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Thursday, March 9, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




Largest Late-Term Abortion Clinic in the U.S Under Investigation for Selling Body Parts of Aborted Babies


Planned Parenthood insider: 'Why are there 3 arms?'


Baby Destiny Rescued From Abortion After Her Grandmother Pressured Her Mother to Abort Her


Pro-life movement remembers victims of abortion on ‘A Day Without a Woman’


Abortion Activists Protest Outside Pregnancy Center Offering Women Choices Besides Abortion


Howard Dean Overestimates How Pro-Abortion Young People Are


The Washington Post Just Made A Laughable Claim About Planned Parenthood


Planned Parenthood president on GOP plan to cut funding, being singled out


Howard Dean Says There’s No Room for Pro-Life Democrats in the Democrat Party


Bill would require Alabama abortion doctors to state income, sonogram description


Maryland Democrats Push Legislation Mandating Funding of Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz


Advocates urge House panel to amend fetal remains bill by outlawing abortion


Abortion foes hope repealing law now will let them ban later  (Idaho)


NY's abortion services could be caught up in ACA repeal fight


House subcommittee approves 1 abortion bill, halts another (Tennessee)


Mississippi: Pro-choice activist fired on International Women’s Day


Does Ivanka Trump Back or Oppose Abortion Rights?


A Cautionary Play About the Supreme Court Case Legalizing Abortion


This Anti-Abortion Advertisement Breached Broadcast Standards  (An ad created by anti-abortion group Emily’s Voice has been found to breach broadcasting law by Australia’s telecommunications watchdog.)


Pro-aborts toured Ireland handing out illegal abortion pills. The pro-life response was incredible


#Strike4Repeal: Ireland protests abortion ban on International Women's Day


Top UK pro-life groups join forces for first time in bid to shut down abortion provider


Abortion, Equal Pay Are Front And Center On Women’s Day


Vatican celebrates International Women’s Day by hosting pro-abortion nun




Death Toll In Kabul Military Hospital Attack Rises To 49




Frenchman jailed for 'terrorist' links in Morocco


Death toll from Madagascar cyclone rises to 5


Tunisair suspends all flights over worker row





66-year-old removed from flight over reaction to blanket's price




The ACLU's radical roots




Capital Hill Review Thursday, March 9, 2017




Amtrak train freed after 13 hours stuck in snow bank




Bomb Threat Sent to Brooklyn Jewish Children’s Museum


Hatred, prejudice on rise in Trump’s America: poll


China Report Slams US Human Rights Violations, Anti-Semitism


New app allows users to report anti-Semitic incidents


The writing on the wall: Being a Jew in Trumpland  



Big miners drag ASX lower


The Australian dollar has tumbled to a 6-week low


Boy escapes suspected kidnapping from Melbourne bus stop


Tesla says its batteries could fix Australia's energy problems in 100 days




Dismantling America’s Destructive ‘Fourth Branch’ of Government


We Need A Moore's Law For Government


Trump agency heads already rolling back Obama-era rules on their own




Boy Scout leader charged with raping teen Scout




TSX ends the day flat after early boost from oilsands deals


Most actively traded companies on the TSX


Shell to sell oil sands assets to Canadian Natural for $7.25-billion


26-year-old teacher stuns Liberals to win nomination to replace Stéphane Dion


Canada to make skilled-worker permits easier as U.S. clamps down


Mounting numbers of migrants and refugees flee US for Canada


Justice Minister points to U.S. sex-assault initiative for Canada


Police raid Cannabis Culture shops across Canada following arrest of ‘Prince’ and ‘Princess of Pot’


Remove judge in 'knees together' sex assault case, judicial council recommends


Trump can’t appeal court decision he misled Toronto investors


Marc Emery's marijuana shops raided after Prince of Pot and wife arrested at Pearson airport


She is U of T's only black first-year med student


‘It’s a shame that they are actually retiring her:’ Aboard the HMCS Athabaskan, on her final sail


Mom furious after teacher gives 7-year-old son with autism a haircut at school


Ontario pledges $100M to combat homelessness


RCAF Search and Rescue technician Alfred Barr dies in training accident in Saskatchewan


Developer of controversial highrise next to Toronto school says safety a 'priority'


Donald Trump’s marriage to Melania ends before his presidency: Odds are 5/1 in Europe’s Top 10 bets




Reza Aslan Eats Human Brains!




