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Wednesday, March 8, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




Planned Parenthood Just Admitted Abortion is More Important Than Women’s Health. Here’s How


Idaho Republicans Have to Roll Back Abortion Restrictions and They Feel ‘Sad’


“Day Without a Woman” Sponsors Ignore How We’re Without Millions of Women Who Were Aborted


Anti-abortion activists can start seeking signatures (Oregon)


On “Day Without a Woman” Strike Don’t Forget That 750 Million Girl Babies Have Been Aborted


Those at Abortion Access Hackathon Seek to Solve ‘the Very Problems We Are Experiencing’


Pastor: Other Than Islamic Terrorists, No One “Kills More Innocent People” Than Planned Parenthood


Mother of Baby With Down Syndrome Regrets Wishing She’d Aborted Her Son


Kentucky House Passes Legislation to Defund Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz


 Pro-aborts toured Ireland handing out illegal abortion pills. The pro-life response was incredible


7 Polish Women Who Fought for Abortion Rights Offer Advice to American Women Doing the Same


International Women’s Day Can Only Empower Women if They’re Not Killed in Abortion


Abortion Advocates Want to Silence Pro-Life People Praying at a Local Abortion Clinic  (British abortion activists are demanding that local officials put an end to a peaceful pro-life vigil outside of a Nottingham hospital that performs…)


Top UK pro-life groups join forces for first time in bid to shut down abortion provider


Trudeau Forces Canadians to Spend $650 Million on Abortions After Trump Defunds Intl Planned Parenthood  (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)




More Than 30 Dead In IS Attack On Kabul Military Hospital


Journalism Watchdog Opens Center For Women Journalists In Afghanistan


Main Military Hospital in Kabul Comes Under Attack




Moroccan parliamentarian shot dead in Casablanca


Cameroon considers two-year IMF aid program to drive growth


Three mass graves discovered in central Congo: U.N.


African women face "daunting" challenges, report finds




More JCCs targeted in sixth wave of bomb threats


UT Student Government Passes Resolution Supporting Jewish Students


Trump as anti-semitic enabler?




Euthanasia Activists Try to Stop Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch Because He Opposes Assisted Suicide



ASX closes flat in choppy trade


Dollar falls sharply against US


City Installs ‘Female’ Traffic Signals for Equality, Gets Slammed for Stereotyping Women as Skirt-Wearing

Power prices have doubled since carbon tax axed


Trump's FDA plans could affect drug regulation in Australia, leading medic warns


Text book thief targets Melbourne school in mass break-in


Mystery of Flight 370 as deep as ever, three years later


Why ​Australians could shiver through cold winters


One in Three Australians Report Health Problems from Fragranced Consumer Products




Fiat Chrysler's merger options dwindle as Volkswagen rejects overtures




Boeing's Longest 737 Max Can't Debut Too Soon for One Buyer




Bosnian Muslim Jailed For Kidnapping Serbian Man, Cutting His Head Off With An Axe, Then Sawing His Genitals Off And Stuffing Them In His Mouth


 Kosovo Seeks To Root Out Radical Islam In Prison System


NATO, U.S. slap Kosovo's move to create national army




How Taxpayers Fund Anti-Trump Protests


The Biggest News In Washington, D.C.: Deregulation




To fund border wall, Trump administration weighs cuts to Coast Guard, airport security




The close: TSX falls more than 100 points as energy tumbles


Loonie falls to lowest level of the year against U.S. dollar


Trudeau announces $650M for sexual, reproductive health (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Of course it's still 'news' that the foreign minister's grampa was a Nazi collaborator


'From bold idea to scientific quackery': UBC study claims to debunk controversial MS treatment


Pregnant woman, toddler among 19 asylum seekers rescued trying to cross Emerson, Man., border


Ontario’s youngest MPP Sam Oosterhoff beats back party challenge and wins PC nomination


Burlington Skyway shuts down after winds knock transport truck over


Killed in paradise: Toronto man found dead in Costa Rica


Desperation Sets in for House Hunters in Toronto’s Red-Hot Market


Genetic testing bill up for vote is unconstitutional, Trudeau says


19 asylum-seekers cross border in fierce Manitoba blizzard


Powerful winds causing hazardous driving conditions in Toronto


Tap water in Alberta town turns bright pink: ‘It was weird. I just didn’t use it’


Three more mumps cases confirmed in Toronto




Former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega in critical condition, lawyer says




WikiLeaks’ reveal of CIA hacking trove has feds on mole hunt


Wikileaks’ CIA hacking dump sends tech firms scrambling for fixes


WikiLeaks Claims 99 Percent Of Its CIA Documents Not Yet Released


CIA listed BlackBerry’s car software as possible target


Lessons From the CIA Hacking Leak: How to Keep Your Data Secure


Wikileaks CIA Dump Has Some Peculiar Timing


WikiLeaks' CIA Download Confirms Everybody's Tapped, Including Trump


CIA providing raw intelligence as Trump-Russia probes heat up


CIA Dirty Cyber Tricks?


