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Saturday, January 19, 2019





In Today’s Issue: 




Ben Shapiro loses second sponsor after March for Life speech


‘Our Country Decided to Erase’ Our Children, Says Ben Shapiro at March for Life


Retired Ob-Gyn: ‘If It Was Wanted, It Was a Baby; If It Wasn’t, It Was a Fetus’


Black Democratic Lawmaker Says She Fights for Life, Because She’s ‘a Christian First’


Baby-saving ministry ready to extend its reach


Trump Tells Annual March for Life He Will Veto Pro-Abortion Legislation  


At March for Life, Sen. Daines Announces First Pro-Life Caucus in Senate


28 of the Best Signs From March for Life


Sen. Paul Reintroduces 'Life at Conception Act' and Bill to End Planned Parenthood Funding


I Went to the March for Life. Here Are 7 Things I Saw.


‘We All Agree … Every Life Is Sacred’: Bipartisan Group of Lawmakers Speaks at March for Life


Abortion chiefs face grilling over baby body parts trade


Lila Rose to Tucker Carlson: If Dems run on unrestricted abortion, they will lose


Supremes handed opportunity to fix abortion law


Ben Shapiro loses podcast sponsor after March for Life speech


Abortion is not as popular as you might think


Nebraskans, Iowans among crowds protesting abortion in March for Life


I carried my dying daughter to term. It was a lesson in love many didn't understand


The Dems support for abortion is out of step with the American people


Abortion billing rule could threaten health coverage (Oregon)


Controversial NYS abortion law to be voted on


No rehearing for Louisiana abortion law


$6 Million Anti-Abortion Movie Seeks Major Label Music, But Finds No Takers


Couple shows the path of life on journey of healing from abortion


Bill Permanently Banning Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Blocked in the Senate


Dem pollster says there is not a 50-50 split on abortion among Americans


Millions of Women Already Live in a Post-Roe America: A Journey Through the Anti-Abortion South


Here's How a Woman Gets Denied an Abortion in Ireland, Where It's Legal and Free




Taliban Denies Being Ready To Resume Afghan Peace Talks





US airstrike in Somalia kills 52 Al-Shabab extremists


13 killed, dozens hurt in latest bout of Tripoli fighting, says Libyan ministry




The Opiate Epidemic Is Coming To A Suburb Near You


Linda Sarsour is a Bad Omen for America




At Women’s March, anti-Semitism scandal clouds anti-Trump effort


Women’s March leader spars with PBS over Israel’s ‘right to exist’: ‘I’m done talking about this’


Women’s March Partners Explain Why They’re Ignoring Allegations Of Anti-Semitism


The Women’s March Is Melting Down, and It Makes Perfect Sense


How The Media Missed The Story On The Women’s March


Photos: Women’s March Protesters Call For Trump to ‘Drop Dead,’ His Children to Be Caged


A-List Celebs Silent About Women's March In Wake Of Its Antisemitic Ties


Women's March 2019: Thousands of protesters rally amid controversy over anti-Semitism



Meet Australia's Deadliest Soldier


Shock resignation rocks Australia's embattled government



Boeing invests in Isotropic Systems Ltd. to expand satellite communications capabilities




How Hispanic Americans truly feel about wall


How Hispanic Americans truly feel about wall





Canada says Israel-bound cocaine shipment intercepted


Canada: Muslim who went on shooting rampage and was deemed “mentally ill” had huge cache of weapons, 9/11 films




World’s 2 Most Populous Countries Listed Among Most Dangerous for Christians





Rev. Graham: No. 1 Problem is 'Our Gov't' Has 'Removed God' From Halls of Congress


Trump’s immigration offer brings polarized reactions from Democrats and Republicans


Dems: Trump’s proposal to negotiate on immigration a non-starter




Jury awards $21 million to hotel dishwasher after she was forced to work on Sundays


Ex-Chicago officer sentenced to more than 6 years for killing Laquan McDonald


El Chapo’s bombshell text messages to mistress revealed


Judge Rules Against Syracuse University Students' Free Speech Rights


Black teen's family laments sentence given to white officer





Cops hunting the man who murdered two teen girls on Indiana rail tracks two years ago now probe a suspected child molester arrested 100 miles away after the public drew similarities between his mugshot and sketch of their killer


