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Tuesday, February 5, 2019





In Today’s Issue: 




Ralph Northam And Kathy Tran Revealed The Future Of Abortion Politics


Woman Breaks Down in Tears, Changes Mind on Abortion After Seeing How Abortions Kill Babies


Either awakening or civil war over abortion


Mississippi Bill Would Ban Abortions After Unborn Baby’s Heart Begins Beating


Democrat Senator Patty Murray Claims Infanticide is Not Legal, But New York Just Legalized It


Mitch McConnell: Democrats Can Run But They Can’t Hide, We Will Make Them Go on Record Defending Infanticide


Pro-life NFL star Benjamin Watson speaks out against radical abortion push in Virginia, New York


Senate Dems Block Bill Ensuring Medical Care for Babies Who Survive Abortion


Trump expected to reaffirm pro-life commitment at State of the Union address: report


Head of ôCatholic¤ Pro-Abortion Group Calls New York Law for Abortions Up to Birth ôInspiring¤


Mark Hamill of 'Star Wars' to do 'abortion' with 'Jedi wand'?


Catholic Bishop Slams Virginia Governor Ralph Northam for Supporting Infanticide


Why Democrats Can’t Talk Honestly About Abortion


Washington Post Covers Rally for ôMenstrual Equity,¤ Ignores Major Pro-Life Protest


Louisiana Tests the New Supreme Court on Abortion


Pro-Life Lawsuit Challenges Pittsburgh Censorship Zone Prohibiting Free Speech at Abortion Clinics


21 states join Alabama in supporting ban on abortion procedure


Indiana asks Supreme Court to overturn ruling that blocked abortion law


Rhode Island Gov Gina Raimondo: Let Women Abort Babies Up to Birth So They Can ôMake Ends Meet¤


Kasich as Ohio governor enacted 21 restrictions on abortion


Catholic Bishop: Politicians Persisting in ‘Public Support for Abortion Should Not Receive Communion’


Brent Bozell: ‘Where’s the Outrage’ Over Gov. Northam’s Endorsement of Infanticide?


Stop the abortion crusades and leave the Constitution alone, senators(Iowa)


Slaughter of the innocents sinks to new depths


Left’s Radical Abortion Push Will Backfire 




Afghanistan’s Black Hawk program is short of pilots to fly them


The media, lost in Trump World, are ignoring the consequences of the Afghanistan war


In negotiating peace in Afghanistan, let’s not overlook human rights


Pakistan will not 'subdue' us





Lack of funding may prevent over half of Libya’s local elections


Somalia: Muslims murder 11, injure 10 with car bomb at busy shopping mall


Nigeria: Muslims murder at least 60 people, set homes on fire, chase those fleeing and kill them also





With diverse experience, new US anti-Semitism monitor ‘great fit’ for the job




Trump, Kim to meet in Vietnam Feb. 27-28: report




Australia: Muslim cleric warns that Allah will punish men who use urinals and getting ôsplash back¤ on clothes





Fiat Chrysler recalls 882,000 pickup trucks for steering, pedal issues


Huge, pricey trucks haul jobs and profits for the Detroit Three




MAGA all-stars visit border to plot private wall project




TSX rises 0.64 percent


Derailed train in B.C. began to move on its own, investigators say


Exercise caution on health-care super agency, Ontario warned


John Ivison: Tories score with claims Trudeau intends to raise taxes, and attack on his 'family fortune'  (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


John Fraser: Canada's First Nations and the Queen have a kinship like no other




American Fertility Hits Historical Low





A World Without Christianity: ‘Unimaginable’




China Threat Of EMP Is Real ù And America Needs To Meet The Challenge


Chinese Government Pursues Major Crackdown Against Catholic Church In Northeastern China




US envoy in North Korea to discuss Trump-Kim summit




Civil liberties groups ask Congress to refuse border tech funding in any shutdown deal


For the Civil Rights Act to do its job, Congress must pass the Equality Act


How Democrats should handle the State of the Union


Parents of three students killed in Parkland shooting to attend State of the Union




Man Sues His Parents For Giving Birth To Him ôWithout His Consent¤


Judge approves debt restructuring plan for Puerto Rico




Illegal immigrants sent to jail at a rate 4 times higher than U.S. citizens: study


New York City: Muslim Community Patrol working in cars resembling NYPD cars, wearing NYPD uniform lookalikes




Border Patrol Intel Chief: Human Smuggling Ring Recycled Children to Pose as Family Units




DCCC official praises Abrams' upcoming Dem response: ‘She showed what’s possible in Georgia’


Political Correctness Knows No Statute of Limitations  (If Ralph Northam were to resign as governor of Virginia, it would be a great victory for the bullies.)


