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Saturday, April 28, 2018






In Today’s Issue: 




Student Slams ‘Pale Faces’ Of The Pro-Life Movement Who ‘Compare Abortion To Slavery And The Holocaust’


Did Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Just Hint that the $1.6 Million Abortion Payment Made By an RNC Official Was Actually Trump’s?


Saturday’s #ProtestPP rallies planned at hundreds of abortion centers in 37 states


Rabbis call on congressional candidate to stop comparing abortion to the Holocaust


She wanted an abortion. Now she’s suing to protect those who helped save her baby


Senator Calls Out Lie About Trump Official Blocking Immigrant Teens From Abortion Care


Abortion, Ten Commandments on Alabama's ballot in November




Afghanistan is building up its commando force to fight the Taliban. But at what cost?


Modi, Xi agree to work on a joint economic project in Afghanistan: Sources  (Prime Minister Narendra Modi/Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping)




The Military Doesn't Advertise It, But US Troops Are All Over Africa


US counterterror fight in Africa also turns to local police




Passenger on deadly Southwest flight files lawsuit




Has Europe Even Tried to Fight Anti-Semitism?




Former Trump Tower in Azerbaijan, Dogged by Controversy, Is Engulfed by Fire




'Every cent I have': The real cost of attending an elite Melbourne state school


Our position on climate change is unconscionable for a wealthy country




'Hardware failure' caused TSX shutdown, trading to resume Monday as usual


Windsor, Ontario: Ahmadiyya Muslims invite teachers to mosque to learn the “peaceful” “true nature of Islam”


Tales from the Toronto van attack: The minutes that forever link the victims and bystanders


U.S. adds Canada to priority watch list on intellectual property 




Puerto Rico opens bid for statehood, enlists 5.6 million islanders in US





Top Democratic senator questions CDC director’s $375,000 salary




The US Challenge to the Chinese Regime’s Competitiveness and Corruption


The Demise of Watchdog Journalism in China




Australia, Canada to Send Military Aircraft to Monitor North Korean Ships


Pompeo says Kim 'serious' about nuclear talks  (US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo/ Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


Stunning Korea denuclearization statement bodes well for America


16 bizarre and disturbing facts about North Korea




Democrats staying away from talks of impeaching President Trump


Congress tackling Google's web censorship




Man indicted on 135 counts in fatal Illinois party bus shooting


Judge orders Cosby to remain in Philly home, be fitted with GPS monitor


Stormy Daniels' lawsuit on hold


Judge dismisses Paul Manafort's civil suit challenging special counsel

Federal appeals court restores Texas voter-ID law


Cosby Verdict, Hailed as Breakthrough, Was Also an Anomaly




Crime Hunter: Okie, justice! Grisly cold case finally solved


Man wanted in Maine deputy's killing caught shortly after widow pleaded for suspect to turn himself in


Waffle House hero raised $185K for victims


At least a dozen men and women died because of the Golden State Killer. Here's who they were.


Fear, anger after Vermont teen accused of school shooting plot is released


Detroit police arrest 6 in crackdown on "paintball wars"


7 students killed in stabbing rampage at middle school




Dershowitz: Dems ‘Prepared to Eliminate Civil Liberties’ to Get Trump





US Catholic bishops call Trump’s travel ban “blatant religious discrimination”




Dershowitz: Time to Investigate Mueller? (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Why Mueller’s Trump interview may not matter




America's New Economy: To the Risk Takers Go the Spoils




University of Texas to Treat Masculinity as a 'Mental Health' Issue


Parkland Teacher Allegedly Called Pro-Gun Jewish Student 'The Hitler Type'


The last thing NYC schools need is a chancellor fanning the flames


More Than 9 in 10 Elementary School Teachers Feel Highly Stressed


Students Disciplined for Revealing Harassment Claims


School to parents: Kids required to take gender orientation classes




A Rebirth Of Self-Reliance? Food Stamp, Welfare, Medicaid, Disability Rolls All Dropping Under Trump




Key Iceland parliament committee favors scrapping bill to ban circumcision




France and Germany pledge Eurozone reform plan by June


Italy: Muslim migrant arrested for plotting vehicular jihad attack in Naples


Sweden: Muslim “child refugee” rapes 12-year-old girl, says he didn’t know it was illegal


Italy: Muslim migrant arrested for plotting vehicular jihad attack in Naples


Finnish Failure: Guaranteed Basic Income Punishes Work, Subsidizes Sloth




Comey Confirms: In Clinton Emails Caper, the Fix Was In  (Former FBI Director James Comey knew Obama’s Justice Department would sweep Hillary’s violations under the rug, so he played along.)


