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Tuesday, April 4, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




The Long Shadow of Roe Haunts the Supreme Court Debate

Abortionist Claims He is “Pro-Life,” Says Aborting Women’s Babies is Like Abraham Lincoln Freeing the Slaves


Trump admin cuts off UN agency's funds over abortion concern


New HBO Documentary Lets Viewers “Hear the Death”of a Baby in an Abortion


Utah adopts informed consent law for medication abortions


Abortion Activist Knocks Down Pro-Life Signs and Screams Profanities at Pro-Life Students


Woman Self-Aborted Her Unborn Baby in the Third Trimester and Buried the Body in the Backyard


24 Abortion Clinics Closed in Texas in the Last 5 Years as Abortions Dropped 20 Percent


Kentucky's last abortion clinic was about to close — until a federal judge stepped in


Vogue Promotes “Delicious Recipes” People Use to Raise Money for Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Biz


Arizona Gov Signs Law to Protect Babies Born Alive After Abortion After Planned Parenthood Admits Killing Them


Univision Slams Pro-Lifers as People Who “Reject Women’s Right to Control Their Bodies”


Meet the Women Trying to Revolutionize Abortion Access at California Universities


Indiana House Passes Pro-Life Bill to Strengthen Parental Notification Before Teen Abortions


Judge Sides With Planned Parenthood to Prevent Women From Seeing Ultrasound of Their Baby


I Was a Jaded Pro-Lifer Until I Saw Abortion Through My Children’s Eyes


‘Catholics for Choice’ rep: We support Planned Parenthood because we ‘stand with the most vulnerable’


Pro-Abortion Massachusetts AG Forces Firm to Stop Saving Babies From Inside the Abortion Clinic


‘American Crime’ Attempts to Denigrate Abortion Laws Designed to Protect Women


Planned Parenthood Claims It Fights Breast Cancer, But Its Abortions are Causing It


New HBO Documentary Follows Women On Both Sides of the Abortion Debate


Woman Shocked Seeing Her Baby Suction Aborted: “A Bright Crimson Splashed Against the Glass”


Arizona Has Increased Its Abortion Restrictions Even More


40 Days for Life Prayer Campaigns Have Collectively Saved 13,000 Babies From Abortion


How This State Is Targeting Asian-Americans With Its Abortion Laws


This Democrat Claims He’s Pro-Life But Opposes a Supreme Court Nominee Who Could Stop Abortion


Montini: Arizona’s anti-abortion backers turn fanatics


Pro-Abortion Minnesota Rep. Tina Liebling Launches Campaign for Governor


Florida legislators push for millions of dollars to aid anti-abortion group


Mississippi Legislature Ends Session With Pro-Life Victories


Burdens “dramatically outweigh the benefits” (Vice-President Mike Pence just had one of his abortion laws blocked in Indiana.)


Michigan Senate Committee Passes Bill Allowing Choose Life License Plates


This Far by Faith: Abortion Provider Dr. Willie Parker Writes of His ‘Life’s Work’


Ed Gillespie, Virginia Gubernatorial Candidate, Wants Abortion ‘Banned’


Nebraska Legislature Passes Bill Allowing Drivers to Purchase Choose Life License Plates


2 Stories of Abortions Covered by Insurance, Which Is How It Should Be


Abortion Activists Complain Money From Tampon Tax Going to Pro-Life Group Helping Homeless Women  (London, England)


Pro-Life Woman Convicted for Showing Image of Aborted Baby in Public (Australia)


Trump Praised for Defunding UNFPA: “The Blood of Chinese Women is No Longer On Our Hands”


United Nations Committee Urges Moratorium on El Salvador’s Total Abortion Ban


President Trump Defunds UNFPA, Which Promotes Abortion and Pushes Population Control in China




Taliban Sets Out Spring Offensive Battle Strategy In Afghanistan




Tunisian nightclub shut down over Muslim call to prayer remix




Tina Fey Trashes VP Mike Pence’s Wife and Pro-Life Stance at ACLU Fundraiser




Linda Sarsour: NYC's queen of hate




Suicide attacks intensify Bangladesh’s rising radicalism




Dangerous Alaska Bill Would Legalize Assisted Suicide



Banks drag ASX to narrow loss


Australian dollar hits three-week low as RBA backs mortgage crackdown


Budget to tackle Australia's $21b 'black economy'


