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Saturday, March 18, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




Obamacare repeal's abortion language could hit procedural snag, GOP warned


Bill would make abortion pill available at state college campuses (California)


Justice Kennedy’s speech to anti-abortion group prompts call for recusal


168 Anti-Abortion Bills Have Already Been Introduced In 2017


Tomi Lahren tells 'The View': I’m pro-choice


Tomi Lahren Just Called Out Republicans’ Hypocrisy on Abortion


AG Jackley supports ban on dismemberment abortion (South Dakota)




Happy ever after for baby Faith: Girl, 3, whose parents left her with FORTY broken bones in one of America's 'worst ever' child abuse cases is finally adopted by a new family




UK helps US renew focus on Afghanistan





Quartet backs Libya’s unity govt


In Minnesota, Somali community fears Trump travel ban, aid cuts will worsen their country


More Christian Teachers in Sudan Arrested in Take-Over of School




Personal Health



One in 4 Elderly Australian Women Have Dementia





Macedonian Opposition Calls For Peaceful Transfer Of Power In Parliament





The Federal Jobs Program, Then and Now




Trump wants to build 30-foot-high wall at Mexican border


Government seeks designs for 'physically imposing' border wall




Tens of thousands of failed refugee claimants still in Cda


Air traffic control tried to warn pilot of nearby plane before mid-air crash in Quebec


Russian agent hired alleged Yahoo hacker, Canadian Karim Baratov


Stepfather of slain Ont. boy wanted in bank stabbing


Canada’s border officials detain record number of Mexicans


Canadian softwood lumber in U.S. crosshairs, B.C. envoy says


What to expect when the Liberals announce the federal budget next week


Tourists die in Canadian avalanche


Too drunk to consent? Why many sex-assault cases never make it to court




Here's where – and how – Americans are committing suicide





It Turns Out That a Less-Christian America Might Be a Worse America




Mike Myers talks about Saturday Night Live and late-night TV vs. Trump


Maher: Trump Violates ‘Pay Your Taxes’ Rule, I Worry ‘We Do Need the UN to Step In’


Amy Schumer: Alt-right Internet trolls behind Netflix special's bad reviews


Artie Lange arrested for cocaine and heroin possession




China softens tone, saying it would work with US to get N Korea to change course


China to US: Chill out on North Korea


US, China soften the rhetoric, say to work together on North Korea


Choking in China: 60m people untreated for sleep apnea


U.S. urges China to cooperate on dealing with N. Korea


 China: Trump anti-Beijing tweet gives Tillerson a fresh wall to climb  (US Secretary of State Rex W Tillerson)





Flashback: How Did North Korea Get Nuclear Power?





Lying Congress and the lying anti-repealers  (Congress isn't going to repeal Obamacare. That whole Republican-driven mantra that's been making the media wave since 2010 -- the one that blasted Barack Obama as a socialist for signing government health care into law and that vowed a concerted fight for repeal? Bunk. Bull. Boldface lie.)






CBO Analyst: Higher Taxes and Government Programs Decrease Incentive to Work


Why the CBO Can't be Trusted to Get Anything Right





Justice opposes Obama’s consumer bureau in major court case





Walmart buys online clothing seller ModCloth




Justices on 9th  Circuit feuding over travel ban ruling: report


Hawaii Judge's Flawed Aloha Akhbar Logic


American courts creating 'affirmative right to immigrate'


Mom guilty but mentally ill in child bathtub drownings




Police raid the Indiana home of man who owns the land where the bodies of two Delphi girls were found


Hunt underway for former Tennessee teacher accused of kidnapping 15-year-old student


Asian Americans look to self-defense amid rising violence


Two High School Students Charged In Rape Of 14-Year-Old Girl


Maryland girl alleges rape by two high school boys, one slated for deportation


What to do when faced with violent crime


2 kids injured in shooting outside Chuck E. Cheese's


Ex-con charged with killing EMT has troubled, violent past


Naked man shot after police pursuit, authorities say


La. native streams video as officers shoot him


Spirit Airlines pilot, 36, and his wife, 34, are both found dead by their FOUR children in their bedroom of an apparent fentanyl overdose 10 years after her ex died of an overdose





