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Tuesday, March 27, 2018





 In Today’s Issue: 




Here’s the Abortion Industry’s Plan to Abort Babies Without Abortion Clinics


Abortion and the Christian Case for Choice


Abortion Activists Couldn’t Present Supreme Court With Any Examples of Pregnancy Centers Misleading Women


Pro-Life Group Backs Karin Housley for Senate in Minnesota Over Pro-Abortion Sen. Tina Smith


Planned Parenthood: “We Need a Disney Princess Who’s Had an Abortion”


NYT Editorial: Abortion a ‘Safe, Popular and Common Form of Health Care’


Networks Cover March for Our Lives 13X More Than March for Life


Beauty Magazine “Allure” Slams Pregnancy Centers as “Bull—-” Places “Keeping Women From Abortions”


Judge Throws Out Lawsuit Against Google, Lets YouTube Censor Pro-Life Videos


Legislation, lawsuit show push-pull over abortion rights in Louisiana


Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz CEO Cecile Richards Gives Her 10 Best Parenting Tips


Planned Parenthood: Force Christian Doctors and Nurses to Perform Abortions


States Are Passing Laws Telling Women Abortion Can Be Reversed. But That’s Unproven.


“Catholic Church Will Not Write New Abortion Law”


Missouri House Approves Pro-Life Bill to Ban Abortions After 20 Weeks


Missouri House endorses abortion ban for fetuses after 20 weeks


Indiana Governor Signs Historic Bill Permitting Murder Charges for Killing Unborn Baby


Governor signs bill mandating abortion information (Indiana)


490 Babies Saved From Abortion in Latest 40 Days for Life Prayer Event


Medical Abortion in Very Early Pregnancy


Poll Shows Irish Campaign to Legalize Abortion Losing Ground


As Irish Abortion Vote Nears, Fears of Foreign Influence Rise


Trump Admin Helps Secure Pro-Life Victory at UN, Prevents Commission on the Status of Women From Promoting Abortion




Top U.S. Commander In Afghanistan Accuses Russia Of Aiding Taliban


Afghanistan victim of elements trapped in regressive doctrine and cynical interests: India


Taliban’s Rare Silence on Talks Charges Up a New Peace Conference





Surviving Boko Haram(A survivor shares her story.)


Kidnapped Girl’s Church Calls on Buhari to Win Her Release from Boko Haram in Nigeria



ASX rallies off multi-month low as trade fears ease


The Australian dollar recovers as trade tensions subside


Cold War 2.0: Australia had little choice but to join in


Australia’s first Muslim female MP Anne Aly skillfully plays the racism and victimhood cards




TSX moves lower as U.S. markets see late-day plunge after Monday gains


This Man Makes a Living Selling Suicide Kits Online


Premium Places: Canadian cities could get free porn


What is the actual impact of expelling a Russian spy from Canada to punish Vladimir Putin?


Sharia Canada: Police investigating after ex-Muslim rips Qur’an, puts pages on cars at Islamic center


Calgary police officer taken to hospital after being shot


Most Ontarians fully support free trade, survey finds


I’m not rude, just French, says Canadian server who was fired for ‘combative’ attitude


Pope Francis will not apologize for Catholic Church’s role in residential school abuses


Euthanasia Activists Plan to Open Euthanasia Clinic in Toronto to Kill People


Ontario budget to fund free child care for preschoolers as part of $2.2B plan


Canadian Doctors Group Says Patients Who Don’t Qualify for Assisted Suicide Should Starve Themselves to Death


Mom arrested in deaths of baby, toddler found in car seats




Don’t Let Silicon Valley Gets Its FAANGs Into Washington





California sues Trump administration over addition of citizenship question to census


The 2020 Census will ask about citizenship. Here's why that matters.




All of the Reasons Why Trump Can Win a Trade War with China


Educating America’s Adversaries  (China’s engineers are building China’s military. Who taught them?)


China’s two-headed central bank raises questions


US trade report lays bare Chinese government cyber-espionage


Chinese Regime Mouthpiece Threatens to Remove United States From WTO




'Strong possibility' North Korea's Kim Jong Un made surprise Beijing visit


Another N Korean con job in the offing?




Time for a Constitutional Line-item Veto




The Next Big Revelations About The Steele Dossier Will Come From Courts, Not Congress


Teacher allegedly performed oral sex on 13-year-old in school





No charges to be filed against officers in Alton Sterling death, Louisiana attorney general says


There's nearly 750 hours of video and 2,000 calls to 911 in the Vegas shooting. Hardly any of it has been seen or heard


Vegas police say MS-13 arrests helped solve 10 murders


Police violence affects women of color just as much as men. Why don’t we hear about it?