CIA hacking: WikiLeaks says it will help Silicon Valley patch vulnerabilities


Dem: Vault 7 Reveals America Sliding Towards Totalitarianism


Ex-CIA chief: I don’t envy Mike Pompeo (Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Mike Pompeo)


#Vault7: ‘Pocket Putin’ – CIA’s covert listening tool revealed


CIA Contractors Likely Source of Latest WikiLeaks Release


WikiLeaks disclosure exposes rapid growth of CIA digital operations — and agency vulnerabilities


Concerned about the WikiLeaks smart TV disclosure? Here’s what you should know.


Inside the CIA psychic squad that helped get US hostages out of Iran


WikiLeaks takes another shot at America


Former CIA bosses call timing of CIA WikiLeaks dump suspicious, point to Russia


CIA: Public should be 'deeply troubled' by WikiLeaks disclosures




Why China's Military Budget is Larger Than it Appears


Inflation building a head of steam in China


China Seeking International Law for State Control of Internet


China’s evolving cyber warfare strategies


China urges US to stop hacking other countries following Vault 7 release


US rejects China’s proposal, says ‘all options on table’ regarding N. Korea




Cuba's self-imposed embargo is hurting Cubans




North Korea Is Practicing for Nuclear War (North Korea isn’t testing its missiles. It’s preparing for a nuclear first strike.)





Congress Approval Levels Off at 24%, Still Higher Than 2016


Where Are the Republican Party’s Leaders?


GOP leaders urge troops to heed Trump, back Obamacare replacement


Democrats’ call for a special prosecutor may come back to haunt them





39.1%: CBO Says U.S. Has Highest Top Statutory Corporate Tax Rate in G20




Fortune reveals 100 best companies to work for




Man gets 20 years for ripping ex's scalp: 'I'm innocent'


Miami lawyer's pants catch fire during arson trial


Wisconsin Supreme Court Strikes Down Madison Bus Gun Ban


‘There was nowhere to hide’: Vet testifies about al Qaeda ambush


Third protester pleads guilty in plot to wreck Trump inaugural ball, receives no jail time


Anti-Trump agitators who plotted 'acid' attack get 'light sentences'




Girls high school soccer coach 'allowed kidnap hazing ritual where they were duct taped, blindfolded with panties and hosed down outside during winter'


Home Invasion Suspect Shot, Killed After Refusing Food Stamps Instead of Money


Teen accused of shooting dead his retired NFL linebacker father and his wife as they slept when he was 16 to stand trial as an adult


Woman, 19, has blood soaked underwear that 'backs up claims she was raped by a Creighton University basketball star'


Florida foster parents are charged with nearly SEVEN HUNDRED counts of sex crimes and abuse against children in Alabama


Police arrest suspect in Nashville nurse's murder


'Immigrant Privilege' Drives Child Rape Epidemic  (North Carolina: A case study in the crisis the media and government are hiding.)


Immigrant deported 5 times charged in crash that killed mom


Law enforcement agencies report 911 outage for AT&T customers across U.S.


Man accused of holding strippers hostage in mansion


A woman married a paroled murderer. Years later, he killed her four children.


Illegal Alien Beheads Mother, Illegal Alien Deported 5 Times Kills Woman


Chicago can learn from New York to curb crime problem





Border Patrol 'Tunnel Rats' Plug Underground Passages


Illegal Border Crossings Appear to Drop Under Trump





‘Day Without Women’ Was A Bit Of A Bust. Here Were Its Worst Misfires


7 Reasons Yesterday’s ‘Day Without A Woman’ Was Asinine


Feminist Gender Hustlers On the March Wednesday





Former Intel Officer: Ex-NSA Officials Carried Out DNC Hack to Expose Hillary




Obama’s Role in Undermining Trump’s Presidency


Pressure Builds on Obama Over Trump Wiretapping Allegations


Obama's Snowflakes  (Our kids actually require a lot of compulsory diversity training and thought policing to be sure they follow Obama's progressive agenda.)


The Democrats’ Clinton Problem


Will we find The Clinton Foundation in the Odebrecht scandal sweeping Latin America?


