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Thursday, January 17, 2019





In Today’s Issue: 




Senator Lindsey Graham Files Bill to Ban Late-Term Abortions Killing Babies After 20 Weeks


Vice President Mike Pence Headlines March for Life Rose Dinner


Sanctity of Life: Beware the distractions


Incredible Video of 8-Week-Old Unborn Baby Shows You Just How Wrong Abortion Is


Watch: Pro-Life Activist Left Bloody Outside Abortion Clinic After Saying 'Jesus Loves You'


Watch: Senator Blasts Abortion: “The Unborn are the Most Vulnerable Among Us”


Ben Sasse reintroduces Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act ahead of March for Life


Andrew Cuomo Cites Pope Francis for Political Gain as He Pushes Bill for Abortions Up to Birth  (Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo (D)


Podcast: Women Are Hurt by Abortion, the Sexual Revolution


ACLU: It Would be “Perverse” Not to Kill Babies With Down Syndrome in Abortions


Abortion Survivors Protection Act ahead of March for Life


Media Covers 1 Pro-Abortion Women’s March More Than Last 6 March for Life Events Combined


Planned Parenthood challenges Wisconsin abortion laws


It Took 224 Years to Abolish Slavery, Never Give Up on Fighting Abortion


Abortion clinics sue Pennsylvania over Medicaid dollars


Judge Admits David Daleiden Might Defeat Planned Parenthood’s Lawsuit to Censor More Videos


Battles expected in many states over abortion-related bills


Virginia Senate Approves “Equal Rights Amendment” Forcing Virginians to Fund Abortions


Virgnia Senate passes Equal Rights Amendment, pro-lifers seek to limit its effects


Six Facts About Abortion to Counter March for Life's Junk Science


New Mexico Legislature Will Protect Dogs From Abuse But Not Unborn Children From Abortion


Lawmaker introduces bill to make abortion illegal in Utah after 15 weeks


Google ‘blacklisted’ pro-life videos from YouTube search results, leaked chat reveals


Expand base of abortion providers in Texas


Catholic University of America officially cancels classes for March for Life


New York Law to Make Abortion a 'Fundamental Right'


Two abortion rights bills introduced in Rhode Island


Droves of pro-lifers will attest to uniqueness of pre-born life at 46th annual March for Life


I Need An Abortion — Now What?


Abortion numbers rise in Spain for first time in 5 years




‘Unprecedented’ crackdown on crime welcomed by Afghans





 This Church Doesn't Use Titles, Logos, Egos—And the Results Are Miraculous(Zimbabwe)


Libya strongman’s forces launch operation to ‘purge’ south


Powerful Tunisian union starts nationwide strike over pay


American killed in Nairobi wanted 'to help people'




Louisville airport to be renamed in honor of Muhammad Ali



ACLU files discrimination lawsuit accusing Chili's of forcing a lesbian server to quit





Gillibrand Mum on Anti-Semitism Scandal Roiling Women’s March, Will Speak at Iowa March  (US Senator of New York Kirsten Gillibrand (D)


Here's How Rep. Omar Defended Her Past Anti-Semitic Remarks



Australian Market Rises


Australian dollar little changed against the Greenback


Elon Musk has his eyes on another massive tunnel -- in Australia


Australia pleads for public’s help finding killer in Israeli woman’s slaying





Trump tariffs force tough choices at U.S. auto suppliers


Nissan to lay off 700 contract workers in Mississippi


Hyundai, Kia to recall 168,000 vehicles in U.S. for faulty fuel pipes


Inside GM plant where nooses and 'whites-only' signs hung




Why America Is Blind to Serbia's Bright Future




We need to build the border wall to stop the migrant caravans


Analysis: Most oppose the wall — and oppose ending the shutdown by funding it, poll finds


Poll: 65% of Democrat Voters Say ‘Open Our Border to Anyone’ Who Isn’t ‘A Terrorist or Criminal’


Trump Right: Wall Building Is Big Business. Why? They Work.