Man has both legs amputated after white-tailed spider bite


Record ice haul: 903kg of ice found in floorboard shipment


Search resumes for woman and children feared dead in Tweed river




GM remains most valuable U.S. car company, Tesla is No. 2


U.S. Car Demand Collapses in Threat to Trump's Factory Push




Boeing Co. says it signed new $3B deal with Iranian airline




Reining the big-government stampede 




Scientists Admit First Baby With 3 Parents Was Lucky Not to be a “Mutant” Baby With Faulty DNA




TSX outperforms main U.S. benchmarks as Canadian dollar falls


Trudeau Ramps Up Courtship of Xi Amid China Free-Trade Talk  (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau/Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping)


Ottawa’s pot advisor warns more info needed before legalization


'Fighting a system we can't get out of': Ontario dad paying twice his after-tax income to his ex


Iraqis wanted our jets to keep fighting ISIS, docs reveal


How jelly beans made a Canadian man deathly ill, and highlighted the dangers of licorice


RCMP, CSIS launch investigations into phone spying on Parliament Hill after CBC story


Protests prompt Calgary theatre to cancel men’s rights films — and become target of a backlash


27,000 people in Toronto could be considered psychopaths


It's time for Canada to get tough with Putin and his thugs. Here's how we can do it (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Woman held boy's head held under water: Court


Former squeegee kid writes about a gritty life on the streets


Québec’s Health Minister Wants to Euthanize Patients Alzheimer’s or Dementia





CIA, NSA Aren’t the Only Federal Agencies Violating Privacy




When Martin Luther King Came Out Against Vietnam




Winning the Civil War of Two Americas


Video: David Horowitz on the New Civil War




What should Xi and Trump talk about?  (Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping)


Does Tibet connection exist in top-level leadership promotion in China?


As a Religion, Chinese Communism Has Failed: Rising Persecution Will Fail Too




North Korea fires missile as US official says 'clock has now run out' on Pyongyang


N. Korea says new U.S. sanctions won't be new, effective


Ret. General: Bombing North Korea Possibly Only Option Left


A crazy fat kid and his nuclear toys (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


Trump Says U.S. Could Act Alone on Threat From North Korea




What 3 GOP Lawmakers Are Saying About Susan Rice After Bombshell Report


Will Congress kill a $101-billion tax break for Californians?


Coal miners vow 30 days of pressure on Congress to act on health care, pension guarantees


What Congress can learn from the Rhode Island miracle


James Dobson names 'villain' in plot to destroy American families (Christian leader advises 'pull no punches' in scolding two members of Congress over drafting women.)


Growing array of pro-Trump groups could train cross-hairs on GOP lawmakers





Trump Officials Alarmed Chinese May Bid for Westinghouse Unit




Lawsuit dismissed over Ebola quarantines in Connecticut


Carter Page: Ex-Trump adviser gave energy industry documents to Russian spy, court files show


9th Circuit Court to hear Hawaii travel ban case in May


Marry a bird? Marry a laptop? Judge says no


LGBT activists slammed scientist as a ‘homophobe.’ Now a judge is making them apologize


Father pleads guilty to killing 7-year-old son, feeding body to pigs


Aaron Hernandez fan who took a selfie with the accused star hours before double murder claims the disgraced player is innocent in court




Watch: Man accused of attack on tourist with Parkinson's (Florida)


Crime Is the New Black Entitlement


Washington state man arrested after killing intruder in shower, police say


Cops Going Galt


Cops: Girl, 13, jumps from moving car after kidnap, rape


Wife of Tennessee teacher accused of kidnapping wants divorce


2nd teen arrested over sex assault streamed live on Facebook


Man who killed would-be burglars with AR-15 won’t be charged


Dad accused of raping daughter’s friend at underage booze-fest


No, there is no spike in missing girls in D.C.: How tweets created a crisis


Family of dead burglar: Homeowner's gun meant 'unfair fight'


Firefighters knock down massive blaze at South L.A. food processing plant; arson investigators on scene


Officer commits suicide after admitting to molesting teen boy


Father wanted for killing driver who struck son





Border Patrol union urges Trump to cut Obama’s red tape holding back agents




Analyst: Hacker Guccifer 2.0 is Likely More Than One Person




Arkansas prepares to execute 8 men in 11 days: Justice, or an ‘assembly line of death?’


