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Tuesday, February 12, 2019







In Today's Issue: 




Ohio Bill Will Ban Abortions After Babyْs Heartbeat Begins, Governor Mike DeWine Will Sign It


This Is a Human Rights Issue?: Abortion Survivors Share Their Stories


President Trump Slams Virginia Governor Who Supported Infanticide: He Would ôExecute the Baby!¤


Sen. Ernst: We Must End the Killing of Late-Term Babies


Woman Admits Killing Her Healthy 28-Week-Old Baby in Abortion, She Just Didnْt Want to be a Mother


Red Rose abortion protesters say court railroaded them


Ben Sasse Slams Democrats on Infanticide: ôA Baby Gasping on an Abortion Clinic Table Shouldnْt be Left to Die¤


Blackface or baby-killing -- which is worse?


House Democrats Block Request to Vote on Bill to Stop Infanticide For a Fourth Time


Abortion survivors on new late-term abortion bills: 'Where were my rights in the womb?'


National Poll: Most ôPro-Choice¤ Americans Oppose Infanticide and Abortion Up to Birth


New York's blessing on infanticide


OBGYN Who Delivered 5,000 Babies: Abortion is ôNever¤ Necessary to Protect a Womanْs Health


Planned Parenthood kept aborted babies alive to harvest heart, brain: ex-technician


Planned Parenthood CEO More Upset at How Trump Condemned Infanticide Than Infanticide Itself


This is not 'protecting Roe'


Attorney Generals of 21 States Want Supreme Court to Uphold Dismemberment Abortion Ban


Johnson County mother upset after video about abortion shown in high school class


Ban on aborting babies with heartbeats reintroduced in Ohio as new governor stands ready to sign


Hundreds Rally for Oklahoma Bill Would Ban All Abortions, Make Killing Babies a Felony


Her baby lived for two minutes after birth, and she has no regrets rejecting abortion


Amid a shifting legal landscape on abortion, both parties seek political advantage


Ohio abortionist sends woman to hospital after ten-minute seizure


Planned Parenthood That Violated Lease Agreement Must Stop Killing Babies in Abortions


The Catholic Church Has No Moral Argument on Abortions


Another university sells, profits from abortifacient Plan B in vending machines


Illinois Wants to Repeal Ban on Partial-Birth Abortions, Revoke Parental Consent for Teens


Rep. Roger Marshall: NY abortion law is a danger to mothers û I know, as a doctor who's delivered 5,000 babies


New Survey Shows Americans Reject Democratic Radicalism on Abortion


Sen. Collins defends her Kavanaugh vote after his move in abortion access case


Trump Busts Northam for Abortion Extremism


Judge Hides Names of Planned Parenthood Workers Who Sold Aborted Baby Parts


Ohio abortion 'heartbeat bill' returns to Legislature


Exclusive: Daleiden decries govْt ّcollusionْ with Planned Parenthood in body parts case


Fact Check: CNN brings in pro-abortion doctors to educate 'anti-choice' advocates on late-term abortions




Afghan forces arrest suspected ISIS recruiter, trio behind Kabul attack that killed 150




Pope Francis to visit imam training institute in Morocco to boost moderate Islam





The ADL Canْt Stop Faking Hate Crime Statistics 




Swiss Suicide Clinics Killed 1,204 People Last Year





Australian Market Recovers After Weak Start


Australian Dollar rises as risk appetite returns


Australia: Muslim who mowed down pedestrians says ôI did it in the name of Allah¤


 Australia to Reopen Island Detention Camp After Refugee Bill




Beto O'Rourke leads El Paso march against Trump border wall


Voters Rate Border Security As Important As North Korea to National Security


Beto OْRourke Speaks Spanish in El Paso as Supporters Wave Mexican Flags 




TSX rises 0.47 percent


Saskatchewan's justice minister says carbon tax case likely headed to Supreme Court


?Revolving door? of ministers in the veterans affairs department causing worry


Canadian gets 11 years in U.S. for trying to lure American girl into sex




Trump Wants to Meet With Xi ّVery Soonْ Over Trade War, Adviser Says  (Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping)


China says US aims to 'stir up trouble' with naval sail-by


Uyghurs Tell China to Post Video of Missing Relatives





[Exclusive] North Korea agrees to IAEA-led inspections: source


U.S.-N.Korea Summit On Despite Doubtful Outcome




Former Obama Border Patrol Chief Slams Dem Plan to Reduce Bed Space for Criminal Aliens


Getting to a budget deal -- maybe


Democrats Revealed Their True Open Border Stripes


Democrats To Reintroduce Stricter Gun Legislation Ahead Of Parkland Shooting's One-Year Anniversary 




The Constitution Rejects the Premise of Judicial Supremacy. So Should All Americans.