Found at the Border: Prayer Rugs, Illegal-alien Skeletons




TSX rises 0.66 percent


Canada and the Exposure of China’s ‘High-Tech Nuclear Submarine’


Saudi government helps Muslim accused of sexual assault in Canada elude prosecution, flee the country


Hundreds of taxi riders lost millions in a Toronto area card-swapping scam, police say


Female ISIS-loving Canadian Tire attacker convicted


U.S. Calls Canadian’s Death Sentence in China ‘Politically Motivated’


Canada’s arrest of Huawei executive was an act of ‘backstabbing’, Chinese ambassador says


Free-tuition program gone, tuition reduced and student fees no longer mandatory, Tories announce


 Canadian military claimed a report didn't exist — even though it 'clearly' did


China temporarily detains Canadian family as Huawei spat escalates


Toronto cop who left gun at bar after night of drinking pleads guilty to misconduct


Chinese envoy warns Ottawa against any ban on Huawei technology for 5G network


Rapid verdict and death sentence for Canadian was 'very abnormal' in Chinese system, says his Beijing defence lawyer


Niagara College reviewing admission criteria for international students in wake of mass retesting


Ottawa’s allies feel the chill as Beijing shows how it will likely act as a superpower


The 10 Year Challenge is probably a scam to steal your picture


Canadian Sheikh Younus Kathrada – Who Has Been Under Investigation For Hate Crimes Since 2005 – Responds To Media Reports On MEMRI TV Clip Of Him: The Media 'Want To Make Us Look Like Savages'; 'I Stand 100 Percent By My Words'; 'Insulting Allah, Attributing A Son To Him' Is 'Even Worse' Than Crimes For Which 'There Is The Death Penalty, There Is Amputations' In 'A Proper Islamic State'


Daesh woman found guilty of terror crimes in Canada





Organizer of new caravan arrested for rape





China cools solar power drive


Controversy surrounds the economic numbers game in China


Chinese Officials Investigating School Promoting Mongolian Nationalism In China


China seeks big-ticket payback from Myanmar


China economy czar to visit US for trade talks




Date for U.S.-N.Korea Summit Likely to Be Announced This Weekend


Vice President Mike Pence said North Korea has failed to take any substantive steps to give up its nuclear weapons.


N.Korea's Biochemical Weapons 'More Dangerous Than Nukes'


Re-Opening the Kaesong Industrial Zone Would Give North Korea Something for Nothing 




2019 Women’s March – White Girls Got Woke  (Feminist identity politics in the new Congress and the annual march.)


Congress Works to Cripple Chinese Companies Spying on U.S.


Democrats Attack Trump's Plan To Bring Back Thousands Of Federal Workers 




Walmart Is Looking for a CEO for a ‘Stealth Company’ That Doesn't Exist Yet


The Gillette Ad: The War on Men Is a War on Trump


Walmart partners with four more grocery delivery companies


Next Gillette Should Target 'Toxic Femininity'


Gillette Is Not Wrong


Gillette’s Toxic Masculinity Ad Accidentally Makes A Case For The Patriarchy





Black student sues after allegedly told she was 'too dark' for dance team  


Judge orders Susan Rice, other Obama officials to answer questions in Clinton email case




Saudi government helps five Muslims accused of crimes in Oregon elude prosecution, flee the country


Fifth-graders tried to carry out plot to kill classmate: cops


Ex-Tennessee teacher Tad Cummins gets 20 years for kidnapping teen student


Ex-NFL player sacks peeping Tom outside daughter’s window


Newborn found dead in Amazon facility bathroom


Deputy fired, 9 released after false drug arrests


Pair busted at airport for smuggling 159 pounds of weed in 4 suitcases: Police


Cellphone Location Data for Sale on Black Market, Investigation Reveals




'Idiot' American passenger, 27, is banned from Royal Caribbean cruise ships for life and left to make his own way home after jumping from 11th floor balcony in the Bahamas for viral fame 