Florida’s Vengeful Governor




Why New York City's 'participatory democracy' is a sham




DNC rebuilds communication office




‘Populist’ VA Dem Gov Candidate Received Payment From Elite Ivy League Secret Society


Valerie Jarrett’s new, unpaid gig for Obama


Meet 'next Obama' groomed to make political history




SNAP: Simply Not Appropriate Policy





Trump administration warns companies on H-1B visas: Hire Americans over foreign guest workers


Coast Guard's top officer laments being excluded from military funding





Delay request of Baltimore police deal gives insight into Sessions’ Justice Department (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


Sessions orders review of all reform agreements with troubled police forces




Mallinckrodt to pay $35M in deal to end feds' opioid probe


DEA falters in major effort to hold drug company accountable in opioid epidemic




Stock market edges higher as energy shares rebound


Wall St. flat as investors await China meeting, earnings season


Asia Stocks Drop as Yen Gains; Aussie Dollar Slips: Markets Wrap


Asia stocks skittish as investors seek shelter before Trump-Xi meeting


Is the American Dream killing us?


U.S. factory activity cools slightly; trend remains bullish


Wage Stagnation in the U.S. Might Not Be As Bad as You Think


Gender Pay Gap? What About The Gender Death Gap?


Where Rural America Is Booming and Bustling


Dollar steady against most rivals ahead of U.S.-China talk


More Americans View Economy Favorably for the First Time Since Financial Crisis


Gold settles higher for third day as investors await Trump-Xi meeting




Here's One Secret to Successful Schools That Costs Nothing


Taking Background Checks Too Far?


Prof. At Rollins College Involved In Suspending Christian Student Has Ties To Islamic Extremists


Threat to University Research  (Trump administration says it can cut billions by scaling back reimbursement for overhead costs. University groups say that funding is essential to conducting research.)


Groupthink on Campus


Sanders Keeps Focus on Free College


D.C. mandates college degree for child-care jobs


Cut to the Core  (University that locked out its faculty in the fall is now telling professors they must shrink the core curriculum within a year and make do without majors such as philosophy and math.)


Consolidating Community Colleges


The Need for Campus ‘Safe Spaces’


Student Debt and Home Buying


Democratizing the Great Books


University mourns sorority member who died after pancake-eating contest


College Libraries, Redirected  (Study finds library directors are moving forward with big reorganizations plans, but they also may be struggling to communicate those plans to administrators and faculty members.)


University president fully supports institute that linked gov’t website for school kids to ‘gay’ smut


Considering Mergers in Connecticut  (Sacred Heart University lays groundwork to acquire a college primarily awarding two-year nursing degrees.)


Family to donate organs of student who choked to death at pancake-eating contest


A Step Ahead of For-Profits  (With a federal government that now appears sympathetic to for-profit colleges, city officials in Milwaukee seek to block institutions that violate Obama-era regulations.)


A political insider's guide to getting kids into top public schools  (New York City Deputy Mayor Richard Buery (D), according to the city’s Web site, “leads priority interagency efforts to increase educational opportunity for New Yorkers,” among other duties. He sure seems to have increased...)


Academic Freedom, Under Threat in Europe (The United States should not allow Hungary to intimidate an American institution in Budapest.)




