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Thursday, April 19, 2018





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Planned Parenthood spearheads coalition dumping $30 million into liberal midterm campaigns


Planned Parenthood Won’t Follow Law to Inform Women Abortion Kills a “Living Human Being”


Young People Are Shifting Left on Abortion


Outgoing Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards: “We’re Pushing Forward” to Kill More Babies in Abortions


New poll shows Americans still consider abortion a complicated issue


Abortion Clinic Threw Woman to the Curb Despite Vomiting and Swaying So Much She Looked “Drunk”


One of the Worst Abortion Restrictions Has Its Roots in an 11-Year-Old Supreme Court Case


U.S. Court of Appeals blocks Ohio from defunding Planned Parenthood


Banks v. Abortion: Rep. Says Planned Parenthood Shouldn't Get Federal Dollars


Critic sues Catholic school board for ban on pro-abortion funding


Barbara Bush Once Told the GOP to Ease Up Its Anti-Abortion Policies


ABC Show “Scandal” Comes to a Close After Playing Song “Silent Night” as Character Kills Her Baby in an Abortion


Catholic Bishop’s Powerful Letter Calls on People to Oppose Abortion: “Don’t be Ashamed” to Stand Up for Life  (Dublin, Ireland)


Buffer zones and abortion clinics: why this English bishop is concerned


Catholic Bishop Slams Ban on Prayer Outside Abortion Clinics: This is Incredibly “Disrespectful”  (London, England)


7 reasons why pro-lifers are unhappy with Pope Francis’ leadership


Trump Admin and Pro-Life Nations Stop Latest Attempt to Push Abortion at the UN


Trudeau punishes lone Liberal MP who voted against pro-abortion attestation(Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Has Facebook changed? Ireland's abortion vote provides big test


Men Outnumber Women By 70 Million in China and India Thanks to Sex-Selection Abortions




Taliban Block Cellphone Service in S. Afghanistan 




Major Christian Leader In Ghana Declares ‘Homosexuality Is A Satanic Act, Only Demons Engage In It, And We Will Not Allow Foreigners To Force Us To Accommodate It’





Delta flight makes emergency landing at Atlanta airport


‘Nerves of steel’: She calmly landed the Southwest flight, just as you’d expect of a former fighter pilot


New details about what happened aboard deadly Southwest flight


20 Minutes of Chaos and Terror Inside Southwest Flight 1380




New York fraternity suspended after anti-Semitic, racist videos released



Australia's young people are under serious attack


Man stabbed in neck by Muslim houseguest goes public


Australia: Muslim husband tells wife “I’m allowed to marry four women. You have to change your Western mentality.”




Jihadis and Drug Cartel at Our Border


Smuggling cartels fuel surge in border jumpers from terror-prone Bangladesh




TSX, U.S. stocks close lower as commodities slide


Kelly McParland: Ontario premier predicts 'vicious' election campaign, then gets vicious


Toronto: Muslim charged with throwing rocks at two women, kicking several others


Canada: Muslim MP defends her association with antisemitic, jihad-linked Palestine House




More illnesses reported in E. coli outbreak tied to romaine lettuce




Latest ‘Silicon Valley’ Episode Mocks California’s Anti-Christian Animus




Comedian calls for 'garbage' professor who bashed late Barbara Bush to be fired




Xi to Visit Pyongyang Right After N.Korea-U.S. Summit  (Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping)





Transition of Power in Cuba: What You Need to Know


Rubio, Ros-Lehtinen Call on Trump to Denounce Castro’s Handpicked Successor


Who Is Miguel Díaz-Canel, Cuba's New President? 


Castro Era Is Closing in Cuba as Party Signals Successor




Will the North Korea deal be yet another US surrender?


Diplomatic Breakthrough With North Korea?




Congress to FBI: Come clean on iPhone locks


‘The incoherence is plain to see’: Lawmakers ‘unnerved’ by U.S. plan in Syria — or lack thereof




Wells Fargo Expected to Be Fined $1 Billion by Regulators





Judge raises doubts about scope of Mueller’s authority (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


9th  Circuit appoints special prosecutor against Sheriff Joe Arpaio


Social services under fire for forced strip search on 3-year-old




Mention of Trump, Mueller and riot gear in Pittsburgh police email causes stir


Two Florida deputies killed in apparent ambush at restaurant


MS-13 directs members to 'take out a cop' in NY


Boyfriend arrested after pregnant student found dead in suitcase




The crony capitalist in free market clothing




Exclusive – Rohrabacher: I Would Have ‘Physical Proof’ Russia Is Not Assange’s Source of DNC Emails if Not for Mueller




