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Wednesday, February 13, 2019






In Today's Issue: 



Breaking: School investigation clears Covington boys of wrongdoing in March for Life standoff


President Trump Rebukes Andrew Cuomo to Over Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth


Abortion and the Politics of Self-Destruction


Hillary Clinton Defends Late-Term Abortion: OK to Kill Those Babies Because Itْs Just 12,000 a Year


Court Denies Bid to Toss Southwest Discrimination Suit  (Ex-flight attendant says she was fired for criticizing union, airline's abortion stances.)


77% of Americans Support Bill to Stop Infanticide That Democrats Have Blocked Five Times


Kansas OB-GYN on Dangers of NYC Late-Term Abortion Law: ّMoms Are Going to Die from This Procedureْ


Vermont Abortion Bill Would Allow a Kermit Gosnell to Snip Babiesْ Necks: ôNothing We Could Do About It¤


New Yorkْs Abortion Law Is An Abomination


Demsْ Abortion Lies


At 29 Weeks Her Mother Tried to Kill Her in an Abortion, But She Survived


(Governor of Virginia) Northam (D) 'desperate' to hide support for infanticide


Media Claims Trump is Driving More Women to Use Birth Control, Itْs Just Pro-Abortion Fake News


Planned Parenthood kept aborted babies alive to harvest heart, brain: ex-technician


Mississippi Senate Passes Bill to Ban Abortions When Unborn Babyْs Heartbeat Begins


Vermont doubles down on ّno-limitsْ abortion amid late-term backlash


House Democrats Block Request to Vote on Bill to Stop Infanticide For a Fifth Time


Trump raises fracking, abortion in meeting with Cuomo


Abortion Activist: ôI Wish Iْd Had a Late-Term Abortion Instead Of Having My Daughter¤


Poll sponsored by R.I. anti-abortion group: 74% believe abortion should not be legal up until birth


Tennessee bill would charge anyone who performs or attempts abortion with a felony


New Mexico close to passing 'most extreme bill in nation' on abortion


Anti-abortion rally draws hundreds to state Capitol (Oklahoma)


Anti-vax and anti-abortion movements are filled with misinformation


Trump Spreads More Dangerous Propaganda About Abortion At MAGA Rally


These bills would ban one kind of abortion procedure. They were filed ...(North Carolina)


Susan Collins Defends Brett Kavanaugh's Abortion Vote


Doctors Called Mom ôInhumane¤ for Not Aborting Her ôDisabled¤ Twin Babies, They Were Born Healthy  (United Kingdom)




Report: Israeli special forces operating in Afghanistan


Afghanistan probes election commissions after firings


AP Interview: Envoy Says Russia's Clout in Afghanistan Rises


Afghanistan Sacks 12 Election Officials Amid Fraud Investigation




Explainer: How can South Africa's state power firm turn the lights back on?


WHO scramble to contain growing Lassa fever outbreak in West Africa




America has a farm labor shortage. We need a better guest worker program




Delta pilot says ôIslamophobia¤ propagandist Khaled Beydoun is lying in attack complaint, played the ôrace card¤




Faking Hate-crime Statistics, ADL Claims ôRight-wing¤ Violence Greatest Threat



Virginia legislature candidate apologizes for anti-Semitic posts


The Democrats Have an Anti-Semite Problem


Dearborn Beats Its Breast over Henry Ford's Anti-Semitism, Ignores Islam



Australian Market Modestly Higher


AUD/USD Forex Technical Analysis




Ford recalls 1.5M pickup trucks


Exclusive: Volkswagen, Ford far apart on investment in Ford autonomous unit - sources


Americans Have Most Auto Loans in 20 Years, Fed Says




?Shocking? cut to California?s troubled high-speed rail project solves some problems and creates others


California Further Proves that Public High-Speed Rail Projects Are Stupid




300 Migrants Apprehended After ّHuman Wallْ Protest in New Mexico


Migrant mini-caravan breaches border near site of Trump wall rally


On El Pasoْs Shelter Place, an American divide over immigrants and immigration





TSX falls 0.10 percent


Why is Trudeau seemingly standing up for SNC-Lavalin? (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Toronto woman, 19, faces three charges after allegedly throwing chair from condo balcony


Liberals accuse Conservatives of ôfishing expedition¤ and ôwitch hunt¤ in push for parliamentary inquiry into SNC-Lavalin controversy


Why Canada is unwilling to put even its most heinous murderers permanently behind bars


