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Friday, April 27, 2018





In Today’s Issue: 




Trump Administration Says Abortion is Not a Human Right


Pro-Lifers Will Protest at Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinics in Hundreds of Cities Saturday, Here’s Locations Near You


Abortionist on Trial For Killing Woman During Dismemberment Abortion of 6-Month-Old Baby


Mother of Woman Who Died After Botched 6-Month Abortion Seeks Wrongful Death Investigation


Woman With Two Uteruses Paid $17,000 to Abort Her Seven-Month-Old Unborn Baby


Jewish Rabbis Demand Candidate Stop Calling the Aborting of 60 Million Babies a “Holocaust”


Toledo, Ohio Abortion Clinic Stops Doing Surgical Abortions After Losing Its Medical License


During Its First Year, Abortion Pill Kills More Than 4,000 Babies in Canada


The United Kingdom Prosecutes Women For Abortion, And It Works


UK Marks 50 Years of Legalized Abortions Killing Over 9 Million Unborn Babies


Irish pro-lifers plan Day of Prayer to stop looming ‘abortion crisis’


Victory! El Salvador Rejects Legislation to Legalize Abortion




22 Afghan servicemen reportedly killed as Taliban offensive launched in Afghanistan


NATO Foreign Ministers Urge Russia, Iran to Support Peace Process in Afghanistan 




The U.S. Has No Clear Strategy For Africa. Here's Why It Really Needs One




The Clintons and 'the Jews'





Marine Widow Pleads with Lawmakers to Oppose Assisted Suicide




Australian Market Advances


'That's history': Australian dollar has had a week to forget


The best paid jobs for men and women, but mind the gap


China is not Russia says former foreign minister Alexander Downer





Canada stock market to reopen Monday after outage: TMX


Trudeau's disapproval rating high: Poll  (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Ontario investigating leaked jail story about accused van killer


Police identify 10 victims of Toronto van attack who 'loved life and had a lot of life left to live'


Toronto man sexually abused 50 years ago by predatory priest awarded $2.6M


When vehicles become weapons, streetscapes need to be rethought


Doug Ford promises Ont. Tories would cut hydro rates another 12%


How the suicides of seven girls revealed a community undone





Amid romaine lettuce E. coli outbreak, restaurants aim to soothe customers


Why the majority of romaine lettuce E. coli outbreak cases have been in women





US B-52s fly between two of China's man-made islands


China’s New Aircraft Carrier Is Already Obsolete




In a feel-good Korea summit, Kim lays the groundwork for meeting with Trump(Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


Kim Jong Un crosses DMZ line for historic meeting with South Korea  


Kim Jong Un vows no more ‘early morning’ interruptions in meeting with S. Korean president


Otto Warmbier's family sues North Korea




Exclusive: U.S. considers tightening grip on China ties to Corporate America




D.C. Court Abuses its Power to Save DACA


Bill Cosby accusers speak out on guilty verdict


Lawyer in hazmat suit who threatened to slice hostage's genitals with bolt cutters sentenced, report says


Once "America's Dad," Bill Cosby now faces years in prison




Use of genealogy site to catch ‘Golden State Killer’ suspect raises privacy concerns


Nashville: Muslim cop found to be member of Kurdish gang known for selling illegal guns and drugs


San Francisco drug users shoot up in the middle of rush hour at rail station in shocking video


Drug Take Back Day to Fight Opioid Epidemic By Diverting Prescription Drugs


Severed heads found in Texas, Louisiana may be part of the same case, police say





Feds Bust LAPD Officer in Cross-Border Human Smuggling




Exclusive: Cabal Of Wealthy Donors Financing $50 Million Trump-Russia Investigation


Ex-Clinton adviser censured for expletive-laced tirade to cops




SNAP Reform Will Send at Least Four Million New People to Work




Feds Charge, Sanction Major Chinese Fentanyl Traffickers


DOJ Claims Victory in Campus Free Speech Case


Sessions Will Challenge Rules Denying Work to Wall Contractors  (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


Fired FBI boss tells Fox News DOJ inspector general interviewed him over memos




Stocks post weekly losses in lackluster session as strong results fail to excite bulls


Stocks Close Higher as Growth Debated; Bonds Rise: Markets Wrap


Wall Street flat as earnings offset inflation jitters


U.S. Economy Slows in First Quarter as Consumer Spending Drops


Stocks Rise on Earnings Boost; Treasuries Rally: Markets Wrap


Asian stocks rise after U.S. tech shares bounce


Dollar pares gains, still on track for best week since February


Gold notches a slight gain, but rising yields drive bullion to weekly drop


Weak consumer spending seen restraining U.S. growth in first quarter


Investors should pay more attention to Iran than Korea




Franklin Graham: Kids taught ‘porn 101’ under guise of ‘sex education’


Florida dad outraged by sexually explicit question on teen's homework


“Sex Ed Sit Out” Parents’ Protest is a Great Start


School bus driver saves 25 students after engine catches fire


Teacher says school told her to change shirt with 'just pray' on it


Making the Case for Test Optional


White Supremacist in the Library


The $2 Million Year


GAO: Colleges, Consultants Game Rules to Lower Default Rates


Ken Bone says son was suspended from school over gun-range picture


Pro-gun student sues school over dress code, claims it violates First Amendment




Amid Islamic State Insurgency, Humanitarian Crisis Declared In North Sinai




Oil edges lower, but Iran sanctions expectations limit decline


Energy Prices


Is the Petrodollar on Its Way Out?