Revealed: Dream Democrat Agenda Includes Reparations


Obama Pens ‘TIME 100’ Tribute to Parkland Students Pushing for Gun Control


Cuomo claims he's 'undocumented,' challenges officials to deport him(Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo(D)




DOJ turning over Comey memos to Congress: Sources (Former FBI Director James Comey)


New emails bolster claims FBI, DOJ coordinated Clinton case response


Rosenstein says president not a target in probe of attorney Cohen (Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein)


Trump allies press Rosenstein for files on conduct of officials in Russia and Clinton probes  (Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein)


Smearing Robert Mueller(Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Comey friend hints forthcoming report could be damning for Loretta Lynch




Ex-DEA Agent: U.S. Failing to Share Intel in Terror Cases Five Years After Boston




Alarming earthquake warning issued for new fault




U.S. stocks close broadly lower, but end off lows amid report Trump not focus of Mueller probe


Tobacco and tech drag on Wall Street; yields boost banks


Stocks close lower as Apple falls, rates rise


Gold retreats from one-week high as dollar revives


Asia Stocks Push Higher, Dollar Extends Advance: Markets Wrap


Resource stocks jump in Asia as oil extends rally


Qualcomm cutting 1,500 jobs at its California offices


Here’s why the stock market and commodities are no longer in lockstep


Inflation expectations reach the highest in more than three years


10-year Treasury note yield flirts with 2018 high


Teens Securing High-Paying Jobs in Trump’s Tight Labor Market




No, Conservatives Shouldn’t Try to Punish Radical Professors for Offensive Speech


California school district says parents can’t pull kids from new LGBT sex ed


Marquette Case Will Say Whether Colleges Can Break Contract To Silence Professors


Dozens of Houston-area students hospitalized after 2 school buses crash


The Pros and Cons of Purdue’s 7-Year Freeze


Todd Starnes: High school textbook describes Trump as mentally unstable


Flawed Judgment in Use of Force Against Students?


Student walkouts, teacher strikes compete as protest culture infiltrates schools


White people banned from LGBTQ event at UC Riverside


Fresno State investigating professor who attacked Barbara Bush after her death


Specially trained K-9s should be part of the school safety solution


Syracuse frat bros in hot water over ‘extremely racist’ video


The Chinese Communist Party Is Setting Up Cells at Universities Across America 




Another sign Eric Holder might run for president




U.S. oil falls from 3 ½-year high as OPEC, non-OPEC ministers gather in Saudi Arabia


Energy Prices




Earth Day 2018: Bring Environmental Policy Into the 21st Century





European stocks edge up as deal developments, earnings reports roll in


As Sweden collapses into chaos, its government launches an “image of Sweden” campaign


Yes, “Italy Must Remember Its … Past” with Islam




Euthanasia Activist Pushes Suicide Machine With Detachable Coffin Lets You Kill Yourself


Teen Kills Himself After Euthanasia Group Announces New Suicide Drug




FAA to order new inspections after fatal accident




Comey Debunks Steele Dossier (Former FBI Director James Comey)


Revealed: Robert Mueller’s FBI Repeatedly Abused Prosecutorial Discretion


Inspector general referred findings on McCabe to US attorney for consideration of criminal charges(Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe)


One Percent Chance Comey Not  A Self-Dramatizing Fruitcake(Former FBI Director James Comey)


Many Dems Can’t Forgive ‘Renegade’ James Comey for Clinton’s Loss


Lawmakers, legal watchdog pursue discipline for Andrew McCabe (Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe)





How Trump's hair-raising level of debt could bring us all crashing down




Trump’s Art of the Deal in North Korea, Israel and Syria




Air France unions to stage more strikes in 'early May'


'Privatisation is hell': Protesting French rail workers defend their strikes


Woman denied French citizenship for 'refusing to shake official's hand'


Macron’s fizzle: 12 French missiles launched at Syria, but several more fail to fire  (French President Emmanuel Macron)





Berlin: Man attacked by Muslims for wearing kippah isn’t Jewish, wanted to “see whether it was safe” to wear one


Germany to accept 10,000 refugees as part of EU-wide programme


Germany: Muslim migrant children beat vegetarian fourth-grader over false claim he ate pork, victim is hospitalized




Problematic Women: The Legacy of Barbara Bush


Barbara Bush, one of a kind


Remembering the Formidable Matriarch, Barbara Bush


After Barbara Bush's Death, Left's Torrent Of Bile Shows Who The Real Hatemongers Are


