yen Climbs: Markets Wrap


Asian stocks rise as China gains; oil up on North Sea outage


Why investors are fretting over the Trump-Xi meeting


Please, can someone brief the president on the unemployment rate?


Dollar, Treasury yields rise after Fed minutes


Tax reform to jump-start the economy


Gold settles lower as robust economic data boost risky assets




Kansas high school journalists investigated new principal’s credentials. Days later, she resigned


Trump Returns to Campaign Promise: ‘We Have to End Common Core’


University President Under Fire for Not Supporting 'Safe Spaces'


K-12: Fog and Fuzziness


Harvard Grad Students Start ‘Resistance School’


California High School Replaces Mirrors in Girls’ Bathroom With Positive Message Signs


New York School Instructs Kids to Defend Hitler’s Genocide Against Jews


University says pro-Trump poster is offensive


Isn’t It Pragmatic?  (Michael Roth explores how and why Indian students are embracing liberal arts education.)


Stanford Univ. admits Muslim teen who wrote ‘#BlackLivesMatter’ 100 times in application essay


Agent Debate Awakes  (Draft policy proposed by Middle States would prohibit accredited institutions from using commissioned agents in international recruitment -- as many now do.)


Left-wingery at the academy  (I just attended a two-day academic conference at the University of Pennsylvania, in part out of interest in the topic (“American & Muslim Worlds ca. 1500-1900”), in part to get a firsthand sense of discourse in the humanities at the contemporary university. As the founder of Campus Watch, I wondered if it is as bad as our reports suggest, or whether we focus on outliers.)


Commencement Controversy of a Different Sort (Some students at the University of Michigan are unhappy that the administration is eschewing tradition by not booking a central graduation speaker, instead focusing on the institution's bicentennial.)


This teacher doesn't belong in a rubber room


Loan Forgiveness Uncertainty  (Recent court filing by Department of Education fuels uncertainty about whether borrowers can count on contractors’ assertions that they qualify for federal debt relief program.)


College lecturer accused of raping drunk grad student


Legal Discrimination No More  (US appeals court says a lesbian former adjunct has the right to sue Ivy Tech under Title VII, a federal anti-bias law, for discrimination based on sexual orientation.)


Can we please let Catholic schools stay Catholic?


‘An Unprecedented Attack’ (Hungarian Parliament passes legislation that could force university founded by George Soros out of the country.)


Harvard University students start anti-Trump 'Resistance School' to fight 'Trump agenda' - and it's fully booked!


2 Education Picks Raise Fears on Civil Rights Enforcement




Egyptian President to Trump: ‘I Have a Deep Appreciation and Admiration for Your Unique Personality’




Ferguson re-elects mayor in first race after 2014 unrest




Oil ends with modest gains after surprise rise in U.S. stockpiles


Energy Prices


Idaho’s $4.3 Million Solar Project Generates Enough Energy to Run ONE Microwave Oven




Dead humpback whale washes up on NYC beach





European oil stocks advance, but indexes are listless


EU Chief Juncker Demands Fellow Commissioners Punish Britain


Ancient concession stand found at Roman gladiator arena




Report: FBI Creating Special Unit to Coordinate Russia Investigation





Most Fed policymakers see change to balance sheet policy 'later this year': minutes




FDA pick faces questioning on ties to industry he'd regulate




Why France's Muslim voters are not all panicking about a Le Pen victory


Paris police given powers to search Metro passengers' bags after St Petersburg bombing


French Elections - Marine Le Pen’s Visit To Russia Is 'A Sober And Calculated Move By An Experienced And Talented Politician'




Germany Moves Toward $53M Fines for Online Hate Crimes


Germany to fine social media giants up to €50 million for hate speech


German Millennials among most 'immigrant-friendly' in Europe


Muslims in Germany: "If a Jew Enters Our School, He'll Get Beaten Up"


Quarter of a million Syrians allowed to bring families to Germany: report


Germany building new army of 13,500 'cyber soldiers'




