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Wednesday, January 16, 2019




In Today’s Issue: 



Abortion Is Not a Woman’s Right, Abortion is Murder


Women Won’t Be Liberated Until We’re Free From Abortion


Abortion defunding effort resumes in Congress


The Pro-Life Resistance


New Poll: 65 Percent of Americans Support Overturning Roe v. Wade


Republicans and Democrats to Speak at 2019 March for Life


Gillette Condemns “Toxic Masculinity,” But Donates $333,665 to Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz


Abortion: The Lies Women Are Told


New York Bill Allowing Abortions Up to Birth Says a Person is Only “A Human Being Who Has Been Born”


'Gosnell' DVD hits No. 1 new drama on Amazon


Senator Joni Ernst Introduces New Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood Abortion Company


Most Americans favor tighter abortion restrictions, poll finds


House Democrats File Bill to Force All Americans to Fund Abortions


Most Young Adults Disagree With Democrats on Abortion


California Says More Babies Must be Killed in Abortions Because Giving Birth Costs Too Much


Time Magazine writer urges women to start saving ‘emergency funds’ for abortion


America Used to be “Pro-Choice” on Slavery. It Can’t Stay “Pro-Choice” on Abortion


Majority of Americans Say Abortion Should Be Restricted, New Poll Finds


Christians Should March for Life Because God Commands Us to Love Our Neighbor


Abortion activist to release 'children's book about abortion'


38 Senators File Bill to Protect Babies Born Alive After Botched Abortions


Activists Promote Do-It-Yourself Abortions: “No Shame” in Killing Your Baby at Home


New bill would ban abortions in Florida after heartbeat is detected(Florida)


Judges block rules on abortion mandate


Obama Judge Blocks Trump’s Pro-Life Rules Protecting Christians From Funding Abortions


Arkansas Health Official Resigns Over Abortion Clinic Vote


Teaser released of ‘Roe v. Wade’ film ahead of March for Life


Alabama Priest Famous For Attacking Abortion Clinic With A Sledgehammer Dies At 79


Legislative Roundup: Lawmakers stand by bill allowing buffer zones around abortion clinics   (New Hampshire)


The Language in the Abortion Debate


Lawsuits Challenge Rules Limiting Who Can Perform Abortions


Netflix's Sex Education Portrays Abortion Accurately


Manx abortion reforms to be introduced after new law receives Royal Assent(United Kingdom)


UK gives millions of tax dollars to International Planned Parenthood


Tim survived an abortion, going on to live 21 beautiful years


Abortion, Black Lives Matter, and Wheaton


Women's Access To Abortion Improves Children's Lives


Comedienne Brags About How ‘Breathtaking’ She Looks During Abortion: ‘Literally I Am Taking Someone’s Breath’


Abortion is an affront to the Supreme Ruler, the sovereign Creator God


The Case for Starting an Emergency Abortion Fund


State and Federal Abortion, Birth Control Laws Draw Controversy


Where Abortion Fights Will Play Out in 2019


Abortion bill introduced to legislature(Nebraska)


Do you think the Irish citizens' assembly on abortion was a good idea?


Elective abortion funding on the way out?


Pro-lifers: NY abortion bill could one day make being pro-life 'a crime'


State Senator re-introduces bill requiring public universities to offer abortion pill


Nebraska Lawmaker Introduces Bill Mandating Clinics Tell Women About Abortion Reversal Pill


What the Abortion Debate Leaves Out




Taliban to quit peace talks if US troops are not pulled out of Afghanistan 




Death toll in Nairobi attack climbs to 21, plus 5 attackers


US Jewish Businessman Killed in Nairobi, Terrorists Blame Israel & Trump for Attack


Kenya forces still securing hotel after extremist attack


Secrecy Surrounding Upcoming Algeria Elections Angers Divided Public


US must stand with Congo’s voters and its civil society


Jewish American who survived 9/11 among 21 killed in Nairobi attack




Amid trade war that’s hurting their bottom line, many farmers are conflicted about Trump




Video: Heather Mac Donald on 'The Diversity Delusion'




Defending Women’s March Leaders, Farrakhan Media Outlet Slams Jews and White Women


9 rabbis endorse Women’s March after meeting with Sarsour, Mallory


Women's March co-founder defends praise of Farrakhan


The New, New Anti-Semitism




Hunger Strike Gains Momentum in Azerbaijan




Australian Market Modestly Higher In Choppy Trade


Australian dollar weaker against the majors


Australia records four of the hottest days on record in past 10 days as it struggles with heatwave


Australia PM loosens drug laws to woo Pacific islands in face of Chinese expansion


Australia Home Loans Slip 0.9% In November


21-year-old Israeli woman found dead near shopping mall in Australia 




GM's Washington charm offensive sidelined by Wall Street's push for profit


VW and Ford team up


Volkswagen to invest $800 million, build new electric vehicle in U.S.


GM electric vehicle strategy last chance for Cadillac's success: executive


Global auto leaders urge Trump administration to end trade turmoil




Secure Borders Protect Immigrant Communities


Rancher at US/Mexico border: “We’ve found prayer rugs out here. It’s unreal.”


Poll: 53% of Voters Say Border Wall is Not 'Immoral,' 40% Say It Is


Incredible insights from the U.S. southern border


West Virginia Becomes Second State to Propose Giving Money for Border Wall




TSX Extends Winning Streak To 9th Session


China slams Trudeau remarks on death penalty case  (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Ford government’s tuition cut to cost universities $360 million and colleges $80 million


Kelly McParland: If China thinks Canada can be frightened into compliance, it's mistaken


Karen Wang's resignation shows dangers of playing ethno-politics


CBC asks “who benefits from rescuing” ex-Muslim girl who fled parents who threatened her, worries it’s “far-right”


Free Speech Is Dead in Canada: The Persecution of Christian Activist Bill Whatcott


Huawei founder thanks Canadian justice system for treating daughter well


Canadian government provides 24-hour security for ex-Muslim who fled Saudi Arabia after death threats from Muslims


Six ambassadors to brief Trudeau, federal cabinet amid strained diplomatic relations with China


Toronto Danforth gunman chose death over surrender: SIU


White comedian rejected for show in Montreal after dreadlocks deemed 'cultural appropriation'




Capitalism’s tough love: The real lessons from the fall of Sears and GE





A Wave of Violent Daytime Killings Has Puerto Rico on Edge




5 Reasons The Case Against The Census Citizenship Question Is Wrong




CDC: U.S. Fertility Rate Dropped in 2017; D.C. Had Lowest Rate in Nation




New migrant caravan leaves from Honduras




Open Doors: Christian persecution up 14% worldwide




Dimon says U.S. relationship with China will be its most important over next 100 years


Unusual speed of Canadian’s death sentence triggers debate in China


China Uses Twitter to Arrest Political Dissidents: Foreshadowing for US?


