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Monday, March 20, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




Tomi Lahren’s Incoherent Abortion Flip-Flop Smells Of Opportunism


Democrats Trash Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch for Defending Hobby Lobby’s Religious Rights


What Neil Gorsuch's Book on Assisted Suicide Reveals About His Views on Abortion Rights


60 Pro-Life Groups Ask Senate to Confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court


Feminists Abort Unborn Jesus


Operator of New Abortion Clinic Can’t Wait to Kill Babies: “We Want to be Really Loud About It”


Kansas Abortion Case Turns on State Constitution


Celebrating the Pro-Life Legacy of Justice Antonin Scalia


Kellyanne Conway Says She's Helped Pay for an Abortion


100 Universities Will Show Documentary About How Abortion Hurts Women


Planned Parenthood is Not About Abortion


New York Catholic parish cancels event featuring Planned Parenthood, transgender activists after


Court blocks law that'd close Mississippi's only abortion clinic


Court Blocks Law That Would Have Closed Mississippi’s Last Abortion Clinic


Professor Defends Sex-Selection Abortions: If a Woman Doesn’t Want a Girl Baby That’s Her Decision


Let Women Abort Babies for Being the Wrong Sex, Says Top Medical Ethicist


Sex-selective abortions should be allowed, British Medical Association ethics expert says


Lemieux: Pro-lifers must stop giving up ground in Canada and join the Conservative Party




‘Nothing here but dust’: Unregistered war refugees returning to Afghanistan face a barren welcome





Report: Boko Haram Chief Resurfaces Threatening World Leaders in Video


Ghana waterfall: Many dead in Kintampo freak tree accident


Targets in South Africa's 'genocide' all white ('Shooting Back' author Charl van Wyk: Christians fighting politicians' 'racial hatred.')




Capital Hill Review Monday, March 20, 2017




Criminals Identified, More Leftist Anti-Semitism: Menorah Vandalized, Turned Into Swastika (Video)




Garbage haul at Dakota Access camps revised downward to 21 million pounds




Uzbek Teacher Dismissed After Violent Classroom Rant Captured In Video




Harvey Norman hit hard as ASX falls


The Australian dollar is steady


Farmer texted son-in-law just before shooting him, jury told


Three teens arrested after luxury cars, phones stolen from Melbourne homes


Record wheat output to fuel GDP


Tech giants to lose $900 million in APS work


A hundred more jobs to go at Bureau of Statistics


Australian teenager is attacked and almost killed by a crocodile after jumping into a river in doomed attempt to impress a girl


The Great Barrier Reef is dying


Thief steals man's identity, obtains 10 iPhone 7s




Trump’s “Great, Great Wall” to be Big and Scary


Numbers finally crunched on cost of border wall vs. no wall




TSX falls with oil as energy and financials decline


Canada's Moment (A Trump effect? Many Canadian universities are reporting large gains in international applications at the same time some American universities are seeing declines.)


Toronto hate crimes increase, with Jews targeted the most


Toronto photographer accused of posting revealing pictures of women without consent


Extradite pair to face 'honour killing' trial or undermine global justice, lawyer says


Warmer and sunnier spring days ahead in Toronto


Lisa Raitt calls for Conservative leadership 'cheaters' to be expelled


Liberals under fire for ads promoting hydro rate cut


Blizzard-bound Churchill awaits supply train: OmniTrax says track cleared


Ontario Finance Minister wants Ottawa to help curb real estate speculation


Canadian specialized nurses will be allowed to work on U.S. visas


Almost half of Canadians want illegal border crossers deported: poll


Canadian accused in Yahoo hack posed ‘extremely high flight risk,’ documents say


Goodbye to the Alberta Progressive Conservatives. And good riddance


Precarious jobs scar employees’ mental health: survey


Doctors harvesting organs from Canadian patients who underwent medically assisted death


Teens create mental health program for Toronto high schools: 'This is what we wish we'd been taught


At some point, middle-class Canadians may wonder when Liberals will pony up the cash


Canada-wide warrant issued against St. Catharines man wanted in death of 7-year-old stepson


This retirement decision could be worth $72,000, but few Canadians take advantage of it 




New census form would worry many from Mideast, mainly Muslims





Strengthening the CIA Drone Program Will Hurt Accountability





Could Great Wall of Iron become New Silk Roadblock?