One of the oldest U.S. refineries in trouble again in Philadelphia: court filings


El Chapo jury reaches verdict


Separated illegal immigrant families sue U.S. government, demand $3 million each


Christian school teacher whose spouse caught her with teen in bed sentenced


Woman awarded more than $1.5M in breastfeeding discrimination case against KFC


Appeals court rules Trump can build border wall




15-month-old girl among the five shot dead on Texas property


Man arrested for projecting porn onto his garage door


Teen jumps to her death after posting chilling Snapchat video


Massive Brawl Breaks Out Between Parents At Wrestling Match For Kids. The Video Is Sickening


Here Is What Police Found (and Didn't) After Deadly Houston Drug Raid


Here Is What Police Found (and Didn't) After Deadly Houston Drug Raid


Chicago Police: Jussie Smollett Finally Gave ّLimited and Redactedْ Phone Records





VA Gov. Ralph Northam Will Launch A 'Listening Tour' Instead Of Resigning


In El Paso, Beto OْRourke Makes It Easy For Trump To Target ّExtremeْ Democrats


4 staffers quit, Fairfax placed on leave by law firm after rape claims


Northam has only himself to blame


?Uncharted territory?: Defiant Justin Fairfax presides over Va. Senate as impeachment push stalls


New York Mayor Bill De Blasio Heads For Early-Voting State New Hampshire Ahead Of Potential 2020 Run 




Exclusive: Trump's HUD Official Moves Into Public Housing In The Bronx. This Is What It's Like




National Enquirer publisher asked DOJ if it should register as foreign agent: WSJ




Stocks close at 2019 high on tentative deal to avert government shutdown, trade optimism


Wall Street climbs on trade hopes, government budget deal


Asian stocks subdued, focus on new round of Sino-U.S. talks


Gold settles higher with dollarْs win streak in jeopardy


Traders With $515 Billion Boycott Stocks for Cash


Kyle Bass Says Mild U.S. Recession Most Likely in Middle of 2020


Treasury yields string back-to-back climb as progress in shutdown talks buoys stocks


The Fear Is Gone From the Biggest U.S. Junk Rally in a Decade


Red flags emerge as Americans' debt load hits another record


4 charts that show why a stock-market rally has taken hold on Wall Street


The U.S. dollar is on track to break an 8-day win streak




Substitute teacher tells students Martin Luther King killed himself


Student Who Wrote Itْs 'Fine' Conservatives Donْt Feel Welcome Responds To Criticism, Says Conservatives Exploit Racism


What Community College Students Say Impedes Their Progress


Students go wild at school as Denver teachers strike over pay


Trump Jr. Urges Youth to Reject ôLoser Teachers¤ Pushing Socialism


 Weْre Failing Our Students, and It Hurts Us All





Critics: Efforts to Eliminate Electoral College Imply Colorado Voters Donْt Matter





How Democrats are handing Donald Trump a viable path to a second term


Cory, Kamala and Class Hatred


Iowa Democrats to take caucus to the virtual world


Trump, OْRourke face off at border as 2020 campaigns gear up


Democrats in 2020 are at risk of turning into Republicans in 2016


Kamala Harris' claim about smoking pot while listening to Snoop, Tupac, goes up in smoke


Warren's Presidential Bid Aims to Blame 'the Rich' for America's Problems


Cory Booker: ّThis Planet Simply Canْt Sustainْ People Eating Meat


Gillibrand: Pushing Franken to Resign Was Good Politics for Democrats




Oil pares losses, but still finish at 2-week low


Energy Prices


Los Angeles ditches plan to invest billions in fossil fuels, Mayor Eric Garcetti says




Exclusive: EPA may issue E15 gasoline plan without biofuel credit trade limits - sources





