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Thursday, February 14, 2019





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President Trump Challenges ôChristian¤ Democrat Senator Who Supports Abortions Up to Birth


Voters Oppose Democratsْ Stance on Abortion


Vermont pushes new law as survey confirms late-term abortion opposition


Another Voice: State's new abortion law is step backward (New York)


Satanic Temple Loses Lawsuit to Overturn Pro-Life Law It Says Violates Its Religious Beliefs


Mississippi advances ban on abortion after fetal heartbeat


Mississippi passes bill banning abortions on babies with beating hearts


Massachusetts Bill Would Legalize Abortions Up to Birth, Allow Infanticide by Leaving Babies to Die


Massachusetts Democrats propose expanding late-term abortions, ending care for abortion survivors


Satanic Temple member loses fight on Missouri abortion law


Liberal Media Bashes Pro-Life ôExtremists¤ for Using ôInaccurate¤ Phrase ôLate-Term Abortions¤


Illinois lawmakers try to protect abortion access as the fate of Roe v. Wade becomes unclear


4D ultrasound of unborn baby to air on jumbo screens in New Yorkْs Times Square


Planned Parenthood kept aborted babies alive to harvest heart, brain: ex-technician


Texas bill with over 40 cosponsors would ban abortions on babies with beating hearts


Live ultrasound to appear on Times Square jumbo screen


Tennessee pro-lifers introduce bill to criminalize abortion after Roe v. Wade falls


The Church and Abortion: What History Shows


Pro-Abortion Writer: President Trump is ôWrecking Our Sex Lives¤ Because Heْs ôCreepy¤ and ôRape-Like¤


City urged to be 'sanctuary city for the unborn'


Independent Investigation Confirms Pro-Life Teens Told the Truth, Indicates Nathan Phillips Lied


These abortion laws arenْt what ّpro-choiceْ is supposed to mean


Arkansas lawmaker's plan tightens abortion ban to 18 weeks


Why One Woman Started Selling Abortion Pills Online


Kansas lawmakers introduce ّabortion reversalْ bill promoting controversial practice


Abortion heartbeat bill proposed in both Ohio House, Senate


Vermont late-term abortion bill has pro-life advocates concerned


Stop Forcing Us to Pay for Abortion Insurance


Rhode Island voters overwhelmingly oppose New York-style abortion ...


20% of pregnant women have abortions: survey  (South Korea)




Forgetting Why We Fought in Afghanistan





WHO scaling up efforts to contain Lassa fever outbreak in West Africa


Africa's Top Coffee Producer May Triple Output in Five Years




It's not a boy or girl. It's a 'theyby'




Australian Market Rises


The Australian dollar is sliding ahead of key economic data


Australian dollar on track for worst day since 2016




Airbus ends production of A380, the worldْs largest passenger jet and a Boeing 747 rival 




(Governor of California )Newsom (D) Dismantles Brownْs Boondoggles


?Let?s be real?: California just proved that high-speed rail is a dead end


Californiaْs High-Speed Rail To Nowhere Trailblazes For The Green New Deal




Could California's Doomed Bullet Train Fund Trump's Border Wall?




TSX rises 0.44 percent


Trudeau govt. uses official @Canada twitter account to promote drag queen  (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


'The old rules no longer apply': Climate scientists envision mild winters all over Canada by 2080


Childrenْs minister Lisa MacLeod urged to resign over accusation she bullied autism group


Ontario education minister must resign for failing to repeal sex-ed: parentsْ group


Toronto ISIS terrorist sentenced to 7 years in prison




Government watchdog backs citizenship on census




The Left Attacks 'Homophobia' In Christian Churches, Ignores Mosques. The Double Standard Is Insane.




Chinese Economy Begins To Slow Down, Students In Or Returning To China Cannot Find Jobs




Skepticism persists over North Korea-US summit


Crystal Meth a Popular Holiday Gift in N.Korea




Reject the Democrats' High Taxes


The Amnesty Omnibus ّDealْ Is The Exact Boondoggle Trump Ran Against


Whatْs Good, Bad, and OK in the Omnibus Bill


Green New Deal Making Dems Squeal


The Green New Deal


Lawmakers set to vote on spending bill, border compromise as deadline to avert shutdown looms


Congress is about to pass another border funding bill with no money for a wall


For the Civil Rights Act to do its job, Congress must pass the Equality Act


Congress Reveals Details of Border ّCompromiseْ


àBorder Patrol Council President: Congress Ignored Experts on the Wall





Sabotage in Queens  (Opponents of the Amazon deal declare victory as the company cancels its New York plansùand the city waves goodbye to 25,000 jobs.)