Wikileaks releases vast collection of alleged CIA hacking documents


US Spy Agency Staggers, But Still Standing After Latest WikiLeaks Dump


WikiLeaks at it again -- this time, the CIA


WikiLeaks posts files it says reveal CIA hacking tools


Experts startled at apparent CIA targeting of staples of modern life


Shocker! CIA can mimic Russian cyber hack




China and U.S. in new global faceoff between economic planning and deregulation: Don Pittis


Risks from Eating Undercooked Fish: Clonorchiasis Risk Across China Mapped


 China Threatens Arms Race Over U.S. Missile Defense


China posts rare trade deficit as February imports surge 44.7%


US and North Korea like 'two accelerating trains,' China says


Shocking strong imports led by SOEs’ thirst for black minerals


China Approves 38 New Trump Trademarks




Raul Castro with a bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome  (Cuban dictator Raul Castro)





'My father was killed,' says Kim Jong-nam's son on YouTube [Video]  (Brother of Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


N.Korea Bans Malaysian Citizens from Leaving


N. Korea bans overseas workers from accessing Internet


The Trump Administration's Ire Has Not Deterred North Korea's Nuclear Goals


Strategic Patience Isn't the Disaster You Think it is


Missile tests put North Korea on Trump's front burner


North Korea Could Soon Launch Attack on Hawaii


Kim Jong Nam's son surfaces for first time since father's murder  (The son of Kim Jong Nam -- the murdered half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un -- has been seen for the first time since his father's death.)


Analysts: Military Options Against North Korea Fraught With Danger


Undeterred, N. Korea seen prepping for new missile tests


NKorea could suspend nukes for halt in US drills


North Korea Tension Poses Perilous Early Test for Trump




Conservative Lawmakers to Use Their ‘Enormous Power’ to Fight Obamacare Replacement Bill


What Has Gotten Into the Democrats?


GOP Hill leaders back away from Trump on wiretap allegations


Those mercurial Democrats


Congress buries Obama's public lands rule




Judge sets bail for illegal immigrant at an impossible $1 million cash so federal agents can’t deport him


Federal Title IX lawsuit against Baylor proceed, judge rules




College Student Pleads Guilty To Slashing Her Own Face, Making Up Post-Election 'Hate Crime'


Senior gets bruises from alleged bread aisle beat down




Cyberbullying Rarely Occurs in Isolation, Research Finds





'Day Without a Woman' supporters got $246M from Soros


The strike is on: Scores protest as part of ‘Day Without a Woman’


‘Day Without Women’ Measures Women’s Value The Wrong Way


Women’s March Strike Organized By Group With All-Male Leadership  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: These women should make everyday a day without a woman.  The world would be a better place.)




Texas executes triggerman in San Antonio murder-for-hire case




Podesta Didn’t Register As A ‘Foreign Agent’ When He Represented A Bank With Ties To Russian Spy Agencies


Report: Obama FURIOUS at Trump Over Wiretap Allegations


Hillary campaign manager admits to wiretaps, lets slip he knows more than he probably should


18 questions for Obama on Trump-Russia collusion (The Obama administration claims Trump-Putin collusion, but a slew of unanswered questions remains. )


The Democrats and the Left Are Pursuing a Clever Strategy


Obama Deploying Dozen-Strong Team to ‘Keep Tabs’ on Trump Administration


Public Citizen says Bowser mayoral campaign donors exceeded legal limits in D.C.