Soros-Funded Groups Behind Google Censorship of Alternative Media



Trump groups may fight GOP in primaries





55 percent of Americans approve of Obamacare, poll shows


Opioid Epidemic Raises the Stakes of Replacing Obamacare





Doctor salary survey reveals big pay gaps


Poll reveals what young people want in health care overhaul


Creating a video game to help children fighting cancer




Hikind Denounces New York School Holocaust Justification Homework




How a Queer Dance Party in Front of Ivanka Trump's House Made a Wine-Sipping Woman an Internet Star




Intel Committee Democrat Says Trump Associates 'Will Probably Go To Jail'


DesJarlais: ‘I Can’t See The Scenario’ Where Rice Unmasked Citizens ‘Other Than For Political Purposes’ [Audio] (Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice)


Trumpcare 2.0 isn't much better than its predecessor


The Dems’ Political Area 51


Why Is the ‘Right Side of History’ Losing? (Democrats refuse to confront the meaning of their own failure.)


The Obamacare Solution Is Hiding in Plain Sight (A win-win: Funding exists for pre-existing conditions to be dealt with at the state level.)


On Trump surveillance, Susan Rice, Adam Schiff talk but say nothing  (US Representative of California Adam Schiff (D)


With Health Bill, Trump Juggles Factions in G.O.P.


House panel will look into dispute over Agent Orange benefits for Navy veterans


House Democrats urge teachers to trash book by climate scientists on global-warming dissent


As GOP presses for new health bill, lawmakers weigh letting states skip certain mandates


First ballots show Ahn and Gomez with early lead in L.A.'s congressional primary


House Intelligence Committee Democrat predicts Trump associates 'will probably go to jail' following probe into Russian election meddling


Schiff: 'We are going to want' Carter Page to testify




Illegal immigration plummets after Trump inauguration



Hooker who gave Google exec fatal heroin dose detained by ICE


'A wonderful day': A veteran's undocumented wife won't be deported by ICE


Detained by ICE in prison, he begs to be deported


ICE nabs 31 criminal aliens, immigration fugitives around NYC




Pakistan, China, Afghanistan dominated Mattis-Doval meet: US official


Muslim man dies in India after attack by Hindu 'cow protectors'




World’s largest tunnel-boring machine finally breaks through




Lamar Smith: Obama Admin. Asked IRS to Target Conservatives, ‘So Anything Is Possible’


Yes, change may be coming to America's tax code, and it's going to cost you MORE


IRS Denied Tax-Exempt Status to 37 Religious, Charitable Groups in 2016




No, Republicans didn’t just strip away your Internet privacy rights




Iran’s IRGC's terror plans against the U.S.


Casualties Reported After Strong Quake Hits Northeastern Iran




Persecuted Iraqi Christians Are Returning Home Only To Find That Muslim Gangs Have Stolen Their Homes With Fake Documents And The Government Refuses To Do Anything About It


‘ISIS killed my brothers, I buried them in the yard’




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Wednesday, April 5, 2017)


3 IDF soldiers jailed for beating Palestinian man  (Israel Defense Forces)


PM: International Community Must Remove Chemical Weapons from Syria  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


In modern first, Passover sacrifice to take place in Old City


Palestinian leaders slam proposed Israeli bill cutting PA tax revenues over 'martyrs' compensation


Hamas says ‘collaborators’ were behind Faqha assassination


Jordan River May Become Model for Regional Teamwork


Shin Bet nabs Syria-trained Hamas operative in West Bank (Judea and Samaria)  


484 terrorist prisoners getting degrees in Israeli prisons, in violation of Israeli law


As Assad picks his poison, Syrians’ suffering and Israeli fears diverge


US Pres. Trump, Jordan’s King Abdullah Focus First on Syrian Crisis, Then Israeli-Arab Peace [video]


Israel pans bid to fly Palestinian flag over Dublin city hall


Anger erupts in Gaza as PA cuts salaries to government employees


With prison strike, Barghouti hopes to prove Palestinian street still his (Convicted murderer and terrorist-“Palestinian” leader Marwan Barghouthi)