Michelin helps drive gains for Europe as investors eye trade deal, U.S. politics


'Europe helps Iran after it sends terrorists to EU soil'


To boost birth rates, Hungaryْs prime minister offers zero taxes for families with 4 or more kids




William Webster, ex-FBI and CIA director, helps feds nab Jamaican phone scammer





U.S. National Debt Soars to a Record $22 Trillion: Chart





US Allies Japan and South Korea see Washington as ّmajor threatْ to global security




George Washington Letter on God and the Constitution




France vows firm response to wave of anti-Semitic vandalism


French Intellectual Zemmour: Elites Organized Migrant ôInvasion¤ So They Could Import Servant Class


France vows firm response to wave of anti-Semitic vandalism


French schools get set for new round of education reforms


Key Macron aide quits as French president shuffles staff




The New Germany Energy Program - and Its Deep Historical Roots


German police close down two publishers with Kurdish militant ties


Berlin Antifa Assault Jews at Holocaust Film Screening


Anti-Americanism: As German as Apple Strudel


Lufthansa sues passenger who missed his flight





Poll: ôClimate Change¤ Is Top Security Threat in World; U.S. Power Also a Concern




Why repeal of the individual mandate hasnْt (yet) brought ObamaCareْs death spiral





LGBT Activists Teaching Judges To Yank Kids From Parents Who Wonْt Transgender Them


Actors, Politicians Now Criticized for Biblical Views on Homosexuality




Anti-Semites Ilhan Omar And Rashida Tlaib Are Symptoms, Not Causes, Of Modern Democratic Radicalism


The Green New Deal Is Simply A Delusional Excuse To Seize Power


Ilhan Omarْs Non-Apology for Her Anti-Semitism(US Representative of Minnesota Ilhan Omar (D)


A New Mission for Steve Scalise?   (House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R- Louisiana)


?Standard for equality?: Congressional Democrats push for huge expansion to 1964 Civil Rights Act


Climate guru: 'I'm calling bulls**t' on Ocasio-Cortez 'climate fakery'  (US Representative of New York Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Democrat Socialist)


Post lets Ocasio-Cortez skate on Green New Deal fact-check


Ilhan Omarْs tweets were appalling. What happened next was inspiring.


What we should ask Democrats about the Green New Deal


Firestorm over ّanti-Semitic tropesْ in Omar tweets exposes Democratsْ deep divisions


Pelosi & Co. flinch from truly confronting anti-Semitism


House passes resolution honoring Walter Jones


Why Ilhan Omar wonْt pay for peddling bigotry


Joe Kennedy introduces resolution rejecting Trumpْs transgender military ban


House Dems will not strip Omar of her committee assignments: report


House Judiciary Committee Democrats add legal firepower for Trump oversight investigation


Microsoftْs Bill Gates says AOC 'missing the picture' on soaking rich


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: 'Reconquistador!'


Green New Deal Would Kill Almost Everyone, Warns Greenpeace Co-Founder


There Is No Green New Deal


Green New Deal: Mademoiselle Methane, Killer of Cow Farts


Demsْ Fence Stance On Less Border Security is Defenceless


Ilhan Omar Praises Dem Activist Calling AIPAC ّCentral Pillar of the Occupationْ After Apologizing for Anti-Semitic Tweets


Hoyer: Ocasio Cortezْs Anti-ICE Rhetoric ّGoes Too Farْ


New Ads Target Dem Reps for Policies Aligning With Ocasio-Cortez


Rep. Lowey on Border Security Compromise: 'This Is Not a Wall, This Is a Barrier'


Former Clinton Campaign Official Defends Omar by Blaming Republicans for Anti-Semitism


Cheney: ّFar Left Radical Positions of Todayْs Democrats Are Threatening the Security of our Nationْ


Connolly Attributes Omarْs Anti-Semitic Tweets to Her Being ّYoung,ْ a ّFreshmanْ in Congress


A Shameful Tolerance  (Representative Ilhan Omar has chosen an ugly and reprehensible bandwagon to climb aboard.)