Watch: China 'not worried in the slightest' about international concern over Canadian's death sentence


US Economic War on China


Chinese Censors Target Short Video Apps


Chinese Investment in the US Drops Sharply


China Experiments With Longer Weekend to Boost Shopping


China signals more stimulus as economic slowdown deepens


China hands death sentence to Canadian convicted of drug trafficking amid turmoil over Canada’s detention of Huawei executive


China has detained an old man and tormented his daughter. Trump thinks this is ‘honorable’?


China: Dystopia in Power




N.Korea's Trade Deficit with China Hits Record


North Korea prepares early for corn planting


NK officials book flight to Washington: reports


Norway promises to keep up humanitarian aid to North Korea


Japan and South Korea Must Focus on North Korea (Not Each Other)




Watch: NY Democrat Blasts Pelosi And Schumer For Refusing To Condemn Anti-Semitic Dem Congresswoman  (Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-California)/Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


Watch: House, Senate Dems on Raise the Wage Act

US Lawmakers Introduce Bipartisan Bills Targeting China’s Huawei, ZTE


Leaders nix recess with no shutdown deal in sight


Congressional Democrats slam Trump’s idea of withdrawing from NATO


Why Democrats Oppose The Wall: Trump Will Actually Build It


The Demoralizing of the GOP (and America)


Congress Is Not a Coequal Branch of Government — It’s Supreme


Redefining Representation: The Women of the 116th Congress


Forget Donald Trump. Congress can make a deal to end the shutdown.


Top Republicans oppose border 'emergency' as shutdown drags on


The Buck Stops With Congress


Democrats’ Big Lie on the Border Wall — But They’re Winning


Democrats who killed Bush’s ‘virtual fence’ now back ‘technological wall’ at border


Debugging digital democracy in Congress


Republicans Are Still Skeptical of GOP Congress




Nebraska, New Hampshire Rescission Resolutions Show Understanding of Con-Con Dangers




Gillette’s Toxic Sanctimony


Gillette 'cut own throat' with man-hating ad


Gillette Ad Waxes Nostalgic About The Fathers The Left Has Yanked From Boys’ Lives


Gillette Insults Customer Base, Telling Men to Shave Their “Toxic Masculinity”




California’s CAIR Collaborator Judge Deborah Barnes


DC court says Holocaust survivors can sue Hungary in the US for huge reparations


Judge: Ex-Obama officials must answer questions on Clinton emails, Benghazi


California Contends Feds Must Prevent Californians From Giving Birth


Federal workers face major setback in shutdown lawsuit


New court filing indicates prosecutors have extensive details on Manafort actions not yet made public


Lawless Federal Judges Are Winning Their War against the Trump Administration


2 judges say employers must pay for employees' birth control


El Chapo wanted to direct movie of his life


Judge blocks Trump birth control coverage rules in California and 12 other states


Court filing in Manafort case shows special counsel’s intense focus on Russia contacts


Voters Side With Judge Who Nullified Obamacare


Suing for Peace in San Diego(California businessowners take the homelessness crisis to court.)




Boyfriend of Louisiana rookie cop who was shot on her way to work is arrested for her murder along with two accomplices


Boyfriend of slain cop arrested for her killing 'concocted' mystery gunman: Chief


Hammer-wielding maniac kills 1, injures 2 at Brooklyn restaurant


Texas mom missing after watching movie at co-worker’s home: cops


Man suspected of being serial public masturbator finally caught


L.A. County sheriff reinstates deputy fired over domestic abuse and stalking allegations


Woman posing with rifle for Snapchat mistakenly kills boyfriend: cops


Couple charged after their toddler died with 17-pound tumor


Man who allegedly shot cop ranted about ‘ultra sonic waves’


Bad forensic science is putting innocent people in prison




The Fanciful Quest to Revive the Obama Coalition


Obama Not Radical Enough for Today’s Democrats


New York mayor plans to snatch private property  (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)


Nevada Dem sanctioned for sexual misconduct announces city council bid


The devil is using the Democratic Party to destroy America


De Blasio blinks at policing the parks after needle outrage (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)


What the nation ought to know about Bill de Blasio


Will NY Dems deliver on ethics?


De Blasio's double standard on workers' benefits


Democrats are battling to see who is the most radically left


Democrats Warmly Embrace 'Green New Deal'


NYC Adds Third Gender 'X' Option to Official City ID Cards (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio) 




USAA donates $15 million to Coast Guard families


House Homeland Security Chairman: ‘No’ Bill to Abolish ICE Will Be Accepted


Commandant tells Coast Guard families: ‘You have not, and will not, be forgotten’




Mueller Cites Texts to Show Manafort Hid Outreach to Trump  (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


‘I will not be bullied’: AG nominee Barr defends Mueller’s Russia probe


Now Corsi's stepson subpoenaed by Mueller


Why would William Barr take this job? The answer should alarm Trump.


Barr vows to protect Russia probe but says Mueller report might stay secret


DOJ Report: Guns Carried During Crimes Most Frequently Obtained Off the Street or Underground


Trump AG nominee William Barr says he would allow Mueller to finish probe


Conservative writer Jerome Corsi says Mueller has summoned his stepson to testify before grand jury


It’s OK now to ask whether Mueller has anything to say


Justice Department issues new opinion that could further restrict online gambling


Dershowitz: Should Mueller report comment on noncriminal conduct?  