Hebrew University Launches Cannabis Research Center


Israel pans EU ‘obsession’ with Israel in West Bank (Judea and Samaria)  demolitions spat


Trump: I'm working hard to achieve peace


Six Israelis injured in terrorist attacks abroad


Shin Bet Nabs, Indicts Hamas Terrorist


Israelis may be gloomy, but it’s not the media’s fault


Israeli forces shoot, injure Palestinian in Hebron


IDF Naval fighters train with Navy SEALs


42 days in prison for soldiers who beat a Palestinian


Palestinian Authority Official: No Negotiations Without Settlement Freeze


MK Glick: Put an end to the wild west in Jerusalem


Trump thinks he’ll ‘be successful’ on Mideast peace


Mediterranean gas pipeline could be built by 2025


Israeli forces demolish residential structures west of Salfit, displacing Palestinian family


Israeli intelligence believes Assad behind chemical attack  (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad)


Jibril Rajoub receives lawsuit from US Arab family in New York


Israelis who raised $550,000 for Syrian kids urge government to step up


How the U.S. can prepare for the coming Gaza war




Editor-In-Chief Of Lebanese Daily Close To Hizbullah And Assad Regime: President Trump Offered To Call Assad And Examine Collaboration Against ISIS


Editor Of Lebanese Daily Close To Hizbullah And Assad Regime 'Al-Akhbar,' Ibrahim Al-Amin, Challenges U.S. Congresswoman Gabbard To Televised Debate On Whether She Relayed Messages From Trump To Assad


Lebanese Columnist Warns: Any Hizbullah Aggression Against Israel Will Be Disastrous For Lebanon More Than Anyone Else




Malaysia: Muslim MP and former Sharia court judge says 9-year-olds can marry and rapists can marry victims




How Conservatives (and Liberals) Killed Marriage




CNN’s John King rips Susan Rice for her obvious lie - basically indicts his own network in the proce


Six in 10 in US See Partisan Bias in News Media


Susan Rice Spied on Trump — And CNN Doesn't Care  (Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice)


Bombshell: 'More Than 175' Ask To Join Racial Discrimination Suit Against CNN


MSNBC Panel: GOP Criticizing Rice 'Maybe Because She's A Black Woman'


Who's Behind The Campaign To Defund Bill O'Reilly?


Fox News faces new lawsuits


CNN MELTDOWN! Chris Cuomo on Rice-gate: ‘Another Fake Scandal Being Peddled by Right-Wing Media (Video)


CNN Fake News: Obama Lackey Jim Sciutto on Rice-gate: ‘Ginned Up’ by Trump Admin (Video)


Washington Post: Rice must explain previous denial  (Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice)


Pressure mounts on Bill O'Reilly as 22 companies now pull ads from his Fox News show amid sexual harassment allegations as National Organization for Women calls for him to be fired


Fake-news giants claim Susan Rice spy scandal is 'fake'


The Pirate Flag Still Flies at Fox News


'I covered your sexual harassment allegations. Did you?' Don Lemon calls out Bill O'Reilly on Twitter in furious feud


Advertisers flee Bill O’Reilly’s Fox News show amid sexual-harassment claims


Donald Trump planned to give Fox News exclusive broadcasting rights to the Inauguration but backed down when CNN boss Jeff Zucker called him and said the idea was 'crazy' 


How Is Fox News Like the Eagles?




Kansas Almost Voted to Expand Medicaid. What Other States Should Learn From This Near-Mistake.