Agents Catch A Convicted Child Sex Abuser Trying To Cross The US Border




Over 770 million email addresses shared online in largest data breach in history




Democrats actually do right with the Women's March




Today's Democrats: Anti-Christian, Anti-Israel, Anti-God


Obamas' 'bestie' Valerie Jarrett tells how the three spent gossipy evenings at the White House sipping martinis and nibbling BLTs while trips came with 'cool stuff' like a briefcase full of emeralds and diamonds from Saudi Arabian king


Mayor resigns amid accusation of using city funds to see Michelle Obama


Former O’Rourke Regional Political Director Accused of Rape


Dean: ‘Time Young People Take Over’ Democrat Party


DC Mayor Vetoes Metro Fare Evasion Decriminalization


'You screwed the city up', 'View' hosts tell NYC’s de Blasio  (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)




Farmers cut off from their federal lifelines as shutdown persists




Betsy DeVos’ bet on boot camps (Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos)




DHS rebuts Pelosi, says State of the Union can go on during shutdown




After butting heads with Trump administration, top HUD official prepares to depart agency




FISA shocker: DOJ official warned Steele dossier was connected to Clinton, might be biased


Why Mueller Won't Produce an Impeachment Report (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Report: Top FBI, DOJ Officials Knew Early On That Steele Dossier Was Clinton-Connected Oppo Research


Top Mueller Officials Coordinated With Fusion GPS Spouse In 2016





Stocks end higher after report says U.S. considering easing China tariffs


Wall Street, industrials rise on trade hopes


Wall Street Grows Antsy as Shutdown Threat to Stocks Intensifies


Unemployment claims in Wisconsin up nearly 18 percent since shutdown began: report


Government Contractors to Lose Out on Shutdown Pay, Dragging Down Economy


Bank stocks are flying high in 2019, but here’s why the party might not last


Asia shares falter on China unease, pound finds some peace


Asian Markets Mostly Higher With Modest Gains


Stock Rally Loses Some Steam; Yen Halts Its Slide : Markets Wrap


Treasury yields stage late-day surge on U.S.-China trade optimism


U.S. labor market strong; mid-Atlantic factory activity improves


Palladium is worth more than gold for the first time in over a decade


U.S. economy may face trouble if ‘sideways’ Treasury trade doesn’t end


What's the Solution to the Affordable Housing Crisis?


Recession warnings pile up as shutdown wraps up fourth week




Left Opens War On All Religious Schools By Targeting Where Karen Pence Works


'F**k These Homophobes': Karen Pence Demonized for Teaching at Christian School


Democrats Ready Universal Pre-K Pitch Ahead of 2020


Former teacher says accountability in LA charter school system is lacking amid teachers' strike


College President on Harassed Student: ‘Appropriate All of Us of Privilege Feel Uncomfortable’


Watch: Democratic Socialists Surround 'SCUM!' Substitute Teachers' Cars To Enforce Teacher Strike


Michigan State’s president to resign after he said sexual abuse victims enjoyed the spotlight


Words Matter at Michigan State


Teachers union says it is ready to go back to the bargaining table


Now Hiring ‘Dr. Inside’


The L.A. teachers strike is troubling for so many Democrats. Here’s why.


Taking Race Out of Crime Alerts?


How the teachers’ strike is playing out at the school with the most homeless students in the district


Roiled Over Rules on Regional Accreditors


Boy receives 10-day suspension for using money he didn't know was counterfeit




Egypt: Muslim mobs force closure of four churches, cops arrest priests instead of attackers




Cohen hired firm to rig polls, only paid part of bill with bag of cash: report




Trump’s Reelection Chances May Be Better Than You Think


Twenty Things You Probably Didn’t Know about Joe Biden


Most voters won't support Trump in 2020: PBS/NPR poll


Howard Dean to CNN: All Dem candidates qualified to be president except Tulsi Gabbard


On Day One, Kirsten Gillibrand faces the ‘likable’ question


O’Rourke’s Friend: I’m ‘Not Sure’ He Is Ready to Be President


Dark Horse from the City of Angels(Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti ponders the biggest political leap of all.)