William Barr Could Be the Next Attorney General. Will Justice Be Done?




Baby giraffe born in front of Disney World guests




‘Superstar’ DEA agent made millions off cocaine traffickers: report




Stocks close higher as strong bank earnings underpin blue-chip gains


Stocks Rise as Banks Add Boost; Treasuries Decline: Markets Wrap


Upbeat bank earnings send Wall Street to one-month highs


Asia shares subdued after May's Brexit vote defeat, pound steadies


Asian Markets Mixed After Brexit Deal Defeat


Asia shares subdued after May's Brexit vote defeat, pound steadies  (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Goldman Says Rich People Will Drag Down the U.S. Economy


Shutdown’s Economic Damage Starts to Pile Up, Threatening an End to Growth


U.S. Home Sales Plunged, Price Growth at 6-Year Low, Redfin Say


John Bogle, Vanguard founder and investing legend, dies at 89


Money Doesn’t Stink  (Don’t blame the market for the wages of secularism.)


China shares prop-up Asia on stimulus hopes, sterling braces for Brexit plan


London, New York and Hong Kong Are No Longer Immune to Global Housing Downturn


Asian shares on defensive, sterling braces for Brexit vote


Gold at highest in nearly 2 weeks on political turmoil in the U.K., U.S.


China worries weigh on Wall Street, earnings expectations fall


Student debt may have prevented 400,000 young adults from buying homes


Sorry, Folks But Gridlock Is Good For The Economy


30-year Treasury yield hits more than three-week high


Most Americans Don’t Think Their Finances Will Improve in 2019


Treasury yields follow British gilts higher as market plays down chance of hard Brexit


SpaceX Layoffs Include 577 Positions at California Headquarters


Head of world’s largest asset manager says stock market has hit a bottom — but this would make it surge




The Left Is Outraged Because Mike Pence's Wife Got A Job At A Christian School(Wife of Vice-President Mike Pence)


Principal Who Banned Christmas at Elementary School Won’t Return to Position


Teacher Strike in Los Angeles Underscores Need for Education Choice


Bloomberg-funded Law School Coordinating PR with ‘Progressive’ AG Offices  (Former Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg (D)


Retired Michigan professor accused of sexually harassing students


More Division at UNC


Teachers strike at L.A. charter schools too, a first for California


Takedown of Online Education


Amid LAUSD teachers’ strike, L.A. County supervisors vow more funding for schools


Hampshire Struggles to Stay Afloat


How a teachers’ strike taught me to love opera


Ruling May Make It Easier to Sue Test Makers


Ending L.A.’s teachers' strike would be easier if Sacramento bothered to get out of its seat


Unfit for Native American Studies?


About two-thirds of LAUSD students stayed away on first day of strike(California)


Los Angeles Teachers Are Fed Up. Can Public Schools Be Great Again?


Striking L.A. teachers are part of a national movement. But California is different


North Carolina chancellor says Confederate monument Silent Sam must go — and so will she


L.A. teachers' strike: How we got here and how we get out


Eric Garcetti says LAUSD strike is 'electrifying' but hopes for swift solution to get students back in class


School: Kids can't share details on Bible promotion


Chancellor Pay for Life?


Students protest pic of slain cop holding ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Flag


‘My Professor Cares’


Los Angeles teachers set to strike in nation’s second-largest system


Does Admissions Testing Ignore Due Process?


LAUSD teachers' strike: 5 things you need to know


Admissions Surge After NYU Med Goes Tuition-Free


Hail the heroes exposing academia's idiocy


Did Critics of Programs for Women Win at Tulane?


LAUSD teachers go on strike  (California)




Mike Evans: God Moving in Middle East as Egyptian President Builds Huge Church for Christians


Muslim Throng Converges on Worship Site of Coptic Church in Egypt




Forget the Early Polls. Is This Democrats' 2020 Frontrunner?


CNN Anchor: Biden Is the ‘Quintessential Centrist’


Does Beto O’Rourke have something to say?


Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand tells Stephen Colbert she will run for president


Brown launches tour in four early nominating states amid 2020 consideration


Are the Democrats Ready for Tulsi Gabbard?


Candidate Castro: Trump’s the Problem, Not Illegal Aliens. Time for More Taxes


Old, young, liberal, centrist: Democrats will have no end of choices for president in 2020


Where potential 2020 Dem candidates stand on key issues


2020 candidate Julian Castro calls Trump a ‘failed leader’ on immigration


Gillibrand Reverses Position on Drivers’ Licenses for Undocumented Immigrants  (US Senator of New York Kirsten Gillibrand (D)


Continetti: Wall Street Cash Is Gillibrand’s Advantage Over Other 2020 Democrats


Done: Female Dem POTUS Candidates Are Pulling Out Of The Women's March


Gillibrand Defends Flip-Flops: ‘It’s Important to Know When You’re Wrong’


The Opportunism of Kirsten Gillibrand


Castro warns Trump he won’t let him off the hook if elected president


O’Rourke Questions Relevance of the Constitution: ‘Does This Still Work?’


Beto’s Constitutional Folly


Will Bernie Sanders’s 2016 supporters rally behind him this time?


Twenty Things You Probably Didn’t Know about Kamala Harris


Elizabeth Warren’s Problem Isn’t Sexism: It’s Elizabeth Warren




Energy Prices


Oil prices end higher as U.S. crude supplies fall a second week


No clear path for California as massive PG&E utility nears bankruptcy


Alaska officials probing BP oil, gas wells at Prudhoe Bay after spill


PG&E CEO to Leave With Utility at Brink of Bankruptcy


PG&E to file for bankruptcy as fire costs rise  (California)




Explosive Interview: Man Who Predicted Islamic Invasion Of Europe Tells What’s Coming Next


Talk of Western intervention in the Black Sea is pure fantasy


Swiss group launches global petition asking Catholic bishops to stop homosexual networks


A Peaceful and Prosperous Future for Ukraine?