Taking the direct route! Train goes through the centre of a 19-storey block of flats in China's 'Mountain City' 





Can America Deter the Regime Survival Ambitions of a Nuclear-Capable North Korea?


North Korea Threatens The United States


N. Korea makes rare admission of a deadly accident


As US loses patience, North Korea holds a chemical card


What to worry about when you worry about North Korea




How to Repeal and Replace ObamaCare ASAP


The National Health Care Nightmare Ahead


GOP lawmakers wouldn’t come to a town hall — so voters brought literal empty suits


Russia Inquiries Overlap in Tangle of Secrets and Sniping (The Senate, the House and the FBI are conducting investigations into Russia’s election meddling, all with different agendas.)




Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is just weeks from STEPPING DOWN after his anti-Trump vow to hire 10,000 refugees backfired, provoked a boycott by Donald supporters and hit sales




In court, woman confronts man who kidnapped, raped her


Lack of Oxford Comma Could Cost Maine Company Millions in Overtime Dispute


The Republican case for breaking up the notoriously liberal 9th Circuit makes no sense


Trump voter who was 'refused service for wearing a Make America Great Again hat' SUES Manhattan cocktail bar




Manhunt intensifies for missing Tenn. teacher, student


Las Vegas Man Breaks Free From Armed Home Intruders, Shoots Them


Two immigrant high school students who 'raped a girl, 14, in a bathroom' arrived in America just months ago from El Salvador and Guatemala


Father, daughter dead in apparent murder-suicide at Capitola Mall in Calif.


Hikers stumble upon two SKELETONS in canyon just a few miles from Salt Lake City


Baltimore cops hunt suspect in fatal firebombing




Former police chief says he was detained at JFK Airport because of his name




Judge Jeanine Pirro on Donna Brazile: ‘What a Lying, Scheming, Machiavellian Democrat’  (Judge Jeanine Pirro said that former Democratic National Committee chairwoman Donna Brazile “finally [found] redemption” after she admitted to passing along debate questions to 2016 Democrat Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.)




Is The Democratic Party Going Extinct?


Obama Must Testify (Ten Questions that ask: What did the President know and when did he know it?)


California Dem Introduces Bill to Override First Amendment


Hillary and Huma Still Joined At the Hip




Betsy DeVos Hands Victory to Loan Firm Tied to Adviser Who Just Quit   (Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos)




Do we have a country or not? Trump must cancel Obama’s amnesty


Why Trump’s Immigration Order Is Legal and Constitutional


Persian New Year Is Quelled in U.S. by Fear of Travel Ban




Sessions Promotes "Project Exile" Solution to Gun Violence  (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)




Liberal mom’s harrowing account of a man in the women’s restroom at Disneyland


'Beauty and the Beast' earns monstrous $170M





U.S. stocks finish lower as weakness in financials offsets strength in materials


U.S. Stocks Retreat, Bonds Rise as Dollar Slips: Markets Wrap


Wall Street dips on Trump plan jitters


Asia stocks mixed, dollar slips as Fed continues to weigh


Risk Appetite Goes Missing as Asia Starts the Week: Markets Wrap


Treasury yields continue lower after Fed fails to signal quicker pace of rate hikes


Why Wall Street’s decline will never end


The S&P 500 and Dow have now gone 109 days without a 1% decline


Appalachia Ain’t Just Moonshine Anymore


Gold prices settle at a 2½-week high


Interest Rates After Inflation May Be a Real Bubble


Bill Gates is named the world's richest man again by Forbes Magazine with a fortune of $86billion but Donald Trump falls 220 places to 544 after his net worth is cut to $3.5billion


Bitcoin takes a beating while rivals soar to all-time highs


Dollar flat, pound dips as investors digest latest Brexit step




Texas high school may have to close its prayer room after claims it is off-limits to students who aren't Muslim


Trump Kills Obama Program Letting Bad College Borrowers Off The Hook


From The Colleges: U of Mobile to inaugurate pres.; LC establishes scholarships; OBU track wins again; Boyce player honored


Dispute on Cultural Appropriation Leads to Assault Charges (Hampshire students accused of attacking Central Maine Community College students over braids in their hair. Conflict is latest over contested adoption of one culture's styles by another.)