"We're hiding": Dramatic details revealed about Md. school shooting





Poll: Americans Oppose Death Penalty Abolition 2 to 1




Russian Collusion, Clinton $tyle


'Empowering' - Clinton Foundation Refuses To Return Donations From Accused Sexual Harasser



Obama hopes to aid ‘human progress’ by creating ‘a million young Barack Obamas’




A Quiet Win for DeVos  (Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos)




Dow’s 340-point slide driven by Microsoft, Apple, Goldman’s stock tumbles


Wall Street closes sharply lower, tech leads late selloff


The stock market is on the brink of an absolute breakdown


Tech Selloff Punishes U.S. Stocks


Dow falls more than 300 points in latest day of heavy downside volatility


Stocks Rebound on Trade Hopes; Treasuries Advance: Markets Wrap


Asia markets get a boost as trade tensions ease; Nikkei adds 551 points


Asian shares gain on easing US-China trade war fears


A rally in 10-year government bonds means one thing: the stock market is going nowhere fast


Home Prices Rise on Meager Supply of Available Properties


How Ignorant We Are  (Lessons from the modern economy for politics.)


Gold on track for first loss in 5 sessions on rebound in global stocks




Does The Austin Bomber Implicate Homeschooling? Yes And No


Despite Politically-Driven National School Walkout, Schools Are Safer Today


New $329 iPad with Pencil support to take on Chromebook in schools


Parkland Students Bullied Shooter


‘Gender-neutral’ Swedish preschools teach boys to wear dresses


Minnquisition Part Deux  (Leftist educrats demonize Disney, indoctrinate students and intimidate parents.)


Tuition Hikes Hurt Diversity


Liberty University Opens New Gun Range for Students


A ‘Workaround’ to U.S. Ban on Student-Level Data


Linda Brown Dies; Core of Landmark Desegregation Case


Bucking the Trend  (Strayer restarts its campus expansion amid growing enrollment, federal deregulation and increased demand for skilled workers.)





Egypt’s election: All votes will go to Al-Sisi


Ancient Egypt: Mummy Remains Discovered Inside 'Empty' 2500-year-old Coffin After 157 Years





NRA says it didn’t receive any illegal foreign money for 2016 presidential race




Poll: Trump leads Stormy Daniels in 2020 match-up, but not if she uses her real name




Oil settles lower, with U.S. data expected to show a rise in crude supplies


Energy Prices


Attack on substation triggers new grid security


U.S. Energy Markets: The Real Russian Meddling the Media Ignores


OPEC seeks oil alliance with Russia for next 10-20 years - Saudi crown prince





European stocks end up by 1.2%, rallying from 1-year low


Sweden: Muslim migrant rapes 13-year-old girl in public toilet, will not be deported because he says he has become Christian


U.S. Tariffs Open Rift Between Germany and France


Europe-Asia trade war looms over palm oil




FBI investigating suspicious packages arrest suspect in Seattle: Sources


FBI arrest suspect in suspicious packages case


Exclusive: American who escaped Al Qaeda captivity says bureau, under Mueller & Comey, abandoned him (Former FBI Director Robert Mueller/Former FBI Director James Comey)


FBI Investigating Suspicious Packages Sent to Military and Intelligence Locations




Parisians urged to take to streets after murder of Holocaust survivor


French FM on murder of Jewish woman by Muslim: “We cannot yet say if the motive for the murder was antisemitism”


France: Leftist politician celebrates death of gendarme who was murdered by jihadi


Two men charged with fatally stabbing Holocaust survivor


Holocaust survivor's murder in Paris probed as anti-Semitic attack




String of knife attacks further fuels debate over refugees and violence


New report of anti-Semitic bullying at Berlin school alarms Jewish community





Trump vindicated on Paris Climate Accord pull-out




GOP Minnesota state lawmaker compares March for Our Lives organizers to Hitler Youth


After Daniels, G.O.P. Faces Referendum on Trump’s Conduct





Michael Moore: Lower Voting Age to 16…




Why Does the Congressional Black Caucus Get a Pass on Farrakhan?


Dem lawmaker says she will introduce bill to block 2020 census from asking about citizenship


Does a rash of GOP retirements portend a Democratic wave in November?