Why Trump's Tweet Could Be Trouble For Obama




Nafta Talks Likely Won't Begin Until Later This Year, Ross Says  (Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross)


Commerce Sec. Wilbur Ross: Taxing Robots Will Stifle Innovation




Trump's New Immigration Order Is Still Not a 'Muslim Ban'


Trump's immigration orders draw diverse reactions


Silicon Valley Offers Muted Reaction to New Travel Restrictions


Trump's immigration order balances security with American values


Coast Guard would take $1.3 billion hit in Trump budget


Trump’s first victory in deportation feud is Iraq


Hawaii plans to sue over travel ban


Travel ban 2.0 is still wrong, irrational and illegal




Like Carson, Obama Called Slaves 'Immigrants' (Secretary of Housing and Urban Development  Dr Ben Carson)




A new poll finds Americans don’t believe Jeff Sessions on Russia  (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


Jeff Sessions: Agent of the KKKremlin?


Did DOJ Order the Bugging of Trump Tower?


Report: Civil rights leaders call on Sessions to drop voter fraud probe    (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions; AVIPP COMMENTARY: This investigation should go forward.)


Justice Department wants appeal of Trump's old travel ban tossed





Dow, S&P 500 close lower as oil prices plummet, rate-hike expectations rise


Dow, S&P 500 end down, led by drop in energy


S&P 500, Dow slide for third day as oil settles at lowest since December


Crude Rout Drags Stocks Lower as Treasuries Slide: Markets Wrap


Asian Stocks Mixed as Yen Strengthens, Oil Slumps: Markets Wrap


Asian stocks rebound after upbeat China trade data


Gold prices log 7th  straight loss


Job creation posts blowout month in February, ADP says


Jobs Explode With Trump at the Helm


10-year Treasury yield jumps to 10-week high as rate-hike outlook firms




How Close-Minded Liberals Have Ruined Higher Education


‘A Day Without a Woman’ Won’t Help Alexandria Public-School Students


The Middlebury riot and the fall of higher education


K-12: Constructivism Is a Big Fat Con (Public schools are so jam-packed with fake pedagogies, it's hard to pick a champion.  Here is one of the main contenders.)


New Evidence on School-Choice Successes in Wisconsin

Dozens of Unvaccinated Students Banned from Class


Latina Students At Absurdly Expensive College: White Girls Must Stop Wearing HOOP EARRINGS Now


Pupil Signals Uncertainty During Decision-Making


Family gifts Tulsa custodian truck to keep him working at school


‘Day Without a Woman’ strike shuts schools down as teachers bolt  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: These individuals that strike should be fired.)


Marching for Science  (Effort gains backers and appears to build momentum, but some scientists worry that political fallout may not be what organizers want.)


Harvard drop out Zuckerberg to return to give commencement speech


Required Reading From Charles Murray


The Gender Gap in Publications  (New analysis looks at differences in scholarly outputs and impacts across 12 countries/regions and 27 fields.)


Cultivating a New Generation of Racists on Campus


Personalized Scam Emails on the Rise (Smaller institutions report an increase in sophisticated attempts to gain access to financial and personal information.)


‘Day Without a Woman’ strike will see some schools shut in solidarity with teachers


Schools set to close so teachers can protest President Trump


Obama Civil Rights Win: Berkeley Takes Down Free YouTube Lectures


Schools close down so feminists can march


Middlebury is the 2nd Time the SPLC's Labeling Led to Violence


Pulled over college kid proves sobriety by juggling


Under de Blasio’s Renewal-Schools program, consultants win – kids lose  (Not only are Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio’s (D) Renewal schools failing to get better, they’re also wasting millions on crony “consultants” and dubious nonprofit groups. That’s the depressing take-away from Tuesday’s final...)




Egyptian Columnist On Occasion Of International Women's Day: While Media, International Bodies Celebrate Women's Day, Women Continue To Suffer


Christians flee after ISIS attacks in Egypt




Ex-NSA deputy director affirms Russia couldn’t have changed one single vote in US election


Play Swaps Genders of 2016 Presidential Candidates, Receives Surprising Reactions from Audience





Garcetti declares victory, and City Council incumbents on path to reelection in early vote returns   (Los Angeles, California)




Oil prices drop over 5% to end at 2016 low


Energy Prices


Here’s why U.S. oil data should rattle OPEC nerves




Environmentalists to extend watchdog crisis




Iceland first in world to require companies to prove they offer equal pay


Ukraine Threatens Russian Bank With Sanctions Over Separatist Documents





European stocks log modest gains ahead of ECB rate call


Russian destabilisation of Balkans rings alarm bells on eve of EU summit


Can Geert Wilders be more than the Netherlands' agitator-in-chief?