The next battle in the school lunch wars


Charges of Ignoring Harassment, Year After Year  (Grad students’ lawsuit against Ohio University says it failed to act on complaints of an English professor’s sexual misconduct for a decade, allowing him to continue harassing young women. A former department chair is named as a co-defendant.)


‘Your child is safe’: Schools work to address deportation fears among immigrant families


Finding a Niche in a Niche Market  (Despite the buzz, competency-based education remains a challenging market for software vendors.)


Prosecute the Sanctuary Secessionists  (The Freedom Center's newest campaign takes on the seditious "sanctuary campus" movement.)


Boston public schools map switch aims to amend 500 years of distortion




Egyptian Media Rallies To Support Of Senior Journalist Ibrahim 'Issa Following Cancellation Of His Show, Attacks On Him In Parliament




Maryland county’s count suggests noncitizens voting across U.S.




Trump Wants Elizabeth Warren to Run Against Him in 2020 (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)




Oil ends lower as rising U.S. rig count, G-20 statement unnerves


Energy Prices


Saudi Arabia is totally not bluffing the oil market





Exploring Mother Nature’s Miracles (Birds and bees and turtles know where they’re going a lot better than we do.)





EPA Grants Flint Water System $100 Million


EPA Receives Hundreds of Cookies From Concerned Citizens Fearing Trump Budget Cuts




Ukraine to sanction foreign officials if they go to Crimea


Devastating floods in store for Europe and Russia in 2017





European stocks end lower, weighed by G-20 gloom, caution before French debate


Two Torah Scrolls Added to Prague’s Old-New Synagogue


Mount Etna glows hot in new satellite image




A pilot crashed his plane and walked off uninjured. Now the FAA wants to know what exactly happened




The federal bureaucracy needs an overhaul, but Trump's budget plan is nonsensical




Comey Confirms Ongoing Investigation Into Russia, Potential Campaign Ties  (FBI Director James Comey)


FBI Director Refuses to Tell Congress If He Discussed Gen. Michael Flynn’s Phone Calls with Obama (Video)


The FBI Has Been Investigating Trump’s Russia Ties Since July


FBI Director Refuses to Tell Congress If He Discussed Gen. Michael Flynn’s Phone Calls with Obama (Video)


FBI head has 'no information' backing Trump's wiretap claims  (FBI Director James Comey; AVIPP CPMMENTARY: Comey cannot be trusted.  Democrats were delighted to allow everyone to believe — based on the studious leaking — that it was the Trump campaign that was under investigation. Read: 3 big denials of Obama spying on Trump look like non-denials ; British Intel Likely Helped Obama Access Trump's Calls ; The Obama Camp’s Disingenuous Denials on FISA Surveillance of Trump .)

Fix Is In: Comey Praised DNC-Hired Cybersecurity Firm Even After Botched Report


Comey Confirms FBI Is Investigating Ties Between Trump Campaign Officials and Russian Government


FBI Director James Comey 'will rubbish Trump's wiretapping claims' when he testifies before Congress on Monday about Russian meddling in the election





FCC Chairman Does Not Believe Media 'Enemy of the American People'





When the Federal Reserve raises interest rates





Feminist Writer: 'White People Are Evil'





Hedge Fund Titan’s Surefire Bet Turns Into a $4 Billion Loss





Most See U.S. Foreign Aid As A Bad Deal for America


Bill Gates meets with Trump to talk foreign aid




Shale Shock: How to Use America's Energy Market as a Foreign Policy Tool


Trump’s foreign policy doctrine: Escalate to de-escalate





Opinion: Stop the hysteria, Le Pen won't win... at least not this year


‘Only Arabs, blacks who die:’ Protester says in Paris march on police brutality


French election: Macron the likely punchbag as candidates face off on TV


Bungling French burglar gets stuck in store window and police have last laugh


French Presidential Race: Marine LePen Far Ahead of Rivals in Secret Polling





Merkel: Germany could ban Turkish campaign events after Nazi jibes  (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


Merkel renews demand that Erdoğan drop Nazi comments  (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Weird things German parents do while raising their kids


Bochum hopes to be Germany's 'fastest city' for internet


Pet goldfish forming shoals and starving out Munich's native species




Top Climate Alarm “Scientist”: Get Rid of Cars, Coal, Steel — or Its End of the World


Climate change Trump administration's 'anti-scientific statements' alarm ex-energy secretary




Who Stokes the Fire of Globalism?