Trump administration prepares for war with California over fuel economy





Highlights from Pruitt's marathon day on the Hill  (Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt)




European stocks lock in weekly gains as euro weakens




As Comey denies illegal leak, others prosecuted over classified info(Former FBI Director James Comey)


New Strzok-Page texts reveal frustration, scramble after Comey firing (Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe)


School shooting suspect on FBI's radar since 2013




French lieutenant colonel nabbed after masturbating on Paris Metro




 Trump, Merkel: We will not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons  (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


Merkel, at White House, says Iran deal ‘not sufficient’ to curb nuclear program


Germany: Muslim migrant teens rampage in school, sexually harass schoolgirl


“Living time bombs”: Two Islamic State wives return to Germany with their children


What you should know about Trump's new ambassador to Germany


Amazon Germany pulls ad for money-flashing rabbi costume


Facebook blocks Pamela Geller (again) for reporting accurately on Islamic anti-Semitism in Germany


The Unbearable Complacency of Angela Merkel




George H.W. Bush to stay in hospital over weekend





Bill Gates to donate $12M for flu vaccine




5 Takeaways From the House Report on Russian Election Meddling


U.S. intelligence, FBI accused of failures by House Republicans in Russia report


Pelosi warns Democrats: Trump impeachment talk is a 'gift' to GOP(House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


Diamond and Silk decry internet censorship in fiery congressional testimony


Pennsylvania Rep. Patrick Meehan resigns from Congress after taxpayer settlement to aide


Democrats, and some Republicans, denounce Ryan's ouster of House chaplain (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


House Chaplain Says He Resigned at Ryan’s Request  (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)



ICE held an American man in custody for 1,273 days. He’s not the only one who had to prove his citizenship




Hindu Extremist Influence in India Shown in Easter Attacks


India's Modi visits China's Xi to talk 'cooperation'  (Prime Minister Narendra Modi/(Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping)


Stop aiding and abetting terror groups, Army DGMO tells Pakistan


What the Modi-Xi Meeting Tells Us About China and India




Security, Religion, Corruption Take Center Stage In Iraq Election Campaign




Florida Friday Sermon By Imam Hasan Sabri: An Atheist Is 'A Worm In The Body Of Muslims... Causing Disease... To His Nation' Who Has 'An Agenda Of Destroying' Them; 'These People... [Who] Are All Of A Sudden Becoming Pro-Zionist... Have Masters... [Who] Use Them Against The Islamic Nation'


“Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance,” said Barack Obama. Let’s test his theory.


Chicago Friday Sermon – Dr. Ashraf Nusairat Calls Upon Women Not To Be 'Led Astray' By Western Colonialist Notions Of Equality






Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing    (Friday, April 27, 2018)


As global press ignores swastika kites, Hamas is winning propaganda war


IDF attacks Hamas’s naval force in Gaza  (Israel Defense Forces)


Bombshell Report Sheds Light On Israel’s Alleged Killing Of Enemy Bomb-makers


Trump: I might attend Embassy opening in Jerusalem


3 Palestinians dead, more than 600 injured in 5th  Friday of demonstrations in Gaza


Heavy Rains Collapse Separation Wall, Reuniting Jerusalem


Second Palestinian journalist succumbs to wounds in Gaza


Body of Missing Teen Recovered, Tzafit River Flood Tragedy Death Toll Rises to 10


Palestine files complaint to UN over Israel's breach of anti-racism treaty


Writers In Arab Press Discuss Why Israel Is Superior To Arab Countries


Police probe if organizers lied about safety, approval of hike on which 10 died


Israeli forces destroy tent structure in Susiya


‘We called out their names, nobody answered’ — teen recalls deadly flood


PA police libel: Israel “is the number one cause of the spread of drugs in the Palestinian areas”




Amid Regional Instability, Lebanon Prepares For First Parliamentary Elections Since 2009




In Georgia, Sean Hannity is just another landlord hiking the rent


Jim Acosta Is Worried Trump Supporters Will Hurt Journalists, But His Memory Is Short


NBC News icon Tom Brokaw slams sex harassment accuser in searing email


Longtime NBC newsman allegedly made sexual advances toward women, anchor


Why The Joy Reid Blog Scandal Matters




Mexican students allegedly dissolved in acid by rapper




Saudi air defenses destroy missile fired by Houthi militia toward Najran


Saudi Arabia calls for effective international action to tackle terrorism and its financing


How the UAE’s Chinese-Made Drone Is Changing the War in Yemen


Over 52% Saudi women reject myth about their lack of employment skills





She ran from years of abuse in Ghana. Now she runs for the Naval Academy.