The Beginnings of Obama’s Shadow Government


Blank book called ‘Reasons to vote for Democrats’ top seller on Amazon


Poll: Hillary trounced by Trump in favorability contest


California Democrats’ Never-Ending War on the Poor


'Like something my dog threw up': Chelsea Clinton's pancakes gross people out




DREAMers Continue to Demand Protections from Trump DHS


Washington state becomes second state to mount a legal challenge to revised travel ban


Secretary Kelly Is Missing in Action on Immigration (Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly)





Former aide defends Carson calling slaves "immigrants"  (Secretary of Housing and Urban Development  Dr Ben Carson)


Ben Carson’s Gray Matter


Note To Ben Carson Bashers: When Obama Called Slaves 'Immigrants,' You Showered Him With Praise




Sessions open to using outside counsel to investigate DOJ under Holder, Lynch (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions/ Former US Attorney General Eric H Holder Jr/ Former US Attorney General Loretta Lynch)


Sessions: I'd advise Trump to use Guantanamo Bay


Sessions: Changes coming to policies on drug charges


Poll says majority of Americans want Sessions to resign   (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)




Laborers Take Day Off to Surround Labor Department




Disney Boss Says No Political Bias at ESPN and ABC News, Complaints ‘Completely Exaggerated’


Parents urged to keep kids from Disney's 'Beauty and the Beast'




Seattle Case Shows Why Drone Regulation Should Be Local, Not Federal




Stocks eke out gains as energy shares rebound


Energy stocks rise late to buoy Wall Street


Asian markets mostly in the red, as China’s inflation hits 2-year low


Energy shares lead Asian markets lower on big US oil buildup


The financial pain of America’s urban families


The S&P 500 and Dow have now gone 102 days without a 1% drop


Surge in US small business confidence boosts payrolls


Gold ends lower, extends losing streak to 8 sessions


U.S. Consumer Comfort Just Reached Its Highest Level in a Decade


U.S. weekly jobless claims rise; layoffs fall in February


U.S. Household Wealth Rose $2.04 Trillion in Fourth Quarter


Samsung to Expand in United States, Bringing Back 500 Jobs From Mexico


The Market Is Suddenly Having Second Thoughts on Reflation


Euro rises versus dollar after Draghi indicates no ‘urgency’ to add to stimulus  (President of the European Central Bank Mario Draghi)




Poll: College Students Want to Shut Everybody Up Because Everybody's A Racist


Sorority Will Allow Transgender Women to Become Members Nation-Wide


Cultivating a New Generation of Racists on Campus


Trump’s Pursuit of 50-State Scholarship Tax Credit Deserves Applause


3 Years Cost Less Than 4 (NYU’s push to help students graduate in under four years leaves questions about who it helps and how much of a difference it can make at one of the country’s most expensive universities.)


A Legal Ponzi Scheme of a Pension: Teachers Beware


Lost Insurance for Adjuncts and Students  (Key coverage requirements would disappear under Republican alternative to Obamacare, and academic medicine could take a hit as well.)


College Students' Perception of Dietary Terms Could Help Nutrition Education


Harvard Law Will Accept GRE  (Move could change the debate in legal education about alternatives to the LSAT.)


Harvard Law to Accept GRE for Admission


Governing Against BDS (Report says movement to boycott represents challenge to academic freedom in the U.S., and urges trustees to take action. Critics say report is a challenge to academic freedom.)


White girls ordered to 'take off your hoops!' (Caucasian women told stop wearing 'black and brown folks' earrings.)


If You Want Real Change, Start with Education


Booze, Pot, Grades  (Regular drinking isn’t associated with meaningfully lower GPAs, study finds, but those who use alcohol and marijuana do see a decline.)


De Blasio’s first step toward fixing his failed Renewal schools (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio(D)




Protests In Egypt Following Government Decision To Cut Subsidized Bread Quotas





Study: Hillary's Ads Were Nearly All Personal Attacks, Not Policy




Oil sinks below $50 a barrel to end at a more than 3 month low


Energy Prices


How Russian oil-giant Rosneft could claim U.S. oil


Oil’s tug of war gives way for a price collapse




Rare whale seen in underwater video for first time


A wildflower ‘superbloom’ is underway in this Southwest desert




Carbon dioxide is NOT main cause of global warming says new environmental protection boss - in defiance of scientific consensus and his own agency  (Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt)





Bank stocks help European markets end higher as Draghi plays down deflationary risks  (President of the European Central Bank Mario Draghi)


European council :Donald Tusk re-elected as president despite Polish opposition


Sweden: Migrants Slice Woman’s Throat Open, Murder Husband, Then Laugh About It


Italy: Motorway bridge collapses killing two people


Denmark, Germany, Netherlands want to create ‘artificial power island’