Oil end lower as U.S. output climbs and traders eye U.S.-China trade developments


Energy Prices


Energy whiz Severin Borenstein on keeping the lights on and the fires out after PG&E's bankruptcy


OPEC cut ‘biggest in almost 2 years’


It's time to talk about radical changes to California's utilities




Glaciers Supply Water to Millions. What Happens When They Disappear?


Great white shark thought to be world's biggest seen off Hawaii




Trump EPA Rejects Egregious Cost-Benefit Analysis of Controversial Rule





European markets close flat after May survives no-confidence vote; ITV shares dive 6%


Swiss group launches global petition asking Catholic bishops to stop homosexual networks


Hungary’s Leaders Claim Soros’ People “Revealed Themselves” in Parliament


Swedish Public Broadcaster Censors Word “Islam” From Monologue About Why Saudi Girl Left Islam




FBI: Man planned jihad attack on White House, Washington D.C. targets with anti-tank rocket


Muslim from Georgia plotted explosive and rocket jihad attacks on White House, Statue of Liberty


Bruce Ohr Testimony Undercuts Adam Schiff's Defense Of FBI


FBI foils man's alleged plan to attack White House




Men Blamed for Failure of French Effort on Hiring Female Academics


Riot control guns: What's all the fuss about Flash Balls in France?


France activates emergency plan for no-deal Brexit


Strong explosion, fire hits French university building


French far-right author sent to prison for anti-Semitic incitement




'They voted against my way of living': Brits in Germany on life with Brexit


Germany evacuates citizens due to avalanche risk




More studies show terrible news for the climate. We should be alarmed.





Report: Google Employees Freak Out Over the Word ‘Family’

Googly-eyed robot patrols grocery store aisles, spots spills




The GOP has become the drunken frat-boy party — and it sees no reason to sober up


Arizona's Status As A Republican Stronghold Requires GOP Dedication To Maintain


Florida Governor Sanctions Airbnb for West Bank (Judea and Samaria) Policy  




Shutdown is starting to hurt Trump's financial deregulation agenda


The State of the Shutdown


Government Shutdown: Pampered Federal Workers Don't Deserve Anyone's Pity


Federal Workers Are Yanking Money Out of Retirement Accounts


Why don’t unpaid federal workers walk off the job?


Shut down, fed up


Number of govt workers seeking jobless aid doubles


Stossel: Government Shutdown Shows Private Is Better




Indiana AG Curtis Hill: After Obamacare, what's next for healthcare?


Under Trump, more kids separated at border than originally estimated: Report




Movie legend calls for 'wall' to keep White House away from Mueller




Activist Mommy: LGBT crowd sexually exploiting ‘drag kid.’ Where are police?




Socialism In 280 Characters Or Less Taught By Twitter Tutor Ocasio-Cortez  (US Representative of New York Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Democrat Socialist)


Anatomy Of A 'Right-Wing Smear' (US Representative of Michigan Rashida Tlaib (D)


The Left Is Much Worse Than Steve King  (US Representative of Iowa Steve King (R)


House Republicans call for moving State of the Union to Senate chamber


GOP Rep Tom Marino Announces Retirement


Watch: Ocasio-Cortez Urges Fellow Activists To Oust Incumbent Democrats


Pelosi: Trump 'very silent' on postponing State of Union  (Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


Omar Defends Anti-Israel Tweet: ‘I Don’t Know How My Comments Could Be Offensive to Jewish Americans’


Shutdown standoff escalates as Pelosi digs in on delaying speech, Trump says Dems 'hijacked'


After Floating a 70% Tax, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Just Getting Started


Pelosi Struggles to Keep Dems United During Government Shutdown


Pelosi on Possible Compromise: I’m for ‘No Wall’


Pelosi: Not a Fan of Coal, but I’m a Fan of Coal Miners


Cracks in the Democrats’ Wall Opposition


House Passes Latest Plan to Fund the Government: Shutdown Update


Republicans blast calls from Pelosi, Democrats to postpone State of Union (Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


New York's first openly gay congressman defends Tulsi Gabbard after she apologizes for anti-LGBT past