Deported killer caught heading back into US from Mexico





Why is Donna Brazile Finally Confessing Now?  (Former interim Democratic National Committee Chair Donna Brazile)


Brazile admits she forwarded town hall questions to Clinton camp




Former First Daughter Malia Obama 'turns down multiple modelling offers preferring to stay out of the public eye'


Chelsea Clinton Joins Expedia Board


Hillary Clinton says she’s ‘ready to come out of the woods’


De Blasio admits what we already knew about rent regulations  (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)





DeVos’s Hiring of For-Profit College Official Raises Issues  (Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos)





The Travel Ban Is about Vetting — Which Means It’s about Islam





Trump Not First President to Call HUD’s Block Grants Wasteful





Undercover FSB Officer Indicted By U.S. Worked For Moscow Investment Bank


Trump admin challenges Hawaii judge’s halt on new travel ban


Trump Does What Every President Does With U.S. Attorneys, Left Goes Into Hysterics


Ex-trader busted by Bharara dishes on fired US attorney


Report: DOJ will send immigration judges to dozen US cities


DOJ sends wiretap materials to congressional investigators


US Justice Department documents 'show NO evidence' to support Trump's claim that Obama ordered a wiretap of Trump Tower


US charges Russian government spies with hacking in unprecedented move





'Beauty' composer: 'I'm just shutting up' about 'gay' character




By shifting perceptions, Trump’s already boosting the economy


Is your local J.C. Penney store closing? Check this list




California Student Writes Op-Ed About How Milk Is Now Racist


University professor under investigation for reportedly holding mock slave auction


University of Arizona Teaches Students What To Say When Offended: ‘Ouch!’


College Releases 'Inclusive Language' Guide. Guess Which Words You Can't Say Now


Principal recruits students for secret 'gay' club


US states consider laws allowing Creationism to be taught in school


The Federal Government's Student-Loan Fraud


500 cases of norovirus reported in school district


Challenges Veterans Face When Transitioning from the Battlefield to the Classroom


Kids on winning robotics team told, 'Go back to Mexico'


'Outrageous' Expert slams White House for denying school meals' link to learning


Snowflakes 101: University of Arizona distributes 20-page booklet on how to deal with mean words - recommending the offended say 'OUCH' and the offender 'OOPS' 




The assumption that 'free stuff' determines elections is toxic




Energy Prices




EPA has neglected clean air to freelance on climate change




Swiss police cancel commemoration event for 102nd  anniversary of Battle Of Gallipoli




Greece's Foreign Minister on Trump, Germany and the Future of Europe


EU is 'unfairly' criticizing Turkey, Hungarian PM Orban says


Kids break into zoo, kick and stone beloved flamingo to death  (Czech Republic)


Sicily: Bishop bans mafia godfathers from baptisms




The Left's Descent into Fascism




Why the Federal Government Is Broke


In Trump’s $1.065 trillion budget, the details are more in the words, then the numbers


Budget wants results from bureaucrats


Proposed Program Cuts Put Struggling Americans on Edge


The Budget Theater, now open with the follies


GOP experts call Trump budget a betrayal


A Budget to Shout About




Report: FBI Arrests Memester Who Tweeted Strobe Light At Epileptic Columnist


FBI: Man sent seizure-causing tweet to Newsweek writer


FBI arrests Trump supporter for allegedly sending epileptic journalist a GIF that caused him to have a seizure





Famous Feminist Is Tired Of Her Movement's Exclusive Association With The Democrats





Four former FDA commissioners denounce drug importation, citing dangers to consumers





What Should Trump Do After the Islamic State Is Defeated? (The impending collapse of the self-proclaimed caliphate will create new dilemmas for the Trump administration.)




'Allahu Akbar': Father And Son Victims Of Throat-Slitting On Paris Street


What we know about the Paris Orly airport attacker


Man shot dead after seizing soldier’s gun at Paris Orly airport


Man killed at Paris airport was involved in another shooting


Paris jihadi on terror watch list, texted family “I shot police,” cops say terror “possible motive”




All Quiet on the German American Front  (For now, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is maintaining a stiff upper lip when it comes to the Trump administration.)