McDonald’s mob hit aided by tracking device under car: feds


Three people are fatally shot and two others are wounded in 'gun battle which erupted during a home invasion'





Border Patrol nabs 200 adults, 176 kids who dug under border wall





DNC says it was targeted by Russian hackers after fall midterms




Lawsuit against California Democratic Party details alleged harassment by former chair Eric Bauman


Who is Ed Buck? The erratic life of the Democratic donor in whose home two dead men have been found


Prominent LGBT Activist, Democratic Donor Charged In Teen Sex Abuse Case



As shutdown drags on, 'Coast Guard City' takes a hit




In rare move, special counsel disputes a report saying Trump directed Cohen to lie(Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Ken Starr on Mueller disputing Buzzfeed report


Another TEOTWAWKI Nothing-Burger


Sean Spicer on Mueller disputing Buzzfeed report


BuzzFeed Won't Say Which Documents Its Reporter Saw For Story That's Been Disputed By Mueller


Debunking BuzzFeed and the Wages of Investigative Secrecy




Polls show that the government shutdown is eroding Americans’ faith in the economy.




Vice President Pence: ‘Attacks on Christian Education Must End’


Mike Pence condemns 'deeply offensive' reaction to wife's employment(Vice-President Mike Pence)


As weather improves, hopes rise for a settlement  (Los Angles, California)


Oxford president takes octopus off school’s welcome dinner menu


911 call released in death of UC Irvine student: 'He just drank too much'


Principal resigns after he’s caught on video shoving student


Students at elite prep school filmed in blackface, making monkey gestures


Why it’s much easier for men to get into the Ivy League than women


Students Bring 'Trump 2020' Banner To HS Basketball Game. Now Superintendent Is Investigating.




Egypt: Muslims kidnap Christian man traveling in taxi in Sinai peninsula





Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz may run as an independent for U.S. president


Beto Derided for White Privilege — but His Whiteness Is Actually Hurting Him


The 'I'm sorry' 2020 Democratic primary


2020 Democrats barnstorm the country for MLK weekend


Beto O’Rourke’s road trip drives home his message




When environmentalism becomes corruption—Part 1




Europe’s patience with Iran wears thin, tiptoes toward Trump


US to lift Cyprus arms embargo in security boost


No Sweeping Free Trade Deal, Brussels Tells Washington




The FBI Won't Say if It Spies on Your Social Media Posts. Cue the Lawsuit!




The Women's March makes me furious - and I'm a feminist




Sorry, bad foreign policy isn't a criminal offense


The New Battle Over Donald Trump's Foreign Policy




French yellow vest protests planned despite Macron outreach  (French President Emmanuel Macron)


Macron's debate put to test as 'yellow vests' stage 10th  protest


French police under fire as 'yellow vests' casualty toll mounts





Holes in the Map


Public Sees Gov't As A Big Problem, Dems Want To Double Its Size


Shutdown Flimflam(The media portray the partial government closure as a disaster.)


Former Gore Adviser Has A Proposal To End The Shutdown That Includes Wall Funding, But There's A Catch




Hospitals Guard Prices Like the CIA Guards Secrets




Nancy Pelosi faces backlash for placing Ilhan Omar on House Foreign Affairs Committee   (Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-California)/ US Representative of Minnesota Ilhan Omar (D)


Rep. Tlaib: 'We Just Don't Want to Negotiate in These Terms;' 'It's Not About the Wall'  (US Representative of Michigan Rashida Tlaib (D)


House Democrats to probe report that Trump ordered Cohen to lie before Congress


The House should investigate impeaching Trump


Dems Who Voted Against Pelosi Hope for 'New Generation of Leadership,' Fiscal Responsibility


Pelosi's CODEL Trip to Italy, Ukraine Cost Air Force $184,587.81


Democrat Congressman Says He Doesn’t Know if Trump ‘Compromised’--But Shutdown Pleases Putin


Fearing Loose Cannons of Their Own, Democrats Collapse on King Censure


Steny Hoyer Recalls When GOP Ended Shutdown and Allowed Obamacare: ‘Thank God for John Boehner’


House Freedom Caucus Under Assault


Top Headline – Congressman Rogers Reintroduces Bill to Get US Out! of UN


Rep. Jackson Lee refuses to step down from CBC Foundation amid retaliation allegations