Syrian refugees buoyed by loan program aimed at helping restart careers


 Kelly McParland: Trudeau suddenly discovers the value of secrets


Ontarioْs deficit forecast drops $1 billion for the year to $13.5 billion


Marni Soupcoff: Oh, good, now we're weaponizing retired Supreme Court justices




What happens if China is pushed too hard


Hyundai's Car Production in China Plummets Further




How Castroْs communism drives illegal immigration




Kim Jong-un still pursuing nuclear advances, U.S. commander on Korean Peninsula warns(Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


'Little to no change' in N. Korean capabilities: US general


N. Korea faces serious food insecurity with children taking brunt: UN report  




Capitol Hill GOP Caves On Border Wall Deal


Congress rushes to finish spending deal


For the Civil Rights Act to do its job, Congress must pass the Equality Act


Congress Spends Without Counting the Full Cost. My Bill Would Change That.




Cities shunned by Amazon revive hopes for HQ given New York opposition




Federal Judge Upholds EPA Policy That Liberals Claimed Was Illegal


El Chapo verdict shows why we do need ّthe wallْ


Roger Stone to judge: Mueller must prove he didn't tip off CNN




?Absolutely tragic?: NYPD detective killed by fellow cops while responding to robbery


Human skull found in woods has left small town shaken


Husband charged with murdering wife: ّI donْt have to worry about a divorce nowْ


Mystery deepens as another foot washes up in Pacific Northwest


Texas woman accused of tying up man, using drill to kill him


Ohio State student and her kidnapper killed in police chase


Is 'Empire' Star Jussie Smollett's Story Falling Apart?


White supremacist gang in Arkansas accused of brutal tactics


2 kids found in dog cages, 2 more covered in waste in barn




Cyber criminals increasingly used 'formjacking' to carry out attacks in 2018: study





Antifa Thug Worked for Chief DNC Trainer




Democratic AG Ellison Tells Rep. Omar That He Won't Investigate USA Powerlifting For Banning Transgender Athlete


Can the Democrats ever get over their anti-Israel bias?


Virginiaْs black lawmakers struggle with painful questions as scandals unfold around race and sex


Black Virginia voters may forgive Democrats: ّI canْt oust Gov. Northam for acting white in Americaْ


Democrats often complain about gaslighting. But what if it comes from one of their own?


The questions Ralph Northam and Justin Fairfax must answer


Business leaders in Virginia are largely sticking to the sidelines amid the scandals enveloping elected officials.


4 Ways Democrats Want to Ruin Your Life


Elizabeth Warren Made $10,000 Donation to Stacey Abramsْs Dark Money Nonprofit




Over 1.4 Million Households Drop Out of Food Stamp Program Under Trump




Lawyer: Mueller won't issue report  (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


How Manafortْs 2016 cigar club meeting with a Russian goes to ّthe heartْ of Muellerْs probe


Trumpْs former lawyer has explosive prediction for Mueller report




Stocks close higher as U.S.-China trade optimism persists


Wall Street rises on trade hopes, inflation data


Stocks Regain Footing After Rubio Buyback Tweet


Asian stocks touch four-month peak on U.S.-China trade deal hopes


Someone Just Noticed The Middle-Class Revival Going On Under Trump


When money is no longer artificially cheap


Gold slips as steps toward U.S.-China trade pact cut demand for haven assets


US Steel Cites Trump in Resuming Construction Project


These Are the Wealthiest Towns in the U.S.


Treasury yields hold ground ahead of key inflation report


Job Switchers See Best Wage Gains Since 2007


Kicking yourself for missing the recent rally? Here are 5 reasons you shouldnْt




Senate Republicansْ Higher Ed Agenda Leaves Much To Be Desired


Packing heat on campus: Florida schools get armed


A Different Challenge to Fraternities


Will Harvard continue to fail Asian Americans ù or will it learn from the past?


From Omaha to Phoenix


?Standing Up for What?s Right?


Three Female Students Sue Yale and Fraternities So Fraternities Would Be Forced to Admit Women





'Suppression,' Debunked: Study Concludes Voter ID Laws Do Not Depress Voter Turnout





Every 2020 Democrat candidate is pro-abortion and pro-LGBT


Kamala Harrisْ Political Blackface Routine


Hollywood star to Warren: 'You're done. Pack up your teepee'


Kamala Harrisْ fakery goes far beyond her tall tale of toking to Tupac


Will de Blasioْs presidential delusions never end? (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio(D)


Booker: I will be 'looking to women first' for potential running mate


Delusional de Blasio actually thinks he should be president


 ?You can feel it now?: New Democrats push party, and 2020 candidates, to the left on divisive issues


Howard Schultz, asked about racial bias, says he doesn't 'see color'