Suburban voters angry with Trump threaten GOP’s grip on House


Paul Ryan dismisses resignation rumors  (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


The Latest: US Speaker Ryan praises Russian expulsions


Bobby Rush (D-Illinois) Ordered to Pay $13K From Personal Funds for House Ethics Violation


Dem Rep Calls on House Oversight Committee to Investigate Payment to Stormy Daniels


Now Dems demand background checks on ammo sales




Anti-'sanctuary state' movement picks up steam in Orange County




India’s China Problem: A View From New Delhi


Three Indian journalists run down and killed by vehicles


India overtook Japan to become world's second largest steel maker




Democracy takes a step back in Indonesia





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing    (Tuesday, March 27, 2018)


Having female terrorist leaders is proof of gender equality in Fatah, says Abbas' Secretary General  (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Hustle & Bustle As Israeli Jews Ditch Bread For Matzah Ahead Of Passover Holiday


3 Gazans with grenades and knives captured near army base 20 kms. inside Israel


“Palestinian” Council of Religious Scholars: “Normalization with Israel deviates from the Arab and Islamic norm”


Netanyahu taken to Jerusalem hospital with high fever  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


PM Netanyahu Released from Hospital following Tests


Israelis evacuated from Amona outpost move into new illegal settlement


Standing with migrants, fmr. IDF soldiers recall their ‘hell’  (Israel Defense Forces)


Israel opts out of US-EU anti-Russian expulsions, its intelligence finds novichik stocks in 20 countries


3 Palestinians arrested after crossing Gaza border into Israel


3 Armed Gazan Terrorists Captured 12 Miles Inside Israel


Watch: Security footage catches armed Gazans infiltrating Israel


Whistleblower: Cambridge Analytica used Israeli firm to hack Nigerian president


Report: Trump won't be coming in May for embassy opening


Israeli forces detain 20 Palestinians in overnight West Bank (Judea and Samaria) raids


Expert confirms Jews and Arabs nearing population parity


Exclusive: German company fires employee in Jordan for defending Israel


Israeli forces detain 43 Palestinians in predawn raids across West Bank (Judea and Samaria)


PM partially unfreezes Western Wall pluralistic plaza plan, to some dismay


Stunning find in long-unexplored cave in Jerusalem




How Japan got an Amphibious Rapid Deployment Brigade




NYT Editor Now 'Scared' After Alt-Right 'Jump' from Internet to Real Life


Stormy Weather finds Stormy Daniels


Even Trump’s biggest critics don’t feel outrage over Stormy Daniels affair


Why Does It Matter?: Tucker, Steyn Take on the Media's Stormy Daniels Hysteria


All flash and no flesh: The Stormy Show




Mexican Drug Cartels Take Guns And Shoot Six People To Death At Close Range In Horrible Massacre


Cult leader who ‘branded’ sex slaves with his initials nabbed in Mexico




Article In Saudi Government Daily: It Is Our Right To Defend Ourselves Against Iran And The Houthis; To Hell With The Useless Efforts Of The UN


Iran must be made accountable for ballistic missiles sent to Houthis, Saudi Arabia tells UN


UAE says Qatar fighter jets buzz commercial flights


Saudi Arabia wants to be a manufacturing hub, finance minister says


Yemen Civil War Shows No Signs of Slowdown as It Enters Fourth Year





Retired officers slam latest Trump transgender ban as 'troubling move backward'


Russia, China eclipse US in hypersonic missiles, prompting fears


New US commander in Kosovo stirs controversy among rival Serbs and Albanians


First Air Force JROTC cadets will take flight this summer as service looks to fix pilot shortage


Some Camp Pendleton civilian police officers must pay back thousands after DOD error


Afghan War vet deported to Mexico and left ‘homeless and penniless,’ his family says


At odds with Bolton on North Korea, Mattis appears isolated  (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


USS Theodore Roosevelt returns to Pacific after Middle East mission


The solemn duty of government and the military


Good news! Twin wins for Christians in military


Police searching for soldier missing from base




Prince had high level of fentanyl when he died, report says




Is Facebook contributing to genocide in Myanmar?




NATO to shrink Russian mission to alliance in response to nerve agent attack




Meet Pakistan's first transgender news anchor


Pakistan's military is waging a quiet war on journalists


Pakistan defends nuclear safety record after US sanctions companies




Philippines moves to ‘terrorize’ its leftist rebels




America Is Still Conservative




One in five Americans wants the Second Amendment to be repealed, national survey finds


Poll: March for Our Lives students seen more favorably than NRA





Millionaire Poverty Pimps Fight 'Income Inequality'


Southern California has the resources to solve homelessness. It chooses not to




Mormon Church changes policies on abusive relationships




Stumbling into a War with Russia


Russia to respond harshly to US expulsion of diplomats


Russians Vote to Close U.S. Consulate in St. Petersburg in Twitter Poll


Putin flies to Siberian city after deadly mall fire sparks protests and rumors that the death toll is actually much higher(Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