Don’t Let The Muslim Brotherhood Bring This To America  (The Muslim Brotherhood is creating a “parallel social structure” in Sweden with the help of political elites who foster a culture of silence, a damning Swedish government report has found. )


EU tries to contain East-West schism as Brexit bites


How the Euro Could Break Up—or Be Saved


Dutch Fear Russian Meddling, and U.S. Cash, in Election




Palmieri: Comey only cares about 'protecting his own reputation'  (FBI Director James Comey)


Disgraced ex-MI6 agent Christopher Steele hired by FBI for Further Research


Comey: 'You're stuck with me'


James Comey cancels SXSW appearance (FBI Director James Comey)


Jim Comey asserting power like no one in history




 Federal government to exhaust debt limit this fall




The Federal Reserve should give Wall Street a shock




FTC Commissioner: U.S. Must ‘Stand Up’ to China Over Intellectual Property Theft




The secret obsession that will destroy modern feminism


Feminist fundamentalists? Nike courts 'empowered' Muslim women with new 'performance hijab' line


Cleveland Feminist Bookstore Turns Male-Authored Books Backward To Celebrate Women's Month


Controversial Feminist Calls Women’s March Hats an Embarrassment to Feminism




The Hysteria Over Russia Is Causing Serious Foreign Policy Problems




French sixth form pupils set fire to school and run 'unprecented' rampage in Paris suburb 


France ranked below US, UK and Australia in 'Best Country' rankings


French family murder: Body parts found on Brittany farm


Saint Laurent ordered to remove 'degrading' porno chic ad posters


'I won't serve Marine Le Pen': French ambassador breaks protocol


France's rightwing scandals leave Socialists struggling to be heard




Casino industry to Congress: Uphold gambling disorders




'Islamist terrorist attacks in Germany possible any moment’ – German intelligence chief


Germany: Refugees Riot Over ‘Lack of Phone Signal’


Defiant Turkish FM tells Germany not to lecture in Hamburg speech


German government says takes issue of CIA leaks seriously


Forgetful Bavarian couple leave $170,000 inheritance on plane


Germany condemns 'cowardly' attack on Afghan hospital claimed by IS


These German jobs pay women the least compared to men


Pakistani Suspected Of Spying For Iran Goes On Trial in Berlin


How Turkey is using Germany to whip up nationalism at home


Germany: millions still missing after men behind 1971 kidnapping both die





Nixing the Paris climate pact


Five Reasons Why Ridicule Is The Proper Response To Global Warming Alarmists




Republican governors criticise Trump's healthcare plans


Can Trump Bring Black Voters Back to the GOP?


Republicans Look to the Future in California


The GOP governor who will be a thorn in Trump's side (it's not Kasich)





Greek farmers clash with riot police in Athens over austerity




Gitmo Terrorist Freed by Obama Killed in Airstrike by Trump




20 ideas to crush Obamacare and cure America's health care crisis


HHS Secretary dodges on whether new health care plan is guaranteed to cover all Americans


HHS Secretary Price: GOP ObamaCare replacement bill 'a work in progress'




Surgeons were told to stop prescribing so many painkillers. The results were remarkable.




Ryan downplays conservative backlash against health-care plan (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


Conservatives: Only One Score Matters: Does GOP Bill Lower Health Care Costs and Premiums?


GOP Plan Orders Insurers to Charge People 30% More If Uninsured for 63 Days


Exclusive: House Freedom Caucus Not Budging — Official Position Is for Full Repeal Alternative to Ryan’s Obamacare 2.0  (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


Is the House Obamacare replacement bill an early April Fool’s joke?


GOP Rep Jordan (Ohio): Replacement Plan ‘Obamacare In a Different Form’ – ‘We Didn’t Tell the Voters’ We Would Do That


Congressional Republicans’ Obamacare Replacement Won’t Cut It


Pelosi: Trump ‘Has Created Nothing Except Chaos’ (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)

The GOP’s Obamacare Repeal Bill Has Finally United the Right On Health Care—Against the Bill


7 pitfalls that could sink the GOP health plan


Paul Ryan Betrays President Trump On Obamacare Repeal And Replace (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


American Medical Association opposes GOP ObamaCare bill


House Intel chairman says the press is taking Trump's tweets too literally


House GOP nets Feb. fundraising record: report


Obamacare Repeal: The Dangers of Unrealistic Expectations


Relief From Obamacare Finally On The Way?