 Schultz won't say if he will sell all Starbucks shares if he becomes president


Howard Schultz: Green New Deal is ّnot realisticْ


Midwest Dems hinge 2020 runs on winning back Rust Belt


Michael Bloombergْs $500 million anti-Trump moonshot


'Old, male, and pale': 2020 Democrats under pressure to hire minorities


Why Kamala Harris is glad people are asking if she's black enough


Klobuchar: Unemployment Too Low, Import More Workers


Gillibrand Fundraises Off New York Times Article About Sexism Against Female Candidates


Gillibrand on Green New Deal: ّWhy Not at Least Try?ْ


Klobuchar: I Threw Binder ّDown,ْ Not ّAtْ My Staffer


Warren Makes Surprise Appearance at Native American Conference After Claiming She Was ّAmerican Indianْ


Harris Tweets Fib About Tax Refunds, Gets Another Four Pinocchios


Watch: Howard Schultz Alienates Republicans, Democrats In 2 Questions


Omar Remarks Highlight Increasing Possibility That Israel Will Be Issue in 2020




Oil gains, with Brent crude closing at a nearly 3-month high


Energy Prices





US voices ّsignificant concernsْ over new EU money laundering blacklist




Counter-intel agent exposed Pentagon ّcrown jewelsْ before defecting to Iran: indictment


Exclusive: FBI investigating top Vitol executives in Americas - sources


Hillary's lawyer pressed FBI on day Wiener emails revealed


Confessed serial killer draws portraits of his victims, and the FBI asks for help naming them





 U.S. Budget Deficit Widens to $319 Billion Amid Flat Revenue


National Debt Tops $22 Trillion Amid Demsْ Push for ّMedicare for Allْ





FEC Still Refuses To Investigate Alleged $84 Million Clinton Campaign Money Laundering




Fed Officials Agree the Economy Is in a Good Place




First Big Depression Advance Since Prozac Nears FDA Approval


Drugmaker behind ibuprofen recall has history of FDA violations


FDA launches tougher oversight of supplements




Analysis: The yellow vests and Franceْs new wave of anti-Semitism


French court orders Google to remove 'abusive' clauses


Did you know? The perks and prizes for French parents with lots of kids


French and European flags to fly in classrooms of schools in France




Spring in February? Weekend temperatures as high as 15░C to hit Germany


Two suspected Syrian ex-secret service officers arrested in Germany


Authorities weigh criminal charges on German churches with Nazi bells


Same-sex couples traffic lights to come to Cologne





Google to Spend $13 Billion on Data Centers, Offices Across U.S.




GOP Governor Embraces Radical Muslim Cleric Who Somehow Makes Westboro Baptist Look Acceptable





Gitmo Preps for an Upgrade




Single-Payer: The Gateway to Socialist Paradise


Depression during and after pregnancy can be prevented, panel says





Video: Imam Tawhidi Speaks from Auschwitz




Watch: Lesbian Booted From LGBTQ Commission: Trans Movement Hurts Girls And Women




ôAre you serious? Whatْs wrong with you?¤: Ilhan Omar yells at reporter who asked about her anti-Semitic tweets


With the Rise of Democrat Identity Politics, More Jew-Haters Will Continue Seeping Through the Cracks


The Democratsْ Dangerous Gong Show


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezْs Green New Deal and the Unicorn Caucus  (US Representative of New York Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Democrat Socialist)


In State of the State, Newsom sprints out of the shadow cast by his predecessor  (US Representative of California Adam Schiff (D)


Pence rips Omar's 'inadequate' apology for tweets criticized as anti-Semitic


Audit Raises Tough Questions for Freshman California Democrat T.J. Cox


Heartbroken 'Angel Dad' pleads with Pelosi to help Trump guard border


Ocasio-Cortez Living in Luxury Navy Yard Apartment Building


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wonْt Say Whether Pelosi Should Be Required to Release Her Tax Returns


Cheney Questions Climate Change Panelists on Green New Deal, Wonders if They Support ّVacation Commissarْ


Rep. Ilhan Omar to Trump: ّYou Have Trafficked in Hate Your Whole LifeùAgainst Jews, Muslimsà'


Dem Who Grilled Whitaker on Gambling Backed by Lobbyists Tied to Internet Gambling


Ilhan Omar Runs From Reporters


Local Jewish Leaders Staged Antisemitism ّInterventionْ for Ilhan Omar in 2018




Mom of 3 arrested during ICE check-in, set for deportation




In your face! Police use snake to get confession




Expecting Relief on Your Taxes? Some Are Getting Smaller Refunds


The shutdown made dealing with the I.R.S. even more frustrating.