Mexico's Top Diplomat Heads to Washington for Meetings




Yemeni forces prepare to retake Hudaydah port from Houthis


Boss lets maid fall 7 stories, films the whole thing (Kuwait)




Trump picks Christian pro-life conservative to replace homosexual as Army Secretary


Ailing US Military Needs More Than a Continuing Resolution


The Future of the U.S. Nuclear Deterrent


F-16 Jet Crashes Near Joint Base Andrews


Fighter jet crashes outside Joint Base Andrews


US bird flu outbreak halts fresh poultry shipments to South Korea commissaries


Trump has thrown his support behind Navy fighter jets that are making pilots sick: President wants the Pentagon to invest in F18s that can cut off air supply to the cockpit


Lawmakers, advocates: Veterans Crisis Line is better, but not fixed





A Chinese war in Myanmar




Stanley McChrystal: Save PBS. It Makes Us Safer




In Reversal, Trump Banishes Bannon from National Security Council


Bannon out, Rick Perry in as Trump reshuffles National Security Council


Bannon Releases Statement After Removal from National Security Council – Blames Susan Rice


Report: Bannon’s Removal a Whipped-Up Controversy by Mainstream Media

Steve Bannon removed from National Security Council




Cyclone Debbie wreaks havoc in New Zealand




Suicide Bomber Kills Six People in Pakistan 


Deadly bomb blast targets census team in Lahore


Pakistan,Afghan armies spoke over hotline


Pakistan would not go against Iran interests: Pak Foreign Secretary




Omidyar network gives $100 million to boost journalism and fight hate speech  (The philanthropy built by eBay's founder said it is responding to “urgent need” around the world to prevent dangerous trends from becoming the norm.)




Four deadly PC myths of opioid addiction




2 'dangerous' inmates escape correctional center


Rikers guard says he was fired over love-triangle with superior


Arizona’s infamous open-air prison is shutting down


Female mastermind, 68, behind twisted plot to rob bank by attaching bomb to neck of pizza delivery boy and blowing him up dies in jail - seven years into her life sentence




Black Woman Allegedly Shouts Racial Epithets, Attacks White Couple, Hammers Their Car And Boat, Claws Man's Bloody Face




The St. Petersburg Bombing: Why It Won't Bring America and Russia Together


Accustomed to Terror: the Attack on St. Petersburg Will Hardly Mobilize Russia


Russian Hackety, Hackety, Hack


Jehovah's Witnesses Not Victims of Repression, Says Russia's Supreme Court


Tillerson to meet Lavrov in Moscow next week (US Secretary of State Rex W Tillerson/ Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov)


Russian PM Medvedev Sees Approval Ratings Decline Amid Corruption Claims


Russia defends Syria against 'chemical attack' outcry


Alexei Navalny Shakes Up a Slumbering Russia


US, Russia Have Opportunities for Expanding Space Cooperation Despite Tensions


Russia alone in backing Syria


'No defense' against multiple Russian missiles: US general


Putin: Subway bombing shows terrorism threat isn’t subsiding    (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Security implications follow Russia subway attack


Russia says deadly Syrian airstrike targeted chemical weapons factory


Migrants Warned To Lie Low In St. Petersburg, As Activists Fear Police Clampdown


Russian Subway Driver Praised For Steel Nerves In Deadly St. Petersburg Blast


Suspected St. Petersburg Bomber's Home Searched  


Former Trump adviser admits to 2013 communication with Russian spy


Russia Moves to Ban Jehovah’s Witnesses as ‘Extremist’




Peculiar X-ray burst has astronomers stumped




Kaine: Trump’s Decision to ‘Cozy Up to Russia’ Means He Won’t Call a ‘War Crime Exactly What It Is’  (US Senator of Virginia Timothy Kaine (D)


John McCain Tells DHS Secretary to 'Think Through' His Travel Order Next Time  (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


Senator holds 15-hour speech to slam Sup. Ct. pick


'The Real Question We Need To AskK' -- Rand Paul BLOWS THE DOORS OFF The Susan Rice Scandal (US Senator of Kentucky Rand Paul (R)


McConnell says he has votes to thwart Gorsuch filibuster (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


Mitch McConnell: GOP evening the score by using 'nuclear option' for Gorsuch (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


What? Expect Democratic Senators to Act Like Adults?