The House Republicans’ health-care bill is a thicket of bad incentives


Some congressional Republicans speak out against "Trumpcare"


The Republican health-care plan’s top critics? Republicans.


No Wonder the Republicans Hid the Health Bill


Half-baked Obamacare is recipe for GOP flop


Facts...and opinions


Millions Risk Losing Insurance in New Plan, Analysts Say


The road to healthcare is getting rockier


Industry questions higher insurance costs under Republican plan


How Republicans Plan to Ration Health Care


FBI, NSA called to testify on Trump-Russia investigation


Backlash grows over House GOP’s proposal to replace Obamacare


An Obamacare repeal that’s both heartless and reckless


Nunes: 'We don't have any evidence' of wiretap


The GOP isn't replacing all of Obamacare — just the parts that work




Michael R. Bloomberg: Fix Immigration Without Sacrificing Innocent Children


This Man Was Deported 5 Times. Now He’s The Suspect In A Fatal Car Crash.


Khizr Khan's story that his travel privileges were 'restricted' comes apart  (His lies have besmirched the memory of his hero son, who died fighting for a country his father apparently hates.)


Khizr Khan’s claim that the U.S. is restricting his travel may be unraveling



ICE wants police to detain 18-year-old illegal alien who decapitated mother





India Offers To Give Up Veto Power Temporarily At UN Security Council


Exclusive: With India visit, Westinghouse CEO keeps nuclear project alive


Qatar Airways plans first fully foreign-owned airline in India


China wants 'BRICS plus', plan might hurt India's interests


NIA releases 2 Pakistani teens arrested for Uri attack


ISIS terrorist killed in UP: Here's what happened


No place for gender biases in modern India: President


Two arrested in MP train blast had studied in AMU


Six youth face partial blindness: Why Kashmir’s pellet woes are far from over


Lucknow encounter: Centre miffed with Uttar Pradesh police for ‘jumping to conclusions’ on IS link


Uber to bar drivers, riders for improper sexual conduct, abuse




Trump to meet with business leaders on infrastructure


Elon Musk to join Trump Wednesday at infrastructure meeting: source




Iran accuses US of stirring tensions in Gulf


Iranian commander warns US of ‘irreversible consequences’ over ‘unprofessional’ moves in Gulf


Iran targets ships in ballistic missile tests — report


U.S. ship changed course toward Iranians on Saturday: Iran commander


Iran's foreign minister visits Qatar, meets ruler - Tasnim




Iraqi PM vows to target ISIS in neighboring countries


Iraqi govt must prevent war crimes & heavy civilian casualties as troops liberate Mosul – HRW





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Wednesday, March 8, 2017)


In pioneering study, Israeli researchers target autism with cannabis


Knesset Gives Preliminary Approval to Two ‘Muezzin Laws’


Sheldon Adelson to be questioned in PM probe?   (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Netanyahu heading to Moscow to warn of Iranian meddling


IDF Displays Weaponry Seized Overnight in Judea and Samaria (Israel Defense Forces)


Milchan makes ‘dramatic’ changes to his testimony in Netanyahu case — report


Palestinian President 'Abbas Meets With Terrorists And Terrorists' Families


Minister: Bedouin driver was shot because he ‘didn’t listen to police’


Report: Bennett Ultimatum to Netanyahu – No Amona Relocation, No V15 Legislation (Israeli Education Minister and chairman of the Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home) party Naftali Bennett)


Hamas said set to recognize Palestine on 1967 borders, but not Israel


Justice Danziger to Retire in a Year, Tipping Court Balance Rightward


Netanyahu and UK’s Boris Johnson spar over settlements (British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson)


Johnson says Britain still backs 2-state solution in


Israeli police ambush, assault, and detain relatives of freed Palestinian prisoner


Student expelled for hacking professors’ emails


Canada calls on Israel to ban all binary options ‘immediately’


Knesset erupts into chaos as contested 'Muezzin bill' passes preliminary reading


Meeting Boris Johnson, president invites UK royals to visit Israel


Arab League warns: US Embassy move is ‘serious threat to world peace’


PCBS data reveals growing rate of Palestinian women in workforce despite challenges


Analysis: Will WikiLeaks CIA data harm Israeli intelligence?