IRS struggling with shutdown backlog, new laws, 'antiquated' technology




Analysis: At 40, the Iranian Islamic Revolution gathers steam


American Weapons Have Ended Up In The Hands Of Iranian Backed Terrorist Groups


Trump Admin Vows to Cripple Iranian Oil Industry


Iran Should Be Worried About the Warsaw Summit  


At least 27 Revolutionary Guard personnel killed in Iran bombing


Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei Announces The Goals Of 'The Second Phase Of The Islamic Revolution' For The Next 40 Years: 'The Challenge Is Mighty Iran's Presence At The Borders Of The Zionist Regime'





Review Of Qatari Islamic Education School Textbooks û Part VI: The Subject Of Death, With Focus On The Pleasures Of Paradise And Torments Of Hell


Rahaf Mohammed, Linda Sarsour, and the Question of Apostasy


Detroit: Muslim cleric says Jews ôsanction killing of one another,¤ ôallowed their women to engage in prostitution¤




Palestinian Authority Boycotts Warsaw Summit: The Trump Administration Wants To Transform Warsaw Into A Place Of Holocaust And Elimination Of The Palestinian Cause


Netanyahu Lauds ّExcellent Meetingْ with Omanْs Foreign Minister in Warsaw (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Saudi Prince Turki to Israel TV: Netanyahu deceiving Israel about peace chances


Netanyahu meets Omani FM, hints other Arab states warming to Israel


IDF warns Hamas likely to spark war in Gaza in bid for international support   (Israel Defense Forces)


Israeli Intel Estimate: New Iranian threat from Iraq. Gaza escalates. Moscow jumps on Palestinian issue


IDF believes Iran pulling forces in Syria away from Israel border due to strikes


Do Israelis also vote with their wallets?


Translation blunder by PMْs staff has him ostensibly calling for ّwar with Iranْ


Shurat HaDin Warns Giant Cryptocurrency Brokerage Hamas Is Using Its Platform to Raise Bitcoin Donations


Gantz: PM risking Israeli security for politics by confirming Syria strikes


Ariel University Medical School to be established 


PM says ّit would certainly helpْ if Khan al-Ahmar razed before election


"There is an Israeli Auschwitz to massacre Palestinians" - Senior Fatah official condemns Warsaw Conference


AG rejects Netanyahuْs request to gather extra evidence in graft cases


13 injured as plane from France hits heavy turbulence en route to Israel


Signs hung on Tuftsْ Jewish center call to destroy ّIsraeli Apartheid Forcesْ 


At Spanish national film awards ceremony, filmmaker calls for Israel boycott




The Real Risks of Marijuana Use




El Paso DA's Office: Daily Beast Report about Trump Rally Disturbance Was 'Inaccurate'


Amid Liberal Scandals, Media Thinks GOP Pouncing Is Real Story




?El Chapo? is likely going to prison for the rest of his life. That probably won't make Mexico safer




Saudi Arabia Launches Sweeping Survey Of Tobacco Use In Bid To End Smoking


Religious tolerance in Bahrain


World powers gather for Middle East summit in Warsaw


US presents Middle East vision in Warsaw, but no converts


UAE Forum Promotes Dubious Islamic Peace (Part IV) 




U.S. intel report: Russia, China pose challenge to U.S. space superiority


?Space is not your property!? Beijing blasts US report on China & Russia ?weaponizing? space


U.S. Bolstering Pacific Military Forces to Counter ّMassiveْ Beijing Buildup


Mold, lead paint, rats, deteriorating conditions in private military housing: Survey


First female Viper demo team chief relieved of command after two weeks


Army helicopter repairman dies of injuries sustained at on-base home in Alaska


Three soldiers injured during Golden Knights training operation


Two S. Korea-based soldiers found dead ù one in barracks and another while on leave in Nebraska


US fighter jets to join new British aircraft carrierْs first operational mission


Stranded in Seoul: An Army veteran is stuck in South Korea over a military conscription mix-up


USS Essex crew honors Marine in sea where he went missing last summer


Brown was right to send National Guard troops to the border. Newsom is right to withdraw them




Economists Tell Lawmakers That Minimum Wage Hike Would Do More Harm Than Good




NASA Says Farewell to Mars Opportunity Rover




NATO planning for more Russian missiles: Stoltenberg




Pakistan says Saudi prince to visit, sign investment deals




Critic of Philippines president arrested




Bill Cosby is having an ّamazingْ time in prison




Russian corporation to develop weapons on new physical principles ù source


Venezuela Sets the Stage for a Putin-Trump Confrontation (Op-ed) (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Powerful US influence drove EU to slap new sanctions on Russia, Lavrov says  (Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov)