Connolly Attributes Omarْs Anti-Semitic Tweets to Her Being ّYoung,ْ a ّFreshmanْ in Congress




Rapper 21 Savage will be released from ICE detention




Hindu Terrorists Get Christian Pastor Arrested In Nepal On False Charges


India Tea Exports May Shrink Because of Tough Competition From Kenya




'In a future Iran, Israel will once again by an ally'


The Next U.S. President Should Rejoin the Iran Nuclear Deal




Detroit Shi'ite Imam Bassem Al-Sheraa: The Jews Prostituted Their Women, Killed Prophets, Employed Usury To Gain Power


Video: Robert Spencer speaks at Christian Rights and Freedom Institute, explains why Muslims persecute Christians


Review Of Qatari Islamic Education School Textbooks û Part V: Orientalism And The Christian Mission Are Tools Used By The Catholic Church To Destroy Islam




Israel confirms strike in Syrian Golan, further cracking ambiguity policy


Netanyahu confirms Israeli military shelled Syrian province to prevent 'Iran entrenchment'   (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Russia warns Trump peace plan will undo all Israeli-Palestinian progress so far


King Salman: Saudi Arabia stands by Palestinian statehood push


Meeting Abbas, MBS backs Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital(ôPalestinian¤ Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Israel, Iran to Join Russia-led Free Trade Agreement


Mud flies as Gantz, Netanyahu take aim at each other


Two tales of a city: Jerusalem tour guided by a Palestinian and an Israeli


Netanyahu laughs off AGْs ّamusingْ ban on campaign photos with soldiers


As Israel grieves a brutal murder, PA TV sings: ôWe have given them a taste of grief¤


Kahlon says his party will back PM to form next government


Rivlin marks 70th anniversary of last Jewish camps in Cyprus(Israeli President Reuven Rivlin)


Israelْs Not-so-covert ّWar Between Warsْ Against Iran


Signs mocking IDF put up along Lebanese border in apparent bid to scare troops (Israel Defense Forces)


Israelis Protest in Terroristْs Neighborhood in Hebron


Israeli airports fend off 3 million attempted attacks a day, cyber head says


Palestinian said to die of wounds sustained in Gaza border protest


Israel will deduct amount that ôPalestinians¤ pay to jihadis from funds it gives to Palestinian Authority


Palestinians pay condolence visit to family of slain teen Ori Ansbacher


TAU, Technion, to Admit 70 Additional Students If Only Ariel U. Med School Is Quashed


Venezuelan challenger Guaido says heْs working to renew ties with Israel


Former Jordanian Minister: Hamas Is A Branch Of The Muslim Brotherhood, Not A Palestinian National Liberation Movement


Dutch textbook omits Jewish connection to Jerusalem


Teenager, 16, killed in brawl in East Jerusalem


4-year-old drowns in bathtub in Eilat, mother arrested


This Jewish duo escaped the Nazis to break sound barriers with Blue Note Records




Lebanon Could Be Next Geopolitical Battleground Between U.S., Russia




NY Times op-ed: Take down 'already-existing wall', downsize border patrol, open the borders


A hedge fundْs ّmercenaryْ strategy: Buy newspapers, slash jobs, sell the buildings


More newspapers drop cartoon over vulgar anti-Trump hidden message


MSNBC Panel Compares Trump to Benedict Arnold


Minnesotaْs Largest Newspaper: Omar Has Not Exhibited ّChange and Personal Growthْ


The NYT Wants You to Think Your Favorite Classic Children's Books Are Secretly Gay-Themed


MSNBC Panel Compares Trump to Benedict Arnold




Utah lawmakers scale back voter-approved Medicaid expansion





Top Pentagon official in Iraq to discuss US troop presence


Mattis Was the Best Secretary of Defense Trump Could Have Had


Shanahan says he has no orders from Trump to reduce U.S. forces in Afghanistan


Pair of US destroyers sail near Chinaْs artificial islands in South China Sea


Marines 3D print concrete bridge in less than a day





Despite her acquittal, Pakistani authorities barring accused blasphemer Asia Bibi from leaving the country


Pakistan, India hope to reap investment from Saudi prince's visit


A U.S. trophy hunter paid $110,000 to kill a rare mountain goat in Pakistan


Pakistan OKs India's proposals on Kashmir detainee exchanges


Pakistan censors NYTimes article by activist critical of military




Pew: One-third in new survey say wearing blackface for Halloween is acceptable




Without Elitist Racialism, There Is Little Racism




Rush Limbaugh gives blessing to possible border wall deal




Southern Baptistsْ sexual abuse scandal prompts calls for criminal investigations, comparisons to Catholics