What we all should learn from Barbara Bush


Barbara Bush was a transitional figure in America's culture wars




HHS secretary back in hospital for bowel condition




Healthcare’s Disrupters




Democrats eye Jewish votes in bid to win House of Representatives


Muslim Congressional IT staffer transferred House data to Pakistani government, says his father’s ex-partner


GOP chairman to subpoena James Comey memos  (Former FBI Director James Comey)


GOP fears political risk in Senate races as House moves to extend tax cuts


House passes IRS overhaul after tax day glitches


Tom McClintock: What works, and what won't to prevent more Parklands




The Rape That Shook India




Iran president: If US scraps nuke deal, they’ll see impact ‘within a week’


Quake hits near Iran nuclear power plant




Iraq Bombs ISIS 'Terrorist Death Machine' in Syria, Siding With US Foes Russia and Iran





Empowering Islam by Rewriting History




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing    (Thursday, April 19, 2018)


Edelstein: Netanyahu’s credibility hurt after he ‘ruined’ Independence Day event (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


NY Times Only Op Ed on Israel’s 70th  Mourns the Arabs’ Loss


Romania begins process for possible move of its embassy to Jerusalem


Why the Israeli/Palestinian conflict will never be solved by negotiations


Watch Aerobatics over Israel: A 360° pilot’s-eye view of 70th  birthday flyover


Israelis Celebrate as IAF Fighter Pilots Soar in 70th  Independence Day Air Show (video) (Israeli Air Force)


US warns Gazans to keep ‘safe distance’ from Israeli border ahead of fresh protests


Jew injured by firebomb in Jerusalem


Islamic Jihad sets sniper sights on top IDF commanders in threatening new video  (Israel Defense Forces)


Natalie Portman Embraces Boycott of Israel, Refuses ‘Israel’s Nobel Prize’


In first, European Parliament condemns Hamas for terror, use of human shields


Palestinian Authority Demands Romania Keep Its Embassy Out of Jerusalem


From Sadness and Mourning to Celebration – How and Why


Barnard College students vote to ask administration to divest from Israel


Greenblatt to PA: Time to work for peace


Ingathering of the exiles: The Jews who found the Promised Land


With BBQs and F-35s, Israelis delight in 70 years of independence





Trump, Abe fail to agree on US tariff exemption for Japan  (Japanese Prime Minister  Shinzo Abe)




U.S. Personnel Embedded With Lebanese Forces, Raising Concern Of Hezbollah Penetration




Soros Donor Network Has A Secret Plan For Reparations In America




Mamas, Don’t Let Your Kids Grow Up To Be Marxist Morons!




Is Sean Hannity a journalist or not? Here’s why it matters.




Saudi Columnist: 'Selfish' Women Who Keep Their Husbands From Taking Second Wife Cause Them To Commit Adultery


Saudi Arabia’s Interior Ministry: 4 officers dead, 4 injured in shooting incident in Asir province




Lesbian soldier demands access to marriage seminar taught by Christian


The long fight: Helicopter pilots from Vietnam War finally get their due with Arlington memorial


Wright-Patterson airman is sentenced for selling night vision goggles on eBay


Navy lends helping hand as Hawaiian island braces for more flooding


New Marine amphibious vehicle on schedule and under budget


Plan to slash spending at dozens of DOD agencies alarm some lawmakers, analysts


Colonel who led dinosaur-puppet oath demoted, forced to retire


Pentagon: Missile threats increasing


Army announces upcoming troop rotations for Europe, Afghanistan and Iraq


She wore a dinosaur puppet during a military oath. It got her and a colonel removed from the job.




SpaceX launches NASA planet hunting satellite




Ex-Trump national security adviser HR McMaster's father's death being investigated as suspicious(Former White House National Security Adviser HR McMaster)




Budget Director Mick Mulvaney Says He Will Ask Congress to Cut Spending in ‘Coming Weeks’




Special report: Sexual harassment in workplaces in Pakistan


Exclusive: Pakistan TV channel returning to air after negotiations with military - sources


Pakistani women use hashtag to expose scale of sexual abuse


Pakistan to provide training to army troops of Islamic countries




Video shows inmate holding blade amid prison riot




Russia Poised for Economic Foothold Over EU Member's Resistance


Number of Russian Billionaires Grows by Third in 2 Years — Forbes


Russian-American flight connection could be severed as US reduces visa issuance – Moscow


Trump decided to abandon plans for more Russia sanctions


Russia Dismisses Chemical Watchdog’s Spy Poisoning Probe as 'Strange'