First Russian Charged for Encouraging Children to Protest


Russia vows to continue assisting Syrian government, army in liberating country


Siberian Freighters Forced to Defreeze Ships in Minus 50 C


Lavrov says he did not discuss INF Treaty with Pompeo 




Report: More Than 1,700 Red Flag Orders in 2018




Dem Senator Complains About Voting on His Own Legislation


Ted Cruz: Take El Chapo's $14 Billion in Seized Drug Profits and Use It to Build the Wall


Republicans claim victory with border wall ّdown paymentْ in spending deal


Senate has found ّno direct evidenceْ Trump colluded with Russia: report


Senate invokes cloture on Barr nomination; three Democrats join all but one Republican to end debate


Dossier shows Democrat, Russian collusion; no proof of Trump gossip


The Senate just passed the decadeْs biggest public lands package. Hereْs whatْs in it.


Schumer urging ex-congressional candidate Amy McGrath to run against McConnell  (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)/ Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


US senators re-introduce Russian sanctions 'bill from hell'


GOP Sen. Lankford Cautions Against National Emergency


Hands off ّour hemisphereْ or Venezuela pays the price: US Senator warns Russia


Sen. Bennet, Worth Millions, Says Income Inequality Most Pressing Issue in America


Senators announce bill to end congressional pensions





Socialism Has Already Hurt America


Panera Bread's Socialist 'Pay What You Want' Experiment Fails Miserably


The Left Has Ensured that this Will Never be a Socialist Country


Teach Your Kids How To Turn The Table on Socialist Democrats




Why Social Security Expansion May Stiff the Poor




Hardly Any S.Korean Schoolkids See N.Korea as the Enemy


Presidential office denies sharp hikes in upcoming military cost-sharing deal with US


NK denounces South's military moves


Moon says Korea will seek to export 'smart cities'


Korean chipmakers no longer ّplaying chickenْ


Korean Consortium to Handle Repairs for U.S. Stealth Fighters in Asia


S. Koreaْs unemployment rate hits 4.5% in January


Madam Pelosi, return our embarrassing gift scroll to us


20% of smartphone users 'addicted at dangerous levels' - even kids


Korea ranks 2nd in global ship orders




Spain: Muslim recruited prisoners for jihad, offered them money for reading the Qurْan


Fate of Spainْs socialist PM rests on Catalonia as leaders of failed independence bid face trial





New Mexico House speaker rejects impeachment push against governor over border troop decision


Portland Wants to Ban Hate Groups, Has No Idea How To Define ّHate Groupْ





Pompeo Pushes Europe to Reject New Russian Pipeline  (US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo)




Ginsburg's Health Raises Frightening History Of Incapacity And Disability On The Supreme Court


One of the most outrageous Supreme Court decisions in decades



ISIS Terrorist Seen in Execution Videos Reportedly Killed by Tank Blast





Taiwan cuts 2019 growth, export forecasts, cites 'growing uncertainties'





Turkey War Games Set for Three Seas as Gas Finds Stir Tensions





London stocks follow global equities higher as trade optimism persists


Was Stonehenge created by French sailors? New study suggests long-running mystery could be solved


Mother Arrested for Calling a Man a Man (Because He Claims Womanhood)  




Wire Fox Terrier Is Named Best in Show





Why Venezuelaْs struggle for freedom has Iranْs rulers worried


Exclusive: Venezuela's self-declared president Guaido to nominate own Citgo board - sources


As Venezuelaْs opposition mounts another day of protest, Maduroْs inner circle remains intact 




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump got SEVEN POINT bump in his approval rating after State of the Union and reopening government û and boasts 69 per cent of Americans have rosy employment outlook


Trump intends to sign deal to avoid a shutdown


How Team Trump keeps changing its story in the Russia investigation


Trump crows about Senate Intelligence Committee finding 'NO EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION' in probe of Russia's campaign influence û but panel's top Democrat says the jury's still out


Trump Supporters Welcome Shutdown, National Emergency for Wall


Mother whose son was killed by an illegal immigrant urges Donald Trump to 'hold strong' and build wall along U.S. - Mexico border 


An Incomplete Compromise Border Deal  (Will President Trump accept and fill in the gaps on his own?)


?Finish the wall?? Facing failure, Trump tries rebranding


How Trump can still get his Wall


Trump signals he may sign border deal to avert shutdown


Trumpْs sacrifices are hard. You think its easy working 11 to 5?


What Ronald Reagan would tell President Trump about arms control


Sarah Sanders cites El Chapo in push for border security  (White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders)


Trump touts deal as providing $23B for border security  

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