What Trump should ask this dictator as he welcomes him (Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi)


Enabling Egypt’s President Sisi, an Enemy of Human Rights


American once held in Egyptian prison sees opportunity for Trump in el-Sissi meeting


It’s time to take a hard look at U.S. support for Egypt




As The Susan Rice Scandal Explodes, The Russia Election Hacking Story Gets Murkier




Democrats recruit veterans early for 2018 battle




Oil futures end higher on expectations for drop in crude inventories


Energy Prices


Uncovering the Secret History of Wall Street’s Largest Oil Trade


Mr. Hogan’s flexibility (Governor of Maryland Larry Hogan(R)




Losses from Colorado mine spill may be less than feared


The left and right agree: Fox News destroyed EPA chief Scott Pruitt over climate change (Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt)




European stocks end with gains as miners, oil giants rally


Soros-funded university closer to shutting down after Hungary approves new rules


Cyborgs at work: Employees getting microchip implants  (Sweden)


Hungarians Take to the Streets to Support Soros’s University




Pediatricians Issued DNR to This Baby Without His Parents’ Permission




Harrison Ford won't face disciplinary action for landing on a taxiway at John Wayne Airport




Trump confronts new reality with looming budget deadline


Trump’s budget would hit rural towns especially hard — but they’re willing to trust him




Gun Sales Up in March Despite Decrease in Background Checks


Records show deep ties between FBI and Best Buy computer technicians looking for child porn





Fed's Lacker leaves central bank over leak of market-sensitive news




Now Feminists Want to Force Moms Out to Work




Why consumer groups are filing a petition to the FDA over hair dyes


29 E. coli illnesses linked to soy nut butter products from Kentucky processing plant




What we learned from the France's mega presidential debate


Eiffel Tower to go dark for St Petersburg victims after Paris mayor comes under pressure


French presidential election: Poll tracker and odds




Team Cuomo's latest casino fiasco  (Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo (D)




Merkel government says there is no need to regulate Islamic organizations in Germany  (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


Germany: Convert to Islam gets life sentence for jihad bombing and murder plots


German trust in newspapers soars to record level


Elephants in Hanover Zoo 'living in daily fear' due to beatings by keepers


NATO boss urges Germany to spend more on its military


Decision not to light up Brandenburg Gate for Russia terror victims stirs up debate




Google robots to learn how to be offended as tech giant admits blind spot around extremist content  




When will Republicans learn how to teach?  (Republicans need to better educate the American people, and fast.)




Roman Polanski is denied latest bid to resolve 40-year-old statutory rape case




They'll have a 'gay' old time: 'Bordellos' now in nursing homes?




House measures rebuke North Korea for belligerent behavior


Sen. Warren’s Protégé Looks to Unseat California Republican


Rocket scientist running for Congress


Paul Ryan is proving very popular among GOP donors (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


The real reason why the health care bill failed


With help from Pence, House Republicans rekindle talks on stalled health-care plan (Vice-President Mike Pence)


Rep. Adam Schiff(D): Too early to say Trump campaign colluded with Russia  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: A representative that no one knew, Schiff is politically exploiting this for his senate run.) 


Jordan (R-Ohio) responds to Trump primary threats




Groups rallying support for ‘Day Without Immigrants’ strike


Foreign tech workers on edge as lottery opens for ‘high skilled’ H-1B visas


Trump's H-1B visas plan falls short of campaign pledge


'Unapologetic' Trump zeroes in on 1 'explosive' issue


31,725 illegals from terror hotbeds still on loose



Lefties Furious Over ICE Arrest of Illegal Alien Pedophile and Subway Molester




What PM Modi’s imminent Israel visit means for India’s Arab allies


Will India Ban Commercial Surrogacy Targeting Women?


The Flourishing Indian-Israeli Relations





Cheap pipes will cost communities over time


California faces $860-million repair bill for roads battered by record winter storms




IMF: Global productivity slowdown 'risks creating instability'




Where is ISIS leader Baghdadi? The US isn’t quite sure





“Proud Muslim” Proclaims Himself a “Triple Threat to Donald Trump”


U.S. 'civil rights' group features 9/11 mosque imam




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Tuesday, April 4, 2017)


Mainstream Media Distorts Reality on Israeli Settlements


Meet the 'moderate' new face of Hamas ...