Senate plunges toward historic, bitter showdown over Supreme Court nominee


Senate Dem Admits He Won't Confirm Any Trump Supreme Court Nominee


The Supreme Court as Partisan Tool




'She ended police brutality with a can of soda': Twitter blasts Kendall Jenner's new Pepsi ad for 'mocking' Black Lives Matter




Whites Banned From 'Black Lives Matter' Event in Philadelphia




Brazil’s New Problem With Blackness


Coffins in Colombia a heartbreaking scene in wake of landslide





North Korean Missile Test May Be Aimed at THAAD


Park Faces More Questions from Prosecutors  (Former President Park Geun-hye)


Park supporters launch new Saenuri Party


Hyundai's China Sales Plummet Amid THAAD Boycott


[Exclusive] Hyundai Motor solely developing EV batteries


U.S., Chinese Investment in Korea Plummets


Activist sues Korean, Chinese authorities over air pollution


Korea exports healthcare services to 20 countries





Fan reveals how he helped crack case of Tom Brady’s stolen jerseys


ESPN replaces Sage Steele on 'NBA Countdown' amid network's decision to limit on-air talent's political commentary


Russell Westbrook ties NBA triple-double record


Tom Brady insists on living on 12th  floor of new luxury building


Amazon wins bid to stream Thursday NFL games


NHL Scoreboard


MLB Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard




 Huge funnel cloud spotted in Granby, Missouri


Suspected tornado leaves path of destruction in small Missouri town


17-year-old recovers from Florida shark attack


2 dead after being hit by train in West Virginia


Man pulls off NYC subway rescue


New York's newest ugly budget




Left Accuses Gorsuch of Plagiarism (Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch)




Spokesman For Iran-Backed Iraqi Shi'ite Militia In Syria: 'We Have Established The Golan Liberation Army'


Time to end Assad’s WMD (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad)


A father bids farewell to twin toddlers after Syria attack


Syria's children die. The West tut-tuts and moves on. This is now normal


Syria opposition says soft US attitude encouraging Assad


Report: Soros-Linked Group Behind Chemical Attack in Syria


If Syrians Want To Stop Assad’s Chemical Weapons, They Must Do It Themselves 


Condemnation will not stop Assad’s chemical war


Death toll in Syrian chemical attack rises to 72


Day after toxic gas attack, warplanes launch fresh strikes on Idlib area


‘We poured water on them, what were we supposed to do?’


Deadly chemical attack shows US can’t trust Assad — or Putin (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad/Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Worst Chemical Attack in Years in Syria; U.S. Blames Assad


A New Level of Depravity, Even for Bashar al-Assad


Survivors Recount ‘Cruel Scene’




Trump, Xi and Taiwan (Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping)


Official PMI reaches highest figure


Taiwan would welcome F-35 jet sales: ministry


Submarine upgrade program to benefit shipbuilding


Number of flu cases increasing, despite vaccines




Trump's Ill Thought-Out Battle Against Islamic State


How Washington's Hawkishness Made America a Terror Target


Video: Chomsky Repeats Assertion That Trump Could Stage Terror Attack


Wife of Pulse nightclub gunman to return to Florida


Isis gives its verdict on Donald Trump’s presidency




The States With the Most to Win and Lose From Trade With China


US trade deficit drops sharply in February




Erdoğan's Cleric Calls For Turkish Nuclear Weapons (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Erdogan: 'Hey murderer Assad, how are you going to escape from their curse?'  (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad)


Three patients treated in Turkey after suspected gas attack in Syria’s Idlib died: Deputy PM Kaynak


 Reveal files of ‘controlled coup’: President Erdoğan to main opposition leader


Turkey won’t break with West, says Turkish deputy PM


Gold imports surge as Turks heed Erdoğan’s call and vote looms


Turkey gave Germany new dossier on suspected terrorists, sources say


Turkey hopes Russia won’t veto UN bid on Syrian gas attack




Trump Woos Unions That Backed Clinton With Infrastructure, Trade Policy





FTSE 100 ends higher, getting a lift from miners, oil giants


Experts Believe Exit from Brexit Would Be Legally Possible


U.K. new car registrations reach all-time high


Britain’s May pitches London exchange to Saudis for massive Aramco IPO (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