Jordanian who killed 7 Israeli schoolgirls in 1997 set for release


IDF's female combat soldiers on frontline of equality battle


Only the Israeli dead matter: Israel's failure at investigating its bloody wars


Israel to assist in US struggle against anti-Semitism


Hollywood Expert Richard Gere Solves Israel-Arab Conflict


'Women’s Strike' Platform Calls For Destruction Of Israel


For Trump and Netanyahu, a Budding Symbiotic Relationship (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


No rushing the peace process


New Israeli Law Bars Foreign Critics From Entering the Country




The Earthquake Question


How North Korean threats are nudging Japan to re-militarize




Reports: Jordanian Kingdom’s Collapse Imminent


Jordan at the precipice




Lebanon finally appoints new army chief


Al Arabiya investigates: Who really killed Hezbollah’s Mustafa Badreddine?




Russian hackers are extorting liberal groups




J Street: Israel Ambassador Nominee Breaking Promise to Meet With Group


Lobbying for Athletics (In December, an association representing the country's top athletics directors re-formed as a political action committee. It joins the National Collegiate Athletic Association's own lobbying efforts, which have more than doubled in the past five years.)




North Korea assassination suspects barricaded in embassy in Kuala Lumpur


Exit ban spikes Malaysia-North Korea tensions




NBC Chief to Trump: We Won't be Intimidated


Liberal media’s propaganda isn’t working, because normal people aren’t influenced by it


Numbers Show That Democrats Place More Trust in the Media


Broadcasters obsess over Trump’s wiretap tweets, ignore NYT evidence of actual surveillance: Study


CNN drops congressman's feed as he spills the beans


Public erupts on N.Y. Times promoting itself as 'Truth'


Majority of Americans Sick of Media's Anti-Trump Rants


Irony alert: N.Y. Times asks 'where's evidence' for own wiretap story




Repealing Obamacare an open door to Medicare reform




Mexico Cancels Sugar Export Permits to US in Trade Dispute




Microsoft Pledges to Use ARM Server Chips, Threatening Intel's Dominance




The king of Saudi Arabia’s Asia tour


Evolving role of Saudi women is the focus of new initiatives


Saudi interior ministry: ISIS loyalist killed, one other arrested




The U.S. Army May Have Prepared for the Wrong War


U.S. Air Force F-16s to receive weapon systems update


Islamist VA Employee Removes His Anti-Trump, Bigoted Postings from Facebook


VA secretary urges extension of troubled Choice program


VA to provide mental health care to veterans with ‘bad paper’ discharges


Marine Corps commandant urges nude photo victims to come forward


Top U.S. general in summit over crowded Syrian battlefield


The few, the proud, the sharing of nude photos of fellow Marines




Parsing Clapper   (What former Director of National Intelligence James R Clapper  said was probably true, but what he didn’t say was more revealing.)



Statue of Liberty goes dark, and the symbolism is not lost


When illegals overrun U.S. national parks




Feds Spend $99,078 for Workshops on ‘Intersectionality’ and Computing




NSC staff allowed back into the Oval Office for Trump's foreign calls




Correspondent points to evidence of high level Deep State leak (The chief intelligence correspondent for Fox News said only a select few had access to the information that contributed to the resignation of National Security Adviser Mike Flynn.)





93% of women in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan experience sexual violence


Pakistan became first country to benefit from solar maps


Time for a Radical Reset with Pakistan




Did Obama Wiretap Trump? Voters React


Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


What to Cut - Defense? Entitlements?




New York City’s shelter plan may already be DOA




2 children hospitalized after drinking apple juice at restaurant




Federal employee retirement plan is a good model




Russia Missile violates 'spirit and intent' of arms treaty, top US general says


Russian Military Expert: 'We Are Quietly Seeding The U.S. Shoreline With Nuclear Mole Missiles'


Russia’s Gazprom Neft interested in Iranian oil fields Shangule, Cheshmeh-Khosh


China's Foreign Minister Wants You To Know: Russia is Beijing's Best Friend Forever


Russia to arm Antey nuclear subs with Kalibr missiles


How Russia Turned on a Teenage Rape Victim


Russian universities rise in worldwide subject rankings


Opposition Leader: Trump Could Help Russia Drive Putin From Power   (Russian President Vladimir V Putin;  Mikhail Khodorkovsky says democratic change coming in next few years.)