Germany MPs investigate pro-Hezbollah academic Finkelstein


Germany bans political meetings of ruling AKP deputy chair


Nationalist Trump VS. Globalist Merkel  (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


Germany Threatens Turkish Politicians With Ban On Public Appearances


Video: Merkel grimaces after Trump says ‘radical Islamic terrorism’


Germany Owes 'Vast Sums' To NATO, Trump Says


Germany: Muslim charged for going to Syria to join the Islamic State


Merkel Floats Fake News at Trump Presser: TTIP Deal is ‘Bilateral’


"Blitzed" details massive drug use in Nazi Germany


Merkel Meets Trump, the Defender Versus the Disrupter




Democrats Drive Rise in Concern About Global Warming


To Save American Jobs, Leave The Paris Agreement Now





G-20 to jointly fight banking sector hacking


G20 Financial Leaders Acquiesce to US, Drop Free Trade Pledge


Trump Gets Trade Win at G20 Meet




Health Insurance or Medical Care?  (Medical care is strangled through the bureaucracy of the politicians' creation and their business associates' involvement.)


Not much saving going on in Health Savings Accounts





Universal Pictures Planning Obama White House Comedy


Hollywood actor would like to assassinate Trump




Homosexuality exploding among youth




Chaffetz: White House intruder close enough to 'rattle the door handle'  (US Representative of Utah Jason Chaffetz (R) 


That Time Pelosi Said Obamacare’s Success Shouldn’t Be Measured By How Many New People Have Insurance  (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California )


Top House Dem says Trump owes Obama an apology  (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California )


Exclusive — Progressives Plan to Storm Trump-Like GOP Congressman’s Town Hall by the Thousands to Disrupt President’s Agenda


Key Republicans come around on ObamaCare replacement


House committee: Still waiting on CIA, FBI on Trump wiretap charges


The Big Missing Piece In The ObamaCare Replacement Debate


Primary challenger: Ryan trying to 'undermine' Trump (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


Congressional candidate who posed for Maxim wants you to get over it


House conservatives told: If you like Obamacare,keep fighting Ryan bill


Waters Says Trump’s ‘Disturbing’ Budget is Going to Wreak Havoc on America  (US Representative of California Maxine Waters (D)


Scalise: Two Freedom Caucus members now plan to support health care bill  (House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R- Louisiana)


Republican congressman says Trump owes Obama an apology


House Intel Committee 'satisfied' with info DOJ gave in wiretapping probe




30 Countries Are Refusing To Take Back Illegal Immigrants Convicted Of Serious Crimes


CNN’s Van Jones STUNNED By DREAMer’s Positive Reaction To A GOP Congressman [Video]


Are H-1B visas being "hijacked" to lower labor costs?


Legislators penalize 'sanctuary cities'





India Deserves the New Administration's Support, Not Silence


One school converts submissive girls into empowered women


Nizamuddin clerics missing in Pakistan traced, will return to India soon


For development, India needs a movement: PM Modi (Prime Minister Narendra Modi)


No Delhi Metro trains in NCR from Sunday night because of Jat protests


India’s stratified society brings another student suicide


15 killed, 20 injured in multiple- vehicle collision in Karnataka     


Stop Jats from reaching Delhi, Home Ministry tells states




Specter of unrest in Indonesian mine mire




The train line that brought the Twin Cities back together  (Designed to link the downtowns, it has provided a surprising lift to poorer neighborhoods along the route.)