Ad controversy Google braces for questions as more big-name firms pull adverts




What African Airports Taught Me about Obamacare  (The parallels between certain African countries' racist land confiscation and Obamacare's redistribution of wealth are a little too pointed to ignore.)


Health Secretary Tom Price says he knows nothing about reported stock-trade probe




Steve McQueen ‘ran into a chickie’ and skipped the 1969 dinner where Sharon Tate was murdered


Hollywood Is Addicted to Politics




The homosexualizing of America: ‘Definitive’ study finds nation’s youth swayed by educators, propaganda


YouTube apologizes amid furor over blocking LGBT videos




Trump Mounts Lackluster Defense of Ryan's Unpopular Health Bill  (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


Dem Congresswoman: Russia Committed “Act of War” Against U.S.


GOP Rep. Urging Colleagues to Stop Referring to the ‘Mainstream’ Media


Key moments from the House Russia hearing


Gowdy Points To President Obama And 6 Admin. Officials As Possible Source Of Flynn Leaks [Video]  (US Representative of South Carolina Trey Gowdy (R)


Ryan puts speakership on the line with Obamacare blitz


Conservatives Trapped in the Healthcare Swamp (A few amendments to the House bill and conservative confidence in Obamacare replacement will grow.)


Ryan: Obamacare replacement bill on track for passage this week (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


Obamacare: It’s ‘Nut Cuttin’ Time for the GOP (The full House is scheduled to vote on repeal this Thursday.)


House health-care bill will change to offer more help to seniors, Ryan says


Famous Republican: 1 simple secret to fix Obamacare  (Former US Representative of Minnesota Michelle Bachmann (R)


Intelligence chairman: Justice report shows no evidence for Trump’s claims of wiretapping




Opponents of Border Security and Immigration Law Enforcement Aid Human Traffickers  (The Democratic Party’s donkey mascot should be swapped for a coyote. )




If You’re Employed in the Trades, You're Going to Work Alongside Undocumented Immigrants


San Francisco beyond sanctuary  (For one big reason San Francisco stands out among the 500 cities that have declared themselves sanctuaries for illegal aliens. Others content themselves by refusing to cooperate with federal immigration enforcement agencies. About a month ago San Francisco took a big step farther by withdrawing its police from cooperation with the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF).)


Philadelphia Cinco de Mayo parade organizers make 'sad but responsible' decision to cancel this year's event due to immigration crackdown fears




China warns India over invite to Dalai Lama


ISIS-Linked Group Threatens Attacks in India, Taj Mahal Target


India: Muslims hack man to death for atheist post on Facebook


Hizbul terrorist arrested in Jammu and Kashmir's Reasi district


India Controversial Hindu priest chosen as Uttar Pradesh chief minister


A 'new India' where fringe is the mainstream


Modi’s party is finally confident enough to reveal its most venomous religious agenda to India  (Prime Minister Narendra Modi)


India ranks 122nd  in World Happiness Report, behind its neighbours Pakistan and China


Here’s the list of 23 fake universities in the country




Expanded Internet Access in Muslim World Could Spur Next Islamic ‘Culture War’




South Korean and Turkish companies team up to build power plants in Iran


Iran: Alarming rise in acid attacks against women who are not properly veiled




US bombers destroy hotel 'used as an ISIS headquarters' in Mosul 


Christians may never be able to return to Mosul: the Islamic State has bred new generation of jihadis


Iraqi PM to meet with Trump





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Monday, March 20, 2017)


Historic restoration of Jesus’s burial shrine in Jerusalem completed


Shin Bet Warns of Impending Passover Terrorist Plots


Backing UN moves and Iran deal, China shows Netanyahu it’s not (only) about the money (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Israel, American Jews Far Apart on Trump


Liberman rules out alternative govt without Netanyahu  (Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman)


Eyes on boosting trade, PM lands in China as coalition crisis simmers


Haifa U. Scholar Pushing Gaza Island Harbor


Netanyahu: Israel is ‘perfect junior partner’ for China’s economy


Senior Palestinian Official Calls For New Peace Process With Israel


Israel aims to become world’s 15th largest economy by 2025 — minister


Man with Gun Detained at Ben Gurion, Soldier with Bullets Stopped in Tashkent


Assad: Russia will play role in preventing war with Israel  (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad)