Americans waste nearly a pound of food each per day, study finds





NRA Backs Lawsuit Against Vermont Firearms Magazine Ban





Bridenstine narrowly confirmed to lead NASA


Heitkamp Becomes First Democrat to Back Pompeo for Secretary of State


Schumer to introduce bill to decriminalize marijuana  (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


Where key senators stand on Mike Pompeo's nomination to be secretary of state


Steyer Endorses Feinstein’s Primary Challenger in California Senate Race


Senate votes to allow babies on the floor after Sen. Duckworth’s delivery




Zuckerberg Has a Problem, And So Does His Industry


Data firm leaks 48 million user profiles it scraped from Facebook, LinkedIn, others




Moon optimistic about denuclearization deal  (President Moon Jae-in)


South Korea Confirms Talks to Formally End War With the North


Military drills on inter-Korean summit day still up in air


Koreans Flock to Learn Vietnamese


Koreans Squandered Millions in Bitcoin Gamble


Declaring end to Korean War involves more than the two Koreas





Erin Popovich, wife of San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, dies at 67


MLB Scoreboard


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard





Florida felons are latest point of contention in fight for battleground state's votes


California Gov. Jerry Brown issues order deploying 'up to 400' National Guard troops but lays out strict terms


Condemned house in Northern California sells for $1.23 million




Justice Sotomayor shoulder injury worse than first thought



Evidence Shows The Gas That Asad Supposedly Used In The “Syrian Gas Attack” Was MADE IN GERMANY And The Grenades Were MADE IN THE UK


Russia, Syria worked to 'sanitize,' 'remove incriminating evidence' from chemical attack site, US says


Is a thick gaseous cloud hiding Russia’s first S-300 delivery to Syria?


Pro-Assad Regime Organization Paid Dennis Kucinich $20,000 (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad)


Assad still has ‘limited’ chemical capability, Pentagon says




Warnings to Taipei and Washington: China takes real and verbal shots across Taiwan Strait


Chinese Nuke-Capable H-6K Bombers Spotted Circling Defiant Taiwan (Again)




Are The GOP Tax Cuts Actually Becoming Less Popular?





U.S. Weighs Emergency Powers to Curb Tech Investments by China





Three Kansas militiamen who plotted to bomb Muslims are found guilty on terrorism charges





Sneaky moves on catfish by Southern lawmakers could spark trade war with Vietnam


Farmers Warn of G.O.P. Losses Over Trump’s Trade Policy




Germany’s EU minister: “Do not slam the door shut” to Turkey joining the European Union


Turkey has called a snap election and it's all about power and a 'deteriorating' economy


Behind Trump's tweet on Pastor Brunson, who's on trial in Turkey


US pastor in Turkey tops list of Americans jailed, sentenced on dubious charges




Wells Fargo Dropped by Teachers Union Over Ties to Gun Industry


Surprise! Legislature Won’t Unionize Its Staff




U.K. stocks finish at 10-week high as metals prices rally


Alfie Evans’ Father Says Vatican Hospital is “Ready to Take Alfie Immediately”


Queen Elizabeth Publicly Supports Prince Charles for the First Time to Succeed Her as Leader of the Commonwealth


UK: Muslim drives over pedestrian’s head, “This offence involved the deliberate use of a car as a weapon”


UK ex-official: May’s approach to migrants was ‘reminiscent of Nazi Germany’  (British Prime Minister Theresa May)





Haley's retort shows she's unique in this White House (US United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley)


Nikki Haley’s ‘confusion’ sheds light on the Trump-Russia mystery


Nikki Haley was confused, all right




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Giuliani says he is joining Trump's legal team to 'negotiate an end' to Mueller probe


Comey: It's possible Trump was compromised by Russians (Former FBI Director James Comey)


Employers Call on Trump to Rescind Ambush Rules


Trump won't attend Barbara Bush's funeral


Karen McDougal, ex-Playboy model, settles National Enquirer suit that had silenced her on alleged Trump affair


Todd Starnes: High school textbook describes Trump as mentally unstable


Trump targeted: N.Y. AG seeks power to bypass pardons


Stormy Daniels' lawyer may sue Trump directly for defamation


Trump Says He’ll Abandon Kim Talks If They’re Not ‘Fruitful’  (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


Trump allies worry Cohen will flip


Trump's former lawyer warns him that Michael Cohen will FLIP if he is charged and that he may even 'wear a wire to record conversations' with the president


The world learns to ignore Trump




The inside story of Katie Couric’s Yahoo debacle



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