Daughter of late Iran president handed six months


Iran MPs criticize social media arrests ahead of elections


Iran Takes Stand On Nuclear Deal Provision That Clashes With U.S. View


Chabahar port an unlikely litmus test for the US in Iran




Iraqi Forces Advance Into Mosul's Old City





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Saturday, March 18, 2017)


Netanyahu: If we don't agree, we'll have new elections  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Likud MK pens anguished account of culture of fear in Netanyahu’s coalition


Coalition Crisis Brewing on Eve of Netanyahu China Trip


PM reneges on deal for new state broadcaster, prompts election talk


Hizballah’s trust in Russia – dilemma for Israel


Coalition chairman says ‘good chance’ of new elections


PM Netanyahu Explains Reason for the Airstrike on Syria


Ultra-Orthodox MKs fume over Netanyahu’s Saturday meeting


'I call on everyone to act responsibly and prevent elections'  (Israeli Education Minister and chairman of the Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home) party Naftali Bennett)


New poll puts Likud and Yesh Atid neck and neck


Palestinians denounce UN decision to remove report accusing Israel of apartheid


After Syria airstrike, Hezbollah says Israel fears Islamic State defeat


Arabs agree to escalate terror war 'in all ways possible'


Abbas said invited to White House mid-April (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Clashes after funeral for slain Palestinian teen leave 8 injured by Israeli fire


Islamic State claims Israel bombed its members in Sinai


Palestinian Authority protests UNRWA curriculum changes


Leave secular conscientious objectors alone


Report: Israeli-issued exit permits for Gazans sees drastic drop


President Rivlin departs for a state visit to Vietnam  (Israeli President Reuven Rivlin)


'Meeting on Shabbat is absolutely unacceptable'


China: We hope Israel, Saudi Arabia will contribute to Middle East peace


Palestinian prisoner enters 22nd  day of hunger strike


Negotiating the Arab-Israeli conflict in Rabin Square





Japan court rules Tepco, government liable in Fukushima nuclear disaster





Jake Tapper on Trump: ‘There's no bias when it comes to decency’


Dishonest media hacks are lying about Meals on Wheels funding. Here's how it REALLY works


CNBC’s John Harwood Continues to Cozy up to John Podesta


Can the White House and media relationship be saved?


Media freak out over Trump-Merkel gaffe (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


The Media’s Maddow Disease


Shepard Smith rejects reporting on Trump Tower spying




Republicans are divided over how to reform Medicaid


Medicaid Expansion Linked to Increased Prescribing of Buprenorphine for Opioid Use Disorder Treatment




Mexico Asserts A 'Human Right' To Be An Illegal




Houthi missile shot down over Jazan (Saudi Arabia)


Bahrain hails US declaration of Al-Ashtar members as terrorists


Arab coalition air raid kills 45 Houthi militias, among them a senior figure


King Salman ends Asia tour, returns to Saudi Arabia




Russia, China making gains on US military power


Syria May Be a No-Win Situation for U.S. Troops


If You Set Out to Destroy ISIS, Destroy ISIS  (Trump is right to give Secretary of Defense James Mattis and his generals the reins in the battle against ISIS.)


Pentagon Releases Photo to Rebut Contention of Mosque Bombing


NCIS: Marines United probe expands to about 20 victims


'Out of control': Military inquiry expands to porn


Civilian dies after incident aboard USS Ronald Reagan


War with North Korea would be a 'bloodbath,' says DoD official


Declassified nuclear test videos uploaded to YouTube


Air Force Colonel gets 12-month sentence for downloading child porn and is HUGGED by his forgiving wife and daughter as the judge reads the verdict 





Teach children about fake news to stop them becoming extremists, OECD says





Pakistani girls given extra credit at school for wearing hijab, classes must begin with Hadith





Angelina Jolie attacks “nationalism masquerading as patriotism”





Charles Manson's tumultuous childhood and time in prison




Even Michael Savage’s beloved poodle,’Teddy’ not safe from crazed anti-Trump attack


Pro-Trump radio host Michael Savage claims he was assaulted while having dinner with his toy poodle Teddy


Michael Savage after alleged attack: It's 'open season' on Donald Trump supporters





Russian Activists Say Suspicious Military Deaths Often Tied To Extortion Schemes


Revealed: 63 Russian businessmen invested nearly $100m in seven Trump-owned Florida properties before the 2016 election - including a defense contractor who built training facilities for the FSB 