Answer to Hezbollah: Comprehensive air defense to be operational


Air Force defends use of Arrow system against Syrian missile


Survey: 36% of Secular Jews Want to Leave Israel


Bennett says coalition broadcaster spat ‘nearly over’ (Israeli Education Minister and chairman of the Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home) party Naftali Bennett)


Israeli-Russian clash over Hizballah’s Golan grab


Israel will continue to defend its citizens, says UN envoy in response to Syria threats


IDF Chief: Hezbollah Keep Seeking More Accurate and Deadly Weapons (Israel Defense Forces)


Israel said to strike Syria for second time in 24 hours, amid threats from Damascus


Forbes publishes list of billionares, including 18 Israelis


Abbas, Sissi hold ‘reconciliation’ meeting in Egypt (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas/Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi)


Fatah official to JPost: Abbas, Sisi agree to coordinate all steps for Mideast peace


New Israeli Milestone Reveals the Farce of the Guardian’s BDS Obsession


Top Arab MK hails ‘inspiring’ boycott activist Linda Sarsour


Fatah: US embassy reinstated Fatah Facebook page


Banksy West Bank (Judea and Samaria)  hotel with ‘worst view’ to receive first guests


The Diabolical PA/EU Plan for Area C


Palestinian police officer killed during West Bank (Judea and Samaria) arrest raid


Policeman who attacked Ethiopian soldier to stand trial


The battle over Israel's next war


The Most Pro-Israel President Ever (or is he?)


Intercepted Syrian missile carried 200 kilograms of explosives


Palestinian officer killed, 2 gunmen injured during armed clashes in Balata


Israel's multi-layer defense system fully operational


Yes, Indeed, Israel IS an Apartheid State


 Israel sets to annex disputed maritime border area


High Court: Supporters of divorce refusal will be penalized


PPS: Israeli authorities medically neglecting 2 Palestinians held in Nafha prison


Arab Media: Dozens of Gazans Visit Hamas Terrorist Prisoners in Israel


Israeli authorities renew order to confiscate Palestinian lands in Qalqiliya


Israel Signs Agreement With China on Foreign Workers and More


Committee investigating anti-PA protests to submit results in coming days


Israel’s Anti-Boycott Law Is Correct And Overdue  (The economic war to destroy Israel is dealt a serious blow.)


The little NGO that managed to move an Israeli settlement




Japan court shocks nuclear industry with liability ruling


Japan Is Becoming Player in South China Sea Sovereignty Dispute





Jordan court rejects US extradition request for Sbarro terrorist





Top Democratic Lobbyist Bundlers Tied to Russian Interests





Maddow’s Ratings Tank After Showing Trump’s Tax Returns


Tracking the special treatment media get when they play nice with the White House


CNN Plagiarist Fareed Zakaria Accuses Trumpof "B____T"





Medicaid is out of control. Here’s how to fix it.





American Spring Breakers chant 'build the wall' on Cancun cruise in front of horrified Mexican honeymooners


Another journalist shot to death in Mexico




Dubai harvests desert sun at vast solar plant


Nearly 7 Million Suffering Famine in War-Torn Yemen


Fog blankets Saudi cities, unstable weather likely in UAE




America's Nuclear Bombers Are Old—and in Desperate Need of an Upgrade


Delta IV rocket launches military communications satellite


Marines issue new social media policy amid nude photo scandal


Army tackling task of significantly boosting its ranks


Trump Favors Special Ops and Local Troops, as Obama Did


What North Korea, Russia, China fear most about U.S. Air Force


While Trump talks tough, US quietly cutting nuclear force




Minimum-wage hikes could deepen shortage of health aides




Country music legend Glen Campbell's wife reveals he can no longer play guitar due to his battle with Alzheimer's but he still tries to sing





So Long, NEA — It’s a Matter of Principle


Robert Redford: Defunding NEA 'wrong approach' at 'wrong time'





Proposed NIH Cuts Stun and Anger  (Advocates for science hope Congress will block proposals.)