‘What have you got left?’: Ocasio-Cortez taunts her conservative critics (US Representative of New York Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Democrat Socialist)


Rashida Tlaib blasts ‘right wing media’ after coverage of get-together with pro-Hezbollah activist  (US Representative of Michigan Rashida Tlaib (D)


Brit Hume: Racism charge against Steve King 'bogus' 


Former staffer accuses Jackson Lee of retaliation after rape claim


Pelosi's latest shutdown gimmick: Taunting Trump


Dem leaders avert censure vote against Steve King


Dems offer measure to raise minimum wage to $15 per hour


Waters, Ocasio-Cortez, and Democrats prepare to push Financial Services Committee into social issues


House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer walks back 'The State of the Union is off' declaration


Nancy Pelosi exacts her revenge on Kathleen Rice


‘She wields the knife’: Pelosi moves to belittle and undercut Trump in shutdown fight


End of the SOTU


Florida official facing calls to resign for saying Muslim Rep. Tlaib might 'blow up' U.S. Capitol


Rep. Roger Marshall: Keep fighting for farmers in trade deals, Mr. President


Hawaii Democrat Ed Case claims he’s ‘an Asian trapped in a white body’


Democratic Congressman Apologizes for ‘Asian Trapped in a White Body’ Remark


Hoyer Flip-Flop: SOTU‘Not Officially Off(House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Maryland)


Maxine Waters Wants $13.27 Billion to End Homelessness (But No Money for a Wall)


Newly Empowered Maxine Waters Finds Her First White House Target


Shameless Nancy Pelosi Lied About the Secret Service and Doesn’t Even Care


House rebukes Trump for easing Russia sanctions




America's Immigration Policy Needs an Overhaul


Reforming the Visa Waiver Program Would Enhance National Security, Economic Growth





Hindu Version of Feng Shui Leads to Demolition of Church Building in Southern India


Indian bureaucrat: Give young Kashmiris freedom to discuss their hopes of ‘self-rule’




Image of New Father Praying Over His Newborn Baby Goes Viral




Iran ‘shooting itself in the foot’ with spying, diplomat warns




CAIR’s national outreach manager is open supporter of jihad terror group Hamas


Muslim from Texas who joined the Islamic State: “I saw some crucifixions. You know, that’s just normal life there.”




PA said to deport Palestinian-American it jailed for selling land to Jews


Report: US won't intervene if Israel attacks in Iraq


Lebanon says it captured American man suspected of infiltrating from Israel


First test for IDF’s Kochavi: 10,000 pro-Iran troops massing to cross into Syria from Iraq (Israel Defense Forces)


Vocal on Duma arson, Israeli right holds its tongue in latest Jewish terror case


Barkat: No room for Palestinian state


B’tselem: Israel killed 290 Palestinians in 2018, most of them innocents


A Palestinian Perspective


Israel Bar Association chief resigns amid sex corruption scandal


PA: Peacebuilding "is treason!"


Embassy tactic? No more mere ‘honorary consuls’ in Jerusalem, Israel tells world


First test for IDF’s Kochavi: 10,000 pro-Iran troops massing to cross into Syria from Iraq (Israel Defense Forces)


Russian military delegation visits IDF to improve ties


PA spends 6 times more on terrorists than on its own needy


Tel Aviv soccer team fined over fans’ use of ‘Holocaust’ taunts


A-G to Netanyahu: Elections don't impact coming decisions on criminal probes(Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


'USAID to end all Palestinian projects on Jan. 31,' former director


Terrorists kidnap Christian man in Sinai


US sees Palestinian state on most of West Bank (Judea and Samaria), some of East Jerusalem — Israeli TV


Haifa mayor: Controversial ‘McJesus’ sculpture to come down in days





Japan Quietly Passes Law Preparing The Way For Naruhito’s Ascension To The Imperial Throne




Syrian camps a flooded purgatory in Lebanon, eight years on




Goldman Sachs’ apology won’t mitigate 1MDB litigation risk




Watch: Here's Giuliani's Fiery 'Collusion' Interview With CNN That's Causing A Stir


CNN anchors challenge Dem on claim that Graham 'is somehow compromised'


Newsweek’s Nina Burleigh Problem


CNN’s Don Lemon: Trump is a bigot, America’s racist and I belong on $100 bill


The True Story of the Media's Role in Trump's Victory


Tucker Carlson and the Working Class


CNN Grills Rep. Omar On Claim Lindsey Graham Is 'Compromised' — She Stutters And Admits She Has No Evidence


How Is It OK for CNN to Hire Possible Presidential Contender John Kasich?