What to Ask About Russian Hacking


Scientists warn Russia could use nukes to 'scare an adversary'




SXSW SJWs Want To Ban ‘Racist’ St Patrick’s Day





Scientists say 3% of Ebola victims caused 61% of cases




Secret Service stops suspect before reaching White House fence


Trumps jetting to Aspen this weekend on family vacation with Ivanka set to join Don Jr. and Eric on trip that 'will require 100 Secret Service agents'




Why Is John McCain Accusing Rand Paul of Working for Russia?   (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)/ US Senator of Kentucky Rand Paul (R)


Dems struggle to stir up energetic opposition to Gorsuch  (Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch)


Senate Republicans soften on Obamacare repeal


Here Are 4 Possible Outcomes for Gorsuch’s Confirmation Process


Warren finally busts out of her media bubble (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


Feinstein on potential for Trump ouster: 'I think he's gonna get himself out'  (US Senator of California Dianne Feinstein (D)


Democratic senators call for investigation into Trump aide Sebastian Gorka


Trump on Schumer: 'an obstructionist' (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


Senator calls for scrutiny of Russian deal for U.S. oil  (US Senator of New Jersey Robert Menendez (D) 




Socialism’s Rising Popularity Threatens America’s Future



Running the business, sons keep tweeting about Trump


Newsweek Writer Alleged Someone Assaulted Him Using Twitter. Now He's Been Arrested


People who post their fitness routine to Facebook have problems


#Seriously? Trump tells German reporter he 'very seldom' regrets his tweets - and admits he uses Twitter to 'get around the media'




Peru: Deadly flooding sparks criticism over climate change preparedness


Brazilian packers 'sold rotten meat worldwide'




Pyongyang missile swarm would overwhelm South Korean defences




Buzz Aldrin takes you to Mars in VR




Eta: Basque separatist group announces plan to lay down all weapons




NFL Teams Won't Hire Kaepernick Because They're Scared Trump Will Tweet About Them


Michigan State employee resigned after removing USA Gymnastics doctor’s patient files


Butler mascot not allowed inside NCAA tournament again, tweets '#FreeBlue3'


Is SMU the most cursed NCAA tournament team?


Buss brothers agree to new board of directors for Lakers, with Jeanie Buss on it


USA Hockey goes on offensive in negotiations with women


Why Charles Barkley wants UCLA to lose this March


Friday's March Madness action: Lonzo Ball is putting on an offensive clinic




Jerry Brown heads to D.C., with Schwarzenegger right behind him  (Governor of California Jerry Brown (D)


5 numbers that mattered this week: Christie's 19 percent approval rating (Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie (R)


New Jersey passes bill forcing presidential candidates to release tax returns


L.A. budget report warns of $224-million deficit next year  (California)


Andrew Cuomo’s ‘middle class’ con job  (Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo (D)




Why Trump’s Budget Proposal for the State Department Makes Sense


Tillerson's saber-rattling isn't the answer to dealing with North Korea  (US Secretary of State Rex W Tillerson)


North Korean soldier pictured peering at Rex Tillerson through a window as he covertly photographs secretary of state's visit to the Demilitarized Zone 




Gorsuch recommended to Justice Dept. that federal judges visit Gitmo (Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch)




Russia, France to cooperate in preparing intra-Syrian talks in Geneva - ministry

Russian sappers discover over 120 explosive devices in Syria’s Palmyra


Syria Showdown: Will Trump Be Pressured into Putting Turkey First, America Second?


Syrian rebels, families begin leaving Homs district in deal with government





China accused by Taiwan of stepping up spy operations


Trump challenge to China: White House preparing big arms sales to Taiwan, sources say




Border Adjustments Would Help, Not Hurt, American Consumers




Who are the al-Ashtar Brigades, latest US-designated ‘terrorist group?’