Comey: Release of Trump memos not a 'leak'  (Former FBI Director James Comey)




Feminist Politics: Theater of the Absurd




Feds Hit Reverse, Give Landowners Opt-Out For Prairie Dog Protections




Foreign Policy Failure: America Has Not Learned from Its Wars


The Korea summit highlights one thing: The United States is indispensable


Trump rebrands diplomatic norms as events in Asia, Europe and elsewhere spin on his axis




France: Muslima tells gay couple “In Algeria, we’d slit your throats”


Climate, cuisine, defence on agenda of Macron's Australia visit  (French President Emmanuel Macron)


French murder suspect admits she beat au-pair with cable





Trump and Merkel Meet One on One but Don’t See Eye to Eye (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


German police union chief admits there are several “no-go areas” where police only go in large teams


Germany: Anti-Semitism chief tells Jews that their fears over the influx of Muslim migrants are legitimate


German memorial honors forced laborers of forgotten Nazi camp


Berlin activists to distribute 10,000 kippas in city’s parks on Sunday




Can Monday's Bonn meet bring the Paris climate pact to life?


Carbon Tax: A Bad Idea Whose Time Should Never Come




Trump's Role in Midterm Elections Roils Republicans





Conference of Presidents honors Muslims who protected Jews during Holocaust




Some L.G.B.T. Parents Reject ‘Mommy’ and ‘Daddy’ Labels




Rep. Brooks: Congressmen May Be Retiring Because of Assassination Threats


3 ways the House Republicans’ Russia report directly contradicts the intelligence community


Meehan resigns with promise to pay back alleged sexual harassment claim


Congress wonders: Why did Paul Ryan ask House chaplain to resign?  (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


Ryan explains decision to dismiss House chaplain


House Intel Committee blasts Don Jr, Manafort and Kushner for Trump Tower meeting with lawyer who now turns out to be Russian SPY


House intel panel's final report: No Russia 'collusion'


Lawmakers get ready to fight over mini-nuclear weapons




California Faces Backlash Over Sanctuary State Laws


Migrant "caravan" gets legal aid near U.S. border


MS-13 members game U.S. immigration system by claiming they’re underage




Why Hitler is not a dirty word in India


China and India agree to maintain border peace, as summit ends


Modi, Xi issue 'strategic guidance' to militaries to build trust on border affairs (Prime Minister Narendra Modi)




How to get around Amazon Prime’s new $119 fee




Unexploded IEDs & white phosphorus: 15 years after US troops came, war still everywhere in Fallujah




French envoy to Israel: ‘Possibility of war’ if Iran nuke deal collapses


U.S. urges sanctions on Iran's missile program


Iranians in packed soccer stadium chant “Reza Shah”




Chicago: Muslim cleric says “The issue of women’s equality is foreign to Islam. It has nothing to do with Islam.”





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing    (Saturday, April 28, 2018)


Amnesty International Calling for Arms embargo on Israel over Gaza Riots


Thousands gather at Tel Aviv candlelight vigil for victims of flash flood


No, Netanyahu isn’t Churchill  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Guide on house arrest says she warned against hike where 10 teens died in flood


Hamas: PA bombed its own prime minister to ‘kill reconciliation’


Hamas buries rocket and drone expert slain in Malaysia


Olive trees cut down in second attack on Palestinian village in as many days


Israel ‘completely surprised’ to hear Trump may attend Jerusalem embassy opening


Hamas blames Palestinian Authority men for PM assassination attempt


As Gazans Charge Fence, Israeli Troops Wound Hundreds


Jerusalem's new embassy row to be named 'Trump Town?'




Joy Reid apologizes for 'hurtful' LGBT comments, doesn't 'believe' she wrote anti-gay posts


Watch: Guest On Joy Reid’s MSNBC Show Claims Pence Would Put Gay People In Concentration Camps


Sally Yates espouses importance of free press, dashes from reporter when questioned


Unreliable Sources: CNN's Brian Stelter Gets Called Out For Failing To Cover Two Major Stories


The New Conservative Media Establishment


MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, Andrea Mitchell defend Brokaw amid harassment allegations


Declining standards on the media menu at White House Correspondents' dinner




Confident Pompeo makes Middle East diplomatic debut from Saudi Arabia(US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo)


Saudi Arabia intercepts four Yemeni rebel missiles


Curtain up: Work begins on KSA’s landmark entertainment, sport and culture destination




Could Mattis Be Out by Year's End?  (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


3 Marines accused of sexual assault


The ugly attack on Ronny Jackson just set a new low


Allegations against Jackson sank his VA secretary nomination – next, his career?