April 17 will be day of terror and killing, Fatah students threaten Israel


Palestinian Media Watch to FIFA: Penalize Palestinian Football Association for terror glorification


B'Tselem: Killing of Palestinian woman in Jerusalem 'unjustified'


Israeli Soldiers Escort Palestinian Children To School


Gaza police assault residents during demolition of homes in Beit Lahiya


Trying To Get Into Gaza


Hamas calls on collaborators to surrender during 'week of repentance' in Gaza


New Israeli Anti-Missile System Becomes Operational


Israeli forces demolish 4 apartment buildings in Jerusalem-area village




Japan Cabinet allows schools to study banned imperial order




At White House, Jordan King to Present Arabs' View on Peace





Latin American Markets Feel the Pressure From Political Turmoil




Leading the charge for limited government




Anti-Israel Voices at AIPAC’s Conference




CNN: Truth About Rice is Fake News (Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice)


CNN Struggling Under Shadow of Growing Racial Discrimination Lawsuit


‘Nothing to see here!’ CNN’s Don Lemon Refuses to Report Susan Rice Revelations


The Media Gives Short Schiff to Obamagate (Once a story starts hurting the Dems, reporters drop it.)


Mercedes-Benz yanks ‘O’Reilly Factor’ ads amid sexual harassment claims


O’Reilly Loses Two Sponsors as Scandal Buffets Fox News


Donald Trump's chances of impeachment rising, says Fox News analyst


CNN hires April Ryan as political analyst after her confrontation with Sean Spicer (White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer)


Fox News contributor sues network alleging Roger Ailes looked down her dress while making her kiss him, said Kimberly Guilfoyle would 'get on her knees for anyone' and demoted her for refusing his sexual advances


Mainstream media: Trump’s first 100 days worst ever. Really?


Fox serves up a fetid reminder that when you’re a star, you can still do anything


Trump praises Fox News for reporting that he was 'spied on'


NBC’s Chuck Todd warns President Trump against ‘making enemies’ with Congress


Newspaper calls the president a train wreck: L.A. Times ‘nearly hysterical’ over Trump




Medicaid expansion effort comes up short in Kansas


Want Medicaid coverage? A drug test should come first, Scott Walker says. (Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker(R)




So many journalists are being killed in Mexico that one newspaper decides to shut down




'Glitch' sends Microsoft users into time warp




Yemeni student in Aden gets detained, tortured with electric wires


Saudi Arabia Touts Closer US Cooperation Against IS as Pressure Mounts




The US military: Hardly a paper tiger


Real-life Jason Bourne: SEALs test ‘cognitive enhancement’


US expands air base in northern Syria for use in battle for Raqqa


Air Force punishes loyal officer over Christian view of marriage, but he won’t go down without a fight


4 US servicemembers arrested over the weekend on Okinawa


US launches more airstrikes targeting al-Qaida in Yemen


Keep preemptive North Korea strike on table, says former Pentagon chief


100 years ago this week, US entered World War I


First woman to command a brigade in combat looks back on historic Army career




Trump donates first salary check to National Park Service


Don't cheer Trump's check to the National Park Service


Environmentalists: Trump's check to park service a 'distraction'




Trump Has a Problem With NSA—But So Does Obama




Report: NSC has computer logs of Susan Rice accessing intelligence on Trump associates




1 dead, 14 sickened in New Zealand typhoid fever outbreak




Government orders Wells Fargo to reinstate whistleblower




Christians Accused in Killings in Pakistan Tortured, Pressured to Recant Faith


Pakistan’s unease about military alliance veers on farce


Facebook blocks ‘blasphemous’ content – in Pakistan




Persistent patriotism: 92% of Republicans ‘extremely proud’ to be American




Jersey lawmakers look to dig the $135B pension hole even deeper




Duterte Fires Cabinet Member Over Alleged Wrongdoing (President Rodrigo Duterte)


Duterte’s China gambit yet to pay dividends




Marvel V.P. Admits Political Correctness Killed Comic Sales




VA secretary: Porn-viewing employee highlights need for more firing authority




Seattle mayor makes major move to combat homelessness




Looks like that ‘Close Rikers’ plan is already dead





Rush Limbaugh rips 'unmasking' by Susan Rice, says Obama 'weaponized everything' to destroy Trump