NSA Documents Prove Surveillance of Donald Trump & His Family


NSA Documents Prove Surveillance Of Donald Trump And Alex Jones


Bombshell: Obama’s NSA Illegally Spied on Sheriff Arpaio’s Prosecution


NSA Director: We Have No Evidence Russia Changed Votes in Swing States Clinton Lost


NSA official: Trump’s British spying claim is ‘nonsense’


NSA Documents Prove Surveillance of Donald Trump & His Family




New Zealand: US diplomat expelled amid police inquiry




US Pays 22.1% of NATO Budget; Germany 14.7%; 13 Allies Pay Less Than 1%




Is Trump gutting Meals on Wheels? His budget director says no. (Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney)


Mulvaney tells department heads to stay quiet amid budget rollout


Mulvaney: 'Only way to get truly universal care is to throw people in jail'





Pakistan PM orders reopening of Afghanistan border


President Mamnoon Hussain promulgated Hindu Marriage bill into law


Troubled waters: Can India and Pakistan bridge differences over river pact?


President Tatarstan met Nawaz Sharif (Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif)





Philippines' Duterte says can't stop China developing shoal (President Rodrigo Duterte)





Chicago Music Store Forced to Shut Down Over Owners’ Trump Support


Partisanship isn't a crime; it's a blunder




Prosecutors: No crime in death of inmate left in hot shower for 2 hours





Company recalls 21,000 pounds of frozen pizza





A Post-Racial Society is Racist and Other Things Ibram X. Kendi Taught Me  (The National Book Award goes to a ridiculous racist.)




Russian FM Lavrov: 'The World Is... Becoming Post-Western... It Is Time To Get Used To The Multi-Polarity Of The World'


Anti-Putin activist has antiseptic thrown in his face  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Putin Gives Green Light For Incorporating Some South Ossetian Units Into Russian Army


Death of a Rocketman: Who Was Vladimir Evdokimov?  (Former Roscosmos Quality Control Director Found Dead In Cell Toilet.)


Russia says summoned Israel’s Ambassador over Israeli strike in Syria


Moscow has no plans to deploy new military base in Syria — Russian Defense Ministry


Russia Says Syrian Government Officials Will Attend Geneva Peace Talks


Russians offered to raise loans by pawning their kidneys


WTO ambassadors of Russia, Turkey to discuss situation with Russian grain


Three years under Russian control (The BBC hears from those living in Crimea, three years after it was annexed by Russia.)


For this Russian dissident, holding Putin accountable was almost deadly — twice  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


UFC star says she pooped her pants in front of Vladimir Putin


Russia’s grave mistake of getting bogged down in sectarian mess


Russia says US missile systems in Asia a risk to regional security




Another Federal Court of Appeals Attacks the Second Amendment




Trump: Time to fire the Secret Service


Pictured: Heavily-armed patrols surround Mar-A-Lago after a Trump supporter 'gave Secret Service the slip to sneak into the president's study and take a SELFIE'





How Neil Gorsuch’s Senate Confirmation Process Compares to Recent Ones  (Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch)


Gorsuch Defends Adherence to Law at Senate Committee Hearing


Roger Stone Responds To Us Senate Intelligence Committee


Democrat Slams Neil Gorsuch: “He Believes the Intentional Taking of Human Life is Always Wrong”


Gorsuch called on to represent all Americans in confirmation hearing  (Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch)


Conservatives Target Red State Dems to Support Gorsuch


Tammy Baldwin Paid Clinton Lawyer $90K For Crisis Control After VA Scandal  (US Senator of Wisconsin Tammy Baldwin (D) paid Hillary Clinton’s campaign lawyer $90,000 for crisis control following a Veteran Affairs facility scandal that engulfed the senator and her staff.)


Ex-student claims Gorsuch said women "manipulate" maternity leave


Feinstein: I'm Concerned that Gorsuch Is an 'Originalist' (US Senator of California Dianne Feinstein (D); AVIPP COMMENTARY: America needs originalist judges that believe in the rule of law not what is occurring today judicial activism.)