Tusk Expected To Win New EU Term Despite Polish Opposition


Poland threatens 'whole EU summit' over Tusk vote




Burger Flipping Robot Replaces Workers At Fast Food Restaurant




Report: FBI Monitored Trump Server, But ‘No Intercepts of Trump’s Phones or Emails’


Report: A FISA Warrant Was Issued in October to Investigate Russian Hacking


Privacy no longer a citizen right, according to FBI’s Comey (FBI Director James Comey)


FBI Director Comey rejects talk of resignation: ‘You’re stuck with me’


FBI wants to know how long CIA knew about security breach





FCC says it will investigate AT&T wireless 911 outage





‘Deep FEC’ Goes After White House Counsel Don McGahn




How Trump could soon be at war with Yellen (Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen)




FTC reveals red flags to detect impostor scams




Shadow banking is growing fast -- is that a threat?




FDA issues warning about risky vein opening procedure




Statement Regarding President Trump’s April 27, 2016 Foreign Policy Speech at the Center for the National Interest




Le Pen’s election would be a ‘disaster,’ says French envoy to US


French President Hollande Claims Women’s Rights ‘Declining’ in United States


He's young and gaffe-prone — but he might be France's next president


Good news: France has just created more jobs than at any time since 2007


France warns French-Swiss firm ready to help build Trump's wall


In France, Fillon against All Odds


French told to avoid list of 'toxic' air-fresheners and essential oils




Two more bodies found after arrest in child murder case


At least 5 injured in ‘rampage’ axe attack in Germany


Man with ax injures several people at Dusseldorf train station - reports


Migrants' Fate a Game of Chance


In Moscow, German FM Warns Of Danger Of New Arms Race With Russia


AfD to fight for headscarf ban and mass deportations in election


Germany: Russian Missiles In Kaliningrad A 'Setback' For European Security


Berlin Schönefeld chosen as the worst airport in the world


Thousands march in Women's Day demos in Germany


Travel turmoil expected as Berlin airport crews launch yet another strike




Spring Came Early. Scientists Say Climate Change Is a Culprit.




Google weighs in on WikiLeaks bombshell




Authorities looked into Manafort protégé  (An associate of an former Trump campaign chairman is suspected of connections to Russian intelligence.)



What's at stake as the GOP moves to slash regulations? For starters, clean air




Free the Big Deductible  (Obamacare confused the health care insurance issue by making everything that was working in health care illegal and by multiplying everything that was failing.)


 HHS official bucks Trump administration, opposes healthcare plan




Experts fear yellow fever outbreak in Brazil could reach the U.S.


Skelton: A state single-payer healthcare system? Nice idea, but it's just California dreaming




Cate Blanchett: My Moral Compass Is 'In My Vagina'




Pence’s defense of Obama’s pro-LGBT order raises concerns   (Vice President Mike Pence is getting some friendly criticism from a conservative friend and top pro-family leader in his home state of Indiana for praising President Trump’s extension of a pro-LGBTQ Obama executive order. )


Uproar after gay veterans blocked from Boston St. Patrick's Day parade




Without Evidence, Maxine Waters Says Salacious Allegations About Trump In Russian Dossier Are True  (US Representative of California Maxine Waters (D)


Fix Is In: House Committee on ‘Russian Hacking’ Includes Only DNC-Hired Tech Experts


House Staffers Allegedly Held Woman In Captivity To Access Offshore Cash


Tucker Asked Paul Ryan Why Congress Is Only Working 8 Days Next Month. His Response Is Worth Watching  (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


Why Republicans Are Losing Steam On Obamacare Repeal


RINOcare: What would Mike Pence of 2003 tell VP Pence?