The first Brexit: Britain's geological split from Europe


 National Trust and Cadbury face boycott as outcry spreads over 'ridiculous' Easter egg row


Pressure mounts on Scottish Government over Amazon handouts


Jeremy Corbyn faces mutiny within Labour as Ken Livingstone escapes expulsion over Hitler comments


Nicola Sturgeon tells US that Scots are ready for indyref2   (Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon)


Marmite may boost brain and even help stave off dementia 


Bizarre smuggling attempts that went wrong, in pictures


Briton jailed for three decades in US gets chance to prove innocence




Syria victims show signs of exposure to ‘nerve agents’ — UN


UN LGBT Czar on Indoctrinating Children: "The Younger the Better"


UN to hold emergency meeting after suspected chemical attack in Syria


UN: 40-50 years needed to clear unexploded mines in Iraq and Syria


Mr. Trump's – and Ambassador Haley's – Opportunity (US United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley)


US, France and Britain propose UN resolution on Syria chemical attack




2 year old defends choice of black doll to cashier




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Why Susan Rice’s Role In The Obama Spying Story Is A Big Deal (Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice)


Why Republicans Need to Rally around Trump


The Susan Rice -- Clinton Connection: Democrat Claims On Trump Spying Don’t Add Up


Truth of Susan Rice Unmasking Trump Transition Team Scandal is in the Timeline


President Trump: Time To Designate The Muslim Brotherhood As A Terrorist Organization


Pence's Obamacare diplomacy fails to yield deal   (Vice-President Mike Pence)


Trump: Syria chemical weapons attack ‘crossed many many lines’


Susan Rice's alleged unmasking requests not so routine, ex-officials say


Trump's son opens up about nepotism in new interview


Replay: Identical Tactics used Against Dr. Martin Luther King and Donald Trump


Trump Will Send ‘Clear Signal’ to Xi Jinping That U.S. Expects Action on North Korean Threat  (Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping)


Susan Rice's Unraveling Web of Lies


Obamagate’s Truth Is Stranger Than Orwell’s Fiction (The media’s ministry of “truth” strains to sanitize spying on Trump.)


Did Susan Rice Commit A Crime? It's Starting To Look That Way 


Trump's 34% Approval In IBD/TIPP Poll Is Nothing To Cheer, Or Ignore


Dennis Prager: It's Time For Conservatives To Celebrate This President


Susan Rice has long history of lying to cover for Obama


Trump decries ‘reprehensible’ deadly chemical attack in Syria, blames Obama administration


Rory McIlroy has second thoughts on Trump round


Susan Rice tacitly admits lying about unmasking


White House denounces Syrian gas attack, blames Obama’s weak policy


Rice denies leaking names of Trump officials from intelligence reports


Who is that masked man in the White House?


Lawmakers: Trump administration 'empowered' Syria


Susan Rice's track record damages her credibility


‘It went off the rails almost immediately’: How Trump’s messy transition led to a chaotic presidency


Trump's limited options for answering Assad's latest atrocity (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad)


White House shoots down carbon and value-added taxes


In Trump’s world, is it okay to use chemical weapons? Now we will find out.


Susan Rice Admits "Unmasking" Some Wiretapped Americans


They Were Listening to Your People, Donald (Good news for defenses lawyers.)


Trump's authoritarian vision


Trump says he has the ‘best words.’ Merriam-Webster disagrees.


Chinese leader will NOT golf with Trump at Mar-a-Lago says White House as it says visit will feature meals and 'informal' interactions


Trump’s Gifts to China


Trump’s shell game on Russia makes everything look suspicious


Carl Bernstein: Trump's war on the press reminds me of Watergate


Trump's statement on Assad's atrocities is beneath the office of the president


Trump’s Focus Stays on U.S. Interests


Sen. Luther Strange: White House 'is learning from' AHCA's initial failure, more engaged with Senate



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