Growing Number of Americans Love Jesus but Don't Go to Church, Barna Finds




Putin Signs Law Granting Sanctions-Hit Russians Tax Breaks  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


The St. Petersburg Bomber Who Wasn't


Governor Of Russia's Udmurtia Region Detained On Suspicion Of Bribery


It's Official: Russia's Recession Is Over (Thanks to Some Creative Statistics)


Putin Calls For Meeting With Trump To Fight The Globalist Empire


A Month Later, Russia's Prime Minister Dismisses 'Politically Motivated' Corruption Claims   (Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev)


Russian Spies Were in Touch With Trump Advisor Carter Page (And They Didn't Think Much of Him)


Terror in Russia and the West: A Need for Compassion


The Islamic State Strikes in Russia


Blackwater founder held secret meeting to establish Trump-Putin back channel Trump, Putin speak by phone about subway attack


Officials identify St. Petersburg bomber as an Kyrgyz-born Russian citizen


Terrorism threat hits home for Putin as Islamic State suspected in deadly St. Petersburg bombing


Carriage of carnage: Pictures emerge from INSIDE the train where a nail bomb killed 11 in St Petersburg metro attack as police issue CCTV of 'suicide bomber who also planted a second device that was defused' 


Trump responds to St. Petersburg bombing: ‘Terrible thing’


The right’s jarring drift toward Russia


A Cornerstone of Peace at Risk  (Russia’s violation of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty is a crucial security challenge for the Trump administration.)





U.S. Ill-Prepared to Stop Widespread Russian Information Warfare


McConnell bets the Senate on Gorsuch  (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


Grassley: 'Gorsuch is going to be on the Supreme Court by midnight Friday'  (US Senator of Iowa Charles Grassley (R)


Elizabeth Warren’s Female Staffers Made 71% of Male Staffers’ Salaries in 2016  (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


Senate agrees to extend VA's program of private-sector care


Paul proposes health care plan, hopes to bring conservatives together (US Senator of Kentucky Rand Paul (R)


Rand Paul meets with Freedom Caucus on Obamacare repeal


A (probably futile) plea for sanity in the Senate


Rand Paul Calls For Susan Rice To Testify On Unmasking Trump Officials


Senate gears up for historic, bitter battle over Gorsuch


Gorsuch's bid survives committee vote, but hurtles toward filibuster


Senate committee advances top DOJ post nominations


The Senate is on the brink of an historic mistake


Democrats Secure Enough Votes to Temporarily Block Gorsuch


The one thing these senators can agree on: They’re about to do something very bad


Senators work quietly on long-shot bid for compromise as Democrats secure votes to filibuster Gorsuch


Gorsuch filibuster will be the dumbest in US history


Home stretch for Gorsuch’s Supreme Court nomination could forever alter the Senate


Democrats’ various ‘reasons’ look to Republicans like excuses to oppose Gorsuch for Supreme Court


Schumer: ‘Highly unlikely’ Gorsuch gets 60 votes  (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


Girding Republican loins for the war  (The Gorsuch nomination finally gets a vote, first when the Senate Judiciary Committee approves the nomination and recommends that the Senate follow with confirmation.)


A question of lawful authority  (The US Senate is warring over the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.)





1st  for Facebook Live:Hot new 'Bible Bee' series premieres


Why a mom's Facebook warning about human traffickers hurts sex-trafficked kids




Milwaukee sheriff issues bold challenge to Black Lives Matter




We Can’t Bail Out Social Security Disability Insurance Forever. Here’s a Reform Proposal.