Exclusive: House Intel leader seeks retreat to repair bitterly divided panel


Haaland condemns students' behavior toward Native elder at Indigenous Peoples March


Ocasio-Cortez speaks about 'justice' at Women's March




India can be $5 trillion economy in 7-8 years: Prabhu




On the Importance of Counterintelligence




What the IRS can and should do to rein in pro-jihad and “Palestinian” propaganda at universities




Soleimani primes pro-Iranian militias in Syria and Iraq for terror attacks on exiting US forces


U.S. jails journalist who works for news outlet overseen by Iranian government




Valley Ranch Islamic Center's Lesser Known Side





Israel's delicate dance between the US and China


Report: Hamas, Israel seeking prisoner swap deal before national elections


Danon to Security Council: Curb Iran's missile threat


Israel’s embattled Labor leader promises ‘surprise’ mergers ahead of elections


Prime minister heads to Chad to renew ties after nearly 50 years (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Netanyahu accuses attorney general of ‘set up’ after TV news profile


Anti-Israel protesters bust onto stage during France Eurovision qualifier


Hundreds rally in Arab town for return of body of student murdered in Australia


Reports of a Democratic drift on Israel appear to be greatly exaggerated


Family of man killed by cop accuses police of using excessive force


Radicals charge new supermarket 'is treason'


Terrorists who murdered Israeli couple getting new home


Israel Partners With Other Mediterranean Countries To Form Regional Gas Market


Palestinian Authority spends six times more on jihad terrorists than it does on its own needy


Linda Sarsour is a Bad Omen for America




CNN anchor makes desperate plea amid shutdown  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: And Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats would fly around the world. Read:  Pelosi's CODEL Trip to Italy, Ukraine Cost Air Force $184,587.81 ).


BuzzFeed, Acosta, and the Non-Existence of Journalism


CNN And MSNBC Said 'Impeach' Nearly 200 Times Over Disputed BuzzFeed Report




5 Ways Congress Can Improve Medicare for Seniors




21 dead, 71 burned in Mexican pipeline explosion




Arab coalition targets Yemen's Houthi drone capabilities in Sanaa




U.S. spy satellite launched into orbit from California


Green Beret, Navy linguist, SEAL-turned-DIA civilian among Americans killed in ISIS-claimed bombing in Syria


Marine vet, 'Full Metal Jacket' actor R. Lee Ermey is buried at Arlington


Story about Fort Bliss soldier saving man’s life is not true, Army says


Army history highlights failures in Iraq War


Army Ranger wounded in Afghanistan remembered as positive, dedicated soldier




Minimum Wage Punishment For Red State America?


Seattle Couple Fears $16 Minimum Wage Could Doom Subway Franchise




RCA Records Drops R. Kelly After Documentary Furor




Dozens of NTSB investigations on hold during shutdown





Trump Can’t Do That. Can He? (On NATO withdrawal and other issues, it turns out presidential powers are constrained by norms but not laws.)


Trump says US backs NATO '100%' but allies must 'step up'




OMB shuts down all congressional travel until government reopens




Pakistan: Canadian woman who converted to Islam strangled to death in honor killing


Pakistan: District Council unanimously adopts resolution that only Christians, not Muslims, be sweepers





Drugmaker payments to doctors linked to opioid deaths: study




The high price of refusing to face facts about the homeless




Mark Levin on Capitalism: ‘Only in America’ Can We Choose from Endless Kinds of Turkey




Russia Dismisses IS Claim That It Was Behind Deadly Apartment Collapse


Why Did Russia Betray the Western Left?


The True Mystery Man in the Trump Probe: Putin (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)





 James Watson and the Rewards of Intelligence


'Missing link' in human history confirmed




Anti-Gun Democrat’s Purchase Of ‘MeatEater’ Could Pose Big Problems For Hunter-Focused Company





Disabled vet charges Kamala Harris prefers illegal aliens  (US Senator of California Kamala Harris (D)


Senator asks FBI for perjury investigation of Kirstjen Nielsen over family separation statements


Graham: Revelations Bruce Ohr warned feds of biased Christopher Steele ‘are stunning’  (US Senator of South Carolina Lindsey O Graham (R)


Graham urges slow Syria pullout to prevent ‘nightmare’ scenario for Israel


The outrageous ‘blackmail’ smear of Lindsey Graham


Doug Jones Risks His Alabama Senate Seat Over the Shutdown and the Wall


Romney backs Trump on shutdown, says he doesn’t understand Pelosi’s flip-flopping border stance


GOP Leaders Back New Franchise Rule


Iowa Senator's bill would force lawmakers to stay in Washington during government shutdown





Can South Korea’s New Aegis Destroyers Shoot Down North Korean Missiles?