VA Gov. Northam: I Won't Resign And Be Branded A 'Racist' Forever


The Northam Debacle


Justin Fairfax Sexual Assault Accuser Hires Kavanaugh Accuser's Legal Team


Judge Napolitano Says The Reason Democrats Want Northam Gone Is Trump


Democrats Are the Party of Destruction


5 Reasons Why Justin Fairfax's Accuser Is More Credible Than Christine Ford


Racist Lynch Mob-Leading Virginia Governor Getting His Just Deserts


Gov. Ralph Northam's Blackface-KKK Yearbook Story Doesn't Add Up


Blackface-KKK: I Can’t Believe He Did That


Sacrificing Northam will not be enough for the radicals


Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax says he had consensual sex with woman who accuses him of assault


For Virginia Dems, there goes the wheel that comes around


Democrats adopt a zero-tolerance policy in the age of Trump


Stop with the shifting stories, Gov. Northam, and explain yourself


Yearbook scoopster: People are ‘uniting in their hatred of Ralph Northam’




2,000-person caravan arrives at border south of Texas; DHS blames Congress




 Trump inaugural committee subpoenaed




U.S. stocks climb to two-month highs ahead of State of the Union address


Stocks end higher with State of the Union on deck


Asian Markets Mixed In Holiday-thinned Trade


Nikkei flat, Australian stocks surge as central bank stays pat


Treasurys rally after weaker-than-expected ISM data


Here Are the Finance Firms Cutting Jobs After Turmoil in Markets


This corner of California is suffering economic misery despite boom all around it


Greed Is Back as Debt Markets Face an $8.6 Trillion Hangover


If stock-market investors missed January’s surge, they’re out of luck, says Goldman Sachs


Dollar gains for 2nd day in a row ahead of State of the Union address


Gold finishes lower for third session in a row




Florida Gov. DeSantis Issues 1-Year Deadline to Eliminate All ‘Vestiges’ of Common Core


Mosque Open House at Texas A&M


Racist Histories


King Kang on a Rampage  (Leftist colossus tilts UCLA toward totalitarian thought control.)


Not an Isolated Incident


Harvard’s top astronomer says an alien ship may be among us. He doesn’t care what his colleagues say.


Trying Anew to Jump-Start Overhaul of Higher Ed Law


Drag Queen Story Time for Kids at Philadelphia-Area Library Sparks Protest





Time and time again, hyped claims of rampant illegal voting turn out to be untrue





Feds: No impact from foreign meddling in 2018 election


California elections officials will investigate whether DMV voter registration errors changed the outcome of races




O'Rourke to decide on 2020 bid by end of February


The Best Place for a Sexual Harasser is in a 2020 Democrat Presidential Candidate’s Office


Booker Has A Hill to Climb for Name Recognition


Sherrod Brown Says Dems Need to Prioritize Workers Over Progressives


Kamala Harris Will Deliver A Speech Ahead Of Trump's State Of The Union


One Cheer for Tulsi


Howard Schultz: We’re not billionaires, we’re ‘people of means’


Howard Schultz plans Thursday policy speech as he moves toward presidential run


Can Oprah help restore the Beto O’Rourke glow?


Dem presidential field looks smaller than expected


Sasse’s jabs at Trump spark talk of primary challenger




Oil futures fall, with U.S. benchmark settling at a one-week low


Energy Prices


Exactly What Is ôThe Green New Deal?"


The weaponization of energy





European markets upbeat; by oil and bank stocks lead the way


EU Concerned by Iran Missile Work, Regional Security Role


U.S. warns European allies not to use Chinese gear for 5G networks





American Debt: Up, Up, and Away




'She burnt down my flat in revenge': Neighbour tells of dispute behind deadly Paris blaze


US giant GE to pay France €50 million after creating just 25 jobs out of 1,000





Germany to block foreign takeovers with taxpayer cash





Safety Razors, Bananas And Thrift Stores: Ocasio-Cortez Advises Teens Reducing Their CO2 Footprints


Climate change on front burner after 8 years of GOP rule





$3 billion is needed to address California’s doctor shortage, task force says




Liam Neeson clarifies controversial revenge remarks: 'I'm not a racist'




Wasserman Schultz Vows to Take a Trump National Emergency to Court


Omar Rips Trump Admin. for Granting Waiver to Christian Foster Group: Religious Freedom Means You Don’t Discriminate


Steyer Running Targeted Ads to Pressure Lawmaker to Subpoena Trump Taxes


Omar Doesn’t Mention Jews, Anti-Semitism When Asked What She’s Learned About Anti-Semitism


Nancy Pelosi Keeps Quoting Her Favorite Bible Verse. The Mystery: It’s Not Actually in the Bible.