Mattis: Iran-Israel clash is close, but US military focus shifts out of Syria to Iraq (Secretary of Defense James Mattis) 


Mattis Says Iran Risks Escalating War With Israel as Trump Mulls Nuclear Deal  


Who will replace Ronny Jackson as the VA nominee?





Declassified Congressional Report: James Clapper Lied About Dossier Leaks To CNN  (Former Director of National Intelligence James R Clapper )




Pakistan: 'Bin Laden doctor' moved to safe location


Pakistan's minorities in crosshairs of latest violence




Russian Lawyer Had Closer Ties to Kremlin Than She Let On


Russia's FSB Says It Thwarted Islamic State Attack in Moscow Ahead of World Cup


Russia accused of fake chemical attack witnesses


Russia’s Crackdown on Jehovah’s Witnesses Begins With a Foreigner





Secret Service disputes allegation against Rear Adm. Ronny Jackson





Ted Cruz, Sebastian Gorka Endorse Patrick Morrisey as Manchin Challenger  (US Senator of West Virginia Joe Manchin III (D)


Lindsey Graham: Trump Will Deserve Nobel Peace Prize if North Korea Denuclearizes  (US Senator of South Carolina Lindsey O Graham (R)


Senate confirms Mike Pompeo as secretary of state





How Millennial Socialists Endanger America




Remains of 140 kids found in what may be history's largest mass sacrifice(Peru)




In South Korea, Summit With North Korea Is Greeted With Hope — And Skepticism


Koreas agree to call for formal end to war this year


Two Koreas agree to build 'Peace Zone' on disputed sea border


Youth Population Drops Below 9 Million


Moon briefly goes off script to cross into North Korea at Kim's request  (President Moon Jae-in/ (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


Moon, Kim Avoid Exchanging Lavish Gifts





Ex-NFL player appears to pass out when cop grabs throat during arrest




Medical helicopter crash kills 3 in Wisconsin


Small plane catches fire after emergency landing


Record rainfall leads to flooding in New England




Saudi Arabia to send Syrians an additional $100 million of humanitarian aid 




China Threatens US Airlines Over Taiwan References


How Taiwan Benefits if it Fails to Join the WHO Assembly





EU and US police cripple Daesh media mouthpieces




Turkish report claims “Islamophobia is an undeniable fact in Europe,” condemns “far-right parties”


Senate Bill To Ban F-35 Sales To Turkey An  Unprecedented Attempt To Check Erdogan's Actions   (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Turkey, US agree to approve roadmap on Syria





FTSE 100 rallies as GDP growth surprise drags pound lower


U.K. economy grows at slowest pace since 2012


Alfie Evans: Another Child Sacrifice on Britain's NHS Altar


Alfie Evans Shows Why A Strong Pro Life Movement Is So Vital


We Can’t Tolerate Government Deciding if People Like Alfie Evans Live or Die


Vatican hospital director: ‘Ideological battle’ is keeping Alfie Evans in UK


Parents of Charlie Gard Lend Their Support to Alfie Evans’ Family: “It’s Impossible to Understand Their Pain”


Abortion advocate cites UK bishops’ statement on Alfie Evans to defend Alder Hey


Doctor: Starving Alfie Evans to Death “Is Not the Killing of A Child,” It’s Just “Redirecting Care”


German doctor on Alfie Evans: UK could learn from Nazis how disabled should NOT be treated


Alfie Evans’ Parents Release New Photo of Alfie: “He’s a Special Little Fighter”


Nigel Farage blasts ‘state-sponsored euthanasia’ of Alfie Evans


Judge in Alfie Evans Case Slams Christian Group Helping His Family as “Deluded and Fanatical”


5 Things You Need to Know About the British Government's Attempts to Make Sure Alfie Evans Dies


Alfie Evans Survives for 4 Days After Hospital Yanks His Life Support, Uncle Believes He Could Go Home Soon 




Trump’s UN migration agency pick asks forgiveness for comments deemed “offensive” to Muslims




Amazing Pictures Show Vatican Candlelight Vigil for Alfie Evans


Yes, the Pope is a Catholic. But he’s confusing other Catholics.




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump, not Obama, deserves Nobel Price after N. Korea summit


Analysis: An unbelievable week -- or just another week in Trump world


Texas Dem group crops Melania out of viral presidents photo


Trump blasts Sen. Tester: Montana 'won't put up with false accusations' against VA pick


Investigation found no evidence that Ronny L. Jackson ‘wrecked’ car after party, White House says 


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