These Ukrainians have a pension awaiting. But they literally must cross a minefield to get it.




European Markets End Higher; U.K. Eases Ahead Of No Confidence Vote


Hungary Official Slams EU Over Migrant Crisis


Checking in on Sweden


Battering-ram attack on homeschoolers gets court OK


Polish Man Arrested Over Spying for China While Working in Government: WSJ




NYT Reveals FBI Retaliated Against Trump For Comey Firing


Iran Demands ‘Immediate and Unconditional Release’ of State Reporter Detained by FBI


The FBI Prostituted Itself


Video shows wild shootout between gunman and FBI agent


Ex-FBI lawyer James Baker under investigation for possible leaks


FBI corruption probe of L.A. City Hall focuses on downtown development boom


The Paranoid Style at the FBI


The FBI's 'Trump treason' probe flunked civics


The FBI Prostituted Itself


Want more proof of FBI corruption? Read this


Exclusive: McCabe’s FBI Tried to Re-engage Christopher Steele After Comey Was Fired


Exclusive: Transcripts of Lisa Page’s Closed-Door Testimonies Provide New Revelations in Spygate Scandal


The FBI’s Counterintelligence Investigation of Trump Was Prudent and Proper


The FBI Tramples Our Political Order




Debt and Deficits: They’re Unsustainable




FDA Aims to Resume High-Risk Food Inspections as Soon as Tuesday




Macron and the Fall of France (French President Emmanuel Macron)


Watson Video: What They're Not Telling You About the Yellow Vests


France looks to beef up military space capabilities


UKIP leader joins Marine Le Pen's far-right EU group


French villagers oppose British D-day memorial on their land in Normandy


France to 'accelerate preparations for no-deal Brexit'




Legal sports betting in New Jersey doesn't seem to be hurting bookies




Muslim linguist in German army arrested for spying for Iran


Düsseldorf student accuses Rheinbahn of racism


Body of missing German tourist found in Australian outback




It's Climate Alarmists Who Remain in Denial


Global Warming Crop Apocalypse Is Just Media Fear-Mongering




‘The Smoking Gun’: Google Manipulated YouTube Search Results for Abortion, Maxine Waters, David Hogg




Despite mandate, Larry Hogan likely to play ‘goalie’ against Maryland’s Democrat-heavy legislature  (Governor of Maryland Larry Hogan)


Florida restored voting rights to former felons. Now the GOP wants to thwart reform.


Chris Christie's New Memoir is Just What You'd Expect  (Former Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie (R)





The Shutdown Shows How Unnecessary Much of Government Is


Effects of partial government shutdown, missed paychecks felt by workers


Voters Still Report Little Personal Impact From Shutdown


The Deep State Digs Deeper


To blunt shutdown’s impact, Trump administration calls nearly 50,000 back to work, unpaid


Federal workers’ morale plunges as impasse threatens the promise of government jobs


Shutdown gives some Trump allies what they want: A smaller government


‘Major concerns’: Resolution of border wall showdown not likely to end shutdown


A crisis when it suits them


This Shutdown Is Now the Longest Ever


Shutdown: Who Is the Voice of the People?


Understanding Why the Deep State Had to Take Down General Michael Flynn 




Horrific Massacre In Haiti: Armed Men Dressed With Masks And Police Uniforms Go House To House Pulling People Out. They Round Up Twenty One People And Hack Them To Death With Machetes Or Shoot Them To Death




Complicating Medicare and Medicaid




Expand Pharmacist Roles to Reduce ER Visits


Health Authorities on Defensive Over Neurotoxic Aluminum Levels in Vaccines


7 in 10 say US health care system has 'major problems' or is in a 'state of crisis'


How ‘traditional masculinity’ hurts the men who believe in it most


4-year-old in Riverside County dies from flu




The inauguration of Jefferson Davis and why it must be taught




Rep. Max Rose says the State of the Union is 'we are not open for business'


Ocasio-Cortez Uses Violent Sexual Term To Describe Her Far-Left Agenda(US Representative of New York Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Democrat Socialist)


Pelosi gets revenge against one of the Dem rebels (Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


Omar Fuels Conspiracy Theory: Graham Is ‘Compromised!’  (US Representative Minnesota Ilhan Omar (D)/ US Senator of South Carolina Lindsey Graham (R)


House Dems wrestle with issuing harsher punishment for Steve King  (US Representative of Iowa Steve King (R)


Exclusive: In Closed-Door Testimony, Papadopoulos Identified Alleged Spy in Trump Campaign


The Democrats’ Blueprint for Impeachment


RINOS Making Way For The Era of the Holier-Than-Thou Accusers


Two Republicans Push ‘Border Bonds’ to Let Americans Finance a Wall


Pelosi calls cops to remove illegals from her home 


Activist Laura Loomer sets up illegal immigrant ‘sanctuary’ on Nancy Pelosi’s lawn


Maxine Waters meets with CBS News representatives over lack of black 2020 reporters (US Representative of California Maxine Waters (D)


House denounces white supremacy; Rep. King supports resolution of rebuke


Ocasio-Cortez secures spot on House Financial Services Committee  (US Representative of New York Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Democrat Socialist)


Company co-founded by Nancy Pelosi's son charged with securities fraud


Florida official rebuked for calling Rep. Rashida Tlaib a ‘danger’ who may ‘blow up’ the Capitol


Scalise: Language Schumer Voted in 2006 for Would Give ‘Most of the Abilities and Tools' Needed to Build the Wall (House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R- Louisiana)


House Plans Shutdown Votes as Senators Meet to Seek Compromise


Pelosi, Democrats should discipline Tlaib’s anti-Semitism  (Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-California)/ US Representative of Michigan Rashida Tlaib (D)


Iowa's King Rebuked by GOP Leaders, Stripped of Committee Posts


Pro-Hezbollah activist posts photos with Rashida Tlaib at swearing-in ceremony


King’s inflammatory remarks roil a GOP already struggling on race


House Freedom Caucus calls for Congress to work on shutdown through break


Why are Republicans suddenly outraged over Steve King’s racism?