Rep. Steve King invites Diamond and Silk to State of the Union


Ocasio-Cortez to bring Kavanaugh critic as her guest to Trump State of the Union


Many eyes will be on Nancy Pelosi, other Democrats during State of the Union address


Rep. Maxine Waters Claims Trump Has ‘Lied Over 8,000 Times,’ Says It’s 'Past Time for Impeachment!’


Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar blamed ôour involvement in other people’s affairs¤ for bloody jihad massacre in Kenya in 2013





Former Clinton Campaign Adviser on Migrant Family Separation: ‘We’re Not Up in Arms Because These Children Are Not White’




NYC subway shooting suspect, linked to MS-13, is in US illegally, ICE reveals





Hindu Terrorists Use Threats And Violence To Force 98 Christians To Apostatize To Hinduism




Iran says Trump plan to use Iraq base for spying reveals American ‘lies’


New Iranian Sanctions-busting Cryptocurrency Is Fool’s Gold, Analysts Say


IRGC Deputy Commander Salami: 'If The Europeans... Want To Act To Disarm Iran Of Missiles, We Will Be Forced Into A Strategic Leap'; 'Iran's Regional Influence Cannot Be Diminished, Because Its Essence Is A Matter Of Faith'




As it readies peace plan, US says it sees no need to balance pro-Israel slant


Likud politicians think their voters are animals


Israel builds 20-foot high-tech, anti-tunnel barrier on Gaza border


Netanyahu to Austrian President: Israel Defending Europe from ISIS, Shi’ite Militants  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Upbeat at primaries, Likud voters see no need to choose between Netanyahu, Sa’ar


Bennett to Jewish Home leader: We are brothers


IDF Arrests Mother of Terrorist Brothers, Orders Demolition of Home  (Israel Defense Forces)


After Trump shares Netanyahu billboard pic, US insists it’s not backing anyone


Israeli UN Amb. Danny Danon on defending Israel globally


Israel arrests mother of Givat Assaf, Ofra terrorists


 MK Folkman's mother killed outside Kulanu headquarters


PA chooses terror promotion and rewards over US aid


Up to a third of Israeli nuptials held outside state religious bodies ù report


Gaza film wins top documentary at Paris foreign press awards




Lean job market for Dems on K Street



Media are already trashing Trump’s State of the Union address


A New Low in Media Lies from the Miami Herald


The Press Needs More Than A Super Bowl Ad To Fix Its Plunging Credibility


CNN Hosts Analyze Melania’s Decision to Invite Bullied Sixth-Grader Named Trump to SOTU: It’s ‘Good,’ But





Saudi Arabia’s latest satellite launches into orbit from French Guiana





Top US general says Trump did not consult him on Syria announcement


Europe defense projects could be among hundreds at risk if military construction funds are diverted to build wall


New retro-style Army Greens to hit the streets this year in phased rollout


Lawmakers demand answers in wake of Navy linguist’s death in Syria


Judges tosses 2 charges against SEAL accused of killing ISIS terrorist


Air Force does away with promotion test for senior NCOs


Trump Promises ‘Human Wall’ of Troops to Block Migrant Caravans


US, South Korea agree ‘in principle’ on military cost-sharing deal


‘Nothing to see here’? Black helicopters swarm Los Angeles in surprise urban warfare drill (Videos)





Feds Spend $228,636 to Find Out Why Obese Lesbians Binge Eat




Wealth tax. 70 percent rates. Medicare-for-all. Let’s take a breath.