Amazon nixes deal to bring HQ, 25K jobs to Big Apple after hostile reception from left


The Incredible Hypocrisy of Jeff Bezos


Johnson & Johnson supplier seeks bankruptcy over talc lawsuits


Amazon No. 1 û for sexual exploitation of kids




Video shows moment California cops gun down aspiring rapper




National security depends on cybersecurity, and Louisiana leads the way




Barack Obama, Hatred of America Originator, Hangs On To Maintain It


The Virginia Blackface Follies


Vanessa Tyson to meet with Boston DA, report Justin Fairfax accusation


The danger to Democrats from the left




Judge Finds That Manafort Lied to FBI, Mueller  (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Andrew McCabe says DOJ discussed removing Trump from office (Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe)


Mueller 'illegally gave CNN Stone indictment details'


McCabe says he quickly opened FBI investigation of Trump for fear of being fired


One of FBIْs Most Wanted gunned down by agents in hotel room




Stocks struggle for direction as weak economic data counters U.S.-China trade optimism


Fall in U.S. retail sales dampens world stock market rally


S&P 500 slips as grim retail sales data overshadows trade hopes


Asia stocks wait on Sino-U.S. talks, China trade data


Gold ends lower, building on a weekly decline


Weakest U.S. retail sales since 2009 cast pall over economy


Should stock-market investors freak out over an earnings recession? These charts say no




Daycare Dismantles Swing Sets To Score Higher on State 'Early Achievers' Test


A year after Parkland massacre, school turns to surveillance software that can flag threats


Do Law Schools Need a Second Ranking From 'U.S. News'?


Studying the West's 'Great Books' is made greater by the scholarship of international students


F&M Sticks to Admissions Policies Even as Budget Cuts Loom


Louisiana College quits CCCU over LGBT policy


DeSantis Seeks Grand Jury Investigation of Broward County School Failures 1 Year After Parkland Shooting


Denver Teachers Strike Ends After 3 Days


Thereْs Not Much Performance in Denver Schoolsْ ّPay for Performanceْ System


Parkland One Year Later: Lots of Talk, Little Action




Egypt parliament overwhelmingly approves extension of president's term limits




Study undercuts Dems in voter ID fight: ّDisenfranchisement allegations were always a smokescreenْ





FOX NEWS POLL: Majority thinks Dems have a chance to unseat Trump in 2020


Joe Bidenْs 2020 campaign decision: Quietly agonizing as months go by


Kamala Harris, Cory Booker fail to inspire: ّI hope black people can find a true championْ


Class warfare and the Democrats


Kamala Harris Packed California Prisons With Pot Peddlers


2020 Democrats split on spending deal


Kumbaya caucus: Dem senators running in 2020 insist they adore each other


The three 2020 Democrats Trump's campaign is watching most closely


Democratic Contenders' Record on Higher Ed




Energy Prices


Survey: oil price drop wonْt cause industry collapse in 2019





EPA vows to rein in toxic ّforeverْ chemicals detected in U.S. drinking water for millions




Trade optimism helps European stocks shrug off growth fears




McCabe says he quickly opened FBI investigation of Trump for fear of being fired   (Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe)


Rosenstein 'Rejects McCabe's Recitation of Events as Inaccurate and Factually Incorrect'  (Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein)




Newly Released Washington Letter Warns Against Another Convention




France to tighten online bullying laws after 'League of LOL' scandal




German spy agency said examining far-rightْs ties to Russia





A Republican with a real chance to win an NYC-wide office


Georgia House speaker accused of using office to delay court for clients




How the Trump Administration can Improve Health Care Coverage


Death rates for African Americans with cancer fall significantly, study says





The Homosexual Mafia Strikes Again




House Freedom Caucus tries to buy time for Trump, because the border 'deal' is worse than you thought