Democratic lawmaker aims to block use of tax dollars for border wall


Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-Florida) Maxes Out Girlfriend’s Salary for Fifth Straight Year


Democratic Rep. Calls for Marines Involved In Nude Photo Scandal to Be Fired


Flash: Paul Nehlen Mulls Second Challenge to Speaker Paul Ryan, Cites Failed Leadership On Obamacare


GOP healthcare plan clears first hurdle


Hospitals and Doctors Reject Bill as G.O.P. Moves Ahead


No Wonder the Republicans Hid the Health Bill


Nancy Pelosi vs. Nancy Pelosi on ObamaCare (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


Trump and Rep. Elijah Cummings finally meet  (US Representative of Maryland Elijah Cummings (D)


Conservatives rip GOP health bill amid 'bloodbath' warning


Why Republicans Can’t Do Health Care


AHCA a case study in compassion, fairness and freedom


Who Wins and Who Loses in New Plan


Opposing sides of GOP's Obamacare replacement


GOP leaders press ahead on health-care bill as opposition continues to mount


Republicans wave a white flag on health care


Obamacare replacement is hard to score, budget experts say


Dems who voted no on O'care wary of GOP bill 




Immigration is the only thing keeping labor force growing, study finds


Mayor booted from office over support for Obama's refugees


Irvington First Becomes Illegal Alien Criminals First


Spoiled food and moldy showers: Poor conditions for immigrant detainees in O.C. jail, report says



Hispanic Caucus Leader: ICE Raids Keeping Kids from Receiving Medical Care





India-Pakistan conflict could escalate into nuclear exchange, says US General


India's most important election


U.S. to Question India About Ban on Christian Charity


J-K: Three militants, teen die in gunfights between security forces and rebels


Navy set to induct Kalvari: 5 things that make building submarines complex


1 dead, 15 injured as under-construction police training centre collapses in MP




Some States Aren't Waiting for Trump to Fund Infrastructure


US infrastructure report card: D+


Trump activates team for $1 trillion infrastructure plan, despite questions on how to pay for it all




IRS has 7,000 unreleased docs on conservative, Tea Party targeting


America needs comprehensive tax reform




Women’s Day Protest Groups Conflict over Race in Santa Cruz


Cultural Marxism and the Red International Women’s Day


Going Red for International Women’s Day… and Its Useful Idiots




In Media, Iranian Foreign Minister, Majlis Member Clash Over Iran-U.S. Relationship


Son of Robert Levinson, ex-FBI agent missing in Iran: 'Trump can get him home'


For Americans Jailed in Iran, Release Remains Uncertain




Baghdadi reportedly flees Mosul as ISIS tears down cell towers


Twin suicide bombing kills 26 at a wedding north of Baghdad


ISIS leaves antiquities museum in ruins as military advances


In Mosul, desperate families dodge bullets to reach safety: 'There's a sniper here'




Louis Farrakhan Says the U.S. Is Number 1 on God's List to Be Destroyed


Cannibalism: ISIS Revives Islam's Old Terror Tactic




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Thursday, March 9, 2017)


Netanyahu Asks Russia to Help Return Nationals Held by Hamas  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Netanyahu to Putin: Let's not talk about Amona  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Netanyahu tells Putin that Iran must not replace IS in Syria


Palestinian female lawmaker arrested by Israel


Israeli researcher says he can protect against hacked videos


PA law “murders women twice”


Israel to return body of Palestinian activist killed in IDF shootout  (Israel Defense Forces)


Turkey slams Israel’s partial ban on call to prayer


Israel reaches 2nd round of the WBC with Mensch power


Israeli forces demolish Bedouin village of al-Araqib for 110th  time


Weeks after berating Senegal and Venezuela for anti-settlement motion at UN, Israel seeks warmer ties with them


Trump Israel adviser headed to Israel to discuss 'settlements'


IDF releases video of strike on IS-affiliated cell in Syria


Abbas to expand outreach to American Jewish community  (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Israeli settlers uproot olive trees, spray pesticides on Palestinian crops near Hebron


Hamas accused of blocking access to prisoners


Mass Aliyah key to one state solution?


First official UK royal visit to Israel ‘looks set’ for this year


Education Secretary Praises Agudath Israel on Fight for Private Schools’ Public Funding


Israeli ministers said unwilling to attend Buenos Aires bombing commemoration


Israeli forces detain 31 Palestinians overnight, including MP


Kerry’s last-minute $221m. to Palestinians, frozen by Trump, now released… maybe (Former US Secretary of State John F Kerry )


Rivlin asks Egyptian president to show Israeli prisoner clemency  (Israeli President Reuven Rivlin)


Israel Wants Cannabis Export, Licenses 40 Farms


Boris Johnson reaffirms British commitment to two-state solution  (British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson)