Catholic Clergy: Making Themselves Irrelevant




Putin taunts Trump: 400 Russian military contractors sent to Venezuela in support of Maduro (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Top Russian diplomat blasts US for failing to furnish evidence of INF violations


Earth's Magnetic Pole is Quickly Moving Toward Russia, Models Say


Poll: Putin’s Popularity Falls from 80% to 64%, Lowest in 5 Years


Russian Army may give up 5.45mm rounds for Kalashnikov assault rifles


Taliban & Afghan delegates seek end to 18yr war at Moscow peace talks boycotted by US-backed Kabul


Defense chief: Russia needs to develop ground-based cruise and hypersonic missiles by 2020


Trump Held Talks With Moscow Leadership to Build Mall, Ex-Mayor Reveals


Russia’s top diplomat indicates US deploying missile launchers to Japan violates INF

Russian Expert Shumilin: 'Iran Is No Longer The Ally Of Russia'






NRA Spent Record Amount Lobbying Congress, With Little to Show


Washington State County Sheriff Nullifies State Statute’s Gun Grab




US Senate passes anti-BDS bills, sending them to House


Neomi Rao’s Actual College Writings Undermine The Left’s Attempts To Attack Her


Sen. Graham Predicts GOP 'War' if Trump Tries to 'Go It Alone' on Border Wall


Liberal Writers Made Same Sexual Assault Arguments as Neomi Rao


Sen. Kennedy: World Won’t ‘Spin Off Its Axis’ if Trump Declares Emergency at Border


Should William Barr Be Barred from Confirmation?


Nominee to replace Kavanaugh pressed on past writings on date rape at hearing on her judicial nomination


Senate panel advances Trump's pick for key IRS role


Booker schooled by judicial nominee after question on ‘LGBTQ law clerks’




The existential threat Google-Facebook represent to America


Facebook apologizes after museum complains nude statues were censored


Pollster says younger lawmakers more likely to respond to State of the Union on social media




Seoul sees drastic rise in ultrafine dust level in Jan: data


Chinese Military Planes Keep Buzzing Korean Identification Zone


Nobel-Winning Former President of Costa Rica Is Accused of Sexual Assault


S. Korea-US joint military exercise schedule to be announced: sources




Gavin McInnes sues SPLC over 'obsessive, malicious' hate labels





New York Faces $2.3 Billion Budget Shortfall


Bill would ban cigarette sales to anyone under 100 in Hawaii


Don’t Embarrass the Criminals! (Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo’s latest sop to the progressive Left is to ban mugshots.)


New York Governor Cuomo Blames Exodus of Wealthy on Trump





Ketamine Could Be the Key to Reversing America’s Rising Suicide Rate




Images show S-300 air defense batteries in Syria likely turning operational


US calls on nations to repatriate militants as it leaves Syria


Religious Freedom Group Asks Trump Not to Withdraw From Syria, Warns Turkey’s Entry Will Lead to Genocide




Military bombers and fighter jets are featured in China's new year video message to Taiwan as the...





Netflix as Death Cult


Tech Is Splitting the U.S. Work Force in Two


Record profits put new bull’s-eye on tech giants




Pope and Al-Azhar Grand Sheikh: Terrorism due to ôincorrect interpretations of religious texts¤ and poverty


Muslim involved in jihad murder plot at AFDI event gets half jail time feds sought, judge notes his ôquiet dignity¤ 




Turkey's Erdogan slams US over delays in Syria buffer zone




London markets climb after higher than expected BP profits


Huge Psy-op in UK? Not interested. British media silent on Integrity Initiative months on


Britain says IS hostage John Cantlie may still be alive




UNHRC set to blast Israel 7 times, but mum on China’s Muslim imprisonment



Pope signs declaration with Grand Sheikh of al-Azhar condemning ôterrorism and oppression¤ carried out in God’s name


Pope Francis admits nuns have been sexually abused by clergy


On the ground with Pope Francis in Islam's heartland




Venezuela and the oil supply line




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump Has Decided Not to Declare Emergency in State of the Union


Trump slams Schumer before his ‘call for unity’ in State of the Union address


Trump’s backing fuels ‘resistance’ on issues Democrats traditionally support


Trump's early trips to Florida club cost taxpayers nearly $14 million, watchdog finds


Trump’s Full-Month Approval Takes a Hit To Start Off 2019


Democrats Will Make Street Theatre Out Of Tonight’s SOTU


Judge Napolitano makes prediction on 'emergency' wall funding


We may finally see Trump’s tax returns, and Republicans are panicking


Trump will call for ‘unity’ tonight. It’s a scam, and here’s the proof.


Trump’s fixation on immigrants does real damage. North Carolina is proof.




Trump’s pick to lead World Bank spent years criticizing its mission


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