Transgendered child abuse





TSA gives Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams a rude farewell




Trump Organization will make its first donation to Treasury in 2018: report 




Erdogan: EU ruling on headscarf bans starts “clash between Islam and Christianity”  (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


740 PKK suspects detained in simultaneous operations across Turkey


Moody’s cuts outlook on Turkey credit rating to ‘negative’


Three children die due to fire in Istanbul


Çanakkale bridge opens new era for martyrs: President Erdoğan


Airstrike on Syrian mosque is war crime: Turkish Deputy PM


Some 33 PKK militants killed over week: Turkish military


26 Gülen-linked ex-judges and prosecutors detained


Why Europe must part ways with Erdogan


Turkish ministry denies report on Russian goods ban


Over 22,000 from army, military schools expelled: Minister





British troops arrive in Estonia to deter Russian aggression in one of biggest deployments to region in decades


Britain Livid on Spying Claim, but Trump Isn’t Apologizing


Telegraph poll: Brexit more important to people than keeping the UK together


Rural deprivation and ill-health in England 'in danger of being overlooked'


Nicola Sturgeon urged to withdraw ‘illegitimate’ vote threat  (Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon)


Poverty: Girls from poorer families in England struggle to afford sanitary protection


Britain's relationship with France is 'forged in sweat and blood', says Duke of Cambridge as he vows Brexit will not change it 


Birmingham: Man arrested after reports of armed person inside NatWest building


London Ridicules the Ridiculous  (President Trump has managed to anger British officials with his claims about spying.)


UK Coroner warning after man electrocuted in bath charging iPhone


Gordon Brown: Give Scotland more power or risk division   (Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown)


George Osborne: Ex-chancellor facing calls to quit as MP over Evening Standard job


New drug set to combat Scotland's biggest killer by reducing bad cholesterol


 Extremists made £250,000 from ads for UK brands on Google, say experts


Edinburgh tram track injuries have cost NHS more than £1m


Girl to become Britain’s youngest mother


Prince praises UK-France 'friendship'  




Nikki Haley Forcing Removal of UN ‘Apartheid’ Report, Agency Head (US United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley)


More than Just Another Anti-Israel U.N. Farce


China, Russia Block UN Statement On Myanmar Violence, Diplomats Say





Bus driver saves tot wandering shoeless in cold  


19-year-old aspiring model killed by train during photo shoot




 Pope tells priests to consult exorcists if needed





Poll: Majority of young adults view Trump as 'illegitimate' president


Is Donald Trump a Realist?


This Video Proves Trump Was Illegally Wiretapped by Obama


How the U.K. spying claim traveled from an ex-CIA blogger to Trump’s White House


Censored CIA Whistleblower Who Backed Trump Speaks Out: Exclusive


Protective barrier outside White House breached, drawing Secret Service response


Trump order on conflict minerals would send warlords carte blanche signal, say critics


Trump gives hope to flagging health bill


President Trump no longer safe in White House: Former Secret Service agent


Tweets and trials  (Two of the government’s highest ranking intelligence officials will go before a House committee next week to testify about President Trump’s bombastic claim that his predecessor “tapped” his phones during the 2016 election.)


Lady in Red: Trump heads to Mar-a-Lago for the FIFTH time since becoming president after Barron's first flight on Marine One - but all eyes are on Melania who stuns in regal coatdress and matching gloves


Trump doesn’t shake hands with Merkel during photo op  (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


'Hey, Huma. What's up?' Kellyanne Conway's behind-the scenes story of Clinton's concession call reveals how she breezily greeted top aide Huma in scene that was 'literally like a movie'


Obama spying on Trump needs investigating

The West needs a better Trump-Merkel relationship than this


Trump: Healthcare will pass 'pretty quickly'


Kellyanne the pollster


Veterans meet with Trump at the White House to discuss VA concerns


Bush lawyer sides with Obama over Trump


Trump's Wiretap Claims Are Bogus. But He's Still Onto Something.


What are you doing here? Angela Merkel is caught giving Ivanka serious side-eye before collecting herself as confusion still surrounds the First Daughter's role at the White House 

White House intruder jumped three fences


No Oval Office handshake, no warm words about her country, a lecture on immigration and a wiretapping joke: Even Ivanka can't lift Trump's VERY chilly summit with Germany's Merkel


Trump’s Terrible Swift Sword


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