Kalkilya Arab Linked to Hezbollah Arrested and Charged


Boris Johnson: Alternative to two-state solution is Israel apartheid 


How to Make Decisions (or Not) in Israel


Rock art discovered in "Dark Ages" tomb in Israel




Fukushima: Wild boars take over Japan's evacuated towns


Okinawan villagers to file complaint over Marine Corps aircraft mishap


As 3/11 anniversary nears, US bases in Japan manage risk of another major quake




Liberals fantasize about being slapped in the face by Donald Trump


The liberals who loved eugenics


The Left's desperation is showing




Flynn's consulting firm paid $530K to lobby for Turkey during election  (A lawyer for Michael Flynn, former national security adviser to the Trump administration, filed paperwork with the Justice Department on Tuesday that he conducted $530,000 worth of lobbying work during the election for a client that worked in Turkey's government, according to a report published late Wednesday.)




Malaysia Rounds up N.Korean Illegals




Cannabis boosts risk of stroke and heart attack, independent of tobacco, new study finds


Pot for pets: Cannabis treatments catch on for animals




Watergate vs. RussiaGate Timeline Proves Trump Is a Victim of Fake News


Jorge Ramos: “Whites Will Become a Minority…This is Our Country”


O'Reilly, Bob Woodward square off over Trump administration leaks


An anti-Trump tabloid pulls back


Did the New York Times already tell us Trump was ‘wiretapped?’


Fox Is Said to Settle Sexual Assault Claim


This NYT op-ed is the silliest thing we've seen all day




Narco-terror: Cartel Dumps Dismembered Bodies in Mexican Border State




27 students suffered food poisoning at boys’ school in Arar  (Saudi Arabia)




Why Is General Mattis Nominating the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’s Stooge’?  (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


Trump’s Ramped Up Bombing in Yemen Signals More Aggressive Use of Military (Air raids in Yemen reflect broader trend as new administration opts for more military action against Islamist militants.)


U.S. Navy test fires surface to surface missile module


US military budget cuts stretching 'Screaming Eagles' to the limit


Championed by Trump, vulnerable to attack


Top Generals: U.S. Has ‘Squeezed’ the Life Out of Aging Nuclear Deterrence Systems


US military enters Syria in what looks like deal with Russia


U.S. Marines deployed into Syria with artillery guns, official says


Secret Marines group still sharing nude photos


More Than Just Marines Behaving Badly


Drones threatened nuclear facilities (Drone aircraft recently carried out unauthorized intrusions over Air Force and Navy nuclear facilities, and the incidents pose a growing threat, the commander of the US Strategic Command disclosed to Congress Wednesday.)


Air Force clears the air around WC-135 deployment


Factions allied with U.S. clash in Syria, pulling Pentagon into mission ‘fraught with risk’


2 Marine women say photos of them put online without consent


Army eyes new bases in Europe as Pentagon reviews force structure


Official: Couple hundred US Marines go into Syria


Report: Trump could deploy 1,000 troops to fight Islamic State




Myanmar has a drug problem




Why Is the NEA Funding Discrimination?




Former top spy chief: 'No evidence' Trump campaign aides recruited by Russia  (Former Director of National Intelligence James R Clapper)




Trump Has Been Nominated For The Nobel Peace Prize




Pakistan indefinitely closes border with Afghanistan amid rising tension


Pakistan Closes Border With Afghanistan After Temporary Opening


Despite being a terror hub, Pakistan is the cynosure of investor's eyes. Here's why


Pakistan to sign agreement regarding bank accounts with Switzerland: Ishaq Dar


Pakistan gives contracts for dam on Indus to Chinese firm


Chaman border closed again


Pakistan activist Waqass Goraya: The state tortured me


51,000 Afghans,4,900 Pakistanis crossed Afhagn border




Upgraded jail cells — for a price: Pay-to-stay option allows even those convicted of serious crimes a safer, more comfortable stay





 Russia's RT network: Is it more BBC or KGB?