Cuomo's plastic bag ban is bogus environmentalism  (Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo (D)


States race to prevent teacher strikes by boosting pay


 Virginia’s only black statewide official is lone protester during Robert E. Lee tribute


States are poised to lead. Here’s why


Powerful and dangerous winter storm takes aim at Northeast  




Can State’s New Cyber Bureau Hack It?




Two-time US pairs skating champion dies by suicide day after suspension


'Don’t look behind the curtain. We’re dead': Couple leave a note and tip for housekeeping at Manhattan hotel before committing suicide after reading a book on methods to kill yourself





Supreme Court leaves DACA in place for at least another YEAR and keep Trump's military transgender ban on hold until at least the fall in twin snub to White House


Supreme Court puts off first test on 2020 Census citizenship question




Syria’s Manbij attack victims include daughter of US police official




Silicon Valley’s grand experiment in jobs means employees are the guinea pigs 




Government shutdown, TSA absenteeism spark travel industry fears   (AVIPP COMMENTARY: Another reason to privatize TSA.)




Turkey urged to show restraint in assault on Syrian Kurds




A $450 dinner, $45 glass of whiskey: Two financial regulators ring up the expenses





Explosion in Londonderry, Police Investigate Suspected Car Bomb


UK’s Drone Debacle Has Lessons for the US


Britain’s Prince Philip, 97, crashed his car. Rescuers say it’s ‘amazing people weren’t seriously injured.’


The Beginning of the End of Britain’s Brexit Fantasy


UK: Hamas top dog discovered to be trustee of Finsbury Park Mosque, steps down under pressure




UN experts: Fuel from Iran is financing Yemen’s Houthis


The Real United Nations





Pope Francis heads to Panama for giant youth meeting


Could the pope’s call to end the death penalty keep Catholics off juries?




Democratic transition in Venezuela seems possible, analysts say




Trump offers immigration deal to end shutdown; Dems dismiss offer


Trump slams bombshell report that claimed he told Cohen to LIE to Congress after Mueller's office issued extraordinary DENIAL saying the story was 'not accurate', sparking the president to call it 'a great day for our country!'


Don't Believe the Doomsayers About Donald Trump


Syria withdrawal without plan can lead to chaos, Trump told

 Trump's offer is good, but Dems won't let him win

Trump Greets The Bodies Of Fallen Americans


Trump to make ‘major announcement’ Saturday on border crisis, shutdown


Democrats Add $1 Billion in Proposed Border Spending; Trump Has ‘Major Announcement’


Poll: Amid wall fight, Latinos love Trump


Democrats and activists punish Trump with a new strategy: Ignoring him


White House slams Nancy Pelosi for ‘lie’ in accusing Trump of revealing her travel plans


The dangers of a second North Korea summit


Trump stands up for union jobs,Dems shut them down


Donald Trump: Mirror image of JFK


Trump's laughingstock presidency


What's 'subornation of perjury'? A crime of moral turpitude that could bring Trump to his knees


The shabbiest U.S. president ever is an inexpressibly sad specimen


BuzzFeed’s Controversial Story Raises the Question: Did Trump Want to Be President?


What Bill Clinton Can Teach Donald Trump About Surviving Endless Scandal


The high price of 'unity' in the anti-Trump resistance


Trump says Pelosi 'controlled by radical left', just before WH statement


Trump Puts Schumer and Pelosi in a Brilliant Vise Grip


Impeachment Will Be Good for Trump


Washington staffers fear that only a deadly crisis such as a terror attack or food poisoning episode caused by the shutdown will get Trump and Pelosi to come to an agreement 


How the shutdown's bleakest week unfolded for Trump




World Health Organization: Anti-Vaxxers A Threat To Global Health


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