The “Green New Deal” Is a Fiscal Fantasy(US Representative of New York Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Socialist -Democrat) is economically illiterate—but what is Paul Krugman’s excuse?)


Ocasio-Cortez, the voice of an ignorant generation 


Joe Lieberman ramps up feud with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


GOP members ready to take action against Steve King  (US Representative of Iowa Steve King (R)


Hispanic Dems lead largest-ever congressional delegation to Puerto Rico


Poll: How Many Voters Support Ocasio-Cortez's 70% Top Tax Rate? Actually, A Lot.


Pelosi to Trump: You Can Just Give Us the State of the Union Address in Writing 


Two Words From Steve King, and the Two Minutes Hate Begins. GOP Caves.


Anti-King Resolution Quotes White Supremacist Lincoln




Drugs and illegal immigration


Immigration loophole allows MS-13 gang members to go free



ICE Detainee ‘Inadvertently’ Released into USA


Marine vet held by ICE for possible deportation is U.S. citizen




India's soymeal sales to Iran surge to offset rupees-for-oil imbalance


Exclusive: India's e-commerce curbs could hit online sales by $46 billion by 2022 - PwC draft...




Crashed Lion Air Plane's Cockpit Voice Recorder Found


Indonesia recovers cockpit voice recorder from jet that crashed into the sea




Regulating Internet gambling


Happy 18th  birthday, Wikipedia. Let’s celebrate the Internet’s good grown-up.




Iran vows to keep military forces in Syria despite Israeli threats


Crazy-rich Iranians face blowback at a time of sanctions and economic stress


Iran official: We never advocated Israel's destruction


Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif's Claim That Iran Does Not Seek Israel's Destruction Is A Blatant Lie (Part I)


After botched satellite launch, Iran plans second try at space shot in months


Iranian cargo plane crash kills 15, leaves 1 survivor





NYC: Imam says Muslims should beat wives lightly “so that it doesn’t hurt her physically, it hurts her dignity.”


What will it take to admit Muslim brutality?




White House slams Israel TV story on its peace plan as ‘not helpful speculation’


For The First Time, Looted Antiquities Found In West Bank (Judea and Samaria) Go On Display (with Video)


Snow dusts Jerusalem area as winter storm wallops Israel


Al-Shabaab: Kenya attack because of Jerusalem recognition


Poll shows Likud rising, Jewish Home and Livni’s Hatnua failing to enter Knesset


Move Over Russia, President Trump Primed To Follow U.S. Tradition Of Meddling In Israeli Elections


Three Labor MKs jump ship amid growing anger at Gabbay


Israel’s Secret weapons: Optimism, Patriotism and Roots


Israel denies report about form ostensibly requiring personal data from visitors


Newsweek reporter: Israel, Chabad 'third rail' of US journalism


Chinese investment in Israel could harm intelligence ties, US official warns


 Police Gagged Investigation Concerns Corrupt Judicial Appointments


Israel sets target of $1 billion in exports to Japan in coming year


Israelis/Jews "defile" Muslim and Christian holy sites


Italian security officers leave Gaza after standoff with Hamas


Analysts View Russia As Potential Cyberbully In Upcoming Israeli Election


Prosecution to indict Israeli teen for Palestinian woman’s killing


Trump peace plan: divide Jerusalem, Palestinian state on 85-90% of W. Bsnk (Judea and Samaria)  


5 IDF soldiers likely to face serious charges for beating Palestinian detainees  (Israel Defense Forces)


Court orders house arrest for Effie Naveh, main suspect in judgeships-for-sex scandal


Victory for Netanyahu in Likud Central Committee vote ahead of elections  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Nasrallah, Iran, and Israel's end game


Election Wild Card: Joint (Arab) List Seeks To Overcome Internal Turmoil


 Palestinian Authority rejects Trump peace plan revealed in Israeli report


Head of Israel Bar Association named as top lawyer in sex scandal


A sculpture of Ronald McDonald on a cross ignites violent clashes in Israel


There Is No ‘Israeli-Palestinian Conflict’


Rabbi: Blood moon is sign telling Jews to 'come to Israel'


Here's another border wall getting high marks(Israel-Egypt border barrier stops human trafficking cold.)




Lebanon’s central bank targets stable pound, says bank deposits rose in 2018


Beirut: The Paris of the Middle East?


Helping Lebanon Succeed Is More Than About Countering Iran




Major Liberal Groups Walk Away From the Women’s March, But Very Quietly


George Soros has massive wall around his home


Coachella founder’s tough truth to liberal fans: ‘Most billionaires are Republicans’




Malaysia’s 93-Year-Old PM, a Strident Critic of Israel, Says Israelis Can’t Compete in World Paralympic Championships




New Poll: Most Americans Believe the Government Spies on Journalists, Like Sharyl Attkisson


A CNN analyst called out a Fox News contributor for ‘white privilege.’ He’s black.


Red Lobster Hillary Cabal Targets Tucker Carlson


Report: John Kasich looking to join CNN or MSNBC(Former Governor of Ohio John Kasich(R)


The media must not repeat its major failure from 2016


 Is the New York Times Motto for Real?


Liberal Activists Hand Out Fake Copies of Washington Post


Conservatives: Stop Giving Interviews To MSM Like The ‘Let-Us-Smear You’ New York Times


Old “Russian Collusion” Stories Recycled to Unfairly Attack Trump


CNN Pressures Kasich to Link Trump to Steve King White Supremacy Comments 




Medicare-for-All Will Take Most of Your Paycheck




Mexican drug cartels using drones to smuggle heroin, meth, cocaine into U.S.


El Chapo paid $100M bribe to ex-Mexican president: secretary


I traveled across 10 countries for asylum in the U.S. I wound up living the 'Mexican Dream' instead




Saudi Arabia to start first phase of Neom project


Incoherent & Impulsive: U.S. Allies Wary Of President Trump’s Middle East Policy (Audio Interview)


What Should We Learn from 40 Years of U.S. Intervention in the Middle East?