RNC Chair: Trump ّWas Being Generousْ Calling Ocasio-Cortezْs New Green Deal a Bad High School Paper




Russia Moves to Grant Government the Power to Shut Down the Internet, Explained


Russia Suspends Mission to the Sun


Expect Slower GDP Growth in 2019, Russiaْs Economic Ministry Says   




12 sheriffs refuse to enforce new gun-control law




Green New Deal Set for Senate Vote in GOP Swipe at Ocasio-Cortez


Congress reaches deal to avert shutdown, Sen. Richard Shelby says


Neomi Rao, Trumpْs nominee for D.C. appeals court, apologizes for past writing on date rape


Cohen postpones testimony before Senate Intelligence panel


Rand Paul to vote ّnoْ on Trump attorney general nominee William Barr


Senate Intelligence Committee Finds No Direct Evidence Of Trump-Russia Collusion


Former Astronaut Mark Kelly to Run for Senate in Arizona


Menendez Scolds Trump for Saying Illegal Immigrants Who Get DUIs Are ّCriminalsْ


Rubio: Supporting Stability in Venezuela Is in U.S. National Interest





Chung-in Moon: "There are no viable options except engagement in dealing with North Korea."


Korean Exports Fetch Ever-Dwindling Prices


South Korean economy suffers slowdown: KDI


Korea's 4 major banking groups log record net profit in 2018


South Korea's inflation without government controlled prices reaches 2 percent in 2018




Major winter storm bringing dangerous snow, ice, rain to rush hour commutes




Pompeo seeks to woo Hungary's Orban away from Russia, China  (US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo)




Only 40% Think State of the Union Is Strong




Big Oil Asks Supreme Court To Strike Down Nuclear Plant Subsidies




Taiwan's China Airlines pilot strike grounds thousands of passengers during busy New Year holiday


Air New Zealand flight turns around mid-air after paperwork filed with "Taiwan" reference


China casts a long shadow over Taiwan's economy, and attempts to revitalize it




How Tech Giants Are Banning True Speech About Biological Sex  




Turkey orders 1,112 people arrested over Gulen links


Major Muslim Televangelist Scammer And Cult Leader Who Lived Like An Ottoman Sultan Is Arrested And Awaiting Trial In Turkey


Turkey detains more than 700 over alleged links to coup bid


Turkey Declares To China: ّStop Killing Muslims.ْ




Union leaders warn Green New Deal may lead to poverty: 'Members are worried'


More than 1,000 L.A. construction workers were cheated out of millions in pay, labor officials say


Feds charged union officials, Dem majority leader with 116 counts of corruption


Union: Indictment Wonْt Alter Our Political Activities


Critics: Efforts to Eliminate Electoral College Imply Colorado Voters Donْt Matter





London struggles as investors eye U.S. politics; TUI under pressure


Simple Arithmetic(The state school system in Britain systematically produces people lacking the most basic skills.)





Report: Columbian Paramilitaries Are On The Border With Venezuela, And The United States Is Collaborating With Columbia To Orchestrate A Coup In Venezuela


Venezuela Showdown Nears as Guaido Sets a Date for Food Caravans


Russian Intelligence: United States Is Considering Using Serious Military Force Against Venezuela





Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


GOP leaders lobby Trump to support spending deal


 Trump Compares Green New Deal to ّHigh School Term Paper That Got a Low Markْ


Fragile deal hangs on Trump's response


Trump: 'I Will Never Sign a Bill That Forces the Mass Release of Violent Criminals


Trump Downplays Shutdown Threat as GOP Opens Path to Border Deal


Trump calls on anti-Semitic Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar to resign, calls her non-apology ôlame¤


Trump: People saying wall hasn't made difference in El Paso are 'full of crap'


Trump approval hits 52%, critics 'beside themselves'


Trump says Warren should focus 'more on her heritage' than investigating his businesses


Former White House aide Cliff Sims sues Trump after attack over tell-all book

Trump Tells El Paso Crowd: Wall Will Go Up ّRight on the Rio Grandeْ


Trump is chipping away at Obama's remade federal courts


Trump urges agency to consider 'all factors' before voting on Kentucky coal plant


 'Finish The Wall' banners hung at Trump El Paso rally




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