Right Side Of History: These Presidents Were Tougher on the Media Than Trump





Microsoft pledges $500 million for Seattle-area affordable housing  




Americans are Tired of Middle East Mayhem


Kuwaiti Columnist: The Humanity And Civility Of A Country Is Measured By The Status Of Women In It


After oil: Mideast states developing renewable energy


Houthis accused of firing at UN monitor Patrick Cammaert’s convoy in Yemen’s Hodeidah


Yemen talks start in Jordan on prisoner swap deal


Doling Out Cash: Qatar’s ‘Soft Power’ Approach To Circumventing The Saudi-led Embargo




Eye Opener: ISIS claims responsibility for Americans killed in Syria


U.S. Spent $22 Million on Secret Project to Identify Threats in Space


The WSJ on US War Plans Against Iran

Army researchers explore benefits of immersive technology for soldiers


Marines Hoist White Flag To Social Justice Warriors


DARPA Explores New Computing Architectures to Deliver Verifiable Data Assurances


Will the ISIS Attack Accelerate Trump's Syria Pullout?


Killing of 4 Americans in Syria raises questions over Trump’s policy


Navy chief in China


2 servicemembers among 4 Americans killed in Syria explosion claimed by ISIS


Pentagon developing plan to scrutinize recruits with green cards and other foreign ties


Fort Hood soldier killed at National Training Center is identified


New full-color night vision could revolutionize troops’ ability to operate in dark


Lawmakers push new legislation to restore West Coast’s oldest military cemetery


Local officials’ protests don’t stop parachute training at home of US Forces Japan


US sub commander relieved of duty after hiring 10 prostitutes




Do Pakistan's Blasphemy Laws Trump America's 1st  Amendment?


Incoming Pakistan Chief Justice opens new era for powerful court 




Racists to the Right, Anti-Semites to the Left




Gallup: Gov't No. 1 Problem, Immigration No. 2




White supremacists ate my homework  (Ann Coulter: Liberals couldn't survive the standards of 'racism' applied to conservatives.)




David Webb’s White Privilege




Priest gives pulpit to homosexual partners to share ‘witness’ story prior to Sunday Mass




Restricting Foreign Ownership of Media is Legal, Russia's Top Court Rules


Russian MiG-31 jets ‘fight’ in stratosphere at supersonic speeds (Video)


Russia Sanctions Must Be Removable to Be Effective (Op-ed)


Russia to launch first Obzor-R radar satellite in 2020


Podcast: Gay Purge in Chechnya. And Crumbling Soviet Infrastructure


Russian senator slams US logic linking INF to New Start as dangerous

Russia, US in war of words over arms treaty


Russian Judge Resigns After Drunk Driving Cover-up Attempt


US slams Russia over missile treaty


China praises bilateral relations with Russia

Russia In The World – Brazil-Russia Relations – Influential Blogger El-Murid: With Bolsonaro's Presidency, The BRICS Is Becoming Trump's Tool For Promoting His New World Order 




Boston Mayor Wants Doctors to Ask Patients About Guns





Gillibrand, Who Voted Down Mattis, Says Trump Cabinet Nominees Either Had Wrong Values or Weren’t Qualified (US Senator of New York Kirsten Gillibrand (D)


After Ignoring Angel Moms, Senate Dems Hold Rally for Government Workers Affected by Shutdown


2,000 Muslim Child Marriage Immigration Cases in 10 Years


Ocasio-Cortez chased McConnell around Capitol as shutdown drags on  (US Representative of New York Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Democrat Socialist)/ Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