Renowned Russian Intellectual Fyodor Lukyanov: 'Rapprochement And Interaction With Iran, China, And India Are Not Intrinsically Valuable for Russia But Are A Tool… To Influence The West'


Sberbank confirms hiring Podesta Group for lobbying its interests


No Drama. Vladimir Putin's Re-Election Dilemma  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Feminists Faked the Boldest Stunt at Wednesday's Kremlin Protest


Putin Fires 10 More Law Enforcement and Security Service Generals


Russia deploys banned cruise missile ‘to pose a threat to NATO,’ U.S. general says


Kremlin denies violating nuclear arms pact


Kremlin: Russia Will Welcome Any U.S. Envoy Committed To Dialogue




Synthetic genome nearly complete, paving way for bespoke organisms


Neanderthal microbes reveal surprises about what they ate — and whom they kissed





After Snap IPO, U.S. regulator questions unequal voting rights






Sen. Tom Cotton to House Republicans: ‘Start Over’ on Health Care (US Senator of Arkansas Tom Cotton (R)


McConnell: Tax reform unlikely by August (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


Exclusive — Sen. Rand Paul on Paul Ryan’s Obamacare Lite: Speaker ‘Trying to Pull the Wool Over the Eyes of the President’ (US Senator of Kentucky Rand Paul (R)


31 Senators Call for More Foreign Workers to Replace Blue-Collar Americans


Senate panel backs Trump's pick for US envoy to Israel


McConnell on Mexico paying for the border wall: 'Uh, no'  (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


How Democrats Brought a Muslim Child Molester to America (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)/ US Senator of New York  Kirsten Gillibrand (D)


Dem VP nominee applauds son for anti-Trump riot arrest (US Senator of Virginia Timothy Kaine (D); AVIPP COMMENTARY: A pathetic man that should be voted out of office.)


Senators seek Trump wiretap evidence from DOJ, FBI


Senator Dives Into Russian History in Pursuit of Answers


There is no principled reason to vote against Gorsuch (Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch)


Democrats are holding up one of Trump’s best appointees


Lying Bernie Sanders Calls President Trump a Liar (US Senator of Vermont Bernard Sanders (I-Socialist)


Cruz plans to discuss fixing health bill with Trump (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)




First Women’s Day Was Organized by Socialists




Divided nation awaits verdict on Park  (Former President Park Geun-hye)


4th  industrial revolution may not lead to massive job losses in Korea: minister


THAAD-Derangement Syndrome — Welcome to North Korea


Chinese envoy urges S. Korea to suspend deployment of THAAD battery


Cyberattacks open new front in Korea, China THAAD spat


S. Korea brushes aside China's proposal to halt joint drills with US


China’s travel ban on Korea hits Myeong-dong


More Korean firms suffer THAAD retaliation




Cowboys to release Romo, reports say


Tim Tebow's spring debut one to be forgotten


A Redskins-Scot McCloughan separation seems to be a question of when, not if


U.S. Olympic officials say USA Gymnastics CEO must resign


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard


College Basketball Scoreboard (Men) 





This Small City Mayor Models What Fiscal Stewardship Looks Like


Texas 'bathroom bill' passes key vote


Nearly a million people lose power in Michigan after high winds


It may soon be illegal to drive after one drink in Utah


New Calif. fault could unleash monster quake





'Fox & Friends' co-host joining Trump administration


Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman accepts nomination of Russia ambassadorship





US is 'facing a train wreck' as its Turkish and Syrian rebel allies fight over who will lead Raqqa assault


Assad is not the solution in Syria (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad)


Syrian Children In Dire Circumstances As War Enters Seventh Year


Air strikes kill 23 civilians near Raqqa: monitoring group


ISIS Leaders Fleeing Raqqa, U.S. Military Says




Human trafficking ring busted for prostituting Chinese women


Fake drugs have Chinese ingredients


Aging index passes 100-point mark for first time nationwide


Taiwanese linked to Islamic State under surveillance


More Taiwan high school graduates going overseas to study




Steve Forbes to Newsmax: Border Tax 'Ridiculous'


Here’s What Happened to Workers After Philadelphia Passed a Soda Tax


After Passing Soda Tax To Curb Habit, Dems Insist Retailers Are Price-Gouging




Study: Teens' brains are wired for risky behavior




‘Panicked’ NBC asked Savannah Guthrie to come back early




ISIS Trading in Antiquities and People


The Death of an Unrepentant Terrorist-Lawyer


Iraqi insurgent fighter allegedly lied about identity, got through 'extreme' vetting


The secret that Blind Sheik lawyer Lynne Stewart took to her grave




More Dangerous China Trade? Globalist Push vs. Trump Promise




American College of Pediatricians doubles down on common sense  (Calls it "abusive" to cooperate with the transgender delusion.)