 Peyton Manning for US Senate? Here’s the RINO he could replace


Michael R. Bloomberg: Democrats, Don't Use Republican Playbook on Gorsuch  (Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch)


Top GOP senator spills beans on real goal of EPA


Sen. Ted Cruz: GOP’s three-phase health plan ‘ain’t gonna happen’ (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)


Opening shot: Gorsuch statement to committee to set tone for confirmation hearing


Schumer: Trump’s budget cuts will weaken national security (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


With Gorsuch hearings starting, Democrats face a stark dilemma


Kids TV shows push cultural limits -- but they're damaging kids


Justices’ Advice for Gorsuch: Avoid, Sidestep, Retreat  (Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch)


McConnell touts GOP healthcare plan ahead of Trump visit to Kentucky  (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


Chuck Schumer calls for chaos


Paul predicts GOP healthcare plan will fail  (US Senator of Kentucky Rand Paul (R)




Singapore's Success Continues to Inspire China




Police Are Using Fake Facebook Accounts To Track Gun Supporters, Says Lawyer




Brazil meat scandal: Temer tries to reassure partners




Anti-China sentiment rising over THAAD row


Security Beefed up as Prosecutors Gear up to Grill Park (Former President Park Geun-hye)


Gender equal parenting backs family, careers


Korean Parents Spend Less on Tuition Overseas


U.S. Supersonic Jets Conduct Aerial Refueling Drill


Korea appeals China’s possible violations to WTO: trade minister


Seoul says N. Korea's rocket engine 'meaningful' progress


China Refuses to Meet Korean Finance Minister at G20


Korea's birthrate lowest among OECD members


China's CCTV Snubs Korean Golfer's Triumph


Why China, not Japan, should be the real worry for S. Korea


More Food and Beverage Stores Close




Giant Trump Effigy Set Ablaze at Annual Falles Festival in Valencia, Spain (Video)




Tom Brady's missing Super Bowl jersey has been recovered


New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft hitches a ride with President Trump on Air Force One as they return from Mar-a-Lago to the White House 


Former 49ers great Dwight Clark diagnosed with ALS


The mighty ACC is faltering and watching the Big Ten own the tournament


No. 7 South Carolina stuns title contender Duke to reach Sweet 16


Coach's wife escorted out after Wichita State loss


Controversial technical foul doesn't slow Kansas


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard


College Basketball Scoreboard (Men)




Cuomo's no-win Port Authority power grab (Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo (D)


Officials fear wind gusts could fan flames of Colo. wildfire




Can Trump Drain the Foggy Bottom Swamp?  (Entrenched State Department interests will be tough to defeat.)


Tillerson welcomes State Department budget cuts to ‘soft power’ programs (US Secretary of State Rex W Tillerson)


Tillerson appears to give ground during visit to Beijing




Former Clerk Explains Her Support for Gorsuch  (Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch)


In a first, former CIA captive appeals Guantanamo trial to Supreme Court


Confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court


Let’s start telling the truth about what the Supreme Court does


The considerable legacy of Justice Antonin Scalia




Damascus ready to discuss Syria’s new constitution — Assad  (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad)


Abu Bakr back in Syria, readying for battle against US


Syrian army retakes Damascus areas captured by rebels


Clashes in Damascus after rebels tunnel into government-held areas




PRC missiles aimed at Taiwan: MND


Taiwan Receives U.S. Navy Frigates, Plans Purchase of American Fighter Jets


Export orders surged 22% last month


Aloe vera and cucumber might worsen sunburn


Cross-strait trade slid 0.7% in 2016 as relations cooled


Commercial initiatives save schools


Lawmakers clash over China rules




Robots will take your job. Yes you with the university degree. For real. It’s going to happen




'Sesame Street' to introduce Julia, a muppet with autism, in April




China prepares to counter any U.S. trade penalties: sources


Barron's: Kill Border Tax Before It Kills Us


Abe, Merkel urge free trade with jabs at US (Japanese Prime Minister  Shinzo Abe/ German Chancellor Angela Merkel)




Trans Conference Celebrates Getting People Fired For Not Calling Men Women


Transgender Weightlifter Wins Women's Competition




'Coup in Turkey Was Just a Welcome Pretext' (German intelligence doesn't buy Turkish President Erdogan's claims that last year's coup attempt was backed by the Gülen movement.)