Schumer admits Americans voted for border wall  (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


Georgia senator concerned shutdown could affect Super Bowl


Trump 'inclined' to impose new U.S. auto tariffs: senator


Keep religious tests out of the Senate


The many red flags raised by William Barr’s hearing


Republican Sen. Tim Scott Honors Clemson Coach Dabo Swinney for Honoring Jesus Christ


GOP wants Mueller transparency — with caveats




Government unveils roadmap for hydrogen-powered economy


Air Quality Improves But Will Worsen Again


Speculation of Kim Jong-un's March 1 Seoul visit rages despite denial


Nissan Fined W900 Million for Lying About Mileage


Korean teachers demand removal of native English speakers


S. Korea to send Tamiflu drugs to NK early next week


North Korea calls for turning peninsula into 'peace zone' ahead of talks with US


Seoul, Beijing's nuclear envoys discuss North Korea


Gov't busts 10,241 illegal emitters of dust, toxic gas


Mercedes-Benz to roll out 14 new models in Korea in 2019




Immigration group files suit to force Southern Poverty Law Center revoke ‘hate’ label




Virginia state lawmaker carried gun on Senate floor


Rock slides close Malibu Canyon Road as winter storms cause chaos on roads  (California)


Cuomo is showing New York why he shouldn't control the MTA  (Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo (D)


Northeast, Midwest in path of 'blockbuster' snow storm




The Media Is Furiously Spinning The State Of Ginsburg's Health




Taiwan holds live-fire exercises following China threats




Is It Time to Tax the Air We Breathe?





BlazeTV adds libertarian, comedy fare to its pro-America line-up





Boca Terrorist Homecoming





'Transmania' and the subversion of masculinity




More Unpaid TSA Screeners Are Citing Financial Hardship for Missing Work




Trump can't just let the Treasury do the fighting




Turkey stocks higher at close of trade; BIST 100 up 1.47%


Turkey deports Dutch journalist on suspicion of 'links to terrorism' 




Support for Unions Hold Steady Despite Public Employee Strikes


Americans Still Like Teachers' Unions, But Half Say They Look Out For Their Own




FTSE 100 tracks global stocks lower; AB Foods, Sage buck losses


Jeremy Corbyn Will Decide What Happens to Brexit (Whether He Wants to or Not)


Theresa May’s Brexit plan isn’t dead yet  (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Theresa May Stays but Only in Name


Mayday: The Prime Minister's Brexit Plan Has Crashed


Philips to close its UK factory in 2020, with loss of 400 jobs


May’s Historic Defeat, and Swift Triumph(British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Vanished bandleader’s doomed plane believed found in English Channel


Prince Philip uninjured in car crash, palace says




Brutally cold temps to hit NYC following double dose of snow


Truck crashes into restaurant, hurting 3




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump Uses Pentagon Missile Speech To Rebuke Dems, Double Down On The Wall


Trump announces new ground based interceptors in Alaska, radars, sensors 'to shield every city'


Trump cancels Pelosi’s overseas trip moments before takeoff, after fight to delay SOTU


Trump Sticks With Pack for Broadcasting Chief


Trump announces new ground based interceptors in Alaska, radars, sensors 'to shield every city'


The evangelicals' warning to Trump(US evangelicals push back against Trump's Syria pullout plan.)


Trump Prepares Case for Funding New Missile Defense Plan


Giuliani: Possible that Trump campaign colluded with Russia but president didn’t


Church attacks Trump: 'White supremacy is the real crisis'


Top Trump official resigned over White House plan to withhold disaster-relief funds from Puerto Rico: report


Impasse may force Trump to make nightmare choice


Former congressmen, RNC members appointed to Trump administration roles


Trump tells GOP senators he’s sticking to Syria and Afghanistan pullout 


Sorry, but Trump is not ‘tough on Russia’


Trump signs bill to pay government workers after shutdown ends


Constitutional concerns over Trump’s D.C. hotel lease were ignored, watchdog says


Liberals are reading way too much into Trump news stories


Trump addresses deaths of Americans killed in Syria


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