Justices warn of new religious test over same-sex 'marriage'




Trump plans to 'drain the swamp' may not include Secret Service pick




Trump's SEC Pick Made Millions Representing Banks and Hedge Funds




Healthcare hearing: Democrats try to stall bill as Ted Cruz voices pessimism  (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)


Top Democrat on Senate Foreign Relations Committee won’t support Friedman (One day before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee vote on David Friedman’s nomination to be the US ambassador to Israel, the top Democrat on the committee said he won’t support President Donald Trump’s pick for the post.)


…Rand Paul: WH Trying to Cajole and Woo Conservatives ‘To Give In’  (US Senator of Kentucky Rand Paul (R)


Rand Paul: Public Will ‘Live in Fear’ After Vault 7 Leaks


Healthcare bill faces steep climb in Senate


Senate panel gives nod to McMaster's 3-star status


Tim Kaine's son arrested for rioting at pro-Trump rally (US Senator of Virginia Timothy Kaine (D)


Trump whipping Rand Paul to support healthcare bill (US Senator of Kentucky Rand Paul (R)




Expanding small business access to retirement plans




An Old Tweet From Michael Moore Underscores That Socialism Doesn't Work — Ever




Facebook, Twitter Censor DHFC’s Jihad Watch




Brazil Continues to Stagger as Economy Slows, Corruption Probe Expands




Incheon Named World's Top Airport for 12th  Year Running


More elementary students watch adult videos


‘Early THAAD deployment will relieve uncertainty’


Imported Car Sales Rise for 2nd    Month


US secretary to visit S. Korea next week


Court to announce impeachment ruling on Friday  (Former President Park Geun-hye)


THAAD row depicts China's double standard


Hyundai seeks to revive Sonata legacy


93% of office workers tempted to quit: survey


S. Korea ranks 23rd in 'Best Countries' rankings


S. Korean sailor with anti-piracy unit found dead in Oman


S. Korea, US, Japan defense officials discuss response to N.Korea missile threat


White House: US stands shoulder to shoulder with S. Korea amid Chinese protests over THAAD




Ancient Mars might have had more water than thought 




The Brady Lunch! Legendary Patriots QB launches healthy meal kit service based on his notoriously finicky diet


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard


College Basketball Scoreboard (Men)




New lawmaker says she is shocked by politicians’ ‘insane’ boozing at Rhode Island’s state legislature


Missouri counties do what state won't: Track opioid sales


Deadly wildfires devastate southern Plains


Another state lifts Prohibition-era ban on buying alcohol on Sundays


Alabama’s governor was recorded having a sexually explicit conversation. Is impeachment next?




This Happened When Andrea Mitchell Asked Tillerson a Question  (US Secretary of State Rex W Tillerson)




Supreme Court Watchers Hail Neil Gorsuch as a Judge Who ‘Goes Deep’


Union-Funded Dems Slam Gorsuch’s Labor Record  (Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch)


The Supreme Court’s dangerous tampering with jury secrecy




Assad's Control Erodes as Warlords Gain Upper Hand (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad)


Warplanes bomb east of Damascus after truce declared there -monitor




Tsai aims to boost female workforce  (President Tsai Ing-wen)


Taiwan has fifth-lowest rate of bribery in Asia Pacific: survey


Taiwanese universities appeasing Chinese insecurities is a dangerous game


Invasive pneumococcal cases fall


Former Vice President Lee Yuan-tsu dies at 94


Taiwan reportedly nervous about Payless ShoeSource’s future


Credit Suisse Taiwan senior executive and husband out on bail


Red quinoa might become a cash crop for Aborigines


80 percent of women don’t report workplace sexual harassment: survey


Taiwan still attracting Chinese businesspeople


Magnitude 5.2 earthquake strikes off eastern Taiwan





This San Francisco start-up will 3D print your house in 24 hours and it will only cost US$10K


How Amazon’s Echo lets businesses into your home





Fox’s ‘Last Man on Earth’ Kills Entire Trump Administration (Video)




Assimilation, Not ‘Integration,’ Prevents Young Immigrants From Turning to Terrorism





Thai Prime Minister Prayuth’s grip starting to slip


Faint ISIS footprint in Thailand’s deep south





China May Already Be Losing the Trade War


Huge January Trade Deficit Points to a Miscast Promise




The Transgender Bathroom Debate Has Nothing To Do With Bathrooms


Gavin Grimm: The Fight for Transgender Rights Is Bigger Than Me




Questions About Loyalty to Trump Stall Mnuchin's Treasury Picks  (Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin)