Turkish diplomat 'seeks Swiss asylum'


Crowd throws eggs, nooses at Erdoğan assassination attempt case suspects outside court in Turkey’s south  (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Turkey urges US, Russia to cut support to YPG


Security a common field of benefit for Turkey, Israel: Turkish envoy


CIA spies hired as teachers at Gülen-linked schools: Prosecutors


Major operation targeting PKK continues in Turkey’s southeast


Turkey to introduce lira obligation for companies in free trade zones: Minister


Gülen ordered followers to conceal themselves after December 2013 probes: Report


Number of women entrepreneurs on rise in Turkey      


Forex debt manageable for most Turkish firms: Moody’s


Most companies seized by state see financial rebound: Turkish minister


Tens of thousands march across Turkey on International Women’s Day





FTSE 100 ends lower for 6th straight session, as oil shares tank


Revealed: Labour plan to grab 20 per cent of assets from Britain's wealthiest people


Sturgeon: Autumn 2018 'common sense' for indyref2 (Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon)


Tory minister urges Government to apologise for broken manifesto pledge amid backlash over National Insurance hike 


Think tank backs National Insurance rise   (The independent Institute for Fiscal Studies backs Budget move to raise self employed NI contributions.)


Refugees: Applicants to live in UK face being sent home after five years


Britain's budget driving blind into oncoming Brexit


Budget 2017 May and Hammond face Tory revolt over tax on self-employed  (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Hunt demands NHS hits target for A&E care


Adoption: We need to rethink policy in social media age, says senior judge


Trump ally Nigel Farage visits embassy where Assange lives


Islamic State: Fighters returning to UK 'pose huge challenge'


Knife crime offences 'highest since 2011'


400 jobs at risk under West Lothian factory closure plans


Iraq and Afghan wars memorial unveiled


' UK workers have lowest rate of sick days since records began


Scottish independence: Poll says Indyref2 Yes vote at 50%


Trump's golf resort fails to block evidence in privacy damages case


Couple held over baby abduction bid


Scotland: Trump's golf resort fails to block evidence in privacy damages case


School music 'could face extinction'


Manchester Families pay tribute to women killed in collision at hospital


A future of partnership and innovation between the Gulf and the UK





UN Envoy Nikki Haley: Let’s Get Iran and their Proxies Out of Syria  (US United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley)


UN rights chief says US not doing enough against anti-Semitism


United Nations Pushes “HeforShe” Dolls for Boys





How America’s 'first black middle class village' was destroyed to make way for Central Park: Community of African American property owners was flattened and flooded to accommodate growing Manhattan population




Shock Claim: Italian Archbishop Suggests Pope Benedict XVI Resigned Under Obama ‘Pressure’…


‘Empty moments’: Pope Francis has questioned God’s existence, calls himself a ‘sinner’



Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


10 pieces of good news for President Trump this week


Pence dodges question on Trump's wiretapping claims  (Vice-President Mike Pence)


The Deep State is a figment of Steve Bannon's imagination


Obama Used the Presidency; So Should Trump


Heritage Foundation’s cozy relationship with Trump put to test


Trump's Obamacare fallback: Blame the Democrats


Bipartisan bloc blasts White House on Coast Guard cuts


President Trump: Remember The Snake


Sean Spicer says CIA's 'systems are outdated and need to be updated'  (White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer)


 ‘This Is Going to Be Great’ — Trump Meets with Tea Party Critics on Healthcare Replacement


Melania's Poll Numbers Rising Fast As Americans Get to Know First Lady


WikiLeaks Has Joined the Trump Administration (The anti-American group has become the preferred intelligence service for a conspiracy-addled White House.)


The Philo-Semitic President

Panetta: Trump's claim "undermines" presidency  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: Only a fool like Panetta would say this. Read: Reports: The Obama administration wiretapped Trump, world leaders, journalists, everyone? )


In the Trump administration, it’s always ‘A Day Without a Woman’


The Left’s Job Only Got Harder


New polls have mixed news for Trump


White House: President Trump isn’t target of any investigation


Moving beyond Trump-scandal stupidity


Trump’s voters have high hopes – even if they don’t expect miracles


Ivanka Trump’s fashion line reports record sales despite boycott


Trump goes into dealmaking mode, works behind scenes on health bill


Fox News face: Dark 'forces' want to 'personally destroy' Trump


Welcome to Trump’s Fantasyland


Divisive presidency makes Trump properties a tough sell


Trump is winning over Tea Party group on Obamacare replacement




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