Brazil's black market pipeline: Gangs hijack Petrobras' oil, fuel


Ecuador tense as both presidential candidates claim victory in tight vote




North Korea fires missile into sea off east coast: South Korea


Huge Spike in Women Wanting to Freeze Their Eggs


World's fifth tallest skyscraper opens in Seoul


N.Korea Hacks into Secret War Plans


South Korean activists call for investigation into Yongsan oil spills


Japanese Diplomats Return to Posts in Korea


Crime Scene] Graduate student used school lab to cook meth


Hyundai-Kia's Sales Drop Amid Chinese Boycott




'It's crap': Players aren't happy the NHL said no to the OIympics


Sources: Tony Romo heading into broadcasting


Pandemonium in Chapel Hill after UNC's NCAA championship


North Carolina Beats Gonzaga to Win NCAA Championship


No longer in the Dodgers' broadcast booth, Vin Scully found another way to enjoy opening day


There is both love and risk in Georgetown’s hiring of Patrick Ewing


Mom dies after crossing half marathon finish line


Protesters display 'Impeach Trump' sign at Nationals' game


National Hockey League will not let players go to 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics


Undertaker retires after losing to Reigns at WrestleMania


NHL Scoreboard


MLB Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard


College Basketball Scoreboard (Men)





Texas Gov. Lays Down The Law Against Sanctuary City Sheriffs


California Senate OKs statewide illegal immigrant sanctuary bill


Transgender bathroom bill’s hit to North Carolina economy amounts to scant ‘rounding error’


Storm chasers berated by their peers after driving into a tornado on purpose


It’s O.K., California. Breaking Up Isn’t Hard to Do.


Cigarette tax hike takes effect in California, costs surge by $2 per pack


North Pole girl dies after being buried for eight minutes under FIVE FEET of snow that fell off grandmother's roof




Tillerson to Chair UN Meeting on North Korea Nuclear Tests  (US Secretary of State Rex W Tillerson)




Exclusive: Hedge fund millionaire who plunged to his death is mourned by family and friends - including disgraced New York governor Eliot Spitzer and a Housewives star - at his funeral




Supreme Court to rule if Arab Bank can be liable for financing terror in Israel


Thomas to be longest-serving justice on Supreme Court




International community paralyzed again in face of latest chemical attack in Syria


Syria ‘toxic gas’ attack kills 100 in Idlib province


Who Will Retake Raqqa?


Syria 'gas attack': Nine children among at least 35 people reported killed in Idlib


‘The hospitals were slaughterhouses’: A journey into Syria’s secret torture wards


EU at odds with Trump administration over Assad's role   (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad) 




Rise of robotics will upend laws and lead to human job quotas, study says




A Marshall Plan to defeat global terrorism


With ISIS in crosshairs, al Qaeda makes comeback





An animal rights wolf in sheep’s clothing




Debating Trade Deficits


For Trump, NAFTA could be the next Obamacare




How Uber Uses Psychological Tricks to Push Its Drivers’ Buttons 




Teachers Union Unable to Win Outright at Leader’s Alma Mater





FTSE 100 closes higher, breaking 3-day losing streak


Labour suspends Livingstone for another year  (Former London mayor suspended from Labour for another year for saying Hitler supported Zionism.)


Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon visits California


Theresa May hits out at 'ridiculous' National Trust for 'airbrushing' Easter  (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Theresa May slams decision to drop ‘Easter’ from egg hunt


UK firms targeted by China-based 'systematic' global hacking operation


Croydon: 'Hate crime' leaves community in shock


Nicola Sturgeon secures £6.3m investment at start of US trip  (Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon)


Benefits: Theresa May defends cut for bereaved families


 What are the six types of cybercriminals identified by BAE?


'Urgent action is needed:' Limited life chances of disabled people in Britain revealed


Man goes berserk in massage parlor over girlfriend’s secret job


Travel: UK holidaymakers must keep EU rights after Brexit, says Abta


Prince Harry follows in Princess Diana's footsteps as he calls for landmine-free world by 2025


Jobs: Government to fund relationship support for unemployed families


MPs warn over impact of no Brexit deal


Poll: Scottish Labour face ‘cataclysmic’ May election defeat


Church attacks Cadbury over Easter events


Flooding: Defence plans heavily favour London and south-east


UK 'should follow' minimum alcohol price


Scotland: Activist 'upset' that Trump staff secretly photographed her urinating


Firefighter heart attack risk explained


Banks Lloyds to shrink hundreds of UK branches to two staff


May defends UK ties with Saudi Arabia


SNP accused of attempting to ‘silence’ NHS staff over survey


UK slavery reports 'have doubled'


Brexit: No evidence for ‘no deal better than bad deal’ claim





Haley Says Russia Was ‘Certainly’ Involved in U.S. Election  (US United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley)


Wearing heels and taking names: Nikki Haley emerges as tough-talking bellwether of Trump’s foreign policy





Citation Nation (How America turned into a gigantic speed-trap.)