John Dingell honored in D.C. funeral Mass


Omar headlines event with anti-Semitic champ(US Representative of Minnesota Ilhan Omar (D)


House approves language denouncing anti-Semitism in wake of Ilhan Omar comments


Democrat demands public apology over ّracistْ Robert E. Lee book in GOP congressmanْs office


Maxine Waters has a powerful new House position ù and freshmen who could make it challenging


This Is Why Minnesota Jewish Leaders Say They Will No Longer Treat Ilhan Omar With ّKid Glovesْ


Ilhan Omar Criticizes Cold War Policy To Distract From Socialismْs Atrocities In Venezuela


Fireworks: Dem Rep Accused Of Anti-Semitism Decided To Pick Another Fight During Committee Hearing


Reporter to Ocasio-Cortez As She Celebrates: Um, Wouldn't Amazon Have Created Thousands of Jobs?


Bernie Sanders on Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omarْs anti-Semitic tweets: ôWe will stand by our Muslim brothers and sisters¤


Donْt Accept Omarْs Phony Alibis for Hate


All About the Benajamins: Omar Advances Interests of Iranian Donors


Freshman Democrats Announce Opposition to Bipartisan Spending Bill: It Gives More Money to ّAbusive Agenciesْ


Omar Fundraises Off Trump Call to Resign Over Anti-Semitic Tweets


Top House Democrat Praises Omar: ّIncredible Young Ladyْ With a ّTremendous Futureْ


Connolly on Omarْs Anti-Semitism: She Needs to ّTemper the Viewsْ She Came to Congress With


Democratic Socialists Warn New York House Dems of Primary Challenges: ّThey Should Be Afraidْ





More than 30 killed in deadliest attack on Indian security forces in Kashmir in three decades


Saudi crown prince India visit ّhistoric event,ْ says ambassador


India terrorist attack: Why the US should force China to pick a side




Indonesiaْs Next Election Is in April. The Islamists Have Already Won.




Pence launches combative broadside against U.S. allies, calling on them to withdraw from nuclear deal with Iran


US slams Iran for prolonging Yemen war and blocking peace




Islamic scholar invokes Qurْan to justify killing Jews: ôKill the polytheists wherever you may find them¤


Just Say 'No' to Valentineْs Day (Celebrating love on February 14 is ôun-Islamic.¤)


Hating Valentineْs


Dr. Ali Al-Sibaْi: Why Do the Descendants of Apes and Pigs Rule Over Us?




In clip leaked by PMO, Arab ministers seen defending Israel, attacking Iran  


Abbas Urges Palestinians in Hebron To Confront Settlers  (ôPalestinian¤ Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Israeli, US troops wrap up annual joint missile defense war games 


At Warsaw parley, Israelْs anti-Iran front is stretched to Yemen, Iraq  


Bahrain FM to Times of Israel: Ties will be normalized ّeventuallyْ


Gruesome Palestinian ôethical¤ dilemma: Should rapist murderer be recognized as hero?


With huge turnout in first primary, Meretz voters pick veteran MKs for top spots


Jewish Home and National Union to run together


AG said leaning toward charging Netanyahu with bribe in Case 2000  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Watch: Arab leaders back united front with Israel against Iran


Oman papers ignore Netanyahu-Omani FM meeting: 5 things to know from past week


 Polish PM 'seriously considering' cancelling Israel visit


Palestinian vehicles sprayed with Hebrew graffiti in apparent hate crime


Will grandstanding in Warsaw help or hinder Netanyahu?


Israel inks multi-million-dollar deal with Italy for training helicopters


Palestinians Continue Looking at the United Nations as their Propaganda Arm


Kushner: Mideast peace deal will be unveiled after Israeli election




Malaysia: Muslim who tried to bomb church says ôI have no regrets for what happened¤




As The Russia Hoax Begins To Unravel, The Gaslighting Begins




Poll: Voter Support for ّMedicare for Allْ Implodes




Article In Qatari Daily: 'Kill Valentine's Day'