Turkey arrests three people 'linked to Berlin truck attack'


Turkish politics, football will get rid of hooliganism, Erdoğan says


Turkish minister clarifies remarks on sending 15,000 migrants to Europe each month


Europe's attitude toward Turkey anti-democratic: Deputy PM Kurtulmuş


Turkish-Korean consortium to build Turkey’s largest solar plant


GMO material discovered in bread in southern Turkey


At least 4,000 foreign criminals in jail in Turkey: Report


Turkey criticizes official use of Iraqi Kurdish flag in Kirkuk


Phoenix Solar to build 11.2 MWp power plant in Turkey for Akfen


Turkey’s vision for Cyprus




Uber president Jeff Jones quits, deepening turmoil





FTSE 100 ekes out all-time closing high as Brexit update flips pound lower


ISIS recruit may have used welfare cash to fund family's terror journey


Brexit: Britain Starts Long Walk Into Unknown


How 'cash for ash' climate change do-goodery plunged Northern Ireland into a political crisis


Britain to trigger Brexit process on March 29, government says


Transgender athlete tried to murder official who questioned his competing with women


Marine A row: Alexander Blackman's defence team criticised for tarnishing reputation of regiment as commanding officer hits out at 'feral' troops claim


PM backs plans to overhaul workers' rights to reflect gig ecomomy  (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


New poll finds support for independence ‘lower than 2014’


Trump Ex-UK ambassador calls wiretap claims 'gratuitously damaging'


Lib Dem leader urges Tories against hard Brexit to ‘join his party’ (Scotland)


Jeremy Corbyn campaign group Momentum accused of union plot to 'destroy the Labour Party'


Tony Blair says George Osborne’s Evening Standard editorship will make politics 'more interesting'  (Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair)


Theresa May warned of looming battle over devolution  


Princess Diana used honeymoon to 'catch up on sleep' rare letters reveal 


Gig economy UK Mail accused of 'inhuman' practices for charging injured driver £800


Police force recruits 'drone manager' to take control of crime-fighting 'flying squad' 


London Man, 33, arrested on suspicion of murder after death of baby


Blind British man in world’s first operation to deliver modified DNA to his eyes


Historic England unveils £6m plan to bring towns and buildings back to life


Five most powerful people in Britain are women, says Prof Stephen Hawking


Stephen Hawking: I fear I may not be welcome in Donald Trump's US


Britain's most prestigious military school 'bribed teacher's daughter to provide information that led to the arrest of whistleblower'


Dozens of crimes against MPs reported


Few foods on track to meet salt reduction targets, survey reveals


Government accused of 'kicking NHS when it's down' with high interest loans


Neighbours: TV soap could disappear from British screens


Council care contracts 'being cancelled'   (Private care companies say councils are not paying enough to cover staff wages and other costs.)




Norway Tops UN 2017 Global Happiness Rankings, Israel 11th , US 14th


Globalists Freak Out Over Trump’s Proposed UN Cuts


Trump Admin To Boycott U.N. Council Over Anti-Israel Agenda


Arab coalition calls for UN supervision of Yemen port


UN agency head quits rather than retract report calling Israel an 'apartheid regime'




David Rockefeller, Banker, Philanthropist, Heir, Dies at 101




Venezuela: Socialism’s House of Horrors




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Donald Trump gets set for his 9th grandchild as Eric and Lara Trump reveal they are expecting their first child together - a baby boy due in September


Mr. President(s), Meet Frau Merkel  (The media are having a field day tarring Donald Trump for his relationship with the German chancellor.  Let's look at how such things went with Obama, and with Bush before him.)


Anti-Trump billboard prompts death threats


Trump's Last Minute Tweetstorm Before Russia Hearing Raises Questions About Clinton Campaign


Should Presidents Golf? Looks Like Trump Has Changed His Mind


Trump blasts 'fake news' CNN's polls


Trump hits a new low approval rating of 37% in one daily poll as Republicans struggle to repeal and replace Obamacare


Trump could 'do an Andrew Jackson' to save travel ban


‘Trump’ doesn’t translate into Dutch


Here are 23 ways Trump should follow up his wiretap claims


Obama has been 'very nice to me', Trump says two weeks after accusing the former president of wiretapping him - 'but his people haven't been nice'


Democrats: Trump’s wiretap claims are hurting diplomatic relations


White House installs political aides at Cabinet agencies to monitor loyalty


Wiretap Claims Are Discredited, but Renew Real Debate


Eric Trump insists he doesn’t talk business with his dad anymore


The fight over voting rules didn't start with Trump's tweets


Exclusive: The Trump clan in high spirits! Ivanka, Donald Jr and Vanessa are all smiles as they hit Aspen for a family vacation amid heavy Secret Service security




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