Group attacks Women’s Day demo at Istanbul Bilgi University


Ancient book stolen in Syria seized in Turkey


Alleged ISIL leader detained again one year after release in Istanbul


Turkish doctors set to establish live donor transplant unit at Israeli hospital


Turkish, German FMs in ‘tense but friendly’ meet


The Kurds of Turkey: National, religious and economic identities


Complaints filed against pilot of crashed Syrian jet in Turkey


Turkish FM discusses visit to the Netherlands with Dutch minister


Turkish central bank signals more tightening possible, lira weakens


Violence against women ‘on rise, but women more combatant’ in Turkey


40 children abused in two years at refugee camp in Turkey’s Gaziantep: Court


One soldier killed in Turkey’s Diyarbakır


Istanbul sees 16 percent plunge in foreign arrivals in first two months of 2017: Data


Turkish women prefer balance of work, family life: Poll


Police stage large-scale ‘anti-Gülenist’ operation in Turkish army


Turkey prioritizes future energy diversification: Minister


17 Turkish PM security police officers get food poisoning


Rolls-Royce to provide technical consultancy in support of Turkey’s industrial nuke capability development project




After controversy, Uber CEO following through on pledge





FTSE 100 posts 5th drop in a row after U.K. budget outlined


Muslim woman in UK receives death threats for twerking in hijab


Brexit: Pret a Manger says just one in 50 job applicants are British


MSPs vote against SNP over ‘failing’ Scots education system


Rupert Murdoch: Sky bid is 'serious threat to our democracy'


Economic case for indyref2 ‘lies in tatters’, says Labour


Grammar school asks parents to help pay off £100,000 deficit


Remaining North Sea oil ‘less than half’ 2014 SNP prediction


Number of UK deaths likely to fall this year, says Dignity


Samuel L Jackson condemns casting black British actors in US roles they can't understand


UK economy will grow 2% this year but slow next, OBR predicts


Number of births in Scotland falls to 10-year low


Fresh lease of life for one of Britain's oldest slate mines as roof for Cambridge college


Soft drinks tax raises less money than forecast as firms cut sugar content


Northern Ireland Must Choose Stability Over Nationalism


BBC identified man as “Muslim” when he was denied visa, “Indian” when he was arrested for sex abuse


Barbershop posts video of dead teen getting haircut


Wolverhampton stabbing leaves two people dead, woman fighting for her life and cop injured after knife rampage at block of flats 


Gay teen found dead after blasting bullies on YouTube (Scotland)




UN hopes for easing of tensions after Chinese anger over THAAD




Richard Simmons brother speaks out on podcast


Exposing the undermining of America




It's all Obama's fault! White House says CIA programs exposed by WikiLeaks 'occurred under the last administration' as he complains about Democrats' selective outrage


Trump Open to Changes in GOP's Obamacare Replacement


Melania makes a rare White House appearance to host an International Women's Day lunch - then announces plans for the annual White House Easter Egg roll


Tesla Completes Hawaii Storage Project That Sells Solar at Night


Pence tells unhappy Republicans: ObamaCare replacement bill is the first of a three-part process (Vice-President Mike Pence)


Donald Trump and the Flouting of the Goldwater Rule (How much longer are mental health professionals going to be allowed to get away with boldly proclaiming that our President is insane?)


Trump's "Wiretapping" Allegations Based in Fact


Vice President Pence Could Be the Next Special Envoy for the Americas


Paul: Lawmakers 'Being Cajoled and Wooed by the White House to Give in' and Back Trumpcare


Trump tries to quash conservative uproar over health care bill


White House calls reported Trump meeting with Russian ambassador 'absurd'


The Memo: Presidential code smashed under Trump


Tough-talking Trump charms CEOs


A look inside the country’s real-life spy thriller


Trump Met Russian Ambassador During Campaign


Trump loved WikiLeaks as a candidate. But as president, he is not a fan of leaks.


Veterans groups meet with White House officials, but still want a sit-down with Trump


If You're Going to Impeach Trump, You'd Better Impeach Obama


Hillary haunts Trump as he surprises first White House tour group


Trump’s supporters are sticking with him – for now


White House goes silent on biggest leak of CIA documents in history as government won't comment on massive WikiLeaks trove of secrets


Trump campaign approved Carter Page's Russia trip, on one condition


Trump picks solicitor general and five other officials


Republicans: Don't enable Trump's absurd Obama wiretapping accusation




The sorry state of America's working women


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