Rahaf's Saudi Family Will Never, Ever Stop Coming After Her


Saudi Arabia may unlock the kingdom’s hidden treasures. But will tourists come?


Gulf States are Poised to Play a Major Role in Trump's Peace Plan—When He Unveils One 




Last Month, Trump Called for U.S. Troop Withdrawal from Syria; Today, More Americans Are Killed There


Working Together: U.S. Army Wants To Buy Israel's Iron Dome Missile Defense System


ISIS claims Syria attack that killed U.S. troops


China takes lead in some military tech: Pentagon


Watch: Florida gov., FEMA admin at visit Tyndall Air Force Base


U.S., Japan participate in joint deployment in East China Sea


Two 1st  Cavalry soldiers killed in unrelated training incidents


Report: China has some of world’s most advanced weapons, remains ‘long way’ from US military


Capping troop pay, higher Tricare fees among theoretical options for reducing deficit in report


Upcoming video game forces commanders to earn the trust of their troops or face defeat


Lt. Gen. Michael Garrett nominated to lead FORSCOM


Police in Florida, Army looking for missing 7th Special Forces Group soldier


Veterans groups demand end to shutdown: 'Get your act together'


One more fight: Green Beret says military failed to detect his cancer. Now he seeks to hold the government accountable


Troops to remain on border through September for surveillance, detection mission


VA secretary fights notion that government shutdown could lead to veteran suicides


Widow charged in death of Michigan soldier on New Year’s Eve


Pentagon Officials Fear Bolton’s Actions Increase Risk of Clash With Iran (National Security Adviser John Bolton)


Legacy of Benghazi: Marine force stays ready for quick Africa deployment


US military planning its first-ever missile test around Okinawa, report says


Daughter’s plea draws 50,000 birthday cards for World War II veteran


Air Force veteran married to furloughed federal employee picks up $100K lottery check


Service, humor, cigars: Hundreds gather to remember nation's oldest WWII veteran


Inside the tug of war over Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria


‘Just get us out of Europe’: Hardcore Brexit supporters push to leave E.U. with no deal




Report raises fresh doubts over Trump's NATO commitment


As Russia Works to Weaken NATO, Trump Talks of a U.S. Withdrawal 




Nuclear arms treaty faces collapse after failed US-Russia talks




Pakistan: Muslims open fire on four other Muslims who were campaigning against jihad attacks; one dead, four injured


Pakistan arrest 'sends Taliban message'


Pakistan's Khan begins trying to form a coalition government


Pakistan’s ex-PM Sharif to remain in prison despite ruling


Pakistan opposition leader Khan unveils election platform


Pakistan kills 2 men linked to 2011 abduction of American




Family That Owns OxyContin Maker Led Efforts to Mislead Public, Documents Show




Pair of Chinese firms eye Subic Bay shipyard, causing alarm in the Philippines




Have Conservatives Rolled Over, Or Have They Been Steamrolled?


The Conservative Majority and Polls




No Criminal Justice Reform - Without Prison Reform




How Should We Punish Racism?




Black Radio Host David Webb Speaks Out After Being Accused Of Benefiting From White Privilege


David Webb, black SiriusXM radio host, told on air to check 'white privilege' by CNN analyst




The Hidden Gospel Message in Sunday's Super Blood Moon




Openly pro-LGBT bishop: There’s no ‘gay subculture’ in my U.S. diocese


Father Richard John Neuhaus, Ten Years On


‘Quite a shock’: The priest was a D.C. luminary. Then he had a disturbing fall from grace.




Secret Kremlin Documents Tell a Story Hardly Anyone Knows (Vladimir Bukovsky's book exposes the Soviet regime's collaboration with our own political class. )


Modernizing the Masses: Russia’s People vs Putin (Op-ed)  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Frozen over at 50 below: Frigid temperatures engulf Sakha Region


Don’t meddle in Venezuela, Moscow tells coup-cheering Washington


Lavrov Holds Annual Press Conference, Ridicules Idea That Trump is Russian Spy  (Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov)


Russian Ambassador To Lebanon: 'American Rampage' May Lead To Nuclear War; Our Cooperation With Iran In Syria Is Ongoing


Lavrov on Brexit: Russia will cooperate with UK and EU, whatever the outcome


Russia's Orbit – Ukrainian Expert Khara: Why Share Power And Money With Lukashenko If It Is Better To Swallow His Country? Russia's Expansionist Policy Will Exhaust Its Resources


Official Data Vastly Underestimates Russian Emigration – Report


Russia's Orbit – Belarus President Lukashenko: The Issue Of Unifying Belarus With Russia Is Not On The Current Agenda


Kremlin derides Trump-Russia allegations


Russia's Orbit – Influential Russian Blogger El-Murid: The Kremlin's Blackmailing Leaves Lukashenko With No Other Choice But To Seek Out Other Centers Of Power In The West


There's More to Russia than Meets the Eye




Prager U Video: What Does Diversity Have to Do with Science? 




Two Democrat Gun Bills To Fight Like The Dickens


The Democrat Who Banned Guns in Chicago Had 23 Guns




Secret Service Fact Checks Nancy Pelosi: We Are Fully Prepared and Able to Handle Trump's State of the Union Address


Denver ‘Womxn’s March’ Scrubs Website of Secret Service Agent’s ‘Leadership’ Role 





Attorney General Confirmation Hearing, Day 2


Manchin: Pelosi Disinviting Trump for SOTU Is the ‘Wrong Approach’ (US Senator of West Virginia Joe Manchin III (D)


Feinstein’s Scattershot Anti-Gun Bill Badly Misses the Mark  (US Senator of California Dianne Feinstein (D)


GOP blocks Senate rebuke of Trump on Russia sanctions


Trump EPA nominee grilled by Sanders, Democrats on climate change (US Senator of Vermont Bernard Sanders (I-Socialist)


Sen. Menendez lashes out at Fox News for beach photo: ‘You’re neither fair nor balanced’


Senate Republicans stand with McConnell on the sidelines of shutdown fight (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


What did they do with Lindsey Graham?  (US Senator of South Carolina Lindsey O Graham (R)


A group of Republican senators broke ranks on Tuesday to side with Democrats in a showdown over sanctions on Russia.