New program to simplify debt forgiveness for disabled vets


Navy ship designed for fast transport has speed, transportation problems, report says


An iconic military pen is turning 50. Here's what you should know about that Skilcraft in your desk drawer




Stunning scientists, NASA’s only moon rover just got canceled




Pakistan moves jailed doctor who helped track bin Laden


US, Pak experiencing misunderstandings, cutting off relations futile: Aizaz Chaudhry


Meet this Pashtun who is leading mass protests in Pakistan against Army 




Disposal bins could help fight the opioid epidemic, but few pharmacies participate




Whole Foods’ Yellow Fever restaurant slammed as 'unappetizing and racist'




Domestic battery surges in Russia after decriminalisation


Juncker: No European security agenda ‘without Russia’ (European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker)


Russian Lawyer Had Closer Ties to Kremlin Than She Let On




Gina Haspel told senators CIA would "never restart" interrogation program


Tester moves back to top of GOP Senate hit list




The High-Tech Lynching of Diamond and Silk




Talk of peace with North Korea has the South wondering: Will this time be different?


Here's The Full Text Of Joint Declaration Issued At North, South Korean Summit


Chinese military plane enters S. Korea's air defense zone


Leaders agree to end Korean War: ‘We have become friends’


On summit sidelines, China, Japan and Russia mull Korean chessboard


Koreans Set the Table for a Deal. Will Trump Be Able to Close It?


Koreans’ Talk of Peace Raises Hopes, Doubts


Kim Jong Un And Moon Jae-in's Joint Statement Sounds Awfully Familiar To Something We've Heard Before  (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un/ President Moon Jae-in)


Young North Korean defectors struggle to adapt to South Korean schools




Thousands march after 5 cleared of rape in 'wolf pack' case




Shaquem Griffin, linebacker with one hand, drafted by Seattle Seahawks


Is the NFL Sliding Backward on Race?




"I think it's still winter": Spring feels delayed throughout much of the country


Michigan: Gubernatorial candidate slammed by both parties by pointing out reality of “civilization jihad”


4-year-old boy swept out to sea while walking with mom (North Carolina)




Syrian army, Islamic State wage fierce battle in south Damascus




How Taiwan Is Planning to Stop an Invasion by China




Steel Tariffs Already Hurting Steel-Using Industries




Former Turkish President Gül will not run for presidency


Islamic State lieutenant captured hiding among fleeing refugees in Turkey




Parents Release Statement Announcing Baby Alfie’s Passing


Alfie Evans, British Toddler at Heart of Intense Legal Battle, Dies


British toddler Alfie Evans dies after life support is withdrawn


Prominent doctor: Alfie's parents must decide




Trump says he’ll meet North Korea’s Kim within ‘3-4 weeks’


Comedian Michelle Wolf says it's "cowardly" for Trump to skip Correspondents' dinner


Trump: CNN’s James Clapper ‘a Lying Machine’


WH Florist: State Visit Revealed First Lady Melania’s ‘Formidable’ Cultural Diplomacy


Worldwide Respect For Trump Far More Meaningful than the Nobel Peace Prize


Trump: 'I know things about Tester'


Trump skipping White House correspondents' dinner, again


Zelizer: Stop believing this myth about Trump's base


Unlike Obama, Trump Deserves Nobel Prize


Calls Mount to Award Trump Nobel Peace Prize for Breakthrough With North Korea


Killing A Presidency


Trump Calls on Montana Democrat to Resign in Fight Over Failed VA Nomination


Give Trump some credit for Korean thaw


French first lady sympathizes with ‘fun’ but ‘constrained’ Melania Trump


Trump deserves credit for North-South Korea summit, experts say


Trump cites GOP report to dismiss collusion claims: Mueller 'should never' have been appointed


Trump ready for hard bargaining with North Korea: ‘We will not be played’


Intelligence report defends Trump, draws attacks from Dems


Pence to visit US-Mexico border next week: report(Vice-President Mike Pence)


Anti-Trump shrinks convening to warn of 'unfit' president 


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