A good day's work in making Putin pay


Distraught residents demonstrate after Russian mall fire that killed at least 41 children


After US expels 60 diplomats, Russia does what it's best at: Trolling


With Wave of Expulsions, U.S. and Allies Punish Russia


Russian Collusion? Trump Just Smacked Down Putin By Expelling 60 Spies


How an Outraged Europe Agreed to a Hard Line on Putin


Tough Action on Russia, at Last, but More Is Needed


In response to Putin, Team Trump is going ‘multilateral’ without the United Nations


Putin blames 'negligence' for Russian mall fire





The March for Their Lies


March for Our Lives organizers dramatically inflate crowd size


Retired Supreme Court justice calls for repeal of Second Amendment


March for Our Lives Speeches Focus on New Gun Ban, Magazine Restrictions


Rapper Who Performed at ‘March for Our Lives’ Previously Pled Guilty to Gun Crime


Children should be seen and not heard


March for Our Lives: Don’t forget how past ‘youth revolutions’ failed to deliver


New York lawmakers' best bet to prevent gun violence




Republican bill would stop illegal immigrants from being able to 'disappear' once they're caught


John Bolton endorsed Michigan Republican John James for Debbie Stabenow's Senate seat: Report




Here's how Facebook decides whether to brand you liberal or conservative


Heineken pulls ‘terribly racist’ ad after social media backlash


Facebook whistleblower says Canadian firm worked on software to find GOP voters


Facebook under fire as prosecutors, Congress confirm investigations


Facebook Privacy Scandal: Why Regulation Is Not The Answer


37 state attorneys general pounce on Facebook




UAE expected to offer big energy deals


Korea evades steel tariffs, wins quota from US


THAAD Setup Still on Hold Amid Gov't Inaction


China to Build Hundreds More Polluting Incinerators Toward Korea




Michigan State official arrested amid Larry Nassar probe


He spent 23 years in prison before DNA exonerated him. Now he’s back working for the White Sox.


Can the NCAA Basketball Commission Accomplish Anything?


NFL owners finalize $90M social-justice deal without resolving anthem protests


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard




Utah becomes 1st  state to legalize so-called 'free range parenting'




The Syrian war goes global




Taiwan Scrambles Jets as China’s Air Force Holds Drill Near Island


U.S. Republicans press for F-35 fighter jet sales to Taiwan amid China threat


F-35 Sale to Taiwan Not Worth the 'Risk,' Experts Warn




Terrorists Have Been Using Bitcoin For Four Years, So What's The Surprise?




Already Frayed, U.S.-Turkey Ties Take Another Hit Over Steel Tariffs


Spy Attack Widens Turkey's Split With NATO Allies Over Russia


Latest Turkey-EU talks end with no progress


Dutch diplomat pulled out of Turkey over spy allegations




Arizona suspends Uber's driverless car testing





FTSE 100 halts 4-session skid and ends sharply higher


UK: Muslim kids as young as 2, back from Syria and obsessed with guns, killing and anti-West hatred


UK Jewish leaders said set to tell Corbyn: Oust Livingstone, ‘drain the sewer’


UK: Muslim rape gang subjected non-Muslim girls to “unimaginable cruelty”


Alfie Evans’ Parents Ask European Court of Human Rights to Stop Hospital From Yanking His Life Support


Jewish Groups to Protest Jeremy Corbyn, U.K. Labour Party Over Anti-Semitism


British judge overrules City Council’s gag order on pro-life doctor





John Bolton talks tough on the UN What's his record really like?


Woman With Down Syndrome Lectures UN: Complains “Eugenics is Becoming a Thing to Admire”





Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump's approval rating is highest in 11 months


White House Lawyers Looking Into Loans to Kushner’s Business


Trump’s most dangerous betrayal yet


2 more lawyers won't join Trump legal team


Trump’s die-hard supporters may finally be catching on


Does diplomats' expulsion signal end of Trump's "illusion" about Russia?


The Note: Adultery allegations undercut Trump's authority


‘Not in a punch-back mode’: Why Trump has been largely silent on Stormy Daniels


Could Trump lawyer face criminal charges for Stormy Daniels payment?


Trump wants to change the census. But this undercuts his case.


Trump reportedly looking to bring back Rob Porter


Excellent news: Jimmy Carter thinks Bolton as national security adviser is ‘a disaster for our count


'I Can't Believe He Signed That Omnibus Bill!'



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