5 takeaways from Barr’s testimony


Press Outlets Dunk on Rand Paul for Going to Canada, Land of 'Socialized Medicine,' for Surgery. But the Clinic Is Private.  (US Senator of Kentucky Rand Paul (R)


Marni Soupcoff: Rand Paul visits an island of 'capitalist medicine' in socialist Canada


Sen. Rand Paul to have hernia surgery in Canada


Applying liberal dog whistles to judicial nominations


Senate Dems set to take aim at new Trump attorney general pick


Graham urges Trump to reopen government for short period before declaring national emergency (US Senator of South Carolina Lindsey Graham (R)


Trump much tougher on Russia than Obama, says Cruz  (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)


William Barr to face tough Senate hearing on attorney general nomination


Sen. Mark Warner: Trump has ‘parroted’ Vladimir Putin (US Senator of Virginia Mark Warner (D)


Wake Up, Senators. Andrew Wheeler Should Not Run the E.P.A.


Bipartisan Senate group presses Trump to end shutdown




Twitter-banned radio host: Liberals love 'free speech' they agree with


Twitter suspends radio host for reply to 'snowflake'


CAIR Calling Shots on Who Gets Banned from Facebook and Twitter


Beto’s tonsils aren’t even the worst thing about modern pols’ social-media obsession




Crimes without punishment in Argentina




Defense White Paper Stops Calling N.Korea 'the Enemy'


Fine dust pollution raises skepticism on anti-nuclear policy


'War end, communication channel possible actions from US'


Allies to carry out low-key joint drills in March


Only 2.9% of unmarried women consider marriage 'necessary'


Korea's exports of kimchi up 20% in 2018


FM: South Korea and US share common goal of complete denuclearization




Spain: 14 Muslims arrested for jihad plot, friend says one “has never shown terrorist attitudes, does not even pray”




ESPN Host Suggests Trump Was Racist for Serving Clemson Players Fast Food


Clemson quarterback blasts false quote, says ‘Trip to the White House was awesome!’


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard


College Basketball Scoreboard (Men)


High school football player dies during ACL surgery


Tom Brady and the Patriots are back, but did they ever leave?


How Chiefs player rewarded homeless man will make you smile


Saints advance to NFC title game after rallying to beat Eagles




Ex-felons given right to vote in Florida, draws controversy


Business navigates California's one-party state


Cuomo’s agenda is going to cost New Yorkers big time  (Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo (D)


The real reasons to fear Cuomo’s L-train plan


Gov. Gavin Newsom wants the tech industry to help pay for new housing. But not for the neediest Californians


Andrew Cuomo's avalanche of platitudes


Wondering Why Americans Are Running from Blue States?


New evacuations ordered in burn areas as record rain soaks Southland  (California)


At least 9 dead, including Illinois state trooper, after snowstorm batters the Midwest


DC and Puerto Rico share the long-ignored dream of statehood


Memo to prosecutors in Camp fire: Convicting a company of murder is easier said than done  (California)


With all Gov. Gavin Newsom has going for him, there’s little excuse for failure(California)


Gavin Newsom needs a plan for California's endangered water supply




Article In Egyptian Government Daily: Pompeo's Speech In Cairo Was Full Of Arrogance And Lies  (US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo)


Pompeo cuts short Mid East tour. No headway in selling Trump’s post-Syria drive against Iran


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo pressed Saudi Arabia’s crown prince on war, murder and diplomatic rifts.


Pompeo dismisses ‘silly’ report that FBI probed Trump over Putin ties


My Sister Is in a Saudi Prison. Will Mike Pompeo Stay Silent?




Supreme Court rejects appeal over military burn pits


The Supreme Court's First Divided Opinion of the Term


Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Notorious Impact on America




US-backed SDF says it will help set up north Syria safe zone


Terrifying moment ISIS suicide bomber blows up Syrian restaurant, killing two US soldiers and two American civilians


Kurds Scramble For Security Arrangement Ahead Of U.S. Withdrawal From Syria


Refugee Relief: Palestinians Raise Funds To Rebuild al-Yarmouk Camp In Syria




Taiwan stocks lower at close of trade; Taiwan Weighted down 0.43%


US Eyes Taiwan Risk as China’s Military Capabilities Grow


Perspective | Why Taiwan is taking a hard line against unification with China — and what it means...


Taiwan objects to Britain's post-Brexit WTO services trade arrangement


US assessment raises concerns over China attacking Taiwan 



Philadelphia’s Soda War




Netflix price increase causes backlash


New satellites will solve issue that's plagued aviation for decades




Whoopi Goldberg: 'Maybe it's time for me' to leave the U.S.  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: Do not threaten just do.) 




NYC: Sculpture proclaiming “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet” removed from Ground Zero


Feds admit they can't protect electrical grid from terror


'Muslim-free' gun range fights to exclude members of terror-linked group 




Big Business Ignores Threat to National Sovereignty Inherent in USMCA




It’s Time for T.S.A. Workers to Strike


U.S. Shutdown Hits Houston Airport as Security Checkpoint Closes


Armed passenger slips by screeners in Atlanta, TSA says shutdown had no role




Demand Drops for US Treasuries




Turkey-backed fighters await ‘zero hour’ to attack Syria’s Manbij


Trump, Erodgan negotiate 'safe zone' in northern Syria  (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Turkey keeps main interest rate unchanged


Report: Turkey seeks warrant for Knicks Enes Kanter


Whisked Away


The Many Problems with Erdogan's Plan for Syria    


Turkey's Erdogan calls for revision of Bosnia peace accords


Trump Threatens to ‘Devastate Turkey Economically’ if It Attacks Kurds


Turkey "not scared" of Donald Trump despite threats of "economic devastation" over Syria, says...