Man who choked on doughnut is latest competitive eating death




Philadelphia: Teen convert to Islam pleads guilty to Islamic State plot to murder Pope




Venezuela is becoming a failed state




America Declares a New Drug War




 Susan Rice’s White House Unmasking: A Watergate-style Scandal  (Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice)


How Trump Can Seize the Initiative with Xi Jinping  (Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping)


Conservatives Skeptical of White House’s Proposed Changes to Obamacare Replacement Bill


Breaking: Jared Kushner Is Leaking To MSNBC (Trump senior advisor texting information to Joe Scarborough.)


Benghazi Liar Susan Rice's Treachery Continues  What Exactly Is Scandalous about Trump’s ‘Russia Scandal?’


Is Jared Kushner really the man for the job?


The Truth about the 'Wiretapping' Is Coming Out


Journey to the Center of the Country

Top 3 issues on table for Trump, Chinese president’s meeting


Trump faces test mixing Mar-a-Lago with diplomacy


Obama Spying On Trump: Is The Net Closing?


North Korea crisis tops agenda at key Trump summit with China’s Xi  (Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping)


Who Asked Susan Rice to Unmask those Names? (Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice)


What does 'unmasking' mean?


White House Pitches New Health Bill Plan to Freedom Caucus


Is Rice Fried? (Bloomberg’s Eli Lake, Fox’s Adam Housley unmask Obama’s NSC aide.)


Six questions about Rice unmasking report


‘Smoking gun’: Susan Rice asked for ‘unmasking’ of Trump campaign officials


Is Susan Rice The Missing Piece In Obama Spy Scandal?


Rice Trump Wiretapping Access Grew After Trump Victories


Rice said she knew nothing of the unmasking of Team Trump


Susan Rice ordered unmasking of Trump team in intel: Bloomberg View report


Susan Rice Wanted to Unmask Names in Trump Wiretapping


White House decries media’s ‘lack of interest’ in reports of Obama officials spying


Trump Support Plunges In Latest IBD/TIPP Poll


Juan Williams hints Trump impeachment closing in fast


Fresh evidence the Russia ‘scandal’ is a Team Obama operation


Trump White House Pushes New Health-Care Deal, Lawmakers Say


A Peek Into the White House Swamp


A road map to Trump’s Washington


Jared Kushner, the Assistant With the Big Portfolio


Trump cracks down on visa abuse


Bringing peace to the Mideast is Kushner’s second-toughest job


The truth about Mike Pence and women staffers  (Vice-President Mike Pence)


Spicer downplays report on Trump's access to trust money (White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer)


Sources: Susan Rice behind unmasking of Trump officials


Will Ivanka be an RFK or a Hillary?


Trump, Egypt president huddle at White House, plot fight against terrorism


Kushner trip to Iraq underscores his singular role in Trump’s White House


Egypt’s president warmly greeted by Coptic Christian expats outside the White House


Trump can quietly draw money from trust whenever he wants, new documents show


Trump targets Clinton in early morning tweets


Kushner trip to Iraq underscores his singular role in Trump’s White House


Trump’s court needs a fool


Swamp draining time is going really well


Why Trump lies


Has one of America's biggest stores quietly dropped Ivanka Trump?


Trump creates commission to combat U.S. opioid epidemic


Trump remains the center of attention, but he’s increasingly isolated politically


Trump White House curtails bar association’s pre-nomination vetting of judges


Trump's mad scientist attack on the Freedom Caucus


Trump’s first at-bat in the permanent war


Kushner joins Dunford for Baghdad talks on the war


Official: Trump senior adviser Jared Kushner travels to Iraq


Inside the Kushner channel to China


Filings Show Trump’s Staff Mixed Politics and Paydays




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