Sinking Feeling: The U.S. Navy Is Losing Its Submarine Advantage to China


Trump May Have $21 Billion in Military Funds Available for the Wall


U.S. destroyers in disputed waters


'I like this guy': Trump expected to visit soldier wounded in deadly Syria blast


Army civilian in Landstuhl says he 'fought like hell' during home invasion that left one intruder dead


Laser pointed at US military cargo plane in Tokyo sparks local police probe




Pakistan rejects links to attack in Indian controlled Kashmir




Viral Roseboro Pledge of Allegiance photo sparks outpouring of praise, patriotism




Color and Politics




El Chapo escaped two prisons in Mexico ù but no oneْs ever busted out of the American ّADXْ




Limbaugh urges Trump: Order probe of 'these Obama people'




Declining liberal Protestant churches are soft targets for hostile takeovers 



Will Russia disconnect from the Internet?


Putin: Only Syrians can determine political fate of their country  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Russian-Chinese trade turnover grows by 10.8% to $9.2 billion in January ù China's customs


Mikhail Gorbachev: A Nuclear Arms Race Will Produce No Winners (Op-ed)


Putin on US ّpulloutْ from Syria: Trump working to deliver on election promises, a rare thing in US


Kremlin brands US sanctions bill against Russian energy projects as ّracketeeringْ


Russian Lawmakers Propose Fining Government Officials for Insulting Citizens




More Guns, Less Crime: Concealed-carry Permit Holders More Law-abiding Than Police


Oklahoma May Be Next State to Enact ôConstitutional Carry¤ Law


New Mexico County Makes Itself A 'Second Amendment Sanctuary' For Gun Owners




Senate approves border deal; Trump will sign, declare emergency in bid to fund wall


Breaking: Senate confirms Trump attorney general who opposes Roe v. Wade


GOP takes first step toward ّnuclearْ rules change to speed Trump nominees


Bob Menendez threatens to call cops after question from right-wing reporter  (US Senator of New Jersey Robert Menendez (D)


Lawmaker Drafts Bill To Provide Back Pay To Federal Contract Workers, Claims White House Nixed It


Senate Panel May Probe Alleged Plot to Oust Trump


Republicans in Congress Expect Paid Family Leave Proposals Soon


Schumer Credits Americaْs Enemies in Doing More Against Climate Change




U.S. Troops 'Will Stay in S.Korea Until Peace Treaty Is Signed'


Korea forced to choose between US and China over Huawei


[Weekender] What is S. Korea doing to combat fine dust pollution?


Trump Hints at Further Hike of USFK Upkeep Costs


Concerns rise over workplace safety at Hanwha after deaths of 3 workers




He stopped selling Nike products because of Colin Kaepernick. Now his store is closing.




Flooded roads and mudslides accompany heavy rain as monster atmospheric river slams California




High taxes are driving away the tri-state golden geese




Now calling a man 'a man' could be a crime




Ohio: Muslim charged with plotting jihad massacre in Cleveland wanted to behead Trumpْs children




$1,665,484,000,000: Feds Collect Record Individual Income Taxes in Calendar 2018--as Debt Climbed $1,481,349,159,596.80




Turkey changes its tune on China's crackdown against Muslims


Turkey: 52 Syrians detained over links to IS




Was Philadelphia's Soda Tax the Result of a Union-Versus-Union Political Fight?




London stocks cling to gains; AstraZeneca surges on results


UK Jewish leader publishes email clash with Hungarian official on anti-Semitism


Pregnant ISIS teen just wants to come home to quiet life in UK


30 Years After The Fatwa, Salman Rushdie Lives But Free Speech Is In Danger


Rushdie fatwa issued 30 years today, is still chilling the freedom of speech




Haley Tried to Block Appointment of Chinese Diplomat to Key U.N. Post. He Got the Job Anyway.




Was a U.S. cargo jet smuggling arms to rebels in Venezuela? These flight patterns sure look weird


Venezuela: Another black eye for Chinese economic diplomacy




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Mark Levin: Border deal is ّabsurd.ْ Trump will need to use ّlegitimate executive powersْ to secure the border


Blondieْs Deborah Harry Calls President Trump 'an Idiot'


Trump Says China Trade Talks Going ّVery Wellْ Ahead of Deadline


Trump technically obese, despite doctor's clean bill of health


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