Turkey’s Islamist government pushes for rapid increase in the nation’s historic cannabis production


Erdogan on Manbij blast: ‘Trump won’t halt Syrian withdrawal because it would mean ISIS wins’





Brexit deal defeat boosts European banks, hurts FTSE 100 as endgame still unclear


The Beginning of the End of Britain’s Brexit Fantasy


Theresa May survives confidence vote  (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Ten Thoughts on Theresa May’s Brexit-Deal Defeat


Theresa May’s Brexit plan suffers humiliating defeat in Parliament, putting E.U. withdrawal in doubt  


Theresa May invites Jeremy Corbyn to No. 10 for crisis talks on Brexit (Watch)


The Brexit mess just got even messier


Brexit Vote Disaster: No Matter What Happens Politically, Britain Must Leave The EU


Brexit Pushes Britain to Brink as Government Fights for Survival


Why Britons are sick of single-payer health care


The Brexit disaster is a failure of the entire British political class


Britain is left without a Brexit plan. It’s headed toward disaster.


Will May Survive Her Brexit Defeat? 


Britain's Economic Future Depends On Brexit


Labour Leader Corbyn Set To Call for No-confidence Vote on Theresa May


British Public School: Boys Can Have Periods Too


British Legislators Are Alarmed at a No-Deal Brexit. British Voters, Not So Much.


May Faces Worst Government Defeat in 95 Years in Key Brexit Vote  


Britain’s Parliament is set for a critical vote on Tuesday on Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal.


Why I’m Seeking Asylum In America(As a homosexual conservative in public life, I don’t feel safe in an Islamized Britain anymore.)


May Warns That Parliament Will Kill Brexit by Voting Down Her Deal (British Prime Minister Theresa May)




Saudi Woman Gets Immediate Amnesty, Persecuted Christians Like Michael Left To Mobs


UN Security Council approves Hodeidah ceasefire monitoring force in Yemen


The Palestinians Take Over Leadership of Influential Coalition of UN Members




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Rep. Steve King’s white supremacy comments ‘abhorrent,’ White House says


Puerto Rican Man Arrested for Threatening to Kill President Donald Trump


The Coup Against Trump Has Failed — Is the Worm About to Turn?


Trump meets with coalition of Democrats and Republicans as shutdown drags on


Exclusive — Don Jr.: Pelosi 'Terrified' To Let American People Hear Trump 'Unfiltered'


Dear Mr. President: You Are Unable To Devastate The Turkish Economy, As You Warned – Because Your Bogus Ally Qatar Will Save Turkey Yet Again From Your Sanctions


Trump Firing Comey Is No Obstruction of Justice  (Former FBI Director James Comey)


 Trump's Popularity Rose Despite 90 Percent Negative Media Coverage in 2018


President Signs Bill Aimed at Preventing and Responding to Genocide


WH Economic Adviser: Funding Lapse Will 'Really Affect the Economy'; Dems Should Negotiate


If Only Trump Haters Could Realize How Dangerously Our Democracy Is Being Threatened


Trump Orders Thousands Back to Work Without Pay to Blunt Shutdown Disruption


Attacking Trump over his fast food feast is just ridiculous


Why wouldn’t Trump restrict access to his interactions with Putin?  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Palm Beach used to be a nice town for billionaires. Then Trump came along.


Chris Christie accuses Jared Kushner of political ‘hit job’


Trump and Putin Have Met Five Times. What Was Said Is a Mystery.


Pence on border wall: Trump won't be ‘deterred’ by Dem ‘obstruction’  (Vice-President Mike Pence)


Is Trump a Russian asset? Not likely


Pence claims 'we have crushed the ISIS caliphate' HOURS after bloody attack in Syria on U.S. troops


Is Anti-Trump Hysteria America's Most Ridiculous Moment?


Deep State: Did Justice, CIA And FBI Commit Crimes To Get Rid Of Trump?


Is Bolton steering Trump into war with Iran?  (National Security Adviser John Bolton)


Trump’s inaugural committee spent $1.5M at his own hotel


President Trump serves fast food to Clemson football team


Don’t expect Trump to go quietly


It’s time for Trump to give up on the wall


Please help Donald Trump find work during the shutdown


Republicans Support Trump on the Shutdown. But for How Long?


Trump says illegal immigrants who show up for court are dummies


Mr. Trump said that he rejected a proposal to temporarily reopen the government.


Trump’s mistakes make a China trade deal harder to seal


Trump and his surrogates travel in a gray area when denying damaging stories


Trump’s secrecy around Putin talks are ‘part of a much broader pattern’


Trump’s polls sag amid wall fight


Old land deal quietly haunts Mick Mulvaney as he serves as Trump’s chief of staff 


The Unprincipled Principles of Never Trumpers


Trump slams 'Jeff Bozo,' Washington Post over Amazon founder's divorce


Trump’s Efforts to Hide Details of Putin Talks May Set Up Fight With Congress


The Trump 'Resistance'


Trump Confronts the Prospect of a ‘Nonstop’ War for Survival


Trump: Hispanic voters will join GOP, upset with Democrats over DACA


Top Democrats Warn Trump Over Comments on Michael Cohen


Juan Williams: Trump's wall is founded on fiction


Trump Says He Alone Can Do It. His Attorney General Nominee Usually Agrees.


Many of Trump's populist promises have been delivered


The Trump-Putin revelations tell us what we knew all along


Majority of Americans blame Trump for government shutdown


Trump bashes report claiming FBI investigated whether he was working for Russia


Trump confuses New Orleans for Nashville


Trump White House sought strike plans against Iran: Report


Trump doubles down on Syria pullout: ‘Stop the endless wars!’


Here are 18 reasons Trump could be a Russian asset


Trump mocks Elizabeth Warren using Native American stereotypes


Trump Reportedly Flays Mick Mulvaney In Shutdown Meeting: 'You Just F**ked It All Up'




Environmentalists fear Trump’s pick will reverse World Bank’s climate change focus



Davos organizer WEF warns of growing risk of cyberattacks in Gulf


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